Furloughed worker after Trump speech: "I feel like a pawn in a game"

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Among those likely watching President Trump's address and the Democratic response Tuesday night were hundreds of thousands of federal workers ​who are currently living without pay. Carter Evans speaks to two furloughed federal workers who say they did not get the message they were hoping for.
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9-Yan, 2019



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SkaterForLife Gordon
No thoughts, and certainly no prayers.
Ali Hollis
Ali Hollis Oy oldin
Believe me.....it's about to be a SHIFT CHANGE
Ali Hollis
Ali Hollis Oy oldin
Myra Jefferson
Isn't he making America Great?
Carol carol
Carol carol Oy oldin
I'm trying to figure out trump shut down the government and his base want to blame Pelosi...How do these people sleep at night😂🤣😂🤣
You feel like you were PAWNED???? oh well.
Alyssa saldana
You voted for him. I don’t feel bad.
mona lisa
mona lisa Oy oldin
Instead of looking for sympathy why don't you look for another job
Lindalee Law
Lindalee Law Oy oldin
Hey Gail, why don't you be a real journalist and follow the same path? go without a salary.. No, you are just so above it all, simply because you happen to know the Right person . You r no Diane Sawyer.
James Moore
James Moore Oy oldin
Because thats what you are Caroline
Skylar Van Der Pough
Honestly I think Trump trying to personally benefit from the wall money. Either his contractors or friends. I'm very very curious to know the details of his spending plan. Why has he still not released his taxes?
Malekatah Campbell
FYI Uber and Lyft are hiring IJS👀
Karen Reynolds
They are pawns... simple as that. What needs to happen is that a law needs to be passed that doesn't allow leaders to do this again to government workers. Presidents and legislators will have to look to other options or take a class on creative or better negotiation strategies.
Dean Henthorn
Dean Henthorn Oy oldin
Government employees are pawns. Not the first shutdown, not the last either.
Suggma Dik
Suggma Dik Oy oldin
onnielou70 Oy oldin
We have all been laid off in our lifetime and for longer than two weeks!
Louis Collins
Louis Collins Oy oldin
He told some awful stories oyeah did he told yoy about dalyn roof, how about the white man who shot up the movie theater how about the white man who killed all those people in Vegas oh yeah what about those white kids who shot up a elementary school those are horrible stories stupid
Brent Watchmen
Don't vote Trump 2020 Federal Workers open your eyes !!!!
Carrie Banks-Wright
But this is your president he make the decision that's right for you I guess why you voted for him
Tone Justice
Tone Justice Oy oldin
Well....too baddddd
Dominique Hardie
Student loans?
Kerrie Macon
Kerrie Macon Oy oldin
Do you feel like you're trying to cross the border.
Messy Boots
Messy Boots Oy oldin
The only federal workers I feel for are the ones who did not vote for trump! They are the victims. Y’all brainwashed dimwits who voted the bigot into office deserve every bit of this shutdown! Reap what you sew!
JBryant Concierge
Two years with a Republican House and no wall. Two years with a Republican Senate and no wall. Two years with a Republican White House and no wall. Two years of these immigration stories and no wall. Why hold workers hostage now?
Jacqueline McGrath Curtis
Continue working your other job. This is not almost over.
Margaret Worth
Well you voted for the sick perv suck it up
Jacklynn Jackson
Its not the first shutdown. So why did they not prepare for the 'what if', planB.
Princesslatera Andrez
He incites fear with fake news( always talking about fake news but he's the main one making his own fake news). That's how he trys to manipulate people to his side. When will people ever learn don't believe trump. And why isn't anybody realizing that if Trump really cared about our safety then he would open the government so the federal workers could do their job . And pay the National Guard so they can do their job . When is people going to see this man for the bullshiter he is ? People cannot be that docile & blind. SMH
Good luck dealing with a Orangutan running Amerikkkkkkka
Just Me
Just Me Oy oldin
Can we get a hairdresser to volunteer some styling services for the older lady.
