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Future & Juice WRLD - No Issue (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

Lyrical Lemonade
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Official “No Issue” music video from Future & Juice WRLD.
WRLD ON DRUGS’ available at:
Directed + Edited by Cole Bennett
Song Produced by Wheezy
Director of Photog. Logan Meis
Steadicam by Thor Wixam
Future online: twitter.com/1future
instagram.com/future soundcloud.com/futureisnow
Juice WRLD online: twitter.com/juiceworlddd
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25-Okt, 2018



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Lyrical Lemonade
Lyrical Lemonade 5 oy oldin
Dying 14 kun oldin
+Rich White Man you look like my dad, you get the milk
Dying 14 kun oldin
It was on pornhub when it was taken down
I have 90 more days to change my name
Lyrical Lemonade ❤️❤️❤️❤️
RainZ_StrawBerry opZ
Why did it get deleted
Karen Took The Vodka
+Noah Weissberg its on spotify now
Unkown Person
Unkown Person 12 soat oldin
Smurf Left The Chat
Ye Kun oldin
The beginning guitar riff is AMAZING where is it from??
PrimeTime Tv
PrimeTime Tv Kun oldin
Who else has this background noise when they're tripping??
stop justin
stop justin Kun oldin
Wheezy out here making some 🔥 shit
Rybzzi 2
Rybzzi 2 2 kun oldin
Butterfly doors 0:14
Handshakemydick 2 kun oldin
The new avatar movie looks bad
ima be real this song was ruined by future
CVHS disstracks
CVHS disstracks 3 kun oldin
1:15 is fire
Alex Naca
Alex Naca 3 kun oldin
Juice looks photoshoped in cover
MidNite XD
MidNite XD 4 kun oldin
Ok I love juice wrld but this song was complete dog shit
Lovely Miimii
Lovely Miimii 4 kun oldin
I love juice wrld
PhonkMane XII
PhonkMane XII 4 kun oldin
how this only got 8.8 mil views???
Bcp Bweto jr
Bcp Bweto jr 5 kun oldin
Future taking more L’s then youngthug
Silent Theifs
Silent Theifs 6 kun oldin
FOR THE PEOPLE WHO CANT HERE WELL HERE YA GO READ DUMBASS Future: Don’t let these bitches get in yo head (Wheezy outta here) Fallin outta love with Xanax Living life on the edge No sacrifice in this bitch I do oxy, I don’t do alcohol I pop Rolex’s like edible continue deliberating the substance I’m gon be there for my bros when I’m gone Don’t you try to touch us Just like you ain’t got no flaw Don’t you try to touch us Don’t you try to hide us Why don’t you try these drugs first Yeah they gonna die die die, ain’t no issues She gon cry cry cry She feel issues Juice wrld: she wanna kick it She know judo, I cannot save her I’m no hero,bank account commas And zeros,Gucci, Amiri,my apparel keep a pistol,let it hit ya I’m official, fuck that bitch One night kisser I won’t miss her, Make her cry cry cry she need tissues, I get high high high, and have no issues VVS on me,now,igloo You say we fly,when been flew ah(3x) I told that bitch it ain’t no way around it Like future, matter fact come to found Out yesterday She was fucking on future, Stripper bitches callin my phone, Wondering when I show up to the club, Cause I throw hundreds in that bitch,ain’t throwing dub Spend that check, oh, money love Designer clothes designer hoes designer drugs, 50k for Birkin bag, did it just because I’m in Chicago or they drill drill drill drill my game with me yet they real real real real, Every G up in here official, real, real, real,real Perc pop, love the pills Mix it with klonopins Future:Change on when I walk into the club hundred rags in my pocket, ain’t dubs lotta crips make me feel like a blood I am million dollar iced just because, exotic hoes exotic clothing exotic drugs all hundreds it’s in my bag came from the dirt, But some gas, blow that Nigga, he a thug. I can’t handle how good you feel no limit, king whipping it you were real rest in peace, you either kill or be killed, but bullets fly, fly, fly, fly homicide, Side, side, let’s get high,
Repocalypse 6 kun oldin
Am I the only one who notices the minecraft chops?
