Furloughed worker after Trump speech: "I feel like a pawn in a game"

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Among those likely watching President Trump's address and the Democratic response Tuesday night were hundreds of thousands of federal workers ​who are currently living without pay. Carter Evans speaks to two furloughed federal workers who say they did not get the message they were hoping for.
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9-Yan, 2019

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M Detlef
M Detlef 23 soat oldin
If you're SO upset then QUIT your EXCEEDINGLY CUSHY federal job!!!!!!!
M Detlef
M Detlef 23 soat oldin
Glad she got those STUDENT LOANS to go to COLLEGE. So she can WASH WINDOWS!!!!!
unknown unknown
unknown unknown 2 kun oldin
Trump is vile!
unknown unknown
unknown unknown 2 kun oldin
Hundreds of thousands of government workers that probably voted for him. If you voted for him and are out of work...you LITERALLY ASKED FOR THIS.
Phoenix 3 kun oldin
The American taxpayers spend 136 billions a year on illegal immigrants. A southern border barrier only cost 25 billions. Do you math. These federal workers should walk to Congress hall and tell Nancy Peolosi and Chuck Schumer to do their job, or fire them. We live so far away from Washington DC, we can not help you. Don't just sit there and talk. Take some action.
Phoenix 3 kun oldin
Democrats do not care about you, not president Trump. when you are out of job, they went on vacation swimming in water.
Sophie T
Sophie T 4 kun oldin
Why doesn't anyone mention that illegal immigration is down 90% since 2000.
redsoil5 4 kun oldin
Our food supply system is in jeopardy. Thousands of Food Inspectors are also affected. Think about it. You can essentially build the wall or not build the wall, but why shut the government employees jobs or salaries?
Sophie T
Sophie T 4 kun oldin
Ecoli has slipped through the cracks on our lettuce with inspectors on the job. I'm not planning on eating any raw fruits or vegetables until our inspectors are back at work. Also, uninspected meat and dairy is a risk.
Smart Guy
Smart Guy 5 kun oldin
Damn, 1st opiod epidemic now this ! Us whites are finally recieving our karma, I guess. We are so evil. I think we deserve it by the way.
Junior Kong
Junior Kong 7 kun oldin
If you don't work you don't get paid. You were supposed to learn that before you went on to first grade.
Junior Kong
Junior Kong 4 kun oldin
+Sophie T They are sitting around on the couch you should watch the video.
Sophie T
Sophie T 4 kun oldin
They are working, but not getting paid.
Junior Kong
Junior Kong 7 kun oldin
If you feel like a pawn in a game why do you look like a chunk of fruit in a cake?
Mom B
Mom B 7 kun oldin
Nora makes millions of dollars and she is "fascinated" by those who have $800 in the bank.
PrincessMegan Elsa
PrincessMegan Elsa 7 kun oldin
Stupid Trump 🤨🖕🖕🖕🤬 hurting american people!!
Peter McGlothin
Peter McGlothin 7 kun oldin
When Reagan (rep) was Pres. Airport Traffic controllers, a high pressure, long hours job went on Strike for better working conditions. Reagan, like Trump didn't support the working Class. What did Reagan do? traffic control was a Federal job so Reagan fired all the Traffic Controllers. So, under Trump Federal Employees don't get paid. Nada, nothing. He doesn't care about American working class
Andy H
Andy H 7 kun oldin
I love how the media has convinced people that it is Trump holding them hostage, when its Democrats hatred for him that has them unwilling to risk the creation of a wall which would lead to more jobs, and increased security. Im sure much of the work done on such a wall would be performed by LEGAL immigrants. All over the allocation of a small fraction of 1% of the anual budget. Reminds me of Nancy wanting her crums back when it came to the tax break her party would never give, yet she calls insignificant.
James Pruitt
James Pruitt 7 kun oldin
You really don’t feel bad for her cuz she voted for him?
citizen-x 8 kun oldin
These people miss one week of pay and they are teetering on the edge of financial ruin? talking like they only make minimum wage. Come on now. Maybe they are living beyond their means, and should have had put more money in their savings account ready in case of a emergency , I want to see what kind of vehicles these people drive or the house they live in that are struggling to survive without one missed paycheck.
