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Hey guys! Bringing you a highly requested full face of Makeup Revolution, very interesting! Some surprises in this one and I have some opinions. Let me know what your thoughts are down below... Love J x
Revolution Cool Pink Primer - bit.ly/2TeWf9M
Revolution Conceal And Define Foundation In Shade F 8.5 -bit.ly/2TjvEc1
Nyx Total Control Drops - bit.ly/2TgUlp9
Revolution Conceal And Define Concealer In Shade C10 - bit.ly/2CF1CtB
Revolution Luxury Powder - bit.ly/2CDLMj4
Revolution Iconic Lights And Contour Pro Palette - bit.ly/2TdGksw
Revolution X Soph Palette - bit.ly/2Td9GqU
Revolution Matte Lip Kit - bit.ly/2CC6foa
Revolution The Mascara Revolution - bit.ly/2Te6GKP
Ardel Wispies Lashes - bit.ly/2TdFiN5

Revolution Pro Supreme Matte Lip Pigment In Veil - bit.ly/2CC7gfY
Rimmel Lip Liner In Capuccino - www.rimmellondon.com/en_gb/products/lips/lasting-finish-1000-kisses-lip-liner

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J x



28-Dek, 2018



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maria w
maria w 22 kun oldin
Really like Jamie but personally found it really hard finishing this video with how negative this was. If anyone came to this video looking for an MUA’s opinion on Makeup Revolution before purchasing their products, this one is maybe not one i’d take into account too much as Jamie seems to have gone into the video set out to dislike the brand. I, while not an MUA, use a number of makeup revolution products every single day and can tell you they’re fantastic. That foundation is great, a little too matte for me but I blend it in with their liquid highlighter to get some glowiness back and its great, although if you enjoy a matte finish it’d be perfect for you as it’s a great formula and it’s got great coverage. Their concealers are also fantastic, I’ve been using them since they came out for both highlight and contour, don’t see myself swapping for a different concealer anytime soon. While I haven’t tried the contour palette or the highlighter that Jamie used and didn’t have a very positive opinion of, I use their Pro HD Powder Contour palette daily and I like it very much. Regarding highlight, I’ve been using their Ultra Pro Glow palette for years that offers a range of 8 different stunning and pigmented highlight shades for different skin tones. I think the fact I’ve been using it for years tells you enough. Their eyeshadow palettes are ones I’ve used for years also and they’re great, not perfect sure, you can’t expect a perfect formula from palettes as cheap as £4, but I can assure you they’re very good. Makeup Revolution is a great and a very affordable brand, and did wonders for me when I started out in make up years ago and remains the brand I use the most to this day despite being able to afford higher end brands, I prefer Makeup Revolution. I strongly recommend you to take reviews into account other than this one as this one is definitely unfair. Lastly, regarding their products being similar to products of high end brands that Jamie keeps bringing up rather negatively, Makeup Revolution are known to create affordable dupes for expensive brands and have been doing this for years. While Jamie gets PR packages with expensive make up sent to her, and can afford high end make up, not everyone can afford the same and Makeup Revolution provides an affordable and good quality alternative that shouldn’t be looked down on just because it looks “suspiciously similar” to other brands, that has always been the intention.
Paula Campbell
Paula Campbell 25 kun oldin
This brand is amazing on you! 😍 I honestly love make up revolution I see what your saying about them copying tho but for someone who can’t afford more expensive products but still love to be glam they’re amazing most of my products are make up revolution, I think if you get the right foundation shade you’ll like it don’t know if you have tried the stick one seems to be good ❤️
Ana's Makeup
Ana's Makeup Oy oldin
You should try the new Makeup Revolution products. And superdrug store doesn't have anything to do with the quality of the makeup. Why don't you order from their website or beauty bay? They have amazing eyeshadow palettes, highlighters, blush palettes etc
Jany Ka
Jany Ka Oy oldin
Its no secret that the brand dupes other products. And they did a great job so far
Dione Gold
Dione Gold Oy oldin
I love the foundation try the shade f8 that’s what I use looks similar to your skin tone x
Diane Muckersie
Oh ppl need to stop being so contrary. If it was all super great u would accuse her of being paid to do it. Get a grip. It's her honest opinion and if u ACTUALLY listened it was mixed. And yes I AGREE first impressions ! Anything disorganised is off putting and it instantly stirs up a negative feeling.
