Future - Purple Reign

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17-Yan, 2016

futurepurple reign



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Donald Sanders
Donald Sanders 5 soat oldin
This song will never get old 💯
Jennifer Smiley
Jennifer Smiley 18 soat oldin
Say main lol Louisiana
randomanim Kun oldin
Tomorrow is it’s 4 year anniversary
Michael Montgomery
I remember when listening to this years ago when it first came out, I was in college at the time. I related to this music a lot back then, selling weed, lsd, Xanax. I was with someone who was really bout gang banging and hittin licks. We became good friends and would smoke in my car before making plays. We parted ways because everything went sour. It’s been 4 years since then, I’m a Forex trader now, finished college, and am a completely different person. He died a few years ago from murder, burnt alive actually. He was a big part of my life, kinda like a older brother. this song brings back so many memories
Michael Montgomery
Y’all post what y’all think song reminds you of when you first started listening
Trigg 48
Trigg 48 Kun oldin
Jan 15 2019?
Cooper O'Laughlin
who’s still watching in 2020
Left Foot Right Foot
Davon Jones
Davon Jones 2 kun oldin
What is the song called on iTunes?
Nikxon- Kun oldin
its not there
Jason Mike
Jason Mike 2 kun oldin
The cooolest DJ in the woorld !!!
Tristin Wiegand
Tristin Wiegand 3 kun oldin
Future is the king of this rap industry. Don’t care what a soul says.
Swagg Laugh it off
Swagg Laugh it off 3 kun oldin
Still my shit 2019🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Bryce Davis
Bryce Davis 4 kun oldin
2019 ?
Nafeese Maliiki
Nafeese Maliiki 5 kun oldin
Future .what can i say.u dont have get nodded to feel him he spit it for you.....i just need my girlfriend ..huh.wrac keep it gangster all the time.quack
Jonathan Valdez
Jonathan Valdez 5 kun oldin
probably stoned
probably stoned 5 kun oldin
Gets me in my feelinz everytime
Aaron Fannin
Aaron Fannin 6 kun oldin
Cade 6 kun oldin
iFuadx 7 kun oldin
Why isn’t this song on Spotify
Haja Jallow
Haja Jallow 7 kun oldin
Beauty_12 8 kun oldin
Who’s listening in 2019???
Maor Yevdayev
Maor Yevdayev 8 kun oldin
I miss this Future. Sounds kinda ironic when I read that
Pure Glee
Pure Glee 8 kun oldin
Remember when this came out; still the best song from him!
Bryant Navarro-Carrizales
John Brown
John Brown 9 kun oldin
Whos still listening in 2019 👀 i 👀c 👀u😎
tyreese puckerin
tyreese puckerin 9 kun oldin
The best in the whole world king, I'm proud of you kid.
Imbadatthisgame 14
Imbadatthisgame 14 9 kun oldin
2019 and it's still poppin
ashden jones
ashden jones 9 kun oldin
karim kaki
karim kaki 9 kun oldin
2019 😎✋💣
omgloldude asdxz
omgloldude asdxz 9 kun oldin
2019 still here..
Sierra Dayberry
Sierra Dayberry 10 kun oldin
Who is listening in 2019?😂😂❤❤
Noah Hull
Noah Hull 10 kun oldin
Here in 2019. Let’s promise to comeback yearly to keep future music alive ✊🏽
Lizbeth Cruz
Lizbeth Cruz 10 kun oldin
2019? anyone?
Jon B
Jon B 10 kun oldin
2019 in still screaming PURPLE REIGN...👉🏾💢💯💯💯
Yaxibou 10 kun oldin
That’s favorite song.
KM 10 kun oldin
People listening in 2019 where ya at
: e
: e 10 kun oldin
Emil Jreige
Emil Jreige 10 kun oldin
Chi Tatum
Chi Tatum 11 kun oldin
Who still listening in 2019?😤
Abdi Ali
Abdi Ali 11 kun oldin
Miss the old future, I guess the rap game changed
James Smith
James Smith 11 kun oldin
2 0 1 9 ?
Nestor Ruiz
Nestor Ruiz 11 kun oldin
Karlee Anderson
Karlee Anderson 11 kun oldin
2019 anyone?
Johnny Lacey
Johnny Lacey 11 kun oldin
Who Else STILL Bumping this 2019????💪🏾🔥🔥
Patrick Star
Patrick Star 12 kun oldin
Who is listening 2019?
KILLSOCIETY 12 kun oldin
I used to listen to this off the pills at school... always used to b fucked up future talked to me wayyyy to much
KYle Smith
KYle Smith 12 kun oldin
