Frederick III - German Emperor who could have Stopped the World Wars

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German Empire lost more than 2.5 million during the I World War. The empire was abolished and the country was set on the path to the II World War. However, there was a turning point three decades before, which could have averted this path. This is the tragic, but interesting story of Frederick III and how his death possibly changed the course of World history.
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The video was made by our friend Oğuz Tunç, while the script was researched and written by Matt Hollis.
This video was narrated by Officially Devin (uzvid.com/u-OfficiallyDevin)
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Frank Lorenz Müller - Frederick III - Political Culture of Imperial Germany
Margaret E. Von Poschinger - Life of the Emperor Frederick
A. R. Allinson - The War Diary of the Emperor Frederick III, (1870-1871)
Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: www.epidemicsound.com
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10-Yan, 2019



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Kings and Generals
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vinllga 17 kun oldin
Little mistake on 0:52 - you signed portrait of king Friedrich Wilhelm IV (uncle of kaiser Friedrich III and predessor of kaiser Wilhelm I) as prince Wilhelm (future kaiser WI)
MusikKritik Oy oldin
What is Flankfurt?
Faris Muhammad
Faris Muhammad 2 oy oldin
may i know the title of the music around 01:00? please... i cant find it
Kairn Dreamer
Kairn Dreamer 2 oy oldin
+Feanor n And if they didn't prevent the war then they would've actually won the war due to favorable control of territory; nice AU concept.
Kairn Dreamer
Kairn Dreamer 2 oy oldin
+Mainul Islam I'm glad that you've learned to form complete sentences at this age. [/sarcasm]
The Chosen Failure
have you heard of the president who could have stopped ww2, the rise of Communism, Fascism and the Rise of interventionism in the US. Woodrow Wilson
Artur S
Artur S 4 kun oldin
A good vid has been usual from here just 1 thing seems to be incorrect...on 4:31 when "the Elder Helmuth von Moltke" is referred,the portrait is in fact of "The Younger"...
Kings and Generals
Kings and Generals 4 kun oldin
Yeah, our bad
Ibrahim Hussein
Ibrahim Hussein 7 kun oldin
Nobody can stop a destiny
aimar ramadhan
aimar ramadhan 8 kun oldin
I would have a time machine to stop Fredrick smoking when he was little.
Emperor Of Man
Emperor Of Man 13 kun oldin
Imagine all the other possible great possible men thoughout history who could have done so much more if they either were healthier or luckier or simply truley believed they were destined.
Dave Hoffman
Dave Hoffman 13 kun oldin
I just realized this is Fritz(who is only called Fritz in the Extra History series on Otto von Bismarck)
Leo E.
Leo E. 14 kun oldin
loved this video
Kings and Generals
Kings and Generals 14 kun oldin
Thank you!
republic1001 14 kun oldin
Its sad for me to say this but if he didnt die and there was no world war 1 or 2 our world would be different but not for the better.
Rico134 17 kun oldin
Anyone find it ironic that the Nazis a few decades later would be the first ones to hold anti-smoking movements?
ayman sarhan
ayman sarhan 17 kun oldin
also Fredrick II of holy roman empire
Admiral Bulöw
Admiral Bulöw 17 kun oldin
This is sad. Can we restore german emperor now?
Christian Scearce
Christian Scearce 18 kun oldin
Are we just not gonna talk about how Romulus killed Reme which began Roman civilization as we know it which conquered most of the known world and shaped the course of history as we know it? Romulus started WW1!
Punchi Games
Punchi Games 18 kun oldin
I see what you did with the background music 9:20 DEUTSCHLAND ÜBER ALLES
vanlal peka
vanlal peka 19 kun oldin
Modern liberals don't be too happy!!! Today's liberals and 19th century liberals are totally different world!!!
Aaron Lemus
Aaron Lemus 20 kun oldin
Smoking doesn't kill people. People kill people
Marshall Banana
Marshall Banana 24 kun oldin
Can we all just agree that Modern History would be pretty boring and empty without the World Wars? Like, imagine if NOTHING happened. What the fuck? Nobody wants that! Wars are good, wars are entertaining. Wars fill up the newspapers and textbooks and provide endless material to Hollywood. If it wasn't for WW1 and WW2, Napoleon would still be the last big thing to have happened. Because of WW1 and WW2, we got Korea, Vietnam, the Cold War, Middle East Wars . . . People complain about overpopulation, imagine how bad traffic would be if all those people had lived, and had kids and grandkids. We'd have at least 10 billion mouths to feed, probably more.
