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Future - You Da Baddest (Official Music Video) ft. Nicki Minaj

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"You Da Baddest" Available at iTunes smarturl.it/YouDaBaddest.iTunes
Apple Music smarturl.it/HNDRXX.AM
Spotify smarturl.it/HNDRXX.Sptfy
(C) 2017 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment with A1 / Freebandz
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28-Iyl, 2017



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Sheilla migan migan
Sheilla migan migan 2 soat oldin
She’s bad
ل ل
ل ل 6 soat oldin
Future is a gentleman
Mohmad Mustafa
Mohmad Mustafa 8 soat oldin
Chasity Nation
Chasity Nation 8 soat oldin
ab nation
ab nation 8 soat oldin
She's like my sister😄😄
Matthew Rivera
Matthew Rivera 12 soat oldin
When the maid got her life watching nicki in that outfit, I felt that.
kirbypoohbear 17 soat oldin
Yo i was dying wen the cleaning lady let her hair down wen Nicki passed by 😂😆 What does that mean tho?
alfee hazreel
alfee hazreel 18 soat oldin
one of my favourite song all of time.. im felling myself everytime i play this...
Sharon Mori
Sharon Mori Kun oldin
Who is here in 2029,spring March, all my Midwest Nebraskans say hi 👋, we are one ☝️ with the flood , yes shout out to everyone still enjoying this song in 2029 love this two
Pygmy Zmyg
Pygmy Zmyg Kun oldin
0:56 Does anyone else hear the Roblox oof?
Madeleine Morgan
Had to listen to this after listening to buss down thotiana with Cardi B to regain my brain cells back
Mya Mccray
Mya Mccray 4 soat oldin
omg lol
Theresa Clancy
Theresa Clancy Kun oldin
Nicky don't really have hershey's bully
Dachena Joseph
Dachena Joseph Kun oldin
nice dress
Surinder Kaur
Surinder Kaur Kun oldin
Nicki killed this
Trey Mentiras
Trey Mentiras Kun oldin
2019 ?? 2020
lovsamira34 2 kun oldin
Yeah you was BORN A BITCH...Future you dancin like a sissy !!! Straight up man..
Cheyanne Kidd
Cheyanne Kidd 2 kun oldin
When she walks out the elevator 😂😂🤣😂🤣
Abdallah lamadi
Abdallah lamadi 2 kun oldin
Florance Fortson
Florance Fortson 2 kun oldin
Nicki Minaj is better than cardi B bars all day bars
Biggie Shardz
Biggie Shardz 2 kun oldin
I like futures dress code
Ati truly rude boy.... like that part 2:33
Anna Mbengue
Anna Mbengue 2 kun oldin
Donna Babiy
Donna Babiy 2 kun oldin
They barely show her in the red leotard alone . Shes standin next to future the whole time its annoying
Donna Babiy
Donna Babiy 2 kun oldin
I never lose nothing but damn I done had it
Midia Mutsvangwa
Midia Mutsvangwa 2 kun oldin
owky who is with me 2019 March? ....l love how Nick can rap like a bad ass and sing with the acutest smooth voice l've ever heard ...Nicky is the Queen the rest is noise....
Julianne Li
Julianne Li 3 kun oldin
I love Nicki Minaj's part from2:05-2:30
Valid Quetell
Valid Quetell 3 kun oldin
First Song: This Is For My Mommy.
Valid Quetell
Valid Quetell 3 kun oldin
@AndreaQuetell I Watched The Bloody Tears Fall From Your Eyes. I Love You Mommy. I Got Him On Lock And All His Pets. Never Be Scared Again Mom And Jon.
mae H.
mae H. 3 kun oldin
nobody has brought up that future walks like he drunk?
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Owen Elias
Owen Elias 3 kun oldin
Who thinks lil Wayne would have made a nice feature here 🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️ Hit like bottom
Cutie Pie
Cutie Pie 3 kun oldin
Damn. Nicki's voice is beautiful af.
Bxrges 4 kun oldin
me come
2k19 guys.. that beat though....
Joan Ramdial
Joan Ramdial 4 kun oldin
2019 WOW
Julie Tiglyene
Julie Tiglyene 4 kun oldin
bonjour c'est nikky minaj je suis francaise! bisous
dimitris apostolou
dimitris apostolou 4 kun oldin
Nicki is gorgeous and queen in this video 😍👑🙌🔝
I am misssyj
I am misssyj 4 kun oldin
Why do I really have to rush this fast to the comment section? Nicki got me again🇳🇬
Raja Pundari
Raja Pundari 4 kun oldin
Justin McQueen
Justin McQueen 4 kun oldin
I mean im white, but i aint cracka white..feel me?
Zerumm 5 kun oldin
2 0 1 9 ?
Tan Jiajun
Tan Jiajun 5 kun oldin
2019 march??
Valid Quetell
Valid Quetell 5 kun oldin
3M and Lexus By My Side We out here hustling risking our life Y'all saw my countrys freedom across the tide You had to make it across the line Damn near didn't make it threw them nights I watched the bloody tears fall from your eyes ... You will not be held responsible for the shit that comes from your land to ours. We Be On That.
Adrian Sarmiento
Adrian Sarmiento 5 kun oldin
2019 anyone
Vergine Khachatryan
cats: meow meow meow dogs: woof woof woof idiots: 2019? 2019? 2019?