Jacob Tennyson
Jacob Tennyson 8 kun oldin
If I was a federal employee and I can not pay my bills and everything gets shut off and wonder what I do not to go hungry, I will NOT show up for work!!! My life comes first before government. TAKE THAT TRUMP!!!
turd sandwich
turd sandwich 8 kun oldin
Dennis The Menace
Dennis The Menace 8 kun oldin
You get what you vote for. Prost!
Tatethesnowflake Tate
Keeping promises,MAGA!
NPC Hive Mindset
NPC Hive Mindset 8 kun oldin
Impeach Piglosi and shroomer. Traitors.
Elliot bigbade9
Elliot bigbade9 9 kun oldin
This is a great man with great ideas. Find the wall and send are people back to work!
Elliot bigbade9
Elliot bigbade9 9 kun oldin
Have the dems confirm the small payment.
uknow who
uknow who 9 kun oldin
So many of these families voted for Trump because he ran on building a wall and now that he's fighting for it they're complaining about it. The irony. #crymeariver
Chris Baker
Chris Baker 3 kun oldin
Those employees may or may not want the wall but all the workers want there paychecks.
John Jordan
John Jordan 9 kun oldin
The deal maker cannot make the deal. so he will make Americans pay for his ( shortcomings ) bottom line
Jacob Tennyson
Jacob Tennyson 8 kun oldin
John Jordan, Trump will call them DOGS!!!
White Radell
White Radell 9 kun oldin
How does it feel .... to be ruled by a dictator?????🤔
Sonyag1 9 kun oldin
Trump has a long history of not paying contractors who worked to build Trump Tower and Trump Casino. He will have no empathy for federal workers wither. Where is Mitch McConnell? The House already passed a bill to reopen the government. Why won't he get the Senate to vote on it?
Ricardo Calzada
Ricardo Calzada 9 kun oldin
Red koolaid is only 3 cents, in trumpworld ,so keep on drinking.
Anthony  Stroman
Anthony Stroman 9 kun oldin
Nobodies mentioned God. Because the world will take care of itself.
Evalynne Torres
Evalynne Torres 9 kun oldin
JASON STYLES 9 kun oldin
These people aint no goverment workers...fake fake fake
Shelly K
Shelly K 9 kun oldin
You can get unemployment and eventually back pay. But the families that lost their loved ones from crimes if illegal immigrants, or the drugs they smuggled to USA ....those people will never get their loved ones back. Our brave military and law enforcement sacrifice their lives to protect our nation.... you can in the meanwhile go and get unemployment. This is the time to secure our borders our country....and there is nothing immoral about that....if it is why do people put fences and gates around their properties ? As a LEGAL immigrant now American and tax payer I support and praise all those who came here legally and respect our laws.
Youz a sucker not a pawn
Duane Shadd
Duane Shadd 9 kun oldin
Weren't Two Soldiers caught trying to smuggle $1000000 worth of cocaine into the United States??
pat d
pat d 9 kun oldin
Trump says that federal workers agree with him regarding the wall...only in his demented dreams...
jane dais
jane dais 9 kun oldin
What game, he told you Mexico will pay, not you, go on attend one of his rallies and ask him why he lied to you. And why is he harassing the DEMS who has been in office for one week and not the Republicans who had the house for two years.
Two 9 kun oldin
*tiny violin*
Jane Hardy
Jane Hardy 9 kun oldin
Y’all keep saying she voted for Trump. But did she? There are both Republicans and Democrats in the civil service. I don’t think we know how she voted. She has every right to vote for whomever she wants and she doesn’t deserve to be attacked or deprived of her livelihood because of it. And me, or maybe us not voting for Trump doesn’t obviate our protesting him fecklessly keeping the government closed while all the government services he wants are still being provided to him. Federal employees are having to choose between buying their medicine or buying food. Many senior citizens and many other impoverished Americans have to make that choice every month. This is why health care and medicine should be paid for through higher taxes especially for the super-rich, but in fact for all of us, as a predictable expense, and not have to pay fir doctors’ visits, health screenings and medicine.
