Frozen Diet Meal Taste Test

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Can frozen meals be healthy AND tasty? We taste test meals from Amy's Kitchen to Lean Cuisine to find out. GMM #1259.1
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23-Yan, 2018

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Sharjela Dalidig
*nice touch with the BIG MICROWAVE at the background 🤣*
K Bush
K Bush Oy oldin
Sharjela Dalidig &:
K Bush
K Bush Oy oldin
Sharjela Dalidig hhhhwhhwhjdjwwqwwwqsjdjdjdjdjrnrnnnnrjhhrjrtjrhhfhhdhfjsjrjwqqqqjsjeh NannjnbbhjjhhbbKnBzbs
Dan Whiting
Dan Whiting 2 oy oldin
I need that microwave irl
Super Sarcastic Sokka
Notice how they did all of that in less than a minute.☺️
Shumaya Bautista Hardman
Jelly Ace Productions w
Rachel D
Rachel D 2 kun oldin
The most expensive option (Amy's) usually tastes way better in my opinion
Tika Anderson
Tika Anderson 2 kun oldin
I hate the noise of the fork going into the foam...
Shiloh Blake
Shiloh Blake 3 kun oldin
Aw, come on! The sweet sesame chicken is good!
Megan Garcia
Megan Garcia 3 kun oldin
Hahaha u guys dissed Amys the whole time but then u said "mmm its not bad"....eye roll. Lol
Megan Garcia
Megan Garcia 3 kun oldin
I love amys. It is delicious!
lellim 4 kun oldin
“It looks like... a ghost took a crap in a tv dinner” Sure...ghost crap...
Scott Welborn
Scott Welborn 4 kun oldin
Loved how you could see Link about to lose his stuff when Rhett was tilting the Atkins and it was about to spill
Kelvin Estevez
Kelvin Estevez 4 kun oldin
I love these guys but i hate how link eats
DESERT_GHOST 5 kun oldin
Amy's is the only frozen meal that contain actual real food
Etasha Boo
Etasha Boo 7 kun oldin
That pizza looks nasty XD
Tim Richards
Tim Richards 8 kun oldin
Lean cuisine macaroni & beef slice of bread and butter. AMAZING.
iMRM.1472 8 kun oldin
Ima keep it real, all those meals looked better than that deep shit pizza
Eric Smith
Eric Smith 8 kun oldin
I’ve already seen this episode.
Peth K
Peth K 8 kun oldin
Poor Link xD
MrCorvusC 8 kun oldin
No idea why mushrooms often included in these "healthy" meals. They are some of the least nutritious things out there, with very few calories. Sure, they won't make you fat. But what you are looking for in a good diet product is high nutritional density per calorie. It's hard to imagine a product worse in that regard. Perhaps drinking just water would match it :D On the other hand mushrooms are delicious...
Jacen Justice
Jacen Justice 9 kun oldin
They didn't stir either of those midway through cooking. I eat evol a lot, but yours looked disgusting.
Stephan Katsikas
Stephan Katsikas 9 kun oldin
That’s a really huge microwave 😂
Figuring It Out
Figuring It Out 10 kun oldin
The best part is that's not a laugh track it's the GMM squad lmao
PotterFreak22 11 kun oldin
2:44 Oh come on guys! The Healthy Choice Sweet Sesame Chicken is one of my favorites! 4:03 Really Link? Those pizzas are pretty good for my taste but I will agree that is NOT what a Margarita pizza should look like. The Atkins just looked gross! It's not even close to what it looks like on the box! At least with Healthy Choice & Lean Cuisine you know what you're getting! There is absolutely no freaking way that little piece of lasagna (if you can call it that) has 39g of protein & would fill you up.
PotterFreak22 11 kun oldin
I've yet to have a bad Lean Cuisine or Healthy Choice meal but the evol ones are NOT good. I tried them over Christmas and they were kind of nasty. I'm not a fan of Atkins cuz it just doesn't taste like anything to me and I've never seen the Amy's Kitchen ones in any grocery store I go to.
Jacob Myler
Jacob Myler 14 kun oldin
You really shouldn't use microwaves without the screen window to protect radiation from leaking
tori Moore
tori Moore 15 kun oldin
Healthy choice is honestly banginnnnn. Just get the right ones.
