FULL FACE testing WHOLE FOODS MAKEUP! ...is it any good??

Sylvia Gani
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Hey S-Club! Today, we test out a full face of Whole Foods makeup. Was it any good? Watch to find out! xo
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7-Yan, 2019

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Nail Art Tutorials By Priya
This look is way better than the Gucci makeup look from your past video...isn't it??
Maly Yang
Maly Yang 13 soat oldin
Pacifica is also sold at Target
Emily Morales
Emily Morales 23 soat oldin
Nickie minaja commented on your Instagram
Isabella Harrison
i love sylvia but she cheated a lot on this challenge like if u agree
Tracy Douglas
Tracy Douglas Kun oldin
You could use any makeup and make it look good! Love your palette btw!❤❤❤
Chesna Cundangan
you always remind me of Sandra Bullock..
Cutie cupcakes
Cutie cupcakes Kun oldin
I didn’t know what Whole Foods is because I live in Texas and I only shop at HEB or Walmart
Mel Brown
Mel Brown Kun oldin
Wasn't the makeup your mum uses Mineral Fusions? I can remember you mentioning it in that video ♡
First time watching and I'm already obsessed! Great video and you are beautiful!
Madeleine Denechaud
ur one of the only beauty gurus that give closeups to ur skin!! Love ur videos!
Shistar Snapped
Shistar Snapped 2 kun oldin
mry biclar
mry biclar 2 kun oldin
Hi Sylvia! I'm really a big fan of yours, your so good ghadd😍 iloveuuu
emma Grace
emma Grace 2 kun oldin
Low key...miss the tinder dude that rated your Halloween costumes😖
Madie Mitchell
Madie Mitchell 2 kun oldin
I got the Pacifica liquid mineral highlighter in my Ipsy bag. It’s not that great
Grace S
Grace S 2 kun oldin
could you try aldis makeup?! (like for her to seeeeeeee
Maisy Bathe
Maisy Bathe 3 kun oldin
You should do a full face of Clinique video. love your vids xx
Teo N
Teo N 3 kun oldin
Can YOU test Inglot make-up?
Mya Jones
Mya Jones 3 kun oldin
Can you test out the Emily and Revolution pallet The Wants
Nayeli Araujo
Nayeli Araujo 3 kun oldin
And I love you so so much Sylvia ❤️🤧
Nayeli Araujo
Nayeli Araujo 3 kun oldin
Go subscribe to my channel everyone ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Amber Rhoades
Amber Rhoades 3 kun oldin
I'm most interested in that Tarte brush you snuck in there. I love Tarte brushes & buy most brush sets they release (except for those flamingo brushes from the holiday 2018 collection). I currently own 6 tarte brush sets & the single eyeliner brush, so if that brush is part of the spring 2019 brush collection I will be buying it.
Tasmia Ox
Tasmia Ox 3 kun oldin
Hi Sylvia, I’ve noticed Over the last couple of videos that your discolouration around your eyes she significantly decreased. Like omg it looks like it’s gone!!! Gurl share your secrets with us!!! I need help with that problem 😫😫😫
Dlapos 3 kun oldin
We’re is Wolfie
iiDonutGamezz 35
iiDonutGamezz 35 3 kun oldin
Bruh why u on a diet u look completely fine
Silmara Volpi
Silmara Volpi 4 kun oldin
I feel this video is sponsored!!!
Ashita Tepan
Ashita Tepan 4 kun oldin
The brand is the same as what her mom uses which is mineral fusion
Marvelous Monica
Marvelous Monica 4 kun oldin
Nicki Minaj commented on your Instagram
Stormi 50
Stormi 50 4 kun oldin
A nice natural-peach look for once
Sienna Mulqueen
Sienna Mulqueen 4 kun oldin
Can you try and do a full face of wish makeup ?? Xx love you btw 😍😍
Adyson Anderson
Adyson Anderson 4 kun oldin
I've been subscribed I LOVE YOU ❤❤❤❤❤❤😙😙😙😙😙😙💖
Ranobk _36912
Ranobk _36912 4 kun oldin
Hi Sylvia. I really need your help. I ordered your palette a day after it was released and it still hasn’t come. They said it’ll come between 10-20 business days and it’s been more. Please help me.
