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You guys loved this look so much on my insta & it was using all new goodies from make up revolution so thought I would do a little tutorial showing you all!
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Revolution Pro Prime & Hydrate bit.ly/2HjxK5c
Revolution primer Pore blur bit.ly/2F2ucaJ
Revolution conceal & define foundation - 12.2
Revolution loose setting powder - Banana light bit.ly/2LYhtGP
(full video using them all here: uzvid.com/video/video-RhNKMBKIXN8.html )
Obsession Isn't it Peachy blusher palette bit.ly/2QmcbJU
Revolution Pro Skin Finish - Golden Glare bit.ly/2BXSApZ
Revolution cut crease canvas
Revolution reloaded palette ‘Provocative
Revolution eye glisten ‘Yours truly’
Obsession Isn't it Peachy blusher palette bit.ly/2QmcbJU
Revolution Pro Skin Finish - Golden Glare bit.ly/2BXSApZ
I Heart Revolution Fixing Spray Peaches & Cream bit.ly/2F48qT5
I Heart Revolution Cookie dough Lip Gloss bit.ly/2Vk8qnT

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HOW I FILL IN MY EYEBROWS - uzvid.com/video/video-zT9wp2Yk3vo.html
WINGED EYELINER TUTORIAL - uzvid.com/video/video-Rwf3iO2HFJo.html
CAMERA USED: Canon 80D with 18-135mm lens
Disclaimer: Not sponsored!

*Some affiliate links are used - just means if you purchase something I’ve recommended using my link, I will receive a lil commission :) Totally optional! Just helps ya girl out xx



9-Yan, 2019



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Hey Itme
Hey Itme 5 kun oldin
I loooove that you're an influencer who uses high end but also continues to advertise drugstore! amazin
Sophie Fletcher
Sophie Fletcher 22 kun oldin
Unfortunately the liquid eyeshadow glitter combos are crap! I have the red one I wanted to love it but it moves around so much and the glitter just lifts everything when you apply it; don’t waste six quid on it!!
Farzana Rakhee
Farzana Rakhee 26 kun oldin
Your eyes are stunning... literally I'm excited to recreate it....❤️❤️❤️❤️ But if Your Lipstick shade is like dusty rose/ peach/ Terracotta than it will be match with your skin tone as well the eye makeup.....✨✨✨
Ilaria Muraro
Ilaria Muraro Oy oldin
You are yellow skin !!!!
r008x Oy oldin
I'm south Asian and dark and I use 10.5 . How is a white girl using 12.5 ?😳
Createthan _
Createthan _ Oy oldin
Those lips ain't it sis they remind me of 2008 concealer moment but your eyes are a mood
SavannahGrace 03
What lip color is on your lips before you put the gloss on?
Melissa Martinez
Yaaaaaaaas girl I luv the pink tones on you looks so stunning! What's the name of the pallet? Keep on Slaying👍
SavannahGrace 03
Your eyes are amazing
Laura-Beth Corfield
I'd really love it if you did a video on your teeth!!! x
Pippa Oy oldin
When will this new stuff come to South Africa? Do you know?
Pippa Oy oldin
Are the new palettes dupes for any other palettes?
Pasie Rose
Pasie Rose Oy oldin
She looks like a girl version of peter Brady from Brady bunch omg
Aisha Upmanyu
Aisha Upmanyu Oy oldin
Full video on the teeth please🙌
meital yem
meital yem Oy oldin
Good video absolutely love it 👍🏽
Cami King
Cami King Oy oldin
My favorite makeup guru/human NO ONE does eyes like you 🤩💖
dskvlsdolf jkploå
Delicious D
Delicious D Oy oldin
UZvid plzzzzzz
Kochee X
Kochee X Oy oldin
Hi you know the liquid shadow I was looking for it on Superdrug’s website but I couldn’t find it please can you send a link. Thxxxxx
Nikki Allen
Nikki Allen Oy oldin
Cant seem to find tge eye shadow stick u used
Mit Morj
Mit Morj 2 oy oldin
What lipstick and liner were you wearing before the gloss? Didn’t find it linked
Emma Baldwin
Emma Baldwin 2 oy oldin
Love this video❤your always so bubbly and happy and I know some people don't always like that, I think it actually makes me feel more happy and bubbly as well❤❤❤❤
StefNataly Riera
StefNataly Riera 2 oy oldin
When do the new .2 foundation shades drop?
Sammie Jo
Sammie Jo 2 oy oldin
Never used Revolution before but I had to try the eyeshadow and baking powder after this video!! Of course I bought two of the palettes
Faieqah Noor
Faieqah Noor 2 oy oldin
What eyelashes are you wearing?
Agne L
Agne L 2 oy oldin
Hey girl looking amazing! Thanks for this tutorial. What base do you use on lip? Is it a pencil?:) many thanks xx
YazmynJade Lucey
YazmynJade Lucey 2 oy oldin
What lipstick was that before the gloss?