Marshall Banana
Marshall Banana 24 kun oldin
+Kings and Generals False. Because our pop culture HAS been focused on space exploration and colonization, despite the fact that the World Wars DID happen. We got the wars PLUS science fiction. Best of both worlds, pardon the pun.
Kings and Generals
Kings and Generals 24 kun oldin
Think about it from a different angle - we find the wars interesting because that is what we are doing. If that energy was spent on the spacefaring and building colonies in the Milky Way, our popular culture would be focusing on that.
LEFT4BASS 24 kun oldin
I don’t consider myself conservative, but I feel like I need to point out that liberalism back then and liberalism now are much different things.
Morny Anderson
Morny Anderson 25 kun oldin
Brilliant video always learn so much from each visit to the page
Sacnoth88 27 kun oldin
Since 1871 the british felt threatened by the growing german industry and France wanted to get Alsace back as interesting as this video is i do not share that simplified conclusion that everything would have been different, even though i do agree that the reforms he wanted to see through may have been a good path to take. The history of both world wars has numerous facets and to break it down to 2 lackluster german leaders doesn´t give it enough tribute. We shall not forget that the history in our schoolbooks is written by the winners of the wars and that the true background of this wars is not forgotten it´s just not as popular.
Fitzroi Oy oldin
It'a load of nonsense. It's not as if he died young and it was his wife's loveless treatment of her cripled son that made him intoi the frustrated man he was Blame the bitch Vicky if anyone at all. Anyway, Germany did NOT start WW1, it was Austria
Matt Davison
Matt Davison Oy oldin
Keep making these king of videos, mixing it up. Great content all around.
Peter Paul Robejsek
Hi guys, as usual a very interesting episode. Just a small note: Bismarck’s policy was REAL-politik as opposed to reel. My best understanding of this term is that the best interest of the state is above all and thus hallows all means required to achieve it.
Kings and Generals
Yep, a typo
ginVir Oy oldin
stfu LIBTARD!!!
Mikesman1000 Oy oldin
liberalism then, vs liberalism now.
Matt Grandich
Matt Grandich Oy oldin
Praise the Prince!
Can Uluç Birgüler
Anyone knows the last soundtrack 11:05
Can Uluç Birgüler
Bu arada Oğuz Tunç, bir Türk olarak gurur duydum ismini gördüğümde.. :)
Better Red then Dead
This proves trump is bad and liberals are good :)
Phantom Warrior
well the world wars had to happen otherwise the weapon manufacturers would have gone out of business.
Daniel Benhumea
Liberalism leads to the death of nations, so probably he could have prevented ww1 by weakening Germany to the point they could not fight anymore, pretty much like today's Germany
Roblox2025 Oy oldin
The art style looked like the armchair historian
oğuz tunç
oğuz tunç 28 kun oldin
with a twist, they paint over actual art done before in the history, I draw from scratch mostly.
William Fitzgerald
Perhaps. This is an age old trope of the "what if?" genre: could a single person or even a random event really change history? Maybe...we may never really know. The problem is as much as Germany was driven by its leaders, as any nation, those leaders are constrained by many factors largely out of their control. In Germany's case, as rapidly industrialized country that was expected to economically out-perform all other European nations, with a history and tradition of militarism, Germany was always going to be seen as a potential threat in Europe. Russia and France, regardless of their leaders or those of Germany were always going to be nervous and even paranoid about Germany. The U.K. was going to side with whichever nation or alliance was opposed to the stronger party, which was Germany. Likewise, Germany felt contained by its neighbors and even threatened by an alliance between them. A world war was not inevitable, but a major war was likely outcome of a rising Germany (perhaps the most likely outcome). Could a longer reign of Frederick III have prevented a major war? Possibly, but the fundamentals of why Europe went to war were likely to remain regardless of the leaders or exactly how the war would start and when (i.e. if not the assassination of the Arch-Duke, then something else).
