Freshly Caught Crayfish Salad - Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay
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Gordon catches some fresh crayfish with his son, then makes a delicious salad.
From Gordon Ramsay's The F Word
Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Fit Food: amzn.to/2FznHtk
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29-Fev, 2016



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Volt SiN
Volt SiN 2 soat oldin
If you cook it with sunny d it gives it a lot of flavor
Paul Pietschinski
Paul Pietschinski 9 soat oldin
A deliceous crayfish salad, That cost fuck all.
Tim Pike
Tim Pike 10 soat oldin
Love how Gordon’s always like “we’ll fight back by eating as many as we can” 😂
ifeedonfear 12 soat oldin
I was in Tulsa oklahoma I caught a Cray fish then it pinched me and I YEETED THAT FUCKER
Raynah Islam
Raynah Islam 14 soat oldin
If it’s bothering you just eat it
Clint W
Clint W 19 soat oldin
Better used for crawdad (crayfish) jambalaya than a salad.
Big Rick
Big Rick 22 soat oldin
Nearly 250 years later, the Americans get revenge. First we fought the Brits off, now we're sending crayfish overseas.
Theman2oo Bob
Theman2oo Bob Kun oldin
They’re overfed and oversex well I’m clearly the overfed and the opposite of oversex
Ruchir Rawat
Ruchir Rawat Kun oldin
i felt bad for the crayfish in gordon's hand in the intro lol
R33C3 Kun oldin
20kg! In one night.
Unwither 3264
Unwither 3264 Kun oldin
0:05 *OOF*
John Zucc
John Zucc Kun oldin
3:48 "Look at that" "That is delicious *Omn'
Acno logia
Acno logia 2 kun oldin
OH NO There too many fight back [1 year layer] OH NO, there dying, stop fighting!
No seasoning on those crayfish Gordon lying ass that can not be delicious and why so expensive fuck that
Lui luie
Lui luie 3 kun oldin
3:03 "its already DEAD! Fuccin' hell!!" - Gordon Ramsay
Lui luie
Lui luie 3 kun oldin
"Freshly Caught Crayfish Salad"
MK Ultra PUMP 4 kun oldin
I liked this video during the opening Ad.
Guerilla Gurus
Guerilla Gurus 3 kun oldin
I thought it was opening music too. And thought to myself, " this doesn't sound like a Gordon soundtrack"
IamMaverick 213
IamMaverick 213 4 kun oldin
Overfed,oversex,and theyre over here Me:over whaaaa!!?!?!?!
Stan Guath
Stan Guath 5 kun oldin
That cost fuck all😂
When mom doesnt find poop sock
Gordons kids must have the best food ever
spyralspyder 6 kun oldin
I would like to join the fight! God save the queen and all that!
Suwito hakim
Suwito hakim 7 kun oldin
I scared the pinch claw when touching crab lobster or shrimp
Andrew Pope
Andrew Pope 7 kun oldin
Gordon's kids are so small here.
tijmen michon
tijmen michon 7 kun oldin
0:12 stop shaking me!
Evolved Turtle Productions
*da dickadee da dickadoo da*
Randy Woodworth
Randy Woodworth 8 kun oldin
Invasive species always wreck havok on the local wildlife and vegetation. Asian carp is a good example.
Yeep 8 kun oldin
2:38 ow
Chris Ferzo
Chris Ferzo 8 kun oldin
On behalf of all Americans, We sorry :(
Ozzy Laguna
Ozzy Laguna 8 kun oldin
alright the fuck is up with that music in the beginning
MightySparkle 8 kun oldin
da dee guh dee daa dee guh dah
Ro3NBurG 9 kun oldin
Fight back with eating more is exactly what the yanks want...
Dominique justin
Dominique justin 9 kun oldin
3:12 Gordon's face is like, shit that almost got her
Dominique justin
Dominique justin 9 kun oldin
These are American crayfish? Looks way bigger
Zona-Bandit 9 kun oldin
When i saw they went fishing and gordon said they brought jack i thought of little jack marston lol
Sauroman Thegreat
Sauroman Thegreat 9 kun oldin
normal person: we must fight the crayfish by putting pesticides everywhere gORdOn RAmsAy: wE MUsT EaT aLL tHe CraYFiSh
Uncle Sam
Uncle Sam 9 kun oldin
Feelin it now Larry?
