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10-Yan, 2019



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Zoe Barham
Zoe Barham 12 daqiqa oldin
I would love a blending video! And I love watching your videos you are so REAL!
Angeline Darien
Angeline Darien 13 soat oldin
Your look very beautiful with out makeup ,look like teenager ❤️
Peyton 16 soat oldin
I would really like to see a blending video because I have been wanting to learn some tricks:)
Kawaii Erin
Kawaii Erin 17 soat oldin
Jaclyn 2 days ago I went to ultra and just got my first palette and I am watching you now because I love your palette I have been playing around with it since I got it and it is awesome
Ranger.XD_ Trixy
I’m glad there’s someone I can relate to with the gastritis struggles....I’ve had it my whole life it’s so bad 😫
Erika Asthenia
Erika Asthenia Kun oldin
Wow you were so mean to me in h.s. looks like you have matured.
Chelsea Walters
Chelsea Walters Kun oldin
I don’t know how to describe it but this has the feel of a Jaclyn Hill video circa 2013 and I LOVE IT!
Alayna Palma
Alayna Palma 2 kun oldin
And every one in my class knows about jarld but someone tried to kill him but I got him 😁
Alayna Palma
Alayna Palma 2 kun oldin
Don’t worry I have an eraser named Jarld
Lauren Amor
Lauren Amor 3 kun oldin
You speak as fast as I do and it’s satisfying. Thank you.
Caroline Johnston
Caroline Johnston 3 kun oldin
this was posted on my birthday!!!!!
Patricia Fraser
Patricia Fraser 4 kun oldin
Hi Jaclyn < I love your video ! I just discovered You haha I actually purchased your brushes @ ULTA AND LOVE IT!!!!!
Val N.
Val N. 5 kun oldin
Hi Jacklyn!! I think you are a hoot!! Lol! I just love ya!! Love your brushes and eye palette. Just wanted to tell you a little trick. If you know you are going to have fallout , take a small panty liner and cut it out into the nike symbol so it goes right under your eye. Then apply your shadow and remove after you are done. The fall out will collect on pads not under your eye. I learned this from someone else so I'm passing it on! Take care! Xo, Val🌹
Riley Dugan
Riley Dugan 5 kun oldin
Me and my best friend married our pizza 🍕
Christina Gee
Christina Gee 6 kun oldin
The only eyeshadow palette I ever use is your original eyeshadow palette with Morphe! It literally can create any look, from basic to glam! It’s the ultimate eyeshadow palette! Love you Jaclyn, you’re killin it! Biiiiiiiitch, Keep it up!
LexxxxiM127234 7 kun oldin
Your personality is everything
LexxxxiM127234 7 kun oldin
She explains pores to us like we don’t all have them hahaha ily
Jazmine Harper
Jazmine Harper 7 kun oldin
How she be knowing what balls taste like mmmmmmhhhh
R L D 7 kun oldin
can you do a comparison with Laura Mercier trans powder against the Elf trans powder? I heard that Elf is pretty much the same thing except different packaging..
Tamster 7 kun oldin
Girl Yeasssss! Do a blending vid!
Daniela 101
Daniela 101 7 kun oldin
when she said she cant do a look without putting something in her lower lash,i felt that.i cant not put some eyeshadow or something on my lower lash
Isabel Freeman
Isabel Freeman 7 kun oldin
jaclyn you make me laugh so much
Angel Olson
Angel Olson 8 kun oldin
i really like the new lemon infused clean and clear wipes. they make you’r face feel clean and smell good
Madison & Garrett
Madison & Garrett 8 kun oldin
6:22 - 6:31 is my mood!
Emma McGreevy
Emma McGreevy 8 kun oldin
Omg wait... Im Cambodian!
Shianne Eggert Pacheco
You are so beautiful 😍 love you
Jax James
Jax James 8 kun oldin
Target and Ulta are not really drugstores either. Go to Walgreens or a grocery store.
Jax James
Jax James 8 kun oldin
Jaclyn: I got pores in 2018. Me: Welcome to aging.
