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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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Stephen's wide-ranging conversation with 'A Star Is Born' star Lady Gaga was too long for air, but not too long for the web!
Stephen’s wide-ranging conversation with ‘A Star Is Born’ star Lady Gaga was too long for air, but not too long for UZvid!
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5-Okt, 2018

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Paula Brown
Paula Brown 2 soat oldin
Brains beauty talent and a huge 💜 heart! Love Lady Gaga beyond words! Stephen rocked the honest interview! 💚💚💚
Nathan N
Nathan N 8 soat oldin
‘There are a lot of fake people in Hollywood, and Bradley Cooper is not one of them.’ Good on you Gaga
Doreen-Ann Cheung
Doreen-Ann Cheung 9 soat oldin
Love the interview! Love lady gaga she is so down to earth. She is beautiful inside out.
Gisselle A
Gisselle A 13 soat oldin
What a great interviewer!
Jodie Bandy
Jodie Bandy 15 soat oldin
I've always enjoyed some of her music but then I watched A Star is Born. I have a new found respect for her as a person, singer, actress and performer.
Mirissa Regent
Mirissa Regent 16 soat oldin
She is special ❤😊 Em must be so proud of her 😊
Mirissa Regent
Mirissa Regent 17 soat oldin
3.11 😂🙌
geekably U
geekably U 23 soat oldin
Not hating on Arianna Grande AT ALL, but when Gaga said, “You can be a technically perfect singer but have no ability to tell a story.” I was like YES, those are the words I was looking for to describe Arianna Grande! Like, every time I hear her sing I’m like, “She’s hitting the notes but not much else.” And now I can finally describe it. I’ve hated Gaga since she first debuted, but ever since A Star is Born came out I’m strangely finding myself really liking her.
Mp0w3r Kun oldin
Bradly is after her bank account , and hes also ugly af
Kristina Rhodes
Kristina Rhodes Kun oldin
This is an extraordinary interview. She is a stunning talent and Stephen Colbert sets the standard for interviewing.
Allyson Benson
Allyson Benson 2 kun oldin
ive never really cared for Gaga before but since the movie and interviews, new music. i got to see such a different side, she seems so sweet and legit. Im such a fan of the movie and music also cannot stop watching interviews of gaga and bradley since lol
alpharich and friends alpharich
JB8 2 kun oldin
what a great interview. Thank you, Stephen. Thank you, Lady Gaga.
Steven Smith
Steven Smith 2 kun oldin
I like how colbert will cross his arms and prop his elbows on the desk while his guests speak. His body language and facial expressions really convey that he is listening to and appreciating his guests. He also shuts up and lets his guests speak, few hosts will do that. Great late night host i hope he sticks around for a long time
thatsabadtouch 2 kun oldin
They always have to add in some political trash. The funny thing about this one is, Ford is almost universally NOT believed at this point.
Snuffy Smif
Snuffy Smif 2 kun oldin
thatsabadtouch Shame on you... That is nowhere near true, and you know it! On the contrary, most people believe Kavanaugh not only got away with perhaps several violent sexual crimes while all beer'd-up, but on the stand he followed Lindsay Graham's lead and threw an unprofessional and unbecoming tantrum that was also rewarded with one of the absolute best promotions possible, simply because he's also a coddled, privileged good ole boy like most Republicans in the Senate. Bottom line, if you're innocent, then why do you need quote "limited scope conditions" on an FBI investigation instead of allowing a normal FULL ONE to TRULY clear his name?!
TEYAM Z 2 kun oldin
Anneska Kirideska
Anneska Kirideska 2 kun oldin
Goodness. I just realized Gaga's ring is the same as Katy Perry's "engagement" ring posted on her IG. what a coincidence!
Chris R
Chris R 2 kun oldin
She looks SO HAPPY!
Ola Mo0n
Ola Mo0n 2 kun oldin
She’s simply beautiful inside and out
Charles Simpson
Charles Simpson 2 kun oldin
I find lady gaga's and kim kardashian's face too much similar some times....🤔
Nicole Festinger
Nicole Festinger 2 kun oldin
I agree with you lady g.