BeautyByErinn -
I do feel like it was a bit unnecessary to keep going on about how they’ve copied other brands, brands have been doing that for years and it’s nice if people don’t want to spend money on the high end brands to get a product or packaging that appears luxurious. Love you Jamie but what’s your beef babe! 😔
arletteross Oy oldin
Love you girl! 💜💖😊♥️💙💗💝💚💚💚
Elliexoxo564 Oy oldin
Primark do the same thing they've copied allot of popular high end brands too ❄️💛😍
Elliexoxo564 Oy oldin
Its such a good foundation apply if with a beauty blender it's so good 💛along with the concelar it's really good 💛
Jaclyn Molloy
Jaclyn Molloy Oy oldin
Loved this video and review Jamie. Best Superdrug for revolution stuff in the West is at Braehead. It's well kept and well stocked and restocked. And also when in Superdrug you can open the wee drawers underneath for extra stock. Looking forward to trying the lippy. I loved the powder but felt it quite drying on even my oily face but a setting spray really helped with that. I think I'll try the mascara after seeing this. Always put it back after looking at the tester which is always yucky looking. Love all that I've bought from the Soph collaboration.
kayleigh reilly
I really don’t like the revolution brand, I’ve tried loads of their stuff and I don’t like it. Their foundation is awful! It drys my skin out like nothing on this earth and I’ve got extremely oily skin, it doesn’t dry it out in a nice way it actually gives me dry skin for weeks after using it! Thank you for the honest review, I agree with most of what you’ve said :-)
Jane m
Jane m Oy oldin
Yay you are Scottish love it
Nana Loves BTS
I love the little sounds you make when zooming in and out haha x
Bobbie Graham
Bobbie Graham Oy oldin
the foundation revolution is good it matte but its really good xx
Michelle Wood
Michelle Wood Oy oldin
I've got the makeup revolution foundation in the stick and the conceal and define one. Both a sooooo good. It's a shame you didn't get the right colour because I think you'd really like it x
Kat Stokes
Kat Stokes Oy oldin
i have combo skin and that foundation looks great on me at first but after a couple of hours it starts looking gross and by the end of the day it’s all cracked and cakey and emphasising my skin texture. i really wanted to love it but it’s a no from me. maybe if you’re super oily you might love it?
Shay Basheer
Shay Basheer Oy oldin
Love your accent and your look 👄😍
Lynz Morningstar
Lynz Morningstar 2 oy oldin
Ok sometimes drugstore make up can be crap but I think you came into this video wanting to hate all the products I’m a fan of yours love that fact you are Scottish as well nice to see a fellow Scot doing well but please think of your fans who don’t get high end PR packages and have to save to buy one high end thing and love dupes and drugstore make up is all they can afford
Karen Mcnaught
Karen Mcnaught 2 oy oldin
you sounded so snobby in this video oops
jessica wood
jessica wood 2 oy oldin
Revolution are known as a dupe brand. Maybe do a bit of research before going in to a shop, getting the wrong shades and then bashing them for making dupes. If you don’t like them. Don’t do a video on them. Simple. Stopped watching half way through because you were so negative about everything. Revolution is a great brand for those of us who can’t afford the high end shit. We really work and making it work for us. And can do it at the price of a high end foundation
Shawnessy Coffee
Shawnessy Coffee 2 oy oldin
Could you possibly do a green eye look with this pallete?
Elina Brice
Elina Brice 2 oy oldin
Are you from Scotland?
Patricia Ahdosy
Patricia Ahdosy 2 oy oldin
I actually liked the video. I haven't seen you in my feed lately so I had to come to your channel. I think you were more thrown off that they aren't really that original and maybe that set the tone. But you did admit to liking them, which has been the main consensus. Love the look you created!
