Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Funny moments

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_______ 14 soat oldin
Lmfao @6:01
Colby Buckley
Colby Buckley 19 soat oldin
Hilary is so fine, so gorgeous and beautiful but yet.... 🤦🏻‍♂️ 🤦🏻‍♂️.... so ditz!
Katelyn Rattigan-power
Will: I'm sorry i trow your hair
Terrence Milton
Terrence Milton 2 kun oldin
Yeah, Dont judge them if you dont know. Who does Oprah thinks she is.....God???
Terrence Milton
Terrence Milton 2 kun oldin
Oprah needs stop.
Emily Mata
Emily Mata 4 kun oldin
The best show in the whole entire world❤️
Motion Lad
Motion Lad 5 kun oldin
"... and what is the precise nature of this nervous disorder".😂😂😂 Man Geoferry was a G ya'll, real G!!! Rest in peace to Uncle Phil.
SulliMike241 5 kun oldin
One thing I learned from this show: never talk smack about a black man’s mama; or he gon’ whup yo ass!
Isaiah Pete
Isaiah Pete 5 kun oldin
Bridson King
Bridson King 6 kun oldin
WILL: Going.....going.... going GONE!!! UNCLE PHILLY: WILL!!!
Fashion is a cycle
Keesha Brown
Keesha Brown 8 kun oldin
Boom Shakalaka... Chaka Khan, Chak Chak Chaka Khan... My Lord! Hilarious 😂😂😂
Nikolai 935Vodka
Nikolai 935Vodka 9 kun oldin
9:48 But Geoffrey is paid to clear the tables tho. Anyway it was hilarious when Will ran at the dude in the audience.
Nevaeh Mason
Nevaeh Mason 10 kun oldin
8:41 Hillary was sitting next to Aurora. Wait, the girl that plays as Wills mom is the teen from off of Good times the episode where they did a boycott and she kept rejecting JJ
Keara Chandler
Keara Chandler 11 kun oldin
I Swea I Died When Carlton Started Dancing To Oprah Theme Song😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Richie Rich
Richie Rich 11 kun oldin
6:10 when you realize it's weeknd😂😂😂
Zamo 00
Zamo 00 11 kun oldin
Smol Demon Tord
Smol Demon Tord 12 kun oldin
*breath mints*
Raina Maraetetoa
Raina Maraetetoa 13 kun oldin
I love this show...one of the best !! Good memories ! Will IS just hilarious and funny !
Wolfie Blackheart
Wolfie Blackheart 14 kun oldin
I think the woman who played wills mamma was a mighty fine milf in the few episodes she was in, dunno what she looks like nowadays but when i used to watch the re runs on tv in my preteen days (like 10/11 yo) i was torn between viola and ashley for who i had a crush on lol, even as a young white kid i liked people of different ethnicities, guess this and 'my wife and kids' sparkes my "no race barred" attitude to dating
Marvin Sublett
Marvin Sublett 14 kun oldin
Such a classic show
Jilly Billy
Jilly Billy 15 kun oldin
9:36 when someone tells me a yo mama joke :p
ItzFatou 7
ItzFatou 7 15 kun oldin
every moment is funny
sky forevermore
sky forevermore 15 kun oldin
This is hilarious
lotto 15 kun oldin
Fresh Prince, Step by Step, Growing Pains, Family Matters, Roseanne, Smart Guy, Sister Sister....man they dont make shows like these anymore.
David Armstrong
David Armstrong 8 kun oldin
Uncle Phil looks like the father on "Family Matters"
Shannon Green
Shannon Green 17 kun oldin
She all sorts of fake😂😂
Amadeus190890 17 kun oldin
Lol @ nervous disorder.
Amoni Gameshop
Amoni Gameshop 18 kun oldin
i got a 20 lol
• Circuitly •
• Circuitly • 19 kun oldin
He snatched her weave.
pinkie pie
pinkie pie 23 kun oldin
Roido 24 kun oldin
Will, what in the heeyll kind of dance is that?
Dk4eva Kamara
Dk4eva Kamara 26 kun oldin
If this suppose to be the funny moment it should’ve been all of the episodes
Stone 27 kun oldin
Michael Jordan, Al Capone, Woody Woodpecker, Fred Flinstone😂
ADayWithStyleZ 28 kun oldin
Nah Nah this black magic Ash 😭😭😭😂😂
SFF86 Oy oldin
Carlton dancing to Oprah's theme music had me screaming lmao!!!!
Fridays with Louise
2018 anyone?
᙭ҳʝαииιє ҳ᙭
Who else was expecting full episodes?
Buddy William
Buddy William Oy oldin
"Micheal Jordan Al Capone Woody Woodpecker Fred Flintstone." Hahhahahaha
Rolonda Jackson
Carlton is a trip that dance he busted out with to Oprah Winfrey 😂
Nicole Malgas
Nicole Malgas Oy oldin
Eyo Jesus is the only way to eternal life choose Him and your soul shall be saved
Aasiyah Wadee
Aasiyah Wadee Oy oldin
The show Would've Been Nothing Without Will.
Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia Oy oldin
“Unhand me u ruffian” 🤣🤣
Tortured Soul
Tortured Soul Oy oldin
9:11 the fat asshole in the jury from opra: 9:28 If someone said that to someone else with me there. even if I didn't have anything to do with it, I'd still beat him to a bloody pulp.
