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Future - You Da Baddest (Official Music Video) ft. Nicki Minaj

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"You Da Baddest" Available at iTunes smarturl.it/YouDaBaddest.iTunes
Apple Music smarturl.it/HNDRXX.AM
Spotify smarturl.it/HNDRXX.Sptfy
(C) 2017 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment with A1 / Freebandz
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28-Iyl, 2017

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Iuri Silva
Iuri Silva 2 soat oldin
2019 🇧🇷 "Eu vou ser a sua vadia para sempre" ❤😍 Nicki eu te amo tanto, rainha do rap, mãe das vadias
陳葳葳 4 soat oldin
Niki 是世界第一棒饒舌天后
OLAJIDE Safriyat
OLAJIDE Safriyat 6 soat oldin
Sexy queen
Joey Nielson
Joey Nielson 7 soat oldin
*Who came here to see Nicki's Outfit to Cardi's outfit in the Twerk MV with the City Girls?!?!* *Cardi-B: Copying da QUEEN*
Chichi Wayne
Chichi Wayne 7 soat oldin
Eish Nicki Minaj is just too hot 🔥
NIGHTCORE KYUUBI 12 soat oldin
Don’t come around with that weird energy‼️
Dela Kembo
Dela Kembo 17 soat oldin
Pu**y got more murders than New Mexico ...hohooo
Alyves Mendes
Alyves Mendes 19 soat oldin
2019 january ?? 👑👑
Emma Boy
Emma Boy 20 soat oldin
Nic Minaj is better than card be
Gueye Fa La Diva
😍😘😘😘😗😙👌😚💕😂😍😙nice cool
bulsha wadag
bulsha wadag Kun oldin
Who in 2019
Josh 24
Josh 24 Kun oldin
2019 anyone?😂 who else is just listening to nickis throwbacks♥️
Malia Richardson
This Nicki isn't thick as 2019 Nicki
Tete Jackson
Tete Jackson Kun oldin
OMG your so cute were did you get that from
cesar willem
cesar willem Kun oldin
Yes Nicki Minaj
Tenorea Huchen
Tenorea Huchen Kun oldin
Valid Quetell
Valid Quetell Kun oldin
Y'all Really Think My Grandfather Was Christopher Columbus, AH.C? Your Free. Don't Let Them Stress You Don't Let Them Press You. Send Them To Me And Tell Them Try They Best Move. We NYPD We Not Playing With Non Of Them. They Talk Shit Then Wonder Why I Son Them, Yo S.U.N. They Lying I'm Liein. C. NYPD ALL DAY!
Valid Quetell
Valid Quetell Kun oldin
IM THE LIE You Tenant. HAHAHA 10903 New York Blvd.
Valid Quetell
Valid Quetell Kun oldin
I'ma Kill That Entire Skill That Doesn't Exist It's Either Your A Brand Or Not.!
Valid Quetell
Valid Quetell Kun oldin
Red Print Tracklist So Far: 1. MKUltra 2. New York Second 3. Undercover 4. S.U.N. 5. Swarm 6. Bars Or Freedom ... The Rest Will Blow My Cover Sorry Music I'm Working I Can't Completely Blow My Cover. N.M.F. C...
Valid Quetell
Valid Quetell Kun oldin
NMF Nicki Minaj in her Feelings. HAHAHA C. XD.
Valid Quetell
Valid Quetell Kun oldin
Isn't Any Rest In Peace. You And Your Family Never Existed. I Said So. I Dont Think So. HA! Jamacia High Shine Bright. Love You Too Big Sister. Sorry It's Still To Dangerous On The Streets For Candis Outdoor Bar, LOL Bitch Rich Now. Get Your Stamps Hoe. LOL. IM FROM HERE! New York City Stand Up!
Valid Quetell
Valid Quetell Kun oldin
C? YEA! TY For Supporting Valid Barbie All Around The World. No One Died That's On My Watch Other Than D.O.E. But I Can Lie Too. He Has A Knife And A Gun On Him RN Loaded We All Scared. -Matthew Quetell C.
Valid Quetell
Valid Quetell Kun oldin
Im going undercover agian my name Valid Barbie. C.
Valid Quetell
Valid Quetell Kun oldin
Yea Bet awards Im the lieutenant (Lie U Tenant) of all the presents in Queens, County [Yea Farrockaway too] I've Been Undercover for 17 years my cover is NYPD's Baby, I'm the Lieutenant For All The People Who Rent They Houses In What Terriorst Call Abandoned Buildings. C. Far Rockaway Your Home. Im The lieutenant for all of Queens. No Matter Where I Go Your Yours And Your Home! Crystal Sue, The World. Welcome To The U.N. Where We Serve The S.U.N. Son!
