FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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An exclusive behind the scenes look at the infamous unraveling of the Fyre music festival. Launching globally on Netflix on January 18, 2019.
Created by Billy McFarland and rapper Ja Rule, Fyre Festival was promoted as a luxury music festival on a private island in the Bahamas featuring bikini-clad supermodels, A-List musical performances and posh amenities. Guests arrived to discover the reality was far from the promises.
Chris Smith, the director behind the Emmy Award Nominated documentary Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond, gives a first-hand look into disastrous crash of Fyre as told by the organizers themselves.
Watch FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened on Netflix: www.netflix.com/in/title/81035279
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FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix




10-Yan, 2019

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medrano chav
medrano chav 2 soat oldin
the hulu one is so good guys!! plus they actually interview billy himself
Azeneth Gonzalez
Azeneth Gonzalez 3 soat oldin
Derrick W.
Derrick W. 4 soat oldin
HULU already has a documentary on this. Now.. Netflix?? NO THANK YOU
Albert L
Albert L 6 soat oldin
Ja Rule, one of the smartest guys in the room? Not even in a kindergarten classroom.
Soleil de Leon
Soleil de Leon 7 soat oldin
Tana con who??
Akash kharat
Akash kharat 7 soat oldin
Darwinism at its finest
Mike Ferguson
Mike Ferguson 10 soat oldin
The documentary that nobody was asking for...
LFP Animations
LFP Animations 10 soat oldin
Better hit up internet historian with those royalties. He beat you to the punch netflix
Melissa Apoka
Melissa Apoka 12 soat oldin
Nathan Ramos
Nathan Ramos 16 soat oldin
I just finished watching the documentary on Hulu and boy is McFarland one dumb son a bitch. I wanted to punch McDufus like 50 times watching his stupid face during the interviews they did with him during the documentary.
Dave Von Saunder
Dave Von Saunder 19 soat oldin
Roy Hunsinger
Roy Hunsinger 20 soat oldin
This will be good.
mgoode 20 soat oldin
They need to do one for Tanacon
Its Up to me
Its Up to me 20 soat oldin
Lol stupid kids that's what they get just wanted party and act like moronic douchebags
cashbagg 21 soat oldin
Watching a bunch of entitled, rich millenial sheep getting ripped off and then forced to eat crappy food, and sleep in tents....sounds like my kinda documentary.
Darwinism at its finest was pretty much the tagline for this festival
Leslie Aguilar
Leslie Aguilar Kun oldin
This looks like a more expensive festival version of tana con
francisco darko
francisco darko Kun oldin
Darwinism at its finest ! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
fish bloop
fish bloop Kun oldin
The hulu doc was great. Im gonna check out both. The hulu doc totally threw shade at the Netflix one. I like how they did a surprise release hahaha
mike ahuja
mike ahuja Kun oldin
the hulu doc trailer looks way better
Micah-David Saunders
The schadenfreude was strong when this happened, and it will be again when I watch this.
Andrea Valdez
Andrea Valdez Kun oldin
Now make a Tanacon documentary
Mr. Majestic
Mr. Majestic Kun oldin
Every single person who spent thousands, just to "belong" is a loser. A shallow, low self worth having, lame who seeks approval from others. You got what you deserved. Social media is your God and Celebs are your apostles. Wallow in the vapid mediocrity that is your life.
SLAV Kun oldin
heroinhero69 Kun oldin
Lol he just ripped off a bunch of rich NYU kids with their parents credit card, don’t see what the problem is
do i live under a rock? when did this happen?? lol
Monica Salas
Monica Salas Kun oldin
Didnt hulu just air theirs?...
JESS S Kun oldin
why is hailey baldwin’s irrelevant ass on here
akat19 Kun oldin
Fake as those models
Leon Degrelle ϟϟ
Pardon him! This young guy is innocent! He deceived the deceivers!
Kaitlyn Fenton
Kaitlyn Fenton Kun oldin
Clearly none of those people thought about the Symbiosis Global Gathering / Oregon Eclipse Festival. Thaaat was the Woodstock of our generation, without all the phony media hype.
Jerky Murky
Jerky Murky Kun oldin
Directed by Internet Historian.