K C Francis
K C Francis Oy oldin
Oh sweetie you shouldn't FEEL like a pawn... You ARE a pawn.
terry thiessen
How some blame for the freaking damnocrats. Build the walls .
A Brown
A Brown Oy oldin
Funny there was no problem giving Israel 100 billion but poor Americans can't get food stamps. Yeah that's how you make America great again!
TheJking85 Oy oldin
That's what happens when you vote for Democrats. Mazel tov!
verna foster
verna foster Oy oldin
Your dream started in 2016..
Beamers Beamer
verna foster what the dream to destroy Murica?
Leonardo Carretero
I love this, us Citinites are benefiting, economy is great for us, jobs and pay are high, but rural America I'd getting left behind again, farmers , steel workerd coal miners GM employees, carrier employees, and this is what we only hear about on the news, can you imagine the smaller bussiness cracking... you voted for him. You get no sympathy, typical republicans idiots, only when it hits home it's a problem. Otherwise they literally don't care. Reap what you've sewn.
Beamers Beamer
Leonardo Carretero and then they still blame the democrats
cam Newton
cam Newton Oy oldin
Laugh out loud The Joker strikes again
Lonnie Jolly
Lonnie Jolly Oy oldin
To all trump supporters. Lmbao!!!! Keep voting for these synoauge of satan workers. He is a puppet for isreal. All of that money is going ro isreal. The people that never get talked about.
Nelle Simmons
Nelle Simmons Oy oldin
And the will reelect Trump.
Derek Oy oldin
You reap what you vote.... Enjoy your maga
Derek Oy oldin
+Beamers Beamer ....not me, I didn't vote trump. Hahaha... Greetings from Canada
Beamers Beamer
Derek we al reap what they vote
Domonic Martinez
See it believe it clean windows whatever it takes get up off your assets and stop talking about it
Barb senrab
Barb senrab Oy oldin
U r living in a dream world,if u thought his make America Great again , actually meant great.. There was nothing great about American ,in th1800's,1950,1964,1968,ETC😥
kyootchef brian
I feel for the furloughed workers but if you are amongst the people who voted for him then suck it up buttercup.
Mike Walker
Mike Walker 2 oy oldin
Plenty of work out there. Suck it up butter cup
Mike Walker
Mike Walker Oy oldin
Not sure what your saying foh?
Beamers Beamer
Mike Walker sure you can Foh. If you think it’s just fed employees, this whole debacle has a trickle down effect
Mike Walker
Mike Walker Oy oldin
+Beamers Beamer i can find a job quick like if i needed to. Theres plenty of work out there . My place is hiring good bens to . We cant keep people .
Beamers Beamer
Mike Walker yeah right driving Uber doesn’t come with bennies.
wakrazykat 2 oy oldin
They signed up for a job KNOWING they would be pawns.. yet, they took the job and didn't even plan for it.
M Detlef
M Detlef 2 oy oldin
If you're SO upset then QUIT your EXCEEDINGLY CUSHY federal job!!!!!!!
M Detlef
M Detlef 2 oy oldin
Glad she got those STUDENT LOANS to go to COLLEGE. So she can WASH WINDOWS!!!!!
unknown unknown
unknown unknown 2 oy oldin
Trump is vile!
unknown unknown
unknown unknown 2 oy oldin
Hundreds of thousands of government workers that probably voted for him. If you voted for him and are out of work...you LITERALLY ASKED FOR THIS.
Phoenix 2 oy oldin
The American taxpayers spend 136 billions a year on illegal immigrants. A southern border barrier only cost 25 billions. Do you math. These federal workers should walk to Congress hall and tell Nancy Peolosi and Chuck Schumer to do their job, or fire them. We live so far away from Washington DC, we can not help you. Don't just sit there and talk. Take some action.
Phoenix 2 oy oldin
Democrats do not care about you, not president Trump. when you are out of job, they went on vacation swimming in water.
