Galaxy Note 9 - ALMOST Perfect..

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The Note 9 isn't perfect.. but I can't find much that's wrong with it..
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17-Sen, 2018




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Kevin Luna
Kevin Luna Kun oldin
Yeah, no one likes Pube G!
Mike LoPinto
Mike LoPinto Kun oldin
Nice keyboard... used it for many years and recently upgraded to the Roccat Vulcan. Not disappointed. Also have the Kone Pure owl eye. Not disappointed.
MyHeroJose Kun oldin
Bigsby will cause the machine uprising
Combo Hell
Combo Hell 2 kun oldin
Pubg g com on linus where are the maracas, shavers the pants xD
Silent wraith
Silent wraith 2 kun oldin
Whatever you say Samsung fans will say(I'm samsung fan) Note 9 was the best Note ever created
Perfect phone ♥️
SJ 2 kun oldin
Note 9 is a beast. I am going to upgrade to s10 even tho I only upgrade in note series but I've heard some cool things about s10
SJ 2 kun oldin
Watching this on a note 9
Victor Gutierrez
Victor Gutierrez 2 kun oldin
Did this guy just bother about 0.1% of screen to beazel ratio ? WTF ''that's a risky move''
chemistry hacker
chemistry hacker 2 kun oldin
I don't like s pen
milan 3 kun oldin
All they need to add is a quad dac
Carlu 3 kun oldin
i'm waiting for the 10 i don't wanna be behind technology
Denis Agolli
Denis Agolli 3 kun oldin
How much had Apple paid you for this video? Noob, Samsung kicked Iphone in the ass really hard and you know it
Lewis D
Lewis D 3 kun oldin
My Note 4 has recently started having eMMC issues. Was looking at upgrading to the 9 but then found out about Wakelock. My issues have now gone away (woot). Hopefully I'll be able to hold out now until the Note 10/X. My only concern is that with my Note 4 I can replace the battery myself, but I doubt I'll be able to with my next Note, especially after watching teardown vids.
Jun Young
Jun Young 3 kun oldin
Can u do the galaxy a9
Laura Evans
Laura Evans 3 kun oldin
hey Linus try reviewing the elephone px and also by the way I love your vids keep going
mrKpooper4 3 kun oldin
And here I am watching still on my Note 4.
Unown 3 kun oldin
Margarita Gorospe
Margarita Gorospe 4 kun oldin
Note 9 you will be mine very soon!😉
Henrick Rawlins
Henrick Rawlins 5 kun oldin
Watching this from my Note 9 with 512Gb of storage and 8 gigs of DDR4 of RAM. Heck yeah..!!!
TONY M 5 kun oldin
Garbage reviews. Get to the point, no one has time to listen to your complains,. Complain to your mother or girlfriends. please try not to waste our time anymore.
McRibs 5 kun oldin
When they fix Snapchat maybe I'll consider getting a Samsung
the Pomarva
the Pomarva 5 kun oldin
From now on.. i will only use a note android devices.. period
ThisIsMyName ThereAreManyLikeItButThisOneIsMine
Welp, can't reprogram bigsby button. Off to oneplus.
Som Yadav
Som Yadav 5 kun oldin
*Reviews first Android phone to support Fortnite* This video is sponsored by PUBG!
LORD OF FREEDOM 6 kun oldin
note 9 needs 120hz display and it would be perfect imo.
1canospam 6 kun oldin
don't buy the hype, the note 9 video camera lags and is unusable in any sort of video creating.
william newby
william newby 6 kun oldin
Or if you want to get rid of all bloatware and bixby on phone, get the (Package disabler Pro, Samsung). Worked on my verizon note 9 and got rid of whatever i wanted (ahem faceshit and assby). Can destroy system files if not careful.
william newby
william newby 6 kun oldin
Just say "Bixby, go fuck up another phone. :D
Andrew pruteanu
Andrew pruteanu 7 kun oldin
actually, no phone is perfect, every phone has its pros and cons.
주한결 Daniel Ju
What do you mean by the battery drain bug?
Jason B
Jason B 7 kun oldin
Video starts @ 1:23
suresh shaolin
suresh shaolin 8 kun oldin
Watching on my note9
pabllo2004 9 kun oldin
switch just on xmas form note 4 to note 9 and just rips my BALLS OFF!!!!!!!!!!!! did not expect so much from that phone simple masterpiece !!!!
Goose bot
Goose bot 9 kun oldin
I'd say this is one of the best phones in 2018, but the best pers. is still the oneplus 6t.
mariomania 9 kun oldin
first world problems
Abhishek Prajapati
Abhishek Prajapati 9 kun oldin
damnit linus you won't lose subscribers if you appreciate a GOOD phone
Fortnite Certified
Fortnite Certified 9 kun oldin
I liked because he gave it the BEST PHONE EVER title
Robbie Steel
Robbie Steel 9 kun oldin
Samsung just about killed off your review video about the note 9 lol
Fluro. 10 kun oldin
Dennis getting pranked got me good xD
Sander Alphen
Sander Alphen 10 kun oldin
Why everyone keeps on talking about the note line. The S line always brings the new soc. To me it is just a pimped S line, with a brand new price tag.
