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Future - Honest (Official Music Video - Explicit Version)

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Download "Honest" here: smarturl.it/honest-album
Spotify: open.spotify.com/album/5rbqupVSYwvEmXBUnFtUf7
(c) 2013 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment/A1
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11-Sen, 2013



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Wesley Gaspar
Wesley Gaspar Kun oldin
Metro Boomin 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Robert Murillo
Robert Murillo 2 kun oldin
My Goal for 2019 is to embrace every loss I took in life and turn them into lessons. Also learn to be Honest and true to myself, and to the World 🙏🏽🙏🏽
Don’t 4T Me Blog
Don’t 4T Me Blog 3 kun oldin
This shit still go hard I’m just honest
danny nash
danny nash 3 kun oldin
still bangin this out in 2019 !!!
Young Eaze
Young Eaze 4 kun oldin
Came from instagram with the Asain Vibing to this when he crashed into a pole turning up
Steven McGlohon
Steven McGlohon 4 kun oldin
Banging this shit hard still in my whip
Tymious Goodman
Tymious Goodman 4 kun oldin
Anybody see the Asian kid crash his car vibing to this song
Michael Mitchell
Michael Mitchell 5 kun oldin
This is my videos and you don't like it huh SpongeBob videos I don't like your mama son of a b****
Alex Villalobos
Alex Villalobos 5 kun oldin
Asian guy bumping after crashing his car??
D E M O N x
D E M O N x 5 kun oldin
Car crash video
Quan Minh
Quan Minh 6 kun oldin
N TD 6 kun oldin
Đang phê and Phiêurious :)) VN
Cong Vu
Cong Vu 6 kun oldin
zJMR 6 kun oldin
Who here after seeing the Asian guy who crashed his car and was bumping this?
Cut Awwalia Salsabila
+Diva Type @hoodclips on instagram
Diva Type
Diva Type 5 kun oldin
Lol. Where can I see this video?
Dat boi
Dat boi 6 kun oldin
Justin Coburn
Justin Coburn 6 kun oldin
Future is one of the best rappers I'm just being honest
Justin Coburn
Justin Coburn 5 kun oldin
Shut up bro
Awab Ahmed
Awab Ahmed 5 kun oldin
Justin Coburn yous a liar
Anwar Shelton
Anwar Shelton 6 kun oldin
Kizzy Reddick
Kizzy Reddick 7 kun oldin
I know you being honest about being gay. And yes going both ways means your GAY.
bombflo1 7 kun oldin
Glad this type music starting to fall off
Tom Brady
Tom Brady 6 kun oldin
Taylor Victor
Taylor Victor 7 kun oldin
Come from thanh niên ngáo đá
Cảnh Sát Kim
Cảnh Sát Kim 8 kun oldin
Thanh niên tông cả chục chiếc xe và vẫn ngồi quẩy trong xe đưa tao đến đây =)))
Hoàng Linh Jr
Hoàng Linh Jr 8 kun oldin
Việt Nam - Có ông nào nhờ cái thằng bú đá đâm mấy xe rồi tông vào cột đèn và biết đến bài này không :)))) Nghe Trap mà chơi đá nữa thì đảm bảo mấy ông cũng như cái thằng đó đấy
Tâm Minh
Tâm Minh 8 kun oldin
Có ai đến từ thằng xăm mình ngáo tông cột điện hông ))))))))
qeqe q
qeqe q 8 kun oldin
ngáo đá boy dẫn tao tới đây :))
_BGz 8 kun oldin
nhạc ngáo đá
Mai Nhaan
Mai Nhaan 8 kun oldin
Từ clip nam thanh niên ngáo đá qua đây :v
Hoàng Nguyễn
Hoàng Nguyễn 8 kun oldin
Bài này hình như ông ngáo đá ở Đà Lạt nghe thì phải :))))))
Moons TV
Moons TV 8 kun oldin
nghe cái này ngáo đá không ta ????
