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Funny Tik Tok Ironic Memes Compilation V4 Best Tik Tok Trolls

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Funny Tik Tok Ironic Memes Compilation V4
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10-Okt, 2018



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DANKIUS Oy oldin
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HighGroundLover 23 kun oldin
You look like buff Shaggy
Funisx vy
Funisx vy Oy oldin
New comment
TBNR_ Beast
TBNR_ Beast 4 soat oldin
What's that girls tik tok name at 1:52?
Silenceh _
Silenceh _ 10 soat oldin
These people are terrible
Crazy Person
Crazy Person 11 soat oldin
the BMO cup at 5:40 made this vid a work of God.
RBLX Lolzes
RBLX Lolzes 15 soat oldin
6:12 makes me want to die
Clay Carter
Clay Carter 16 soat oldin
Don’t judge people’s looks
Clay Carter
Clay Carter 16 soat oldin
People shouldn’t joke about death and what happens to people on a daily basis
Georgia Giesbrecht-Bael
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Quintinity Kun oldin
4:06 literally sid from toy story wtf
Gh0stLee Kun oldin
3:40 she savin the trannies one meme at a time
o̸w̸o̸. Gacha
o̸w̸o̸. Gacha 2 kun oldin
Sarah Alzu
Sarah Alzu 2 kun oldin
1 like = 1 prayer for the girl who has cancer
Kinoby 2 kun oldin
someone tell me the girls insta or socials at 1:55 plss
Trenton_30 3 kun oldin
6:00 shut the fuk up
Mąďďïê Pøťťęř
It's eleven o clock. I should be sleeping. But I'm here
Xcel Vuise
Xcel Vuise 3 kun oldin
Guys 4:04 the grand canyon
alecorn alecorns are cute
1:05 i wanna throw up. Wirst one. Cencer isnt a joke
liya bahi
liya bahi 3 kun oldin
funny tik tok's memes
Depressed & Stressed
I think i now see a pattern in littles?
that one dude sixteen STEVEN UNIVERSE RPS
also poor people not being cared for even worse not funny
that one dude sixteen STEVEN UNIVERSE RPS
people who have no hair and have cancer I respect for them whoever doesn't I am sorry but get a life cause people are suppose to care for others like if you freaking agree 2019 1:07 / 19:42 mad af
Moses 7 kun oldin
does anyone know where I can find the tik tok where its those two guys dancing to Shake It and the kid reacting head dives into the camera? at 16:29
Eclipse 86
Eclipse 86 7 kun oldin
I realized people with air pods couldn't aford the cord like on ear buds 😅
Destiny Coleman
Destiny Coleman 7 kun oldin
The one with the homeless girl was not funny
x Adrien x
x Adrien x 7 kun oldin
10:36 , Dat person is unstable.
Jaelii Muruaga
Jaelii Muruaga 7 kun oldin
Stop making fun the girl with no hair
Epic Lobsters
Epic Lobsters 8 kun oldin
8:27 he looks like micheal jackson and chuckie combined
Aaliyah _bro
Aaliyah _bro 8 kun oldin
1:03 Now thats just rude! She can’t help it that she doesn’t have hair! I hope they got karma.
PoshMosh Mcq
PoshMosh Mcq 4 kun oldin
+Aaliyah _bro No.. But I gave you an answer anyway
Aaliyah _bro
Aaliyah _bro 4 kun oldin
PoshMosh Mcq I’m sorry did I ask, booboo?
