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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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Stephen's wide-ranging conversation with 'A Star Is Born' star Lady Gaga was too long for air, but not too long for the web!
Stephen’s wide-ranging conversation with ‘A Star Is Born’ star Lady Gaga was too long for air, but not too long for UZvid!
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5-Okt, 2018

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Phil Hewitt
Phil Hewitt 6 soat oldin
Goodness me, that box comment is on the mark , god help you when it splits open.
donny bugger
donny bugger 9 soat oldin
2:00 here we go again...
San Handles
San Handles 10 soat oldin
Lady gaga I'm a massive fan of your music, your acting is amazing, but PLEASE you've Vern misled by a very bias and agenda driven media, it's not just believe all women because their women , the professor in this instance LIED and even her own witnesses COULD NOT OR WOYULD NOT corroborate her fictitious story, the mere accusation almost ruined a mans life, career and family, justice must continue where you ARE innocent until proven otherwise and no kangaroo court or court of public appeal brought on by those pushing a leftist feminist agenda, PLEASE RESEARCH MATTERS FOR YOURSELF , DO. NOT RELY ON THE FAKE NEWS MEDIA, ✌🏻🇦🇺❤️🎼🎶🎵
AsSeenOnTV 13 soat oldin
I would bet a billion dollars she and Bradley had sex... multiple times....again and again
3506Dodge 16 soat oldin
Lady Gaga cooks her own food?!
Animae 18 soat oldin
GO Gaga!!! Love ya guuurl!!!!
Rakimah Manda
Rakimah Manda 20 soat oldin
Shes so real
Deb Howe
Deb Howe Kun oldin
she is the best actrees ive ever seen. so talented,
the one
the one Kun oldin
She's so dramatic when she talks it's like she stepped in shit and then it all of a sudden shot up her legs and out her mouth
Gazza_P91 Kun oldin
This movie changed my view on Lady Gaga - I like this version of Lady Gaga
Erica Roggie
Erica Roggie Kun oldin
Thank you so much for posting the entire interview!
Alltilt Kun oldin
Gaga and Cooper can save the world. Make babies. Then make more babies. Then make more babies.
Andy O'Connor
Andy O'Connor Kun oldin
And this ladies and gentlemen is the best part of music, so can these crappy songs and stupid autotunes stop for a couple of minutes and listen to Gaga!!
Julia Luca
Julia Luca 2 kun oldin
People’s positivity in the comments are just as refreshing as her haha
Rylee Clark
Rylee Clark 2 kun oldin
interview starts @ 0:57
kylio85 2 kun oldin
Gaga has grow up so much ...
Nina Massey
Nina Massey 2 kun oldin
Love her and her beliefs...truly talented \
Dina B
Dina B 2 kun oldin
I loved this movie sooooo much
Carter Reed
Carter Reed 2 kun oldin
The glasses and wine bottle that he pulls out of a hidden cabinet, pours the wine into the wine glasses, clinks and then sips, and then a trading of French phrases -- classic, love it.
Maya Raghavan
Maya Raghavan 3 kun oldin
uff i have always loved this person ever since she came onto the popular scene-such a brilliant genius, wow.
Anshul vlogs
Anshul vlogs 3 kun oldin
Why is she looking a bit different here?? Specially here mouth.
pass pao
pass pao 3 kun oldin
Can someone tell me why some scenes have been cancelled ? Like this one on the movie poster ?
Kate Moss
Kate Moss 3 kun oldin
gaga is such a queen
tony reese
tony reese 3 kun oldin
that's me tony reese my seeing a star is born .lady gaga. was great. thank you.
Amanda Haynes
Amanda Haynes 3 kun oldin
The movie was incredibly special. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper we're both phenomenal. I've seen it four times already and I listen to the soundtrack daily. I can't get enough of it! Such a beautiful movie with such a sad ending. I wish it could have ended differently and maybe made a part 2
INFINIITY 4 kun oldin
There could be a 100 people in the room...the amount of times she used that line
Merve Aydın
Merve Aydın 4 kun oldin
"we are living in a pretty shallow time and that we long for depth and honesty"
Alessandra Panella
Alessandra Panella 4 kun oldin
Lady Gaga for president!
