Galaxy Note 9 - ALMOST Perfect..

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The Note 9 isn't perfect.. but I can't find much that's wrong with it..
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17-Sen, 2018



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TheFreePantheist 12 soat oldin
7/10 Too much water
TheFreePantheist 13 soat oldin
The s pen can also magnify areas on the screen, glance at minimized apps by hovering the pen over them and it can translate words just by hovering the pen over the word! Great for pen paling. and the precisen of it makes games like runescape pure joy. I thought the stylist was a gimmick too, but now I use it all the time
Be Positive
Be Positive 2 kun oldin
Now That's a fucking Monitor!
Robert DX
Robert DX 3 kun oldin
A1 content, keep it up!
Club OG
Club OG 6 kun oldin
My mom said if I get 100 likes she will buy me a note 9
Hammad Irfan
Hammad Irfan 8 kun oldin
This shit cant be rooted.
Big Dubyuh
Big Dubyuh 8 kun oldin
if you think about it Moore's Law never made any sense anyways i mean things can only get so small
number one internet content
can you tech reviewers start incorporating like a ruler or something in videos rather than long shots of just showing it in your hand so I can see the actual size of stuff accurately? would be helpful since the main reason I watch video reviews is to see the thing
abdul rahman
abdul rahman 12 kun oldin
What the fuck is wrong with your fucking face on your every fucking thumbnail. Looks fucking fucked up retard .
Sumanth Kalathuru
Sumanth Kalathuru 13 kun oldin
Bixby he or she??
Seladon Boulard
Seladon Boulard 14 kun oldin
Note 9/10
Friedrich Wilhelm
Friedrich Wilhelm 15 kun oldin
and here i thought my note 8 was amazing ill upgrad when the note 10 comes out i herd tell of a 6000 mAh battery in exchange for the auxiliary jack
Robin Robin
Robin Robin 15 kun oldin
My Note 9 is a dream. I won't need to be changing phones for a good 3 years.
keithupton86ku 12 kun oldin
I'm really contemplating the Note 8 or 9, I'm just too torn. My Note 3 lasted me 5 years (screen finally broke so now I'm using a beater phone), the next phone I buy is also gonna be used for many years. I just can't decide between a ~$450 Note 8 or ~$950 Note 9. If I could finance it, I'd go all out in a heartbeat.
13_rusty buckets
13_rusty buckets 16 kun oldin
This phone better be good I just dropped $999 on one that's more than both my car payment. Twice
Alexander Malki
Alexander Malki 16 kun oldin
I purchased it for 2/3 of the price when it was new at a small retail seller online. I couldn't have been more happier since I love the note series and wanting a new note phone ever since. This video even made me more happier I invested on a phone that I know will not disapoint me for probably the next incoming half decade if not more!
Procyon 17 kun oldin
Linus needs to learn how to play PUBG
Silverripples 17 kun oldin
What I do hate is that they removed the Dual Camera shooting mode!
Olivia 18 kun oldin
We need a phone that has 70% bezels and 30% screen. My palms are thicc
Intel Core i7 7700k
Intel Core i7 7700k 18 kun oldin
Just got my note 9 second hand in mint condition for 545 dollars, not bad imo.
RapiDSpacE13 20 kun oldin
"Headphone jack"
daserej805 21 kun oldin
It just needs the infrared beam to be perfect
Ichigo Kurosaki
Ichigo Kurosaki 21 kun oldin
What watch are you wearing?!
Olivia 21 kun oldin
I just ordered mine for $1,007.34
Prinz Schmalzlocke
Prinz Schmalzlocke 21 kun oldin
Noone feels kinda weird having a german word in the intro? im from germany and i feel kinda weird reading a german word in the intro and first thought im going crazy and see german translations in my mind.
Olivia 22 kun oldin
Sweet review. I'm going to order one.
Erik Leo
Erik Leo 22 kun oldin
Fingerprint sensor on the back is a compromise
kenjopac 22 kun oldin
Carter Williams
Carter Williams 24 kun oldin
why do I even watch a review of a Samsung product from Linus... he's sponsored by Samsung. I already know what he is going to say. BEST THING EVER... EVER... NEVER WILL BE BEAT. EXCEPT FOR THIS ONE PROBLEM THAT LITERALLY WILL NOT BE NOTICED BY 99.99% OF USERS. ... 3 months later ... THE NEW BEST THING EVER THAT I DIDN'T HAVE TO PAY FOR.
Carter Williams
Carter Williams 24 kun oldin
but in all honesty I like the note 9 a lot, but I have all apple products so I'm kinda stuck.
Taco Sandblast
Taco Sandblast 24 kun oldin
I hope you review the galaxy fold's
pontus laurell
pontus laurell 24 kun oldin
i do i hate bixby!
Shiroski O'charos
Shiroski O'charos 26 kun oldin
Wow I love the design... I wish I have one. Boxy phone like Lenovo A7000 is one of my favourite design! (/^u^)/ They look so simple.