Zaneera A
Zaneera A 2 oy oldin
Love you Jamie and tbh I’m not a huge fan of revolution either but I still feel like this video was on negative vibes from the get go. Even when your saying you like the eyeshadow it seems like you don’t. The whole video is rushed and your just coming across like your not in the mood. Something’s off about you in the whole video.
Georgina ling
Georgina ling 2 oy oldin
I have the conceal and define foundation i love it its my go to amazing coverage with a matte finish
conspiracy lover101
you seem right snobby but i remember you used to do dupes vids years ago and prob not that long ago why are these any different from other dupes the packaging just lets people know what its a dupe for
Aisling Gallagher
For a makeup guru you’re a bit late finding out makeup revolution make dupes for most high end products . Why would I want to spend €39 for a tarte shape tape when makeup revolution does the same job . I seen you didn’t dare trash the soph palette because it was a friend
Ellie Robinson
Ellie Robinson 2 oy oldin
The foundation is amazing for me!’ Goes On amazing, doesn’t come off & fade or anything!! I love it x
Baby Snow
Baby Snow 2 oy oldin
First of all not every brand has a staff there to actually help you find a right foundation shade or a concealer shade that's why they have testers no need to give the brand hate just beacause you can't pick out your own freaking shade
eimearinez 2 oy oldin
I like the lip colour on you but I had that foundation just didn’t suit my skin tried so hard to love it as i bought it in two shades thinking I’d love it but my 41yr pretty normal skin type hated it made tried no primer, moistures of different types different primers just no go!! I love loads of MUR products though I’ve lots of those lip colours the Pro lip ones for my MUA kit n love the radiance powder that has 3shades in the palette n the older contour palette is brilliant too!!
Fag.com 2 oy oldin
I really love the foundation! But I do prefer the sticks as they give more coverage x
Carly Chalmers
Carly Chalmers 2 oy oldin
Gorgeous eye look 😍😍 xxx
Amanda Blom
Amanda Blom 2 oy oldin
I’m sorry but why are you super bitchy in this video..? You are so negative and really went in with a negative view on the brand to begin with. I agree that they blatantly copy other brands,but maybe do a review on another brand you actually like then?
RedShockOfHair 2 oy oldin
Can't watch this Video.... So many negativity :/ sorry
antonia giovanna
antonia giovanna 2 oy oldin
dang i'm late to this video but the comment section is rough! i enjoyed this video tbh. i felt like i was sitting with one of my good friends genuinely talking about makeup without anyone listening in lol. i feel like some influencers are afraid to speak frankly and i always really appreciate that about jamie. like everyone wants honesty but if it's not presented in a smiley-positive-sugary-sweet way then they're giving off ~bad vibes~ and are too negative. love you, jamie!
Stevie.C Makeup
Stevie.C Makeup 2 oy oldin
This video seems so rushed, and sorta like you had already made up your mind about the brand in general before even using the products so it didn’t really matter how they performed. The funny thing is you aren’t the first UZvidr with this attitude towards this brand 🤔 I’ve personally tried a few MUR products myself as they have just launched in SA, and I was really skeptical at first because of the reviews I’d watched from big UZvidrs but gave it a shot anyways because a lot of viewers recommend this brand to UZvidrs time and time again and I can honestly say I was blown away by how great they performed especially with their price tag! So why is it that regular consumers love this brand yet Influencers love to hate it.....???
AJ 2 oy oldin
Disappointed in this. I live for revolution. It's probably because I can only really afford to buy it. I only get high end makeup maybe once a year as its crazy money. I guess it's made feel like you where trying to hate on it from the start so people would buy more high end and it's not a fair interpretation in my eyes. The foundation bit kind of annoyed me too. you know the colours Can be mixed and matched but you could of waited till you actually got the right colour before doing the vlog or even tried to look somwhere else. You are shitting on this product because they duped alot of people but actually alot of them where made before the high end you mentioned.. 😐 I don't think they're copying I think they want people to feel good about buying it. So they want to give people the same sort of products at a more affordable price. Yes some look similar but clearly they're doing something right if half the muas I know buy their makeup.
