'Full House' actress dropped by Hallmark amid college admissions scandal

ABC News
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Lori Loughlin's youngest daughter, who is also a social media influencer, lost her partnership with makeup retailer Sephora.



14-Mar, 2019



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omar alamilla
omar alamilla 2 kun oldin
lori is a cheater and is a butthead
9Spank9 8 kun oldin
OOPS! When Calls the Heart - called - they now get a 'subscriber has been disconnected' message. "Oh what a tangled web we weave - when our kids are too inept to achieve"
Tim Johnson
Tim Johnson 8 kun oldin
"500 hundred must be a oeach of a hand"
tbyjb 10 kun oldin
What about Rob Kardashian? Jared Kushner?
Lauren G
Lauren G 13 kun oldin
But ironically full house is sponsored to buy on UZvid
elizabeth zenn
elizabeth zenn 13 kun oldin
If she never was caught ..she will be a Cosby image ..telling people how good she is and how hard she works for her $$ hypocrisy 100% the truth is she hoped she was never caught ....sick
elizabeth zenn
elizabeth zenn 13 kun oldin
not enough...she should be in JAIL ...
Born Yesterday
Born Yesterday 17 kun oldin
Her daughter should die
Born Yesterday
Born Yesterday 10 kun oldin
Chad Castagana - imagine you or ur daughter working ur ass off for ur whole life. Only to have this affluent cunt take ur spot? NO I AM NOT KIDDING. SHE SHOULD DIE
Chad Castagana
Chad Castagana 10 kun oldin
You're kidding right? For that is a monstrous thing to say
K M 18 kun oldin
These "holy moly wood whores" deserve to serve prison time to learn the lesson of being humble persons is the true valuable human beings. The easy and filthy 💰 money whore lori can make by how "holy moly wood" has crooked the way they have seen the world and these whores have been shamefully destroying the true values of America. Unfortunately, mother whores like lori brings more daughters whores into the world, make it a worse place to live for decent human beings!!
Christina 19 kun oldin
Um Wouldn’t he know what score he got on his own ACT test? This is sad.
Katie Bistiglione
Katie Bistiglione 24 kun oldin
Got caught now deal with it
james thetruth
james thetruth 26 kun oldin
There's always the porn industry!
David Burden
David Burden 29 kun oldin
$1M bond? she could run away?
David Burden
David Burden 29 kun oldin
she paid the bribe? why why
David Burden
David Burden 29 kun oldin
I am a pro soccer player says kid..........never played before!!!
David Burden
David Burden 29 kun oldin
full of lie, why why why why??????????????
sito 29 kun oldin
Apology isn't accepted.
L Lynn
L Lynn 29 kun oldin
... just because she have two daughters, she is the most focus one.
ML Luke
ML Luke Oy oldin
Behind the Hollywood Façade of: "We must be the better, we have celebrity & make more money than you", are people who Play Dress-Up & Make Believe they are someone else. Behind that Façade lurks the created criminals which so many self entitled people become. WalkAway from Anything & All that the Hollywood morons say, we will all be better off. Let them play with the dolls of their own self but, when they speak words not written for them, tell them to go to hell...
yyves wings
yyves wings Oy oldin
0:36 wowwwww olivia gets hr looks from her momsy
yyves wings
yyves wings Oy oldin
marc ok
Caressa D
Caressa D Oy oldin
Just in time for the student loan program budget cuts! No chance for the middle class and poor.
Sam Sunwoo
Sam Sunwoo Oy oldin
The cosmetic products that are being pulled off at Sephora are now creating unnecessary pollution, as no one would buy them. Not even discounters will buy them to resale. Those cheaters are pollution to the society.
y gongora
y gongora Oy oldin
They use lots of makeup with the flat faces they have. Their heads are big but full of air.