Lil Uzi Vert
Lil Uzi Vert 10 kun oldin
whenever that crayfish fell in the beginning i felt bad and when gordon was shaking the one he was holding i felt more bad :(
John Dough
John Dough 10 kun oldin
Hehehe ur welcome
G Dab
G Dab 10 kun oldin
Louisiana is on it's way
Kela12 10 kun oldin
0:38 even the crayfish is scared of Gordon lmao
Abigail Villafuerte
Abigail Villafuerte 10 kun oldin
Hi chef Gordon can u teacher me to cook a cow tongue aside LENGUA DISH
greatest ever
greatest ever 10 kun oldin
Man why is it that America keeps helping the British first military aid in the world wars and now we gave them an abundance of food
Joshua Braswell
Joshua Braswell 11 kun oldin
Hu i wonder what country he is in guns,missle,amercain flags, hu idk if i should be offended 😂🤣
Daniel Nunya Bidnezz
"Fight back by eating as many as we can." Best... advice... EVER! @#GordonRamsey please start a side business harvesting these beautiful Britties (what American species Crayfish that grow and are caught in Britain are called: Britties). American Crayfish are commonly called Crawdads, Crawdiddies, and Crawfish. Most Americans do not say Crayfish, unless they are douche pretentious hipsters. It is fine for ya'll Brits to call them Crayfish, because that is the proper taxonomic name for them. However, American "Crayfish", born and caught in the USA, are commonly called Crawdads, the original British variety are called Crayfish, and the American invasive species caught in Britain are called Britties.
Shredded mind22
Shredded mind22 11 kun oldin
To any brits who are you thinking about doing this you can do just as good with raw chicken
No Life Soccer Fan
No Life Soccer Fan 12 kun oldin
"It's bland"
Scuba Mishap
Scuba Mishap 12 kun oldin
3:25 Did Gordon just boil those crayfish alive?
WorldWar Fanatic
WorldWar Fanatic 12 kun oldin
o scheisse
Ak ash
Ak ash 12 kun oldin
Are they crab or lobster?
Slytherin Pure
Slytherin Pure 12 kun oldin
Crayfish are taking over my land sons are lobster sized while others are 3 inches long they are evil
Sam 13 kun oldin
Carol 13 kun oldin
Tu si que sabe eh
Katrina Williams
Katrina Williams 13 kun oldin
Love that intro!!!! The song with the crayfish holding a gun is pure gold! 😊
Ryon Harrell-Alejandre
What show is this?
Shai Cruz
Shai Cruz 13 kun oldin
Gordon licks a live crayfish: Fuck me!! It’s raw!
WalkerBrosFilms 14 kun oldin
Looks at price on the menu .... Price: Fuck all. Me I’ll try that
Austin Kue
Austin Kue 14 kun oldin
3:13 Gordon Ramsay Doesn’t even look like he cares about those kids
Eric Harmon
Eric Harmon 14 kun oldin
In America, we usually boil about 50 to 100 pounds of crawfish for around 10 or 20 people.
Ponyboy Courtesy
Ponyboy Courtesy 15 kun oldin
It's always so jarring to see Gordon Ramsay this happy and peaceful American reality shows must pay well, but the stress has done a number on his face. I wanna see him doing more of this, what he loves. He looks way more comfortable
Felix and MLG Films
Felix and MLG Films 15 kun oldin
Anyone know where this is?
scarless crimson
scarless crimson 15 kun oldin
AshTheNinja - Games & More!
Wtf is dis music? *DA DICKEY DOO DA, DA DICKEY DOO DA* Like wtf?
nick 21
nick 21 16 kun oldin
Graham Connelly
Graham Connelly 16 kun oldin
I caught a whole bunch of cray fish and they had a line of poop inside of the tail.