Jane Hardy
Jane Hardy 9 kun oldin
for, not fir
Justin Clancy
Justin Clancy 9 kun oldin
You will still get back pay. I’m sure financially you’ll be just fine
Alf Dlg
Alf Dlg 5 kun oldin
But they're hungry today... Their bills are due today.... What good does that do in a month or two?
Ticia o
Ticia o 9 kun oldin
Trump said they all agree with him. And they sending him this information via social media.
Jayson Davis
Jayson Davis 10 kun oldin
Why do people still think Trump is going to do anything for them? He’s only about his bottom line and his ego. Full stop.
kevin smith
kevin smith 10 kun oldin
She is a pawn to democrats. This is about border security. Trump is for border security. Democrats are against anything Trump. Democrats don't care who dies or loses their job or don't get paid . It's about having ultimate power over the people and lying about it. Democrats are traitors to America.
Rockd 10 kun oldin
When the president uses the people at the expense of his desires. What do you call that?
Donella Deck
Donella Deck 8 kun oldin
Sonyag1 9 kun oldin
Magical Frijoles
Magical Frijoles 10 kun oldin
Wait, the guy who brags about sexually assaulting isn't concerned that single mothers are getting their paychecks? I mean, no one could have seen that coming.
DonkeyLips McGee
What. A. Cuck.
Tewthpaste 10 kun oldin
*you are a pawn in a game. What do you expect? a Queen? LOL.*
shimmy 1973 Schermerhorn
Games of Thrones VS Walls of Trump. Newest spinoff when last season of Game of Thrones is done. Mark Burnett is getting Trump ready.
Ford Fairlane
Ford Fairlane 10 kun oldin
Yes trumps racist game
LaVelle Hardin
LaVelle Hardin 10 kun oldin
ABSOLUTELY ZERO SYMPATHY FOR TRUMP SUPPORTERS!! You voted for him now live with your Vote and your consequences.
Rowebot Radio
Rowebot Radio 10 kun oldin
Why anyone would ever put their life in the hands of government is beyond me.
Mystic Ok
Mystic Ok 10 kun oldin
The problem os not the illegals the problem is the corporations that hire them.. trump only punishes them if they live USA but does nothing if they hire illegals..
Johnny Pena
Johnny Pena 10 kun oldin
I don’t think trump has worked for a paycheck in his entire life. It’s sad to see people suffering unnecessarily. Startup the government and work out the differences.
Darryl Anderson
Darryl Anderson 10 kun oldin
You got what you wanted
Quinn Reverance
Quinn Reverance 10 kun oldin
To those who voted for trump and are not being paid, I’m sorry you’re going what you’re going through. But please let this be a lesson for your 2020 vote!! If you vote for Trump, or other candidates related to Trump - this will keep happening to again.
Javier Sandoval
Javier Sandoval 10 kun oldin
What's funny is that the people they, were aiming and trying to hurt the most are the least affected. We still working(me at least) I'm getting a pay check. Also. I have no sympathy for these people they voted for him and occording to them they are such die hard patriots and willing to go down with the ship but are the first to jump overboard (calling sick, switching jobs) haha the hypocrisy. But what goes around comes around.
heavens love
heavens love 10 kun oldin
v12tommy 10 kun oldin
There are more unfilled jobs in this country than there are people to fill them. If you are mad you can't go to work, go work somewhere else, even if temporarily.
no 10 kun oldin
Single moms need daddy government.
no 10 kun oldin
The federal government is trash and so are the workers.
Mario Flores
Mario Flores 10 kun oldin
Funny how they all single moms.... where is baby daddy? You to good for him 😂🤣
Steve Taxpayer
Steve Taxpayer 10 kun oldin
What a nasty, greedy, selfish pig she is! Federal employees earn on average over 50% more than the very private sector workers whose taxes pay the Federal worker's salaries. Additionally, these greedy, selfish federal employees enjoy benefits that are far more rich than private sector employee benefits all while being exempt from having to pay Social Security Withholding's. This selfish slob admits she has $800 in her bank account which is far more than that what's in the accounts of millions of other Americans.
W K 10 kun oldin
Notice how relatively few actual furloughed federal workers there are. And also notice how well we're getting along without them.
