Frederick III - German Emperor who could have Stopped the World Wars

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German Empire lost more than 2.5 million during the I World War. The empire was abolished and the country was set on the path to the II World War. However, there was a turning point three decades before, which could have averted this path. This is the tragic, but interesting story of Frederick III and how his death possibly changed the course of World history.
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The video was made by our friend Oğuz Tunç, while the script was researched and written by Matt Hollis.
This video was narrated by Officially Devin (uzvid.com/u-OfficiallyDevin)
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Frank Lorenz Müller - Frederick III - Political Culture of Imperial Germany
Margaret E. Von Poschinger - Life of the Emperor Frederick
A. R. Allinson - The War Diary of the Emperor Frederick III, (1870-1871)
Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: www.epidemicsound.com
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10-Yan, 2019

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Kings and Generals
Kings and Generals 8 kun oldin
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Faris Muhammad
Faris Muhammad 2 kun oldin
may i know the title of the music around 01:00? please... i cant find it
Shade Kastaran
Shade Kastaran 3 kun oldin
+Feanor n And if they didn't prevent the war then they would've actually won the war due to favorable control of territory; nice AU concept.
Shade Kastaran
Shade Kastaran 3 kun oldin
+Mainul Islam I'm glad that you've learned to form complete sentences at this age. [/sarcasm]
Shade Kastaran
Shade Kastaran 3 kun oldin
+Merek29 - But the claim was made by K&G, therefore the burden of proof lies upon them and not us.
Kings and Generals
Kings and Generals 3 kun oldin
We appreciate it! :-)
TOFKAS01 8 soat oldin
To say that there would no great war happended if Frederick III would have survived is a little bit unrealistic, because WW1 didnt had a "one-man-reason". In fact WW1 was a result of the large sociological, economical and national changes during the industrialisation and after the french revolution. But of course it would have been a different history especially for germany if we would have a competent intelectual ruler in that era and not a childish idiot like Wilhelm II.
TOFKAS01 8 soat oldin
How a simple smoking-habit can turn the world into chaos....butterfly effect.
Andy Au
Andy Au 11 soat oldin
Germany stop European hegemony
ValensBellator 12 soat oldin
...gdi tobacco lol
tinood bulante
tinood bulante Kun oldin
I like your videos, but here on this one by stating 'Frederich could have stopped the later wars' isn't plausible- its like saying, if Napoleon didn't show up at Waterloo 'that day' history would have been different! Indeed, in all your coverage of historical battles you deal with the mere record of troop movements, men and what happened- but what is difficult to show are ALL the other factors that led to the outcome- personal considerations of the real 'Players'- their loyalties and blunders- 'who' really stood to win, who 'financed' the confrontation and many more questions. But to simply state- What could have been is too simple- better to stick with recording simply what the surface facts have left us!
Kent Schultz
Kent Schultz Kun oldin
The Liberals mentioned here are lightyears apart to the statist and corporatist "liberals" we see today jFYI
Confédération du Rhin
World war is never one man's matter. It was destined when two military factions were formed.
Rotary Dude
Rotary Dude Kun oldin
It really is a shame, countless wars fought, countless men died, all to be thrown away in a world war fought by the worlds aristocracy. And now it's gotten to the point that the Russians own Königsberg...
Ixnuraq Kun oldin
Implying that liberalism is good. LOL!
Mehmet Aslaner
Mehmet Aslaner Kun oldin
Turkish sub. please
Mehmet Aslaner
Mehmet Aslaner Kun oldin
Turkish sub. please
UtopiaBasti Kun oldin
Friedrich was only Friedrich III of Prussia, not of the whole Empire. In the empire he was Friedrich I. Greetings from Germany
tremor3258 2 kun oldin
Probably the biggest thing would be Fredrick didn't quite have Wilhelm II's urge to be 'British' and do things like build up a fleet, threatening British naval superiority... helping change the cycle of alliances, etc....
Jim Smithers
Jim Smithers 2 kun oldin
Should have let AH and Serbia sort their shit out between themselves. WW1 would have been a local skirmish, a footnote in history.
Sintoorak 2 kun oldin
Wtf it’s realpolitik not reelpolitik
Hades The Mighty
Hades The Mighty 2 kun oldin
Damn if only everyone were like Frederick III
Breakfast of Champions
Always the bootlicking from the Anglozone.
bottomtext 3 kun oldin
5:07 It's Realpolitik. "Reh-ahl-politik".
