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Full face using only Dollar Tree products!!
New videos Friday & Sunday! :D
Instagram: @miamaples
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2-Dek, 2018

mia maplesfull face dollar store makeupdollar tree makeup challengefull face using only dollar tree productsdollar tree makeupis dollar makeup any goodhits and misses of dollar makeup productsfull face for $20



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Emily Hanson
Emily Hanson 11 soat oldin
Guuuuurl those lashes tho ❤
All Things Annika
All Things Annika 19 soat oldin
the brand u thought said "airiposa" is "mairiposa" the m is a butterfly...no one ever notices lol. I tried their stuff before. It worked out ok for me. Hope it works better on you!
GameGal123 22 soat oldin
I have that green La colors eyeshadow. lol 😆
Paulina Kminiakova
11:49 oh my word 😂😂😂😂
Zainab Mohammed
Zainab Mohammed Kun oldin
It's Mariposa
Courtney F
Courtney F 4 kun oldin
Anyone else think that dog looks like the joker
Dinah Drake
Dinah Drake 5 kun oldin
I use dollar tree makeup a lot too, they have more foundation shades at my store. I didn't know to look for setting powder...I should. I love their eyeshadows simply bc I am broke.
Damn I only get my makeup shit from the dollar store I’m a broke boy
Brittney Markle
Brittney Markle 8 kun oldin
Even cheap makeup you look beautiful and can pull it off😍
Alexa Whitehead
Alexa Whitehead 8 kun oldin
it's Mariposa, butterfly in spanish i think. i take french though
an 12 kun oldin
Madison Newman
Madison Newman 12 kun oldin
6:21 had me dying of laughter for some reason. 😂
Vanessa Locheed
Vanessa Locheed 12 kun oldin
You eating ice cream is everything I want in life. You are everything lmao
Beautiful Disaster
Beautiful Disaster 12 kun oldin
MIA! Why did you lick the eyeshadow lol
Keiry Cakes
Keiry Cakes 14 kun oldin
Hey I did a dollar tree makeup video on my channel the results are crazyyy do you mind watching it thank youuuu
Taegan Trout
Taegan Trout 15 kun oldin
Pause at 10:42. You will not be disappointed!
Natalie Winston
Natalie Winston 13 kun oldin
Kams Kouture Makeup Artistry
That highlighter actually looked bomb!! How did hold up?
Nicole Grisel
Nicole Grisel 16 kun oldin
That’s one of my favorite eyeliners! I always go to the dollar tree to get mine!
cedar jennings
cedar jennings 18 kun oldin
6:20 is a mood
Judit Langa
Judit Langa 18 kun oldin
You're so good at liquid eyeliner! I cant do it like seriously it always looks all scribbled :( you should totes do a tutorial!!!
Beauty Goddess
Beauty Goddess 19 kun oldin
I noticed the red right away, but it still honestly looks good. Hopefully you don't get an allergic reaction. I'm halfway through and you look so beautiful!!!!
Nae Jones
Nae Jones 19 kun oldin
I dead use dollar store eyebrow pencil and boy it’s decent
Nattie 19 kun oldin
its Mariposa which means butterfly in spanish
Philistia Edwards
Philistia Edwards 20 kun oldin
Nobody: Mia: *eats makeup*
E&A Vlogs
E&A Vlogs 22 kun oldin
Did anyone else notice the other foundations she didn’t even look at 😂😂
Diane Hayse
Diane Hayse 23 kun oldin
I love the Dollar Tree. I love Goodwill and Thrift stores..
Samantha Hernandez
Samantha Hernandez 23 kun oldin
The only thing that bothered me in the video was the fact that you wore a WHITE sweater while doing makeup 😂😂
Mia is a gorgeous woman but that dollar tree junk is gonna ruin your face girl. Made in China 😒
Tabitha Lewis
Tabitha Lewis 25 kun oldin
I just recently bought a knockoff beauty blender it's L.A colors i found it at Dollar General for $1.. soft and blends pretty well
StrongArmJon Entertainment
Why is this in my recommendation? This should be look at the mask I wear for cheap.