Nessa Cass
Nessa Cass 9 kun oldin
Commercials 😮😮😬
Daisee Lawson
Daisee Lawson 9 kun oldin
3:45 makeup starts
Amy 10 kun oldin
Gay teddy bear wedding officiated by your preacher dad.
Alaina Morin
Alaina Morin 10 kun oldin
6:29 😂 I laughed so hard I fell to the floor
Alaina Morin
Alaina Morin 10 kun oldin
6:29 😂 I laughed so hard I fell to the floor
rehana K
rehana K 10 kun oldin
Haven’t watched much of her videos but after this one I definitely have decided I don’t like her.
peyton dao
peyton dao 9 kun oldin
no one cares
Dria Monique
Dria Monique 11 kun oldin
“But it taste like, BALLS” 😂😂😂
Mallory Edwards
Mallory Edwards 11 kun oldin
Profusion is sooooo under rated! I LOVE profusion stuff! Amazing price, pigmented af, beautiful metallics, and over all just awesome! I Love the contour pallets they have white to set the under eye, bronzer and contour shades and a highlight!
Amanda Kane
Amanda Kane 11 kun oldin
Does anyone know what wet and wild highlight she is talking about?
Amanda Kane
Amanda Kane 9 kun oldin
Anitra Taylor thank you!
Anitra Taylor
Anitra Taylor 10 kun oldin
Wet n wild mega glo probably
Alina Garofalo
Alina Garofalo 11 kun oldin
Pillow face
Avery McAlevy
Avery McAlevy 11 kun oldin
She so far up Morphes ass she dose not notice that not everyone can go to ulta a spend 2,000$
Makayla Taylor
Makayla Taylor 12 kun oldin
Try Wet & Wild eye shadows since you didn't like the ones from this video. Or a a whole video of only wet & Wild products would be awsome. Just recently started following so if you already have I haven't seen it yet.
Molly B
Molly B 12 kun oldin
i just realized you NEED to do a full face of Morphe🙏🏼
Banana Alyanna
Banana Alyanna 13 kun oldin
0:14 f*ck she's so f*cking cute!😍
Chickienuggs proque
Chickienuggs proque 13 kun oldin
“Im only using drugstore products, no cheats” *uses anastasia brow spule”
Amanda Kane
Amanda Kane 11 kun oldin
Chickienuggs proque ???? You really felt the need to complain about that. Stop. 🙄
Lauryn Silva
Lauryn Silva 13 kun oldin
I’ve recently purchased the colourpop concealer and I love it, definitely a great dupe for the shape tape . But I also live for the fenty concealer.
Annalee and Ariel Bffs
My bffs sister has Ur pallete and I love it♥️❤️♥️❤️It is soooo good
Jodie O'Neill
Jodie O'Neill 13 kun oldin
How do you set a glowy foundation?? thats what stops me reaching for.them! because surely once I have put powder on it to set, its going to look matte?
Ashley Wiseman-Clevenger
Yall are about some rude MFs. Damned if she do and damned if she dont. If she liked them all, shed be this. if she disliked all, that would be a problem. Y'all bitch for more videos, then talk shit abut every move she makes. This was a 1st Impression video, so she didn't know how anything she used was going to work , so she was giving her honest opinion. What is "HG" to you might suck to someone else.
jacqui g
jacqui g 14 kun oldin
Why is her face so puffy ? She looks like Lyn May
Sierra Mason
Sierra Mason 14 kun oldin
yes a blending video!!! thank youuuuu
your cute girl
Debbie Mcgill
Debbie Mcgill 14 kun oldin
I just came across this video randomly no idea who Jaclyn Hill is but her foundation is orange, a totally different colour from her skin and she’s forgot to blend the make up at her eyes and brows
Foreign and daddy
Foreign and daddy 15 kun oldin
Colourpop brow wiz is life and I like it better than anesthesia it won’t budge
LexxxxiM127234 7 kun oldin
Foreign and daddy hahaha anesthesia I’m deaddd 🤣🤣
Hilbert Amasia
Hilbert Amasia 15 kun oldin
Omg it really bothered me that she didn’t take off the powder when she was baking for a longgg time 😭 idk why
Giang Khuat
Giang Khuat 16 kun oldin
you are so cute :>
Liliana Solórzano Vilchez
Your fucking palette is the queen of fall out.