Abigail Moss
Abigail Moss 2 oy oldin
I love your honesty so flippin much Jamie!
Kayleigh Parker
Kayleigh Parker 2 oy oldin
Personally don't think she's changed at all, she's just giving her opinion the same way we would. If we went to buy products from a store and got the wrong shade because of the mess it was in we'd tell our friends to be careful what you pick up. And she's just showing you the obvious that packaging is similar to other brands. I did wonder how they get away with it too. Just because she's more popular on UZvid now doesn't mean she's gonna lie/negative against a healer brand. She is being honest to her followers who probably go out and purchase all different priced products from her reviews. Still my favourite you tuber by far and still very relatable! The comments about her PR trips -why can't you be happy for the girl she's worked hard come so far women should empower each other instead of drinking from a glass of jealousy!. 2019 - women should empower eachother not bring each other down! ✌
Gemma Jameson
Gemma Jameson 2 oy oldin
JAMIE I LOVE YOU! I watch all of your videos whilst I prepare my lessons for school (im a teacher in China) and I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS. I have been watching you since the start!! I just have one tiny little thing to say, I watch your videos with my headphones in and every time there is a transition movement from clip to clip the volume is so loud it hurts my ears and I scream every time because it makes me jump out of my skin :( Everyone at work looks at me like im a weirdo haha! Please can you see if Jack can turn down the volume of it becasue it hurts :(
Jewel Smith
Jewel Smith 2 oy oldin
The conceal and define foundation shades are a bit inconsistent with the concealers and their other foundations, I wear f2 in the drops/stick but have to go up to f6 in the conceal and define foundation. The website has a list full of shades/undertones in the description box of each product which is really handy though. 😊
Jewel Smith
Jewel Smith 2 oy oldin
I work in Superdrug and am the only person to cover/help/fill/tidy etc 17 make up stands and it’s so hard to maintain by myself, Revolution is our best and fastest selling brand over all other brands so I always make sure that’s all full and tidy first but I have to go back 2/3 times a day because people mess it up and open things even with testers in place or things totally sell out 😩 Total nightmare
MakeupLover XO
MakeupLover XO 2 oy oldin
Always been a fan of your videos and art but this video really let me down. Sure the brand maybe copies other brands but that gives those people who can’t afford expensive brands/ don’t get sent free stuff to try similar products. Very negative tone on this video.
Kendra Lakes
Kendra Lakes 2 oy oldin
All these shitty comments are ridiculous, she gave them so much props but pointed out the fact that they LEGIT RIP OFF OTHER PEOPLES IDEAS. So many beauty gurus talk about it but i don’t really see them getting shit. Being a dupe for a shade or having a similar formula is completely different than being essentially the exact same product, I mean they couldn’t even be bothered to package their knock-offs differently. Anyone remember the Makeup Revolution Light and Shade eye palette VS the Kat Von D Shade and Light. It was the exact same colors and layout. You can’t tell me that wasn’t a blatant rip-off. Take your hate elsewhere, Jamie gave them the credit they deserved.
