Game Theory: Are You a Kid or Squid? - Splatoon SOLVED!

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Are you a Kid or are you a Squid? The question has plagued the gaming community since... well okay not that long ago, but it was SPLATOON’s main marketing slogan! And in truth, Inklings are fascinating: bipedal childlike creatures one moment, blooper-like ink swimming cephalopods the next. But is it possible to ever truly know if Inklings are more Squid-like or more Kid-like? YES. Yes it is. And today I will prove to you that Inklings are ABSOLUTELY more one than the other!

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25-Apr, 2017

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Shadrach Larsen
Shadrach Larsen 52 daqiqa oldin
so if humans cant evolve, wheres the proof they could ever evolve? matpat just proved religion...
Karlo Elamparo01
Karlo Elamparo01 4 soat oldin
Make more Splatoon theories
Firey Odyssey
Firey Odyssey 5 soat oldin
-They are gods-
Bloody Ghost274
Bloody Ghost274 18 soat oldin
Hello Internet! Welcome to GAY!
Foxy The Prairate Fox
MTT-Brand Fangirl
Dang, I was hoping kid XD
Catcap's irl memes
Arin Lewis
Arin Lewis 2 kun oldin
I wish I was a Splatoon 2 Octoling
AxolotlMewfin 2 kun oldin
I can never eat calamari again
Blackcop33 3 kun oldin
Wait so am I secretly a squid?
splatter catter Xd
splatter catter Xd 4 kun oldin
Yea I see mostly squid and are they octopus and why do they die from WATER
Amanda M.
Amanda M. 5 kun oldin
Me: hey friend wanna no something Friend: wat Me: OCTOPETES Friend : waaaaaaaaaaaaat is wrong with you Me: OCTOPETES EVERYONE,OCTOPETES
Kitten Cat
Kitten Cat 5 kun oldin
Is it weird that I would happily be stabbed to death and stuffed into furry robot suit?
Nica Holmes-Lauder
Nica Holmes-Lauder 5 kun oldin
im in 2018
Blacknickplays YT
Blacknickplays YT 6 kun oldin
Blacknickplays YT
Blacknickplays YT 6 kun oldin
There squids that can turn into kids
Gabrielle Pallister
This whole show is just a huge happy meal of knowledge nuggets
Alexander Roguski
Alexander Roguski 7 kun oldin
Aly Sutherland
Aly Sutherland 7 kun oldin
i have a biology test about genetics similar to the stuff talked about in this video, wish me luck y’all
POTATO GAMING 7 kun oldin
Other Person: Are you a kid or are you a squid? Me: neither I am a lazy kid who watches youtube while eating Pringles all day. Edit: Boom mat pat I just answered your question now there is no need to make an episode on it.
Kinan 7 kun oldin
•Mapples• [BR]
•Mapples• [BR] 8 kun oldin
Yo, if we don't improve technology to improve DNA and RNA then maybe in a few million years of less the octopodes would be better than us, with the possibility for us to comunicate with them or having a war between us (the war in my opinion has way more chances to happen than a pact between species [or i dont know]). Lemme know your opinions or thoughts for or against the way i think to improve the way i think! :)
Thundrex 9 kun oldin
Squids have 10 legs, not 8
urbosa the champion
You wasted your time, mat
DangerTortsTV 9 kun oldin
Splatoon 2 theory!
Ian Hawthorn
Ian Hawthorn 9 kun oldin
The intro says "don't get cooked and stay of the hook" so how do you explain that dos the God's try to catch the inklings
Dj_ Panda25
Dj_ Panda25 9 kun oldin
in the future i hope there will be more humanoid creatures who else wants humanoid creatures. reply what you want them to be like
Gaboom 7137
Gaboom 7137 9 kun oldin
How do yow make a squid laugh? Ten tickles!!!
Meggy SMG4
Meggy SMG4 9 kun oldin
Even though he said it was just a theory i still believe it.