Connor Shidler
Connor Shidler 3 kun oldin
His wife seemed to make him more liberal. It could just be my interpretation of the documentation, but the entire culture of Prussia was against liberalism. And I didn't like his wife not liking Bismarck. How do you not like Bismarck?
Deo Triantama
Deo Triantama 3 kun oldin
by looking this new sort of content, there will be tons of kings and generals to cover! nice works as always kings & general
Peter Timowreef
Peter Timowreef 3 kun oldin
Wait, so the tobacco industry caused the two World Wars? Fascinating.
Real Mr Jangoon
Real Mr Jangoon 3 kun oldin
How to act cool: WW1 was caused by Germany!😡😡 Cool: WW1 was caused by a pack of cigarettes
Tommy Boman
Tommy Boman 3 kun oldin
World War I is one of, if not THE, biggest mistake in human history. I do not think that a few different decisions by one man would have avoided it completely though, perhaps postponed it or made it different, but not avoided.
Roy Riley
Roy Riley 4 kun oldin
Not good history. Simplification, speculation and clear political bias. Huge downspike in quality. Stick to detailing the facts of historical engagements please and leave the 'just so stories' to ideologues and bad paleontologists.
Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus
Roy Riley I wouldn't expect a response of any meaning
Ernest Jay
Ernest Jay 4 kun oldin
Frederick died because cigarette. literally, Cigarette is the cause of 2 world wars !
Kasier Mapping
Kasier Mapping 4 kun oldin
Bismarck has a plan Bismarck *always* has a plan
nat1bott 4 kun oldin
The Great War was caused by superpower politics and the alliances, the same forces which nearly caused a third world war during the Cold War, it was arguably inevitable and has nothing to do with ideology.
Jean Valjean72
Jean Valjean72 4 kun oldin
With all due respect this is nonsense! The enemies of that strong and unbelievably successful and prosperous German Reich (of William I. and´William II.) sought to destroy her. The reasons of the British elite can be summed up in the following conversation from the year *1907* between *Lord Balfour* and the US diplomat Henry White- [Arthur Balfour was a British top politician and chief diplomat (1902-1905 Prime Minister, 1915-1916 First Lord of the Admiralty, 1916-1919 British Foreign Minister)] *BALFOUR* : _“We are probably fools not to find a reason for declaring war on Germany before she builds too many ships and takes away our trade.”_ *WHITE* : _“You are a very high-minded man in private life. How can you possibly contemplate anything so politically immoral as provoking a war against a harmless nation which has as good a right to a navy as you have? If you wish to compete with German trade, work harder.”_ *BALFOUR* : _“That would mean lowering our standard of living. Perhaps it would be simpler for us to have a war.”_ *WHITE* : _“I’m shocked that you of all men should enunciate such principles.”_ *BALFOUR* : _“Is it a question of right or wrong? Maybe it is just a question of keeping our supremacy.”_ (Source: Allan Nevins, “Henry White - Thirty Years of American Diplomacy”, New York: Harper Bros., 1930, pp. 257-258) Link to the pdf-file of the scanned pages: valjean72.files.wordpress.com/2017/04/nevins-allan-henry-white-thirty-years-of-american-diplomacy-pp_256-259.pdf or this one: _"In the 1890s, the magazine published several articles that expressed an anti-German sentiment, summed up in the quote Germania est delenda (Germany needs to be destroyed) which was modeled after Cato's "Carthago delenda est" (Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam)."_ (Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saturday_Review_(London_newspaper)
NormDesignIRE 4 kun oldin
Thanks for this Ep. I absolutely loved it. Cant wait to see more like this. Great Job Folks.
jacob wiirre
jacob wiirre 4 kun oldin
So it was as liberalism that brought anti-semetic to the country.They replace Lutheranism with evolutionism, makes sense why the nation had so much hate towards minority groups why Hitler Rose to power so fast. It took seventy years of force teaching it. If Frederick would have lived, I don't think there would have been much a change. War was imminent in the region they just needed a spark, it seemed like every 30 to 40 years would Europe would be in war mode anyways
saldownik 4 kun oldin
Moral of the story: it doesn't matter how good man you are, if you don't support your children to be at least as good
Belial 4 kun oldin
As I can see, USSR named wrong in the last map. SSCB stands for "Sovyet Sosyalist Cumhuriyetler Birliği", which is Turkish. Oğuz Tunç (artist of the video) probably got confused about it. Nevertheless, great video, thanks!
oğuz tunç
oğuz tunç 3 kun oldin
well not confused about the actual name but generaly confused :D It happens when you do not sleep for long hours my friend, sorry for the error and congrats for your keen eyes :D
Mack Masters
Mack Masters 4 kun oldin
Nobody could have stopped World War I. World War II could have been prevented if the Allies didn't completely fuck over Germany at the peace table.
