Full Interview: Lady Gaga Talks To Stephen Colbert

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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Stephen's wide-ranging conversation with 'A Star Is Born' star Lady Gaga was too long for air, but not too long for the web!
Stephen’s wide-ranging conversation with ‘A Star Is Born’ star Lady Gaga was too long for air, but not too long for UZvid!
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5-Okt, 2018

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Ronaldino G
Ronaldino G 2 soat oldin
Yep...Bradley tapped that.
a24396 2 soat oldin
She is a delightful person and I'm so glad she's been successful...
Christina O'Shaughnessy
Wonderful lady!
alliemikaela 6 soat oldin
Her and Zooey Dechannel could be twins
nymet2454 6 soat oldin
Lady Gaga is this generations Barbra Streisand.
Cat Car
Cat Car 7 soat oldin
Lady Gaga sounds pretty dumb in this interview. Very inarticulate, keeps repeating herself, limited vocabulary. I have never read that she is a stupid person in real life, so what is the deal? Is she on some substances or what? And if you don't watch it but just listen to the audio, she sounds even worse.
Jes Heaven
Jes Heaven 7 soat oldin
Gaga and Cooper were both great in the movie and it was just that...moving. Fragile hearts need love not criticism. "World is shallow" ...too right but with God we can be courageous go into the deep and swim.
Lauren Brown
Lauren Brown 11 soat oldin
I love how she compliments the band first. Such a star.
Mark Gimball
Mark Gimball 11 soat oldin
🔴 *Already watched ^A STAR lS B0RN^ fiIm* t.co/4kSfgCG6sZ Unglaublicher.. film! Sehr zu empfehlen.. es auszuprobieren!
Shelby Ursiak
Shelby Ursiak 11 soat oldin
Lady Gaga is pulling a Cher
Claudia V
Claudia V 11 soat oldin
This brilliant interview, coupled by the intelligent, on-point commentary posted by other UZvid viewers here has restored a big slice of my faith in media, art and society in general.
wuzdat 12 soat oldin
She demeans herself being on this idiots show.
J N austan
J N austan 12 soat oldin
She BETTER get Oscar for this role!
Samanta Rizzi
Samanta Rizzi 12 soat oldin
I love how everyone loves her now. Makes me so happy. :D
Saxon Hui
Saxon Hui 12 soat oldin
Once again Lady Gaga reminds me why I love her so much
Horror Chatter
Horror Chatter 13 soat oldin
Brilliant angel loving her more and more just a awesome human being,
Muzzi 13 soat oldin
I love Lady Gaga 💜
Brenna Kohlhase
Brenna Kohlhase 16 soat oldin
It just dawned on me - she's Cher on steroids
Leighton Cooke
Leighton Cooke 16 soat oldin
One of your best, Stephen! Lady GaGa rocks! #metoo
Joshua Day
Joshua Day 17 soat oldin
not a fan of Colbert, mainly because of politics, but he is a good host. doesnt interrupt everyone like fucking Kimmel does
Alexandre Freitag
Alexandre Freitag 17 soat oldin
Colbert put Gaga at ease just from the beginning of their conversation which let her speak so openly! She is real decent multitalented! Only a genuine person may be able to be as happy for another person’s shining talent as Gaga did speaking of Bradley. I saw Gaga in a very different way in this interview, and I gonna see the movie for sure. Thank u for posting.
florels 17 soat oldin
I watched A Star is Born and fell in love with this beautiful talented person named Stefani Germanotta.
Cindy Tartt
Cindy Tartt 18 soat oldin
I am horrified I wrote her off! I need a fuckin smack over the head. She shows heart here but also intelligence. Personality, individual, deadly honest. Love her.
keshnie pillay
keshnie pillay 15 soat oldin
Noordinary Art
Noordinary Art 20 soat oldin
I really loved and admired her after watching the film and this interview 💜
andrea delves
andrea delves 20 soat oldin
there are not many true artists out in the world anymore...gaga is one...she is brilliant in this movie but more so in life
Jerry Novak
Jerry Novak 21 soat oldin
Lady Gaga is truly a ''STAR''.
John Kenny
John Kenny 21 soat oldin
Both of these humans are amazing at what they do.