Raspberryoranges YT
Director: Future what language is this in Future: Yes
MoneyRicardo50 .O
MoneyRicardo50 .O 7 kun oldin
That car in the beginning is the flying car in GTA 5
Joshua Wilson
Joshua Wilson 8 kun oldin
I fuckin love him😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤦🏾‍♂️😍😍😍😍😍😍🤦🏾‍♂️😍😍😍😍😍
TripleJay VeVo
TripleJay VeVo 8 kun oldin
Came on the beat too hard
Lyrical Irvin
Lyrical Irvin 8 kun oldin
No Issue JUIECE WRLD XXL 2019!👏🔥☝👽
Derick Morris
Derick Morris 8 kun oldin
Thanks for making me think my phone was broken👏🏼
Lisa Johnson
Lisa Johnson 9 kun oldin
Lucy Whittall
Lucy Whittall 9 kun oldin
Blue face baby
Maybach prikolai
Maybach prikolai 2 kun oldin
+Lucy Whittall why'd u think so?!
Lucy Whittall
Lucy Whittall 2 kun oldin
Maybach prikolai is that meant to be an insult😂
Maybach prikolai
Maybach prikolai 2 kun oldin
Red face adult
SuperSkopr 10 kun oldin
Ma’am when I’m on tuss the world caters.
Tume 10 kun oldin
Ta tata ta ta tata ta ta tata ta ta ta
wildinbesson 11 kun oldin
This is the most toxic chat ever
LiLCULLINS ___ 11 kun oldin
Devon Desjarlais
Devon Desjarlais 11 kun oldin
Not good because of future
Thomas Maxwell
Thomas Maxwell 11 kun oldin
❗️❗️❗️❗️y’all look up BAYB Dt no worries on UZvid search ❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️ out now
Dontae Hudson
Dontae Hudson 12 kun oldin
ZooM Elite
ZooM Elite 13 kun oldin
This song fire idk niggas is hating on it. Smh ya hate on future ya not about that rap shit fr then. He a goat
Walter Clements
Walter Clements 13 kun oldin
Why did this get mediocre views for a pretty high profile collaboration on a popular channel
T Monroe
T Monroe 14 kun oldin
Still love this hoe ong
The Worst Gamer
The Worst Gamer 14 kun oldin
Y does this remind of back to the Future
Bethany Euceda
Bethany Euceda 15 kun oldin
This the Best Collab 🔥🔥👌🏽
tianna anthony
tianna anthony 15 kun oldin
Lowkey not feelin dis song tho
Xero Lewis
Xero Lewis 15 kun oldin
That DeLorean tho!!!!!!! xD
Michael Weibel
Michael Weibel 15 kun oldin
The only reason why I like this is because Juice WRLD’s in it
Cash NYC
Cash NYC 16 kun oldin
Still A Daily Play On God This Song So Underrated
Jermaine Kendrick
Jermaine Kendrick 17 kun oldin
This song feel like 2 cup of lean & a half oz ......
playhouserage 17 kun oldin
Is sagong esnt gaht bad. Eiss haon ma plhgylst
Will Loll
Will Loll 16 kun oldin
playhouserage translation: “this song isn’t that bad. It is on my playlist”
ENOK Mist 18 kun oldin
Of course juice adds the deluxo into his vid😂 👇Gta v players like here
Derek Rosario
Derek Rosario 19 kun oldin
DRFL tonight
TMK 19 kun oldin
future is so bad compared to juice world
Ricardo Dawkins
Ricardo Dawkins 19 kun oldin
0:42 there is no kicking in judo bruh
MisterRofl 20 kun oldin
future makes english a iq test
Liyah nation
Liyah nation 20 kun oldin
This beat remind of footworking
Siki Official
Siki Official 21 kun oldin
English version please.