Carnique Williams
Carnique Williams 6 kun oldin
Alpha 6
Alpha 6 6 kun oldin
🖕 cardi
Anya Lytka
Anya Lytka 6 kun oldin
2k17 was liiiiit👑❤️
Ankit Maichel
Ankit Maichel 7 kun oldin
Bahut hard
Nguyen Loan
Nguyen Loan 7 kun oldin
Nicki is a queen 👑 she is so lit 🔥 2019
Blanca Lopez
Blanca Lopez 7 kun oldin
Cute couple
michael jonathan
michael jonathan 7 kun oldin
such perfection..
Vidadi Nebiyev
Vidadi Nebiyev 7 kun oldin
TM 7 kun oldin
┃━┳╋┫┗┳┳┳┳┳━┓ ┃┏┫┃┃┏┫┃┃┏┫┻┫ ┗┛┗━┻━┻━┻┛┗━┛
stephanie mckee
stephanie mckee 7 kun oldin
Nicki the queen
Abel Aguilar
Abel Aguilar 7 kun oldin
jensen chase
jensen chase 8 kun oldin
Who’s breathing while watching in 2019??! Is it Just me?!? Smash that like unless you a corpse!! 🙌🔥☠️
Nasty Yazzy yasmyne Lucas
Cletus Ntih
Cletus Ntih 8 kun oldin
sweetlele lele
sweetlele lele 8 kun oldin
Black women never look their age ....respect nicki
Mandy Lynn
Mandy Lynn 8 kun oldin
Niki Minaj is definitely The QUEEN👑 of Rap for sure! She's always on point & truly has many gifted talents. She's an AMAZING artist and a very Beautiful Lady! She owns it like a BOSS!! This girl is on fire🔥 Keep Shining Bright Niki ❤️much love ❤️
Joey Montoya
Joey Montoya 8 kun oldin
Dudes really sleep on New Mexico here a shooting is normal af lmao I thought that how it be everywhere but I guess not😂
Cheyenne Eve
Cheyenne Eve 9 kun oldin
Nicki actually looks really good here.
Dani Collier
Dani Collier 9 kun oldin
Nicki Minaj 🤩🤩❤❤
Dan Le Zodo
Dan Le Zodo 9 kun oldin
Y a des Français en mars 2019 qui kiffent ce son ?
Quinton Jones
Quinton Jones 9 kun oldin
Cardi straight copied Nickis look in this
Hazel Eyez
Hazel Eyez 9 kun oldin
she looks badass in this video!
Abel Aguilar
Abel Aguilar 9 kun oldin
latto g Don
latto g Don 10 kun oldin
Out 2020 6
oscar Lopez
oscar Lopez 10 kun oldin
Aunque el video es extrano Nicki roks :p
Dimitri Nestor
Dimitri Nestor 10 kun oldin
LA DI DA DI DA Oh.. wrong vid sorry LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA Aaah we right
Sheila Manyorio
Sheila Manyorio 10 kun oldin
Who's still here
Visesio Sinisa
Visesio Sinisa 10 kun oldin
Niki looking like a snack 😍😋😂
mystique dean
mystique dean 11 kun oldin
Destiny R
Destiny R 11 kun oldin
Cora Proctor
Cora Proctor 11 kun oldin
It's a hit
Brian Power
Brian Power 11 kun oldin
Now what??? I cant get to the facken plate%%%%%%%. lol. I mean WALK for. First. It is just different. For us. we are having fun too. But I have an eye. For talent. This is a great tune. See u in Wayesaw
Rafo Hakopyan
Rafo Hakopyan 11 kun oldin
Yoir that finger always you show.Do yo know that you Nicki will go to hell.Because you do things that the God never prefered.
nondu jotika
nondu jotika 11 kun oldin
Nice 😍👌👌🤘
Everton Andrade
Everton Andrade 12 kun oldin
pancadá 🎧🎧
Jennifer Atwood
Jennifer Atwood 12 kun oldin
Don't sleep on Nikki BABY😍🤷👑
Chris Bonner
Chris Bonner 10 kun oldin
You. Her. Name
latto g Don
latto g Don 12 kun oldin
Girls 💲💰😇👑🇯🇲☔
Amon Moore
Amon Moore 13 kun oldin
blue diamonds dancing in the party, democratic
Mr Ice Prince Prince
Nicky my favourite model artist rap star this song kill it don't get tired listening to it each day 3 to 4 times lots of love keep it up one love
nuune production
nuune production 13 kun oldin
Nicki minaj still she is woman😅😅😅😅
Joseph Kingori
Joseph Kingori 12 kun oldin
nuune production by 2020 she'll be a man.
Elric Allie
Elric Allie 13 kun oldin
Did Future just say "fill cocaina up in your thighs" ???? Lmao
Loriane Moussa
Loriane Moussa 13 kun oldin
Très bonne chanson
Kisombola Estate
Kisombola Estate 14 kun oldin
reyes Rossis
reyes Rossis 14 kun oldin
Me gusta , amo esto...
TheBllaCk SoldJha
TheBllaCk SoldJha 14 kun oldin
ابو لول عاشق بغداد
Sonia Vital
Sonia Vital 14 kun oldin
Savage Erikina
Savage Erikina 14 kun oldin
Hello i am from Nigeria WE ARE FEELING YOU OVER HERE..
KING SALU 14 kun oldin
nakubali nick minaji love you
BJ 15 kun oldin
Who else thinks this song is underrated
July Mouele
July Mouele 15 kun oldin
I love you so much Future and Nicki minaj♥♥♥
BratoTV 15 kun oldin
Абонирахме се за твоя канал, абонирай се и ти за нашия, кво се прайш
Ghadi Algadi
Ghadi Algadi 15 kun oldin