Dww Gaa
Dww Gaa 23 soat oldin
Still waiting for Indonesian popstar here @agnezmo & @anggun_cipta :)
carlos silva
carlos silva 23 soat oldin
The healthier person i know. But sorry... She is the Gaga from Enuma Elish - the message Goddess . It is as a fabricated product. Very elaborated. She tell lies in a very sincere way. She is a monster of lie, disguised of popular trouble and trauma. She shares popular trauma and problems in order to create empathy with common people. A manipulating person that looks very nice - she shares the some problems of the average person! Indeed an intelligent person, but don't be fooled: SHE IS NOT LIKE YOU! GAGA is an historical circumstance product (as so many others) created to blind reality and influence young people life circumstances.
Sophia_ Wonders
Sophia_ Wonders Kun oldin
The props she gave Dr. Christine Blasey Ford wow
Ally Blom !
Ally Blom ! Kun oldin
Lol ofc he somehow managed to incorporate a JRR Tolkein quote into the interview 😂😂😂
Ivy Lin
Ivy Lin Kun oldin
I just saw A Star is Born and Lady Gaga WILL win the Academy Award for this role. Mark my words. She is the real deal. She is so funny and earthy as Ally. She and Bradley Cooper made me cry all my makeup off.
eJacob Cornelius
Her "speech" at the end was powerful enough to change the world. I wish more Americans would listen.
Melanie Palma
Melanie Palma Kun oldin
Spectacular Soul. What a beauty, inside and out.
Eileen Obrien
Eileen Obrien Kun oldin
love you more than ever Lady GaGa
zanna Adedigba
zanna Adedigba Kun oldin
Beautiful interview . Beautiful lady GAGA AND new respect for Colbert!
Audria Lindley
Audria Lindley Kun oldin
Shes amazing in this movie, infact I feel it shows us her most raw depth.
Inés E.
Inés E. Kun oldin
He's a really good interviewer. It feels natural. He asks relevant questions, and ones that actually follow what she's saying, so some of that is most likely unscripted. He has watched the movie, he's respectful and doesn't fill pauses... 👏👏 I don't know, I appreciate how Stephen does his job
kim danial Marthinsen
Wow now i kwow IT took 5 years to face my assault. Bacause my was in that box
nicholas van grudgings
Great interview. This woman is amazing.
Tippy Wong
Tippy Wong Kun oldin
She's amazing
Carolina benitez magaña
Me encanto la película, Lady Gaga preciosa sin maquillaje y la voz de Cooper son de esas voces que al oírlas yo me enamoro ¡¡¡
Edward Pinder
Edward Pinder Kun oldin
She's got so much Charisma!
dawn scott
dawn scott Kun oldin
All I have to say is "oh, please"...lady gaga and politics...no thanks! That woman who did what she did to Kavanaugh...yeah, she is smart and that's why the left used her. Kavanaugh did nothing to her and it is all coming out. She will be brought to justice for the bs. Not brave at all! Disgusting. I wish they had left it had the film. How stupid to bring Kavanaugh up.
babyinblack Kun oldin
She’s being so funny here haha
babyinblack Kun oldin
Her awkward laughs are adorable lol. I love her.
Gali-Jean D.
Gali-Jean D. Kun oldin
That was incredible
Mindy Morningstar
She is just so authentic, you hear her passion in her music. ( she can bring you to tears) Always have. Maybe being stripped down, this will help people understand and see her differently underneath the persona to the real person. She's a beautiful person inside and out.
Juzer Hashimi
Juzer Hashimi Kun oldin
Never thought I'd press replay for a pop star's humanitarian speech.... 5 times.
Jade Hazell
Jade Hazell Kun oldin
I love her so much ❤️
cheryl knlght
cheryl knlght Kun oldin
Your MK Ultra is showing Gaga, I will keep praying for you.
LAT10865 Kun oldin
She's so cute but so so beautiful when she has the natural look, not lovin' the yellow white hair on her because it disguises her true beauty.
Talie Holgate
Talie Holgate Kun oldin
Is there a video or recording of her singing no regrets in Italian
Maluk M
Maluk M Kun oldin
she so fake
zondaintheair Kun oldin
Is she a dwarf?
I’m so over her. I feel like she’s so fake and rehearsed. Like a Beyonce 2.0. I mean, very talented, but I just don’t believe she is genuine.
Maxin FashioN
Maxin FashioN Kun oldin
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Alomarez Kun oldin
Can’t wait to see Her Film
Jackie Cessna
Jackie Cessna Kun oldin
Oh and Gaga! I love what you had to say about kavannaugh and Dr. Ford and trump. You are 100% correct. I too have survived rape more than once. And I changed the narrative of it to where it didn't happen or I came out the victor and got away. For 24 years I didn't tell. And then boom a trigger! And yes! Dr. Ford was so brave and she did it for our country! Unfortunately, even the women voted FOR him! 51 to 49! Ugh! My heart broke for Dr. Ford bit also for our country. And yes, you put kindly when you said we are living in "shallow times".