Rah' Zoriel
Rah' Zoriel Oy oldin
So a liberal with weak mind, less conservative mindset than his father who praises foreign cultures for nothing in return would have done a better job than his father? I think we are seeing time after time after time what liberalism does to nations.
Jauhl1 Oy oldin
In this context it's British 19th century liberalism we are talking about, the liberalism responsible for the creation of the British empire, Fredrick's mainly thought that the people should have a greater say in government and some freedom of speech. He still was a monarchical nationalist, a virtual nazi by today's standards.
徐蕴岱 Oy oldin
Frederick III is a liberalism but i don't think he could stop the world war. There were so many conflicts among these great powers and politicians did't know (or did't care) how many people would be killed in a world war with modern weapons. Maybe Germany would not start the world war, but someone else would.
Aaron Corcino
Aaron Corcino Oy oldin
Smoking kills. Don't smoke, you might save millions and millions of lives
Alex Crane
Alex Crane Oy oldin
Yea, Frederick III seemed like a pansy.
Jonathan Himmes
Jonathan Himmes 2 oy oldin
The last minutes gave me some unknown strange patriotic feelings ( i guess the music helped). The great history of my country and its characters are always overshadowed by the events of the second world war. I'm not denying the historic importance of WWII, but there is so much more than Nazis and militaristic Prussians. Germany was a center of art, science, the birthplace of democratic socialism (and Marx and Marxism), beautiful romantic Literature... I could go on for hours. It's so sad to see how Germany focused its potential in the wrong direction. Maybe Friedrich couldn't stop the Great War and Prussian militarism, but to imagine that someone would try it ... i dont know... it feels good. Thank you very much for this video! Greetings from the Rhineland.
heart Good
heart Good 2 oy oldin
A great King!
Kaushik Sainath
Kaushik Sainath 2 oy oldin
Great stuff as always. The 1974 TV series "Fall of Eagles" does a great job in portraying the lives of the major dynasties in Europe during the 19th Century, especially the familial tensions within the House of Hohenzollern.
Kaushik Sainath
Kaushik Sainath 2 oy oldin
+Kings and Generals I should be the one to thank you. Its fun starting a week with your videos :)
Kings and Generals
Thank you very much!
boahkeinbockmehr 2 oy oldin
It's still really weird to me how prussia is so often linked to the nazis and portrayed as a totalitarian restrictive regime, when the sole reason it even did rise to power was their tolerance, acceptance and even aimed invitation of the unwanted of europe. E.g. my eastern prussian family has a lot of french huguenottes and swiss calvinists in it, which were invited by the king and were even allowed to create their own towns with their mothertongue as the official language there as well as granting them to be governed on the basis of the laws of their countries of origin. There is a reason why so many jews fell victims to the nazis, as they had been expelled out of countries like the united kingdom and thus often moved to the hre and later especially into prussia, which grew to power due to the mass of intellectuals and different viewpoints they were able to integrate. It is always weird to me, how much the international view of prussia is still tainted by the views of the most oppressive regimes of the era, that forcefully occupied most of the world and had much more restrictive racist and classist societies.
Very interesting. Honestly I didn't know all this stuff about the fella - I mean - I knew he EXISTED" and that there's been some sort of..."bitching" among the Prussian royal family, but that wasn't unusual... though all the rest I truly didn't know about.
BazookaJoe 2 oy oldin
It's interesting how both of the liberal heirs of Germany and Austria-Hungary were both killed before they could prevent the causes of the war from happening. Rudolf shot himself over his affair and Frederick died of cancer.
kek nation dog
kek nation dog 2 oy oldin
yeah just disregard the fact that churchill said himself that he could have stopped the war at any time and the dozens of peace offers by Germany including sending the vice-fuhrer Rudolf Hess personally to England
Archie Ames
Archie Ames 2 oy oldin
First three minutes: Liberal Liberal Liberal
Codfish 2 oy oldin
Yes there would have been better Anglo-German relationship and perhaps no Russo-French alliance, but the assassination of Ferdinand could have still happened. Austria would have likely still declared war on Serbia, then Russia on Austria, and then Germany on Russia. So i feel a war in the 1910s would have still have happened, just a smaller scale one mainly in central/eastern Europe.
