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HI SISTERS! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! This year will be the first time I'm spending Christmas alone... so in order to not feel sad about myself, I forced all of my friends to send me presents! LOL JK, but I did ask all of my favorite UZvidrs to send me one surprise makeup item, in order to challenge myself to create a full look. You'll probably see some of your favorite creators, so enjoy, and don't forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!
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22-Dek, 2017

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James Charles
James Charles Yil oldin
THUMBS UP IF YOU SEE ONE OF YOUR FAVORITE UZvidRS! I love them all so much!!!
Cheri Murray
Cheri Murray 12 kun oldin
James Charles you talk to much
Jocelyn Garibay
Jocelyn Garibay 19 kun oldin
James Charles I wish I could talk as fast like you I love when you talk fast love you sister! I wish the sister army got my sister!
Lexie MP
Lexie MP 24 kun oldin
Chloe Blacksmith
Chloe Blacksmith 3 oy oldin
500th REPLY!!!!
Kenna McGraw
Kenna McGraw 5 oy oldin
James Charles your so sweet James❤️😘
McKenzie Crisp
McKenzie Crisp Soat oldin
Heyyyy can u go 24 hours without saying sister?? Merry Christma!! Love ya
person person
person person Soat oldin
Is it just me of is sister James looking a little high though out this. Iconic video
Marshmallow 101
Marshmallow 101 3 soat oldin
How does James’ hat not fall off?
Cambria Campbell
Cambria Campbell 9 soat oldin
This is the first video I have watched by you omg
Tessie Mammele
Tessie Mammele 10 soat oldin
I liked the vid because I saw you and you are my fav UZvidr
Audrey Doran
Audrey Doran 10 soat oldin
I thought he was gonna ask nikki tutorials for setting spray
Queen B
Queen B 10 soat oldin
2030 anyone??? 🙌💛
Dolan Besties!
Dolan Besties! 5 soat oldin
Queen B me!
emily deegan
emily deegan 12 soat oldin
'Ohhh my god santa and the reindeer just ran into the chimney that's how bright this highlighter is'😂❤️ 12:29
Within Green
Within Green 19 soat oldin
You can remove beauty marks and freckles with garlic.No signs left.the signs will be red for quite some time but you can cover with make up.Still better than surgery and way cheaper.
Jenna Hotz
Jenna Hotz 20 soat oldin
Because of Brooklyn Mitchell
Jenna Hotz
Jenna Hotz 20 soat oldin
Is Tati a boy or a girl I am so confused
Isabella Steventon
Lol James face at 10:25 😂
MissCat Lady
MissCat Lady 2 kun oldin
When he said Patrick star I thought he meant cartoon Patrick 😂
P M 2 kun oldin
PAUSE AT 7:48!!!!
Adellah Berge
Adellah Berge 2 kun oldin
What about emma
Books And beauty
Books And beauty 16 soat oldin
Adellah Berge they didn’t know each other yet
Siena Vilches
Siena Vilches 3 kun oldin
Did Ethan really just.... iconic
Danielle Thompson
Danielle Thompson 3 kun oldin
Came for the dolan twins
Nil Cantürk
Nil Cantürk 3 kun oldin
*_Tbh I thought Nikkie would get the highlighter..._*
Skye Osgood
Skye Osgood 3 kun oldin
I felt flashback Mary for the first few products 😬 but it got better 😁😁
Guste G
Guste G 3 kun oldin
Shane’s one is iconic sis
Someone ;-;
Someone ;-; 3 kun oldin
It's so weird seeing james with his correct foundation shade😂😂
Marelin Blanco
Marelin Blanco 4 kun oldin
Sister shane lol
rhea gandhi
rhea gandhi 4 kun oldin
Thumbs up for Safiya Nygaard and James ofcourse!