caroline araujo
caroline araujo 2 oy oldin
You didnt give the brand a chance at ALL, this video was negative from the start, you seem bitchy and bratty about that whole thing! Makeup Revolution is a great brand, and you’re just being like that because it isn’t high end ps.humble yourself hunny,
Amber Browning
Amber Browning 2 oy oldin
So happy to hear someone being honest about revolution copying other brands, I don't understand how they get away with ir
Ocean Sinclair
Ocean Sinclair 2 oy oldin
If you want a super nice nude revolution have a lipstick in the shade “Expose” it’s amazing it’s one of my go to lippies xx
Taanvi 2 oy oldin
wow love thissssss also where is your nose ring from xxx
Coco Amande
Coco Amande 2 oy oldin
I absolutely love revolution make up however I find the foundation shades are bit inconsistent 🤭 I too bought the 8/8.5 in the stick form was too dark (I did have a little tan) say mid 2018. Then in November, I got the conceal and define foundation in 2 different shades (8&10.5) 8 is too light and 10.5 was too dark. So I’m keeping 10.5 for summer. Plus I’m at my palest with it being winter 🤷🏽‍♀️😂 Baffled 😂 Loved this look 😍
Thalia Velázquez
1. I get that this brand do dupes of other high end brands for an affordable price, but Nyx is not a high end brand and the fact that they dupe the contour palette is just stupid. I get the Nars and Tarte dupes but please...Nyx is not expensive. At least not for me. Most of their products are pretty affordable better curated. 2. If you're going to dupe a brand, at least have some creativity with the packaging or try not to make it so obvious. Cause those high end brands did the same with their products for someone to just copy it all without any shame. 3. Jamie liked some of the stuff that she tried, other stuff she didn't. What's the deal about it? Is she supposed to be in a good mood on every review? Is she supposed to like a product all the time? If she was negative, bashing, the brand or just not excited because she has a bad experience shopping for the products then let her fucking be! She can afford inexpensive and expensive products, she likes the expensive products she buys and sometimes she don't. She also like inexpensive products (she uses Rimmel London!( and I really don't like that brand)) and she likes it. She certainly can buy all the high end and luxury stuffs that we can't and she has an opinion so let it be it. Just because she wasn't her "Jamie self" in this video doesn't mean anything. It was a mood, we all get a mood, let's just fucking calm the fuck down and not overreact. OH and this MY opinion. Don't care if it's popular or not.
Sarah Cullum
Sarah Cullum 2 oy oldin
I love that foundation, it works really well for me and my skin is quite scarred and bad :) I also use it with a beauty blender
Ellie X
Ellie X 2 oy oldin
this video was extremely negative and low energy, the store is to blame not the brand and furthermore this is a drugstore brand at Superdrug if you really think they will have people looking after the counter your delusional, at the end of the day with that foundation you should’ve double checked the shade.
tatumgreig 2 oy oldin
Don’t get how everyone’s being so negative about this video! JG was massively complementary about loads of items from the line and continuously mentioned how good they were for the price. She prides herself on honesty to her followers, which is exactly what this video is 😂
Samantha Wood
Samantha Wood 2 oy oldin
I picked up the foundation in November as I wanted to try it for so long but wanted to check the colour in store rather than buy online , when I found a Superdrug that had them in and I found my shade it’s my all time fave over the last month I can’t stop using it 😍
Sarah Steventon
Sarah Steventon 2 oy oldin
Do you know what it is Jamie, somebody could give you Poundland makeup and you would make it look fierce. Absolutely amazing makeup skills hunni and you're one of the nicest people ever. You come across so down to earth compared to other beauty UZvidrs. Stephanie Lange from Australia is also another down to earth girl. Love from Newcastle UK.
garden heart
garden heart 2 oy oldin
It looked like you'd already decided you didnt like revolution before you even tried the product's tbh
Sarah Kohn
Sarah Kohn 2 oy oldin
Btw all you had to do was shop online and you would have been able to see everything and purchase what you needed...
Sarah Kohn
Sarah Kohn 2 oy oldin
The soph x palette has a highlighter palette as well!! It’s blinding and you will love it
Georgie Mac
Georgie Mac 2 oy oldin
Wow Jamie what happened.. I'm such a fan of you.. I do not miss a video ever.. but this felt so flat and negative.. MR is a drugstore brand they're not going to perform like high end makeup hence the price being less.. MR is known for creating cheaper dupes of high end products for people who can't afford the high end prices but still want to play and experiment with makeup.. and tbh it's not just MR who's stands are a mess and disappointing, I've been to a NYX stand before and everything is all over the place and it's frustrating but it's not the brands fault it's the store.. maybe you should have ordered online or true d a different store.. just saying x
Gayle Hainey
Gayle Hainey 2 oy oldin
Is there any chance you could do a Rimmel one? xx
Jordan Morehouse
Jordan Morehouse 2 oy oldin
Makeup revolution openly copies other brands but makes it just different enough to be legal 😂
India Rose
India Rose 2 oy oldin
PSA: do NOT buy their loose setting powder, that thing is flashback Mary central, my poor friend wore it on NYE and had giant white marks under her eyes in every photo!!
