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Future - Used to This (Official Music Video) ft. Drake

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4-Noy, 2016

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Bobby souffle
Bobby souffle 3 soat oldin
Mexicano, I'm working like I'm Mexicano New persona, we're moving on from Ferragamo (I'm moving on) Get the llama, I party with the real Madonna (yeah) Beat the odds, do numbers and remain humble (Future) Drop-top Porsches, I'm so used to this Smoking out the pound, I'm so used to this I know where I'm from and I got used to this Mansion in the hills, I got used to this Stack of booty bitches, I got used to this There's Iceland in my wrist, I think I'm used to this Tropicana bitches, I got all kinda flavors Selling dope all my life, I can't do minimum wage (nah) Dirty-dirty money, I got used to this (gang) I give you my whole heart till there ain't nothing to give (Future) You know how far we came if you know where we been (Freebandz) How many niggas you know can hop in the Benz? Be honest to yourself, don't you never pretend (tell 'em) Don't ever play yourself, know when it all begins (you know) I had to put my back against the wall (and what?) Tell me that I don't deserve to ball Mexicano, I'm working like I'm Mexicano New persona, we're moving on from Ferragamo Get the llama, I party with the real Madonna Beat the odds, do numbers and remain humble (yeah) Drop-top Porsches, I'm so used to this Smoking out the pound, I'm so used to this I know where I'm from and I got used to this Mansion in the hills, I got used to this Lambo come alive, man, I'm used to this No one looks surprised 'cause we used to this I'ma make sure that we get used to this Treat my brother's kids like they one of my kids Never looking back on it, we did what we did Could never find the time for the people I miss Thought they had my back against the wall Tell me that I don't deserve to ball Well, then tell me who deserve it Eyes getting low but I'm still observing I see you lurking Never see me out in person I'm always working Money on your head if you make a nigga nervous Never made a move out here unless I was certain Tatted on me, but this shit is deeper than the surface I'm with everyone that I was here with in the first place Making sure that they all good before they close the curtain Mexicano, I'm working like I'm Mexicano New persona, we're moving on from Ferragamo Get the llama, I party with the real Madonna (yeah) Beat the odds, do numbers and remain humble (Future) Drop-top Porsches, I'm so used to this Smoking out the pound, I'm so used to this I know where I'm from and I got used to this Mansion in the hills, I got used to this (Future) Ohh-oh, ohh-ohhh
Justin Pearson
Justin Pearson 18 soat oldin
RIP seth firkins
thanku13579 20 soat oldin
Jeffrey Plantz
Jeffrey Plantz Kun oldin
Where this from? 2k??? Help
Richard Grey
Richard Grey Kun oldin
Bachuzinho Plays
2019 anybody ??
L E E D 2 kun oldin
2019 ?
Karim Ettayebi
Karim Ettayebi 2 kun oldin
2019 bitches still never gets old #have a bless year
Ibby Mirzay
Ibby Mirzay 2 kun oldin
1:32 Hahaha future 😂 😂
Johnny King
Johnny King 2 kun oldin
dope song
Yosephina Abwe
Yosephina Abwe 2 kun oldin
Aracely Galvan Lara
❤❤ mexicana hasta al tope
Cameran Silbach
Cameran Silbach 2 kun oldin
Furious_Gamer 3 kun oldin
Stacey Holliday
Stacey Holliday 3 kun oldin
Preach on brother PREACH ON TO THE FUTURE
the click
the click 4 kun oldin
The sweep hard tho and wet wet trak stripes at around 318
the click
the click 4 kun oldin
Put all ur mvs tageda *******
the click
the click 4 kun oldin
No.1 Mr Perfect
No.1 Mr Perfect 4 kun oldin
who is still watching this in 2019,am still used to this oooooh
Stachiana Lewis
Stachiana Lewis 5 kun oldin
I was here (2019)❗️🔥
Camille Huntington
Camille Huntington 5 kun oldin
Unruly Chris the real one dwarf king chip dope upping
Martha Rodriguez
Martha Rodriguez 5 kun oldin
I love listening to drake songs it get me on the grove
ŚÂMi Yo 5 kun oldin
young laflame
young laflame 5 kun oldin
palma fam
palma fam 6 kun oldin
... treat my brothers kids like they one of my kids
xOreo_Cookies Prestige killer
mexico is ass japan is better just my Opinion
amifresh1 7 kun oldin
I didn't get anything :( $$:( ? drake me ?
fly boy
fly boy 7 kun oldin
What was that 😒2:22
don j7
don j7 8 kun oldin
Dylan breaker TV
Dylan breaker TV 8 kun oldin
🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽 2019?? ❤
MarcAnthem 8 kun oldin
Ken George
Ken George 8 kun oldin
MarcAnthem 8 kun oldin
There's something about the bass drum on this song that is so lit
Maxwell Bamfo
Maxwell Bamfo 9 kun oldin
future..astronut chick
harry joseph
harry joseph 9 kun oldin
I'm like king Tap out
used to this yap
poop stradler
poop stradler 9 kun oldin
2:05 she got dat sweaty cooter
juan5 vi
juan5 vi 9 kun oldin
bty and teezy
Letia Harris
Letia Harris 10 kun oldin
2019 still koolin to this 🔥
Zavier Owens
Zavier Owens 10 kun oldin
Here in 2019 💯
Kyahna Gibbs
Kyahna Gibbs 10 kun oldin
2019 with it . still bang 👌👌
ღ ᒍᗰᕼ Gᗩᑕᕼᗩ ღ
This brings back so many memories 😫❤️
Kevin and Meghan Law
Sounded like cinema sins for a second
AG AG 11 kun oldin
More heat!
