Future - Purple Reign

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Executive Produced by 'DJ Esco & Metro Boomin'
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17-Yan, 2016



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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 7 636
2k 666
2k 666 3 soat oldin
Armani _04
Armani _04 6 soat oldin
Question why can’t this be free on iTunes like fuuu
one delivery
one delivery Kun oldin
Still listening daily... Future let it out on this one.. motivating the hoods all over FBG UK 🇬🇧
K.M.F Khris
K.M.F Khris 3 kun oldin
2019 ?
WeirdJokes 3 kun oldin
It’s yo boi Larry Smith
I no it says I just need my gf
It’s yo boi Larry Smith
I just need a girlfriend
Linda Barksdale
Linda Barksdale 7 kun oldin
Cpac 4 Presss
Cpac 4 Presss 8 kun oldin
3 years later and still hard
AFLOSENDSIT 8 kun oldin
Fuck your x big cup of syrup
Corday Fox
Corday Fox 9 kun oldin
Perkss 9 kun oldin
This song is slept on so hard
Roshawn Fuller
Roshawn Fuller 9 kun oldin
Dis song trill AF. But where the loyal and faithful women at I just wanna know.
Alexander Monroe
Alexander Monroe 11 kun oldin
I see you acting strange I can tell this ain’t love
Nedra Sellers
Nedra Sellers 12 kun oldin
This is my fav
Naomie Abodi
Naomie Abodi 12 kun oldin
Alessandro Edmonds
Alessandro Edmonds 12 kun oldin
3/9/19@6:19am. i just need a girl friend...
smoking panda
smoking panda 14 kun oldin
And who will be listening for life?
NM M 14 kun oldin
12345332133345554332111234566666 34
Futures version of Marvin’s room
patience hall
patience hall 16 kun oldin
Hope you stacking money to the roof
Tiffany Presley
Tiffany Presley 16 kun oldin
I like this song
Aiden Nèry
Aiden Nèry 17 kun oldin
If young Metro don't trust you, I'm gon' shoot you Aye somebody uh, call somebody get some molly I need some good sauce, clean sauce Purple reign, purple reign, purple reign, purple I just need my girlfriend I just need my girlfriend I just need Purple reign, purple reign, purple reign, purple I just need my girlfriend I just need my girlfriend I just need purple And I keep a pint of color purple like Whoopi And I keep the stainless steel on me like shoes They got me going way harder then we can't lose I had the conversation 'cause these niggas ain't true I know you credit card frauds can't bust some moves I hope you're stacking money to the ceiling out the roof I hope you ain't catchin' feelings for no bitch who fucked the crew You know I'm independent get the 'rillo bust a jug You know that purple reign had them hitters on foot I see you acting strange I can tell this ain't love That brand new Mulsanne had to get it out the mud Purple reign, purple reign is understood Purple reign, purple reign, purple reign Purple reign, purple I just need my girlfriend I just need my girlfriend I just need I just need my girl I just need my girlfriend I bought a couple Hublots like I'm pushing heroin I bought a couple coupes I bought a couple Panameras I'm acting like a Freeband Gang terrorist Red cup of lean don't approach me like a junkie Take a blitz to the team you gon' kill him get money International we taking over all the countries Any nationality they coming baby coming Ride shotgun in the foreign that's a Rover Until you gun down we gon' never have closure Got real estate downtown, investing all over I heard you're trying to talk down like I ain't focused I know you tryna play around like I ain't got soldiers Big cup of syrup washing down all my doja Wearing Louis loafers like they old penny loafers Started off local got the cribs bicoastal I don't want no words with you 'cause you mad bogus I'm just tryna motivate the hoods all over I'm just tryna teach you how to get these whips loaded I'm just tryna show you how to get a few Rollies Purple reign, purple reign, purple reign, purple I just need my girlfriend I just need my girlfriend I just need Purple reign, purple reign, purple reign, purple I just need my girlfriend I just need my girlfriend I just need Hope I didn't come at you the wrong way, that wasn't planned Hope you see the path that I made I took a chance I just put my passion and drive into this Two cups of that dirty, take a dab, blow kushy We ain't gonna talk about it, cut you off and keep pushing Since I got the fame can't forget I was crooked They wanna see me make the wrong move, bite the bullet See me whip up in that new school just like a bullet Purple reign, purple I just need my girlfriend I just need my girlfriend I just need Purple reign, purple reign, purple reign, purple Purple reign, purple reign I just need my girlfriend I just need my girlfriend I just need Purple reign, purple reign is understood Purple Reign, purple reign is in
Steamy2π 17 kun oldin
Best track to play while driving home to your Gurlfrenn.