Palmtreeesss Gaming
Palmtreeesss Gaming 17 kun oldin
Feed em to the poor
LMOXD HD 17 kun oldin
Come to Louisiana and we will show you how to make some good crawfish
Highlight Cave
Highlight Cave 18 kun oldin
Crawfish boi
End Me
End Me 19 kun oldin
Rare footage of a British soldier killing Americans 1776
okuplok 19 kun oldin
0:05 d-did he die
Peak 20 kun oldin
When we’re in a war with crayfish, Gordon will appear with a speech, telling everyone to just eat ‘em
Blue_E.G.O. 20 kun oldin
Sam Lahoda
Sam Lahoda 21 kun oldin
Stop shaking the fucking crayfish
HeyItsLexi 21 kun oldin
Crayfish? I was saying crawfish this whole time! Are they too different things? 🦞
Whitefang 73005
Whitefang 73005 21 kun oldin
Gordon Ramsay caught scaring kids 101
CrispyChicken44 22 kun oldin
Are these the same things Shaggy and Scooby were eating inside the Mystery Machine that one time?
Sakura Keiko
Sakura Keiko 22 kun oldin
this is why i cant become a chef, i'd eat the food right after its cooked (i'll eat everything)
Ian Zhang
Ian Zhang 22 kun oldin
It’s luxury to use trout for bait. Actually I think chicken liver may works better
Offizieller Kanal von Doggen-Tee
TTV. Big Chungus
TTV. Big Chungus 24 kun oldin
i hate people that use traps and pots because i just use a good sturdy stick, some twine, and some raw bacon and u can get like 3 crayfish with 1 "cast"
Na Cl
Na Cl 24 kun oldin
When I went to catch crayfish I would use a string and a hotdog lol, I caught em and threw em back obviously
Supermango552 25 kun oldin
Where in the hell do you get the background music for these damn videos
Cody Hunter
Cody Hunter 25 kun oldin
In my honest opinion, crayfish taste a lot better if you purge them first before boiling them. It takes the muddy taste out, and gives you a cleaner meat.
Dre 25 kun oldin
Yo where the spicy 🌶 where they seasoning
Boyd Berhow
Boyd Berhow 26 kun oldin
Jesus, those American crawfish are bigger than the ones in America
DanI BoI
DanI BoI 26 kun oldin
0:05 oof
Jude Elkins
Jude Elkins 26 kun oldin
Gordon: Yeah... Yeah, yeah, yeah, yep, yeah
Figaro Slimz
Figaro Slimz 27 kun oldin
Prawns all taste the same delicious 😋
TheWumboTrolley 27 kun oldin
Who gave the crayfish a nuke
whatzup dawg
whatzup dawg 27 kun oldin
Invading species no problem just eat them lol
Y0G0FU 27 kun oldin
Oh my god how adorable his Kids where when they where under 10 years 😂😂😂 nice contrast to how they turned out to be now.
Cre8tor 28 kun oldin
At the start I feel bad for that crayfish Gordon is just talking and shaking it
Joshua Ford
Joshua Ford 28 kun oldin
As an American southerner. It physically hurt me to see him cook those mud bugs with out any crab boil cayenne potatoes onions corn or sausage or hot sauce or anything. And then he put them in a salad. A SALAD. gordon is a cooking god but that shit just ain't natural.
Nick Mad
Nick Mad 28 kun oldin
love watching
Allyson Spence
Allyson Spence 29 kun oldin
0:00 so funny
Poras kinneth
Poras kinneth 29 kun oldin
After Britain invade America. The Americans use Crayfish to invade Britain
Chill boi
Chill boi Oy oldin
0:04 *ouch*
Nigel Lee
Nigel Lee Oy oldin
*brutally shakes crayfish*
Magical Cookie
We just catch crayfish with our hands
Vinny Lopez
Vinny Lopez Oy oldin
These are crawfish??? Wow.
Oro Oy oldin
How do you catch a salad
The Catpanda
The Catpanda Oy oldin
"oversexed" AHAHAHAHAHA
Goonzquad Garage Upgrades!!!
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