Aastha Giria
Aastha Giria 2 oy oldin
when will the liquid eyeshadows release??????
Tiegan Lawson
Tiegan Lawson 2 oy oldin
My shade is 12 n I'm mixed race 🤣🤣
Sevetra Harris
Why do some white people want to be so dark. Love the skin you are born with
Florentine Vimenyo
Same here 🤦🏽‍♀️
Nay’s Vanity
Tiegan Lawson I just said the same thing 🤦🏽‍♀️
AK Beauty
AK Beauty 2 oy oldin
just found your channel!!! gorgouse girl🤩
maaria X
maaria X 2 oy oldin
but enough of teeth loool
Court X
Court X 2 oy oldin
What lip liner did u use x
Vikki Younger
Vikki Younger 2 oy oldin
What was on your lips before you applied cookie dough?
Vikki Younger
Vikki Younger 2 oy oldin
wheres your jumper from? its gorgeous
Linda Zerstegen
Linda Zerstegen 2 oy oldin
this look brings out your baby blues like WHATTTTT totally Gorge
Brittney Hagerman
Can people in the US get the pro line?!?
Livvy Rose
Livvy Rose 2 oy oldin
UZvid video
Abbs xx
Abbs xx 2 oy oldin
what did you use for your brows? drugstore brow products? i’m a new subscriber from this video!💕💕
Mary Ann
Mary Ann 2 oy oldin
I can not find the eye glistens!!!! Are they released yet
Shazzy M786
Shazzy M786 2 oy oldin
Not released yet
Rebecca Moorhead
Rebecca Moorhead 2 oy oldin
Your teeth are AMAZING!!! Didn’t think u could get even more stunning 😍😍 love you xx
Jodie Maitland
Jodie Maitland 2 oy oldin
I loved this video sm!!💘 push notification bell always on,,love you lots✨xxx
Peaceee_ X
Peaceee_ X 2 oy oldin
Anita Torres
Anita Torres 2 oy oldin
I am about to drive to Ulta and buy all this products!!!
phoebe jamesX
phoebe jamesX 2 oy oldin
Love your videos cant wait for all of them you having coming this year! post notifications on as always, love you girl! please do the bird box make up challenge or the bird box shopping challenge!!! xxx
Taylor Bairstow
Taylor Bairstow 2 oy oldin
Your teeth look amazing!!! 😍
Amanda More
Amanda More 2 oy oldin
the foundation looks very dark. i love your eyelashes though...really nice
Kadie Leigh Jenkins
💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋 💋💋💋💋💋💋 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋
Dani Dante
Dani Dante 2 oy oldin
Please post a UZvid vid on your teeth!! There stunning! As are you! Love this look Rachel!
Asmah Begum
Asmah Begum 2 oy oldin
Love your videos and can you please tell me the lip colour you are wearing
Louise Downham
Louise Downham 2 oy oldin
So beautiful! The eyeshadow is stunning! Do you know when the newer Reloaded palettes are coming out? I can’t find them anywhere online xx
Keira Lennon
Keira Lennon 2 oy oldin
Gorgeous eye are those palettes out yet 🔥💓
Iza Rzepka
Iza Rzepka 2 oy oldin
Ok, I don't usually comment on youtube videos and when it comes to tutorials I just skip to the point where the tutorial actually starts... but I have to say this. I love this look she created, I really do, it's both cute and bold... but damn, girl, you are even more beautiful at 3:20! Without the full make up on!
alicia brown
alicia brown 2 oy oldin
Obsession isn’t new it’s just that it’s only just became popular
Sophie B
Sophie B 2 oy oldin
UZvid video of teeth!!!!
Victoria Underwood
You are just SENSATIONAL girl I love you 🙌🏼💖
Laura Eve
Laura Eve 2 oy oldin
Full youtube vid on teeth please ❤️
Madalyn Marie
Madalyn Marie 2 oy oldin
Looking even more amazing!! Love the new smile ❤️
Hannah Russell
Hannah Russell 2 oy oldin
You’re just glowing Rachel! And it’s not just your highlight 😉 Love this look, your teeth, everything! You look so happy 💕
A B 2 oy oldin
BeautyByErinn -
BeautyByErinn - 2 oy oldin
Your teeth 😍 Please can we have a UZvid video answering questions like below: - Cost? - Where you had them done? - What you asked for? - How they measured and fitted? Thanks Boo! 😍❤️
Jodie Perry
Jodie Perry 2 oy oldin
You are too beautiful 😍
Emma Glen Makeup
Emma Glen Makeup 2 oy oldin
Oh my god your teeth!!!!!!