Jackie Cessna
Jackie Cessna Kun oldin
I was not a fan of lady Gaga and the rwasin was because I felt she got famous because of what I referred to as her "gimic". Please don't hate on me. I am being honest. I didn't give her music a chance. I just couldn't see past it. It distracted me from her talent. Example, Alicia Keys came out with her first hit, it hit a place in me where it took my breath away. I had no idea who this was but her voice went straight to my soul. Barbara Streisand, yep she has always stunned me with her inctedible vocal talent and her acting and directing! So when I heard Gaga sing in the movie trailer, I couldn't breath. She was absolutely breath taking! Now I watch this interview and I am equally amazed and stunned at how beautiful this wiman is on the inside and out! I will be a fan from this day forward! So, thank you Steven and THANK YOU Gaga! Thank you Bradley for beliving in this incredible young lady!
super geeky
super geeky Kun oldin
I am not a big fan of hers or anything (don't hate her, don't love her) but fuck she is super adorable here.
Tere Castro-Saldana
Brian Brant
Brian Brant 2 kun oldin
She was in Sin City 2. I mean she killed it in A Star is Born, but "Feature Film Debut"? That is just untrue.
Nancy Aguilar
Nancy Aguilar 2 kun oldin
Wasn't Clint Eastwood was suppose to direct and Beyonce was suppose to be the star? I'm happy it landed to the right people.
NEBSpecialEdition 2 kun oldin
First of all, that's a wig
pravin s
pravin s 2 kun oldin
Bradley Cooper believed! Thats belief! Bradley is not one of them!
Михаил Асеев
Francisco Guerra
Francisco Guerra 2 kun oldin
She would be an amazing comedian.
Михаил Асеев
If she Will stop drink tequila in morning
Oxana Di
Oxana Di 2 kun oldin
This movie was best thing in a long time, gave me such a relief and awesome feeling ahh...I love these talented people, incredible !
Janine Sperfeld
Janine Sperfeld 2 kun oldin
This woman is absolutely incredible ♥️ I can‘t wait to see the film this weekend
Dragos 2 kun oldin
I saw A Star is Born tonight and all I can say is that it's one of the best movies I've seen in a long time!
Denise Maria Branquinho
I like this girl, but the movie is so boring!!!!!!
Brenda Thomas
Brenda Thomas 2 kun oldin
Love Gaga but I have to disagree with her on Dr. Ford. She had no proof by anyone. I think she lied. She should have taken it to police not a political arena
badboosh 2 kun oldin
This movie was amazing. I saw it twice in one week.
Alistair Melville
Alistair Melville 2 kun oldin
Probably the most authentic and honest lady I have ever heard in the entertainment business. A true lady !
TK 2 kun oldin
Stephen i have a mad respect what a humble guy
Callie Calista
Callie Calista 2 kun oldin
I despise Colbert.. But I adore Lady Gaga.
Donna Villarreal
Donna Villarreal 2 kun oldin
Wow. She took my words out of my mouth. We live in a time where being shallow is in. What happened to being deep and honest. Expressing your true self. Passion in beautiful things is very rare. I long for raw inner emotions.
Aunt Lonny
Aunt Lonny 2 kun oldin
Bella, you aren’t fake either!
Luisana Rivas
Luisana Rivas 2 kun oldin
This interview is everything! I never thought I would admire a celebrity so much. Lady Gaga is amazing! So intelligent and articulate, but also genuine. :) Wow.
Amanda220 2 kun oldin
"I have a glass of wine and cry." Yes, girl!
Nancy Lewington
Nancy Lewington 2 kun oldin
Love her comments on Ford and Kavanaugh, spot on.
Carol Keskeny
Carol Keskeny 2 kun oldin
I Love Lady GAGA!!! She is so talented and so caring.
Sheila meri
Sheila meri 2 kun oldin
I hope you're right!!