TOFKAS01 2 oy oldin
To say that there would no great war happended if Frederick III would have survived is a little bit unrealistic, because WW1 didnt had a "one-man-reason". In fact WW1 was a result of the large sociological, economical and national changes during the industrialisation and after the french revolution. But of course it would have been a different history especially for germany if we would have a competent intelectual ruler in that era and not a childish idiot like Wilhelm II.
TOFKAS01 2 oy oldin
How a simple smoking-habit can turn the world into chaos....butterfly effect.
Andy Au
Andy Au 2 oy oldin
Germany stop European hegemony
ValensBellator 2 oy oldin
...gdi tobacco lol
tinood bulante
tinood bulante 2 oy oldin
I like your videos, but here on this one by stating 'Frederich could have stopped the later wars' isn't plausible- its like saying, if Napoleon didn't show up at Waterloo 'that day' history would have been different! Indeed, in all your coverage of historical battles you deal with the mere record of troop movements, men and what happened- but what is difficult to show are ALL the other factors that led to the outcome- personal considerations of the real 'Players'- their loyalties and blunders- 'who' really stood to win, who 'financed' the confrontation and many more questions. But to simply state- What could have been is too simple- better to stick with recording simply what the surface facts have left us!
Kent Schultz
Kent Schultz 2 oy oldin
The Liberals mentioned here are lightyears apart to the statist and corporatist "liberals" we see today jFYI
Confédération du Rhin
World war is never one man's matter. It was destined when two military factions were formed.
Rotary Dude
Rotary Dude 2 oy oldin
It really is a shame, countless wars fought, countless men died, all to be thrown away in a world war fought by the worlds aristocracy. And now it's gotten to the point that the Russians own Königsberg...
Ixnuraq 2 oy oldin
Implying that liberalism is good. LOL!
Mehmet Aslaner
Mehmet Aslaner 2 oy oldin
Turkish sub. please
Mehmet Aslaner
Mehmet Aslaner 2 oy oldin
Turkish sub. please
UtopiaBasti 2 oy oldin
Friedrich was only Friedrich III of Prussia, not of the whole Empire. In the empire he was Friedrich I. Greetings from Germany
tremor3258 2 oy oldin
Probably the biggest thing would be Fredrick didn't quite have Wilhelm II's urge to be 'British' and do things like build up a fleet, threatening British naval superiority... helping change the cycle of alliances, etc....
Jim Smithers
Jim Smithers 2 oy oldin
Should have let AH and Serbia sort their shit out between themselves. WW1 would have been a local skirmish, a footnote in history.
Sintoorak 2 oy oldin
Wtf it’s realpolitik not reelpolitik
KhanThe Mighty
KhanThe Mighty 2 oy oldin
Damn if only everyone were like Frederick III
Breakfast of Champions
Always the bootlicking from the Anglozone.
bottomtext 2 oy oldin
5:07 It's Realpolitik. "Reh-ahl-politik".
Connor Shidler
Connor Shidler 2 oy oldin
His wife seemed to make him more liberal. It could just be my interpretation of the documentation, but the entire culture of Prussia was against liberalism. And I didn't like his wife not liking Bismarck. How do you not like Bismarck?
Jauhl1 Oy oldin
It is just your impression. The popular and parliamentary majority always strongly supported liberalism in Prussia. Which was the reason the king made Bismarck kanzler in the first place. Bismarck was both repressive, politically savvy enough to force his policies through against the will of the people.
Deo Triantama
Deo Triantama 2 oy oldin
by looking this new sort of content, there will be tons of kings and generals to cover! nice works as always kings & general
Peter Timowreef
Peter Timowreef 2 oy oldin
Wait, so the tobacco industry caused the two World Wars? Fascinating.
Real Mr Jangoon
Real Mr Jangoon 2 oy oldin
How to act cool: WW1 was caused by Germany!😡😡 Cool: WW1 was caused by a pack of cigarettes
Tommy Boman
Tommy Boman 2 oy oldin
World War I is one of, if not THE, biggest mistake in human history. I do not think that a few different decisions by one man would have avoided it completely though, perhaps postponed it or made it different, but not avoided.
Roy Riley
Roy Riley 2 oy oldin
Not good history. Simplification, speculation and clear political bias. Huge downspike in quality. Stick to detailing the facts of historical engagements please and leave the 'just so stories' to ideologues and bad paleontologists.
