Full Face Using Fenty Beauty 2.0! NEW Pro Filt'r Concealer, Setting Powder + Foundation Shades!

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SHE'S DONE IT AGAIN! Today I'm sharing with you guys the new Fenty concealer, setting powder, and the new foundation shade 385, all launching January 11!
Shop: go.magik.ly/ml/jgzw/
Pro Filt'r Instant Retouch Primer
Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longer Foundation 385
Pro Filt'r Instant Retouch Concealer 360
Pro Filt'r Instant Retouch Setting Powder - Honey
Powder Puff Setting Brush
Twitter → victoriouslogan
Instagram → victoriouslogan
Snapchat → vickylogan
Camera → Sony a6500
Lighting → amzn.to/29SlwD9
Software → Final Cut Pro X go.magik.ly/r/vickylogan/d9a6/
FTC: Not sponsored. Thank you Fenty Beauty for sending me products to try :)
Psalms 91:1

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9-Yan, 2019

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Mkupbynaz 6 soat oldin
Fenty PR!!! push through GF!! I got 385 and it's my perfect match! I am so obsessed!
CharlotteDujour Morris
370 maybe your foundation color
Michel'le Phipps
Michel'le Phipps 17 soat oldin
Duck bill applicator 👌🏾😍
Nia B.
Nia B. 18 soat oldin
I kept staring at your eyes 😍 deetz please!!!!
Dior Moton
Dior Moton 20 soat oldin
360 is your shade girl yasss!
Tarnisher Mack
Tarnisher Mack 22 soat oldin
I need a yellow undertone. Not orange. Not red but yellow lol! Nars nailed that. But 385 just might be the 1. Tfs
Dera Evelynn
Dera Evelynn Kun oldin
I love rosey looks on you Vicky!
yjallen Kun oldin
Love the earrings. Also loved this foundation on you. Overall the whole look is cute. The concealer I was a little concerned about though because it didn’t appear as if it was blended in well on camera. Idk if it was just me or not. Seemed a little better after you added the trophy wife, but I’m wondering how it looks in pictures.
Winnie’s Reviews
Winnie’s Reviews 2 kun oldin
You look gorgeous! That concealer & setting powder is bomb!!!
Dee Marie
Dee Marie 2 kun oldin
I did a review on these products, I'm close to your skin tone (420) and I bought the banana powder. Now I'm thinking I should have got the Honey 😣😣
Chell Marshall
Chell Marshall 2 kun oldin
You never said prices of things, also when using it you sound a bit ungrateful for getting it for nothing just saying :-)
VICKYLOGAN 2 kun oldin
I said I was blessed and honored, lol how is that ungrateful? I also was unaware of pricing as they didn’t specify in the package
Marretta Robinson
Marretta Robinson 2 kun oldin
Where you get your nails done at?
Morgan K.
Morgan K. 2 kun oldin
Girl I am so interested in trying 385 too! I was "matched" to 360, as well but that is a tad too light for me. I have been mixing 360 and 390 and it works perfectly but who wanna keep buying two different foundations?! 385 looks great on you boo!
Mermaid Monroe
Mermaid Monroe 2 kun oldin
That powder is pretty 😻
Mermaid Monroe
Mermaid Monroe 2 kun oldin
27? You mean 17 👀 how?!
601kiki 2 kun oldin
Rabbit foot 😂😂😂
india jackson-moore
Such a pretty woman. 💕
Char N.
Char N. 3 kun oldin
i stared at ur lips the entire time. they are so beautiful..
Des Coop
Des Coop 3 kun oldin
Baby boot 😂
April Ellis
April Ellis 3 kun oldin
Love the look!
jah seh
jah seh 3 kun oldin
*le sigh! You are a GODDESS!* ✨🔥
Charlene718 3 kun oldin
I’m confused. First, you blended three shades together on your right (my left) cheek, so we don’t get a good look at how 385 stands on its own. Then, it kinda seems like you proceeded to spread 360 all over the rest of your face? You did it quickly and I didn’t quite hear you say what it was all over. We would like to see the new 385 to get a good look at how it applies, dries down, etc.
Charlene718 3 kun oldin
VICKYLOGAN Okay. Thank you for clearing that up. The end result was very flawless and natural.
VICKYLOGAN 3 kun oldin
I didn’t blend them together! And I removed the 360 before applying 385 all over. Sorry I didn’t clarify that
Exotic Extensions Galore
I'm interested in trying this because 390 is ORANGE
Ain Lerato Michele
Ain Lerato Michele 3 kun oldin
Looking gorgeous. 💄🎨
Jack Hughes
Jack Hughes 3 kun oldin
I subscribed in two seconds, those earrings are fire!
amaechi ogbonna
amaechi ogbonna 3 kun oldin
Love the hair! Tutorial please!!!
