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10-Yan, 2019

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Brie Balagtas
Brie Balagtas 9 daqiqa oldin
Pleeeeease make a video on blending!! 🙏🏼 everyone has their own techniques and I'd love to see yours! I also love how open and honest you are about things, proud to call myself a supporter of yours!!
Your Pumpkin
Your Pumpkin 32 daqiqa oldin
Your natural lip color is so pretty
Katelyn Nguyen
Katelyn Nguyen 40 daqiqa oldin
i love you
Ashley Pitkin
Ashley Pitkin 57 daqiqa oldin
you're so pretty! Love your videos so much
Ok people need to stop hating on Jaclyn she likes what she likes and no one should hate on her for that. And morphe I think is amazing so if you don’t like it that’s your problem. If you don’t like her videos then stop watching or stop complaining.
Ashley A
Ashley A 2 soat oldin
You look so beautiful we need a skin routine
Raily Marshmallow
Raily Marshmallow 2 soat oldin
Blending video pleaseee!
trudy poux
trudy poux 2 soat oldin
you kinda look like Noah Cyrus
Angela Kauffman
Angela Kauffman 2 soat oldin
Do you ever do follow up videos to discuss how the products wore for the day? Like did the Pixi mist keep yo face on? @jaclynhill
Navi Heera
Navi Heera 2 soat oldin
YASSS blending video!!! You are the queen of blending!!!!!!!!!
Jessica 3 soat oldin
I've had a nose job. What made me feel comfortable was going to a highly rated doctor with decades of experience.
Bailey Marie
Bailey Marie 3 soat oldin
Omg girl SAME!!!!! I so relate with 2018 being the year I got pores! I even have oily skin and still never had pores my entire life, and now I’m sitting here blending my life away like “DA FUQ IS THIS CRATER ON MY NOSE?!!”
chloe tutchton
chloe tutchton 3 soat oldin
def do a blending vid plsss
Marisol Cabrera
Marisol Cabrera 4 soat oldin
Yes to a video on blending!!
aubrey Aubrey
aubrey Aubrey 4 soat oldin
I feel like at the end she described all of her eyeshadow palletes and yes I have her original
April Marden
April Marden 4 soat oldin
Yes to a blending video!!!!
Blissfully STRONG
Blissfully STRONG 4 soat oldin
Maybelline eyebrow pencil is my favvveee!!!
als 5 soat oldin
Kayla Alligood
Kayla Alligood 5 soat oldin
Blending video plz!!
Lucia 1101
Lucia 1101 5 soat oldin
Please do the blending video❤️
Everything Beauty By Emile
Go check out my latest vidoes💛
Mrs. Rutabaga
Mrs. Rutabaga 5 soat oldin
I love how surprised she is when some of these products work.. if I had a dollar for every time she said "Its not as bad as I thought it was going to be" lmao girl.. you're making me feel shitty for buying drugstore make up. I'm not a MUA .. normal people actually use these products.. shocker!
Bailey Hicks
Bailey Hicks 5 soat oldin
Try the concealer again that’s what I had to do come back to it I didn’t like it at first
Bailey Hicks
Bailey Hicks 6 soat oldin
Casey Pessarra
Casey Pessarra 6 soat oldin
please do a blending video!!! but not just for eyeshadow. we need face and eyes 😍
Raine Young
Raine Young 6 soat oldin
Blending video for sure!!!!
alicia raz
alicia raz 7 soat oldin
I got pores also during my pregnancy😂💔 y have not had acne but during mi pregnancy on the area by my neck and my back horrible💔😥
The Black Sheep We Don't Associate With
youre so sexy without make up. jesus...
Keira Keough
Keira Keough 8 soat oldin
Yes post a blending video!!!!
Aimee Martell
Aimee Martell 8 soat oldin
Guys, be nice.
Jessica Hernandez
Jessica Hernandez 8 soat oldin
But.. I think the pixie pallet is better quality than your vault collection
Jessica Hernandez
Jessica Hernandez 8 soat oldin
Blending video please
crystal conklin
crystal conklin 8 soat oldin
Yes blending video!!!!!!! ❤️❤️
courtney chambers
courtney chambers 8 soat oldin
Yesss! Please do a blending video! Love when you teach on how you do things, you're very good at it! xoxo
Rema Alkhayal
Rema Alkhayal 9 soat oldin
In the same era Jaclyn not arena 😂😂💕💕love you
Wendy Jasso
Wendy Jasso 9 soat oldin
I was actually going to buy that concealer...glad I watched the review because I’ll stick to my regular. I want to try those lashes though! They look so good on you!
