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Future - Mo Realer (Prod. Zaytoven)

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25-May, 2018

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Mening pleylistlarim
Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 2 201
Dewayne Morton
Dewayne Morton 2 soat oldin
The alpines go crazy when this comes on
bol_heem-ski Kun oldin
Iam sorry fat trel murdered this jawn better remake called mo trilla🔥🔥
MARVELITO!!!!!! 2 kun oldin
"When I drop the tape the murder rate increase" *beat drops*... Im dead
Billy Strain
Billy Strain 3 kun oldin
Zaytoven HG@(+/!"_&---654$_*"""5
Billy Strain
Billy Strain 3 kun oldin
Lil j Cantrell's vsop
Tabatha Latasia
Tabatha Latasia 6 kun oldin
Aretha Hunter
Aretha Hunter 11 kun oldin
Rep da gang in da pen
Chauncy Cox
Chauncy Cox 12 kun oldin
I drop the top off a regular rafe
Beats By Leek
Beats By Leek 14 kun oldin
Subscribe to my UZvid and check out free beats
Shandon Davis
Shandon Davis 15 kun oldin
Use to the fame y'all ain't taking my soul💪🙏
Shandon Davis
Shandon Davis 15 kun oldin
Naturally on repeat😎
Dexter Sullen 'TRUTH'
*This song always reminds me that I'm the fucking goat.*
Ashley Bonds
Ashley Bonds 17 kun oldin
I have to go back
Deonte Bailey
Deonte Bailey 17 kun oldin
I love thiiisss track
Fonta Maultsby
Fonta Maultsby 17 kun oldin
He really do keep it real to me💞💕💞🌺💞🌺💕💞💕🌺💞💕🌺 always put me frist anyway his my 💗💋💋💗king nobody r💋💖💞💖💖💞💋✨🌟✨🌟💵💵eal then him i lo💗💗ve you
Muney Makkin Mudd
Muney Makkin Mudd 18 kun oldin
The mf legend the 🐐
KMD 18 kun oldin
2019 listeners wya ?
Manee B
Manee B 18 kun oldin
A cop just passed me & waved
Doryan Dunson
Doryan Dunson 18 kun oldin
“When I drop a tape the murda rate increas”🔥🔥🔥
mesquite monsta
mesquite monsta 20 kun oldin
That Facebook ad makes me feel less realer
Erick Vybz
Erick Vybz 20 kun oldin
Don Sampler
Don Sampler 22 kun oldin
Not your regular civilian, i ride for the squad im a champion!!
Jay Pee
Jay Pee 22 kun oldin
Shorty on perk this a drug addict date 😂
Chris Dodson
Chris Dodson 22 kun oldin
Kevian Price
Kevian Price 24 kun oldin
This my shit but some mo better
Skrappie HustleHard
Skrappie HustleHard 24 kun oldin
Ima cook up a key, when I cook up a key ima Charge you a Fee 🔑⚖️
Skrappie HustleHard
Skrappie HustleHard 24 kun oldin
I felt this one Future 🤟🏽 omm bro
Gods John
Gods John 24 kun oldin
💧 Drip
bg otto
bg otto 24 kun oldin
future a bitch for this track str8 bitch boy
Kay Ruster
Kay Ruster 25 kun oldin
Thanks Future Hndrxx
Cheezepuff God
Cheezepuff God 25 kun oldin
Boss Lady
Boss Lady 25 kun oldin
UZvid jay skreetz it’s nothing ❤️
Boss Lady
Boss Lady 25 kun oldin
This song makes me sad
N2L Entertainment N2L
On repeat🤦🏽‍♂️💯
Latrina Clinkscales
Latrina Clinkscales 25 kun oldin
I love him
Emoney 23pk
Emoney 23pk 25 kun oldin
Unknown -
Unknown - 25 kun oldin
2 0 1 9 ?
Tyrone Brawley
Tyrone Brawley 26 kun oldin
This That Shit Ayee
Hazel Dior
Hazel Dior 26 kun oldin
Mo realer than y'all in 2019!
Hidden Scriptures
Hidden Scriptures 27 kun oldin
Check out the way I be glistening yal no cap
Spanky Washington
Spanky Washington 28 kun oldin
Gymnastics 3
Gymnastics 3 28 kun oldin
Shorty on percs this a drug addict date 🙏😈👅💯❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
shy jones
shy jones 28 kun oldin
We get that guap ain’t no fuckin around!