UUes 4 kun oldin
This was the most perfectly inspirational heart warming evidence as i believe whole heartedly in karma. Give to others, don't be selfish. Your Integrity will be tested to its limits and it's in those most vulnerable moments is when everyone is watching your reaction. All of these perfect inspirational words being spoken all get negated at the end by the unnecessary comment at the end. It's funny this interview goes just as colbert hoped the movie was going perfect and hoping they wouldn't blow it in the last 20 seconds. Judging by Stevens abrupt end and not drinking to her cheer that he felt she blew the perfect interview.
Peccary Pig
Peccary Pig 2 kun oldin
Nobody else replied to this, so I will: how did she "blow" the perfect interview? If she hadn't wanted to weigh in and express herself, she would have passed on the idea of discussing politics. This is called "real life", even if it's in the form of a TV interview. Think you might be reading a little too much into this. I saw Stephen moved by her passion...nothing more.
iNews 5 kun oldin
Oscar Campaigning
Anthony Keegan
Anthony Keegan 5 kun oldin
Stephen best stop hitting on my woman, I might have to break out the guns💪💪😂
Anthony Keegan
Anthony Keegan 5 kun oldin
Lady Gaga is a great person, love everything about her
StevenBridges 5 kun oldin
What a fantastic interview. Such interesting answers from Lady Gaga and great interview style from Stephen Colbert.
Gabriela Vinente
Gabriela Vinente 5 kun oldin
tabularasa7711 5 kun oldin
saw the film a few nights ago in NY, allowed the time to pass where, without the hype, I could feel into it and absorb it. As a singer-songwriter who was like an Alie, but who also had a Jackson only at times, my life has echoes of what love can bring and what happens without love. The truth is that, as Lady Gaga says, you need someone believing in you, and you have to believe in them. Then, no matter what it is you're meant to do, baking cupcakes, being on time, driving a car... it's going to come from the real place. That's why Lucas Nelson, Willie's son, whose band is Promise of the Real, who backed Bradley and Gaga in the film, has the perfect bandname. You've got to be THE promise of the REAL in your heart. Because what else is there. I love that Gaga revealed her inner story and history about dragging her keyboard all over New York to get heard. That's guts, and that's Promise of the Real manifesting. A sharp f-ing left for sure. Love you Stephen, beautiful interview. And Love you Gaga, thank you for showing yourselves here. jwc
Tina LaFranz
Tina LaFranz 5 kun oldin
She's beyond amazing❤
g MaytaR
g MaytaR 5 kun oldin
She is dark she will pay for seving the devil. Smooth words for a evil witch.. her deception is a shecdevil.
Salvador Bravo
Salvador Bravo 5 kun oldin
Her wardrobe is outlandish but she is down to earth. Can’t judge a book by its cover. Fantastic singer.
misslornamae 5 kun oldin
Wow. I don't mind her music but always found her a bit odd. But she's actually so normal lol
Brian McMahon
Brian McMahon 6 kun oldin
Colbert sucks
L A F O R Ê T 6 kun oldin
She can easily tell the acoustic difference of the room and its reverb. Amazing.
Jeremy Stone
Jeremy Stone 6 kun oldin
Enough with the Lady Gaga videos. I can't escape from this annoying creature.
K Miller
K Miller 6 kun oldin
she’s so CUTE I’ve had ENOUGH
truth teller
truth teller 6 kun oldin
The movie suck so does GAGA music
truth teller
truth teller 6 kun oldin
She is do fake Madonna is real being her self she won't kiss nobody Ass.
Amy Dahlin
Amy Dahlin 6 kun oldin
Although lady Gaga has her views of her take the sexual assault- I’m 57 and have been assaulted- my day it was considered violated by both sexes by the age of 9. Trust me when I tell you my files are complete and know exactly the where, The Who and every detail about both terrifying events. I respect her views for herself and others, however IMHO the media totally used dr. Ford. If she was as smart as people say, PHD- she has the ability to concentrate and retain what she has read- she would have seeked help much much earlier. It was very clear that there was extreme trauma in her life. Everyone is different, and handles experiences differently. I had to work really hard, and spent $$$$$$ of money in life to not let the trauma define me. Not effect how I wanted to live a life that has been vey comfortable and although challenging, and extremely horrifying- honesty it made me a much stronger human being with immense empathy for this whole subject. Thanks for reading-
Dusty 7 kun oldin
Wah wah wah, she needed a jumping off point into acting and the Hollywood shills are all about it. Gaga is getting old, and the days of her prancing around on stage praising her LORD SATAN is a bit too icky for 2018. Stephanie, I hope your career dies early.