Valid Quetell
Valid Quetell Kun oldin
C. Lie U Tenant Then Say Why Am I Paying Rent When I Own My House? Live Free.
Petra's Vlogs
Petra's Vlogs Kun oldin
Love when nicki sings cause she ain't half bad
Mili Pili
Mili Pili Kun oldin
I want more Future feat Nicki Minaj. You da Baddest, sir, transformer. every collab was a true fire. ❤️
neleia arrowsmith
john dave piang
john dave piang 2 kun oldin
u are sow beutifull nikki
yepitzuj 03
yepitzuj 03 2 kun oldin
Chantie Mitchell
Chantie Mitchell 2 kun oldin
Thts whts Up............💋...Ms.Chanti'e
Jorge Maquera Ventira
esa música me justa bastante. desde k salió asta el día de Oe y siempre la escuche asta k sea viejo. a esa música yo la llamo las músicas de los dioses saludos desde tacna
Sifa munguiko
Sifa munguiko 2 kun oldin
Nicki is the queen of this world 💕👑💕😘💖
Lukwago Joseph
Lukwago Joseph 2 kun oldin
Just one night with Nicki, I can't demand any other thing from God
Mohame D'or Chenguel
I don't know why I love this song!
رجل بلاء عنوان
Isaiah Butler
Isaiah Butler 3 kun oldin
2021 anyone?
Bigga Wave
Bigga Wave 3 kun oldin
2019 🔥💸💪💯
Fiji Clark
Fiji Clark 3 kun oldin
3:24 3:28 my dude future tweakin 😭😭🤣
Dally Traore
Dally Traore 3 kun oldin
Everybody in the comments talking about only Nicki 😂😂what about futur
Sara Hamdy
Sara Hamdy 3 kun oldin
2019❤? Put like
Sara Torres
Sara Torres 3 kun oldin
Joyce Kemtsa
Joyce Kemtsa 3 kun oldin
I wish Nicki Never went on hiatus 😭😭😭 coz she didn't come back the same. She didn't come back looking like this 😭
Curtis Osborne
Curtis Osborne 3 kun oldin
Where's of Babylon I know all the secrets
Curtis Osborne
Curtis Osborne 3 kun oldin
Yeah I own that view
patricia peterson
patricia peterson 4 kun oldin
The dirt of rap.. Cardi.. Never
Jazmine Hussain
Jazmine Hussain 4 kun oldin
Redneck Gamer
Redneck Gamer 4 kun oldin
this the fake niki ass future spray fix a flat meme video holla if ya hear me
Charline Ndinelao
Charline Ndinelao 4 kun oldin
2019 still loving this song
Keasia Steward
Keasia Steward 4 kun oldin
Dale Houghland
Dale Houghland 4 kun oldin
This is a great song .
Epicplaytime Lenonard
Nicki thicky 😍
Kashmere Thomas
Kashmere Thomas 4 kun oldin
ok ok I am pretty to
Futures parent is still waiting for him to say his first word
Dark N’ Lovely
Dark N’ Lovely 4 kun oldin
I love the end how future escorts her to the car and OPEN THE DOOR don’t see that anymore
Nrewh Thomas
Nrewh Thomas 5 kun oldin
Is it just me or does anyone hear drake in the back ???!!!?
Elizabeth Marie Marusa
Love this one
Sarah Campr
Sarah Campr 5 kun oldin
Nicki ♡ 🇧🇷🤩
Breiana Jones
Breiana Jones 5 kun oldin
my mom likes this song
montavian walker
montavian walker 5 kun oldin
why everytime nicki and future do a song she do her voice like that?
T. J.
T. J. 6 kun oldin
What kind of dancing is Future doing???? hhahah I actually like it!!and!! He's seducing me with his spastic, nerd Black kid/guy routine! I love the beginning :04 and that dog walking hopping skipping thing. I also LOVE how he gave his hand to Nikki so she could walk over the curb. I'm not crazy about her driving!!! If I'm with a MAN I want to be chauffeured. Of course, I understand it's her PINK LAMBO!!
DJ Waithaks vevo
DJ Waithaks vevo 6 kun oldin
Future - You Da Baddest (Official Music Video) ft. Nicki Minaj ----the collabo was Lit
arnoldo lopez
arnoldo lopez 6 kun oldin
"Trampoline tities" best line of 2017. 1:12
Na- Na
Na- Na 6 kun oldin
Magic Healz
Magic Healz 6 kun oldin
Nicki is my mood 24/7
MultiJason48 6 kun oldin
y does she have to be in this song i dont like it already
Tenorea Huchen
Tenorea Huchen 6 kun oldin
Mood 💜 for all 2k19‼️✨😍
Dimitri Tmp
Dimitri Tmp 6 kun oldin
Naaji Cadde ka cadde
I like this song .....