Michael Ford
Michael Ford 29 kun oldin
this song go hard 👌
Donte Jackson
Donte Jackson 29 kun oldin
Some part of the future is unbeatable and its the good things in life like actual good things
Marquese Moore
Young rich nigga fckinn bad bicchhes that's all i know... All I know.💢😎🤘💯💯💯
Champ Apollo
Champ Apollo Oy oldin
Yo future made his self a legend officially after this song
Nicloe Washington
Horatio Drago
Horatio Drago Oy oldin
Its heat...but I like Young Dro's better
ZoeQueen Zada
ZoeQueen Zada Oy oldin
2k19 anyone? 🤞🏾💜
Hoodie Ducky
Hoodie Ducky Oy oldin
Anthony Guzmán
0:11 1:59 3:53
Obron Jones
Obron Jones Oy oldin
You outdid yourself with this one bruh 🔥💪👏
DeathB4Dishinor 3086
Birds of a feather 2 brought me here....
Anthony Arnold
Like if future a legend
Dominique Buggs
Used to the fame y'all ain't taking my soul
MrJamesE1 Oy oldin
Cedrick Honeywood
Mo Rella Needs no features Cause he is a feature to himself
kimberly sterling
N2L Entertainment N2L
This from the heart real rap true words
eboni davis
eboni davis Oy oldin
Future got me through the toughest times when I was in the Shelter!!!!
Charahtis Hodges
He rode that beat from the beginning to the end str8 🔥
Ronda Ratliff
Ronda Ratliff Oy oldin
Future is very inspiring who's listening with me in 2019 I listening to future music every day of all his music
Dede Young
Dede Young Oy oldin
Fuck my new case im realer than yal.... Thats all i know ,all I know🎶
Justin J
Justin J Oy oldin
Thank you future for inspiring all of us in the trenches everyday. I'll be representing blasting your music til I die
Kareme Regis
Kareme Regis Oy oldin
Justin J
Justin J Oy oldin
We don't deserve future. Everybody hates on mumble rappers when this dude has blessed us with slap after slap
Shawn Hill
Shawn Hill Oy oldin
I served a chicken🐣🐤🐥🐔🐓🦆🦅🕊️ in the middle of da street💸🤑
Niyah Boo
Niyah Boo Oy oldin
Ayeeeeee mood all 2k19 🤞🏾💪🏾🤟🏾💣💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Kimberly Gilliam
My shit
E Oanici
E Oanici Oy oldin
2019 gang
Astro Genius
Astro Genius Oy oldin
Best song of 2018
Evan Vernadakis
Beat goes 2 hard
Elaina Clarke
Elaina Clarke Oy oldin
Fat Trel version Better 🤷🏾‍♂️🙄
Uncle The One Shot Kid
Elaina Clarke day trel sounds constipated in his version and made the lyrics ULTRA GENERIC
Uncle The One Shot Kid
Elaina Clarke L
Ms. G
Ms. G Oy oldin
Future always LIT 🤳🏾😈
Lil Hendrix
Lil Hendrix Oy oldin
Anyone still listening this in 2019?
swindlegang Soulja
Fuck da police i gotta stay wit da can# on god regular day life
Devon Larson
Devon Larson Oy oldin
Still fye in 2k19 🔥🔥🔥
FortFilm Oy oldin
Sunglasses and dreads I get so much bread I won’t stop until I’m dead
Bambi Garcia
Bambi Garcia Oy oldin
Bumping 2019 youngg_bambi ig
Rohit Kumar
Rohit Kumar Oy oldin
boosie Parson
boosie Parson Oy oldin
Jaquaia Thomas
Southland Yolah music go hard !!!
Maurice Placide
Fill up ah safe I'm mo realer den yalll🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Marvin Cruz
Marvin Cruz Oy oldin
This definitely in my top 10 future songs
This nigga future just bounced back ....
Gamer 107
Gamer 107 Oy oldin
I’m not a failure just in my zone that was fire 🔥
Antwan Philips
Trap come from Cali
Beedo Ceez
Beedo Ceez Oy oldin
Holler at me ..... what's a feat cost me.... Beedo CeEz you tube....?!?!
Cor Bett
Cor Bett Oy oldin
Who still here in december
Adam Conway
Adam Conway Oy oldin
C no like fritos im eatin hot cheese skate on that bitch watch my diamonds on freeze
Kelvin Lanier
Kelvin Lanier Oy oldin
Racks blue
Chuck Mac
Chuck Mac Oy oldin
I remember rollin wit that thang on me rockin to this
Bread Money
Bread Money 2 oy oldin
Who listen 2k19?
DeWayne Wilson
DeWayne Wilson 2 oy oldin
Joe Davis
Joe Davis 2 oy oldin
Real shit
JuiceFrost LeFlore
Mane dude bump dis mafucka Ya hear me
Charahtis Hodges
Charahtis Hodges 2 oy oldin
Zaytoven and Future perfect combination
Kelsy Ware
Kelsy Ware 2 oy oldin
Shoot at ur top u want fuckin with homes fut my new case I'm more realer than y'all
mac_scratch 7
mac_scratch 7 2 oy oldin
Fuck all the poping i stay with the bandz👇🔒
Megaman Fire
Megaman Fire 2 oy oldin