Sophie T
Sophie T 2 oy oldin
Why doesn't anyone mention that illegal immigration is down 90% since 2000.
redsoil5 2 oy oldin
Our food supply system is in jeopardy. Thousands of Food Inspectors are also affected. Think about it. You can essentially build the wall or not build the wall, but why shut the government employees jobs or salaries?
Sophie T
Sophie T 2 oy oldin
Ecoli has slipped through the cracks on our lettuce with inspectors on the job. I'm not planning on eating any raw fruits or vegetables until our inspectors are back at work. Also, uninspected meat and dairy is a risk.
Smart Guy
Smart Guy 2 oy oldin
Damn, 1st opiod epidemic now this ! Us whites are finally recieving our karma, I guess. We are so evil. I think we deserve it by the way.
Junior Kong
Junior Kong 2 oy oldin
If you don't work you don't get paid. You were supposed to learn that before you went on to first grade.
Junior Kong
Junior Kong 2 oy oldin
+Sophie T They are sitting around on the couch you should watch the video.
Sophie T
Sophie T 2 oy oldin
They are working, but not getting paid.
Junior Kong
Junior Kong 2 oy oldin
If you feel like a pawn in a game why do you look like a chunk of fruit in a cake?
Mom B
Mom B 2 oy oldin
Nora makes millions of dollars and she is "fascinated" by those who have $800 in the bank.
PrincessMegan Elsa
Stupid Trump 🤨🖕🖕🖕🤬 hurting american people!!
Peter McGlothin
Peter McGlothin 2 oy oldin
When Reagan (rep) was Pres. Airport Traffic controllers, a high pressure, long hours job went on Strike for better working conditions. Reagan, like Trump didn't support the working Class. What did Reagan do? traffic control was a Federal job so Reagan fired all the Traffic Controllers. So, under Trump Federal Employees don't get paid. Nada, nothing. He doesn't care about American working class
Andy H
Andy H 2 oy oldin
I love how the media has convinced people that it is Trump holding them hostage, when its Democrats hatred for him that has them unwilling to risk the creation of a wall which would lead to more jobs, and increased security. Im sure much of the work done on such a wall would be performed by LEGAL immigrants. All over the allocation of a small fraction of 1% of the anual budget. Reminds me of Nancy wanting her crums back when it came to the tax break her party would never give, yet she calls insignificant.
James Pruitt
James Pruitt 2 oy oldin
You really don’t feel bad for her cuz she voted for him?
citizen-x 2 oy oldin
These people miss one week of pay and they are teetering on the edge of financial ruin? talking like they only make minimum wage. Come on now. Maybe they are living beyond their means, and should have had put more money in their savings account ready in case of a emergency , I want to see what kind of vehicles these people drive or the house they live in that are struggling to survive without one missed paycheck.
Trek1960 John Doe
citizen-x living beyond means.
Jacob Tennyson
Jacob Tennyson 2 oy oldin
If I was a federal employee and I can not pay my bills and everything gets shut off and wonder what I do not to go hungry, I will NOT show up for work!!! My life comes first before government. TAKE THAT TRUMP!!!
turd sandwich
turd sandwich 2 oy oldin
Dennis The Menace
You get what you vote for. Prost!
Tatethesnowflake Tate
Keeping promises,MAGA!
KING TRUMP 2 oy oldin
Impeach Piglosi and shroomer. Traitors.
Elliot bigbade9
Elliot bigbade9 2 oy oldin
This is a great man with great ideas. Find the wall and send are people back to work!
Elliot bigbade9
Elliot bigbade9 2 oy oldin
Have the dems confirm the small payment.
uknow who
uknow who 2 oy oldin
So many of these families voted for Trump because he ran on building a wall and now that he's fighting for it they're complaining about it. The irony. #crymeariver
4Knewt Oy oldin
How do u know that? The shutdown did not spare anyone according to political preference. Get out of here with that callous mentality and zero sympathy.