one delivery
one delivery 18 kun oldin
Apple Music needs to add this album to iTunes 😎 FBG
one delivery
one delivery 18 kun oldin
FBG UK 2019 still rocking Purple Reign never gets old this one 💪🏽
aneh gavaza
aneh gavaza 20 kun oldin
We need this Future in 2019
Official Raye
Official Raye 21 kun oldin
They don’t have it on iTunes
john okoko
john okoko 21 kun oldin
2019 and his music still makes me feel like i just wanna do drugs and wear chains and watches
Donald Sanders
Donald Sanders 22 kun oldin
I listen to this every morning 💯
Logan Eades
Logan Eades 22 kun oldin
i love this song
Marton Benson
Marton Benson 22 kun oldin
Still listening...
Maqenzie King
Maqenzie King 23 kun oldin
This song reminds me of the guy I’m in love with because he always used to talk ab future ... I miss him so much .
Outdawayfool P
Outdawayfool P 24 kun oldin
Who’s listening in 2020
ambidextrousdave242 25 kun oldin
They need to make an amv of this
ANz Quixotic
ANz Quixotic 26 kun oldin
Still a factor
William Brooks Parker
Best future song by far!!
razzle dazzle dorito
I be listening to this during a storm
dave yolls
dave yolls 28 kun oldin
Memories rip
Eddie Ngwenya
Eddie Ngwenya 28 kun oldin
2019 n beyond
Pviews iq
Pviews iq 28 kun oldin
Future keys 🎹
Diva Tyka
Diva Tyka 29 kun oldin
Who is here in 2019 just because of the title? I mean Purple Reign-Purple Rain ( Prince? )💜🙏🏽
Brxzzy Oy oldin
It won’t show up on iTunes
DaggerOne Bravo
DaggerOne Bravo 29 kun oldin
The song is from a mixtape, it has uncleared samples on it. Cannot be released on Spotify or iTunes.
Shel spoon
Shel spoon Oy oldin
This hard
Cristiano Vieira
lil peep like this sound
liam x
liam x Oy oldin
you sick fuckin idiots
Russell Miles
Russell Miles Oy oldin
What it do
Bennie B Holmberg
Thats Right
alejandra luvsu
Stfu with this lil peep shit future the goat been the greatest if it took yall this long to like these songs just cause lil peep ur whack asf
Nelson Tapp
Nelson Tapp Oy oldin
Quetta Watson
Quetta Watson Oy oldin
生活爱 Oy oldin
2 0 1 9
Sparking Vegeta
Aww brings back so many good memories of my boyfriend and I❤❤❤
Delta Boy
Delta Boy Oy oldin
I’ll be first to ask, who still listening in 2020?
Linden Williams Sr.
Linden Williams Sr. 29 kun oldin
2021 actually
Drake Drake
Drake Drake Oy oldin
who still listen to this in 2020💙
mike tshabola
mike tshabola Oy oldin
Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day I just thought it was appropriate to bump this
abdi Adam
abdi Adam Oy oldin
Shit just broke up with my girlfriend
Rage Quit Rook
2019 and still thuggin this
Mikaela Meow
Mikaela Meow Oy oldin
Only here cause lil peep liked this song
Chris Wall
Chris Wall Oy oldin
I just need my girl/ my one that's down got me never lose/ can't wait to see her face off the bus/ trapping all my loss she gon make it back in full/ love her to the fullullest/ money she can get it n she know it/ baking up make biscuits know she the one who got it cushy love her never stop she the one who push it/ got pies she the one who make it whipping/ and my guys freezing but at the same time pitching/ purple skies yeah when we look up/ all the drugs fall/ nigga we the hook up/ let it rain let it rain u mistook this/purple rain down we r the hook up/
Aaron Norman
Aaron Norman Oy oldin
Google Inc.