Joanna Wojtalik
Joanna Wojtalik 2 oy oldin
i love revolution. not everybody has the budget to buy the most high end products, and its just makeup/ dont take it so seriously, you dont need primers from ysl and guerlain, just to wash it all off at the end of the day. makeup revolution offers products affordable for start up makeup-artists, and beginners all the way to advanced. i love their products, and even though i can fully afford high end products, i choose makeup revolution each time, because at the end of the day..its just makeup.
Emma Ross
Emma Ross 2 oy oldin
Love these videos! Would you consider doing a review on the ALDI lacura make up range 🤔? Xx
chatreen oconnor
chatreen oconnor 2 oy oldin
I love the foundation I use 8.5 and unreal ive such dry skin and use no primer xx
Becky Townsend
Becky Townsend 2 oy oldin
Of course revolution are going to copy the packaging for higher end brands because UZvid beauty gurus have exploded there are 12 year olds experimenting with makeup. They’re gonna want that bougie look whilst still being able to afford it. I think you forget what it’s like to not have money behind you, which is why I unsubscribed last year I’m afraid
Charlotte Simmons
The initial comments have nothing to do with the brand, if the stand is messy and disorganised then that’s the responsibility of the store, not Make Up Revolution.
Bree Perry
Bree Perry 2 oy oldin
I love makeup revolution! Their concealers are awesome and I love their peach highlighter. I hope you learn to love your products from them ♥️ very pretty look regardless!
Francesca Camm
Francesca Camm 2 oy oldin
Your skin is soooo glowy! I am using all the skin care products you recommend and have been doing my skin care routine for a month or so now before bed and I'm happy to say my skin is amazing and I have a natural highlight look too! My sister asked me if I had highlighter on my forehead the other day.. Nope 😂 I had no make up on, my skin was just shiny and healthy! X
Francesca Camm
Francesca Camm 2 oy oldin
Arghhhhhh.. Just what I needed lol have a few hours to myself and a few vids to watch!! Exciiiiiited!!! Happy new year chicken xxx
Leanne Zoe
Leanne Zoe 2 oy oldin
Since when was a dupe a bad thing? Not all of us can afford high end products all of the time, so the fact that drugstores are coming out with cheaper dupes is brilliant. It’s not hard to check the colours instead of trusting where they’ve been put on the shelves, also you could’ve bought revolution online and made sure you got the right products. I think this is a massively unfair review and I do usually like your reviews.
Katy bailey
Katy bailey 2 oy oldin
The only thing similar with the primer is the fact that it’s in a tube, and you don’t even set your foundation anyway so its just going to slide
Sarah Baroom
Sarah Baroom 2 oy oldin
Why are a lot of people in the comments stupid. Like I love the brand, but people are allowed not to like it
Sarah Baroom
Sarah Baroom 2 oy oldin
Why is it whenever a UZvidr is negative about makeup revulsion people go after them. They really might not like it
Curl Intentions
Curl Intentions 2 oy oldin
I think the whole point of Makeup Revolution is dupeing other brands
Grace Mills
Grace Mills 2 oy oldin
The tone even before she started putting it on was so negative and I’m glad to see I wasn’t the only one who felt this! As someone who can’t afford to buy from Nars and expensive brands all the time, I was excited to see her pull the positives from it. Although she did pull some, the tone in her voice sounded like a child who didn’t get the toy she wanted 😩 - I am a fan of Jamie’s and will continue to watch but this really bummed me out!