Aaron Bello
Aaron Bello 22 kun oldin
What camera does the little kid use to shoot juice
Ej Curtis
Ej Curtis 22 kun oldin
That background vocal is Jahseh
Top Flight Security Of The World Craig
"I pop Rolexs like they adderall" Future out here eating Rollies and shit 🤣😂🤣
AntiMerc 22 kun oldin
Juice Wrld saved this song
My smile is a cry for help
This beat is trash till juice starts rapping.
kargarath over9000
kargarath over9000 25 kun oldin
Future and his autotune reuined the song
Cash MNY
Cash MNY 25 kun oldin
Why is everyone blue lol
Ajang Awolowo
Ajang Awolowo 25 kun oldin
Private John
Private John 25 kun oldin
wtf is this shit?
* ROCKYRAFTY 25 kun oldin
if u can understand 100% of what the lyrics are u are smart enough to fly to the moon 😂
Bunta 25 kun oldin
This shit was ass when it first dropped now it goes crazy as fuck
Supa Star
Supa Star 25 kun oldin
JamesLowLight 26 kun oldin
This song is terrible
F7 Verticals
F7 Verticals 26 kun oldin
Stop hating on future his part was lit tf
F7 Verticals
F7 Verticals 19 kun oldin
Totally not The F.B.I
F7 Verticals ahhhhh yes so true my favourite part is when he said Ghfdvycxtdsdukjbdejnicsqtilpnfrst
dj williams
dj williams 27 kun oldin
I halfway understand what future is saying 😂 but juice saved the song. This shit still wavy asl tho! If you can’t understand what juice is saying than I’m convinced you’re indeed retarded 🤣
defy NTG
defy NTG 27 kun oldin
future ruined it
Kenteaz 11 kun oldin
Future is fire without this emo rapper. Future been dropping hits since 2011 and he has classic albums. He's an og like Drake and he's a grammy winning artist and yall emo white teenagers and juice wrld fans acting like Future a bum ass nigga when he paved the wave for the new generation. Go listen to Future new shit🔥im a juice wrld fan but yall need to respect Future cause juice wrld said that Future is his idol and the day i collab with Future i made it
YessyOCE 27 kun oldin
futures just shit
TemprrFlex 27 kun oldin
They brought a gta car into real life lmao
Danieli Saravia
Danieli Saravia 27 kun oldin
Don't let these bitches get in your head (Wheezy outta here) Fallin' out of love with Xanax Livin' my life on the edge I'm sacrificin' everything I did Oxy, I don't need alcohol I pop Rolexes like they Adderall Continuin', deliverin' the substance I'ma be there for my bros, one call Don't you try and judge us like you ain't got no flaws Don't you try and judge us Don't you try and trust us Let it go down, down, down ain't no issue She gon' cry, cry, cry, she feel misused Uh, she wanna kick it, she know judo I cannot save her, I'm not a hero Bank account commas and zeros Gucci, Amiri, my apparel Keep a pistol, let it hit ya, I'm official Fuck that bitch I will not kiss her, I won't miss her Make her cry, cry, cry, she need a tissue I get high, high, high, and have no issues VVS on me, no igloo You say you fly, but we been flew Ah, ah, ah I told that bitch it ain't no way around it like Future Come to find out, yesterday she was fuckin' on Future Stripper bitches callin' on my phone They wanna know when I'll show up to the club 'Cause I throw hunnids in that bitch, ain't throwin dubs Spend a check, oh, money love Designer clothes, designer hoes, designer drugs 50 K for the Birkin bag, did it just because I'm in Chicago where they trill, trill, trill, trill No Limit gang with me, yeah they real, real, real, real FBG up in here, Future real, real, real, real Perky pop, love the pills, mix it with Klonopins Yeah, draped up when I walk into the club Hundred racks in my pockets, and them dubs Lot of Crip niggas spillin' lotta blood Got a million dollar ice just because Exotic hoes, exotic clothes, exotic drugs All hundreds in my bank, ain't