David Thistle
David Thistle 7 kun oldin
True, all you need is 1 person to believe in you!
Володимир П
This is the first interview that I saw with her. God, she is incredible, very sincere. With a good heart and very cute!
Gordon Anderson
Gordon Anderson 7 kun oldin
I have a glass of wine and vapeTHC & CBD - helps me to keep from crying, AND eliminates ALL the pain from my 'dance floor injuries''..
laracroftvideos 7 kun oldin
2:02 It took only 2 minutes for her to say it
robertantonnyc 7 kun oldin
Now I want to see the movie again. Tomorrow
Yefferson Blanco Olivar
Did you like it?
El374 8 kun oldin
What a wonderful interview, intelligent, powerful, caring and sensitive. Lady Gaga sounds like such an incredibly strong and yet sensitive person, she’s such an inspiration. I love that she’s being given such a caring platform to say what she wants to say, without interruption.
Goran Pejic
Goran Pejic 8 kun oldin
their can be 100 people in the room
Joey Collins
Joey Collins 8 kun oldin
"She makes her future film debut and ah starts in porn" anyone else here this? took me a second to realize it was a star is born not ah starts in porn.
Ed M
Ed M 8 kun oldin
This woman’s talents are unbelievable.......as is this movie!! Intelligence, humility, humor, beauty & a natural in front of the camera....not to mention one of the best singers, songwriters & musicians ever in music. Oscars & Grammys 2019, for sure. Just watch.
Scot Campbell
Scot Campbell 8 kun oldin
She's mesmerizing and appears real.
Glenn Kauffman
Glenn Kauffman 8 kun oldin
Lady Gaga is such an amazing talent and such a beautiful person inside and out. What a fantastic movie (A Star is Born) Bradley Coopers first movie directing. I see Oscar Nominations across the board!! The chemistry between Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga is phenomenal, off the charts!!!!
Scot Campbell
Scot Campbell 8 kun oldin
Such amazing people Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. So creative, what a wonderful film.
diamencik1 9 kun oldin
She is great as actress .
ar-jun tabligan
ar-jun tabligan 9 kun oldin
Lady Gaga is so talented and very intelligent! What a woman she is!!! :)
fred chet
fred chet 9 kun oldin
I have never really appreciated his music and some choices from him. I still liked a lot his voice that transpires a certain power followed by very beautiful tonalites. she would have realized all the hell that is behind all this is false sequins! hoping that she is really out and she is cured! I was able to see his latest film which I confess my plutot surprise positively. Congratulations for its reconvertion so much on and courage to her. a beautiful woman !!!
Luna Sea
Luna Sea 9 kun oldin
I must say that I absolutely respect and love this woman.
mypupismup 9 kun oldin
Gaga has definitely let more of her Italian out as she's gotten older haha
Melanie Kidd
Melanie Kidd 9 kun oldin
Why did this man not support or comment on her final comments in this interview? He is pretty weak no? Stephen, are you afraid to lose your job or what?
JM JT 9 kun oldin
I'm now a monster and mini cooper! :)
JM JT 9 kun oldin
The chemistry between Bradley and Stephanie goes beyond screen. Who else thinks they are falling in love with each other IRL??
Max 9 kun oldin
Lady Gaga is one of my favorite artists. She seems like a super sweet person. Would love to see her perform live one day!
Caroline Tudor
Caroline Tudor 10 kun oldin
Puthinatorz 30196
Puthinatorz 30196 10 kun oldin
jack in Titanic died. Then Jack in A star is born also died :(
yousra el gouti
yousra el gouti 10 kun oldin
stephen is a great interviewer DAMN
Loreto Ramírez Ponce
hannah dunn
hannah dunn 10 kun oldin
She's so strange. I love it.
Yefferson Blanco Olivar
why strange?
Julia Wilson
Julia Wilson 10 kun oldin
Thank you to Stephen for letting her actually talk in this interview! So many hosts bombard their guests with closed ended questions or interrupt. This is a great interview. Two awesome people!
BI3L MLK ZUERO 10 kun oldin
it was so good to learn english, you can understand everything!!
Kelli Garcia
Kelli Garcia 11 kun oldin
Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper will never know how much this movie has affected me. Brings tears to my eyes just hearing parts of the music. 💕💕💕💕 Amazing
Maya A
Maya A 11 kun oldin
With all do respect to all of you in this comment section. You all need to stop idolizing all these people in hollywood. Idol worshiping is an abomination, I bet gaga don't care for any of you, and yet here you're idolizing her like if she is a god, there is only one and that is our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.