Jordyn Brown
Jordyn Brown 4 kun oldin
You should do half face with Whole Foods makeup and half with regular makeup you use
Nureennadhirah 4 kun oldin
omg omg i love how the editing was and the background yevshshshsgjk
JustAmy 4 kun oldin
I’ve never seen make up at grocery stores... then again I’ve never been to whole foods, I get groceries from El Super or Superior
Josie Lavoie
Josie Lavoie 4 kun oldin
am i the only one who thinks that bronzer looks bomb af
Payton Roberts
Payton Roberts 4 kun oldin
Omg ur skin is sooooooo nice right now❤️❤️❤️
Lucy Staples
Lucy Staples 5 kun oldin
Love you Sylvia. Thank you for the 7 years of good luck. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
cheergal201 5 kun oldin
Just bought your pallete so excited to get it in the mail!!!!
Raven Elmasri
Raven Elmasri 5 kun oldin
If you REALLY want to be aware of what you put in your body go vegan. Meat and dairy products are horrible for you.
HxppyAubrxy 5 kun oldin
Awww when I saw she got the concealer that I have I was hoping she liked it😂😂
Carmel’s World
Carmel’s World 5 kun oldin
I skipped from 3:16 to 3:26 and I was like Sylvia wtf
Miraculous Ladybug#1
OMG your skin looked beautiful without the make up on it literally looked flawless ily keep creating beautiful videos 😍😘😀❤️
Naina Zaman
Naina Zaman 5 kun oldin
plz do a full face of estee lauder makkeup
MayaBearr 5 kun oldin
When Whole Foods makeup is more expensive then ulta by 9 dollars😮
Krista Flaro
Krista Flaro 5 kun oldin
What is whole foods? Is it an America store or is it similar to our Canadian store farmboys?
glory babia
glory babia 5 kun oldin
can someone make a “1 minute of sylvia saying oOOooOoO” 😂 love that
Vanessa Yaroschak
Vanessa Yaroschak 5 kun oldin
HOW is she so gorgeous 24/7? Girl. How🤷🏻‍♀️
Bosy Abdullah
Bosy Abdullah 5 kun oldin
OMG girl I’m in love with your channel 🥰🥰
Maddie Madrid
Maddie Madrid 5 kun oldin
Your so beautiful 😍
0 0
0 0 5 kun oldin
I love you so muuuuucccccchhhhhh
Aixa Castro
Aixa Castro 5 kun oldin
Yo girl bought your eyeshadow palette 😊☺️
Katie Davis
Katie Davis 5 kun oldin
why is she doing that thing with her voice all the time? it’s getting annoying
Ashley 5 kun oldin
Her flash test photos always scare me😂
Mackenzie Pickel
Mackenzie Pickel 5 kun oldin
Omg just got your makeup palette. I love you so much. Inspiration❤️
Ashley Beltran
Ashley Beltran 5 kun oldin
Nicki Minaj commented on your instagram
allie terrell
allie terrell 6 kun oldin
Emily Rose
Emily Rose 6 kun oldin
When she says u will have luck that's not true BC RN my freaking dog has. Cancer.. yea luck🙄
haley schonberg
haley schonberg 6 kun oldin
Love that you made this vid never hear people talking about this stuff. Love you sm stay sweet💛
Ari Rene
Ari Rene 6 kun oldin
Do a no makeup, makeup look
Shazi Abdul Rahim
Shazi Abdul Rahim 6 kun oldin
Nicki minaj commented on ur Instagram
Jana Cake11
Jana Cake11 6 kun oldin
I think you should do your fav makeup items of 2018, who agrees?
Janelle DiMartino
Janelle DiMartino 6 kun oldin
I got that highlighter in my Ipsy bag last month! Was not a fan of how subtle it is 🙁 might use it for an eye shimmer instead
Elibobelly Sandoval
I guess I need to visit Whole Foods
Maecy Dawn
Maecy Dawn 6 kun oldin
sylvia is the type of person to just light up the room as soon as she walks in like every time i watch her videos i smile
Anne Sophie Malboeuf
She's so pretty on the inside & outside, I still don't understand how someone can break her heart
SH Makeup
SH Makeup 6 kun oldin
love you Sylvia 💖😍
Mimi Joseph
Mimi Joseph 6 kun oldin
Trina Than Vlogs
Trina Than Vlogs 6 kun oldin
Casey Fenton
Casey Fenton 6 kun oldin
I love watching your videos!! You make me so happy, you’re just such a positive influence!