find a dub Blow some gas on that nigga, he a dud Untamed make me feel, feel, feel, feel No Limit gang whippin' that real, real, real, real Rest in peace, you either kill or be killed Bullets flyin', flyin', flyin', flyin' Homicide-cide-cide Let's get high, high, high Make her cry, cry, cry, she need tissue I get high, high, high and have no issues VVS on me, no igloo You say you fly, we been flew (ah-ah) You can see what we done been through You didn't see the road we took, it was grimy You don't know the way we been through Bullets, fly, fly, fly Make you cry, cry, cry
Danieli Saravia
Danieli Saravia 27 kun oldin
Jack Polk
Jack Polk 27 kun oldin
coles fuckin killing it 🔥
Blacka 5pee entertainment
uzvid.com/video/video-6GX8bm2orjE.html 🙏🏾🔥🔥💯🤟🏿✊🏾😭🤓😂
Bill Nacky
Bill Nacky 28 kun oldin
Shut tf up with those "can't even hear what Future is saying" comments whole tape was fire
Tasty Stixx
Tasty Stixx 28 kun oldin
Any gta 5 people that car be lookin like the deluxo in the beginning
Tasty Stixx
Tasty Stixx 20 kun oldin
I know I realized that
Trey 27 kun oldin
Tasty Stixx That’s a delorean it’s a car in real life not just on gta 😭😭
Kinda Icy
Kinda Icy 28 kun oldin
Aye, ahhh, eee ahhh
EmPax TANGO YT 29 kun oldin
This nigga future off beat asf
Martin Miller
Martin Miller 29 kun oldin
Try to understand one word in this video
Jay Garza
Jay Garza Oy oldin
Ya''ll already know Juice is one of the best rappers out there so like this comment and Peace.✌️
Lynamick Oy oldin
I din understood a word of future.. Smh
Jacob Taylor
Jacob Taylor Oy oldin
All this time still can’t understand shit future be saying lol 😂
Steezy Gonzalez3184
Crazy frog anyone?
Oh yea yea
Oh yea yea Oy oldin
Juice made the song better
Pokemagic Oy oldin
This vid looks like an acid trip gone wrong
3nergyx Oy oldin
Who Is Better: 👍 Future= Like 👍 👇 3nergyX= Comment👇
Reido BXR
Reido BXR Oy oldin
Ez my fav song
Lazarito El Retro
yoboyybn krazy
Cool when does futures verse come out in English
ClUtChIsBaCK Oy oldin
Avatar 3 confirmed
Shadow561781 Oy oldin
Juice would have been fine by himself... Real talk
ThisIsAdvy sh
ThisIsAdvy sh Oy oldin
I love that beat fr
mike Oy oldin
they have a music vid for this song but not fine china even tho fine china is way more popular than this song??
Frank Barry
Frank Barry Oy oldin
Future is so trash
Nothin Matters
Does future ever take those sunglasses off
gaming with panda
ayeeeee he rep chicago
sweet corn
sweet corn Oy oldin
this album belongs to juice wrld
Rob Higgins
Rob Higgins Oy oldin
This is how many people skip futures verse 👎
Rob Higgins
Rob Higgins Oy oldin
Is there a juice wrld only edit?
joe Oy oldin
It's so calming.
Nickrxd1122 hehe
I feel like future is becoming worse and worse
Kenteaz 11 kun oldin
+Nickrxd1122 hehe Future sounds wayyyyy better by himself or Drake or Young Thug not emo rappers lol. Future is a trap artist not emo so it's hard to pair his style with juice wrld style. Future is a og like Drake and he been dropping hits since 2011. Future new shit is hard and people need to respect the og and im a juice wrld fan but juice wrld said that his idol is Future and said the day he collab with him he officially made it
Nickrxd1122 hehe
Nickrxd1122 hehe 19 kun oldin
+Totally not The F.B.I i guess so
Totally not The F.B.I
Nickrxd1122 hehe to be honest some of his newer stuff isn’t to bad
Dylan P
Dylan P Oy oldin
Anyone got lyrics to futures verse?
Totally not The F.B.I
Dylan P yes (Lyrics) Awhhchjxyvrhkhduoj fhdovsubdeyondsrkhfhhthgsvvv ivychuxtdysyctshchctxjvyxyfivj. Hchcyfuftsrduvj xtvjctgovpucg cucuvydtstigtxghhvh h cuctgivuc There you go I think that’s what I heard
wizardpigz 22 kun oldin
Dylan P nope
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