Freeze Dried Food Taste Test

Good Mythical Morning
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Can we identify foods in their freeze dried state? GMM #1147!
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7-Iyn, 2017



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Mening pleylistlarim
Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 4 314
NxP 4 kun oldin
Lol i love the older version videos of these guys 😂
Noah DeGeorge
Noah DeGeorge 7 kun oldin
anyone else notice the "round 1" banner for round 3 at 4:02 bc that's going to bother me for eternity
Nate Dawggg
Nate Dawggg 9 kun oldin
It’s either tubes or cubes man
CodySaurus-REX 12 kun oldin
Going against everything mama taught us and getting paid to talk with your mouth full👌
xydoit 13 kun oldin
We meat again.
xydoit 13 kun oldin
They need to invite Ramsay to a food chapter
Ed Kavanaugh
Ed Kavanaugh 18 kun oldin
Inginuitive: A form of innovation and ingenuity, combined in a mythical fashion by Link Neil.
SixRaven Eight
SixRaven Eight 19 kun oldin
Ingenuitive is a word, and I knew this one though Link has taught me a few words. Iftss ♥♥
Cheyenne DeSpain
Cheyenne DeSpain 20 kun oldin
They just hinted at the BIRDBOX LOL
Maria Treb
Maria Treb 21 kun oldin
How did that get “stork” from “spoon and stick”? Where is the r from? Lol
The1sler167 21 kun oldin
Rhetts Superhero name meatagain
Hannah Miller
Hannah Miller 25 kun oldin
Link, talking about the apocalypse “keep the blindfold” Rhett: “you’ll be blindfolded the whole time” I think Rhett and Link came up with the premises of Bird Box.
Dyslexic Boba
Dyslexic Boba 27 kun oldin
The sound bites from this episode could make a very.... interesting video 😂
I want to know what brand of dehydrated sweet and sour pork that was
Luci The Sick
Luci The Sick Oy oldin
Rhett dying because he knows he tastes bacon... Lmao
Henry Livingstone
😂😂😂cuz it’s crunchy
Tman Bricks
Tman Bricks Oy oldin
Freeze dried food is awesome
Pain and Abel
Pain and Abel Oy oldin
Link: “So keep the blindfold but have someone read the packaging. That’s what I’m gonna do in the apocalypse.” Little did he know he predicted Bird Box...
Tori D
Tori D Oy oldin
9:05 Did Rhett predict Bird Box?
Elizabeth Lee
Elizabeth Lee Oy oldin
Meatagan sounds like Neagan from walking dead... 😂
Joe Luis
Joe Luis Oy oldin
Rhet should not have gotten that spaghetti point, you could tell he was bullshitting when he was explaining why he didn’t say spaghetti lol
Will it pillow? - put stuff in pillowcases and decide if it will or will not pillow
Matthew Delaine
Where did they get metal sporks?
Jacob Schachte
Blindfolded the whole time in the apocalypse. He just described birdbox
John Lawless
John Lawless Oy oldin
R&L just created the plot for Bird Box at 9:00
DJ Martin
DJ Martin Oy oldin
9:05 R&L totally predicted bird box
Layla McGovern
Ok but they just predicted Bird Box
Zombot 2 oy oldin
9:07 - Rhett predicting Bird Box.
Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash 2 oy oldin
"Bring it out and put it in." ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Alissa 24
Alissa 24 2 oy oldin
"Bring it out..and put it in!" Link 2017😂
Seth Morris
Seth Morris 2 oy oldin
At around 9 minutes they literally predicted bird box because they said u will be blindfolded during the apocalypse
Samin Yeasar
Samin Yeasar 2 oy oldin
SnapPea 2 oy oldin
9:06 rhett predicts Birdbox!!!!!
Alicyn Senior
Alicyn Senior 2 oy oldin
Watching this after seeing bird box lol. Rhett basically came up with the premise of the movie by saying “you’ll be blindfolded the whole time” during the apocalypse. Rhett predicted the movie 😱
Noah Schalles
Noah Schalles 27 kun oldin
Grace Crosby A
Grace Crosby A 2 oy oldin
Alicyn Senior I literally came to make this comment 😮
Annastazya Blaze
Annastazya Blaze 2 oy oldin
I can’t ever tell if Rhett still has food in his mouth or if he has already just inhaled it 😂
Lauren K
Lauren K 2 oy oldin
@9:08 ... rhett predicts bird box
daniel yask
daniel yask 2 oy oldin
9:05 bird box reference
Ramsher Felix
Ramsher Felix 2 oy oldin
I wanna know what he was laughing at..
Walter Russell
Walter Russell 2 oy oldin
You guys are so gay Homosexuals
Julia Padilla
Julia Padilla 2 oy oldin
Some of us know why they couldn’t use spoons 😂
‘Murica 3 oy oldin
I’ve heard, “Stork, Spork, Smork”
Super Moosie
Super Moosie 3 oy oldin
Why did Round 3 say ”Round 1” on the sign at 4:03? 😬😂
Kevin Hullinger
Kevin Hullinger 3 oy oldin
If these guys had to actually serve our country they would be considered undesirables. No doubt
Mr something nothing
“As you can see we can’t” yes!😂
TheElement OfFyre
One of the few times they've eaten just food and nothing really weird
Fiona L
Fiona L 3 oy oldin
It was just *cyubes*
Charles Dinkins
Charles Dinkins 3 oy oldin
5:41 someone got a little aggressive inserting the spork
GushinGushers 3 oy oldin
bacons meat from a flightless animal pigs and penguins are flightless pigs are big penguins aka emporer penguins
Junior Studios
Junior Studios 3 oy oldin
I am totally making some Meategan fanart
Junior Studios
Junior Studios 3 oy oldin
"We are all Meategan"
Eric Smith
Eric Smith 3 oy oldin
Taste like brown nuts
Henry Domenici
Henry Domenici 3 oy oldin
Bacon is the taste Rhett couldn’t identify. Rhett will rule the world in the apocalypse. That would make him an emperor. Another emperor is the emperor penguin. I tried WAY too hard...