Soulife 26 kun oldin
This review SUCKS! Get a real job Linus!... Fluffy got an eye infection! I bought this phone due to the "Zero Compromise" and I accidentally stabbed my cat in the eye with the stylus.. Now she walks into walls and stuff. So what do I do? Return the cat? Or compromise and accept the fact that my cat will always be WAY off when she tries to catch the laser pointer? Having a perfect phone and a defective cat sucks. She misses the litter box half the time..
John Hooyer
John Hooyer 28 kun oldin
Sounds really interesting. I can't afford it, but it's encouraging to know that by the time I can, they'll basically be out with the Note11 or Note12, which might very well actually _be_ perfect.
Howard Dock
Howard Dock 28 kun oldin
Wait till u see that note 10!
wan yin see
wan yin see 29 kun oldin
Hey!!Where is my s10 review dude
l aTranceGuy l
About to switch from a note 5
elad dov
elad dov Oy oldin
note 9 or s10e? both cost around the same right now in my country and I'm tired of the shitty camera on my xiaomi redmi note 3
Allen Omkar
Allen Omkar Oy oldin
Pubg lover support me
Aragiss Oy oldin
5:40 That video quality is pretty incredible from a smartphone camera
Brian Oy oldin
It is cheaper now L.M.L.H
What's better note 9 or razor 1/2
Jc Gomez
Jc Gomez Oy oldin
No price buhhhh
Joe G
Joe G Oy oldin
note 8 is still good
rohan thomas
rohan thomas Oy oldin
Had the pixel 2 xl and then switched to the Note 9. Love both the devices... The battery life on this device is just nuts, along with that 😘😍 screen!! But overall I still preffer the pixel device for it's absolute genius computational photography!! But at the end of the day, if it's a device from Samsung or Google am pretty happy about it.
Paras Phoenix
Paras Phoenix Oy oldin
I use the S pen because i have have fingers
Al3x Uk
Al3x Uk Oy oldin
You try to look smart, but it's a long way to reach it.I'm pretty sure you can build a better phone for your self. Good luck HA HA HA
TPC_Niki Oy oldin
I am staying with my iPhone 6s but switching to iPhone XS
War_Ninja_303 V
Iphone sucks
War is Not a Game
iPhone for Kids Galaxy for Adults
Karanvir Singh
Switched to note 9 after using iphone 6 and iphone X... note 9 is what I call a perfect smart phone..never going back to apple
Kev Oy oldin
Fast face scan is 10 times faster than intelligent scan. It may not be secure but if you've got nothing to hide who cares
Ark Astophis
Ark Astophis Oy oldin
If Linus says it's perfect, it's perfect.
Sherab lhazin Dolkar
Please buy me one. I beg you.😭😭😭😭
Manosha Cooray
Wrong channel techquickie
Lonellama4500 Oy oldin
Pubg mobile has a lot of toxic players
cooolloooll Oy oldin
How long is that monitor?
Johan Oy oldin
So The First Phone I got was an Iphone, back then in 2014, And after my brothers switched to the samsung galaxy and notes, I was like Hmm Maybe it's for a reason, So I switched to the S7 Edge and it was great, I had it for 3 years, Then I downgraded because I sold it, And Now I really Want the Note 9. The same thing goes for Xbox, I got and Xbox One as my first online console in 2012 I think, and A year later I got A Ps4, and Oh Boy, The Xbox Is just a Box in my room that I just see and go like "Meh".
Ronnie Velasquez
Galaxy note 9 is the best mobile phone,,dare to compare..i actually have one. RIP iphone.
Even when he said Bixby it launched on my note 9
Sense of Tumor
I need help- I have the Samsung Note 9, sprint is my carrier. Ever since the recent new update my shortcut master app no longer works because it did not update with the phone. I no longer have LTE calling/calling plus/VoLTE. Does anyone know how I can get it back?
Texas USA
Texas USA Oy oldin
Watching this on my Note 9. 😎
Tijana Mohar
Tijana Mohar Oy oldin
i have an A9 and this makes me jealous
Hunter XXL
Hunter XXL Oy oldin
Note 10 wil be perfect
Daniel P
Daniel P Oy oldin
there is no such thing as a "perfect" phone
Parth Jain
Parth Jain Oy oldin
Watched a note 9 video Comments : Haha apple sucks 😂😂👌🏽👌🏽😂😂👌🏽👌🏽
x isaka
x isaka Oy oldin
Kaithai Sayarath
I love my with 8gb of rams is a beast. I never felt any heat while gaming
Robert Timsah
Robert Timsah Oy oldin
- 100 points for saying "daily driver".
Asmodeus Mogart
The dislikes are from apple users
haniya rizvi
haniya rizvi Oy oldin
pubg is free why u added the link/
Unknown Oy oldin
I want this phone so much :l
Sai Oy oldin
I have an iPhone and a Note, and to be honest I still prefer my smoke signals
Chino Black
Chino Black Oy oldin
Team iPhone
TheOneEd Oy oldin
The thumbnail is a little misleading...