Globular 8 kun oldin
There's a guy in my country doing some drugs while driving and he end up in a car crash still very high while listen to this 😂😂
Vinh Quang
Vinh Quang 8 kun oldin
Hay quá cũng là cái tội :(((
Kim Phuong
Kim Phuong 8 kun oldin
Đến từ VN và từ thanh niên bay lắc qua đây =))
Octopus New
Octopus New 8 kun oldin
Có ai đến đây vì thanh niên ngáo đá gây tai nạn không :))) . 2019
Huynn Khanh
Huynn Khanh 8 kun oldin
Tôi đây=))) hhahaah qua Riox
Mr Daxiu
Mr Daxiu 8 kun oldin
Ae cẩn thận kẻo lại bị ngáo như thằng kia :v
Sơn Nguyễn
Sơn Nguyễn 8 kun oldin
Thanh niên ngáo đá take me here
Devere Gittens
Devere Gittens 9 kun oldin
March 2019 still bangers I must say💯©️©️©️💯
Brandon Halas
Brandon Halas 10 kun oldin
Search ebb and flow Brandon Halas
Tabitha Mulkey
Tabitha Mulkey 10 kun oldin
Priscilla Meza
Priscilla Meza 12 kun oldin
Still bumping 2019👌
Alessandro Edmonds
Alessandro Edmonds 12 kun oldin
Single ☹️ 3/9/2019@5:33am.. just being honest!
Candice Scott
Candice Scott 13 kun oldin
I love this song.....I'm so in love with future his songs are so interested into
GodLike Mike
GodLike Mike 13 kun oldin
We all just being honest.
Jason Good
Jason Good 14 kun oldin
👊😠👊 🤘😠🤘
Savage Erikina
Savage Erikina 14 kun oldin
Anthonio Nesbitt
Anthonio Nesbitt 14 kun oldin
I smash you girl iam just being Honest...
Chiketa Morris
Chiketa Morris 15 kun oldin
I want to smoke a leaf and shake my ass to this song, just being honest
omars corniers
omars corniers 16 kun oldin
im cummin up
Dakarai Washington
Dakarai Washington 16 kun oldin
Yu gud and we skrat skrong 💯 YMCMB
MissRissFan 16 kun oldin
Still here future Hendrix 2019.. Rockstar 4 lifeeeee
Lukus Carter
Lukus Carter 16 kun oldin
Shante Williams
Shante Williams 17 kun oldin
So listening to this 2019🔥🔥
George Kush
George Kush 18 kun oldin
I’m just being honest
George Kush
George Kush 18 kun oldin
2019 still here
Timi Afolabi
Timi Afolabi 18 kun oldin
This song is a great choice I first listen to this song in year 11
Motion 18 kun oldin
This song is timeless, that’s it.
Lolly Dieffenbacher
Lolly Dieffenbacher 18 kun oldin
I’m just being honest
Rollin stone
Rollin stone 19 kun oldin
Darnell Stinson
Darnell Stinson 19 kun oldin
Classic song who agree
Icey Bro
Icey Bro 19 kun oldin
I finally Fount it...
Zoo Crew
Zoo Crew 19 kun oldin
100 million deserved
Marilyn Glass
Marilyn Glass 19 kun oldin
I love this song
tee tee
tee tee 19 kun oldin
I listen to this every day in the morning an at night and at work all day 💪💘
To Pher
To Pher 19 kun oldin
2019 !!
Terrance Smothers
Terrance Smothers 19 kun oldin
I almost got shot for being honest
Jeremiah Tyler
Jeremiah Tyler 20 kun oldin
Still bumping 2019
David Wong
David Wong 20 kun oldin
Good songs
Antonio Kearse
Antonio Kearse 21 kun oldin
Dam I forgot about this song bring back some many memories 💯I just being honest
Brittany Mcdaniel
Brittany Mcdaniel 21 kun oldin
Who bumpin on dis in 2019?? 🤗
Maqenzie King
Maqenzie King 21 kun oldin
😍😍😍😍😭bruh I’m in love
zone 1
zone 1 21 kun oldin
Jordan Lee
Jordan Lee 21 kun oldin
Males can't become females or vice versa I'm just being honest
Israel Doe
Israel Doe 22 kun oldin
Chametris Young
Chametris Young 23 kun oldin
He know he AINT playing that piano
FIT 305
FIT 305 21 kun oldin
Kayla Lytle
Kayla Lytle 23 kun oldin
Ya know Future... The Best!!! 2019 still. Ridding to this 🎶🎵🎶
Kayla Lytle
Kayla Lytle 23 kun oldin
In Just Honest!!!! Stephen❤
Angela Osiecki
Angela Osiecki 23 kun oldin
I was going to lie to you but had to tell you the truth.