JK Davidson
JK Davidson Kun oldin
I LOVE this story! The gift that keeps on giving!!!
cjenui Kun oldin
im never going to watch Internet Historian because of all the 40 IQ 12 year olds posting about it here
lexi smith
lexi smith 13 soat oldin
cjenui I would actually watch it though. And the Dashcon one too.
Maximum Blaster
Maximum Blaster Kun oldin
Basically millennials being embarrassing
elliot campbell
elliot campbell Kun oldin
Internet today!
Toby Herbert
Toby Herbert Kun oldin
Great i wonder if tannercon will be next
Strutting_strat 2 kun oldin
SNOOZE who the f cares? Netflix seems to be the network of B movies recently
Sarah 2 kun oldin
How are you gonna have the producer of this documentary be the guy who was the social media promoter for fyre festival?? 😂😂 Netflix you serious?
j dawg
j dawg 2 kun oldin
This is already on hulu
j dawg
j dawg 2 kun oldin
This isnt the documentary that's out on hulu
j dawg
j dawg 2 kun oldin
Already saw it on hulu
j dawg
j dawg 2 kun oldin
Dont watch this already saw it on HULU
atomic-sydney 2 kun oldin
hulu made a different documentary
sabrinapepper 2 kun oldin
PSA: commentating "internet historian did it better" is not a personality
mthstrackiee 2 kun oldin
Watch Hulu’s documentary on the Fyre festival called, Fyre Fraud. Just released. OUT NOW! Too good to wait then you can watch this Netflix one on Friday ha. Compare and contrast which doc is full of shit and which is more objective. (Cough cough) Fuck Jerry
Valerie Silva
Valerie Silva 2 kun oldin
Omg I forgot this happened 😂
BYCRaiden2 2 kun oldin
I think most of us enjoyed hearing about their misery but now we will enjoy seeing those kids or students waste their money for such a sh*t event.
Alexandria Lawson
Alexandria Lawson 2 kun oldin
Hulu’s was sooooooooo good! I gotta watch Internet Historians though
Barbara Kandek
Barbara Kandek 2 kun oldin
The people behind this doc is FuckJerry, who were the lead marketing team for Fyre Festival. These idiots are just as much con men as McFarland, I recommend watching the Hulu version which is completely unbiased. Plus you get to see how much of a sociopath Billy is in it.
Mike Milton
Mike Milton 2 kun oldin
Here after watching hulus fyre fraud it was so good ill watch this to
Taylor Stakes
Taylor Stakes 2 kun oldin
Hulu’s was better
Lgg130 2 kun oldin
wolf 2 kun oldin
Fyre Music festival part 2: Billy McFarland is released from prison and this time the festival is in the worst section of Africa. Party Goers end up working the blood diamond mines.
Zisira 2 kun oldin
What’s the edm song ?
Ted L
Ted L 2 kun oldin
IMO not really a worthy subject for a whole documentary (let alone two, right Hulu?), just a sad little monument to stupidity, arrogance and deception (like our current deplorable administration I'm afraid). Of course if you're curious you can always just watch this: uzvid.com/video/video-UBPg5ftCMv8.html
Rahul Gill
Rahul Gill 2 kun oldin
I really wanted to know more about this, thank you Netflix.
Javian Johnson
Javian Johnson 2 kun oldin
I remember when the Fyre Festival fiasco was playing out in live-time on Twitter. The cancelled flights. The mattresses.The tents that were supposed to be “luxurious”. The celebs that were supposed to show up, but actually were never booked. And THEN the rescue flight that came, but was delayed from leaving the island for some reason. Ahh, such an entertaining day on Twitter.
Full-Time Fader
Full-Time Fader 2 kun oldin
So now the operative idea is “hey what’s internet historian doing? Let’s make a doc on emo Harry Potter too! No wait an original series!”
frenchfryguy2012 2 kun oldin
Internet historian did it better
Habeeb Ibrahim
Habeeb Ibrahim 2 kun oldin
How much did 50 cent give Netflix to make this documentary? 🤔
Da Kid Gowie
Da Kid Gowie 2 kun oldin
Seán Manley Kelly
Seán Manley Kelly 2 kun oldin
Anyone know the name of the song?