MrSteveyboy33 2 kun oldin
Love Lady Gaga she’s so nice
sooz hart
sooz hart 3 kun oldin
Don Lawrence, what a jerk! He made me cry every singing lesson! He was so mean to me!And I wasn’t a kid ! Back in ‘95-2001 I was a professional in my early 30’s, singing 6 days a week on 57th street @ The Motown Cafe right down the street from his Carnegie Hall studio. He would scream at me to “sing out of the top of the back of my head”which, apparently , I couldn’t do! I learned more from my elementary school chorus teacher ( Thank You Mrs. Dempsey🙏🏻)
sooz hart
sooz hart 3 kun oldin
Don Lawrence made me cry everyday .
sammy polsen
sammy polsen 3 kun oldin
My God.. Love her.. Talented and! Intelligent.. Damn!
Vijay Luhan
Vijay Luhan 3 kun oldin
Its a credit to Colbert's love for the film, that he allocated Lady Gaga with a 30min interview slot!
Liz Lake
Liz Lake 3 kun oldin
I absolutely Love Lady GaGa!! She's so Talented!!!
David Collett
David Collett 3 kun oldin
An extraordinary woman, a masterful interview
Brandie Elyse
Brandie Elyse 3 kun oldin
She’s so perfect
Chris Ekstedt
Chris Ekstedt 3 kun oldin
I loved Lady Gaga's 'stripped down self' without makeup and hair dye...lovely...but....be who you are. Big props for commenting on your own truth.
Eric Nadler
Eric Nadler 3 kun oldin
Fantastic interview, from both sides of the desk!
CYP 2D6 3 kun oldin
4:36 LMAO, I wish someone would shamelessly defend me like that
Jean McQuaid
Jean McQuaid 3 kun oldin
I loved your interview you are so talented, beautiful, I wish you all the best in the world 💐💐💐💐
Tim Vogel Owner / anythingoutdoorkc
Such a beautiful, passionate - intelligent person. Talented beyond words!
Angela Osiecki
Angela Osiecki 3 kun oldin
There just to many song writers that go on singing and the fans are just to busy to write how they feel cause right now i am being meand it is inportant to let me know how i feel too many song writers go on without them there would no meaning in life.
Angela Osiecki
Angela Osiecki 3 kun oldin
A better way of putting all this is just letting you know i love you.
Angela Osiecki
Angela Osiecki 3 kun oldin
The ending is just too hard to take .you were beautiful being you and i love your music i love you alley.
Cathy Kate
Cathy Kate 3 kun oldin
Sorry the judge didnt hurt that woman gaga..
Angela Osiecki
Angela Osiecki 3 kun oldin
The moive was perfact.
Angela Osiecki
Angela Osiecki 3 kun oldin
You were your true self you both are the best and i am going too see the moive again just too feel the feelings i felt watching the moive.
Angela Osiecki
Angela Osiecki 3 kun oldin
You both are awesome and yes i love you both for touching my heart and making see how beautiful lif reall is.
Angela Osiecki
Angela Osiecki 3 kun oldin
I should say i love you both the moive has made me see music and love are best together very touching moive the best i had ever watched trust me not ever had a man say that i trust my self the moive is the best it really touches a part of anyone who has a true heart you both have that .
universal love
universal love 4 kun oldin
A hundred people in a room and 99 don’t believe in you
Jenna King
Jenna King 4 kun oldin
I want to see this movie so bad.
tiffsaver 4 kun oldin
I'm rather surprised and delighted to see just how talented a serious interviewer Stephen Colbert can be, especially in this interview. But is it just me, or did I notice some oddly strange behavior emanating from the Diva in this interview?? Nothing so dramatic as you'd notice upon the briefest glance, but if you watch this conversation closely, you'll begin to see some rather bizarre facial "ticks" occur between her comments that I couldn't quite ignore, no matter how hard I tried. For many, they may have gone unnoticed, but for me it was as obvious as the nose on her face. I apologize for raining on this parade, but I think that there's something a little "off" about The Gaga that no one here seems to admit or acknowledge.
tae tae
tae tae 4 kun oldin
shes such a sweetheart ohmygod
David 4 kun oldin
Armando Castillo
Armando Castillo 4 kun oldin
How did she not mention AHS!!
teresa curran
teresa curran 4 kun oldin
I think only gaga could have done this role. Obviously, who ever did it had to take on Streisand and Gaga is still insanely underated.