Bryson Mrzygod
Bryson Mrzygod 11 kun oldin
Y Ess
Y Ess 12 kun oldin
"Well then tell me who deserve it"
Adnan Clinton
Adnan Clinton 12 kun oldin
selling dope all my life i dont do mimnimum wage
Erick Thaddeus
Erick Thaddeus 12 kun oldin
Wtf are u mumblin abt
March Games
March Games 12 kun oldin
Mustafa Saymak
Mustafa Saymak 12 kun oldin
Beat is very nice.
Gamewarrior36j Smokescreen
Music starts at the Madonna part real Madonna was a great line and drake line was the greatest thing in life Lamborghini coming live because where used to it eyes get low I see you lurking jeez that’s 🔥
just chilllin
just chilllin 12 kun oldin
I like watching the girls stretch tho 😯😏😏
Jaime Torres
Jaime Torres 13 kun oldin
A whole lot of ass in this video. Omg 😲😲😲
wudup3x 13 kun oldin
Future has come a long way from stealing bait cars
Susie Nicole
Susie Nicole 13 kun oldin
Preciousd Mumford
Preciousd Mumford 13 kun oldin
Lzubzte jfegeio
Rakz 14 kun oldin
Cleoz Zayoo
Cleoz Zayoo 14 kun oldin
"2019 I'm still used to this "
Hassaan Frank
Hassaan Frank 15 kun oldin
2019 💧
Jonathan Ramnath
Jonathan Ramnath 15 kun oldin
January 1st 2019
Rickeal Rix
Rickeal Rix 15 kun oldin
If your watching this in 2019 follow me on the gram @rickealrix
Rickeal Rix
Rickeal Rix 15 kun oldin
Tell me that i dont deserve too ball #2019
Emre Yurtseven
Emre Yurtseven 16 kun oldin
+Do you like milkshake -02:46
Tanisha Lawrence
Tanisha Lawrence 16 kun oldin
i am God
i am God 16 kun oldin
Pavomis 16 kun oldin
I got use to this in 2019....
MusicBankTv 16 kun oldin
2019, anyone??? Watching in our studios in Nairobi KENYA
Chicane™ 2 kun oldin
+MusicBankTv r/woooshh
Erratic Pixels
Erratic Pixels 5 kun oldin
Kenya represent!
MusicBankTv 5 kun oldin
+Bradley Knowles sad you think so
Bradley Knowles
Bradley Knowles 5 kun oldin
LOL You guys just now gettin this in Africa?
earlykodakw 6 kun oldin
+poop stradler i do :)
AFX LAB 16 kun oldin
Drake always doing that scoliosis dance
Chymeckie Byrd
Chymeckie Byrd 16 kun oldin
This song is about to be still good in 2019
Rahman Fadil
Rahman Fadil 16 kun oldin
fă4įm 16 kun oldin
Jurgen Reeves
Jurgen Reeves 16 kun oldin
sounds like theses guys love Mexico a lot dude , me too they did a swell job bro.
isbatore naanaa
isbatore naanaa 17 kun oldin
Unique Cyrus
Unique Cyrus 17 kun oldin
Ey drake i like the vibe can u keep it up bro cos u inspire me the most...
arlelia elliston
arlelia elliston 17 kun oldin
Future with you fine and just one night all I need
Saleemu Saleemo8520
Saleemu Saleemo8520 18 kun oldin
Jason Riles
Jason Riles 18 kun oldin
Who already bumpin this in 2019?😂
Aj Station
Aj Station 18 kun oldin
Summer 16 was so fucking lit
Shakur Officiale
Shakur Officiale 19 kun oldin
Anyone here ✋🏿
Abdulrahman Hussein
Abdulrahman Hussein 19 kun oldin
2019 like I used to this
Katherine Vargas
Katherine Vargas 19 kun oldin
Still jamming to this in December 29, 2018 still rocking with drizzy you know 💯💯💞❤️
Starboy 19 kun oldin
México :)
JSKULL YOUNGSTA 19 kun oldin
who still listening in 2018?
Jameka Louise Jackson
September 12 2018
Selloutz IQ
Selloutz IQ 20 kun oldin
2:39 just BirdBox tfffff lmfao
Lebchas Loeto
Lebchas Loeto 20 kun oldin
Can we please have a 'WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE 2'? 😭😭
MF Kid
MF Kid 20 kun oldin
I came here from an 8 Ball pool video
Meezii 24
Meezii 24 21 kun oldin
Who still listening to this 2019
Edian 21 kun oldin
2019 still my anthem
Ardell Nunez
Ardell Nunez 21 kun oldin
Omar Mohamud
Omar Mohamud 22 kun oldin
Anyone from 2019???
backfirerecordings 22 kun oldin
Fraud dnc- fives on SoundCloud is killing the rap game right now
Diablo Blanco
Diablo Blanco 22 kun oldin
Drake reminds me of Degrassi lol makes me realize music "artists" are just a production
Rhett Walker
Rhett Walker 22 kun oldin
Christmas Day 2k 18 you do you don’t let anything get in between you and your dreams all glory to God
Derek Kelivn
Derek Kelivn 23 kun oldin
Futuer, Used To This... I Like This Song
Dark Grand Priest
Dark Grand Priest 23 kun oldin
2:45 that’s what Kanye did to Drake. He made him nervous and threatened him lmao. Guess Drake is no joke 😂
Dareeo a Arellano
Dareeo a Arellano 23 kun oldin
First of all it’s 2018 why am I here second of all only girls can be referees for girl soccer players second of all I already said second of all and third of all the stretch for so long
Cole Maher
Cole Maher 23 kun oldin
For real tho I ain’t suprised Mexico won
Lea Sha
Lea Sha 24 kun oldin
1 of my🎶T-ups🎶🤓😁
3 yil oldin