Main Drain Studios
Main Drain Studios 2 kun oldin
A movie about this idiocy? I guess these asshats gotta make their money back somehow >eye roll
Brandon Cruz
Brandon Cruz 2 kun oldin
This looks douchey, like an EDM recap video. I hope the documentary isn’t some sort of glorified ad for the dude who fucked this whole festival up. Hopefully they really dove into the dark side behind the finances, relationships and corruption that ultimately made this thing fail. Otherwise it’s just going to be some sort of surface level hype video.
Ellis B.
Ellis B. 2 kun oldin
Internet Historian did a better documentary on this
Madison Conte
Madison Conte 2 kun oldin
Temeka Chapman
Temeka Chapman 2 kun oldin
Rich people problems 🙄😴
lolol dio
lolol dio 2 kun oldin
Hhaha OM TELOTET OM pada jamannya..
Rossa4 3 kun oldin
Aww, the douchebags didn’t get their douchebag party, organized by king douchebag
Rachmat Abbid
Rachmat Abbid 3 kun oldin
Sounds like fouseytubes event
piloctor15 3 kun oldin
Boy That was... [sigh] oof
Serendipity Ann
Serendipity Ann 3 kun oldin
Did they learn nothing from Tanacon?
Andrew Chambers
Andrew Chambers 3 kun oldin
Those poor rich kids
FLdancer00 3 kun oldin
They never actually say the name of the festival. Is it Fyre like the boots? How do you say it???
FLdancer00 3 kun oldin
OMG! I cannot wait to laugh at rich people's"misfortune". This is gonna be the best! 😂😂😂
lexi smith
lexi smith 12 soat oldin
FLdancer00 ?
Rilkir 3 kun oldin
You mean Ja Rule's Concentration Camp?
DickPays 3 kun oldin
Internet historian did it better.
JS 3 kun oldin
No way I would ever watch this. It couldn't possibly by as funny as having watched it all happen in real-time.
avnub 3 kun oldin
I hope Yes Rule makes an appearance
paxdoesathing 3 kun oldin
i know everyone is saying "go watch the internet historian video!" but internet historian is kind of an asshole? so i'm hoping this one will maybe have some intelligence.
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 3 kun oldin
Ja rule is a bitch
Emmanuel Gonzalez
Emmanuel Gonzalez 3 kun oldin
Emmanuel Gonzalez
Emmanuel Gonzalez 3 kun oldin
Emmanuel Gonzalez
Emmanuel Gonzalez 3 kun oldin
Emmanuel Gonzalez
Emmanuel Gonzalez 3 kun oldin
Emmanuel Gonzalez
Emmanuel Gonzalez 3 kun oldin
Bring daredevil back!!
cerulean 3 kun oldin
Sorry Netflix, I’ve already seen Internet Historians video
Daniel Penrod
Daniel Penrod 3 kun oldin
No andno
No andno 3 kun oldin
Plot twist: They purposefully made the festival terrible in order to eventually make a documentary about it
Cameron Barrett
Cameron Barrett 3 kun oldin
So, a bunch of rich people got conned out of their money. Where's the story?
Jeihan Shafira
Jeihan Shafira 3 kun oldin
Buenomars 3 kun oldin
"Can somebody please, find Ja Rule, get a hold of this motherfucker so I can make sense of all this!!! WHERE IS JA?!!"
Gameboss49 3 kun oldin
After your fucked up move by supporting Obama. This might make up for it.
dragon13612 3 kun oldin
Rachel L
Rachel L 3 kun oldin
When this situation happened and everyone found out what a complete disaster it was, everyone thought it was hilarious that this happened to all the rich kids that could be the only ones to afford this.
lexi smith
lexi smith 12 soat oldin
Rachel L I know some people that felt really bad one they found out that wasn’t true.
Jonathan Papoutsis
Jonathan Papoutsis 3 kun oldin
Internet Historian did it better
Jovanna Flor
Jovanna Flor 3 kun oldin
This is OLD NEWS! The documentary by Internet Historian already covered this. You’re late Netflix, catch up on your relevance.
King Bradley
King Bradley 3 kun oldin
I liked the internet historian video, but that had satirical commentary on it so imma watch this too cause it's a documentary it's probably gonna be different
J. Ramsey
J. Ramsey 3 kun oldin
Internet Historian did it better, calling it now.
Blade619234 3 kun oldin
I would never in a million years even consider attending this dumbass event
RedTwoSB 3 kun oldin
If you can't wait, just watch this uzvid.com/video/video-UBPg5ftCMv8.html