Ash 3 oy oldin
Round three said round 1 on the picture!😂😂
Jake Hammaker
Jake Hammaker 3 oy oldin
Nubacon, all the rage, all the cubes
TannerJ815 4 oy oldin
I love how on Round 3 with bacon and eggs it says "round 1" xD
PLANET FARMS 4 oy oldin
OMG guys you have to sew eyes on to your blind folds
Ryan Critch
Ryan Critch 4 oy oldin
I'm watching this over a year later and I get an add telling me about freeze dried food lmao
6laderunner 4 oy oldin
Ingenuitive is a word. Either that, or I’ve been misusing it my whole life.
Harley Coone
Harley Coone 4 oy oldin
I love links shirt
Diesel Dawg
Diesel Dawg 4 oy oldin
((sings)) I know you I've tasted you once upon a dream I know you the flavour of you is so familiar to me
Rhett&Link: Round Three! video: round 1
Alex Summers
Alex Summers 4 oy oldin
So Rhett's ideal future apocalypse is ruling the world while keeping Link beside him on a leash and blindfolded the entire time. Sounds... very normal.
Dennis Hillberg
Dennis Hillberg 4 oy oldin
8:03 Link is talking about Luciele and Negan from The Walking Dead
Silas Benfield
Silas Benfield 4 oy oldin
“As you can see, we can’t”
Jack Patterson
Jack Patterson 4 oy oldin
Instead of round 3, it said round 1 :P 4:03
Mr. Cringe2
Mr. Cringe2 4 oy oldin
Does anybody else think that they should do a blindfolded will it? Like for a nasty thing they wouldn’t know it’s coming.
Buying SUMMONS 5 oy oldin
Did anyone else notice Round 3 was labeled Round 1 on the video? I had to rewind just to make sure. Was that intentional?
Ben Finny
Ben Finny 5 oy oldin
BISON?? how to you even think of Bison??did you buy Gordon Ramey's gourmet apocalypse survival food?
Mahdee 5 oy oldin
“Taste like brown nuts” I couldn’t help but start cracking up lmfaooo😂😂
Kalinna Vyacheslavovna
"I can take meat again"....naughty little minx...as if you ever stopped ;)
Mynames Ria
Mynames Ria 5 oy oldin
8:45 10/10 would not want to meatagain
Pat Doudican
Pat Doudican 5 oy oldin
Anyone else notice at 4:03 , it says round 1 instead of round 3?
Noe One
Noe One 5 oy oldin
Rhetts lips looked like they said beef stew What kind of witchcraft is that
anxiouspacifist 5 oy oldin
These walking dead references
Tha nos
Tha nos 5 oy oldin
Ryan Mickelwait
Ryan Mickelwait 5 oy oldin
Don't you just love those spongey dried cubes?
Allen Jay
Allen Jay 5 oy oldin
"The immediate taste is *nasty.* "
Gabriel C
Gabriel C 5 oy oldin
Link talks too much :(
Nick Boronda
Nick Boronda 5 oy oldin
Link, are you in the illuminati? Answer at 2:40
Nick Boronda
Nick Boronda 5 oy oldin
Link, are you in the illuminati? Answer at 2:40
The gay Agenda
The gay Agenda 5 oy oldin
I wonder if the person who made those blindfolds is still watching
Leon Draw
Leon Draw 5 oy oldin
i hate ads.
theone 5 oy oldin
Bacon Strip Strip Down Down Play Play Dead Dead Last Last Emperor Emperor Penguin
Icy Scythe
Icy Scythe 5 oy oldin
For round 3 the top said “round 1”
Mo I
Mo I 5 oy oldin
Link’s shirt 🔥
Zachary Peresie
Zachary Peresie 5 oy oldin
Recommended temperature to safely eat bacon: 160 Recommended temperature to safely eat Penguin: 154
N S 5 oy oldin
J.C. Magness
J.C. Magness 6 oy oldin
“Tastes like brown nuts”
Ross M. - Gaming
Ross M. - Gaming 6 oy oldin
S:4 E:20
Ihsan Zulfikar
Ihsan Zulfikar 6 oy oldin
Stevie's voice alone can make my whole day
Josh Kaid
Josh Kaid 6 oy oldin
Penguins are animals. Another type of animal is a pig. Pigs make bacon.
josh eldridge
josh eldridge 6 oy oldin
rhett said his name in the apocalypse would be meatagain(sounds kinda like negan), then he said ham covered in barbed wire. Are they referencing the walking dead?
Jason Davis
Jason Davis 6 oy oldin
can you imagine if they switched seats
Brobean 12
Brobean 12 6 oy oldin
Links shirt is badass where did he get it?
Oersae 6 oy oldin
Rhett got survival gear for Link. I strive for that level of friendship.
Mike Porter
Mike Porter 6 oy oldin
Meatigan McLaughlin lol
Bryanrey619 6 oy oldin
Hector Sleeps with life size dolls of you guys
Suki Kokoro 35/87
I wanna meet Meatagin/Rhett XD And Link!
Zebulon Stampfler
Bacon is from pigs, pigs are farm animals, farms are kept by animal lovers, animal lovers may also love emperor penguins!
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