Game Theory: FNAF 7, The Untold Story of Sister Location

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FNAF is back again. This game never really ends, does it? This time Scott Cawthon put up teasers for the new installment, Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted. Of course then he took the main image down for other reasons, but that's for another day. Today, I am here to tell you that I have figured out the ENTIRE new lore for FNAF VR. From our return to Sister Location, to what this all means for this beloved franchise - it's going to get DARK! Are you ready, Theorists?
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Marc Schneider and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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24-Mar, 2019



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Big Chungus
Big Chungus Soat oldin
Filthy frank has been reincarnated into *Joji*
Elijah Allen
Elijah Allen Soat oldin
Come on do other theories
Daniel Dare
Daniel Dare Soat oldin
Time to make that FNAF money didn't you lose like alot of money you should be happy
Thomas Pichla
Thomas Pichla Soat oldin
you should make a recap video before your video on this game when its closer to release
Pal Games101
Pal Games101 Soat oldin
Welcome to the next year of youre life Mat.
TW King Omega
TW King Omega Soat oldin
The things in the trailer are the draw kill animatronics
Tamara Klüver
Tamara Klüver Soat oldin
I don't like this new edit :/ Get back to moving picture of Matpat!
snow claws
snow claws Soat oldin
By the time the game is out mat is going to have gray hair
fred goebel
fred goebel Soat oldin
Oh crap he's number one on trending
ApexPlayZ Soat oldin
MatPat! I found something! In The Forth Closet, there is a text stating that every animatronic was welded together. Well, look at the leaked image and you see EVERY ANIMATRONIC WELDED TOGETHER!!!!
Hailey LeFevers
Hailey LeFevers Soat oldin
Scott: *releases teaser*......... Mat: why? Scott:.....*releases game*
MyNameIsMid Night
Scott: Alright I'm finally done with fnaf Matpat: I'VE FINALLY SOLVED FNAF!!! Scott: nOpE Rip Matpat XD!!!
im lll lll I swear I got a phone
33 trending on gaming on Greece.. Nice
Sidney couture
Sidney couture Soat oldin
Fleek N Fly
Fleek N Fly Soat oldin
PLEASE, let it die, let it burn, let it go!
Jakemeister119 Da Broski Brawler!!
I'm so exited for FNAF to be back!!!!
Fiks Anzo™
Fiks Anzo™ Soat oldin
Matpat: oh hey, I watched the previous videos on FNAF and know that MatPat is tired of the series, so I'll acknowledge that, oughta be worth some likes with the fanboys Scott: dumb pun/overused meme That's a whole new level of predictable, people.
nman551 Soat oldin
That Filthy Frank Joke was awesome I’m glad you’re back to digging into fnaf.
ThatOneIdiot 76
ThatOneIdiot 76 Soat oldin
Why mat... why
scorpions vs kings
Me: first Everyone else: well yes but actually no
scorpions vs kings
scorpions vs kings
nman551 Soat oldin
Caitlin Tichy
Caitlin Tichy Soat oldin
youtube.. step up your game and notify me next time 😂
Sugar Cane
Sugar Cane Soat oldin
ull never ESCAPE
Mavis Avery
Mavis Avery Soat oldin
Who else absolutely predicted that opening?
Mr. Some Gamer Dude
Like baby says "it cannot die" Baby was warning you matpat. You should have listen. You know it will always come back.
Mister mellon
Mister mellon Soat oldin
I have a theory I think that you will be playing as Michael Afton because it looks like that he is in almost every game and it seems that he is in the crying child’s room and he was in sister location.
ZZR03 Soat oldin
your job is never over matpat no matter how long you keep on Theroyriseing no matter your job is unfinished wake up matpat
PugsForever1283 Soat oldin
NotUrHecking HalfGem
I don’t know if it’s just me, but that Ennard picture he showed us last looks VERY realistic. Maybe it’s a teaser for the movie?
Nicholas Markoutsis
Anybody else think that Scott watches Matt's video's and just thinks to himself, "I like it, I see where he's going and it goes along with what I was thinking. How about we take a complete 180?"
Sweetcat Henry
Sweetcat Henry Soat oldin
Yay!!!! Fnaf isn't over!!!!