Sorry Music
Sorry Music 4 kun oldin
Great job! :)
Roan Westraat
Roan Westraat 4 kun oldin
Interesting video, but its hard to really realize the cascading effect something like Freddy living longer would have had. Imperialism rise and colonialism set Europe up for a big show down long before he came along.
rockyblacksmith 4 kun oldin
Wrong map at 6:30 . It does not show the situation after the victory of 1871, but rather between the Austro-Prussian and Franko-Prussian wars, so in the time between 1866 and 1871. The German Empire was the territory of the North German Confederation plus the territories of Bavaria, Würtemberg, Baden and Hessen, plus the french territories of Alsace and Lorraine.
oğuz tunç
oğuz tunç 3 kun oldin
Interesting, we use different sources for the maps with year by year situations shown, sorry this time somehow 1871 maps did not cover the right version.
Seth Averay
Seth Averay 4 kun oldin
may not have been the Anglo-German rivalry but the first world war would have happened still because the Austrians still would have declared war on Serbia and Bosnia and all those causing the Russians to still be on there side it and the french still would have wanted to get pay back on the Germans for the Franco-Prussian wars which means that they would have sided with Russians also so it still would have happened and the only reason the British joined the war is because the Germans had to get around the Maginot line and passed through Belgium with out consent and that caused the Belgians and the Brits to declared war on Germany so it probably would have still happened all though the British would have had better relations with the Germans so they might not have joined the war in this alternate universe.
I AM I 5 kun oldin
Bottom line... Don't smoke 😀😀
Evan Angel
Evan Angel 5 kun oldin
The aristocracy creates wars they don’t stop them
MackMack 11306
MackMack 11306 5 kun oldin
fUCKING fredrick dying.
The Undertaker
The Undertaker 5 kun oldin
After 11 minutes I still have no idea how the guy could have stop such a massive conflict which was brewing for ages... At least the visuals are pretty, so it wasn't truly a waste
Peter Kauffner
Peter Kauffner 5 kun oldin
If the kaiser had appointed a chancellor responsible to the Reichstag, the Reichstag would have been more influential in 1914, the General Staff would have been less influential, and war might have been avoided. But the quote at the end of the video is nonsense. (11:42) Short of dumping Austria-Hungary, there was nothing Germany could have done to prevent the Franco-Russian Alliance. The naval race and Anglo-German rivalry were resolved in 1912. Britain was drawn into World War I simply as an ally of France.
Kings and Generals
Kings and Generals 5 kun oldin
Well, there is another side to this argument - without Germany's support, Austria might have been not as aggressive in the Balkans.
Maleficar 5 kun oldin
Im no expert so I dont claim anything in particular about the cause of WWI. Its hardly ever for any one reason though What I do know and can confidently claim is that war is always inevitable. You avoid one and fall straight to another
Maleficar 5 kun oldin
+Kings and Generals Loved the video though, one of the best you've guys put out. Keep up the great work! A shame though a good man was brought down by tobacco
Kings and Generals
Kings and Generals 5 kun oldin
There are always factors that make the sides go to war, that is true.
Kyle Wilson
Kyle Wilson 5 kun oldin
If only he lived. The problems of the world today may have been adverted. Hums "Wir Wollen Unsern Alten Kaiser Wilhelm Wiederhaben": uzvid.com/video/video-Xz0OGVTSBhE.html
rui carvalho
rui carvalho 5 kun oldin
you're channel its the greatest :) THANK YOU SOOO MUCH
pioco56 5 kun oldin
Well, so you could say smoking ended up with the death of millions of people. Don't smoke, it's bad for you.