Israel Avila
Israel Avila Oy oldin
Damn I remember in 6th grade when I had this shit on spinrilla
Re' Luck
Re' Luck Oy oldin
🔥still hott
Nyla show
Nyla show Oy oldin
I love ❤️ this song
relax madz
relax madz Oy oldin
This whole album was the hit all of 2018
relax madz
relax madz Oy oldin
The 14k people who disliked this suck my dicccc
Julian Zinner
Julian Zinner Oy oldin
best song!!!!!!
Chaney Una
Chaney Una Oy oldin
TO EVERYONE ARGUING ABOUT THE MEANING OF/TO THIS SONG: This thread is the exact reason why I love music! It’s because the meaning behind a song can mean something different to each and every person! Humans naturally connect and experience things differently, that’s why it’s so amazing to me. Whatever this song reminds you of or means to you may be completely different than what it means to someone else... and even that might be completely different than what the artist (Future in this case) pictured with his lyrics! In this specific case (song) I think he IS referring to a special woman in his life, but not on every bar that you may think he is... I think he is also definitely referring to his “girlfriend” as drugs (possibly his lean addiction) and his hustle (something he loves)! And lastly I want to add that this was another project that he released while going through his breakup with Ciara. Soooo like I said above, what does it mean to YOU?
Stupid- Guap
Stupid- Guap Oy oldin
I was drunk listening to this song last night when my gf broke up with me , I was off the double cup and I drank like 8 beers
Nini .m
Nini .m Oy oldin
I thought it was purple rain😂😂 im mad stoopied
Natually Bunmi
Purple Haze 😍😍😍
started off local now da cribs by-coastal.
Kendrick Ellis
I Just Need My Girlfriend💞
Cranberry Fam
Cranberry Fam Oy oldin
2020 tho lol
Marlon Mand
Marlon Mand Oy oldin
2019 lit. like if u agree
Doctor Suave
Doctor Suave Oy oldin
Why is this not on spotify :(
GermanLoads Oy oldin
oh yeah nahui
BiG Cheese
BiG Cheese Oy oldin
A Makaveli
A Makaveli Oy oldin
I just need my GF
Gloria Cook
Gloria Cook Oy oldin
rain on me
Jumpman 23
Jumpman 23 Oy oldin
Wat does purple reign mean I’ve Neva found out😂
Jumpman 23
Jumpman 23 Oy oldin
Flood Watch ohh aight thanks
Flood Watch
Flood Watch Oy oldin
Jumpman 23 his lean
Bryan Munoz
Bryan Munoz Oy oldin
Why ain’t this on Apple Music is the real question
Sameikah Clarke
Who's listening rn d beat bad swear man sit down on the rhythm
Joshua James
Joshua James Oy oldin
2/1/19 whos listening??
Brianna Wiggins
listeners in 2019 where ya'll at?
Astro Bliss
Astro Bliss Oy oldin
remember playing bo3 to this album
Zarry Valair
Zarry Valair Oy oldin
classic shit for the hood to jam and ride to
A Makaveli
A Makaveli Oy oldin
Dj Esco ..the coolest Dj on the mf planet 🌎 real shit
Cody Voynick
Cody Voynick Oy oldin
i have 2 logitech z625 and they are 6inch speakers in my room and they were connected with a star jack and they were all the way up and one started smokeing and blew so now im down to 1
Evenity Oy oldin
Memories 🌠🌙
Lee Mcnutt
Lee Mcnutt Oy oldin
2019 anyone?
Trishan Gray
Trishan Gray Oy oldin
PAries Tha Mac
Damn... This how I felt when I was 13 and fell in love and I cried over a girl for the first time. That was real love, love is law big homie. I'll see you in a minute family.. you ain't far from me, I know.
Billy K.
Billy K. Oy oldin
2019 anyone ?
Prince Wezzy
Prince Wezzy Oy oldin
June Austen
June Austen Oy oldin
Meow meow
Chyna Barnes
Chyna Barnes Oy oldin
Purple reign ..I like this song
Mahogany Bruce
Do y'all know he is talking about lean😂
POLO T Oy oldin
Why isn't this track on spotify!!!
xP pURE Oy oldin
Still the best song
Future - Perkys Calling (Purple Reign)
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