Gærninga fra Gokk
Gærninga fra Gokk 26 kun oldin
10.57 you cheated with the butiblender
Jesse Hermann
Jesse Hermann 26 kun oldin
You're hot
Rowan Hand
Rowan Hand 26 kun oldin
7:03 I’ll give the blender a that hurt out of ten😂
heathruns 26 kun oldin
6:20 😂😂😂 killed me
Casey Taylor
Casey Taylor Oy oldin
the beauty blenders work quite well for me, I dampen then squeeze them multiple times and they grow and soften
Private Account
See ladies, you can LIE about your appearance on a budget too! *slow clap*
Jae B
Jae B Oy oldin
I cackled so hard at the "what else is new" interjection 😂😂😂
Jae B
Jae B Oy oldin
Girl I've had the brown pallette from LA colors for like four years it's my fave ever haha
Shelbi Cordova
Beauty blenders from 99 cents only stores! 💯
Bianca Sparks
Bianca Sparks Oy oldin
the brand is actually called mariposa. there is an ‘m’ at the beginning. hope that helps
Stefany P
Stefany P Oy oldin
6:20 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ray Helton
Ray Helton Oy oldin
So you stand FOR cruelty to animals? I believe none of that make-up you got was cruelty free meaning they test on animals and testing on animals is a known carcinogen in animals not to mention other health issues in animals! You should always buy cruelty free make-up, it's not more expensive it just takes a little more work to get it.
Ray Helton
Ray Helton 22 soat oldin
+GameGal123 So I guess you're cool with it also!
GameGal123 22 soat oldin
Don't get your panties in a wad.
Dsjsksjd Food
Dsjsksjd Food Oy oldin
anyone else think she looks like sylvia game in the thumbnail?
Ni_ki Oy oldin
Who else thought the foundation wasn't that far off from her color. At least when she fake tans
hunner the FIFA youtuber
You make everyone feel poor when they watch this video
girly CWK
girly CWK Oy oldin
I laughed through the whole video. 😂
Amour.maniii Oy oldin
Can you do the trying Mexican snacks challenge please
Kevin Ferguson
There's a HOMO guy that does makeup tutorials, why don't you have millions of views like the Queer Tranny?
Holly Guardy
Holly Guardy Oy oldin
*licks eyeshadow* - *noones surprised*
Basia Crivella
how does she do her makeup w a white hoodie it would be alllll over me
michelle young
rewatched editing mia’s “what else is new” at least 5 times ... i am DED
Peppermint Catsass
Now u we qualify to work register at CVS...u got the look.
Jinx Jones
Jinx Jones Oy oldin
So my question is how do you use Dollar Tree products? They don't make any products! They only sell products the others produce. So your video is misleading in scam for
Caroline Craig
I really loved this look on you! You look so amazing!
Monkey Dink
Monkey Dink Oy oldin
Do you realize that a 25 cent paper bag would have done a better job on that face. Go cake your face, baby!
Kimora xx
Kimora xx Oy oldin
Sub to me I’ll sub to u
Laura Montenegro García
Miaaaaa you made me laugh a looot. Jajajaja airposa is actually Mariposa that means butterfly in Spanish jajajajajaja
Brenda Mejia
Brenda Mejia Oy oldin
So, I think I'm right, and it's pronounced Mariposa. The butterfly before the ariposa is supposed to be a M ..but I don't know lolol anywaaaaaaaaaaays, love the video
Me Nudo
Me Nudo Oy oldin
I think the brand name is Mariposa (butterfly in spanish)
Faith Lucas
Faith Lucas Oy oldin
6:20 what else is new 😂❤️
Taylor Cavicchi
Mia, if you look closely at the butterfly it’s an M. So it’s Mariposa, it’s at my local dollar store too❤️ Took me forever to figure it out
Jax Oy oldin
This dollar store is dope compared to the shit one in my small dumb town. I'm jelly
Jax Oy oldin
There is something so real and different about Mia. She isnt like other basic beauty gurus. Its really fucking refreshing lol
current heck
current heck Oy oldin
"I'm not being"
current heck
current heck Oy oldin
Christmas songs and carols- Love to sing
I bought a smal beauty blender from the dollar tree . and I clean it using water and it transform from smal and quind of hard to use to a medium size beauty blender and super super soft beauty blender
Timur Ching
Timur Ching Oy oldin
Emmy Spencer
Emmy Spencer Oy oldin
That’s definitely not bad for dollar makeup
Janie Stephens
This is why i don't wear makeup..It takes yo girl 20 minutes to put it on!!!!! No...I think it's important to care about how you look but you are beautiful,handsome,and talented dont ever let ANYONE tell you different. God created you to be yourself. If "yourself" is somethinf bad please please repent and read the bible :)
Alysa Morin
Alysa Morin Oy oldin
6:20 mood Every Single Fucking day..