Chantelle Wilson
Chantelle Wilson 2 oy oldin
That palette reminds me of huda beauty new nudes
Trish r
Trish r 2 oy oldin
Can't find the cut creased concealer or glitter pens do you have any links
Clare Jacobs
Clare Jacobs 2 oy oldin
Please do a UZvid video on your teeth?! Could you talk about the experience, cost, and maintenance! Love you rach❣️
Julia Ramos
Julia Ramos 2 oy oldin
MakeupBy KaitRae
MakeupBy KaitRae 2 oy oldin
your teeth look amazing, I'm so happy for you!!! ps this look was bomb :)
Natalie Baker
Natalie Baker 2 oy oldin
Your new smile is gorgeous!! 😁😍
Sidrah Khan
Sidrah Khan 2 oy oldin
OMG u look amazing love the look
Ellie Wallace
Ellie Wallace 2 oy oldin
Pls do UZvid video on your teeth I want my teeth done do bad but need more info! They are sooooo lush you look amazing xx
Leila A
Leila A 2 oy oldin
un-FRICKEN-real 👏🏼😍
Victoria Youngs
Victoria Youngs 2 oy oldin
When is the new stuff being launched??!! 😫😫😫
Tasnia Miah
Tasnia Miah 2 oy oldin
😍 I know what products I’ll be getting my hands on!!! 💕
Gemma 2 oy oldin
Feel like that eyeshadow palette is a dupe for the naked cherry palette!! yasss make up revolution, killing it as usual!! (& you Rach!!) xx
Thanks Beautiful new sub 🌹💄🌹
Soso Inc.
Soso Inc. 2 oy oldin
Could you pleaaase give us swatches of the super colorful reloaded palette that you've quickly shown? I am dying to see what it looks like!
Cara MacDonald
Cara MacDonald 2 oy oldin
Can’t wait to use the new powders.! You have got me in it the shimmer bronzers woo ! Please try the Imogenation pallet by Revolution it’s so good! 😍😍
Julianna_Owl 2 oy oldin
UZvid video pls 😘
Karla Lopez
Karla Lopez 2 oy oldin
You look beautiful 😍😍
Jade Robertson
Jade Robertson 2 oy oldin
UZvid on your teeth please beautiful 😍😍
Neve Henderson
Neve Henderson 2 oy oldin
I’m too distracted by your teeth there amazing just seem whiter but your teeth before were amazing 🥰
Where did u get your teeth done and how much where they if u don't mind me asking i want a few done... please let me know or in a video 😍 they look lush and lush to see how much more confident you are even though you where beautiful still before xx when is the rest of there products out??
Grace 97
Grace 97 2 oy oldin
I still never get how you're white and I'm black and we wear the same shade??? But def do a UZvid video on your teeth.
Shannonicole_12 2 oy oldin
Your teeth😍😍😍
Shannon 2 oy oldin
Full UZvid video on your teeth!🙌🏻 love your jumper 😍
Samantha Marshall
You have to do a full teeth video 😊 Love from across the ocean 🥰💕❤️ -Toronto, Ontario Canada 🇨🇦
Chicken sandwich
Chicken sandwich 2 oy oldin
woooaaabhh your teeth look great what is that??
Paulina Beauty
Paulina Beauty 2 oy oldin
when will the liquid shadows launch? :D
Sophie Fletcher
Sophie Fletcher 22 kun oldin
Paulina Beauty they’re rubbish don’t bother! They shift around so much and the glitter just lifts all your shadow etc 😢
Niomi Gillin
Niomi Gillin 2 oy oldin
teeth so white they blinding me ✨
Laura K
Laura K 2 oy oldin
I seriously can not wait for that new palette and those liquid shadows to hit the website! I wonder if that's the only new reloaded palette or if there are a few new ones launching with it?
Lucile 2 oy oldin
They have 4 New reloaded ✌️ 3 " nude " and one colorful and matte i think 🙈
mikayla jade
mikayla jade 2 oy oldin
omg girl your teeth look amazing! they look so natural and suit you so well
Onyx Redman-Thomas
Full vid please!! You’re glowing 🙌🏽
Megan Ridgeway
Megan Ridgeway 2 oy oldin
Omg when are the liquid eyeshadows available to buy😍
Taylor Bryn
Taylor Bryn 2 oy oldin
definitely youtube video on your teeth! they look amazing!
Lauren Coupar
Lauren Coupar 2 oy oldin
You look INSANEEEE wow ur teeth looks amazinggg love u girllllll notifications onnnn ❤️❤️
Karen ovrid
Karen ovrid 2 oy oldin
I loooove that lip color on you. Bying that gloss asap😍🤩
Jasmine Wilson
Jasmine Wilson 2 oy oldin
Loved this so much, will be buying a bunch of these products thank you!! 💓
Donna Burke
Donna Burke 2 oy oldin
Hey hun living for this look it's sooo pretty and u look amazing I love this brand it great xxx
Ellie Jasmine
Ellie Jasmine 2 oy oldin
Actually obsessed with everything!! So beaut, teeth look amazing and your hair and makeup is insane 😍😍
Kyin mway
Kyin mway 2 oy oldin
UZvid videos please
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