Tonya Hull
Tonya Hull 6 kun oldin
These little girls better not play with me, being trifling doesn’t make u a “G” girl!!! Better ask somebody bout bitches who really don’t play behind certain things and if u don’t know u will learn little girl!!!
Elberta Sanchez
Elberta Sanchez 6 kun oldin
Different planets mmmm yes still love YOU FROM DALLAS 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌷🌷
sofi Orobio
sofi Orobio 6 kun oldin
Nicki cambio bastante para 2018 y 2019
johnnykymes delrefo
I’m @theprinceident onnnnnnnnn Nickilodeonnnn and I’m cleaning these hoes up like a Custodiannnnn
Wassup future
Hey Nick
Dixie Ledet
Dixie Ledet 7 kun oldin
I love her outfit with the coat ❤️
Roa Mobile
Roa Mobile 7 kun oldin
Summer of 2017 mood! Baddest memories ❤️💯🔥
Cindy Robinson
Cindy Robinson 7 kun oldin
this is melinda munson borders life
Jones Sampaio
Jones Sampaio 7 kun oldin
Darling WWE
Darling WWE 8 kun oldin
qasim mohamed
qasim mohamed 8 kun oldin
ich bin somalisch ich leben deutschlnd ich hören jeden tag ich rouchen gras alles deutschlander like leute
Li Riggs
Li Riggs 8 kun oldin
Anybody Didn’t Know That’s Onika’s Real Hair in this video ☝🏽🤩😍
Wavyy Si
Wavyy Si 8 kun oldin
NickiHendrixxx Tour🥰
ashen Fernando
ashen Fernando 8 kun oldin
Who like future sound
Hey There
Hey There 8 kun oldin
For all y’all mfs that are in these comments that are saying this song is garbage got me done asf 😂. Jokes on y’all, y’all clicked on this video 💀 so who’s really garbage?
Edeja Colton
Edeja Colton 9 kun oldin
Nicki still the baddest 🤗🤗🤗 but y’all go add me on Instagram @blackiedinero_
Bright Yeboah Asante
mdk from kumasi garden city university
Isaiah Hawkins
Isaiah Hawkins 9 kun oldin
2019 anybody
Andrea frenchy French
Gailorn Burnette
Gailorn Burnette 9 kun oldin
That Drake cameo tho 🙌🙌🙌
Daisy Cruz
Daisy Cruz 9 kun oldin
We need more Future & Nicki Minaj collabs in 2019 😍😍😍
No Brainer
No Brainer 9 kun oldin
Lmao nicki should do victoria secret fashion show she would win it easily look at her walking only for a clip thats what I call queen not only her beauty shes just really good at everything she does she is a kind person she has donate so much money to people so they can get better she isn’t just singing for money she do it for her fans and cause she love that and no she doesn’t always show her butt look at freedom or some other music its really good music and nicki also got an amazing voice listen to come see about me and ganja burn its a true and beautiful voice also nicki her attitude somethimes hater says her attitude is bad and they hate on her for that but men other are making nicki mad nicki won’t insult u like that u find nicki bad side than u get it its their own faults and nicki isn’t perfect its a human so why yall hating on her when we all do errors she is a queen comparate to cardi if yall need to know the fight is over nicki already win in freedom it says « if u are my rival then it means u are suicidal » in freedom from nicki so stop comparing them yes I just did to make it ppl stop comparing nicki already said she compete with her ownselfs and cardi said she do it cause she like music well idc abt her but stip focusing on cardi focus on queen nicki !❤️❤️❤️
Neo Motsepe
Neo Motsepe 9 kun oldin
Ezeldin Ezoo
Ezeldin Ezoo 9 kun oldin
Hosty 10 kun oldin
Man I'm so disappointed that Future dropped the EU tour with NIcki and got replaced by Juice WRLD :/ I was looking forward to them perform this track in Berlin.
Mrs Monny
Mrs Monny 10 kun oldin
নাগিন 3
Mrs Monny
Mrs Monny 10 kun oldin
Isaac Ryman
Isaac Ryman 10 kun oldin
Nic fine asf🤤
Shaquita Lucas
Shaquita Lucas 10 kun oldin
The way Future is dancing is so cute to me
Stanifa Dotson
Stanifa Dotson 10 kun oldin
Yes sur
xTKC TVx 10 kun oldin
Am I the only one that heard the oof at 0:56
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Yil oldin
Yil oldin