Chris Baker
Chris Baker 2 oy oldin
Those employees may or may not want the wall but all the workers want there paychecks.
John Jordan
John Jordan 2 oy oldin
The deal maker cannot make the deal. so he will make Americans pay for his ( shortcomings ) bottom line
Jacob Tennyson
Jacob Tennyson 2 oy oldin
John Jordan, Trump will call them DOGS!!!
White Radell
White Radell 2 oy oldin
How does it feel .... to be ruled by a dictator?????🤔
Darrell Knox
Darrell Knox Oy oldin
We were. we had bamaclinton.
Mike Walker
Mike Walker 2 oy oldin
Thats ignorant statement
Sonyag1 2 oy oldin
Trump has a long history of not paying contractors who worked to build Trump Tower and Trump Casino. He will have no empathy for federal workers either. Where is Mitch McConnell? The House already passed a bill to reopen the government. Why won't he get the Senate to vote on it?
Ricardo Calzada
Ricardo Calzada 2 oy oldin
Red koolaid is only 3 cents, in trumpworld ,so keep on drinking.
Anthony  Stroman
Anthony Stroman 2 oy oldin
Nobodies mentioned God. Because the world will take care of itself.
Evalynne Torres
Evalynne Torres 2 oy oldin
JASON STYLES 2 oy oldin
These people aint no goverment workers...fake fake fake
Shelly K
Shelly K 2 oy oldin
You can get unemployment and eventually back pay. But the families that lost their loved ones from crimes if illegal immigrants, or the drugs they smuggled to USA ....those people will never get their loved ones back. Our brave military and law enforcement sacrifice their lives to protect our nation.... you can in the meanwhile go and get unemployment. This is the time to secure our borders our country....and there is nothing immoral about that....if it is why do people put fences and gates around their properties ? As a LEGAL immigrant now American and tax payer I support and praise all those who came here legally and respect our laws.
Youz a sucker not a pawn
Duane Shadd
Duane Shadd 2 oy oldin
Weren't Two Soldiers caught trying to smuggle $1000000 worth of cocaine into the United States??
curious george
curious george 2 oy oldin
Trump says that federal workers agree with him regarding the wall...only in his demented dreams...
jane dais
jane dais 2 oy oldin
What game, he told you Mexico will pay, not you, go on attend one of his rallies and ask him why he lied to you. And why is he harassing the DEMS who has been in office for one week and not the Republicans who had the house for two years.
Two 2 oy oldin
*tiny violin*
Jane Hardy
Jane Hardy 2 oy oldin
Y’all keep saying she voted for Trump. But did she? There are both Republicans and Democrats in the civil service. I don’t think we know how she voted. She has every right to vote for whomever she wants and she doesn’t deserve to be attacked or deprived of her livelihood because of it. And me, or maybe us not voting for Trump doesn’t obviate our protesting him fecklessly keeping the government closed while all the government services he wants are still being provided to him. Federal employees are having to choose between buying their medicine or buying food. Many senior citizens and many other impoverished Americans have to make that choice every month. This is why health care and medicine should be paid for through higher taxes especially for the super-rich, but in fact for all of us, as a predictable expense, and not have to pay fir doctors’ visits, health screenings and medicine.
Malekatah Campbell
She did! Now she feels betrayed and she should! Now she and many more who didn't vote for him are suffering! Now you see how your bad decisions hurts us all!
4Knewt Oy oldin
You're so right! it's the most frustrating comment when they say, you voted for him. It's blind prejudice and becoming cult like on birth sides. The shutdown spared no one according to political views. Where are we going as a country making comments like the ones I see?
Jane Hardy
Jane Hardy 2 oy oldin
for, not fir
Justin Clancy
Justin Clancy 2 oy oldin
You will still get back pay. I’m sure financially you’ll be just fine
Alf Dlg
Alf Dlg 2 oy oldin
But they're hungry today... Their bills are due today.... What good does that do in a month or two?