Shane Corn muffin
Shane Corn muffin 4 kun oldin
Laura leeech
Z Squad
Z Squad 4 kun oldin
Lol tati can make james to his shade better than he can love u sister james
Mercury syringe
Mercury syringe 4 kun oldin
Aww shanes out her being a cute ass
Dolls And fun
Dolls And fun 5 kun oldin
Ethan was trying to scar you for life and Shane was trying to kill you 😌
Crystal Slimes
Crystal Slimes 5 kun oldin
James: like if you saw ur favourite youtuber Me: ur my fav youtuber
Sultana Zannat Mila
Shane!! 😂🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣
Laura P
Laura P 5 kun oldin
Roses are red Violets are blue James Charles is cute And so are you Love you
esther iyilw
esther iyilw 5 kun oldin
Jacki jacki jacki jacki jacki ayeeeee my favvvvvv
Monica Toledo
Monica Toledo 5 kun oldin
8:39 when you accidentally drop your phone 😬😂
גל אלפרט
גל אלפרט 5 kun oldin
What about jeffree?;(
maya chorney
maya chorney 6 kun oldin
2019 anyone?
maya chorney
maya chorney 6 kun oldin
7:40-7:50 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
truelife132 6 kun oldin
What about Jeffre star ?
Arianna Main
Arianna Main 6 kun oldin
I love them all to
Simone Limjuco
Simone Limjuco 6 kun oldin
Simone Limjuco
Simone Limjuco 6 kun oldin
Simone Limjuco
Simone Limjuco 6 kun oldin
i got flashback vibes at 4:21 hehe
Mirandaslimes 6 kun oldin
I loved this video so much I thought it was so funny when Ethan chose the “eyebrow”pencil
Karsyn Kirk
Karsyn Kirk 6 kun oldin
flashback mary!!!!!!!!!jk love you sister
kaylee ardoin
kaylee ardoin 6 kun oldin
Livi_silly 6 kun oldin
At 11:32 James spat so much! lol
Hello Friends
Hello Friends 7 kun oldin
When I saw the first highlighter u used I was sister shocked because for all of my dance competitions 2 years ago we put that on our NECK?!?!
Misty EJ
Misty EJ 7 kun oldin
12:29 😂😂😂😂 LMFAOOOOO
Kaylyn Webster
Kaylyn Webster 7 kun oldin
11:32 you literally gave us a sister shower🥰🥰🥰🥰luv ya tho
Miss V Toy Reviews
Miss V Toy Reviews 7 kun oldin
He started off his makeup look with one my FAVORITE UZvidRS and and ended with my fav
alexis nguyen
alexis nguyen 7 kun oldin
Leanna Horse guru
Leanna Horse guru 7 kun oldin
eyes+james=perfect yes i know that they arent always like this (they are hazel) but today they freaking slay!
darcy preston
darcy preston 7 kun oldin
late joke but great sty-le lol
Lily Vaughan
Lily Vaughan 7 kun oldin
1:42 Sister stop! Your teeth are so perfect, don’t mess them up 😂
VessaTheFluffy Unicorns
James you are really beautiful, you inspire me and my mom! #sisterSquad
Laura McCollum
Laura McCollum 7 kun oldin
This was a great idea!
Jazmin Vela
Jazmin Vela 7 kun oldin
Oooooo umm To a collab with mariah carey :0 😊🤔
Lovetumbling _18
Lovetumbling _18 8 kun oldin
flashback Mary has entered the chat 😂♥️♥️
Katherine Paul
Katherine Paul 8 kun oldin
Pause at 12:24
gymnast_kristina 1
gymnast_kristina 1 8 kun oldin
8:38 your eyes awwww
Hannah Fluharty
Hannah Fluharty 8 kun oldin
I hope you get well
Chloe LimelightWDW
Chloe LimelightWDW 8 kun oldin
Gray has no clue and had to ask his mum but at least E loves a thick sister hahah
Amethyst Mee
Amethyst Mee 8 kun oldin
I didnt kniw about the whole eye thung until u told mr
Piper Pizzax
Piper Pizzax 8 kun oldin
*Hi sisters* 💞
Madelyn light
Madelyn light 8 kun oldin
shanes video had me dead
Madelyn light
Madelyn light 8 kun oldin
"Ethan I hate you" said James of the sister clan
Alison Orozco
Alison Orozco 8 kun oldin
I screamed when I’m you said Shane Dawson and I died when ever I saw what he gave you. Shane Dawson is my favorite UZvidr
Draco Malfoy
Draco Malfoy 9 kun oldin
hey jamesy wamsy
Melanie Gagel
Melanie Gagel 9 kun oldin
Omg i had a stye on both of my eyes on christmas eve and christmas and like 4 days after that
Alfonzo Timbang
Alfonzo Timbang 9 kun oldin
pRoMo CoDe ChRiSt
that ugly guy nextdoor
Flashback marry?