Anna Perez
Anna Perez 11 kun oldin
Girl power
DarthCruciare87 11 kun oldin
I've watched this entire clip three times, and it keeps getting better every time I watch it. After the first viewing, I was convinced to see this movie. I had a gift card, so I brought a friend and we drove to another big city 2 hours away to watch it. I've never done that before: watch an interview about a movie, and then go out to watch said movie based praise given here.
Sara Souza
Sara Souza 12 kun oldin
i cried so much watching the movie... it was awesome and she was really good
Jordan Santos
Jordan Santos 12 kun oldin
damn Scarlet Johanson genes.
dark red flower
dark red flower 12 kun oldin
I heard the music from this movie before I saw it... I knew it was going to be a masterpiece. Thank you for gifting the world with this raw, real, breathtaking movie.
My TwoCents
My TwoCents 12 kun oldin
Talented, intelligent woman.
Thomas McNally
Thomas McNally 12 kun oldin
Since seeing the movie and now this interview, Gaga and Bradley Cooper should suck up all of the awards. What a genuine and real person! To me, the movie will become iconic...right up there with West Side Story. As a lifelong musician, Shallow is a remarkable score and the duet by Gaga and Bradley will live on forever! I wish both of them the best......and Stephen, thanks for this interview!
Laura Rucker
Laura Rucker 12 kun oldin
I always cynically think many actresses are fake, but... I can't help but love Lady Gaga. She seems so real and like such a lovely person. I'd love to meet her!
I love her
Desy Saracin
Desy Saracin 13 kun oldin
All I see is Ally
gb Marie
gb Marie 13 kun oldin
Unbelievable that people like her and her host she is talking to, completely ignore the crimes of the Clintons, the lies of the Bushes, the lies of the Obama's, and go after the only man who is gutlevel honest with the American People, and fights for the American people and the American way of life, President Trump. They have worshipped liars and haters so long they have lost the ability to see the truth. What a Shame it is!!
Pirilu 23
Pirilu 23 13 kun oldin
Go on TV show high... soo bad Gaga. You are not dumb, you sound so much
Okie Dokie
Okie Dokie 13 kun oldin
Bradley hangs himself at the end and Colbert says he leaves the theater happy. Lol.
Edith 13 kun oldin
Honestly I thought that this movie would have been the end of her carrier... How wrong was that!!!??? Now I'm waiting for the DVD to come out!!! 😍😍
Walter Nash
Walter Nash 13 kun oldin
Can she just stay in character for now on???
Dina Eddy
Dina Eddy 13 kun oldin
I agree about the trauma of sexual or any abuse, can be filed away in a box and later triggered, but I think the way the politicians used this woman for their own political gain was disgusting! I wonder why there’s not been any following her after they used her publicly! Anyone seeing how she’s doing? I think she was used, and of course afterward tossed aside when they were done with her! Shame on the politicians who haven’t said a word about her since, very disturbing, and I’m talking about the democrats and republicans! They are politicians, we need to start holding them accountable, instead of letting ourselves get triggered to argue among ourselves, which politicians and the media actually use to take our power and effectiveness away to hold them accountable, by the politicians and media getting us at each other, it takes the heat off them! It’s a very regularly used tactic, look over there 👉 while something is actually happening over here 👈. Ok, had to say something since politics got brought up at the end, of what otherwise was a wonderful interview! Can’t wait to see the movie! Love the trailers and songs!
Gio Palmer
Gio Palmer 13 kun oldin
anybody know the name of the song they play when she enters?
Dianna Francis
Dianna Francis 14 kun oldin
love me some Gaga!!!
Neil Rivera
Neil Rivera 14 kun oldin
Probably one of the best interviews I've seen ❤️
Neil Rivera
Neil Rivera 14 kun oldin
She was already nominated for an Oscar. Why not win this time?🙂☺️
orac22 14 kun oldin
I love you gaga. May you live forever and shine your light throughout the universe.
Carlton Strachan
Carlton Strachan 14 kun oldin
Great interview ._.Always loved lady gaga ,she very honest and so well spoken .She also very beautiful
Katie Orjonikidze-Casey
Lady Gaga has wonderful personality.