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Future & Juice WRLD - No Issue (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

Lyrical Lemonade
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Official “No Issue” music video from Future & Juice WRLD.
WRLD ON DRUGS’ available at:
Directed + Edited by Cole Bennett
Song Produced by Wheezy
Director of Photog. Logan Meis
Steadicam by Thor Wixam
Future online: twitter.com/1future
instagram.com/future soundcloud.com/futureisnow
Juice WRLD online: twitter.com/juiceworlddd
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25-Okt, 2018

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Lyrical Lemonade
Lyrical Lemonade 2 oy oldin
Ro Ho
Ro Ho 10 kun oldin
+Rich White Man stfu
Alex plays roblox and TROLL Gonzalez
Lyrical Lemonade what size r u in shoe am a 9/5 and am just nine
Lindsey Smith
Lindsey Smith Oy oldin
I love u baby
Harril Durham
Harril Durham Oy oldin
Lyrical Lemonade LM. Ll
Lil_Taz14 Oy oldin
+Rich White Man you use the same toy gun for every song
Dtae M
Dtae M 2 soat oldin
*Is that a fuggin deluxo from gta*
Storm 14 soat oldin
I want that outfit
Brittnee Bogannan
Brittnee Bogannan 14 soat oldin
I'm selling replay buttons! 0:00
Frosty ダチに酔って
In love with the beat.
CLASH WITH cobian 21 soat oldin
This song needs about 500,000,00 millon views TBH 2019 let's goooooo 🐐
Asy Jordey
Asy Jordey 22 soat oldin
@_ColeBennett_) I got raps
Ailen Satibaldi
Ailen Satibaldi Kun oldin
English part starts at 0:42.
ɪᴛᴢ_ styx
ɪᴛᴢ_ styx Kun oldin
English has just committed suicide*
jackson ball
jackson ball 2 kun oldin
Why does future look like the farther of juice world
Aaron Morling
Aaron Morling 2 kun oldin
Deluxo wooooooo
Jacob Navara
Jacob Navara 2 kun oldin
Love juice wrld but this song is trash
Rigow Jimenez
Rigow Jimenez 2 kun oldin
This song is WACK !
Max Rawling
Max Rawling 3 kun oldin
I love future but what the fuck is this
Broke Rich Records
Broke Rich Records 3 kun oldin
Cole Bennet lost his touch
Yhung Prince
Yhung Prince 3 kun oldin
is juice first part 0:41
TIMC Booking
TIMC Booking 3 kun oldin
#timc timeismoneycampaign
Supreme. 3 kun oldin
When is the English version going out.
Skittlez Playz
Skittlez Playz 4 kun oldin
Juice and future date smurfs confirmed
Matt Haldy
Matt Haldy 4 kun oldin
Why hasn't this blow up wtf
ghoul fnm
ghoul fnm 4 kun oldin
AVATAR 2 is crazzy!
Sanaa Bailey
Sanaa Bailey 4 kun oldin
How y’all not understanding what this man Future is saying? 😂
Zico Bond
Zico Bond 4 kun oldin
Future gassed it i had 2 listen 2 it 50 times tho
Tha Trillest
Tha Trillest 4 kun oldin
Trash asf
Noam Sirote
Noam Sirote 4 kun oldin
Shitty song it’s annoying
Alfredo Gonzalez
Alfredo Gonzalez 5 kun oldin
wheres the rapping?? reading a book mumbling auto tune repeating ?? rap game is easy to get into now a days look like a tattoo pack of life savers and raggedy ann mop .. make millions no talent..
