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Future - Move That Dope (Official Music Video) ft. Pharrell Williams, Pusha T

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6-Mar, 2014

EpicFuture feat. PharrellPusha T and CasinoMove That DopeRapFuturefuture vevofuture musicvevovevo musicvevo playlistfuturevevohip hop247hhpharrellpusha tmove that dope futurefuture move that dopefuture ft pharrell pusha t casino - move that dopemove that dohfuture move that dohmove that doh future



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Jasmine Catledge
Jasmine Catledge 8 soat oldin
Dooba Tv
Dooba Tv Kun oldin
2019 anyone????
Randy Hammonds
Randy Hammonds Kun oldin
And grammy
Randy Hammonds
Randy Hammonds Kun oldin
10 million sold bone thugs harmony
Randy Hammonds
Randy Hammonds Kun oldin
Columbus oh reppin
thuita muchai
thuita muchai Kun oldin
still bangin in 2019
FLAKASTEPH awb 2 kun oldin
Christopher Quander
concerta extended release come to me and i bring you peace
God 3 kun oldin
Holy shit I had no idea Pharrell can rap like this😂😂🔥 happyyyy happyyyyy happyy
JAY T 4 kun oldin
Why they sleep on skateboard p?
Salvatore's enterprise
2019 anyone?
Demo Loccs
Demo Loccs 5 kun oldin
Pura gente de Erick Moreno
Carlo Santana
Carlo Santana 5 kun oldin
Fuckin my junkies! You never sold dope fr is you don't relate to that line
Esther Muhubao
Esther Muhubao 6 kun oldin
2019 and still banging to this!
Eric Lewis
Eric Lewis 7 kun oldin
Damn this track make me wanna walk the traffic crossing on a red man
Sean Bean
Sean Bean 7 kun oldin
😲 dope fucking song. omg I can’t stop listening to this.
Eddie Weed
Eddie Weed 7 kun oldin
it's always gang related
Marianne Macharia
Marianne Macharia 8 kun oldin
Pharell and his stupid hat killing it 🔥
Ahmet Ahmet
Ahmet Ahmet 9 kun oldin
wowwwwwww . very very gooooodddddd man 🤤
Young Gvng
Young Gvng 9 kun oldin
Alan 10 kun oldin
Amal Raj
Amal Raj 11 kun oldin
who's whippin the yam in 2019? 🔥
GnarlyCitrine784! 11 kun oldin
2:30 Can you spot Tyler The Creator?
GnarlyCitrine784! 11 kun oldin
Did Future just.....rap?
Helen mae Sizemore
Helen mae Sizemore 12 kun oldin
Monique Richardson
Monique Richardson 12 kun oldin
Move that dope. 😉
Sherry Shults
Sherry Shults 13 kun oldin
This music is bangin!
Just a kid with a dream Randell
Did my man say the n word 8 times??
Charles Dawkins
Charles Dawkins 13 kun oldin
Whenever I play this in my truck w my four girls n my only boy they all go ham n be thinking their father used to be a drug dealer.🤗
Eric Sanchez
Eric Sanchez 14 kun oldin
Eric Sanchez
Eric Sanchez 14 kun oldin
Meshuggah Bleed
Eric Sanchez
Eric Sanchez 14 kun oldin
Controll machete- Me comprendes
Eric Sanchez
Eric Sanchez 14 kun oldin
Pantera - Walk
kirito Karahaya
kirito Karahaya 14 kun oldin
2019 anybody?
Ron Harrison
Ron Harrison 15 kun oldin
I’m here for Pharrell
Luvhim Luvher
Luvhim Luvher 16 kun oldin
The feeling when this song 1st came out...😎🤑💪♨♨♨♨
Flvver 16 kun oldin
who's *STILL* here after thanos snapping his fingers?
M. Dexter
M. Dexter 17 kun oldin
Not one Brown-Black girl in this video, their own skin color they find distasteful= counterproductive Colorism.
DeVaron Leassear
DeVaron Leassear 20 kun oldin
army navy
DeVaron Leassear
DeVaron Leassear 20 kun oldin
nope saw em and dmx in the booth saying that no pic doll flix
Madison Mathis
Madison Mathis 20 kun oldin
Who still listening in #2018
Aariana and India Marie
Hay big head you are a Pandora bear iam to kux jewelry strore for the Pandora bracelet bye big nose
Henry Basa
Henry Basa 21 kun oldin
I hella didn't know that Pharrell rapped that part
The dude Your mom warned you about
...made it through to the other side now nothins big as my ego....
Slit Wrist Misfit
Slit Wrist Misfit 23 kun oldin
Please don't encourage the youth to do things that can ruin their lives. Selling drugs and gangster life isn't something glamourous. It's something people that had nothing and no oppurtunities had to do to survive or were a victim of their environment. This is fun music but not something to be emulated. Trust me.
dantrel81 25 kun oldin
Top 10 song of 2014!Even though 2014 was a terrible year for music very confusing year for music if you remember 🤔
willie dulaney
willie dulaney 27 kun oldin
Yes We Move That Dope We Move That Dope Yes We Move That Dope In Milwaukee $$$$$$
Vincent Silvaldo
Vincent Silvaldo 27 kun oldin
Who is here 2018 to 19 like me here still listen to this hit
Simon Corona
Simon Corona 28 kun oldin
Pharrell saved this song. On God.
blakseed 12 kun oldin
Pharrell didn't even say anything with his verse. Ya'll just like his flow.
Simone Wood
Simone Wood 28 kun oldin
Thank future hit😆
Alessio Ranieri