Miguel Angel Sarmento
I can believe humans are so naive and they think College represents a way to success. People are mad saying why ? while very smart kids struggle to get into College these people who are aren’t that smart they just buy the way in..mmm great question ... Let me tell you these people knows how the fucking system works.. so why ? bother to struggle when you can just buy the way in. Why do they pay for a degree without the struggle? They pay because they know the school system is a scam and they know that they only need the degree to open doors, have the prestige etc. These people are celebrities that didn’t even went to college!!! But they make more money than the many what you called.. smart people !! who struggle a lot to get into college. The reality is that most people who struggle to get into college !! will be in debt for the rest of their lives and what’s worse they will probably end up working for corporate America as slaves of the system while the Elite who made their money without even bother !! going to college but they have a lot of more money than the rest. They buy a degree to their kids so the 99% of peasants will think that the only way to success is to get a college degree with the only different is that the %99 of the population will be in debt for the rest of their life.. while the elite just laugh about it.. Schools love to have celebrities and famous people in their colleges why ? Because that’s a great marketing propaganda for the working class... the more debts they create the more money the system makes Keep feeling so disgust by this situation and keep thinking that is unfair but remember the elite and the %1 exist for One reason and the only reason is because they are fucking smarter than the rest.. keep thinking as a peasant and you will be a peasant for the rest of your life..
Dilly Dalie
Dilly Dalie Oy oldin
Hope they all are charged and sentenced to the fullest extent of the law... !!!!!
Ester Burrowes
I am so happy that they get caught because I always say that the big brown envelope and the note in side it have power and for the rich kids money talk and bull shit walk. Old people said who have money get bargain .🤣🤣🤣
Homer Simpson
Homer Simpson Oy oldin
Huge overreaction. Don't touch my Fuller House because of some cheating in college.
Victoria Madden
Nice 2 see rich people finally get what they deserve! BUYING & LYING WAY IN COLLEGE! SOOOOO FUNNYYYYYY!!!!!
Stephen Garrison
$500,000.00? god those girls must be really stupid! so is mommy & daddy- they deserve no sympathy!!!
Reggie Wagstaff
Rowing team? What a hilarious choice for a vapid weakling who is proud of her useless existence.
Diva's House
Diva's House Oy oldin
Serves all of them right. If you play dirty and think that shit won't catch up to you, then think again because it always does.
Objective Commentator
It's just the beginning.......
adam tran
adam tran Oy oldin
Canada and Mexico in need of actors or actresses
chip killa
chip killa Oy oldin
Why the fuck would you lie on your resume. You know that shit will come back to bite you in the ass. Idiots. If not bite everyone in the ass, at least these fuckers got caught.
phuoi trinh
phuoi trinh Oy oldin
Good! They all deserve the harshest penalty for stealing from real students that deserved to go to those schools.
Aqua31 Forsberg
What a shame she raised some vapid daughters
ok ok
ok ok Oy oldin
Let's see, all her shows and work is canceled and taken off the air? But Bill Cosby drugged women for years and years and all of his TV shows are on 2 or 3 stations all day long? And he is in prison NOW! She has not been convicted. So if you're a white woman that's trying to help your children, maybe not knowing that there was a law on getting your children into college that not appropriate, you are removed. But a black man drugs white women has his shows always on the air? Talk about Black privileged!
Chad Castagana
Chad Castagana 10 kun oldin
Are Em
Are Em Oy oldin
I wonder which big wig this bitch pissed off...
Chanel 584
Chanel 584 Oy oldin
Tiffany Bolin
Tiffany Bolin Oy oldin
I don’t know how anyone likes Olivia I can’t stand to watch her UZvid!
Jackie Williams
So after they get in were they going to pay for somebody to take exams and do homework and essay papers! It just seems like alot of lying and scheming!
Charlene Hurst
Yeah shes not the only celebrity put her bk on she makes the hallmark movies please listen to me. Ok isnt it her daughters colleague stuted fill it out why put it on her its the daughter who was going to the school right. So punish the daughter too not just her im a huge fan and do u all really know how many lie to get into collage no u don't i know a few but im no snitch so yeah HALLMARK YALL ARE WRONG FOR DROPPING HER SHE IS AWESOEME
Claire Osborne
What goes around comes around, Everything comes to light in the end.. no one is above anything in life, Karma will show you that!!
Nancy Smith
Nancy Smith Oy oldin
Amazing how ppl aren't demanding the ivy - league college heads get jail time. So, yes, jealousy is everyone's biggest motivator.
