Funniest Celebrity Moments Ever!! Part 2

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This is part 2 of the funniest moments from celebrities!
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This video features artists like: Kevin Hart, James Corden, Ellen, Kendall Jenner, Dwayne Johnson, etc




8-Dek, 2018

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Joshua Duncan
Joshua Duncan 2 soat oldin
9:30 tho 😂😂😂😂
Jhope YEET
Jhope YEET 14 soat oldin
6:07 * See's bts * * Knows whats coming but still gets scared *
Twilight_Panda ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
“I think he’s called a meme.”
Joanne Matthews
Joanne Matthews Kun oldin
The tooth fairy has been exposed 😮😮😮😮😮
Muiris Egan
Muiris Egan Kun oldin
John cena dressed as a teenage girl threw me completely off guard 😂
Elderly Smoker
Elderly Smoker Kun oldin
0:13 Actually in french "mime" is pronounce like the english "meme" ! So she was right .... (shut up who gives a fuck....)
Paulina Dreams
Paulina Dreams 2 kun oldin
I also got $100 when I lost my tooth! But without the 00’s!
HyperHyptic 2 kun oldin
8:42 i feel bad for kimmel he didnt mean it :):
Summertime2118 2118
2:45 rip childhood
Nor Brock
Nor Brock 3 kun oldin
8:39 all the secret service there LMFAO
Abigail Majors
Abigail Majors 3 kun oldin
5:04 it us the dude from Shane Dawsons shiw
EpicSheepGamer 4 kun oldin
Aaah Terry Crews, the man who should have been Doomfist
Maja Papaya
Maja Papaya 4 kun oldin
Ellen do not mess this up 3:12
Maja Papaya
Maja Papaya 4 kun oldin
2:30 some one got 100 bucks
Caleia Roscoe
Caleia Roscoe 5 kun oldin
Jhope shook
Kelsie ._.
Kelsie ._. 5 kun oldin
Jennifer Aniston should be in one of these!
Just Joana
Just Joana 5 kun oldin
GBomb 82
GBomb 82 5 kun oldin
Was Sophia really mad and Kimmel?
Wilfred the cat
Wilfred the cat 6 kun oldin
Sofia is Muy calente
Maya Lauser
Maya Lauser 6 kun oldin
I'm gonna go to your house and rip of a tooth off🤣🤣
Julian Briseno
Julian Briseno 6 kun oldin
How has Terry Cruz not been in a Major Payne remake!?
Bluebird Vevo
Bluebird Vevo 7 kun oldin
1 like saves Justin Timberlake
Eaken Eaken
Eaken Eaken 7 kun oldin
Hey Helen adopted a lot of the korean things on her show, that's nice to see.
Deen Mohammed
Deen Mohammed 8 kun oldin
Yolanda Snicker
Yolanda Snicker 8 kun oldin
5:00 wasn't Kendall once in the pool with Justin Bieber? Like weren't they a thing?
Jules TM
Jules TM 8 kun oldin
Your editing 😂😂😂
King_ Rares
King_ Rares 9 kun oldin
0:13 *I think he's called a meme* Pewdiepie: **claps** It's time for you to die
StaTic REVENGE ttv
StaTic REVENGE ttv 9 kun oldin
What did he say that pissed her off so much at 8:43
Lauren Salinas
Lauren Salinas 9 kun oldin
Marcus 9 kun oldin
Funniest ? RLY ?
Nancy Barnes
Nancy Barnes 9 kun oldin
3:35 lol
Nancy Barnes
Nancy Barnes 9 kun oldin
1:05 dang he smart applauses for 69
Tavia Woodworth
Tavia Woodworth 10 kun oldin
2$ bill. 😂
Nice SlenderMan
Nice SlenderMan 10 kun oldin
Next video be like : So before I end the video I wanna thank you for 170001 subs.
Cire Porter
Cire Porter 10 kun oldin
Lucky kid they got 100 dollars for a tooth and I get 1 ...like what?!?!?!?
Garry Weir
Garry Weir 10 kun oldin
I dont know why anyone finds kevin hart funny
donplayleon 11 kun oldin
Ninja has ligma song at the begining make the video better
Nichola Dickens
Nichola Dickens 11 kun oldin
8:43 all I have to say is QUEEN
YVNG.VIIBEZ 7 kun oldin
who even is she?
StaTic REVENGE ttv
StaTic REVENGE ttv 9 kun oldin
What did he say
Coconutnutjungkook 01
I died at the first one
Lauren Salinas
Lauren Salinas 9 kun oldin
I died when I saw BTS XD
suga daddy material
suga daddy material 12 kun oldin
i get to much excited when i see bts!! WHERE'S ARMY?? 💜
elissa u
elissa u 12 kun oldin
Omg did i just saw BTS... 😱😱😱😱😍😍😍😍
no way
no way 12 kun oldin
*just keep smiling*
How am I supposed to know?
That kid can get 3200$ if he bashes his teeth out.
Mariah Lopez
Mariah Lopez 12 kun oldin
7:53 😂
Zoe Allen
Zoe Allen 12 kun oldin
Three things on my bedside table: A chick-fil-a cup, hair ties, and a butter knife. You never know when there might be an intruder, man.
Lauryn Jones
Lauryn Jones 12 kun oldin
ARMY where y’all at
LITTLEMG_88 12 kun oldin
8:09 Fat ugly big pig celebrity
Jasneet kaur
Jasneet kaur 13 kun oldin
godshammer354 13 kun oldin
3:12 😂😂😂😂😂😂😄😄😡😡😡!!!!!!
Kara AX-400 OwO
Kara AX-400 OwO 13 kun oldin
2+2= 3.6 million
iTz Legxcy-