Bon Swiggity
Bon Swiggity 10 kun oldin
Note 9 is lit. Slickwraps aren't
Manny Cali
Manny Cali 10 kun oldin
Note 9 sucks!
joan otrotr
joan otrotr 11 kun oldin
Did he rlly do a pubg review on a note 9? Ironic 😏🤷🏻‍♂️
River 11 kun oldin
This is the phone that got me to switch from the iPhone. No notch, includes a headphone jack, has amazing processing speeds, and I also get a pen so I can take notes on my phone during meetings without looking like a jackass? I really can't see myself going back to Apple after this.
Samir Alam
Samir Alam 12 kun oldin
Cant wait for the S10
Calamity 12 kun oldin
*cries in Apple*
Petro Porosenko
Petro Porosenko 12 kun oldin
Я, так понял- чувак говорит: в пизду аппле?
Wanda Lebron
Wanda Lebron 12 kun oldin
I'm going to said bye iPhone welcome note 9
A Casual Gamer
A Casual Gamer 12 kun oldin
all other smartphone manufacturers don't have the excuse of not having enough room for the headphone jack now
Homagni Dutta
Homagni Dutta 12 kun oldin
The s pen's remote stylus is very useful when I'm not carrying my slr and I shoot pro mode. Tapping the screen while on a screen can sometimes result in camera shake.
Homagni Dutta
Homagni Dutta 12 kun oldin
I have the S9 plus and I'm not willing to get note 9 anyways. I think two of them are identical. Note 9 is not meant to be better than S9. So choose the S9 if you don't want the stylus.
Brandon Barahona
Brandon Barahona 13 kun oldin
Bixby does get annoying. Best thing I did was go into the settings and make it so she activates only if I double tap the button as I always accidentally press it when trying to lower the volume
Robin B.
Robin B. 13 kun oldin
I've been using iPhone for almost 10 years (from 3G model) and I am going to switch to Note 10 this Fall.
Daniel Chapman
Daniel Chapman 13 kun oldin
Please send me one and a Samsung deX adapter/cable (adapter does not need USB just hdmi\vga thanks (maybe S pen) ether blue'red or black. Need for school
Nayte Goldstein
Nayte Goldstein 13 kun oldin
I thought I understood tech, but what did he mean about using the NFC for two factor authentication?!
Hans Kristian
Hans Kristian 14 kun oldin
Why do linus have a wall made out of motherboards.. it looks cool though
ανδροιδ 14 kun oldin
Thank you for converting me to Android. I finally made the jump.
Hi Hello
Hi Hello 15 kun oldin
Apple is pretty shit
Macalyn Hulsey
Macalyn Hulsey 15 kun oldin
for you guys in the comments. apple has gone stale. there hasnt been innovation in so long with those guys. taking stuff away is not innovation. Some company will innovate, apple will take it and people will jump to the conclusion that its better than it was before their greasy hands touched it whether it was or not. I'll stick with the galaxy lineup until a company actually blows me away and makes something better. I wouldnt think twice about leaving them either because im not a brand specific person, i just like innovation.
Soul of Chogokin
Soul of Chogokin 16 kun oldin
Is your girlfriend Filipina?
Fliyo MB
Fliyo MB 14 kun oldin
Gavriel Papas
Gavriel Papas 16 kun oldin
Come on Linus Tech Tips! You couldn't find anything negative about this phone?! No glass cracking!? No price comparison, no Dex review. I don't need you for a..licking, I can do that by myself.
Y2K Savior
Y2K Savior 16 kun oldin
I've seen enough of your videos I was expecting you to see how it plays Rise of the Tombraider on it🤔
Fu Ggl
Fu Ggl 17 kun oldin
100 mil players on pubg mobile? Cab you explain to me why 98 percent of the enemies are bots? If you advertise shit be honest at least
Lukas Gregor
Lukas Gregor 17 kun oldin
Devious Titan
Devious Titan 17 kun oldin
Bixby needs to have an option to remove her from my device entirely
South Paw
South Paw 17 kun oldin
Best phone I've ever had.... period
tombell12 18 kun oldin
You know what would actually make it perfect? A friggin' removable battery ;-)
Rotem Norm
Rotem Norm 18 kun oldin
Note 9 is perfect phone so far.
blackeyebobby 19 kun oldin
Are youtubers aware that we can and do skip over the spoken commercials?
Alexandru Munteanu
Alexandru Munteanu 19 kun oldin
ZERO COMPROMISES HE SAID!But that the charging speed is slow AF he didnt say!
Play Masterz
Play Masterz 19 kun oldin
The only reason why it’s is almost perfect is because Samsung is going make more good thing better than iPhone as always
Mom with Grand Piano
Thank you for the review!
j Marie
j Marie 20 kun oldin
Ordered the Google Pixel XL, didn't like it. Sent it back. Ordered the iPhone X, didn't like it. It's glitchy and freezes up on me. I've had to hard restart it several times. Sending it back. I have the Note 9 on the way and I am stoked. So many great reviews. Maybe, just maybe, I'll finally be happy.