Donna Moore
Donna Moore Oy oldin
Ctfu wht y’all think it wasn’t gonna come out 🤷‍♀️🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
Lui Chili
Lui Chili Oy oldin
More i see and hear...more i think how can a parent can destroy their child's life😕thinking they are "helping" 😖 doing wrong😖
Demari Oy oldin
Jail? Prison? I don’t give 2 titties about her getting fired!
Daquan brown
Daquan brown Oy oldin
So the DR that's about to perform surgery on you, Your smarter then.....................................
Jimmy B
Jimmy B Oy oldin
They’re losing their jobs now. Oh well. There’s always community college vans that chicks acting career is OVER
Jimmy B
Jimmy B Oy oldin
God I hate rich kids. I really do
Jamie Wright
Jamie Wright Oy oldin
All you Hollywood folks are fake wow
Bob Stokley
Bob Stokley Oy oldin
sleazy bitch filthy rich and she still steals fucking low life democrat cunt
WhiteFeather Oy oldin
Olivia Jade was on the USC board of directors Yacht. Wtf?
WhiteFeather Oy oldin
A bunch of spoiled twats. The mother too.
Aleister Midnight
the daughters arent cute at all. oldest looks the worst. Mama dev didnt pass the good looking gene ...lol
Nikki Jones
Nikki Jones Oy oldin
Not fair. She wasn't accused of rape or something big. This was unnecessary.
Trent Timoy
Trent Timoy Oy oldin
I don't feel ANY sorry for these spoiled rich fucking little whores. They are all privileged. I saw a video with Olivia Jade about being IN COLLEGE (presumably at USC) and talking about all of her commitments to her fashion life, make up bull crap and everything else and USC got the shaft!! The Only school this little bitch should go to is charm school that includes some humility and honor!
Kevyn Hansyn
Kevyn Hansyn Oy oldin
ABC actually doing News? This is odd.
Nikki Jones
Nikki Jones Oy oldin
They report celebs 5like any other news outlet.
Joey & Glavine
I feel like college is not for everyone. I’m sure those girls would’ve been successful on their own, they have exposure and the tools. Maybe it was the parents who pushed them to that and if that was the case then it’s sad this will become a problem within their family as well
Joey & Glavine
Nikki Jones I’m idk, I’m not hallmark but I’m guessing since it’s a scam it’s taken pretty serious and they didn’t want to be associated with that
Nikki Jones
Nikki Jones Oy oldin
Why did hallmark drop her? These accusations aren't that serious
Steph Allan
Steph Allan Oy oldin
Wow, America it’s important to realize just how far the dilemma of Socialist behavior and self entitlement has come. The key solution... RETURN to a sincere code of conduct and legitimate ethical standard. God Bless 🧐☝🏼🙇🏻‍♀️🔑🇺🇸
Mary Allison
Mary Allison Oy oldin
Good!!! Lori is a horrible person. Both girls deserve to be booted from school too. It is great that the makeup company dropped her entitled ass because she is a horrible person too.
Nikki Jones
Nikki Jones Oy oldin
Horrible? This is not a huge issue
Angela Phipps
Angela Phipps Oy oldin
Why are you punishing the daughter... when she had Nothing to do with it. Absolutely Ridiculous
Anteroization Oy oldin
this is not new, if your parents are somebody.. the worst part is that after college they become mediocre politicians............
Notorious Nerd
College is overrated.
Stephanie W
Stephanie W Oy oldin
Good. Girl, bye! 👋
Claudia K
Claudia K Oy oldin
Check into the "yacht" aspect of the daughter's involvement. many f yacht parties that aspiring actors attend are really call girl events, where money changes hands for sex and wehree children are also raped, including the man who says he was raped as a child by Bill Clinton at such an event. Jenny Moore, working with George Webb for a period, had very recently reported on this to the FBI when she was found dead in her hotel room, door unlocked even though she was religious about locking it because she was an investigative journalist who was under threat and because she still suffered from injuries from being beaten up years earlier by gang members when she was a CA cop investigating child abuse and trafficking.
KiddBlack66 Oy oldin
Let me guess the girls ran their mouth to other girls and those girls told other people who got jealous and snitched😂
Lee Lee
Lee Lee Oy oldin
Good, it’s what she deserves both and her husband belong in prison as well as all involved in this hideous crime that they chose to make!
april webb
april webb Oy oldin
Rich people have been doing this for years
p49512 Oy oldin
This has become way to big of a thing.