Gabe Rodriguez
Gabe Rodriguez 9 kun oldin
Plus it says that squidkids think of humans as gods
Gabe Rodriguez
Gabe Rodriguez 10 kun oldin
Time to kill my pet squid before he learns to kill me and have it all to himself
Evie Cairns
Evie Cairns 10 kun oldin
Welcome to gayyyy...
Noah 10 kun oldin
1:29 did Matt just use the W word
i have no life and i am proud
And to think Matpat could have saved himself 10 minutes of his time if he had just looked at the Sunken Scrolls.
Wai Chan
Wai Chan 11 kun oldin
I bet is squid when I saw the video
BloodMon WOLF
BloodMon WOLF 11 kun oldin
welcome two GEY
STE7_15 12 kun oldin
It's a *SKID*
Random Gacha Person
Random Gacha Person 12 kun oldin
Squid and kid its a play on words Squ (from squid) id (from kid) Squid :O No need for that 14 minute video its a 1 minute ;D
The ruby smoothie
The ruby smoothie 12 kun oldin
Hello welcome to gay :)
SetlingAxe Cosmos
SetlingAxe Cosmos 12 kun oldin
i discovered your channel thanks to this video
Alex Pilgrim
Alex Pilgrim 13 kun oldin
9:09 He says 8 legged thats an octopus squids have six lol
Nikol Crijanivschi
Nikol Crijanivschi 13 kun oldin
Orrrrrr you could be a half breed
Superflamegameplays 14 kun oldin
About the inkling's minds, it says in one of the sunken scrolls: "Mind: Simple and Predatory" and it also says that the apocalypse took place 10,000 years ago. There. No need for you to use your own evidence for these two points.
tbirdninja 14 kun oldin
Plz some one make matpat a sans. Come on those puns
Xy Xy
Xy Xy 14 kun oldin
Must Destroy all of the Squids Before They Rule the Earth Must Create Giant Robots that are made of Titanium alloy
Tyler Chen
Tyler Chen 14 kun oldin
In the lore it says that the squids developed onto land because hoomans are ded cuz of tides rising
Hanzo Weeb
Hanzo Weeb 15 kun oldin
So basically if there is a apocalypse we are all fucked
S S 15 kun oldin
I'm just thinking of bendy and I just realised that bendy may be the thing that saves the entire game
MihaiCreeper 16 kun oldin
Welcome to gay-
Cookie Gamer
Cookie Gamer 17 kun oldin
I feel like they are games
Amelia animates
Amelia animates 17 kun oldin
splatoon is my girlfriend's favorite game and she wanted me to play it with her. i sucked at it. " WUt R U DOIN AMELIA??! XD" - my girlfriend
Aidan Abrahamson
Aidan Abrahamson 18 kun oldin
Eli Austin
Eli Austin 18 kun oldin
The only reason why cephalopods haven’t taken over the world is that they have a short life span. That’s what slows them from using the wisdom they’ve gained over the years to quickly dominate ecosystems.
The Hawk
The Hawk 18 kun oldin
Splatoon is basically the hunger games But directed by Nintendo
Slish Slash
Slish Slash 19 kun oldin
Its a *SKUID* *crickets chirp* ....sorry....
Praseo 19 kun oldin
I think the whole evolution thing was explained in the Sunken Scrolls!
Caleb Wright
Caleb Wright 19 kun oldin
my mom works at my nintendo
mika de wert wert wert
More canon proof, in splatoon 2 its in the secret diary thing, its not a theory, its a canon thing
Lance The Online Nerd
Let's not forget what we learn at the climax of the octo expansion. I like how Nintendo cares about the lore of games that wouldn't normally need it.🤓 ye.
mika de wert wert wert
callyford poppie
callyford poppie 19 kun oldin
what secret diary? is that the scroll thingies in hero mode?
Caelin Bevan
Caelin Bevan 20 kun oldin
Guys the plural form of octopus is octopussys its so obvious
Me Playzz
Me Playzz 21 kun oldin
You are squid that is of the age to be considered a kid.
Bibizilla 21 kun oldin
you should make more Splatoon Theory's!!!