Niyome Bello
Niyome Bello 6 kun oldin
Can you please do full face if five below makeup? I’ve always wondered if it was good 😂 Anyone else? ❤️
Matthew Long
Matthew Long 6 kun oldin
Geri-Lynn Nichole
Geri-Lynn Nichole 6 kun oldin
You should do an everyday makeup routine video Everyone like this if you agree!
Grace Goldman
Grace Goldman 6 kun oldin
Can u do a full face of Michael’s makeup? Like if u agree.😊
Rei Dear
Rei Dear 6 kun oldin
I'm hating social media.. maybe if it wasn't public like other people you and him would've gotten back together if you found out and it wasn't public somehow you both could've fixed it
Rei Dear
Rei Dear 6 kun oldin
I hold myself back from begging you and someone to get back.. I love you girl. I'm disappointing still with that person but I understand life. Shit.. happens.. real talk.
Cami Brunner
Cami Brunner 6 kun oldin
love you so much Sylv! I wish that I could have gotten your merch but my mom didnt trust your website... when she went to go and try to get your merch and she clicked on the hoodies button and it brought her to the super sketchy website and it asked her for something and it almost gave her comouter a virus. I didnt trust my mom so I went on myself and it happened to me too...
Traumatized Officials
Being completely honest when you put on your highlighter I was blinded
Gordes One
Gordes One 6 kun oldin
Please do a tutorial with Tarte's Pineapple Of My Eye, eye shadow palette😭🙏
Cindy Honoret
Cindy Honoret 6 kun oldin
I clicked on this bc I thought it was Laura lee wtf
Ag girls more H,B
Ag girls more H,B 6 kun oldin
Auntie pallets near the concealer colourful eyeshadow
Ag girls more H,B
Ag girls more H,B 6 kun oldin
Ag girls more H,B
Ag girls more H,B 6 kun oldin
I meant half
Casey W
Casey W 6 kun oldin
Mahera Nusrat
Mahera Nusrat 6 kun oldin
hi sylvia i reallyy hope you are going to see this not that you actually are but... i love you so much your the one who got me into makeup and i even have your bh pallet. i love you
Ag girls more H,B
Ag girls more H,B 6 kun oldin
Mouna Bou
Mouna Bou 6 kun oldin
I really like this makeup look on you it's soo simple natural and exantuates your natural beauty I'm obsessed wow
Renee schlitter
Renee schlitter 7 kun oldin
* eminem has left the chat *
Mariah Crafts
Mariah Crafts 7 kun oldin
You’re repping BH Cosmetics but I placed an order December 14th and STILL haven’t received my order!!! It’s been almost a month!
fatima abdulkadir
fatima abdulkadir 7 kun oldin
Gurl I have been subscribed for how long now ???🤔🤔😂😂😂
Natalie Barajas
Natalie Barajas 7 kun oldin
Collab with James
AshIzHere 7 kun oldin
That hairstyle suits u so much better than the other ones
Olla Alsadek
Olla Alsadek 7 kun oldin
Hey Sylvia you should do a makeup collection or a makeup declutter love u Sylvia 💗💗
Jade Griffiths
Jade Griffiths 7 kun oldin
Favourite person to watch on UZvid 💖💖
Rachel Green
Rachel Green 7 kun oldin
Also those edits are great
Rachel Green
Rachel Green 7 kun oldin
That is the most Canadian “road rage” ever I relate
MORGAN CLARKE 7 kun oldin
Please review Glossier💙💙💙💙
T. D
T. D 7 kun oldin
The eye glitter and lip liner are the 2 I really want to try!
lizzy singleton
lizzy singleton 7 kun oldin
The foundation looks really good with ur sintone
Valerie Nicole Cena
Could u do a full face of melrose makeup
Alexis Duffy
Alexis Duffy 7 kun oldin
Loveeeee you girly! Just got your palette in the mail 😍😍😍🥰 and it’s fireee🔥