*Enjoy your face cancer, LMAO*
BeautyIsArt Oy oldin
Real techniques makes a really good beuaty blender
Angie C
Angie C Oy oldin
Loved the video mia! I would love to see you try aliexpress makeup 😍
Evomre Oy oldin
UZvid must be acting up, because all of a sudden my feed is flooded with beauty related videos. That’s the sort of thing I never watch.
Deborah Jeanne Natelson
The real problem I've found with Dollar Tree makeup is that it vanishes from the face in under an hour. Also, I hope your skin is all right!
Sara McCauley
Sara McCauley Oy oldin
Try the Juno & Co. microfiber velvet beauty blender
i think the worst part was the lips but she always looks bomb sooo...🤗🤗
Løvely Lady
Løvely Lady Oy oldin
Why is this good?
Maddisson Hackenberg
“What else is new?” I died 😂
Chelsey Alexa
Chelsey Alexa Oy oldin
i've gotten multiple beauty blenders from miss a and they are so much better than dollar tree blenders! if you have one near you i recommend you try them out, cheap and good!
Mee K
Mee K Oy oldin
I am the type of girl that only put makeup on christmas, familypartys and "nicer" events. And dollar store here in Sweden, at least were I live, have a realy good bronzer. I really love it. :D Gets me glowing. :D
Mee K
Mee K Oy oldin
bc body collection its the brand name. And I also found a cute brush that has like a unicorn horn. ^-^
Tricia Rodriguez
I buy expensive makeup in general but I will always drive my ass to the dollar store for that eyeliner! I have been using it for years and it stays on all day no smudge I even have watery eyes!
Ellie Robertson
doing makeup in a white jumper takes a lot of confidence
just1nmcd Oy oldin
You know women and girls, most beauty products have a beaver gland secretion in it. You're literally smearing beaver juice on your faces to obscure natural beauty and put a fake face on because society tells you its the way to live... I'd much rather see a women for who she is not what she desires to be in the spectrum of the world
Kara McNac
Kara McNac Oy oldin
foundation is the worst when it comes to these challenges, but you made a neutral look work with these products:) tho wished to see some blushes or more eyeshadows to play with. 👍
Naturally Extra
I have that palette and it's got the best neutral shades
Shay Pesout
Shay Pesout Oy oldin
Mia I am starting my own youtube channel and I want to know if you can give me any pointers:)
Amber Norris
Amber Norris Oy oldin
The only problem with that eyeliner is when it completely dries down it kinda flakes off
eLem3nT Oy oldin
Damn you fine, so $20 for a handjob???
hunky dory
hunky dory Oy oldin
I just bought mascara from the dollar store because I'm poor white trash and this makes me feel better
KristinLea123 Oy oldin
Literally my favorite youtuber. I absolutely love how, even if the product is not good, shes always so positive!
karla phillips
Yes, i like dollar tree liquid eyeliner. It really works well. 😉
Karolina Garcia
Holy shit she’s whiteeeee
reusando rethinking
What’s the name and brand of the highlighter?
Elena Panagos
Elena Panagos Oy oldin
You are saying Airoposia right btw
Elizabeth Grooms
Love your videos😊
Bae Bee
Bae Bee Oy oldin
It’s Mariposa, the M is in the symbol it’s weird.
Mr Pandanté
Mr Pandanté Oy oldin
Jan Wizzarak
Jan Wizzarak Oy oldin
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💜💜♋♋♋ 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💔🌎💔🌎🌀 🌀🌀🌀🌀 *Jesus Christ is the Son of God, who died and rose from the dead to Give us eternal life.* *He also promised to heal your body.* *This Is True Love!!! (Just ask Him)*
mariah benavidez
Are u and luke still together
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