Brian Morris
Brian Morris 10 kun oldin
The shutdown belongs to ALL the members of the House and Senate President Trump has not VETOED a single Bill. No Bill has been passed by the House and Senate. Place the blame in the correct spot. Until a funding Bill makes it to the presidents desk STOP BLAMEING TRUMP......
Jahdon Powell
Jahdon Powell 9 kun oldin
+Brian Morris did you that the Democrats have presented six bills to President Trump that he declined and not only that they have started passing bills to reopen the government they have reopened the treasury and they're working to reopen the agriculture sector, and the point individual that I wanted you to see is that the border patrol agent was not paid because of the shutdown and his Union based on what the reporter said is suing the government because they have received no paycheck
Brian Morris
Brian Morris 9 kun oldin
I am not sure what you wanted me to see in that video. But, I stand by my above comments. Congress failing to pass reforms and funding bills are the reason we are shut down. First we need to stop the flow of illegal immigration. All of the people in the video could have presented themselves at a legal border crossing. Congress is the problem. Congress needs to pass bills that protect the American public before any consideration or concession is made.
Jahdon Powell
Jahdon Powell 9 kun oldin
+Brian Morris Then why won't you put the blame where it should be, yes border security security is important but the way how he wants to do it should not be at the expensive of persons like you who have given you life for your country. Do you think I have a point ? uzvid.com/video/video-IwZlQDfS5zc.html please pay attention to the last part
Brian Morris
Brian Morris 9 kun oldin
Jahdon,,let me start by saying I have been working for more than twenty years protecting and serving this Country. First in the US Army next in local law enforcement and for the past 8 years with the Federal Government. I am one of the people you say "I have no love for". I still get up lace my boots and go work to protect the American People. I work for the American People.
Grendel938 10 kun oldin
That interview doesn't seem particularly helpful.
We Heart Dzny
We Heart Dzny 10 kun oldin
So what I am to understand from CNN and the like is that only women and children are affected by the shutdown, since that is all they ever show and report on. Or is it that they feel we are such saps that the whole “women and children are innocent and lost without the rest of humanity” line still works?
PeaceFan1 10 kun oldin
Um, You ARE a Pawn and you should NEVER have Voted for that piece of CRAP!!! LOCK UP our TRAITOR in Chief!!!!
Scott Tighe
Scott Tighe 10 kun oldin
How about you find another person who supports it there is always 2 sides of the story.
Johnny Banana
Johnny Banana 10 kun oldin
And I'm sure there are some government workers who care more about building the wall than their own financial security. Boohoohoo
Johnny Banana
Johnny Banana 9 kun oldin
+James Rice Sr. then they, and you, are a little shortsighted.
James Rice Sr.
James Rice Sr. 9 kun oldin
Do a poll and find out how WRONG you are. They may talk a good game like trump but when the rubber meets the road or in their case the check isn't in their account it's game over.
Shark Guard
Shark Guard 10 kun oldin
That's all you feel? We are all good. Just close it down forever.
Ms Diva 2u
Ms Diva 2u 10 kun oldin
I'm sorry if you voted for him of course you are going to feel like a pawn. You get NO sympathy from me.
Death around The corner
These clowns are the reason why he was elected in the first place, I don’t feel bad one bit, go find yourself another job snowflakes
aa5a9ak 10 kun oldin
He tells the few horror stories he knows yet when it came to the lives lost he Haiti, he lied about the numbers of lives lost. He has done nothing about the many lives lost to mass shootings. He is causing a humanitarian crisis by not paying government workers and still admits no accountability. This is a Trump manufactured shut down. There is no other reason for it than the funding he wants to build a wall that will most likely do little to stop the very things he claims are happening. Drugs don't come over the border the way he claims. Drugs come by boats, trucks and cars through ports of entry. A wall won't stop that. Same with human trafficking. Done by boat, planes, trucks, cars and through ports of entry. Terrorists come by plane they are not walking over the border. Yet his voters believe it all. It's ridiculous.
Nadia Naomi Brown-Wotrang
Trump only wants to build a wall because of the color of their skin, because of who is living on the other side. A campaign promise from a racist inhumane uneducated buffoon to a even more stupid idiotic deplorable flock.