Tortured Soul
Tortured Soul Oy oldin
Going ... Going ... Gone! best magic trick ever. Like if you agree
Jeremiah Johnson
775 people never had a child hood
Von Putin
Von Putin Oy oldin
Trotter Lol
My unskippable ad was BUFFERING.
Andrae Coleman
Carlton dancing to Oprah's theme was hilarious!
MightyGirlPlayz Roblox
0:16 how the billy bounce came alive LOL
KamiTee116 Oy oldin
Yo Opera!!!! How old is this lol
Alexandra Cantero-Álvarez
Carlton is a hell of a dancer
The120376 Oy oldin
"You have both lost your American Express cards...do you want to work on your Visa?" ~Aunt Viv is a slayer
Eveleen Gimadeyeva
You forgot to add the bad-ass intro music...
Pokecatmoo Oy oldin
Breaf mints
Inti Peredo
Inti Peredo Oy oldin
My mom at 10:00
Your 75% Water and I'm Thirsty
4:43 He gone XD
James Forrest
James Forrest 2 oy oldin
Going, going, gone! Will!! 😂
Christina Singleton
Guy: Your whole Family’s crazy! Will: I ain’t even mad... Guy: Yo Mom’s crazy too! Will: See now you have to die...
Adam Mitchell
Adam Mitchell 2 oy oldin
The good old days boy beautiful memories
Armani, Yours Truly
Lol Going Going gone! Thats some nigga shit fr 😂😂😂
s .B
s .B 2 oy oldin
Carlton's dance is the most hilarous thing😂😂😂😂
s .B
s .B 2 oy oldin
Miss uncle Phil
995sean 2 oy oldin
"Stand on a chair and say it to my face" HAHAHAHAHAHA
Yuri Romero
Yuri Romero 2 oy oldin
1:40 is that earthquake
cl mut
cl mut 2 oy oldin
Who else misses uncle phil
James Tafoya
James Tafoya 2 oy oldin
9:11 - Well if you ask me? Your whole damn family is crazy 9:28 - and if your mama's send you out to live with them? Then she's crazy too
lou Perez
lou Perez 2 oy oldin
Just realized that uncle phil looks like Suge Knight
Brandon 2 oy oldin
Gina is on Fresh Prince! Wow!
DNa Mmmm
DNa Mmmm 2 oy oldin
Holy shit that girl talking to opera at 6:48 had the saggiest titties on the planet bar none
DNa Mmmm
DNa Mmmm 2 oy oldin
Breff mints!!!!
Adam Jackson
Adam Jackson 2 oy oldin
Will's mom was about to tear a new one on Carlton. Gangsta bitch!
Noah Fike
Noah Fike 2 oy oldin
Fresh Prince or Martin was my favorites
Shayan Popal
Shayan Popal 2 oy oldin
Will Smith
DNZ 1014
DNZ 1014 2 oy oldin
Thats real hair.. Then why ain't it growing out your scalp.. I am sorry i threw your hair 😂😂😂
Eric Ortega
Eric Ortega 2 oy oldin
Uncle Phill is now hustling pool in heaven.
Travis Blackburn
Travis Blackburn 2 oy oldin
Stand on the chair and say that to my face!
Travis Blackburn
Travis Blackburn 2 oy oldin
Going going...GONE!
Tanmay Shinde
Tanmay Shinde 2 oy oldin
4:20 what episode?
Indy Marie
Indy Marie 2 oy oldin
2:22 🤣🤣
Kittenfight_ 326
Kittenfight_ 326 2 oy oldin
Libra Chronicles
Libra Chronicles 2 oy oldin
Happy birthday will smith 🕺🏽👑🎂🥂🍾
sabin97 2 oy oldin
unhand me, you ruffian!
Anita Blueberry
Anita Blueberry 2 oy oldin
Unhand me, you ruffian!!! 😂💀
Monique Gordon
Monique Gordon 2 oy oldin
Omg look at that sofa 😂😂
GetOff MyWood10
GetOff MyWood10 2 oy oldin
Shawn Reger
Shawn Reger 2 oy oldin
6:27 lmao that's me with my my sister when we go to our relatives 💀💀
Shawn Reger
Shawn Reger 2 oy oldin
"boom chaka laka" "what happened to abracadabra?" "no, this is black magic" 😂😂
Kpop Fan
Kpop Fan 3 oy oldin
R.I.P. Geoffrey you'll be miss with your sarcastic ways of words!
Daz 187
Daz 187 3 oy oldin
Jhamel Wade
Jhamel Wade 3 oy oldin
"Vote for PHILIP Banks... (PHILIP Banks... PHILIP Banks... PHILIP Banks)!!!" 😂😂😂😂😅
Denial Number 4
Denial Number 4 3 oy oldin
space(the final frontier)
NEVER wear false hair on a date or a fight
Sweet Sweet Joy
Sweet Sweet Joy 3 oy oldin
I remember that theme song for Oprah!
Anaya Givens
Anaya Givens 3 oy oldin
For a sec he kinda sound like Eddy Murphy to me😂😂🤔
Sabrina 3 oy oldin
Vote for Philip banks Philip banks Philip banks Philip banks 😂😂😂😂
Ala 3 oy oldin
‘Your mom suck breath mints too!’ 😂
Rahaman Rahaman
Rahaman Rahaman 3 oy oldin
Karim Barry
Karim Barry 3 oy oldin
He's my idol n thanks alot will, you are the best!!
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 3 oy oldin
Going.... Going.... GONE!
Momma No!!!!.flv
8 yil oldin