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Ironic Tik Tok Funny Memes Compilation (Tik Tok Trolls) Part 29
ALL TIK TOK MEMES:uzvid.com/video/video-1PiqvoAQba4.html&list=PLNLyZRTvamh52WBia08SaL6ab1AEtVNjh&index=6
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14-Dek, 2018

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just a fortnite lover
just a fortnite lover 12 daqiqa oldin
What is this song? 6:20
Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump 26 daqiqa oldin
5:09 *Mine was King*
Jasmine Wood
Jasmine Wood 37 daqiqa oldin
So we’re all gonna ignore the deodorant at 1:20
Sonic Ultragamers
Sonic Ultragamers 41 daqiqa oldin
2:25 what's the name of song please
BabyCupcake 420
BabyCupcake 420 Soat oldin
t̸h̸a̸t̸ p̸s̸2 s̸o̸u̸n̸d̸ g̸o̸t̸ me
Supreme Kakashi
Supreme Kakashi Soat oldin
3:57 song ?
MaXis PatCtiet
MaXis PatCtiet Soat oldin
13:24 Definitely the best part
Felipe Fernandes
Felipe Fernandes Soat oldin
Music? 8:15
kitty lovergurl
kitty lovergurl Soat oldin
5:10 mine princess My sisters was terror😂
Cosmic Mer
Cosmic Mer 2 soat oldin
Please put a fucking seizure warning
Satisfying Fools
Satisfying Fools 2 soat oldin
My friends call me “inside” behind my back lol
ツNecation 3 soat oldin
10:58 *best*
dat boi
dat boi 3 soat oldin
at 6:26 put the speed at 0.25 and u can see his finger for a split second
Bevsworld04 3 soat oldin
5:32 Hehehehehe, you thought wrong! We have 2 elite Spartans scouting the gates of the fort, along with 50 sans undertale's ready for deployment, and if you manage to get pass that, you will have to defeat the final enemy that stand between you and your 'precious treasure'... The most fearless of them all... The fortnite virgin. Don't try to get through our walls as we have constructed them out of bedrock from the deepest parts of Minecraft.
Andrea Navas
Andrea Navas 3 soat oldin
fake Ali-A
fake Ali-A 4 soat oldin
6:31 Wtf is that
Joan Redmon
Joan Redmon 4 soat oldin
13:01 what song is that? :3
Lady Indulgence
Lady Indulgence 4 soat oldin
12:43 No homo but she cute
Forqotenn 4 soat oldin
13:00 MY DAD
Svensk Spelare
Svensk Spelare 5 soat oldin
3:08 a good one
Student Alexis Smith
Joseph Crowder
Joseph Crowder 6 soat oldin
ДИКАБРИУС 6 soat oldin
0:38 что за песня
Yaboi 6 soat oldin
6:09 lmao 😂
Lunar Shards
Lunar Shards 6 soat oldin
Mayumii Candy
Mayumii Candy 7 soat oldin
10:33 5:51
Felix Felicis
Felix Felicis 7 soat oldin
6:03 name? Pl0x
Take the L lost son
Take the L lost son 7 soat oldin
No joke at 4:05 he looks like my friend
Jason Beauchan
Jason Beauchan 7 soat oldin
Катерина Миронова
1:58 song?
Why am I
Why am I 5 soat oldin
renai circulation
Commander of the 25th bow battalion
olivia brown
olivia brown 9 soat oldin
5:02 it was grandma 😔
Isaiah Bunderson
Isaiah Bunderson 9 soat oldin
13:12 best
destroyer Gameplays
destroyer Gameplays 10 soat oldin
When my mom see me making tiktok's 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤔😥
Greyphilosopher 12 soat oldin
What song IS 3:57? I see it everywhere but I don't know what it is, is it dance till your dead remixed?
liam lambert
liam lambert 14 soat oldin
4:08 not fucking funny
Taubatexas 17 soat oldin
10:04 ;-;
Francesca Henry
Francesca Henry 19 soat oldin
10:36 song?pls
Emilie Shrekaroni
Emilie Shrekaroni 22 soat oldin
12:36 I tried to do this. Now I know what this person did, they just made their name But I’m Already Tracer.
WIld Zebra
WIld Zebra 23 soat oldin
bahah who puts deodorant in there fridges! 0:20
Driift Wolvez
Driift Wolvez Kun oldin
3:10 had me weak bro I swear
Kristen Chicken
Kristen Chicken Kun oldin
My friend calls me gashes behind my back then.
Jomidot Kun oldin
Noelle Boi
Noelle Boi Kun oldin
9:45 makes me cry every time 👌👌👌 EDIT: I remember sitting on my Xbox one playing Minecraft and making horrible houses but being proud of them
John Kenneth
John Kenneth 3 soat oldin
In the sides of hills
popularious 12
popularious 12 Kun oldin
William Hudson
William Hudson Kun oldin
4:44 I died
Alice Trans Queen
2:25 if that’s her singing that’s actually cool
Stop-Motion Queens
3:50 this is actually pretty cool.