Sheila G
Sheila G 3 kun oldin
powder is to yellow. Please try the other powder that was in the cure kit.
Takira Thompson
Takira Thompson 3 kun oldin
I’ve been waiting to see someone try 385 😩🙌🏾 350 was the right undertone for me but it was a littllllleeee light 👌🏾 I actually DM’d Fenty when the shades first came out requesting a darker shade with the same undertone (look at God 🙌🏾😂) so I want to try 385 to see if it’s the one! Looks so good on you! 😍
JazztasticMamii 3 kun oldin
We have the same color iq and 410 is what the lady in Sephora told me was best. I think it’s too warm and I’ve been wanting to find a lighter shade so I may try 385
Destiny Bolton
Destiny Bolton 3 kun oldin
I like tea like fenty it’s not so caked on it looks so natural on you!! 💕
Victoria Panossian
Victoria Panossian 3 kun oldin
Happy Birthday
Mina Piña
Mina Piña 3 kun oldin
A little bit of “shim shim” lol my favorite part of the entire video
Erica Hearn
Erica Hearn 4 kun oldin
How do you get that nice bag of foundation? Where do you order at.?
VICKYLOGAN 3 kun oldin
Fenty sent it to me, it’s not available for purchase
Roberta McCullum
Roberta McCullum 4 kun oldin
I really like your look . Everything looks great . Happy Birthday ! Much love
Habon Hajira
Habon Hajira 4 kun oldin
New subscriber we are the same skin color and shade🧡❤️💜
thetuckers 6
thetuckers 6 4 kun oldin
Update.....Vicky Girl! I just got back from sephora and 385 is def it for me. I went with 370 concealer and honey powder as well ❤
ChelaBella 4 kun oldin
Your skin looks bomb btw!!!
Gwendolyn Alexandre
Aye my birthday is Jan. 28 and I’m Turning 27🥰🥰love your ear candy❤️
kikie Ann
kikie Ann 4 kun oldin
Vicky, i think you should let us know if the video was sponsored or it was just a PR package. It feel ur review would be the same regardless but i believe its also just the right think to do.
VICKYLOGAN 4 kun oldin
I always let you know if a video is in partnership or sponsored in the description box! 😊 I’m required by the FTC to disclose whether or not it’s paid. This video was not paid, they just sent me the products to try.
EC DC 4 kun oldin
Glad you used 360 so I got an idea of what it looked like...ended up getting 370 instead. I almost got both concealer shades. Just made my order for 370 concealer that plus the Hazelnut powder.
SlayBae Nay
SlayBae Nay 4 kun oldin
I could’ve sworn we were the same complexion when I clicked on your video and then you went and said you’re a shade 360 and I said 👀👀👀 oh nvm. 😂 410 is my perfect shade. The Sephora colonizer matched me to a 430 and I listened but now I know.
SlightWurkk 3 kun oldin
“Sephora colonizer” I am deaddddd💀💀💀😂
VICKYLOGAN 4 kun oldin
410 works for me in the summer as a mixing shade but not on its own, it’s too red!
Joyce Es
Joyce Es 4 kun oldin
Love the look xx
Lexsis Monique
Lexsis Monique 4 kun oldin
Love your Fenty reviews. You’re the only person who sold me on the powder. Your skin is flawless. Can’t wait until the 11th
Sheriza R
Sheriza R 4 kun oldin
I thought 385 looked pretty good then you put on 360 and once that was blended it looked like it could work for you too, I'm between 390 & 370 so i'm curious to see how this new shade will look on me , I loveee how your look came out tooo 😍
Autumn Bryant
Autumn Bryant 2 kun oldin
+Junette Watson Oooh, I didn't realize that. Thanks for that info. This has been such a struggle. When Fenty goes right on me it goes really right but it seems very inconsistent. I guess it depends on how much oxidation I get in each application.
Junette Watson
Junette Watson 2 kun oldin
+Autumn Bryant I never tried 350 because it's cool neutral undertone (oxidizes a little more red) vs just a regular neutral undertone which works well for me; not too yellow or red.
rashida mc
rashida mc 2 kun oldin
Whispers* do a review please
Autumn Bryant
Autumn Bryant 2 kun oldin
+Junette Watson had you tried 350 which was also supposed to be neutral? If so, how did that one look on you?
Junette Watson
Junette Watson 2 kun oldin
I was struggling with both of those shades too sis! I went into Sephora today and 385 is perfect 😩🙌🏾 I never swatched 380 because I was told it had a red undertone but 385 is a neutral undertone!
