Future "My Savages" (WSHH Premiere - Official Music Video)

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The official WorldStarHipHop premiere of Future’s "My Savages" music video filmed in Memphis, TN. Future and his FBG crew pay homage to all of his supporters in the streets and behind the wall. Follow @1Future.
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26-Yan, 2015



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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 2 957
Cherokee 730
Cherokee 730 14 soat oldin
Forever a classic 💯
Librado Alejandro
Librado Alejandro 2 kun oldin
shout out to my boi sitting in the Feds waiting to come home 2025.
͡ッ 4 kun oldin
Joanna Aguilar
Joanna Aguilar 6 kun oldin
I love the opportunity to see you. Maybe one day we can sit. thank you for your inspiration. I lo e you
tommy williams
tommy williams 7 kun oldin
Future is a real nigga
May Haper
May Haper 11 kun oldin
May Haper
May Haper 11 kun oldin
Zain Din
Zain Din 11 kun oldin
2019 I’ll be listening to this for many more years! Realest future tune!! + codeine Cr😎zy FBG 🇬🇧
Karam S.
Karam S. 6 kun oldin
Same always Future a legend🙏🏼🌹💯
Luciano 12 kun oldin
Still here in 2019
Sumo Money Gang
Sumo Money Gang 13 kun oldin
Saturday March 9, 2019 10:57 EST 🔥🔥🔥
oh Totem
oh Totem 13 kun oldin
who's listening in 2019 ?
dakwan rembert
dakwan rembert 13 kun oldin
Rodney Heathington Jr
Still listening in 2019.
Burus Hmr
Burus Hmr 14 kun oldin
Dont fuck with mu ends
Francisco Jones
Francisco Jones 15 kun oldin
Shamar baby future biggavelli silver surfer Jackson beamon 108 grapestreet crip ebk free band gang
King Co Bossed Up
King Co Bossed Up 16 kun oldin
2019 .........
Greg Hood
Greg Hood 17 kun oldin
The date is 5 March 2019.. I still feel this shyt on a spiritual level 💯💯
Zefrone YT
Zefrone YT 2 kun oldin
How we let these bitches get between us 🔥
Sad chillin
Sad chillin 17 kun oldin
2019 ??
jr 92 17
jr 92 17 19 kun oldin
Where this future went. Rumor said he it's supposed to land in Pluto but I guess he took a pit stop.
Mercy Lupiya
Mercy Lupiya 19 kun oldin
I still like it#2019
Matt Neal
Matt Neal 20 kun oldin
Everyone you are amazing.💯
Matt Neal
Matt Neal 20 kun oldin
Thanks family 😍🤯🧐😏🤗🤧💩
Queen Loyal
Queen Loyal 20 kun oldin
Randy Rogers
Randy Rogers 21 kun oldin
2019 still riding to it
Tracey Faison
Tracey Faison 21 kun oldin
Aiyudubie Ernest
Aiyudubie Ernest 22 kun oldin
truthornothing 23 kun oldin
2019 and still going hard!
Darius Heard
Darius Heard 23 kun oldin
It’s 2019 and I’m still bumping this
adnan mecibah
adnan mecibah 24 kun oldin
2019 ? who
Rice Dogg
Rice Dogg 25 kun oldin
Damn, it's fr been 4 years since this shit came out? Times flies but I'm still bumping this shit daily til I die on god bruh
caramel sundae
caramel sundae 25 kun oldin
Memphis tn
Kilo Dlamini
Kilo Dlamini 25 kun oldin
2019? Anyone?
Kanay Ponder
Kanay Ponder 27 kun oldin
2019 ??
Morgan The Creator
Morgan The Creator 28 kun oldin
He can express pain very well!
LowKey Shawn00
LowKey Shawn00 28 kun oldin
🎼 🎵 🎶
bmx28kenilworth 29 kun oldin
2019 still fire
SolAaron RonSolaa
SolAaron RonSolaa 29 kun oldin
I grew up in a ruthless ass environment
Irene Brown
Irene Brown 29 kun oldin
Rip to my friendship...2019 jamming
Chiliswa Christian
Chiliswa Christian 29 kun oldin
He always relates with what happens in the streats
Fu{k u
Fu{k u Oy oldin
Who else listing to this in 2019 🙋🏿‍♂️
Wendell Richards
If you can't relate your not real
ibrahima Sacko
All those who are listenin' in 2019
DENiS NADAL Oy oldin
Who is listening this in 2019? 🔥🔥🔥🔥👌🏼
Out Working Talent
2019 & I still know every word... that's crazy 💪🏾🔥💯
Leon Jackson
Leon Jackson Oy oldin
Hello fire department it's Future again 🔥
Rasheed J
Rasheed J Oy oldin
Who still here in 2019
So Fly
So Fly Oy oldin
Lolita 308
Cheeto r
Cheeto r Oy oldin
In Mexico jamming future 🇲🇽😎
Sakman Mooonman
Who here in 2019?