Stop-Motion Queens
3:25 song?
Craftytuna _
Craftytuna _ Kun oldin
Bro when ever people make a cute vid some asshole ruins it.
XxDanettxX 0707
XxDanettxX 0707 Kun oldin
5:01 Mine is "the teacher"
Stop-Motion Queens
Mine is granny
ivan soto
ivan soto Kun oldin
3:10 best
Thanos Yeezy
Thanos Yeezy Kun oldin
2:23 who is “the person reading this”?
Oliver Alonzo
Oliver Alonzo Kun oldin
5:00 but i dont have friends im telling the truth 😣
Rhettro 107
Rhettro 107 Kun oldin
0:27 amazing
Brayan Tolentino
12:36 song ?
Cosmic Carrots
Cosmic Carrots Kun oldin
song @ 9:50?
Sinasi Studios
Sinasi Studios Kun oldin
7:51 I think that’s COD black ops 2, zombies. I’m not sure though.
Aslexdark Kun oldin
2:26 Tik tok girl?
ズムリレム Kun oldin
Diargon23 Kun oldin
12:43 song?
Gabriela Keller '-'
Gidlaine Mondestin Lamisere
Every gamer boy listen the gamer girls attack at noon
risky diver
risky diver Kun oldin
I hate my life
Fredbear UCN
Fredbear UCN Kun oldin
6:11 is that dawko
kpopgarbage Kun oldin
ok ngl 6:03 is cute
Jellyfish Dude
Jellyfish Dude Kun oldin
The lämp was the best
RaccoonAspect Kun oldin
This cheered me up because I wanted to die because I’m tired of trying to breath
Libbie Hays
Libbie Hays Kun oldin
The girl with the red pants in the first one is my roommate. We didn’t know she made internet fame. Bless.
Yoboy Caine
Yoboy Caine Kun oldin
4:17 who still has a wii
Tyler the god
Tyler the god Kun oldin
Song at 5:52 please
Luis Gustavo Dominguez
5:37 the spirit of a true gamer
Luis Gustavo Dominguez
10:58 chill Mickey mouse......😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Alpha Stigma
Alpha Stigma Kun oldin
whats that tune 2:17 from??
Fat Fox
Fat Fox Kun oldin
Emus are big ripoff ostriches right?
Fredbear Faz87
Fredbear Faz87 Kun oldin
Got a til took ad
Iwanttodie69420 2 kun oldin
0:20 who the hell puts a macaroni box in their fridge
Greenhead Outdoors
Greenhead Outdoors 2 kun oldin
4:45 damn she is hot id smash
Exotic Savage
Exotic Savage 2 kun oldin
2:50 please music
Ashley Albear
Ashley Albear 2 kun oldin
6:57 he is back thank you Garfield you god
Pika pup
Pika pup 2 kun oldin
4:49 I guess my friends call me Tao
Rachel Harper
Rachel Harper 2 kun oldin
8:12 kid looks like Richard Speight Jr.
Samuel pendergrass
Samuel pendergrass 2 kun oldin
My favorite one was the Mickey hit or miss one
GuuhFOX 9374
GuuhFOX 9374 2 kun oldin
Acute Angle
Acute Angle 2 kun oldin
7:50 What's that audio from?
Ambrosius Steven
Ambrosius Steven 2 kun oldin
0:48 song plisss
John Kenneth
John Kenneth 4 soat oldin
Baby I’m yours
Jake Domagala
Jake Domagala Kun oldin
Hit or miss
UnPotatoble 2 kun oldin
That lamp one was pretty sick
Kings Bay
Kings Bay 2 kun oldin
4:18 guys @??
Christopher Daragchyan
0:21 there is deodorant in the fridge lmao
Sinx 2 kun oldin
11:30 that is what chills looks like no joke
Lucky Blackheart
Lucky Blackheart 2 kun oldin
8:40 wtf is happening!!?
100 Million Subs with no videos
dont know what the hell their talking about james is a gamer
Nico Garofalo
Nico Garofalo 2 kun oldin
Evil Nun
Evil Nun 2 kun oldin
9:14 What In The Actual Fuck!?
Keith 2 kun oldin
9:44 Get outta here with that nostaliga attack
Raquel Relva
Raquel Relva 2 kun oldin
3:10 😂
Spencer Marchant
Spencer Marchant 2 kun oldin
What’s the acc at 12:24
The shield's #1 fan
Feblekrims35 2 kun oldin
6:22 got me
Meme Awards v317
2 soat oldin