Ernest Jay
Ernest Jay 2 oy oldin
Frederick died because cigarette. literally, Cigarette is the cause of 2 world wars !
Kasier Mapping
Kasier Mapping 2 oy oldin
Bismarck has a plan Bismarck *always* has a plan
nat1bott 2 oy oldin
The Great War was caused by superpower politics and the alliances, the same forces which nearly caused a third world war during the Cold War, it was arguably inevitable and has nothing to do with ideology.
Jean Valjean72
Jean Valjean72 2 oy oldin
With all due respect this is nonsense! The enemies of that strong and unbelievably successful and prosperous German Reich (of William I. and´William II.) sought to destroy her. The reasons of the British elite can be summed up in the following conversation from the year *1907* between *Lord Balfour* and the US diplomat Henry White- [Arthur Balfour was a British top politician and chief diplomat (1902-1905 Prime Minister, 1915-1916 First Lord of the Admiralty, 1916-1919 British Foreign Minister)] *BALFOUR* : _“We are probably fools not to find a reason for declaring war on Germany before she builds too many ships and takes away our trade.”_ *WHITE* : _“You are a very high-minded man in private life. How can you possibly contemplate anything so politically immoral as provoking a war against a harmless nation which has as good a right to a navy as you have? If you wish to compete with German trade, work harder.”_ *BALFOUR* : _“That would mean lowering our standard of living. Perhaps it would be simpler for us to have a war.”_ *WHITE* : _“I’m shocked that you of all men should enunciate such principles.”_ *BALFOUR* : _“Is it a question of right or wrong? Maybe it is just a question of keeping our supremacy.”_ (Source: Allan Nevins, “Henry White - Thirty Years of American Diplomacy”, New York: Harper Bros., 1930, pp. 257-258) Link to the pdf-file of the scanned pages: valjean72.files.wordpress.com/2017/04/nevins-allan-henry-white-thirty-years-of-american-diplomacy-pp_256-259.pdf or this one: _"In the 1890s, the magazine published several articles that expressed an anti-German sentiment, summed up in the quote Germania est delenda (Germany needs to be destroyed) which was modeled after Cato's "Carthago delenda est" (Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam)."_ (Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saturday_Review_(London_newspaper)
NormDesignIRE 2 oy oldin
Thanks for this Ep. I absolutely loved it. Cant wait to see more like this. Great Job Folks.
jacob wiirre
jacob wiirre 2 oy oldin
So it was as liberalism that brought anti-semetic to the country.They replace Lutheranism with evolutionism, makes sense why the nation had so much hate towards minority groups why Hitler Rose to power so fast. It took seventy years of force teaching it. If Frederick would have lived, I don't think there would have been much a change. War was imminent in the region they just needed a spark, it seemed like every 30 to 40 years would Europe would be in war mode anyways
saldownik 2 oy oldin
Moral of the story: it doesn't matter how good man you are, if you don't support your children to be at least as good
Belial 2 oy oldin
As I can see, USSR named wrong in the last map. SSCB stands for "Sovyet Sosyalist Cumhuriyetler Birliği", which is Turkish. Oğuz Tunç (artist of the video) probably got confused about it. Nevertheless, great video, thanks!
oğuz tunç
oğuz tunç 2 oy oldin
well not confused about the actual name but generaly confused :D It happens when you do not sleep for long hours my friend, sorry for the error and congrats for your keen eyes :D
Mack Masters
Mack Masters 2 oy oldin
Nobody could have stopped World War I. World War II could have been prevented if the Allies didn't completely fuck over Germany at the peace table.
Sorry Music
Sorry Music 2 oy oldin
Great job! :)
Roan Westraat
Roan Westraat 2 oy oldin
Interesting video, but its hard to really realize the cascading effect something like Freddy living longer would have had. Imperialism rise and colonialism set Europe up for a big show down long before he came along.
rockyblacksmith 2 oy oldin
Wrong map at 6:30 . It does not show the situation after the victory of 1871, but rather between the Austro-Prussian and Franko-Prussian wars, so in the time between 1866 and 1871. The German Empire was the territory of the North German Confederation plus the territories of Bavaria, Würtemberg, Baden and Hessen, plus the french territories of Alsace and Lorraine.
oğuz tunç
oğuz tunç 2 oy oldin
Interesting, we use different sources for the maps with year by year situations shown, sorry this time somehow 1871 maps did not cover the right version.