iTz Legxcy- 13 kun oldin
8:36 how u and ur whole squad pull up to get some snacks for gaming night
Matilda Curtis
Matilda Curtis 13 kun oldin
Kevin Hart and the rock are actually HILARIOUS together 😂😂🤣😅😍
Luna_ Bts
Luna_ Bts 14 kun oldin
BTS ♥️♥️^_^
Libby Lou
Libby Lou 14 kun oldin
0:34 They ask you how you are and you just have to say your fine when your not really fine and you just can't get into it because they would never understand
Savanna Deglow
Savanna Deglow 14 kun oldin
Gräz msp
Gräz msp 14 kun oldin
3:17 What a tryhard comedian.
Fahmi Bahrin
Fahmi Bahrin 15 kun oldin
3:56 terry dont even have a chance to put his button on
Lola Smith
Lola Smith 15 kun oldin
The tooth ferry is not rel
Sydney Wilson
Sydney Wilson 15 kun oldin
I only liked this video because of BTS
Georgios Gramozis
Georgios Gramozis 15 kun oldin
The first clip is literally a message on how the Kardashians were carried by their mother and popular only because of her.
Malaika Shamraiz
Malaika Shamraiz 15 kun oldin
I really like Anne Hathaway but her name sounds like one of Henry viii 'z wifes
Mcrmykillr 16 kun oldin
8:39 Good question
Jack Wilder
Jack Wilder 16 kun oldin
Who was the last one
Katarina Richards
Katarina Richards 16 kun oldin
Really Kevin, THIGH! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Alex Davies
Alex Davies 16 kun oldin
How the fuck have you got so many subs like 40% of the clips in this video has already been used in other videos of yours
Faxxe Akannt
Faxxe Akannt 16 kun oldin
0:55 oml i love them. They're so mean tho
oti fatunde
oti fatunde 16 kun oldin
8:39 - 8:53
king anders
king anders 17 kun oldin
4:13 they just said fuck to each other many times in finnish
Madisyn McCarter
Madisyn McCarter 17 kun oldin
Angelina Stapleton
Angelina Stapleton 17 kun oldin
HEYY BICHHH 17 kun oldin
What video is 6:15 at?
illyisawesome777 15 kun oldin
Mean Tweets: Avengers edition by Jimmy Kimmel
Bill000 Jack
Bill000 Jack 17 kun oldin
Can someone explain what is Bike Guard that Justin talking about?
Sarah JLover
Sarah JLover 15 kun oldin
Bite* guard
Amazonbargains 17 kun oldin
i need that tooth fairy lol 100 bucks
Magical potatoe Wolf
When I was 7 I got a 100 dollar bill from the tooth fairy no joke
Maja Papaya
Maja Papaya 7 kun oldin
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget 17 kun oldin
At 0:58 got me sooo good 69 when he was doing the math and called him stupid😀😂
TaeEevee TaeTzu
TaeEevee TaeTzu 18 kun oldin
Oh bts❤️
no one
no one 18 kun oldin
0:00 song??
Xx_abtheturtle_xX 18 kun oldin
0:24 me when my teacher tells me to get out my homework but I don’t have it because I threw it away in an angry rage while I was doing it ;-;
adam time
adam time 18 kun oldin
What was the name of that clip with jimmy and the girl that slapped him
Layan Mohamed
Layan Mohamed 18 kun oldin
I Felt so bad for jimmy kimmel when that women smacked him
TOXIC GAMERS 18 kun oldin
The 6ix9ine part killed me😂😂😂
Dogs Forever
Dogs Forever 19 kun oldin
That iron man costume is bomb👌👌👌👌👌😂😂😂
its mee
its mee 19 kun oldin
Kanye was smiling lol for the first time in forever
Høpe_Xox 19 kun oldin
6ix 9ine saying "I do what I WANT!" Is before he got arrested for life. "Sigh" fefe is still a hit.
David Hodge
David Hodge 19 kun oldin
3:53 Terry Cruze has the best robot of all time!!
Devthegunner 20 kun oldin
8:36 what a complete fool. CVS actually stands for chicken, vacuums and socks. Smh
Esabella Cortes
Esabella Cortes 20 kun oldin
OMG BTSSSSSS - lol poor Hobi fell off the couch
iiflynxii 20 kun oldin
Omg 8:10 got me dead to Kevin just makes me laugh to hard
iiflynxii 20 kun oldin
Omg 3:12 Kevin hearts sound affects got me dead
God Rek
God Rek 20 kun oldin
I hate your videos stop asking for likes evert minute want likes let us watch like the comment if you agree
flaming skull24
flaming skull24 20 kun oldin
Caricia Ward
Caricia Ward 20 kun oldin
At 8:11 when Kevin and The Rock got mad at each other 😂
Nay Min Khant
Nay Min Khant 20 kun oldin
What is ending songs name?
Simo Leppänen
Simo Leppänen 20 kun oldin
thats fucking bts oh my god
Omarnia Samuel
Omarnia Samuel 21 kun oldin
Jimmy's face at 4:01 lmaoooooo
Jesus Sauceda
Jesus Sauceda 21 kun oldin
Jesus Sauceda
Jesus Sauceda 21 kun oldin
James corden I cant understand a word ur saying
Ninja _ Dude124
Ninja _ Dude124 21 kun oldin
6:10 late reaction
TA13OO 21 kun oldin
i was the 7k like XD lol omg what!?
5punkt5 21 kun oldin
fuck this editing tho