Anirudh Sridhar
Anirudh Sridhar 5 kun oldin
Brilliant video! One of your best yet
lanarakala 5 kun oldin
Frederick was Armenian. 🇦🇲
Chingiz Zhylkybayev
But WWI happened because of international relations. Liberal-ness of a ruler basically only exists in the domain of domestic policy. There is no indication that Frederick III would be any different in his diplomacy compared to his father and son.
Phantom swordsman
Phantom swordsman 5 kun oldin
Good people die early
Ron Lewenberg
Ron Lewenberg 5 kun oldin
If Frederick III and Empress Victoria had raised their son better, if Kaiser Wilhelm II had not been crippled at Birth and such a angry man, and if Frederick the Third had not been a smoker, history would have been different. But that's three counterfactuals to prevent World War 1 as we know it. That doesn't mean there would not have been a different World War 1. Would a more liberal Germany and United Kingdom have remained allied with Russia?
Mike Bejjani
Mike Bejjani 5 kun oldin
Thank you so much for providing such informative educational content. This is one of my favorite videos to date.
Kings and Generals
Kings and Generals 5 kun oldin
Thanks :-)
Peter Kauffner
Peter Kauffner 5 kun oldin
Reelpolitik (5:00)? The politics of moviemaking? I assume they mean realpolitik.
Konglim Khoo
Konglim Khoo 5 kun oldin
blame it on the cigarette. So Cigarette and was the REAL reason for WW! and 2 and possibly 3.
boiniq 5 kun oldin
Ryan BV
Ryan BV 5 kun oldin
Donald Trump is the hero for United States like Frederick the 3rd for Prussia.
Anaris10 5 kun oldin
Well Done!.
Kings and Generals
Kings and Generals 5 kun oldin
Thank you!
TheBeginning 5 kun oldin
Will you ever make a video about the battle of Pelium?
Karl Tsang
Karl Tsang 6 kun oldin
Sure, it might have prevented the 2 World Wars, but if he hadn't died that early and the German Empire continued, Poland would never be free. The Prussians, along with the Habsburgs and Russians, partitioned Poland in 1795, and the Prussian Duchy of Posen was created in the Prussian Partition. If the German Empire did not have to undergo World War 1, it is very unlikely that Poland would be freed. Also, Germany was not the cause of World War I, it was that Serbian assassin that killed the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand.
philsaspiezone 5 kun oldin
Gavrilo Princip
Zeruel3 6 kun oldin
Frederick is one of the great 'What Ifs' of history
brisbanebill 6 kun oldin
You did not mention that the initial mis-diagnosis by the English Dr. Morell Mackenzie delayed a throat operation, until it was too late to do so...
Vernon Nassar
Vernon Nassar 6 kun oldin
Britain wanted war to stop Germany to become stronger. Both world wars were wanted and mastered by the British. Hence not even Friedrich III could have prevented war.
Soviet Ball
Soviet Ball 6 kun oldin
Do the battle of Crimea ww2 or do iranian Iraq war
Storolf 6 kun oldin
So does this mean that indirectly, the death toll attributed to tobacco is many tens of millions higher...
NapoleonBonaparte 6 kun oldin
What is interesting if the commies took control of Germany post WW1 and Trotsky came to power in the SSSR WW2 would have still happened and the outcome wouldn't have been as peachy
Adam Orlowski
Adam Orlowski 6 kun oldin
such an interesting story, thanks for sharing
Steven E
Steven E 6 kun oldin
hold up!!!!!!! How did you pronounce sixth as sikth!?
Saisoun SMB01
Saisoun SMB01 6 kun oldin
This looks like a story mod, it still cool.
Scot Coleman
Scot Coleman 6 kun oldin
Germany didn't surrender at the end of WWI. It was an armistice, with both sides agreeing to end the fighting. In a show of good faith Germany downsized it's military first, at which point England and France decided that it was no longer a mutual decision. Germany was wrongfully vilified and forced to accept blame, among other things, for a war they didn't start. The rest, as they say, is history.
Eric Schockemöhle
Eric Schockemöhle 6 kun oldin
A very interesting and informative Video. I liked it. However, I found 2 minor mistakes: 1. It's "Realpolitik" not "Reelpolitik" 2. You showed the map of the North German Confederation after the Franco-German War of 1870/71 although the German Empire was created as a result of the victory in this very war. The same goes for the map in the background when he is sick in his bed Also, I don't agree on your conclusion: I doubt that him being more liberal would have prevented WWI. Maybe he wouldn't have given the Austrians a Blank Cheque and would thus have prevented WWI. Yes. But him being more liberal alone wouldn't be a reason for the British not to enter the war after the German violation of Belgian neutrality. At least that's my opinion.