Angela Osiecki
Angela Osiecki 23 kun oldin
Polius 24 kun oldin
i swear future has no bad songs
mkhisto Mdingi
mkhisto Mdingi 24 kun oldin
Im a rockstar for life im just being honest. Got a cheque on me right now im just being honest
Anothny Lewis
Anothny Lewis 25 kun oldin
Frederick Jones
Frederick Jones 26 kun oldin
I'm 62 years old and listening to this I just being honest
FIT 305
FIT 305 21 kun oldin
Austin Pitt
Austin Pitt 26 kun oldin
2019 We still being H O N E S T
wendee hughes
wendee hughes 27 kun oldin
Got tats all in my drawers😳 I’m just being honest lmao 😂 love you Future baby you the baddest all this money ima cash it!! You a rockstar fa life💯✌🏻🤟🏼🤛🏻👌🏼👈🏼👉🏻👊🏼👎🏼throwing gang signs fa ya🗣💲💲💲💲💲🤴🏼🤴🏼🤴🏼
Shelton Matthews
Shelton Matthews 27 kun oldin
Jason miller
Jason miller 27 kun oldin
Thats my nig!!
Joseph Castro
Joseph Castro 28 kun oldin
What's a gang of bitches to you / don't lie , be honest and I'd preciate yous opinion / never have I just fell like a fallen angel lost inlove but blessed / knew then it'll be a lesson learnt just as long as wings start to flap / I'm trapped in the projects though the life is ghetto therefore I'm breaking through / ain't she fine , does she pay and make the day go by right like good days gone by / why couldn't you fight , knew then she got a nigga even if you'd had in mind otherwise / so don't run especially if the price is right yet I see too / OMG what the hell ...
demeound thomas
demeound thomas 29 kun oldin
That crack all in my draws am just be honest trap spot
Della Starz Production
This song is fireeee🔥🔥🔥 iam jus being honest✊🙏
Ashley Daugherty
Ashley Daugherty 29 kun oldin
Call me old whatever..I'll be bumping this till I die on goddddd....I'm just bein honest 😉
To Nasty Sway
To Nasty Sway Oy oldin
Anyone 2019??
Krayzie Angel
Krayzie Angel Oy oldin
Am I the only one that knows the original song to this beat? Look up “Mozzy I’m just being honest” thank me later
Pat Tha Rocc
Pat Tha Rocc Oy oldin
2019 anyone ? And frfr jus be honest
Leo Neptune
Leo Neptune Oy oldin
Yo everything I say today will follow with... “I’m just being honest”
Leo Neptune
Leo Neptune Oy oldin
Yo everything I say today will follow with... “I’m just being honest”
Trisha Whitefish
1:34 😍
Ah Med
Ah Med Oy oldin
I'm listen to this song from Morocco,: just being honest
Oliver Osir
Oliver Osir Oy oldin
2019 anyone still bumping to this!!?
Daniel Echevarria
Michael Cooley
I'm proud of you Family. The message Creatively woven artistically through space, time, and dimensions! ;)) your faith has restored you! Be blessed in all you do my friend! I love you
Polly Pilot
Polly Pilot Oy oldin
Wow I just make out the pastor omg😍
Shermessie Lee
Who listening 2019
Edward Acton
Edward Acton Oy oldin
Colleen Who's honest? LoL 😀
HipBeat Tv
HipBeat Tv Oy oldin
2019 am still on it..just being Honest