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Future - Mo Realer (Prod. Zaytoven)

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25-May, 2018

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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 1 440
Chinx White
Chinx White Soat oldin
Sounds just Like Some more
Miz Jelly
Miz Jelly 4 soat oldin
This shit goes hard 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Kells McCutchen
Kells McCutchen 4 soat oldin
This joint big underrated💯
tom martineau
tom martineau 5 soat oldin
Maliek Harris
Maliek Harris 8 soat oldin
This man really the reason im able to control my depression no capp 💯 when i spark up a blunt i play shit like this by him to ease my mind.
Kells McCutchen
Kells McCutchen 4 soat oldin
Maliek Harris i kno the feeling my dude
young yahye
young yahye 8 soat oldin
future gets me high
Roy G
Roy G 12 soat oldin
Shawty so yellow she stay with a tan 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
Growin Painz
Growin Painz 14 soat oldin
OfficialRichBoyChris 17 soat oldin
This song will forever crank no capp.🔥
6PM Drew
6PM Drew Kun oldin
When I cook up a Ki imma charge u a fee
DJ Yung O's
DJ Yung O's 2 kun oldin
SUPER EXCLUSIVE when I put it on 💯
Django D
Django D 2 kun oldin
JB FIZZ 2 kun oldin
James Jones
James Jones 2 kun oldin
I play this hit at least 12 times a day
Harveyworld stone5
Harveyworld stone5 2 kun oldin
4.1k thumbs down I don’t see how 😩 this song so damn hard 💯😭
Kells McCutchen
Kells McCutchen 4 soat oldin
Harveyworld stone5 easy, it's all them niggas who he competing wit doin hatin Shyt, but picking his whole track apart piece by piece to add to they own shyt.
Dontez Givens
Dontez Givens 2 kun oldin
Man I can't stop plying this shit bruh this shit too real
jabb jkl
jabb jkl 2 kun oldin
quit spamming my damn youtube with this bullshit i dnt wanna hear it every 10 minutes
Eric Z
Eric Z 2 kun oldin
ciara was here
eNvision Beatz
eNvision Beatz 2 kun oldin
Zay ++ = Future = Best Combo
Kenyatta Galloway
Kenyatta Galloway 2 kun oldin
XxBrandon300xX 3 kun oldin
Jayla gaming anybody❤️💯
Thomas Onderdijk
Thomas Onderdijk 3 kun oldin
Wut? No video?
June Ruiz
June Ruiz 3 kun oldin
Sing to em🎶 🎤SUPER FUTURE
Kendrick Manning
Kendrick Manning 3 kun oldin
I hope you didn't sacrifice OG Double D SMH
Kendrick Manning
Kendrick Manning 3 kun oldin
I hope you didn't sell your soul
King Dontay
King Dontay 3 kun oldin
Offset remix ?
Craig Savage
Craig Savage 3 kun oldin
Just when I was loosing faith in you, you surprised tf outta me with this!🔥🔥🔥. I’m late af to this, but I’m sliding through the city with this bitxh on blast & repeat! Thank you my boy!
Jamal Gant
Jamal Gant 3 kun oldin
Wats da difference between this song & some more??
king deeandre Brown
chad ollison
chad ollison 3 kun oldin
We get that gwap ain't no fucking around out the gate 💯⛽🏚️
Lava Williams
Lava Williams 3 kun oldin
I sell a chick in the middle of the street. When I drop a tape the murder rate increase!! 🔥🔥💪🏽💪🏽
Arriel Wynn
Arriel Wynn 3 kun oldin
fill up the safe I'm mo realer then y'all 😏
Supremeaholic 4 kun oldin
Jaylas Gaming Brought Me Hurrr
Ja'Brandon Lovett
Ja'Brandon Lovett 4 kun oldin
Mo realer than y'all any trapper know this nigga did it fuck ya mean
Jay Tick
Jay Tick 4 kun oldin
Welll garsh dang it future! Back at it again with the sick flow my guy dope!
Ez Kidd
Ez Kidd 4 kun oldin
Fire! March madness type shit
Tequila Baybeh
Tequila Baybeh 5 kun oldin
Sleep wit the k I'm no reala than y'all
Jim Louis
Jim Louis 5 kun oldin
Fie Sht future 💪💪🏆🏆😫🗣️🗣️
Da Don BluntTalk
Da Don BluntTalk 5 kun oldin
I’m Sorry Future I’m A Big Fan But I Been 😴 lately But I’m Up Now Dope 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Ace Dillinger
Ace Dillinger 5 kun oldin
Two BANGERS on my page. Check me out 🙏💣🤫 Won’t disappoint!!
Eric Alagasco Jones
He make me wanna get back on drugs again!! We good luv!! Enjoy!!!
karon davis
karon davis 5 kun oldin
Swerve on tha Curve , It's only a Benz '🔥
ikie Starr
ikie Starr 5 kun oldin
ikie Starr
ikie Starr 5 kun oldin
haatwerken 5 kun oldin
Zaytoven 10 Future -10
Abdul Floyd
Abdul Floyd 6 kun oldin
Same clothes just a hard hat and some steel toes. Mo realer than yall
just kiding gaming
just kiding gaming 6 kun oldin
I came from jayla gaming intro
Vae And Dee Oden
Vae And Dee Oden 6 kun oldin
king.buckets_ _
king.buckets_ _ 6 kun oldin
Fucc future dat nicca zaytoven snapped tf out the 3eat
Jah LeBron Panton GaGamel
Future TUFF yuh fuck!!