Ty Gallardo
Ty Gallardo 2 kun oldin
Even if Cavanaugh did attempt to rape her remember its an attempt not a full assault she was at a so called sex party and it was an attempt not a full out sexual asult and they proved there self that is was some kinda sex party and they were young is a attempt worth ruining his life he has kids and a wonderful record as an adult come on and trump made mestakes all his life this could be his calling denying him is chance it's like denying Gaga as actor she should do more movies and trump should have his chance and the ford stuff is being over looked tgat they were young hes not tge same person by far but yet she brings him down over an attempt at a so called sex party thats what there telling us that the partys were sex parties and she was drinking and wondering by herself without anyone look at this picture they paint i was really sexaully assaulted but me being and man and my babysitter being a older girl would i get the same reactions i wanted to save myself for someone i loved i was mad at this girl she stalked me and when i did get a girlfriend she told her but im not goin to see her at tge highest court and bring her down and she didnt attempt she held my little ass down and took my virginity taking a good man down for an attempt is not the same as a full blown sexual assault this was political and money motivated on her part everyone hates trump go back and listen to trump as a young man they already have for us he has failed at alot but let me tell u for sone reason he not goin to fail at President neither will gaga fail at being a actress she killed the part great job but dont let you emotions control your opinion alot of people look up to you and evem more now including me .....
Chatraporn Tamthong
cannot click enough like for this interview!!!! I'm crying
Ty Gallardo
Ty Gallardo 2 kun oldin
Shes so humble wish i could run into her italian too wow love her in the movie im a fan good job bardly she deserves to be a star to great Italians econs
Ty Gallardo
Ty Gallardo 2 kun oldin
Ford stuff was touching but killed it she wasnt sexually assaulted it was attemped at a young age at a party they were both young no need to ruin both of there lifes but im sure she got paid and that was here main motivation just speaking truth ofcourse someone who went threw it would relate but at tgat young of age ut happened to me but would i ruin that persons life no but if i had beach democrat friend to help me destroy a man who attempted i childish act at a party probably known to be sex partys that no one recalls but her come on stay out of emotions and look at the full picture and to be educated and talk like a baby shows you how fake it was not saying it didnt happen just saying at a young age at a party wondering arround at a party that was so called known sex party we were all young and apparently the man change his life beutiful movie beutiful artist and actor love the movie but go left vote left k. Trump probably failed at alot in his life but this is his chance to make a decference its selfish of Ford to bring a great man down even if he made a mastake at what age again come on i cant be wrong maybe it because iv cleansed my body cured myself of cancer abd learned are traditions are what kills us not genetics im Italian but if i eat pasta and all the things we put in are body not even knowing are own biology if we knew are emotions wouldnt control are opinions life is wonderful cleansed being a millionaire at obe time i kniw money dosnt make us happy being creative and able to express your form if art to the world trumps art is making America great after failing all his life and ford what i great example of revenge for money any kind hurted person wouldbt destroy a great mans life over teenage a attempted sexaul asult attempt i was sexaully asualted by my babysitter if she happened to be Hillary i still wouldnt destroy her life this was politically motivated and motivated by money on her part guaranteed in the future if its not baried by the left she made a substantial amount of money
Hailey Ennis
Hailey Ennis 2 kun oldin
An instant classic. Spoke to my soul💘
Alessandra Serra
Alessandra Serra 2 kun oldin
I didn't know Stephen Colbert, I like him, a lot!!!
Carlos Cruz
Carlos Cruz 2 kun oldin
I love her!!!! Cracked me up!
tsubaki 2 kun oldin
I laughed with her on "I find a way to love again" hahahahah
Derek Dishart
Derek Dishart 2 kun oldin
Lady Gaga? What is this, 2009?
Richard K
Richard K 2 kun oldin
I've seen a few interviews with her and every time without fail she comes off as likable and always gives thanks for what she's achieved. So cool.
Javi Silva
Javi Silva 2 kun oldin
She's kinda awkward but it's adorable lol.
Darla Barnes
Darla Barnes 2 kun oldin
I kind of liked her natural look more than the her present one.
serialpruners 2 kun oldin
everyone on earth will see them together
Andrea Ayala
Andrea Ayala 3 kun oldin
Truly a beautiful film. A must-see!
Linny Crocus
Linny Crocus 3 kun oldin
Lol girl, I love ya but the scene in which Ally is singing on SNL is clearly lip synced. Don't be a hypocrite.
Ana Sanz
Ana Sanz 2 kun oldin
Linny Crocus, I remember very well when we recorded that scene.
Dee Gio
Dee Gio 3 kun oldin
Luv her! Smart lady!😉👍
milkmoneydunny 3 kun oldin
Faith in the world revived. What. An. Angel.