Hermon James
Hermon James Oy oldin
I feel the pain of this song 😔
Daniel Vazquez
2019 boy shit too much heat and a nigga off that nyc disel boyyyy
Nae Nae
Nae Nae Oy oldin
2019 anyone🤔❤️?
ninja 2
ninja 2 Oy oldin
Elaina Bennett
Yep I love you.
Mr Romeo
Mr Romeo Oy oldin
This nigga dripping in off white since 2015
Abdirahman Abdilahi
Who’s listening this in 2019😍❤️
Rickey Kakashi
2019 and this still hits!
Infant Smiley
Infant Smiley Oy oldin
Edward Barbes
Edward Barbes Oy oldin
Who else listening 2019 _2020
Juug Gotti
Juug Gotti Oy oldin
Who listening in 2019 ??
Co_gMcghee Oy oldin
I am my nigga
Ricardo Jackson
Neto Xavier
Neto Xavier Oy oldin
Future só uma palavra gigante
Onna Hawkins
Onna Hawkins Oy oldin
Forever will be one of his best songs
LoveRic f
LoveRic f Oy oldin
DopeBoys TV
DopeBoys TV Oy oldin
Who’s listening to this in 2019
WAV BANK Oy oldin
Angela Patterson
2019 anyone? 🔥🔥
Rashad Anderson
It's about my image public figure
main source
main source Oy oldin
Mason Mennell
Mason Mennell Oy oldin
Who remembers Capo singing this song 🔥 🌞 #LLKC
Gaberail Allison
Bebi Francisco
My savages im listen the music 2019
Black belt jones
Future is the future 👑
Bespn _
Bespn _ Oy oldin
Still my shit
Chapman Suggs
Chapman Suggs Oy oldin
who’s listening 2019??🔥🔥
CALI TUBE Oy oldin
This song is fire 🔥
Ke & Kay
Ke & Kay Oy oldin
2019 ? ☹️🖤🤞🏾
Raymond Beasley V
2019 anyone?
Thornton Matthews
same way I'm feel like about shit😎😫💪💪
Dylan Johnson
Dylan Johnson Oy oldin
2019 still comin back to this song
gassettjamon1 Oy oldin
I’m sorry future just hard I like the migos but my ninja dirty sprite is a one man wrecking crew🔥🔥🔥
𝓛𝓪𝓡𝓾𝓼𝓼𝓸 👑
My sandwiches my sandwiches my sandwiches my sandwiches
Anna Bako
Anna Bako Oy oldin
Best future song no cap
Demetricee Henry
2020? 💫🌠
Johnny Lowery
Johnny Lowery Oy oldin
2019 anyone?🙋🏽‍♂️
#WAR Boxing
#WAR Boxing Oy oldin
Who listening in 2019
SpyboyGames Oy oldin
Who’s listening in 2019
Atown Major
Atown Major Oy oldin
NORTH Memphis stand up Smokey city to 7th street we here now
Jibril Hersi
Jibril Hersi Oy oldin
Future killed this 1!
King Bro
King Bro Oy oldin
My lil dawg caught a body gone for infinity
Teddy Onyango
Teddy Onyango Oy oldin
Still listening,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Tony Johnson
Tony Johnson Oy oldin
2019 still going hard💪
Hanz Reyes
Hanz Reyes Oy oldin
2019 squad where u at
Kewl Brees
Kewl Brees Oy oldin
judah edwards
judah edwards Oy oldin
2019 still 🔥
Trae D. Beatz
Trae D. Beatz Oy oldin
2019 where yall at?
Zain Din
Zain Din 2 oy oldin
2019 still sounding 🔥💥🔥
Speedy Gonzalez
Speedy Gonzalez 2 oy oldin
2019 still banging this
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