PoshMosh Mcq
PoshMosh Mcq 6 kun oldin
Stop... It's meant for a joke... because we're freaking idiots
Student Alesandra Corley
tbh the fury with the rainbow tail is beautiful
its funny,. but, the furries ones are a bit, eh, don't, furries r ncie ppl ;-;
PoshMosh Mcq
PoshMosh Mcq 6 kun oldin
Yes.. :3 the furries just want peace
ashthefoxwolf 8 kun oldin
7:15 is no body gonna talk about the person combing there hair just to make fun of the hair less girl? because its not her fault you don't have to be mean about it
Some Dumbo
Some Dumbo 8 kun oldin
I’d rather have no hair than have his dumbass bowl cut 7:14
Kyle Premïum
Kyle Premïum 8 kun oldin
2:04 Tim tok name
Kyle Premïum
Kyle Premïum 8 kun oldin
Cupcake_ Lord
Cupcake_ Lord 9 kun oldin
Now this is what I was told “you can’t make fun of someone for what they can control but u can if they can control it” I live by those words
AnIronicMeme YT
AnIronicMeme YT 9 kun oldin
I am very confused So if you are making something on tik tok, like making fun of someone or just doing dumb shit in general, it is ironic and funny. I think of it as more of a over use of one meme or trend. And also special thanks to UZvid autoplay.
Maple Shade
Maple Shade 9 kun oldin
The falling in reverse song got me good
Rensuki Okimiro
Rensuki Okimiro 9 kun oldin
Anybody else think the guy at 5:55 looks/sounds like a fuckin rapist lmao
Mommy Katze
Mommy Katze 10 kun oldin
you look greasy
Vladimir The Dude
Vladimir The Dude 10 kun oldin
9:09 offset?
SSO ARMY Soviet 10 kun oldin
ok that tick tock meme about ''what would you do if I tolde you I wanted to die'' its not funny at all honestly its extreamly triggering and people making fun of this stuf is not a joke what so ever and do not say ''its a joke why are you being sirious?'' its beacuse its a sirious topic but no hate on you this is just my point of view on this sensitive topic
EpiDuck 10 kun oldin
I hate seeing people without hair and other cyberbully’s making fun of them
Kissha Sucks at Life
Then why you watching this
Jesper Xthe
Jesper Xthe 10 kun oldin
Oh *memories*
Alaina rose Smith
Alaina rose Smith 10 kun oldin
Being a furry isn't gay and whoever thinks that is probably just a big person that thinks that thinks they're the universe and everyone just circles around them I mean I'm not a furry but I don't think that it's a bad thing
Sharon k.
Sharon k. 10 kun oldin
0:55 I don't think thats even funny! That's so rude....
Van Halpert
Van Halpert 11 kun oldin
3:09 That Brendon Urie poster. I have that same poster lmfao
Josepg Harrison
Josepg Harrison 11 kun oldin
That bald egg girl doesn’t realise that tik tok isnt musically
Sonia Arroyo
Sonia Arroyo 11 kun oldin
0:56 that’s messed up 7:13 so is that
Oscar Barandas
Oscar Barandas 12 kun oldin
The one at 0:57 is the balloon from phineas and ferb
Sa nd
Sa nd 12 kun oldin
4:18 why cant guys like this go to my school
PoshMosh Mcq
PoshMosh Mcq 6 kun oldin
There's lots at mine 😂
Izuku Midorya
Izuku Midorya 12 kun oldin
make this weirdo DIE 6:03
Emily 12 kun oldin
I love the one at 1:09 and 6:52
Inshal's Legand
Inshal's Legand 13 kun oldin
At 0:07 the guy can't do the hipe Right
Wolfychu's crazy fan
11:12 - I see Russian flag...
R.K. Rowe
R.K. Rowe 13 kun oldin
2:23 dude be looking like Zucc the lizard man somehow
Skye the DragonGirl
Skye the DragonGirl 14 kun oldin
6:02 the only thing that's little about her is her brain
HorrorThe Horradon
HorrorThe Horradon 14 kun oldin
why tf does ur face make me hard
Amelia M.
Amelia M. 14 kun oldin
7:22 dude has a bowl cut
Amelia M.
Amelia M. 14 kun oldin
1:04 that’s not funny it’s straight up rude she has a illness
Joseph Wenzel
Joseph Wenzel 15 kun oldin
4:12 how to tell your man child is autistic
Riverdale _islife
Riverdale _islife 15 kun oldin
1:02 she has cancer that's not nice
Look at this gay profile pic
Dude played shaggy in all the live action ScoobyDoo movies
NoobyNolax 16 kun oldin
the old tik tok days.....