The Blue Hotel
The Blue Hotel 10 kun oldin
Trump despises federal workers. In 2017 he froze hiring and wages. But he misjudges the power that labor wields.
Dollar Bill Y’all
Dollar Bill Y’all 10 kun oldin
what exactly is the argument against building a wall?
Jan Wyman
Jan Wyman 9 kun oldin
+Dollar Bill Y’allIf you were from Mexico or south America, and you could get a temporary visa and enter LEGALLY, wouldn't you? That is how most are getting here, and just not going. Would a wall stop that? Drugs. Most that aren't manufactured here are shipped in regular shipping containers via plane train and boats. Not on a mule. The US government knows all this. So in neither case is a wall effective against that. We need a 21st century solution. X-rays for shipping. More drug sniffing dogs. Fines and jail for those who do this. Instead of a wall - How about sensors? Lots of them , like a mine field of them that you can't see. How about drones with infrared and heat registering sensors? How about putting these up on some huge steel poles, or bury them in the ground and hide them. A dedicated satellite aimed there. This is the 21st century. Is the best we can do a medieval wall? Didn't work for the Romans - look up "Hadrian's Wall". Then look up "Great Wall of China". That didn't keep out the Mongols.
Dollar Bill Y’all
Dollar Bill Y’all 10 kun oldin
I’m trying to understand the case against building a wall. It’s obvious that undocumented entry of goods and people into the US is not beneficial to the American people and it’s clear the current southern boarder policy is not effective. A multi billion dollar drug industry exists just below our reach because of this, which honestly allows the cartels to fund their power and influence in Mexico. IMO we’re subsidizing Mexicos biggest problem. the alternatives vs building a wall. I agree Trump has repeatedly stated Mexico will pay during his campaign with little substance to back up the claim...but who foots the bill doesn’t change the idea if a wall is beneficial or not.
Johnny Pena
Johnny Pena 10 kun oldin
Dollar Bill Y’all there shouldn’t be an argument. Mexico was going to pay is the first answer and second the wall is not effective everywhere. This doesn’t mean we can’t do upgrades but his wall was greater than chinas.
F Scott
F Scott 10 kun oldin
One question republicans? Trumps comes out with a story about someone who was killed by an illegal and you're so concerned although they commit far less crime than legal citizens. So why aren't you so concerned when a white guy with a gun shoots 20 people or more but go to the defense of the NRA instead. Don't blame Dems for his shutdown.
Timothy Two Gun Thompson
Worried more about illegals than 4 million jobless Americans good job Trump.
Dondatta Ford
Dondatta Ford 10 kun oldin
Government workers getting shafted just like the American farmers
Luke Loeser
Luke Loeser 10 kun oldin
Yes, it sucks but, maybe if you'd lost your job or a family member to these criminal aliens you wouldn't be whining. Its not about your job, its about our safety and way of life. Hey media, how about the other side of the story? I have family that have been furloughed and they fully support this president. Don't blame Trump and the 65 million that elected him. Blame the "compassionate" demo-nazis, they could end this now. Ask yourself why they aren't stopping it.
Matt Dummitt
Matt Dummitt 10 kun oldin
You voted for him, I don't feel bad for you
Joe Black
Joe Black 9 kun oldin
"This is fake news. Soros paid off the interviewers. Trump 2020!" - Brainless & Toothless Trump Supporter.
Donna Carter
Donna Carter 10 kun oldin
Patricia Burke Agreed, some people are ignorant to how voting actually works
Jesse 10 kun oldin
+Patricia Burke I agree, Trump said that himself 😂
Patricia Burke
Patricia Burke 10 kun oldin
NO, the electoral college voted for him. He lost the popular vote. This electoral college needs to be abolished! We the people ( majority of Americans) did NOT vote for him.
Joanna deymonaz
Joanna deymonaz 10 kun oldin
My friends mom was beaten, raped and murdered by an American called Gary Ridgeway.
Kin Kiese
Kin Kiese 10 kun oldin
You voted for him, cheers!
Jacob Tennyson
Jacob Tennyson 8 kun oldin
John McCall, Go ahead, support your Fuhrer Trump. The great dictator of the United States.