Paul Carbaugh
Paul Carbaugh Oy oldin
Things like kick backs like this are done in Washington on a daily basis. It NEVER gets delt with.
That Girl1
That Girl1 Oy oldin
How does someone take the SAT for someone else? Confused on how that goes down? Crazy
Narresh Gabriel
I believe this had been going on for some times now. It's just that this batch of idiots got caught. I am just wondering how many rich dunce kids are now working on wall street.... SAD
Jay Raphael
Jay Raphael Oy oldin
Aunt Becky shame on you.
Papa Lergs
Papa Lergs Oy oldin
lori loughlin more like lori locked up
Ana StaysGolden
KEEM Oy oldin
Just sad you got caught
King's Acres
King's Acres Oy oldin
Wow!!! Anyone's life can be destroyed in seconds at anytime for anything now days!
Dawn Fletcher
Dawn Fletcher Oy oldin
PIGS AT THE TROUGH, oink onik Denise. I just heard you also got canned at Hallmark channel.
ncc1701chris Oy oldin
Dj , yes stephanie, better come home, aunt Becky is going to jail. Better call uncle jessy. Danny walks in and says oh darn it. Now I have to find a new co host for my show. Joey walks over and says well I guess you will need my trick handcuffs. And I'll get my policeman costume on.
S McCure
S McCure Oy oldin
Check their taxes Cheaters cheat
A.V.D Oy oldin
Check out my new vid to see whether Lori's going to jail or not!! I want Lori and Olivia Jade to SEE it so spread it around!
Owen Fitzgerald
Riiiight, so Reddell didn't know what he was being hired to do?
sione43 Oy oldin
These parent preaching to their kids “Don’t cheat” but instead cheat for them!! They must think they’re on a movie scene! #thatFukUp
meena jones
meena jones Oy oldin
You know, just do right, this is what I have come to learn. In life, just do right and be honest, both will undoubtedly be hard at times. Nevertheless, a clear conscious, well, nothing compares.
Bobon Meiknob
Bobon Meiknob Oy oldin
No one wants to talk about unqualified people getting admitted due solely to their athletic abilities or skin color, and who pay NOTHING to attend. What? :-/
Jessie Mummert
I cant believe lori did this
tito jackson
tito jackson Oy oldin
Have the world in their hands still cheating and stealing ohhh what a privilege it is 🙈🙈🙈
Julie Mont.
Julie Mont. Oy oldin
Very disappointing 😔😔😔
veerchasm1 Oy oldin
Tiger Steele
Tiger Steele Oy oldin
Apto 2YOU
Apto 2YOU Oy oldin
Coisa bonita heim
Jesse Cruz Salas
This news makes me have mix feelings towards those colleges.
John Townsend
John Townsend Oy oldin
trump asserts he graduated from Wharton business school “at the top of my class”. The truth is he was admitted through graft and graduated without honors of any kind. Fellow graduates say they’re surprised he even graduated given his sloppy study habits and long absences. Professors reported he was disruptive and arrogant in class and thought he knew everything. One was quoted as saying “he was the dumbest goddamn student I ever had”.
Ewa Oy oldin
Sorry ,the all children from HOLLIWOOD they emty HEADS no brain Only they play in movies or they rich BECUSE they ate in ""HOLLYWOOD,, THEY SAME POLITITION CHILDREN,,so e of them they only DEVELOP little brain That those some ki d of SMART Yes they SCHULD be a SHAME ,, MONY DOING EDUCATION FOR THAM?????? SO SAD AND THAT IS HAPPEN IN AMERIKA??????? EVEN MORE SAD 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Irene Felix
Irene Felix Oy oldin
Oh Hollywood actors and actresses, which one of you will be next....
D0nt M1ndmyname
So wait a guy is so smart to ace an act test like it’s nothing but instead of going to school and making bank by working hard he just said nah I’m a scumbag
Debbie Richardson
If she was foreign, I bet she would get by with this. My opinion.
Not Her
Not Her Oy oldin
Now hopefully she goes to jail. And the same with Jussie..It’s funny he didn’t get fired
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