Masha Victorova
Masha Victorova 16 kun oldin
AHEM guys pleases stop useing this fourtnight poses is not nice :T ;-;
][누텔라 16 kun oldin
4:21 thumbnail you came for
Hamilton Is my life
Hamilton Is my life 14 kun oldin
][누텔라 thank you very much
Sofia Calvert
Sofia Calvert 17 kun oldin
I'm with the girls that bald those two need to stop they just need to stop
Sofia Calvert
Sofia Calvert 17 kun oldin
Just stop stop this pls it's just
Ashley Miceli
Ashley Miceli 17 kun oldin
Mary Ledford
Mary Ledford 17 kun oldin
Okay was half of this cringe or something?
Someone freak?
Someone freak? 17 kun oldin
Morgan Hyman
Morgan Hyman 18 kun oldin
0:55 they so disrespectful
Tomás .C
Tomás .C 18 kun oldin
I miss these
Thomas Roo
Thomas Roo 18 kun oldin
2:07 is probably my favorite tik tok moment 😂😂😂
Emmanuel Lopez
Emmanuel Lopez 18 kun oldin
2:10 this kid thinks it's funny but in reality this kid is failing all his classes including P.E and i hope he ends up in a box under a bridge
Sedeen Elk
Sedeen Elk 18 kun oldin
How she gonna ask for food but has a phone??
Chaotic WeeviI
Chaotic WeeviI 18 kun oldin
Kid in beginning doesn’t deserve water
Isacc the Dinosaur
Isacc the Dinosaur 19 kun oldin
0:55 isn't funny, i have come across her page and she has a hair loss disease called Alopecia
Nicolas Ferrara
Nicolas Ferrara 19 kun oldin
:57 that is fxcked up fr
Nombre Apellido
Nombre Apellido 20 kun oldin
JvstKawaii 20 kun oldin
7:13 who is is trying to make fun of with that UGLY ASS bowl cut
Wolf Omino
Wolf Omino 21 kun oldin
Why are a lot of people on tik tok assholes
Hóra Dalto
Hóra Dalto 21 kun oldin
Cordacabra YT
Cordacabra YT 21 kun oldin
Cyberlink by PowerDirector
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha 21 kun oldin
2:17 that's a bully
OfficialDusk 22 kun oldin
dankius kinda looks like shaggy should I make you use 2 percent of your power to get rid of trump?lol
Andres Cygan
Andres Cygan 22 kun oldin
Commander Raichu
Commander Raichu 22 kun oldin
0:55 Took me a few seconds to understand what was going on. Now I can't stop laughing.
Kissha Sucks at Life
Same! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Zack Payne Compilations
Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez 22 kun oldin
Rewatching these I don’t know if I want to laugh or cry, nostalgia bros
Ilja Ledenjov
Ilja Ledenjov 23 kun oldin
13:33 I think after 3 or 4 years fortnite dances will be something like F
D E M I 23 kun oldin
0:56 to be honest that was kinda mean 😓gives you no faith in humanity.
Flaming Angle Foxes
Flaming Angle Foxes 23 kun oldin
0:56 is just mean. I hate when people do this and also it's not funny it's mean
veiqq 22 kun oldin
*cough cough*...its a joke.
No 12
No 12 23 kun oldin
No 36
FortShit3 23 kun oldin
lol being a furry isn't a hobby it's called never growing up and living in you're moms basement.
Kissha Sucks at Life
Billy Mays
Billy Mays 23 kun oldin
He looks like shaggy
Santi Paniagua
Santi Paniagua 23 kun oldin
5:46 I got nightmares
Flower Boi
Flower Boi 23 kun oldin
That’s just mean! :( 0:57
Night Shade
Night Shade 24 kun oldin
You look like a class mate I have in school
CuCc FuCc ZuCc
CuCc FuCc ZuCc 24 kun oldin
Back when it was hilarious because it was mean
Taylor McKensy
Taylor McKensy 24 kun oldin
7:13 Is that Ian from smosh
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