Liz Hdz
Liz Hdz 16 kun oldin
Cómo grita esta mujer !!!!
Rebekah רבקה
Rebekah רבקה 16 kun oldin
Jaclyn love ya lots but you’ve kind of taken 2 years off lol. No consistent upload schedule in soooooooo long. Got paid got busy. Dgaf about UZvid until it’s payday?
Natalie Hudson
Natalie Hudson 14 kun oldin
Rebekah רבקה she’s had a lot of life changes including her divorce why would she post because where she does is torn down with hate comments honestly 🙄
Karissa nickels
Karissa nickels 16 kun oldin
there was no elf products, i wish you would have tried at least one of those products
Natalie Hudson
Natalie Hudson 14 kun oldin
Karissa nickels she has tried a lot of elf products in the past and maybe there weren’t any new ones that intrigued bet
Karissa nickels
Karissa nickels 16 kun oldin
i got that concealer, it dried out with in a few uses. my last horrible purchase of 2018.
Nicole Hamrick
Nicole Hamrick 17 kun oldin
I literally bought that foundation 2 days after watching this video, and it has become my ride or die. I have not used another foundation since.
HAWA ADEN 17 kun oldin
she talk to much
Parissfrance 17 kun oldin
Should’ve got Juvia’s place palettes at Ulta
LifeOfUs 17 kun oldin
please do a blending video, that would be perrrrrfffff
heyitsclaire 18 kun oldin
Honestly it is really hard to find real good eyeshadow at the drugstore...which is why I'M OBSESSED WITH COLOURPOP CAUSE THEIR EYESHADOWS ARE AMAZING
Stephanie Camacho
Stephanie Camacho 18 kun oldin
Do a video on trying BH cosmetics?
AndrewsLife 18 kun oldin
IM Cambodian!!!
Zarahi Reyes Polanco
You are so beautiful and everything you do is done with your love and that is so good😍💕
Amalie Bø
Amalie Bø 18 kun oldin
I didnt know what to think about you Jaclyn because so many «tea» channels are against you.. but then i started watching you and i dont regret it, you are so lively and happy and you just got a new sub! Its so fun watching ur videos!
Gina v v
Gina v v 18 kun oldin
Definitely not subscribing. Less talk more action.
Jordan Walker
Jordan Walker 19 kun oldin
I honestly (sadly) came to get channel after I'd seen all of the hate videos with all of the Morphe and ex husband drama just to see how much I was gonna hate her. Because I was 100% sure I would hate her. Butttttt I basically fell in love with her immediately and I owe you an apology Jaclyn! I'm sorry I believed all of the drama channels because you're nothing that they made you seem to be! You're amazing! Keep living your best life girl and I hope you end up so damn happy? You deserve it😘
Cate P
Cate P 19 kun oldin
she sounds like a disney princess wtf
Faith and Katelyn
Faith and Katelyn 19 kun oldin
Plz do a walmart makeup first impression☺
Boston_Mama84 19 kun oldin
I know everyone loves the Pixie glow mist and the Pixie glow toner but both of them break me out so quickly after using and then for the next 48 hours my skin will turn into a massive oil slick. No other products have ever done that to me. Has anyone else has an issue with them? Thanks
Carissa Hoskins
Carissa Hoskins 19 kun oldin
Probably a bunch of fragrance in them.
Heather Wojtarowicz
Heather Wojtarowicz 20 kun oldin
Orange backdrop = not working
Rachel Evans
Rachel Evans 20 kun oldin
I want to try Jaclyn's palette so bad but I can't afford it right now 😭
JMS JMS 21 kun oldin
Your makeup looks really pretty.