John McCall
John McCall 10 kun oldin
and will again in 2020, proudly!!
Cesar Vargas
Cesar Vargas 10 kun oldin
This is what we get for believing these idiot with no facts!!!
pcarebear1 10 kun oldin
TRUMP is against CONGRESS, it's not as polarized as those ladies think. Congress (both sides) wanted to pass a budget and agree on Border Security, a physical wall costing all that money when we are in billions of $ deficit again is the fly in the ointment. Trump is the only one "digging in his heels" to the point he's pulling a "Julius Caesar" to go over their authority by declaring a state of emergency.
Andy H
Andy H 7 kun oldin
Going over their authority, would be to put overdue paychecks in peoples hands. The money spent on this would go towards the Americans working on the wall project including legal migrants. As for the budget, this is a fraction of 1% of an annual budget.
Stella Young
Stella Young 10 kun oldin
pcarebear….Keep in mind that we are sending billion to foreign aids, and I blame Polosi and Schumer, they only want the illegal votes, both don't care about American people, both are very selfish...shame on them.
Carole Nash
Carole Nash 10 kun oldin
We are all pawns in that maniacs delusions.
Carole Nash
Carole Nash 7 kun oldin
+Andy H oh Poor little andy. You drank the kool-ade didn't you, poor baby, wish there was a cure for you but I'm afraid there is no cure for stupidity.
Andy H
Andy H 7 kun oldin
Are you talking about Chuck, or Nancy? I know right? Why are Democrats so awful? Why would anyone vote for them? It will be nice to see Wall construction start, jobs created, Legal Immigrants making a gopd wage, and of course long overdue border security. I wonder how many Liberals are protesting the borders at Disney World theme park. Oh yeah, probably none, because their party didn't tell them to.
Jacob Tennyson
Jacob Tennyson 8 kun oldin
Civil War is coming Watch out!
Dixon Smith
Dixon Smith 10 kun oldin
Get a real job. Our govt. is broke. Printing money to pay lazy workers. It is obvious no one notices the govt is closed. Good go home.
Eric Claeyborn
Eric Claeyborn 10 kun oldin
I bet, there are thousands of government workers that are happy to be on paid leave. They know they'll still get paid retroactively when they return to work. The Trump haters are the ones that will disingenuously show their need to return to work. If it was me, I'd be enjoying the time off. Besides that... what idiot wouldn't have a savings to fall back on?
Steven T
Steven T 10 kun oldin
Get a real job lazy fat fuckers!
Trump lives in your head
Now you know how people in the southwest have felt for decades.
Mr.Rogers Play House
Political Twinkie
Political Twinkie 10 kun oldin
"I feel like I am being punished for something I did not do." You voted for T.
Jacob Tennyson
Jacob Tennyson 8 kun oldin
Patricia Burke, Yes with corporate money.
Political Twinkie
Political Twinkie 9 kun oldin
Firespinnr, you make a great point! Your question is the foundation of how these people would be perceived. They know it too.
firespinnr 9 kun oldin
Political Twinkie Funny how most of these interviewers don't ask that pertinent question. Who did you vote for? Or at least what party are you registered to. I think it would have a greater impact if we knew.
Chuck U Farley
Chuck U Farley 9 kun oldin
+Susanna Donovan Stop getting your information from trump's tweets. Reagan never was for a wall. This is what Reagan said about a wall "Rather than making them, or talking about putting up a fence, why don't we work out some recognition of our mutual problems, make it possible for them to come legally with a work permit, and then while they're working, and earning here, they pay taxes here?"
Political Twinkie
Political Twinkie 10 kun oldin
If she had been a pawn that would have been an elevation from the sucker she was/is who voted against her own interest.
Crypto Sampo
Crypto Sampo 10 kun oldin
Put Trump on indefinite furlough!
Daniel KATHY
Daniel KATHY 10 kun oldin
Yung Rome
Yung Rome 10 kun oldin
They feel like pawns instead of morons. These ppl need to start being honest with themselves on why they voted for a well known con man. Your being punished because instead of voting for the best candidate. You voted for a assclown who was spewing the hate that you wanted to hear. I feel nothing for these ppl.