RiderofRiddermark 6 kun oldin
Friedrich III. could probably have prevented the Great War if he had kept his wife from mistreating their son and severely damaging his psyche.
Sheputster 6 kun oldin
Have you heard the tragedy of Emperor Frederick the III of Germany?
mena seven
mena seven 6 kun oldin
Probably Frederick III was poisoned because of is liberal ideology
ScienceTube 6 kun oldin
Smoking does indeed kill, my God...
-TidalMaster -
-TidalMaster - 6 kun oldin
What was that epic song at ending? pls tell
Prussian Mapping
Prussian Mapping 6 kun oldin
There you go. Don't smoke, kids, or you might change the course of history forever.
Adriahn Paulo Miguel
what is the bgm?
Симеон Преславски
Please, make a video about the Battle of Doiran (1918), part of the WW1, fought between Bulgaria and The Allies. A single division managed to crush seven hostile ones.
Amirul Asyraf
Amirul Asyraf 6 kun oldin
Liberalism back then= Bring something good and in general teach people to respect each other and other's believe and also to respect local custom's. Lberalism nowdays= Cancerous
Angry Happy
Angry Happy 2 kun oldin
today it's weakness or simply parasitism.
Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus
Amirul Asyraf Exactly. I wonder why this was not mentioned in the video...hmmm...
Jeremy Basset
Jeremy Basset 6 kun oldin
1:11 aaawwww
Imposing Patriot
Imposing Patriot 6 kun oldin
instead, we get genocidal lunatics like Merkel, who believe in racial,sexual,religious equity. Perfect way to start more wars.
Jack Starr
Jack Starr 6 kun oldin
As Germany became economically dominant Britain would have still pushed for war. Liberalism is cancer.
RaiDeN131313 6 kun oldin
2:29-2:42 Is it just me ?
Gentleman Von Tweed
I support a unified Europe, with a German as it's democratic Emperor. I believe in freedom, as long as your views are aligned with mine. This is why we must punish this peasant rebellion going on in Britain.
tim van rijn
tim van rijn 6 kun oldin
because being liberal and more english is good? doubt supporting rights thou (thumbs up)
Dumbleblock 38
Dumbleblock 38 6 kun oldin
French surrender
Kia me
Kia me 6 kun oldin
I wanted to ask if you could do the conquest of the Median Empire by the persians
Anthony Salazar
Anthony Salazar 6 kun oldin
"If's" don't exist
Samuel Hall
Samuel Hall 6 kun oldin
Surely the sides would just have been different in WW1 if Frederick III had lived longer? E.g. England and Germany being allies rather than enemies.
r1chguy 6 kun oldin
The main reason I dislike ww1 was that it brought an age of empires to an end and gave rise to evil ideologys.
Samuel Hall
Samuel Hall 6 kun oldin
Red Cross Report 1947.
xCaracusx 6 kun oldin
Awesome video but the map of the north german confederation is wrong :D the united German Empire should be shown at his death and not the confederation :P
alphagamer047 6 kun oldin
What an inspiring and thoughtful man, may he rest in peace!
Drfop 6 kun oldin
9:19 frederick goes into a bush
athe lightz
athe lightz 6 kun oldin
Smoking - not even once
Cato Sicarius
Cato Sicarius 6 kun oldin
rI don't know if him surviving would have caused that much of a difference
Joe Garingan
Joe Garingan 6 kun oldin
Liberal in their times, conservative in ours. Perhaps in the future centrism shall encompass both left and right.
Kartal Gurbuz Kaya
Kartal Gurbuz Kaya 6 kun oldin
CORRECTION: Helmut von Moltke the Elder DID NOT Have a mustache. You guys used the picture of The Younger Moltke, who was incompetent during WW1 and had no major historical role. You guys talk about the Elder but the picture is of the Younger.
Bo Didley
Bo Didley 6 kun oldin
The repeated use of the term "liberal", with a dash of "conservative", made it difficult to take this vid seriously. I think they were used nearly ten times before I stopped watching at the 3:20 mark. Talk about oversimplification.
Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus
Kings and Generals To a degree, he has a point, and that is your argument?
Kings and Generals
Kings and Generals 6 kun oldin