Gizell A D
Gizell A D 4 kun oldin
I wish you were more positive. Excuse us regular people that have to pay for products . I was forced to watch for shade reference but the bland dry uninterested attitude isn’t cute!!! I wish someone else received this PR. I knew I shouldn’t have clicked because you were canceled along time ago .
VICKYLOGAN 4 kun oldin
Lol what
niara961 4 kun oldin
Oh boo hoo 😐
Eboni Poindexter
Eboni Poindexter 4 kun oldin
Best brown girl friendly review/look of the new fenty products, thus far
Asia Lynee`
Asia Lynee` 4 kun oldin
360 was a doable color but looked a little dull. The 385 looked richer in color and I think would allow you to do more with highlighting and contouring shades.
VICKYLOGAN 4 kun oldin
Facts! I agree
Danielle M
Danielle M 4 kun oldin
Your hair looks amazing
I need a dewy fenty foundation. My winter skin can’t do it 😭 I’ll peel like a banana 😩
RevealtheReal 4 kun oldin
I need that pony tail 👀
D. Nunes
D. Nunes 4 kun oldin
Teri Powell
Teri Powell 4 kun oldin
Very pretty!
Shana Brown
Shana Brown 4 kun oldin
Loving the eye look! 💖💖
Danielle Wise
Danielle Wise 4 kun oldin
Your jewelry is DOPE! This look is everything! 👏🏾👏🏾🔥🔥
thetuckers 6
thetuckers 6 4 kun oldin
Happy I found you! 🙌 for the Tan girls. I can't wait to get 385. I can wear 350 and 370. 370 is also a bit ashy on me in the forehead area and 390 too dark. I would love to see this look with banana or lighter under eye powder. Thx again
Angelic Analogy
Angelic Analogy 5 kun oldin
I am going to explore with makeup again this year. I said I had to get my skin better first and it is coming together!!!
Latricia Hardman
Latricia Hardman 5 kun oldin
That setting powder looks bomb on you😍
Cherish0887 5 kun oldin
I wish it was TALC free 😩
Iram Rehman
Iram Rehman 5 kun oldin
Does anyone know when they will be launched in the UK?
sharon p
sharon p 4 kun oldin
Iram Rehman it launched already at midnight -Harvey Nichols today
LaShawnda Cooper
LaShawnda Cooper 5 kun oldin
Judy A
Judy A 5 kun oldin
You look beautiful
Francine Maultsby
Francine Maultsby 5 kun oldin
Can you pls give me the price of tbe concealer n powder pls
Gardenia Pimentel
Gardenia Pimentel 5 kun oldin
Fenty reaching deep in my pockets 😂 Have you checked out the Colourpop Foundation sticks yet??
VICKYLOGAN 4 kun oldin
Not the sticks but I’ve tried the foundation. Not a fan.
Dee 5 kun oldin
385 is your color
Shayla 5 kun oldin
YAS FOR FENTY PR!! This look is bomb!
Kelsei LeAnn
Kelsei LeAnn 5 kun oldin
New Levels 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
LaPearlicious 5 kun oldin
Vickyyyyy girl your skin is poppin! I need to know all about your new skin care
Raina Fields
Raina Fields 5 kun oldin
When I saw 385 was coming out, I thought of you! We match foundation shades often, so I think i'm gonna give it a try!
Samiyah Hall
Samiyah Hall 5 kun oldin
You looked really yellow and two toned , maybe you shoulda went for the darker shade .. 🤷🏽‍♀️ or maybe it’s just the camera 💀
Ramsha Ali
Ramsha Ali 5 kun oldin
oo what liquid lip did you use on your lips?
Sherifa Star
Sherifa Star 5 kun oldin
Fenty Unbutton
OhHeyOlive 5 kun oldin
you she killed this! lol yes for Coral being the color of the year, looks great on you!
Vi Br
Vi Br 5 kun oldin
Ohhhh I'm loving that sleek ponytail. Vicky are you natural or relaxed? Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!
VICKYLOGAN 4 kun oldin
Natural! Thank you!
KILA KALI 5 kun oldin
What is the brow routine? Cuz they’re SNATCHED honey!!
VICKYLOGAN 4 kun oldin
I just fill them in! No frills lol
Denikwa Wilson
Denikwa Wilson 5 kun oldin
The power was made to set the whole face that why it’s so big and I have the same problem with 360. During the summer I was using it to highlight because if I did full face baby be looking ghostly 😂😂 so I will definitely be buying 385!
tryintofigureitout 5 kun oldin
Beautiful Romance
Beautiful Romance 5 kun oldin
Yasss sissy I love it!!!!!! It looked like the perfect match to me Love your Olivia 💋
msannieb88 5 kun oldin
Vicky I have the same problem.... 360 is my Sephora IQ perfect match and I look super ashy. Turned me off of the foundation.