Alessio Ranieri 28 kun oldin
Pharrell 💣
2bjjones 29 kun oldin
There must be a sacrifice among our people.
Tesha Elkins
Tesha Elkins Oy oldin
Cops I swear they think just cause u black u got drugs
Elijah Holland
Tyler the Creator at 1:49 and 1:51 got me weak
Anthony Maggi
Anthony Maggi Oy oldin
Anthony Maggi
Anthony Maggi Oy oldin
dam prob worst song ever heard.. wtf..
J-Powers Bolton
move that dope
iSw1fty SVM
iSw1fty SVM Oy oldin
So many lines packed in 4 minutes
Lucky7club Vll
2019 anyone????
Jonathan King
Jonathan King Oy oldin
Pusha T ever get formally charged for killing Drake?
James Brown
James Brown Oy oldin
That's how you get paid PEOPLE.
Richard Thomas
yo this guy farrell or watever should just stick to making beats, this guy almost ruined the song wit his lame gay ass verse, talking all that weirdo nonsense
Clotaire Vilbrun
#THÈ BEST MUSIC EVER 2018 2019🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👏👏
Noah Banc
Noah Banc Oy oldin
This song make me wanna go to a cop and tell him he's under arrest
Juan Rangel
Juan Rangel Oy oldin
Do be that guy mate
Maybach Music
Maybach Music Oy oldin
Dope Boys
welid mechergui
Pharell had the hardest verse on here
Bedirhan Agar
Bedirhan Agar Oy oldin
Me, I try to leave the best for later But Pusha tried to put me on the respirator The old Skateboard P, that's your favorite Me and twenty girls doin' yoga naked Frequency high, like a spaceship She say that she like it and she's been exposed The Gandalf hat and the weird ass clothes That's Comme des Garçons and the Buffalo I know guerrillas with the triggers that's on a banana clip And packin' with the biggest missiles These niggas is knocking over vehicles These niggas ain't waitin' just to see niggas These niggas ain't tryna hear plea niggas These niggas like choppin' down trees, niggas These niggas 1-2-3 and they squeeze, niggas These niggas hit the weed then they lean niggas, gee, nigga If you got two hoes, you need to let one go Two Lambos, you need to let one go All these drones while y'all smoke dro There's an eye in the sky, I'm tryna let y'all know Ain't no standards, I'ma set one though Big ass bag but no man sandals All that war, we need to let that go That boom business, I'ma get that ho
Joey Delaney
Joey Delaney Oy oldin
Never sold drugs in my life. But when I hear this song I feel like Tony Montana.
Justin Rampersad
Salute to da realz
Riceツ Oy oldin
This song makes me want to tell a deaf person that a blind person is staring at them
Cleon Simpson
Cleon Simpson Oy oldin
Pharrell though, killed it
Astro Mike
Astro Mike Oy oldin
Willie Will
Willie Will Oy oldin
Christopher Quander
mov thhat play doh b4 u get caught just move it dont sit on it BRO this is what it means
Ayu man
Ayu man Oy oldin
Ku kihhh
STARS Fashion Art Love
From ashy to classy 🔌💖⭐
Emma the A1
Emma the A1 Oy oldin
Omg Pharrell, totally killed it. I love his verse and the beat, becuz Mike Will Made It!!!
Arlo Manson
Arlo Manson Oy oldin
2018 anyone?!?!?
Cameron Ebron
Cameron Ebron Oy oldin
Lebron James
Flamedrive Gt
Flamedrive Gt Oy oldin
The aint got that dope
Isis Crouts
Isis Crouts Oy oldin
We ain't on this no more pa lol uncles funny
Mur Dasyh
Mur Dasyh Oy oldin
Gang way
// M I N T //
// M I N T // Oy oldin
25 precent of the comments are about abreaviations ( I think) 74 precent are about the beef 1 precent is about how Pharrell killed that verse
JJ Green
JJ Green Oy oldin
Gl0xck Oy oldin
The beat is hard
aliyah brown
aliyah brown Oy oldin
IDC what nobody says pharrell had the best verse
Larry Morrisan
Still pushin' " the bop" in 2019 Natalie T. Uua Tx.
Rick Gonzales
Rick Gonzales 2 oy oldin
My dudez b movin dat dope dope dope n mo dope dope dope dope!
Mary Narro
Mary Narro 2 oy oldin
Put a smile on the devils face ...then fools running real quick
Dustin Gatzke
Dustin Gatzke 2 oy oldin
simple minded none educated this shit nursery rhymes ha weak
nemesis ___
nemesis ___ 2 oy oldin
This song so dope coz is got the realest dope dealer for life #pu$ha T
Lataya Rolle
Lataya Rolle 2 oy oldin
I feeling this song🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
No Name Just Game
Yall dont understand FUTURE's verse 🤣🤣💀💀 "Stash it then hide it from 12" "Whippin an whippin dat fish in 4k"
KNB1080p 2 oy oldin
The beat is insane
Ragga x Chat
Ragga x Chat 2 oy oldin
This n wud tsk
Ragga x Chat
Ragga x Chat 2 oy oldin
Pharrel plz no more
Ragga x Chat
Ragga x Chat 2 oy oldin
One of the hardest angle ragga had to take but we listened because we loved you
Raja Jahi
Raja Jahi 2 oy oldin
Here in 2018???
d ja
d ja 2 oy oldin
Scarface piano movers moving your keys to your brick house Say hello to my little side business!
Future - Itchin
7 yil oldin