Seth Averay
Seth Averay 2 oy oldin
may not have been the Anglo-German rivalry but the first world war would have happened still because the Austrians still would have declared war on Serbia and Bosnia and all those causing the Russians to still be on there side it and the french still would have wanted to get pay back on the Germans for the Franco-Prussian wars which means that they would have sided with Russians also so it still would have happened and the only reason the British joined the war is because the Germans had to get around the Maginot line and passed through Belgium with out consent and that caused the Belgians and the Brits to declared war on Germany so it probably would have still happened all though the British would have had better relations with the Germans so they might not have joined the war in this alternate universe.
I AM I 2 oy oldin
Bottom line... Don't smoke 😀😀
Evan Angel
Evan Angel 2 oy oldin
The aristocracy creates wars they don’t stop them
MackMack 11306
MackMack 11306 2 oy oldin
fUCKING fredrick dying.
The Undertaker
The Undertaker 2 oy oldin
After 11 minutes I still have no idea how the guy could have stop such a massive conflict which was brewing for ages... At least the visuals are pretty, so it wasn't truly a waste
Peter Kauffner
Peter Kauffner 2 oy oldin
If the kaiser had appointed a chancellor responsible to the Reichstag, the Reichstag would have been more influential in 1914, the General Staff would have been less influential, and war might have been avoided. But the quote at the end of the video is nonsense. (11:42) Short of dumping Austria-Hungary, there was nothing Germany could have done to prevent the Franco-Russian Alliance. The naval race and Anglo-German rivalry were resolved in 1912. Britain was drawn into World War I simply as an ally of France.
Kings and Generals
Well, there is another side to this argument - without Germany's support, Austria might have been not as aggressive in the Balkans.
Maleficar 2 oy oldin
Im no expert so I dont claim anything in particular about the cause of WWI. Its hardly ever for any one reason though What I do know and can confidently claim is that war is always inevitable. You avoid one and fall straight to another
Maleficar 2 oy oldin
+Kings and Generals Loved the video though, one of the best you've guys put out. Keep up the great work! A shame though a good man was brought down by tobacco
Kings and Generals
There are always factors that make the sides go to war, that is true.
Kyle Wilson
Kyle Wilson 2 oy oldin
If only he lived. The problems of the world today may have been adverted. Hums "Wir Wollen Unsern Alten Kaiser Wilhelm Wiederhaben": uzvid.com/video/video-Xz0OGVTSBhE.html
rui carvalho
rui carvalho 2 oy oldin
you're channel its the greatest :) THANK YOU SOOO MUCH
pioco56 2 oy oldin
Well, so you could say smoking ended up with the death of millions of people. Don't smoke, it's bad for you.
Anirudh Sridhar
Anirudh Sridhar 2 oy oldin
Brilliant video! One of your best yet
lanarakala 2 oy oldin
Frederick was Armenian. 🇦🇲
Chingiz Zhylkybayev
But WWI happened because of international relations. Liberal-ness of a ruler basically only exists in the domain of domestic policy. There is no indication that Frederick III would be any different in his diplomacy compared to his father and son.
Ron Lewenberg
Ron Lewenberg 2 oy oldin
If Frederick III and Empress Victoria had raised their son better, if Kaiser Wilhelm II had not been crippled at Birth and such a angry man, and if Frederick the Third had not been a smoker, history would have been different. But that's three counterfactuals to prevent World War 1 as we know it. That doesn't mean there would not have been a different World War 1. Would a more liberal Germany and United Kingdom have remained allied with Russia?
Mike Bejjani
Mike Bejjani 2 oy oldin
Thank you so much for providing such informative educational content. This is one of my favorite videos to date.
Kings and Generals
Thanks :-)
Peter Kauffner
Peter Kauffner 2 oy oldin
Reelpolitik (5:00)? The politics of moviemaking? I assume they mean realpolitik.
Konglim Khoo
Konglim Khoo 2 oy oldin
blame it on the cigarette. So Cigarette and was the REAL reason for WW! and 2 and possibly 3.
boiniq 2 oy oldin
Ryan BV
Ryan BV 2 oy oldin
Donald Trump is the hero for United States like Frederick the 3rd for Prussia.
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