Connor Ayers a sweaty soccer skin
My fortnite epic account is C_Wayne_A
Zach H
Zach H Oy oldin
I use the pen to play and pause videos a lot more than I thought I would
┓┏ 凵 =╱⊿┌┬┐
phones are reversed now. lemme explain that...during the days where the nokia 3310 ruled you drop it next to the pool its fine. you drop it in the pool its ruined. note 9 and iphone x you drop them in the pool they're fine. You drop it next to the pool (most likely) they're ruined
Mom with Grand Piano
Thanks for this awesome Note 9 review. It's very helpful!
ExoticButters_ BOI420
Sponsored by PUBG but the Note 9 is ...what's the right word... sponsored...? by Epic Games. Me; **inhale** *BOI*
Accuracy Oy oldin
Did he just get sponsored by PUBG
Linus, i have Android 9 Pie and One UI, why not make an updated review for the same phone, but with the new upgrade?
moth_gamer Twitch
Man I wish I could get this one day
Stephanie Dandeneau
I only want it for fortnite galaxy skin
Neon Oy oldin
you. want. to. pay. 1k. just. for. a. skin. for. a. game. that. is. dying.
Goran L
Goran L Oy oldin
It is the best phone ever made till date
Sauce Daddy
Sauce Daddy Oy oldin
My favorite model iPhone was the 4s it was little and compact with good HD my favorite model galaxy is the s9 its little and compact with good HD. When you buy a phone you need to think about where you work and what you do, me I'm a construction worker that works at a plant so I need a little phone that packs a punch that doesn't take to much room in my pocket. The notes are for ppl that work in a office.
Dan Cunningham
Really like his teviews but seeing ads before the video then seeing another on within his video really is so damn annoying.
D4RK 2.0
D4RK 2.0 Oy oldin
Samsung fans: Save money here and there and buy it. Apple fans: :)
marcos morales
Should I buy the note 9 or wait for the s10???
blognewb Oy oldin
+DrSlope I don't have any other perks that I want in life besides phones and laptops. I'm ok with having a decent car but I'd *like* (not need) to have both what the next iPhone will be and the foldable Galaxy phone which I'm hoping will have a stylus
marcos morales
+DrSlope I don't play fortnite either so I don't care but that's a smart idea I like it. But I kinda want the s10 just for the design it looks good
DrSlope Oy oldin
But note9 its 620€ in my contry. S10 is gonna come out expensive.Also if u wanna get fortnite skin u cant only until 7 march.Not that i play fortnite but id get it and sell the account :D
blognewb Oy oldin
im waiting for note 11 or the fold phone
Apollo Smile
Apollo Smile Oy oldin
S10+ Here I come!
Panit So
Panit So Oy oldin
my friends is an apple fanboy and i said i was gonna get a samsung s9 he argu me to get an iphone and i was like I made the right decision And he said " Ok Samsung Boy!! "
I don't even think I can afford the case for this perfect phone.....oh well, back to flipping burgers at McDonald's.
The Note 7 will always be the GOAT of smartphones.
Clark Kent
Clark Kent Oy oldin
Urboyb Oy oldin
I love Samsung phones but I just hate the software and software look. Which is why I switched to iOS and I would’ve gotten the 6t or pixel 3xl but the pixel was to ugly and one plus just didn’t feel premium enough for me but oxygen is is beautiful. Anyways I chose the iPhone XS and sticking with it for some time
Dritan Rustja
Dritan Rustja Oy oldin
Too much advertising man, even though the review seems to be honest!
infeenit Oy oldin
It is very good but the screen.. after a week of usual use got an ugly smudges along curved edges. Very sad.
Rak' Artz
Rak' Artz Oy oldin
Imagine if apple and samsung make 1 phone together it gaane be the best phone in the world and no campany will win them i guess
Petr Barbořák
What would Apple bring to the table? Price?
maverick Oy oldin
WHAT IS SDK LENSE ? Linus talking about it towards the end of this video . I know sdk program but! What is sdk lense Pls anyone
Paul o
Paul o Oy oldin
What the fuck is a daily driver
Petr Barbořák
Phone you use daily for messages, mails, Facebook, news, etc
Akash Seeju
Akash Seeju Oy oldin
I have a note 9 watching in my note 9
DrSlope Oy oldin
Did u get fortnite skin? I dont play fortnite but if i buy it im gonna sell it :D
OurSafeCoffee Oy oldin
I love how every phone review, the headphone jack is one of the most important things
Gabriel Morin
Gabriel Morin Oy oldin
note 9 was a waste. Not much of difference from note 8. Same boring design, much bigger price. Samsung starting to suck. Other phone companies are coming out with some really cool looking phones. I was a samsung supporter until they released prices for the s10 and note 10 will start at $1100 to $1800. Fuck that if I will pay. While cell service gets cheaper, the phones are more expensive then some cars
Petr Barbořák
Which cars lmao, lada?
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