Who stay listening all 2019?
John Agudelo
John Agudelo 12 kun oldin
Put this on Spotify ASAP
Mykhayl Mcmorris
Mykhayl Mcmorris 12 kun oldin
Rakyah Munford
Rakyah Munford 12 kun oldin
2019 ??
Mark Langhammer
Mark Langhammer 13 kun oldin
2019 ? 🔥
Hair Barber
Hair Barber 13 kun oldin
sexy smooth
sexy smooth 13 kun oldin
Who is bumping in 2019 like me.
Dee Ane
Dee Ane 13 kun oldin
top00124 PS4
top00124 PS4 13 kun oldin
DENiS NADAL 13 kun oldin
Who is still listening in 2019? You're a super 🔥🔥🔥
Lonewolf 94
Lonewolf 94 13 kun oldin
2019 anyone?
Cartez Harris
Cartez Harris 13 kun oldin
Reece Yeomans
Reece Yeomans 13 kun oldin
Onlii Music
Onlii Music 14 kun oldin
who still bumpin this song in 2019?
Sheek_Nolacking 14 kun oldin
In here still 2019 🖕🖕🖕
Alam 14 kun oldin
2019 and this still a wave
Maddie Poe
Maddie Poe 14 kun oldin
in honor of peep
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 8 kun oldin
Nobody care about peep
Ikeem Boyd
Ikeem Boyd 14 kun oldin
Still blasting in 2019 🚀
Michael Mendez
Michael Mendez 14 kun oldin
2019 thoo
joziv 15 kun oldin
ill be the 1st to ask whos listening in 2019
tiffany west
tiffany west 8 soat oldin
Asia King
Asia King 17 soat oldin
Me 🙋🏽‍♀️
Snifex 2
Snifex 2 18 soat oldin
Hanzo Hasashi facts
Roniya Files
Roniya Files Kun oldin
No me
Hanzo Hasashi
Hanzo Hasashi 2 kun oldin
dawg it’s not on spotify like that’s gay af
Jakayla is the Best QUEEN
I want to listen on my Apple Music but it won’t show up
Dick Booth
Dick Booth 15 kun oldin
Still in 2019 🔥
Lsn.David 15 kun oldin
2019 🤷🏽‍♂️
Tip Limehouse
Tip Limehouse 15 kun oldin
who still listening in 2019??
Matthew McDonald
Matthew McDonald 15 kun oldin
who’s listening while high in 2019?
perfect gamers
perfect gamers 15 kun oldin
Charm The Mystic
Charm The Mystic 15 kun oldin
💓This song just takes me somewhere else spiritually
Dank Sauce
Dank Sauce 15 kun oldin
JANUARY 1 2019!!!
Marco Olivarez
Marco Olivarez 15 kun oldin
Who is still listening In 2019?
JhakaelXtruller 50
JhakaelXtruller 50 15 kun oldin
iKimboSliceHeaux 16 kun oldin
Deadliest1 Alive
Deadliest1 Alive 16 kun oldin
First in 2019
il_mulignan 16 kun oldin
2019 still missing the girlfriend I never had.
Malique Davis
Malique Davis 16 kun oldin
It’s 2019 folks, who with me?
Singer Missy
Singer Missy 16 kun oldin
Soup Og
Soup Og 16 kun oldin
Take this right to 2019 wit me
Damaris Amador
Damaris Amador 16 kun oldin
Who still listening in 2019???
Luke Purnell
Luke Purnell 16 kun oldin
It’s 2018
lil ace em
lil ace em 18 kun oldin
Add follow subscribed
lil ace em
lil ace em 18 kun oldin
Still bumping I mean
Moff Chron
Moff Chron 19 kun oldin
dude get clean!
Chantal 20 kun oldin
*Shit be sad.* 😔
That Asap
That Asap 23 kun oldin
December 24 anyone ??🥃
The Dream
The Dream 24 kun oldin
December 2018 anyone???
Kenny Millard
Kenny Millard 24 kun oldin
add dalover8 on twitter for savage memes
Blackuzumaki 24 kun oldin
December 2018 still bumping
Thomas 25 kun oldin
Who's still listening in 2038?
il_mulignan 16 kun oldin
Thomas Roseman, Forbes cover. 🌹
James Hulbert
James Hulbert 25 kun oldin
The Future is cool ▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一o==[]::::::::::::::::>
Jaime Mendiola
Jaime Mendiola 27 kun oldin
This song is pinche cracking
Daisy Rodriguez
Daisy Rodriguez 27 kun oldin
Who’s listening in 2020 ? Will foreverrrr listen to Future 💕🔥
Jazenia Rodriguez
Jazenia Rodriguez 27 kun oldin
This song makes me wanna cry and milky rock
Aneesha Morton
Aneesha Morton 28 kun oldin
Almost 2019 still slapping Future 👌
Washington Huskies Football
Go Huskies
Kyra White
Kyra White Oy oldin
Who Still Listening? 2018 - 2019
ilovebeesdude Oy oldin
I used to listen to this everyday
March Madness
Yil oldin
Lie to Me
2 yil oldin
Yil oldin
Xanny Family
2 yil oldin
Patek Water
Yil oldin
3 yil oldin
Use Me
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