RaenaJenks 5 kun oldin
I definitely need that concealer! Might as well get the powder but I need to use up my sacha buttercup first lol!
Carissa Mosley
Carissa Mosley 5 kun oldin
360 is like the perfect color for the center of your face. the 385 color seems like it's deep enough (with yellow and red undertones) for your forehead not to look ashy or green. I'm the same complexion as you and I swear i have the same problems. LOL
1969Vanessa G
1969Vanessa G 3 kun oldin
My thoughts exactly. That's what I have to do.
VICKYLOGAN 5 kun oldin
Issa struggle!!! Lol
SAWLIFE 5 kun oldin
I STAN !!! Take my money rih 😍❤️
Tkeyah Nicole
Tkeyah Nicole 5 kun oldin
Now vicky you know we need to know where the earrings are from. 🤔
Sierra LaFaye
Sierra LaFaye 5 kun oldin
U stay making any color foundation match u and look bomb 😍
Mikai Mcdermott
Mikai Mcdermott 5 kun oldin
VIckyyyy your skinnnn & hair you look AMAZING!!
Mahogani 5 kun oldin
I think we may be the same shade in the foundation! I've been trying to get my match too. I'm going to try 385 for sure and see what the tea is.
Lois Samantha
Lois Samantha 5 kun oldin
Omgggggg girl I’ve been searching HIGH and LOW for someone reviewing 385 & I know you are the same shade as me ! This was so helpful thank you
Dee Luther
Dee Luther 5 kun oldin
🌷Great NicE VideO As AlwayS🌷 😍Love That ThumbNail ThO😍 😗Absolutely StunninG😗 😻Makeup Look Amazing😻
21locusts 5 kun oldin
Happy belated birthday!! hope to see more collaborations with Fenty 😭
KaylaMuah 5 kun oldin
VICKYLOGAN 5 kun oldin
I have a whole playlist of skincare videos! Be sure to check my Chanel
Nisaa Pouncey
Nisaa Pouncey 5 kun oldin
Your skin looks so good. I feel like this is the best foundation & concealer look on you at 11:28.
Tiffanie Hernandez
Tiffanie Hernandez 5 kun oldin
385 sis 👌🏿
King Chrissy
King Chrissy 5 kun oldin
Your skin is goalsssss 🙌🏾
Jackie Hazel
Jackie Hazel 5 kun oldin
Vicky, you remind me of Chenoa Maxwell, the girl from the movie G soo much! and soo loving the ponytail and makeup, soo pretty! 💞 💯
Itssteprich 5 kun oldin
Mark my words, fenty will have brow products and mascara by the end of 2019
fatima haidara
fatima haidara 4 kun oldin
Setting spray too
igbo 17
igbo 17 4 kun oldin
Girl, I'm betting by the end of January. Riri does not play
Santana Walker
Santana Walker 5 kun oldin
Itssteprich yasss!!
Itssteprich 5 kun oldin
Santana Walker with a brow gel to go with it!!!!
Santana Walker
Santana Walker 5 kun oldin
I need her to create a brow pencil !!!
Brenia Love
Brenia Love 5 kun oldin
hair tutorial !!
Brenia Love
Brenia Love 5 kun oldin
+VICKYLOGAN haha I literally JUST looked at that tutorial. thank you :)
VICKYLOGAN 5 kun oldin
Watch Teaira Walker’s! That’s the one I followed to do my pony. It didn’t last though bc I didn’t do it right lol
Shay Ponts
Shay Ponts 5 kun oldin
Thanks for sharing! You're the first I've seen use 385, and that's the one I've been wanting to see the most. 370 is about half a shade too light, 390 is too red, and 380 is also the wrong undertone for me. I can't wait to give 385 a try, but I wish the undertone was a warm neutral like 370 instead of just neutral. That foundation brush is definitely on my list of future purchases.
VICKYLOGAN 5 kun oldin
After wearing it a couple times I like 385!
RickeaShonte 5 kun oldin
Yassss PR list! Go Vicky 💕💕
Najah Tai
Najah Tai 5 kun oldin
Yas Fenty!!!!!! Come on Vicky with the review and tutorial all in one! 😍🙌🏾
ThatChickKim 5 kun oldin
I reeeeeeally wanna get my hands on the setting powder, but I need to get through some of my powders now 😫
Kaylah Bree
Kaylah Bree 5 kun oldin
FENTY Lip Liners for 50000 Alex! 🙋🏾‍♀️
VICKYLOGAN 5 kun oldin