Adrian Yslas
Adrian Yslas 5 kun oldin
I want a dalorian sooooooooooo baad
Wilber Leon
Wilber Leon 5 kun oldin
Future the mumble rap king
Jared 5 kun oldin
Future ruined this album
CARTOF UL 6 kun oldin
Still trying to understand what was future saying
Franckhonor Paul
Franckhonor Paul 6 kun oldin
name is young Haitian trying my best to get a follower
juice wrld lyrics
juice wrld lyrics 6 kun oldin
wtf is future saying
JoJoLopez999 XXX
JoJoLopez999 XXX 6 kun oldin
Bro this is future blah balsjdndudneuejwhhehrrheheh bot bot bot
Kushblowing420 7 kun oldin
A fucking HIT 😈🔥🔥🔥💯
Mr_Amarxo 043043
Mr_Amarxo 043043 7 kun oldin
this is wierd
Rubber Duckyog1310
Rubber Duckyog1310 7 kun oldin
1:20 was that lil mosey???
Cringy Content
Cringy Content 7 kun oldin
Future ruined wrld on drugs
Windyy 8 kun oldin
Fuck u future completely ruined this album like wtf are u even sayin half the time ur so shit
Frosty ダチに酔って
When the car better than the whole song
Joe Snow
Joe Snow 8 kun oldin
This song is still fire so it dont rlly matter
NewAge Visionary
NewAge Visionary 8 kun oldin
Wrong artistes for this beat. Don’t get me wrong. Their song is fire, but THIS BEAT‼️‼️‼️ is just... Immaculate 😂🙏🏽💯🚳
Squonk 9 kun oldin
Future slander gotta go
Hades 9 kun oldin
on god i remember the sample from a free drumkit lmao
IcyLife 9 kun oldin
Deluxe gta 5✊🏽
omar saunders
omar saunders 10 kun oldin
creation 10 kun oldin
I'm just here for the videography, I leave this channel on mute mainly 🙌
Future Transport
Future Transport 10 kun oldin
Damn future on Lyical Lemonade... congrats!
Misael Sandoval
Misael Sandoval 10 kun oldin
Future can you talk English plz
Chantal Estrada
Chantal Estrada 10 kun oldin
took shrooms and this song was not in english
U should u do music video for “fine china”
lynene Alvarado
lynene Alvarado 10 kun oldin
I like the beat!!😍
tragic ed
tragic ed 10 kun oldin
Literally only understood die die die....cry cry cry (•-•)
Sean McInnis
Sean McInnis 11 kun oldin
This some rick and morty ish right here
Miracle 11 kun oldin
Futures name is future because he speak the future language
Miracle 11 kun oldin
Pls explain why the only word of future I understand is I do oxy don't need alcohol
Miracle 11 kun oldin
This boy speakin cusive
fifapro92 11 kun oldin
Fuckk yall hatinasses, best song 2018, peace!
SipahiTechENT 11 kun oldin
future is nothing without metro boomin
LIL K4H 11 kun oldin
Kalash - Mwaka moon ft Damso
Viet Dude
Viet Dude 11 kun oldin
Future fucked this whole album up
R3K3M 11 kun oldin
Im one of the blue people and since people cant speak our language i decided futures verse. Don't let these bitches get in your head Fallin’ out of love with Xanax Livin' my life on the edge I'm sacrificin’ everything I did Oxy, I don't need alcohol I pop Rolexes like they Adderall Continuin', deliverin' the substance I'ma be there for my bros, one call
D T 11 kun oldin
Cree Warrior 🥶
vSaltyy 11 kun oldin
0:14 to 0:17 wtf is the language
Who's Nasty Kid
Who's Nasty Kid 11 kun oldin
The comments are KILLING ME because they talking about "Future" and his English 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Micro Man
Micro Man 12 kun oldin
My screen glitches out at the end anybody elses
Cuderz 12 kun oldin
This is so trash
Aaron Meador
Aaron Meador 12 kun oldin
Who in the hell gave future a DeLorean??