ally Hopwood
ally Hopwood 10 kun oldin
Shane is queen
cat lover
cat lover 10 kun oldin
Who else would have loved Miranda Sings to choose his lipstick!
Ms. JuIcE!
Ms. JuIcE! 10 kun oldin
5:01 am i the only one hear *maligayang pasko* BTW im from the Philippines 🇵🇭
Katie Wrigley
Katie Wrigley 10 kun oldin
Yesss shaneee 😂
Maria Lopez
Maria Lopez 10 kun oldin
11:32 spit flying out of his mouth😂
Allison Lewis
Allison Lewis 10 kun oldin
We love a good sister sabotage *cough* *cough* E and Shane *cough* *cough*
angel nasr
angel nasr 11 kun oldin
ik this is rlly later but 7:48 is the funiest thing
Mia Fernandez
Mia Fernandez 11 kun oldin
Ireland Maginniss
Ireland Maginniss 11 kun oldin
Tati is iconic 😂❤️💓
Cindy Tobisman
Cindy Tobisman 11 kun oldin
You are the only one that can rock the bake
Linda Crotts
Linda Crotts 11 kun oldin
Hi James this is sister gemma
Amy Nguyen
Amy Nguyen 11 kun oldin
Weird Slytherclaw
Weird Slytherclaw 11 kun oldin
Who is sofia i only know safiya
Zhariah Gonzalez
Zhariah Gonzalez 11 kun oldin
3:16 bitch is you blind
Shriya Sriram
Shriya Sriram 11 kun oldin
Where is Nikki?
Shriya Sriram
Shriya Sriram 10 kun oldin
And Jeffrey!!!!
Mwah Potatoe
Mwah Potatoe 12 kun oldin
I love this!!!
Allyson R
Allyson R 12 kun oldin
Pause at 8:39
aesthetic c c
aesthetic c c 11 kun oldin
Allyson R // me when i hear rumors and then it turns out to be true👀
Anna Meridian
Anna Meridian 12 kun oldin
Love shane😂😂
Lauren Harrod
Lauren Harrod 12 kun oldin
anyone here from 2019? flash back mary who?
Dianne Segura
Dianne Segura 12 kun oldin
Who else is watching this in 2019?😂
x.lyric.life.x 12 kun oldin
7:48 😁😂 your welcome 😂😂👍👍
Precious Megs
Precious Megs 12 kun oldin
Who's that youtuber who said "Maligayang pasko?"
Precious Megs
Precious Megs 12 kun oldin
Ah it's Patrick 😁😁
kadence newman
kadence newman 12 kun oldin
Shane kills me😂😂😂he’s so funny lol 😂
Genevieve Brand
Genevieve Brand 12 kun oldin
wowie kil me
wowie kil me 12 kun oldin
Oh God Laura Lee 😔😔
Emma Gibis
Emma Gibis 12 kun oldin
Im sooo sooo sorry if this is rude but just a question uh do u have ADD
Cailey David
Cailey David 13 kun oldin
I'm actually surprised that James put the marker on his face!! #SisterStar Ps: Ethan.....that gift tho lmao
Victoria Iarmus
Victoria Iarmus 13 kun oldin
Okay Niki should of picked out the high light
Stacey Wesner
Stacey Wesner 13 kun oldin
The first UZvidr was my fav ( sister James) he was the first UZvidr in this video