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I'm so sorry for this video lmao ...what a long, treacherous mess. like what even is this. shishtar tried. shishtar shnapped? okay well I'm gonna head back over to my lane now which definitely isn't this hahahhaahahahh I hope you enjoyed. I LOVE YOU xoxo the BEST beauty guru in the space!!!
Here are links to some of the things I used/or was wearing basically because I'm too lazy to find them all:
Marc Jacobs Remarcable Foundation (either Bisque Neutral or Beige Medium): bit.ly/2NQfdFP
Tarte Shape Tape Concealer: bit.ly/2Nprnjy
Laura Mercier Setting Powder: bit.ly/2OzdeVV
Kat Von D Shade & Light Palette: bit.ly/2OIb1Hy
Too Faced Chocolate Gold Bronzer: bit.ly/2NnTX52
Nars Full Vinyl Lip Color in 'Red District': bit.ly/2OJaeWO
Bella's Eyeshadow Palettes: goo.gl/wuAfSL
MY EVERYDAY LASHES, WORN IN THIS VIDEO IN STYLE 'MIAMI' (use code TANA for 10% OFF!): lillylashes.com/products/miami
ITUNES: goo.gl/wBmAL4
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BRAND NEW MERCH: www.fanjoy.co/tana
WE'RE ALSO DOING A NON PROFIT CHARITY PROJECT RN! 100% of the proceeds from all Tanacon merch will be going to the POLARIS PROJECT. A non profit against sex trafficing that I'm so excited to be helping, with the help of YOU of course!!
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my vlog channel: goo.gl/xoJD5R
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5-Okt, 2018

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Stephanie Martinez
Stephanie Martinez 45 daqiqa oldin
She forgot to use jacklyn Hill’s purple! 😂😂 also is it just me or does tana like know a lot of big words
Abbi Deneen
Abbi Deneen Soat oldin
TANA!!! Please follow me on insta and DM me because 10/10 can relate. You're super funny and I desperately want to help you with make-up but in the best way possible. Also, I freaking find you amusing as hell and really want to get to know you. Okie! Keep doing what you're doing. lol see ya
SpiritedLove 2 soat oldin
I don’t understand why she thought the beginning was so funny....
Esha Dhadwal
Esha Dhadwal 2 soat oldin
I freaking love this channel like I watch this channel everyday like there has nvr been a day that I’ve never watched it
honey revenge
honey revenge 5 soat oldin
with your yeasty ass mouth. chill bruh.
Jennifer Katsuragi
Jennifer Katsuragi 8 soat oldin
You are a whole bit of self-destruction. Can’t wait for you to implode.
Catalina l
Catalina l 12 soat oldin
it's just GiGi
it's just GiGi Kun oldin
18:10 tana nobody gives a **ck
Mia Flinn
Mia Flinn Kun oldin
I liked this for a tana video the only thing that was annoying was her commenting on mannys names and not knowing the terms like “Kiki” and asking if he did it after drake
Mia Flinn
Mia Flinn Kun oldin
This video was pretty good for a tana video.
Helicopter Channel
Clicked faster than Laura lees subs were dropping 🔸😭👋🏽
Casey Fischer
Casey Fischer Kun oldin
Fun.... mind I say fresh.
linnea lovegood
linnea lovegood Kun oldin
more makeup pleeease
Nina Vlogs and more
I want a tana eyeshadow palette 🤣
Keira Hughes
Keira Hughes Kun oldin
Are you still dating bella?
Shaley White
Shaley White Kun oldin
Your actually Rockin it.
Jesus Escutia
Jesus Escutia Kun oldin
She is alil adhd, but fuk it . Shes funnny af tho
Damaris Torres
Damaris Torres Kun oldin
Ok but deadass I haven’t discovered this UZvidr until now who is this girl? Is she just a popular wealthy Caucasian female ? Let’s keep in mind that most of these people she is hating on are still more successful then she will ever be. I think I’ve watched a tea spill video on this channel about her dropping the N word like a million times and making racist jokes on Twitter um girl ? ...😭😂🐸🍵💀
Ally Read
Ally Read Kun oldin
i wanna watch this but the echo is killinggg me
Abby Turner
Abby Turner Kun oldin
What happened with her and Jeffery ?
charitywilcoxrowe 2 kun oldin
Straight Shade
Andrea Lopez
Andrea Lopez 2 kun oldin
Daphne Gurini
Daphne Gurini 2 kun oldin
Anyone here in 2052!!!🤗🤗🥰💕💕
Kelsey marlene Doane
I actually really like it
Aimee Grober
Aimee Grober 2 kun oldin
Tana.... If you watched Jeffrees reveal video for Bloodsugar a lot of your questions, comments, and concerns would be answered. Dork.