Amber Hayton
Amber Hayton 2 oy oldin
I've got the foundation and its really long lasting! Think it's better than my Fenty one for coverage and staying power. The concealer is great too and eyeshadows have all been great. Haven't tried their lip products before though
SH Makeup
SH Makeup 2 oy oldin
I love makeup revolution highlighters, but some products are a hit or miss
Fran Mart
Fran Mart 2 oy oldin
This brand is cruelty free too!
Adriana Liz
Adriana Liz 2 oy oldin
U look so gorgeous babe 😍😍😍❤
Jenni D
Jenni D 2 oy oldin
I love the lipcolor!!!
Emily Anderson
Emily Anderson 2 oy oldin
i do agree with you at the stands, however nyx is a little more expensive and your probably paying for the person standing there. i know at my nyx stand is a mess even with the helper there. i do understand the frustration with the stand but every other drugstore brand is like this, and you can also shop this brand online. lots of love but wish there was a little more positivity xxx
Amy-Leigh Elliott
People moan that no one is honest about brands and then Jamie does be honest and people get pissed off and go off on one! People need to get off their high horse. Jamie was fair and honest that’s what I want in a review. Jamie your skin is goals X
Scarlet Schiriott
Everyone saying get the foundation online but how? When she can’t colour match. Lol 😂 talk about her being negative.. it’s the rest of you
Em 2 oy oldin
sounds like shrek
MsAmyyy24 2 oy oldin
Should of bought from the website, you’ll have found everything you were looking for like they have so many lipliners when you said they barely have any. It’s my fave brand and you didn’t really give it a chance. Deffo try again with buying online.
shoEpaholic 2 oy oldin
I actually love that you adressed ripping off other brands. I know people love cheap dupes but there is a difference with doing exactly what KVD has or Nyx has.
Kathleen Coomans
Kathleen Coomans 2 oy oldin
Good review...to the point. Doesn’t matter if the colour is wrong when you can still see how it feels and wears....
ru blue
ru blue 2 oy oldin
feel like you’ve forgotten about your og fans that can’t afford all the pr you get :( love u still tho
Amelia Krug
Amelia Krug 2 oy oldin
I find the same thing at my local Ulta! The shelves for this brand are always empty with all the product in the wrong spots - very difficult to shop! I’m so glad you did this though, will definitely be going back to try the foundation from born revolution and the nyx drops! Also can’t wait to try that revolution lip too!
Sophie Rebecca
Sophie Rebecca 2 oy oldin
I feel like this video is a massive disappointment. From the start of the video you could already tell you didn’t like the brand that much. I like the fact they copy the more expensive brands. Not everyone can afford the high end stuff so it’s nice to feel like we kinda have the same
Alicia Johnson
Alicia Johnson 2 oy oldin
Love this and need to get Sophie eye shadows and people need to calm down she just being honest 😂
ben wood
ben wood 2 oy oldin
The foundation is amazing if you want the right shade. It’s so goooood
teala lynas
teala lynas 2 oy oldin
I love you so much and adore you and your videos but I feel like you went into this video already with negative thoughts which is heart breaking:( I love your honesty but I wish you didn’t compare things to expensive things as much because I know for a fact I can never afford and revolution is the brand I always go for and adore :( no different thoughts on you but I don’t like the video. Ps: you look amazing the end result looked amaze
Crystal Lynnette
Crystal Lynnette 2 oy oldin
Khaki colors look so good on you💚 Your so beautiful!
Ava Maria
Ava Maria 2 oy oldin
I think your eye look came out amazing! I buy their products at Ulta and they have plenty of testers thank goodness! They have some great products, not everything is bad!
E S 2 oy oldin
Lilybet H
Lilybet H 2 oy oldin
One of my favourite makeup influencers but so biased from the start :( was obvious from the outset that you didn’t like the makeup before you even tried it. Revolution are like the best drug store makeup brand and better than half the high end makeup brands out there. Proper disappointed
Chelsie Hull
Chelsie Hull 2 oy oldin
I think because it's known for doing affordable dupes. That's why packaging hints to what it's trying to be.
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