Sammy Loo
Sammy Loo 9 soat oldin
Milani eyeshadows are amazing!
she mat
she mat 9 soat oldin
I would love to see you do a blending video
Cynthia Garza
Cynthia Garza 9 soat oldin
Indian clay mask has been said to clean out impurities in your skin. It's in powder form and when mixed with ACV it acts as a vacuum to cleanse pores. Be mindful if you have sensitive skin with ACV but using water is still effective.
Daneth Ith
Daneth Ith 10 soat oldin
Wait, your brother ‘s Family is in Cambodia? Hellloooo from here 🇰🇭
Adele Attwood
Adele Attwood 10 soat oldin
Your looking and sounding a lot better hun xx
desireepa31 10 soat oldin
Lol Jaclyn saying people only use morphe, come on!! She’s so out of touch with her audience
Noa Van Nuffelen
Noa Van Nuffelen 10 soat oldin
Lizbella87 11 soat oldin
Please do the blending videoo...😊
Adree Flores
Adree Flores 11 soat oldin
Yes to the blending video!!!!! 😊😊😊💙
Lauren Bolster
Lauren Bolster 11 soat oldin
Jaclyn try the Soap and Glory brow pencil! It’s literally the exact same thing as the Anastasia brow wiz and the formula feels the exact same! Just half the price
Lexie Lobo
Lexie Lobo 11 soat oldin
Please please do a blending video!
Taylor Kail
Taylor Kail 11 soat oldin
PLEASE do ‘Blending 101’ 😍
Lola Monroe
Lola Monroe 12 soat oldin
tbh y’all if someone wants an actual review on the pixi products, the palette is actually not as bad as jaclyn makes it out to be. Sure theres fallouts (a lot actually lol) with the mattes, but the “glitters” are very soft and creamy in texture and VERY pigmented, and they don’t take a lot like jaclyn says to show up! They show up nicely even on dry finger but sure if you want something more ~blinding~ you’d want to wet your brush or smth im not saying i know better than jaclyn when it comes to makeup but like...🐸☕️ Also, makeup is not meant to be digested so yeah it will taste disgusting lol pretty sure a UD setting spray doesn’t taste good either
Angie Malloy
Angie Malloy 12 soat oldin
Blending video please!!
Mamas Boys
Mamas Boys 12 soat oldin
Haha love ya girl, and love ur honesty... 💄❤️
Malibucoco xoxo
Malibucoco xoxo 12 soat oldin
Pls try the bh cosmetiks concealer because he is better than the make up revulution one❤
Bailee S
Bailee S 12 soat oldin
I’m so confused by all the hate in the comments!!! Lol I love you and always have loved you & supported you!!! & I don’t even wear make up 😂💖
Dana Lewis Derby
Dana Lewis Derby 13 soat oldin
I am so here for a blending video! It wont be boring at all!
Sydney Beatrice
Sydney Beatrice 13 soat oldin
Pls do a blending video cause idk how tf to blend
Roxane Lacharité
Roxane Lacharité 13 soat oldin
I love you girl!!! Thanks for doing videos for us your real fan ❤️😘👏
Gina Reagle
Gina Reagle 13 soat oldin
please teach me how to blend sososososos
aquaj9 14 soat oldin
Wondering why no NYX products were used or the Airspun loose powder
Rabia Asif
Rabia Asif 16 soat oldin
I get your point girl about makeup making our face look like a filter. For real ladies are like the makeup didnt cover my pimples, it didnt cover up my wrinkles bla bla bla. They think makeup will just clear all our flaws🤦🏻‍♀️
Selina Platt
Selina Platt 17 soat oldin
I really loved that you did this video. I have chosen to start buying drugstore to save money and was a bit overwhelmed at all the options before this video! I loved the honesty. Even with being a b**** on a budget I still want to look bomb as hell. Thank you!
Kylie Melville
Kylie Melville 18 soat oldin
Will u be doing a best of 2018 video; been waiting patiently 😝
Karen Purtell
Karen Purtell 19 soat oldin
👋 I’m glad you had a well deserved break but It’s good to have you back 😄
Alyssa Adams
Alyssa Adams 20 soat oldin
youre so pretty omg
Alondra Wences
Alondra Wences 20 soat oldin
I love you Jaclyn. I know it’s hard, but I hope all these negative people don’t get to you. You have such a great personality and I love the way you express yourself. Seriously don’t know why people are hating so much. THIS IS A VIDEO OF JACLYNS FIRST IMPRESSIONS AND THOUGHTS OF NEW PRODUCTS FOR HER!! WE ARE ALLOWED TO NOT LIKE SOMETHING AND SAY IT! Personally, I love the fact that she talks about the high end dupes. Jaclyn, keep doing what you’re doing babe! Your real fans will love and watch you no matter what! God bless!!