KillerKat 12 kun oldin
j Marie I’m getting too very soon, the switch from Apple will be very hard for me
j Marie
j Marie 13 kun oldin
+Kim Wendel Medrano Got the phone, absolutely love it. It's fast, very responsive, and sleek as heck. So far i have found nothing I do not like about it. Just a matter of learning about all the features, because it does a lot! Only thing I could complain about if I was one to complain, would be the massive amount of apps it comes preloaded with. I removed half of them. Love the S pen, picture quality is beautiful. Now, i just have to find a case I really like. Currently using an Otter Box, but it's sort of plain, lol.
j Marie
j Marie 16 kun oldin
Kim Wendel Medrano It’s scheduled to be here Monday, I’ll let you know. :)
Kim Wendel Medrano
Kim Wendel Medrano 16 kun oldin
Did you get it yet? How's it?
Jesson Nazareno
Jesson Nazareno 20 kun oldin
i am an iPhone Fan and user ever since, but i think Note 9 is better than iphone XS max in terms of usablity, it is basically smarter than the iPhone XS max. But on the other hand iPhone XS max's optimization and performance are slightly better than the NOte 9.
Ks-man24 21 kun oldin
Linus your using the phone the wrong way flip it up
LAFANTOOSH 22 kun oldin
Note 9 is d best smartphone of 2018
PhantomMark 22 kun oldin
I know it seems a little pathetic, but I really miss the fact my Note9 doesn't have the IR remote sensor like my old Note4, I used it a lot to control my TV and Sat TV system etc......otherwise I am very happy with the Note9
Dawood 22 kun oldin
I buyed note 9 512gb from black Friday in ksa about 260 dollors
CheburekiYT 22 kun oldin
phone with fortnite plays pub-g
parasraj singh
parasraj singh 22 kun oldin
No talk on the DeX
Big Dog
Big Dog 23 kun oldin
it's pretty perfect. i mean what do you expect, a bar of gold to come with it? we are so spoiled it's insane.
Ignacio Guerrero
Ignacio Guerrero 23 kun oldin
I can afford it, but in 12 months.
xPharox 24 kun oldin
0:46 that aim is sad
Anderson C
Anderson C 24 kun oldin
What I don't understand is...Why would Samsung (Bixby belongs to Samsung?) put Bixby on their newer phones (e.g. S9/Note 9) when they know Google assistant/accounts MUST be setup anyway for social media. It's a part of setup for Android devices (Apple too?). Can't get around Google (or can you?). And Samsung should have allowed you to use the Bixby button for other functions if so desired...still love my Note 9. It was THE phone I wanted. Always wanted a Note phone...never got one before due to timing and pricing. Had to settle for a Samsung S4 at the time (5 yrs ago)...not unhappy with that phone...did it's job. But I had to "settle"...features/good price. After 2 years (Nov 2020)...next phone...MUST have a 4k screen...will likely be the Note 11. S-Pen is so useful. Should be a MUST in any device (tablet, laptop...phone).
TheMatias 24 kun oldin
I own galaxy note 9 , write me your epic games nick and ill show you that i have a galaxy skin , you have time till december 25th
TheMatias 24 kun oldin
Fuck pubg
gaurav Singh
gaurav Singh 25 kun oldin
Why the fuck every reviewer mentions performance. Phones are quite fast these days.
louisc Doucet
louisc Doucet 27 kun oldin
Can it upgrade to 5G?
Dan Seabreeze
Dan Seabreeze 27 kun oldin
Other reviews complain about the fingerprint reader being too high but since the battery is substantially larger in the Note 9, they had no choice but to place it higher up to accommodate for the battery. I'd rather go through that slight trouble than having a smaller capacity battery.
Fanu Kimz
Fanu Kimz 27 kun oldin
Now that you're done with it, send me😂😂😁
The-Lonely-Janitor 659
I finally got this Note 9 with my S9+ best phones EVER!
Randy Harms
Randy Harms 28 kun oldin
iPhone can't afford to have earphone Jack because it " takes too much space" ...... then there is the S pen that fits In the note 9
R J 28 kun oldin
Had to buy a Note 8 because the S Pen battery just 30 minutes instead of charging through the display DON’T BUY THIS PHONE
Steve Powell
Steve Powell 28 kun oldin
What watch are you wearing? I like it
The Hud Man
The Hud Man 28 kun oldin
aenoire 29 kun oldin
Considering this for my next upgrade, I'd love to go with the Pixel 3XL but its simply not a beefy enough battery and not enough of an upgrade from my LG V20. Essentially the same amount of battery and non-removable just won't cut it. I haven't really been a Samsung fan since the s5 though I'm still skeptical
Robert Boughton
Robert Boughton 29 kun oldin
Found a way to turn off bixie button
Cole 29 kun oldin
lmfao really upping your productivity by having a single word document open on that ultra wide monitor
Jacob Cardenas
Jacob Cardenas 29 kun oldin
Heya, non-Android user here. Can anyone explain why the AOD of both phones are gliding up and down at 4:16? Thanks!