Blessed Okie
Blessed Okie 10 kun oldin
+Political Twinkie Agreed.
Political Twinkie
Political Twinkie 10 kun oldin
It's disgusting how T's supporters who never cared about others expect those same people to care about them.
Ethereality 10 kun oldin
The dems were for the wall literally two 3 year ago. Now, they will fight it and put a shutdown in place.
James Rice Sr.
James Rice Sr. 8 kun oldin
That's right keep blaming the Democrats for trumps mess. We're going to give you something legitimate to blame the Democrats for in 2020 when we kick his sorry behind out of office. The democrats and Republicans drafted a bill that included money for border security and chump wouldn't sign it because it didn't include the $5bil. he wanted for his stupid wall so tell us again who's responsible for the shutdown. Oh and in case you didn't hear trumps boy McConnell said that trump said that he wasn't going to sign anything that doesn't include money for his wall. Now call that fake news.
Matt Dummitt
Matt Dummitt 10 kun oldin
Ethereality You're president caused the shutdown, Idiot
John Preston
John Preston 10 kun oldin
Had Donald not made a promise to the American people he couldn't keep... had Mexico paid for his silly wall as he swore they would... we would not be here...
Mandi May
Mandi May 10 kun oldin
Mexico is a poor country they don't have the money. They can't even help their people.
Eric Claeyborn
Eric Claeyborn 10 kun oldin
Who says, Mexico still won't pay for the wall? Is the wall built? Wait until after the wall is built before whining. You ever heard of the U.S. financial aid that goes to Mexico every year? Just hold that back, indefinitely. That's only the beginning.
Jannett Snow
Jannett Snow 10 kun oldin
We still should not be here
Jesse 10 kun oldin
Trump's main concern all the time is JOBS, JOBS, JOBS. Yet, he essentially puts 800,000 people out of work. 🤔🤔🤔🤔
M Detlef
M Detlef 23 soat oldin
Jesse No!!!!!! He put 320,000 on DELAYED pay. And 420,000 on PAID VACATION!!!!!!!!
Patty Can
Patty Can 6 kun oldin
+Eric Claeyborn “I am proud to shut down the government” says Trump. Going further, the president said he would take full responsibility for such an event. His words.
Jan Wyman
Jan Wyman 7 kun oldin
+James Pruitt we, as citizens, have an obligation to hold our representatives and senators to account for their actions - or lack thereof. For every letter these folks receive, they consider there's 100 or more who think the same. Write to them. I know its a bit old fashioned these days, but its a lot harder to ignore than something you can just hit the delete key. Also, call the number in your state. They all have local offices. You are a constituent and will be listened to, especially inside your state. Course you can also call the presidential hotline. Goes to the white house. And each senator and representative also has a Washington number. So write, call. Make your voice heard.
James Pruitt
James Pruitt 7 kun oldin
Jan Wyman yeah but senate has final say, they are using partisan politics against trump. They don’t care if anything benefits citizens, just like trump, they just want to win
Rudd dogg
Rudd dogg 10 kun oldin
Go find another job like everybody else has to in this country
Arie Fraiser
Arie Fraiser 10 kun oldin
Will that other job cover their bills? And who would hire a federal worker knowing as soon as the government opens they will lose that worker and have to spend money again looking for some one again?
The Blue Hotel
The Blue Hotel 10 kun oldin
Rudd dogg. They have jobs. It's a good thing they stand ready to return after the shut down. With a 3.9 unemployment rate, hiring and training new federal workers would be a protracted and expensive process.
Political Twinkie
Political Twinkie 10 kun oldin
HM2, well thank you!
HM2 [live]
HM2 [live] 10 kun oldin
+Political Twinkie that's a damn good idea. And the prisoners can clean up the government's parks and memorials. The country will save so much money! 👍👍
John McCall
John McCall 10 kun oldin
CBS a NWO/deep state channel!! come for half the story and the negative side!! we are a leftist and will only give you half the story!!
Jannett Snow
Jannett Snow 10 kun oldin
They gave the whole story. But your a Racist and don't give one damn
Jesse 10 kun oldin
And the right is guilty of the same, except they give us the other half of the story. You need to piece then all together to see the whole picture.