Kimberly Crazed!
Kimberly Crazed! 20 soat oldin
I just can’t
Teah Bautista
Teah Bautista 22 soat oldin
Please do a blending 101 !!
Gisel Romero
Gisel Romero 22 soat oldin
I love how crazy 😝 and creative you are!!!!!
Lisbet Barroso
Lisbet Barroso 22 soat oldin
NYX palettes are pretty good
Ashmitha Pavananthan
Ashmitha Pavananthan 22 soat oldin
Jaclyn... their is a Jaclyn wanna be and you know who I am talking about......
T. V.
T. V. 22 soat oldin
I jus watched ya snap and you said I’m not talking to you bitch, damn u shady af.
Samantha Line
Samantha Line 22 soat oldin
Pretty please do you blending video !!
Kelsey Keller
Kelsey Keller 22 soat oldin
PHILOSPHY Purity pore extractor! Massage it in and leave it on 10 minutes! You can literally see bumps over your pores of whats coming out 😍🤢
Monique Villa
Monique Villa 23 soat oldin
Yes do a blending video would totally love to see it ❤️
Sophie Neale
Sophie Neale 23 soat oldin
I NEEEEED a blending 101 video!
Paige Robertson
Paige Robertson 23 soat oldin
Holyyy fack... this girl is on something.
Isabel Lazcano-Angulo
Isabel Lazcano-Angulo 23 soat oldin
people are so negative and rude here in the comments SHEESH. who raised y'all. anyways, I love this video Jaclyn! I hope you can make more like this where you go into detail about what you're doing & why/how you're applying something :)
Adi Ayala
Adi Ayala 23 soat oldin
90% of the comments are all negative. LMFAO PEOPLE ARE FUCKING HATERS!! Leave this poor girl alone! If you don’t like it BYE! Stop spreading negativity.
Fallon DeSart
Fallon DeSart 23 soat oldin
please do a blending video!!
Brianna McCaskey
Jaclyn is literally a millionaire trying on drugstore makeup products for you bitches to be rude in the comment section. Go be broke and bitter somewhere else!!!
Jaime Yanes
Jaime Yanes Kun oldin
You go girl!!!
Maggie W
Maggie W Kun oldin
Blending video!!!
Ivory Steppe-good
I was laughing my ass off about the damn bear story and your dad marrying Bob and Fred! I think you seem happier girl!
Lolita Sonja
Lolita Sonja Kun oldin
Let’s support each other guys subscribe and comment so I can subscribe back 💋
butterfly49712 Kun oldin
Other than all the pros and cons with this makeup review/look, you still look gorge!💜😘
Kirstin Lewis
Kirstin Lewis Kun oldin
I would LOVE to see a blending tutorial
Kayla Thiele
Kayla Thiele Kun oldin
I would love to see a blending vid! 💗
Lindsey Ard
Lindsey Ard Kun oldin
Do the blending video!
Amanda Tobias
Amanda Tobias Kun oldin
Please do blending video!!!!!
Maria Laaser
Maria Laaser Kun oldin
Blending video yaaaassss
Jayna Densmore
Jayna Densmore Kun oldin
Where are your 2018 favorites 😭
makaylee mueller
Omg all you people being so negative toward this video and Jaclyn in general need to grow up. If you don't like her or don't like her products then don't follow her or watch her videos. And yes, of course she isn't used to using drugstore makeup, she rich...if you were in her shoes you would being using high end products too. Stop being so dang hateful. Love you Jaclyn, you're the first makeup artist I've followed since getting into makeup and you've taught me so much!!
Nikki Mullaly
Nikki Mullaly Kun oldin
Do a blending VIDEO please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anna Drake
Anna Drake Kun oldin
Please do the blending video!!!!
Julie Abella
Julie Abella Kun oldin
pls do a blending eye-shadow video step by step
barse twins
barse twins Kun oldin
Makeup revolution has a good blush palette. T! ☕
Alex Spencer
Alex Spencer Kun oldin
Love youuuuuu!! ❤️❤️🥰
analiayooo Kun oldin
Im so surprised by all the hate comments? This video reminded me of her older videos because she was being herself, and very thorough with all the products but not being boring at the same time. Loved the vid, thanks Jaclyn!
BeerCan35 Kun oldin
Show us ur tits
Alyssa Emery
Alyssa Emery Kun oldin
This is the video that made me unsubscribe, never consistently uploads, tries something once and it’s immediately the best you’ve tried from the drugstore, always shoving morphe down everyone’s throats..just honestly can’t trust you at all anymore