CAMPAZ Films 5 kun oldin
That is a dress. And a sleeve.
Annie Edmonds
Annie Edmonds 5 kun oldin
Love Lady Gaga! The movie and the song Shallow still has a hold on me.
Tamra Eaton
Tamra Eaton 5 kun oldin
Simple Mobile Solutions
Love her humble spirit
ili n
ili n 5 kun oldin
as in lady’s bf or bradly’s gf ,doesn’t matter i would be jealous of the way she talks about him and their experience together
Niki Yu
Niki Yu 5 kun oldin
She is so cute!
CaptainPond 5 kun oldin
There can be 100 red balloons in the room and only 99 believe in you 😂 I saw the film today and it is brilliant. Also - Stephen Colbert is such a good interviewer!
Anna Rousiadou
Anna Rousiadou 6 kun oldin
♈♈♈Talent.. Truly a believer of that
Jay Guneyler
Jay Guneyler 6 kun oldin
I absolutely love her, she's so moving.
H Charton
H Charton 6 kun oldin
I want to love her....but if she can't say she regrets telling R. Kelly to "do what you want with my body" then I wonder if she has really don'e the work it takes to live out her own artistic truth....or is she still just acting...and this sets a tragic and dangerous example for other young people...and if wearing your natural hair color and unmake-up'd face makes you feel surprisingly naked, then being completely honest is foreign to you.
Jeannette K
Jeannette K 7 kun oldin
It is nice seeing Lady Gaga grow up. I feel this interview shows her persona more than her music interviews where she comes off as some flavor of character that is marketing her music. I feel this is who this person is for real. She is very talented intelligent and and smart. After her explanation at the end Stephen was speechless and totally understood her point.
Eponine Reads
Eponine Reads 7 kun oldin
I don't get it. She said she sucked as an actress. Who was in American Horror Story: Hotel then? It slightly irks me that it slips her memory. It makes me question my sanity.
what's the song that start the interview ? pls
Paul Austin
Paul Austin 6 kun oldin
Shallow by Lady Gaga
Andrew Gibbon-Williams
No one ever lost any money underestimating American taste. Crap movie. 2 hours of boredom. I am now gaga.
Rob Butler
Rob Butler 7 kun oldin
Believe and receive fellow brothers and sisters...we are the perfect example of our creator...choose your thoughts wisely...bwahahaha ...."maybe its time to lets the ole ways die"...Ova
Red 7 kun oldin
AInt nothin shallow bout you gurl. And also, WOW! Just Wow!
Corilo Lina
Corilo Lina 8 kun oldin
Oh my gosh ... I LOVE HER !!
BigE 8 kun oldin
At 24.56 minutes see Colbert’s hand signals 👌🏼👀
McPhillen 8 kun oldin
Wow!i salute you lady gaga it shows ,who you really is in this interview,you give connection to Colbert?while he talked no wonder you give much connection to Bradley,stay as humble as you are babe!lady gaga you're the best xx👌👍👍👍👍👌
Rubber Treedisco
Rubber Treedisco 8 kun oldin
She is a amazing person and deserves all the love in the world for what she has stood for. An the unique color of her engagement ring.
cami805 9 kun oldin
Lady gaga is such a creative soul... You can hear it even in her voice her brain is always churning a new idea
esquibelle 9 kun oldin
Wow. Never understood her fame before. Did not really care for her music. But this woman is very smart & amazing. Her acting in Star is Born is fantastic. Just Wow. ~~~ signed ~ a newly converted fan
MistieBlue 9 kun oldin
Lady Gaga!♥️
Carla Lee
Carla Lee 9 kun oldin
Shape shift?
Sara Bernardinello
Sara Bernardinello 9 kun oldin
She is an amazing person.
Divyen Joshi
Divyen Joshi 9 kun oldin
After watching A Star is Born I just really like her, always knew she was an extremely talented musician but she's so much more.
Angela Osiecki
Angela Osiecki 9 kun oldin
The song at the end of the moive is how i totally feel.