Wardell Williams
Wardell Williams 7 kun oldin
Nice beat
Chase AMillion
Chase AMillion 7 kun oldin
when I drop a tape the murder rate increase 🔥🔥🔥🔥
The Real Cwf Montakein
This men never let me down on bro
Cosmiczel TV
Cosmiczel TV 7 kun oldin
This Song> Entire Beast Mode 2
Og Ricky Bobby Williams
This sound just like SOME MORE ON Beast Mode 2
KiddCash TV
KiddCash TV 7 kun oldin
pour up some lean im trying let it go
Deandre Anderson
Deandre Anderson 7 kun oldin
I'm down with my crew if they are right or wrong
Joseph Williams
Joseph Williams 8 kun oldin
I can hear lil uzi goin off if he was on this
Jamell Holmes
Jamell Holmes 8 kun oldin
Hes Tha Great
Hes Tha Great 8 kun oldin
MissPrincess3470 8 kun oldin
I've been playing this song none stop!! Future be snapping 😎🖕
Ebony Kirkland
Ebony Kirkland 8 kun oldin
Jared Mayo
Jared Mayo 9 kun oldin
Future killed it speaking on some real shit and Zay put that professional touch on the beat this here a masterpiece
Kingjonh Lee
Kingjonh Lee 9 kun oldin
Sandy Stevens
Sandy Stevens 9 kun oldin
lebron fan lol
lebron fan lol 9 kun oldin
He is consistent never changed his flow or style .. money hasn't changed his flow
Quentin Beverly
Quentin Beverly 9 kun oldin
You can tell where these new rappers get the swag from
Debra Bengtson
Debra Bengtson 9 kun oldin
I just feel like all these fake rappers suck future the only one I can listen for 5 hours he does not get a lot of viewers and stuff in that nature I feel that people even know who he Is any more and it is annoying cuz he so good
IVAN WILL KILL 9 kun oldin
Fill up a safe I'm more realer than y'all
DJ X-Ray
DJ X-Ray 9 kun oldin
❤️Future’s flow on this. Zaytoven’s 🎹 is 🔥
bigperm079 9 kun oldin
"Shorty on perc, this drug addict date"
jimmy safari
jimmy safari 9 kun oldin
Future - you the REALEST!...(Dope)
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I Drop the of a regular wraith! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥He Gasing
Knowbrakes3 Subscribe Now
This fire😎😎😎💣
Kilo smithTV
Kilo smithTV 10 kun oldin
When I got super It's super vegeta when I feel this 🔥🔥🔥
zonnique pullens
zonnique pullens 10 kun oldin
Young rich nigga fucking bad bitches thats all I know
Bill Gates
Bill Gates 10 kun oldin
Dat nigga future have you in that deep thought
U niggas stay Ur feelings
Shoot at ya top u ain't fucking with homes
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson 10 kun oldin
Iam MO REALA than all yall.
Marvin Cruz
Marvin Cruz 10 kun oldin
Shawty so yellow she stay wit a tan
H Love
H Love 10 kun oldin
Dats wat haPPends wen u do a mixtaPe wit thugga💯
Raniyah Blake
Raniyah Blake 10 kun oldin
🔥🔥💪💪✌✌ real as they come
JNRdaGreat 10 kun oldin
came here right after listening to "some more" on beast mode 2!
Uriel Carrillo
Uriel Carrillo 11 kun oldin
zaytoven knew this was fire for future 🔥
PERC Russell
PERC Russell 11 kun oldin
This was my shit til I heard Some More
Miguel Becerra
Miguel Becerra 11 kun oldin
My portfolioooooooo
zenki gizmo
zenki gizmo 11 kun oldin
Beast mode 2 brought me here😂😂
Ryan Wilkins
Ryan Wilkins 11 kun oldin
Nikki Fowler
Nikki Fowler 11 kun oldin
Shamar Griffin
Shamar Griffin 11 kun oldin
Ta'mia Jones
Ta'mia Jones 11 kun oldin
future is the king
Kamari Durell
Kamari Durell 11 kun oldin
This shit here nasty......FBG
Aaliyah James
Aaliyah James 11 kun oldin
This that 56 nights crazy type of type of shit
GoodNight Robicheaux
Yo my mans done evolved damn near 5 6x 😂😂💯 On some digimon shit
Reginald Brown
Reginald Brown 12 kun oldin
ernie crawford
ernie crawford 12 kun oldin
Rekia Shia
Rekia Shia 12 kun oldin
vincent farris
vincent farris 12 kun oldin
young rich nigga, fuck a bad bitch that’s all I know.... 🌊
GROWNWISE 12 kun oldin
countin it up n im losing the count
Kasir Rule 232
Kasir Rule 232 13 kun oldin
Future back on his shit SuuuuuWest 😎🤙
Lemonade Lad
3 kun oldin
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