Tabitha Freeman
Tabitha Freeman 21 kun oldin
All I wear is drug store & beauty supply store brands and I always get compliments and look damn good. People always want to know where I get my make up from I don’t usually pay more than $12 for foundation and $8 for concealer. Everyone can’t afford to purchase $100+ pallets.
Stephanie Blanchet
Stephanie Blanchet 21 kun oldin
Thank you for showing the Makeup Revolution concealer creases on you too. I thought it was just me.
Chelsy Messer
Chelsy Messer 6 kun oldin
Stephanie Blanchet you and me both. Another friend just told me to try cover FX. I know the bigger brands have good concealer but budget friendly concealer is hard to find.
Stephanie Blanchet
Stephanie Blanchet 6 kun oldin
+Chelsy Messer yep, I am still trying to find a good full coverage concealer that covers my hereditary deep, dark undereye circles and doesn't wipe away when I set with powder.
Chelsy Messer
Chelsy Messer 6 kun oldin
Stephanie Blanchet I hate my makeup revolution concealer. Someone recommended it to me and said it was full coverage but it barely covers my under eye circles or acne scars. I hate it.
Smoky 21 kun oldin
I love you! Ignore the haters. You are a talented young lady and you seem calm and happy and wonderful
Sristy Mim
Sristy Mim 21 kun oldin
Do video on blending plz
Sristy Mim
Sristy Mim 21 kun oldin
Do video on blending plz
nichole XOXO
nichole XOXO 22 kun oldin
Anybody else in loooovvvvveeee with her lips. Like there the perfect shape and just uh she’s so beautiful and amazing! ❤️❤️😍😍
7777bren 22 kun oldin
Blending Video!
Crazy slime lover 101
Kayla Postell
Kayla Postell 22 kun oldin
You should try the Elf Cosmetics molten eyeshadows...they are the bomb!!!
Claire Bailey
Claire Bailey 22 kun oldin
First time viewing Jaclyn Hill video's..She is awesome with makeup,but this girl doe's not draw breathe...she talks to fast,too loud,and no breathe in between.I have a headache after listening five minutes.ALSO,SOMEWHAT IMMATURE FOR HER AGE.
Jade Gosling
Jade Gosling 22 kun oldin
She gave her opinion! Why are people hating on her for it!
Make Me Ovaaa
Make Me Ovaaa 22 kun oldin
Can anyone list a dupe for those eyeshadow colors she used? The look came out gorgeous even though she didn’t like them. Love those colors so if anyone can help with a dupe.
Kendall Gates
Kendall Gates 22 kun oldin
Also, your eyeshadow pallets are “choppy” for me everytime. I can’t blend hush hush and spark at all for a magenta Smokey because of that
Reba Hensley
Reba Hensley 22 kun oldin
Seen a therapist lately? Lol.
Miranda Watts
Miranda Watts 22 kun oldin
Jesus the hate is so real leave her alone what’s everyone’s problem
Christine Marie Zamets
Let your skin breathe too
Shea Holloway
Shea Holloway 22 kun oldin
elee fisher
elee fisher 22 kun oldin
Your left ear looks very red in comparison to your right. You might want to go to a specialist to get it checked to make sure it is nothing serious.
Chan Samra
Chan Samra 22 kun oldin
Why am i discovering this beauty now !!
J C F Loiseau
J C F Loiseau 23 kun oldin
I use the pore vacuum cleaner and it is quite good, not amazing but I have an acne prone skin due to hormonal unbalance so maybe it will work really good on you and you must fully open the pores before using it!
Chelsea Rodriguez
Chelsea Rodriguez 23 kun oldin
You look so much more different from your recent video and this video...
Anneth Garza
Anneth Garza 23 kun oldin
UZvid comments: Jaclyn why did you take a break? Also UZvid comments: All the hate I'm seeing in the comment section. 🙄
Kerry MacK
Kerry MacK 23 kun oldin
You just seem so Happy! Love it. Glycolix 20%pads on amazon are a professional product . Read up on them. great for pores And texture. I love them. Use them at night at first every other night till you are use to it.
Ellie 23 kun oldin
Her face looks like nikkie tutorials now
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