Aimee Grober
Aimee Grober 2 kun oldin
"The closest thing I have to red is in this Jaclyn hill vault pallete..." BLOODSUGAR IS SITTING RIGHT THERE.
Aimee Grober
Aimee Grober 2 kun oldin
Tanaaaaaaaa...... I hate Manny, but I need you to know..... That pallete is called "Life's a drag" because its inspired by DRAG. All of the shade names are inspired by Drag. "SICKNING" is drag terminology. "Ki Ki" means to laugh, chat, and joke around with each other. "Campy" is traditional, over the top, exaggerated drag. "Fishy" is the term the drag community uses to refer to a drag queen that looks very biologically feminine, or a Queen that is very feminine even when out of drag. The term comes from "fish" being the stereotypical way to describe the smell of a vagina. You can let your imagination take it from there. As for Blood Sugar, Jeffrees brand has always been a blend of violence and candy. Cupcakes and Razorblades. Blood and Sugar. Therefore, Bloodsugar. The shade names are very medical, vascular, and sugar inspired. Laura Lee..... You're on point there. Bravo.
S 2 kun oldin
Disastrous makeup
X traphouse X
X traphouse X 2 kun oldin
I hate Laura with a passion
Blue Angel
Blue Angel 2 kun oldin
*sebastian williams has entered the chat*
Abbey Hancock
Abbey Hancock 2 kun oldin
Like all the other girls at school* Jaclyn’s pallet Me* Laura lees party city thing
Useful X
Useful X 2 kun oldin
Your makeup skills are honestly really bad and you should stop making fun of other people, that’s really rude from your side
Useful X
Useful X 2 kun oldin
She’s honestly really rude.
lil nuget network !
Thus vid ahouls have been called draging youtubers makeup to filth
Addey Babey
Addey Babey 2 kun oldin
I like that !! My style
Ainslie Williams
Ainslie Williams 2 kun oldin
Ughh why did UZvid bring me here. You are such a bitch
Trixenity 2 kun oldin
🙄🙄🙄 Why is she relevant. She sucks and she's immature af. She thinks being obnoxious is being funny
a f t e r s h o c k
How horrible am I for thinking “Tana .. you should have got more makeup. Way more people hate you” I hate that I like her???
Rose Scarlett
Rose Scarlett 3 kun oldin
I actually enjoyed this video of Tana and this is actually first video i saw from you lol
Sparklysalma 3 kun oldin
EW NO WE TEXANS DO NOT CLAIM HER !!!!!!! She’s from Alabama or something 😅😅😅😅
Brooklyn Finch
Brooklyn Finch 3 kun oldin
I had a hard time reading the title
Payshynce owen
Payshynce owen 3 kun oldin
It actually looks really good!👏
Crystal Garcia
Crystal Garcia 3 kun oldin
Fuck No Laura's not from TX! Lol Do a part 2!!!!!
mel k
mel k 3 kun oldin
I died when she got to lauras😂😂
Florence Tattersall
I usually like tanna’s videos but she is being really annoying in this video
Alyssa Rice
Alyssa Rice 3 kun oldin
Omg it’s actually so good
Itzamar Vazquez
Itzamar Vazquez 3 kun oldin
“fun and fresh”
Itzamar Vazquez
Itzamar Vazquez 3 kun oldin
Her hair is so damaged you can see all of her split ends.Tana is really problematic and she isn’t even funny to me anymore.I used to watch her before and now she’s so different and hard to watch.
Stephanie Richards-cope
Take a shot every time tana says fun and fresh 😂
Sorry not Sorry
Sorry not Sorry 3 kun oldin
Sickening sickning... I think for once tanas right...