Ticia o
Ticia o 2 oy oldin
Trump said they all agree with him. And they sending him this information via social media.
Jayson Davis
Jayson Davis 2 oy oldin
Why do people still think Trump is going to do anything for them? He’s only about his bottom line and his ego. Full stop.
Myra Jefferson
And he only said what he thought they wanted to hear to get elected!
Rockd 2 oy oldin
When the president uses the people at the expense of his desires. What do you call that?
Lillian Wright
Do people not remember when he said he did not care for federal employees? Out of his own 👄 and I don't think he was lying this time!
Donella Deck
Donella Deck 2 oy oldin
Sonyag1 2 oy oldin
Magical Frijoles
Magical Frijoles 2 oy oldin
Wait, the guy who brags about sexually assaulting isn't concerned that single mothers are getting their paychecks? I mean, no one could have seen that coming.
Magical Frijoles
+Aranda Holley he wants to be able to sexually assault them all for his own.
Aranda Holley
Aranda Holley Oy oldin
How about the man that assaults and demeans women is worried about immigrants sexually assaulting women.
DonkeyLips McGee
DonkeyLips McGee 2 oy oldin
What. A. Cuck.
Tewthpaste 2 oy oldin
*you are a pawn in a game. What do you expect? a Queen? LOL.*
shimmy 1973 Schermerhorn
Games of Thrones VS Walls of Trump. Newest spinoff when last season of Game of Thrones is done. Mark Burnett is getting Trump ready.
Tyrone Biggums
Tyrone Biggums 2 oy oldin
Yes trumps racist game
LaVelle Hardin
LaVelle Hardin 2 oy oldin
ABSOLUTELY ZERO SYMPATHY FOR TRUMP SUPPORTERS!! You voted for him now live with your Vote and your consequences.
Rowebot Radio
Rowebot Radio 2 oy oldin
Why anyone would ever put their life in the hands of government is beyond me.
Mystic Ok
Mystic Ok 2 oy oldin
The problem os not the illegals the problem is the corporations that hire them.. trump only punishes them if they live USA but does nothing if they hire illegals..
Johnny Pena
Johnny Pena 2 oy oldin
I don’t think trump has worked for a paycheck in his entire life. It’s sad to see people suffering unnecessarily. Startup the government and work out the differences.
Darryl Anderson
Darryl Anderson 2 oy oldin
You got what you wanted
Quinn Reverance
Quinn Reverance 2 oy oldin
To those who voted for trump and are not being paid, I’m sorry you’re going what you’re going through. But please let this be a lesson for your 2020 vote!! If you vote for Trump, or other candidates related to Trump - this will keep happening to again.
Robin Lugo
Robin Lugo Oy oldin
I swear, with all this vitriol in the comments, I'm happy to see yours.
Javier Sandoval
Javier Sandoval 2 oy oldin
What's funny is that the people they, were aiming and trying to hurt the most are the least affected. We still working(me at least) I'm getting a pay check. Also. I have no sympathy for these people they voted for him and occording to them they are such die hard patriots and willing to go down with the ship but are the first to jump overboard (calling sick, switching jobs) haha the hypocrisy. But what goes around comes around.
Javier Sandoval
+Nikki Law 👍
Nikki Law
Nikki Law Oy oldin
Javier Sandoval compassion for what???? there lack of understanding that, Trump who they voted for wasn't at all for the better of there circumstances. Nawl no sympathy for them at all.
Javier Sandoval
+Nikki Law haha, Lil bit of compassion is all these workers are asking for. Is that to much to ask?
Nikki Law
Nikki Law Oy oldin
Javier Sandoval facts i truly agree....
Javier Sandoval
+Nikki Law thank you mami.its the truth no matter how hard they deny it or the media tries to cover it up. Facts arnt desmissable.
heavens love
heavens love 2 oy oldin
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