Sierra Hawkins
Sierra Hawkins 18 kun oldin
they picked one of the WORST meals from Amy's 😢
Esther Cotter
Esther Cotter 19 kun oldin
We only have half of these. Wtf is evol and Amy's? strange! All this food looks gross. 🤮🤢 I think they should have been on a plate, I knew some from the container. Don't pretend you never ate these.
Drag Voodoo
Drag Voodoo 19 kun oldin
And it's almost 2019
Tedula1134 20 kun oldin
Frozen frood indeed
Covey Carter
Covey Carter 20 kun oldin
What is monolithic besides the word of the day
Abby Weber
Abby Weber 21 kun oldin
The hate on lean cuisine pizza 😔
morgan hilfiger
morgan hilfiger 24 kun oldin
Rhett in that sweater makes me wanna take my clothes off
Digitalbumpin 27 kun oldin
Sodium is NOT bad for you moron. An excessive amount is bad for you. Rhett is one of the most unhealthy people ever and tries to be some expert on nutrition. Give me a break.
Rebekah Dieguez
“Um! and a hint of a mushroom”
g_lacier Oy oldin
The big microwave is such a cool prop
samurai jetpack
Kim  Lambert
Kim Lambert Oy oldin
Amy is their daughter
Carolina Belle
There is an Amy....it is their daughter.
Shaniya Nicole
“Meat forward” was the greatest pun
Lovee Roses
Lovee Roses Oy oldin
Terrible video
ZJP1012 Oy oldin
Rhett, I know a stoner when I see one. Someone had the munchies today. 😂😂
alicia smith907
The fire grilled steak bowls by evol are so good
Gaby Perez
Gaby Perez Oy oldin
Rank ramen
Kid YvnG
Kid YvnG Oy oldin
"Anything square has less calories" ^Link
Adrian Shipley
*meat forward*
Fava Pineapple
With the healthy choice brand honey glazed turkey is by far the best.
AtriumGames Oy oldin
Oh boy, someone turned up the 'let's hear them chew' on this one.
Someone has aids
Litteraly are the Santa Fe rice and beans for the first time googled smart ones found this and was so pumped when I saw it cause it high key fire
lslavychecker Oy oldin
lslavychecker Oy oldin
dragonNINJAdx Oy oldin
11:59 Heist music!
Aleph Null
Aleph Null Oy oldin
Rhett is one hungry boi.
Elefterios Makis
these guys definitely bang each other in the ass
Jesse Hawn
Jesse Hawn Oy oldin
My steam name is Evolgaming... Because lovegaming was taken... I didn't know there was an actual brand named Evol
lex Oy oldin
will it frozen diet fast food pizza taco pie 450+ years old?!
Stasha R.
Stasha R. Oy oldin
DJ Khalid eats everything except for Vjj lol.
Jessica Darlin
Amy's is Amazing I eat it Almost everyday...
Ev Wo
Ev Wo 2 oy oldin
Gosh, people in California cannot make pizza, it’s embarrassing to look at.
Sky Dragon
Sky Dragon 2 oy oldin
Keep an eye on the container frozen meals come in. You'll notice that each brand has a specific style they each come in.
Maloofy 2 oy oldin
Did anyone else notice how in the beginning Link guessed Lean Cuisine And then the next meal was Lean Cuisine, So for that he chose Evol, And then the next meal was Evol, So he chose Amy's Kitchen, And then next was Amy's Kitchen? 😂
Amy Noelle
Amy Noelle 2 oy oldin
“Who the crap is Amy?” I’M AMY.
Brittany McCombs
Brittany McCombs 2 oy oldin
I love how they ate the pizza Lady and the Tramp style without hesitation. 😂
Stresa 2 oy oldin
i love it when link loses
Satchmoe Life
Satchmoe Life 2 oy oldin
I’m on the opposite of a low cal diet and I steal be eating those lean cuisines everyday
TheIkaika777 2 oy oldin
Link should sue is Barber.
deloreanfan81 2 oy oldin
"Missing ingredients to make it good" lol
Nikole Stager
Nikole Stager 2 oy oldin
I eat a lot of Amy’s and Evol and I really like them both
Jesse Silver
Jesse Silver 2 oy oldin
Evol is good
Advanced_Sand 2 oy oldin
Amy's kitchen's raviolis are great I literally lived off of them and the pesto dish for like a month lmao
ReignsGirl 85
ReignsGirl 85 2 oy oldin
I would just know the brand it is by the container it comes in 😂😂
iDigStuff Adventures
*I just watched two grown men eat.*
Wanderingjew 2 oy oldin
When you eat frozen dinners so much you can tell just by the container 😅
Bailey Decker
Bailey Decker 2 oy oldin
Amy is Rachel and Andy’s daughter
Kevin Rowe
Kevin Rowe 2 oy oldin
Why does Link touch Rhett's food in just about every food video?