Angela Osiecki
Angela Osiecki 9 kun oldin
I am nobody just trying to express my feelings after watching a moive that touched me deeply.
Angela Osiecki
Angela Osiecki 9 kun oldin
The moive was so real life the ending was so hard to take it changed me somehow in a good way love you both .
Angela Osiecki
Angela Osiecki 9 kun oldin
My sister said hes hot and she is married awesome song writer and moive
Yaganoma Baatuolkuu
Stephen Colbert is one of those hosts who knows exactly how to bring the best out of his guest. I watched the Nicki Minaj interview and it changed how I viewed her music. This interview has done the same for me with Stefani Germanotta. She's got soul.
El Video Viral
El Video Viral 9 kun oldin
Is Monica Naranjo?
KATA 10 kun oldin
She is so cringe
Johnson Dangles10
Johnson Dangles10 10 kun oldin
Yeah his interview style is quite similar to Jimmy Fallon’s😂
Martha Arnold
Martha Arnold 10 kun oldin
Love you Gaga! You are always so grateful to God. X
Charles Benson
Charles Benson 10 kun oldin
She's an ISFP (:
sue konrady
sue konrady 10 kun oldin
itsuki uehara
itsuki uehara 10 kun oldin
i like lady gaga without makeup she is so pretty.
Dorothy Yawson
Dorothy Yawson 10 kun oldin
i watched it in a cinema in stockholm and some people sitting beside cried, haha
JMarz 11 kun oldin
I wasnt sure about the movie, cut to me balling as a 30 year old man saying "that's the best film ive seen in years!"
Monico Hernandez III
I have always liked how he interviews and can on and on with boring the guest. This how great Stephen Colbert is.
Katy Petree
Katy Petree 11 kun oldin
“Maybe it’s because I’m a New Yorker” nah it’s bc you’re an Aries
Mary Sibley
Mary Sibley 11 kun oldin
I fall in love with Lady Gaga, over and over again. I love your journey as an artist, true triple threat 😘
Siqin QU
Siqin QU 11 kun oldin
What a nice interview! Both the host and the guest impressed the audience with insightful questions and inspiring answers.
Richard Bittmann
Richard Bittmann 12 kun oldin
My wife had a close call in college in 1965. I hear you loud and clear.
Richard Bittmann
Richard Bittmann 12 kun oldin
I’m happily married. This is not invasive.
Richard Bittmann
Richard Bittmann 12 kun oldin
Is your ring an engagement ring?
Simone Lambiase
Simone Lambiase 12 kun oldin
She is beautiful,amazing,nice woman...but she seems a bit strange doesn't she?
Katy Petree
Katy Petree 11 kun oldin
Simone Lambiase all geniuses are strange 👌🏻
Chantelle Visser
Chantelle Visser 12 kun oldin
All the best people are
mako chian
mako chian 12 kun oldin
When i see lady gaga now i see ally. a simple lovely woman.ilove lady gaga before but now ilove her even more😍☺❤❤❤
Brandon Moles
Brandon Moles 12 kun oldin
I have to say I don’t really care for actors or musicians but Lady Gaga seems to grow on me more as she gets older. She is not only an awesome musician but I think equally as well as an actor and I hope to see her play in so many more rolls. My wife and I don’t go see movies a lot but we went and saw a star is born in the theater, and it was awesome. So if she puts out more movies we will definitely go see them. Hotel American horror story was when I truly found out she was acting my wife was glued to the TV every night a new part would come out, and I really don’t care for TV but that’s the only show I can tell you but I actually sat with my wife and watched. After the hotel was out on American horror show I stop watching the show. Lady Gaga keep it up!!!
Bonnie Mcphee
Bonnie Mcphee 12 kun oldin
28:02 ish is why I love this woman.
Adam Bland
Adam Bland 13 kun oldin
yes amazing this is how talk shows should go and be about!! 10/10 plus i love her she is amazing and defiantly my number 1 celebrity crush!!!
Belen Inal-Banerjee
Belen Inal-Banerjee 13 kun oldin
She and Bradley speak French fluently! My goodness!
GVDS 13 kun oldin
She's like a crossover between Madonna and the Dalai Lama
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