Marco Mendez
Marco Mendez 21 kun oldin
What about the octolings
Karen Higson
Karen Higson 22 kun oldin
Life lesson: Don't insult squids
Lilly Flowers
Lilly Flowers 22 kun oldin
My fav company My fav game
Zap Tap
Zap Tap 22 kun oldin
0:12 say sorry for that pun
CalmManiX [GMD]
CalmManiX [GMD] 22 kun oldin
Well sheit
Jacob Grigley
Jacob Grigley 22 kun oldin
I mean I’m an octopus now so I don’t know how valid your final statement is.
UndecidedMisc 22 kun oldin
Nintendo, Fun for the whole family!
Hank Mediate
Hank Mediate 22 kun oldin
I don’t like Aston
Daniel Castillo
Daniel Castillo 23 kun oldin
First few seconds of the video. PUNPAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Seokjins_World 23 kun oldin
Welcome to gay
Ido Shani
Ido Shani 24 kun oldin
Amanda Morgan
Amanda Morgan 24 kun oldin
Plz no more link theroies
Amanda Morgan
Amanda Morgan 24 kun oldin
Ian Rands
Ian Rands 24 kun oldin
But Matpat what about the secret scroll evolution chart in Splatoon?
Gael Arias
Gael Arias 24 kun oldin
Anything related to tentacles ends well...
Salty Marx
Salty Marx 24 kun oldin
Welcome to gay
lisa greig
lisa greig 24 kun oldin
Yay now I can skip my science classes lol
xMįke RBLIXO 24 kun oldin
None. Your are a sqkuid
zachatak12 24 kun oldin
But how do they reproduce? What do thier private parts look like? And most importantly could inklings and octolings reproduce?
Rain Mabon
Rain Mabon 7 kun oldin
I dont know look up cephalopod biology...
Octo pie
Octo pie 25 kun oldin
The first time I watched this I had no Idea who the squid sisters were! 😂
Randall Mills
Randall Mills 25 kun oldin
I legit have blue Inkling Boy as my lock screen and cat Sans as my wallpaper on my phone
Isaiah Robinson
Isaiah Robinson 25 kun oldin
Hello internet welcome to gay
jsheios 26 kun oldin
Im really curious about the octo expansion now that its out, idk if its just me but even after i finished i still have so many lingering questions about it..
Panda Dude
Panda Dude 26 kun oldin
More splatoon videos plz
Fallenn 27 kun oldin
*knowledge nugget intensifies*
Rwdy Piper362
Rwdy Piper362 27 kun oldin
iamkulit1 CS
iamkulit1 CS 27 kun oldin
MatPat you're late to the party...
David Smith
David Smith 27 kun oldin
Before you watch warning puns inkoming
HopeFulFlower 46
HopeFulFlower 46 27 kun oldin
I love splatoon
useful cat
useful cat 28 kun oldin
They are skids
Ape-in-a-tree ,
Ape-in-a-tree , 28 kun oldin
Welcome to GAY
Internet Editor
Internet Editor 29 kun oldin
Actually I think it's quite possible that the inklings are millions of years old. In Splatoon 2, Sheldon says his shop is 500 million years old. Not much, but hey.
Ninonex gaming
Ninonex gaming 29 kun oldin
But then how come they ca t survive in the water if there from the water
Dragon empress
I always thought fish never used their eyes since well... some fish don't have eyes and their eyes can't move. Then again, owls need their eyes VERY much and they don't have muscles in them. They can only move their heads to see around. Nevertheless, very fascinating video even though I never played this game. Lovely as usual, Matpat
BigBoyVlogger Oy oldin
Kyle Wright
Kyle Wright Oy oldin
I like the splatoon 2 clip
Project Mary
Project Mary Oy oldin
I think you could have answered this by reading the lore the world got cover by water killing all humans the. Squids took over so it was the squids first but good video
k2so is here
k2so is here Oy oldin
Well if they had no bones how would they keep them self upright? Edit: nvm
Alejandro Delgadillo
i have splatoon