killermarcus 12542
killermarcus 12542 12 kun oldin
Road was grimmy
Kermit The Toad
Kermit The Toad 12 kun oldin
I couldn't even understand future
Aleminator 04
Aleminator 04 12 kun oldin
This Song Is Big Shit,Trash,Garbage and Fuckin Shit BSTGFS
Ruairi McNamara
Ruairi McNamara 13 kun oldin
Future is like when your in preschool and you don’t know your alphabet
Tree Man
Tree Man 13 kun oldin
future trash lol
Bunkin' Reacts
Bunkin' Reacts 13 kun oldin
this should have way more views
Phillip 13 kun oldin
How did you get a Delorean damn
wi ll
wi ll 13 kun oldin
The only thing that I understood from future was Rolex i think
The Randomness Lab
The Randomness Lab 14 kun oldin
XXXTENTACION - 14 kun oldin
Byeee byeeee English Lmao dem blue ppl
Claudia Davis
Claudia Davis 14 kun oldin
Future ruining Juice WRLDs flow 🙄
K9 Sound
K9 Sound 14 kun oldin
why they on smurf planet
STREETRACEN4U 14 kun oldin
I'm from Atlanta and even I don't know what Future sayin😂😂😂
The meat and potatoes
0:42 when the teacher stops letting the slow kid read
500Kills 14 kun oldin
Why future gotta ruin juice wrld songs
McLoRdTM 14 kun oldin
Future is fucking trash and he ruined the whole wrld on drugs album i didnt even bother listening to it like if u agree
Proper Game
Proper Game 15 kun oldin
this song hitin...id be grateful if just one person checked out my music
Gurpreet Singh
Gurpreet Singh 15 kun oldin
Bitch no issue
Jaxon Callan
Jaxon Callan 15 kun oldin
Juice world hair the same In armed and dangerous
joshua ramirez
joshua ramirez 15 kun oldin
Ninj a
Ninj a 15 kun oldin
1:02 1st day if school be like
Kim L. Cancer
Kim L. Cancer 15 kun oldin
Ay nice DeLorean
Radian 15 kun oldin
Futures lyrics: Don't let these bitches get in your head (Wheezy outta here) Fallin' out of love with Xanax Livin' my life on the edge I'm sacrificin' everything I did Oxy, I don't need alcohol I pop Rolexes like they Adderall Continuin', deliverin' the substance I'ma be there for my bros, one call Don't you try and judge us like you ain't got no flaws Don't you try and judge us Don't you try and trust us Let it go down, down, down ain't no issue She gon' cry, cry, cry, she feel misused Yeah, draped up when I walk into the club Hundred racks in my pockets, and them dubs Lot of Crip niggas spillin' lotta blood Got a million dollar ice just because Exotic hoes, exotic clothes, exotic drugs All hundreds in my bank, ain't find a dub Blow some gas on that nigga, he a dud Untamed make me feel, feel, feel, feel No Limit gang whippin' that real, real, real, real Rest in peace, you either kill or be killed Bullets flyin', flyin', flyin', flyin' Homicide-cide-cide Let's get high, high, high Make her cry, cry, cry, she need tissue I get high, high, high and have no issue Thank me later.
TM TM 16 kun oldin
Why didn't they make a video for fine China? Like wtf
Madcapali Ali
Madcapali Ali 16 kun oldin
Futures parents still waiting on his first words
nick coy
nick coy 16 kun oldin
This shits ass
Hunter H
Hunter H 16 kun oldin
Whats that one juice wrld song where he says wanna drink? And u hear something being poured
Serake Alemu
Serake Alemu 16 kun oldin
0:43 is juice wrlds part
Jermaine Mills
Jermaine Mills 16 kun oldin
Hit or miss Juice Wrld just carried your song
Ciro Amore
Ciro Amore 16 kun oldin
Future first words were: Percocet, molly, percocet.
Tactical toast squad
AvAtAr Tw0
HitTheQhon _
HitTheQhon _ 16 kun oldin
The only time future will finish a sentence is in prison.
Tara Fox
Tara Fox 17 kun oldin
Hi I am interested in the music you have posted on UZvid
5 oy oldin