Tyler  Loyd
Tyler Loyd 2 oy oldin
Haha sick or stoned rhett?
Nigel Cooper
Nigel Cooper 2 oy oldin
"Don't double dink it" 8:52 they should put that on a t-shirt!
Nana Suzuki
Nana Suzuki 2 oy oldin
😂 boy that’s bland . I literally screamed 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Rebecca Jean
Rebecca Jean 2 oy oldin
Heathy Choice is really good. the one they got is not super good.
Emily Tissue
Emily Tissue 2 oy oldin
The Smart Ones beans and rice is my favorite microwave meals! I live off of them, Im a professional
Super Moosie
Super Moosie 2 oy oldin
Drinking game: Take a shot every time Rhett says ”I could eat the whole thing” in any of their videos. 😂👌
SuffuFFaffiss 2 oy oldin
I'd rather lose this one. Deep dish pizza is garbage.
Celtic N8IV
Celtic N8IV 2 oy oldin
#AmysKitchen yeesssss thank Amy's for feeding me and keeping me alive KOSHER food is difficult to find in my area and Amy's is kosher, as well as vegetarian!! Awesome!
link is so afraid of anything that is remotely close to a gay moment which is quite sad because he's so darn attractive.
Donna Massie
Donna Massie 2 oy oldin
link likes to control all the items they taste he snatches from rhett 😀
EFANZPro 2 oy oldin
They totally missing something that make it taste good... 'Rhett, 2018'
Jack Mechak
Jack Mechak 2 oy oldin
i used to steal those rice&bean smart ones from my mom all the time haha, they actually dont taste like diet food OR frozen!
Jennifer Herzog
Jennifer Herzog 2 oy oldin
I swear, the only thing all these "dinners" have in common is that they are tiny portions of crap that is going to make you still hungry. And then feel like a diet failure when you go and eat something else at 11pm straight out of the fridge. Cook at home ppl!
Doggo [GD] :]
Doggo [GD] :] 2 oy oldin
I like Amy’s Mac n cheese I eat it all the time
Fish For Thought
Fish For Thought 2 oy oldin
Is it one big ravioli?! sigh LOL
Chad Walker
Chad Walker 2 oy oldin
Link COMMMON MAN you need at least 4 of your answers to match Rhetts if he has 4 right. GAAWWWLLLLL.
🥀 CuteDragon🥀
If you're too lazy to cook, you're not gonna get healthy. Ffs
Andrew Slaw
Andrew Slaw 2 oy oldin
All of Link’s choices were off by one...so he wasn’t’ right, but he may be psychic XD
Eyes Cream
Eyes Cream 2 oy oldin
... I live off of lean cuisine.
Deven Erdman
Deven Erdman 3 oy oldin
Its all about the money. Even Oprah.. 6:32
Argy Bargy
Argy Bargy 3 oy oldin
Seems like the only thing those things could slim down is a wallet
Eliza Rosier
Eliza Rosier 3 oy oldin
“I can picture DJ Khalid eating anything”...not everything though
Nathan Schneider
Nathan Schneider 3 oy oldin
Do elementary schools still make that rectangular pizza?
S H 3 oy oldin
I’ve eaten so much of all these brands that I could have guessed them on sight lol
ladyluneth 3 oy oldin
😂 was Rhett just really hungry?
Swagg3r _Souls
Swagg3r _Souls 3 oy oldin
Deep dish pizza looks disgusting to me it’s just so thick!
Mendi Suarez
Mendi Suarez 3 oy oldin
Amy's is yummy never been disappointed there except for the price so not to often here
Markie Scheidegger
When Link yelled 'DJ KHALED" that's exactly what I always do to figure out how to pronounce it lol