Rowan McLoughlin
Rowan McLoughlin Soat oldin
Thank you for paying respect for our guy filthy frank
LeSunK Soat oldin
lol matpat can you please stop recording yourself while you talk ? I just think that narration is your better side ;_;
Danz Man
Danz Man Soat oldin
What's wrong mat? What drug Lord do you own money too?
Rainbow Kid
Rainbow Kid Soat oldin
Blond, really
Danny Candles
Danny Candles Soat oldin
Please stop making fnaf videos
Šimon Buďvesel
Šimon Buďvesel Soat oldin
Robert Koka cola
Robert Koka cola Soat oldin
No. 1 trending!
kleine Soat oldin
Love it
BellaXYoosung 8
BellaXYoosung 8 Soat oldin
Tablet K.
Tablet K. Soat oldin
What if it was a co-op game?
TVv 1
TVv 1 Soat oldin
Right as you thought the fandom was dead.....
Fckvwlz Soat oldin
10/10 acting
Joy Hammond
Joy Hammond Soat oldin
#1 on trending!?!?
J m
J m Soat oldin
Please do all your videos like this one I loved it.
Spaghetti_ice Soat oldin
My god... was that peppa pig voicing enerd?
Spaghetti_ice Soat oldin
Btw I don’t and haven’t been to date w fnaf no hate
Rainbow Kid
Rainbow Kid Soat oldin
At first I thought it was a joke, but....
Erlande David
Erlande David Soat oldin
Why are you claping
Midnight Wolf Animations
Me: *Looks at the thumbnail also me: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaAaaaaaaaaaaaahHAAAAHHAHAHhhahahHAHAHaha
Madthekiller 12345
Mr. Hippo
Mr. Hippo Soat oldin
:clap: :clap: theory review
xXTerrA PlaYZXx
xXTerrA PlaYZXx Soat oldin
Maybe the child in fnaf 4 was made into baby?
Lil Kid
Lil Kid Soat oldin
Mr.GearS Soat oldin
14:47 I see that weird kind of springtrap
Zexal_Fighter Soat oldin
Nobody: Scott: Releases new game announcement
ErMatadorMatao Soat oldin
I like this new editing style
SplashCity46 Soat oldin
This theory had an interesting feel. I felt this was Matthew Patrick, not MatPat. Not sure how I feel about that
Nose Soat oldin
Oh hell not again
Diego lopez
Diego lopez Soat oldin
Oh boy here we go again for new fnaf thoeries
YouTuber Milestones
12:10 Lol thought it meant homework
Screw Loose
Screw Loose Soat oldin
What do I do if I've been using honey for years?
Ender The Phantom
at this point Scott shouldn't name his vid as the "last fnaf review" like the other time .3.
Universerama Soat oldin
As much as we joke about it, I appreciate Scott's love for these games.
Colin Lothrop
Colin Lothrop Soat oldin
Wouldn’t 0rgn be license plate spelling for origin?
Sadbois Soat oldin
99% of the comments Mat: iM doNe wiTh thE series guYs Scott: hold my beer 1% of comments Hey this video is actually neat
BerserkZeta Soat oldin
Someone please make the beginning a meme
Oh snap
Vindicator 6
Vindicator 6 Soat oldin
Scott: Announces new Five Nights At Freddy’s game. Everyone: *_It’s been one of those days..._*
bestXDgamer 4
bestXDgamer 4 Soat oldin
Matpat: FNAF IS OVER!!!!!!!! Scott: *crawls outs the vent and uses a reverse card*
Libby 4ever
Libby 4ever Soat oldin
Matpat: solves fnaf Scott: hey I saw the new matpat video. How about we add another 1000 clues just to make him suffer Poor guy
Archman 155
Archman 155 Soat oldin
oh no...
Tussan 150
Tussan 150 Soat oldin
omfg that jumpscare, not going to sleep tonight bye
GalaxyGirl :D
GalaxyGirl :D Soat oldin
I think the game is gonna be about someone (maybe related maybe not) invading Willy the Aftons mind, thinking he’s an innocent and trying to help him. They then see the horrific nightmares, realised their mistake and tries to get out, but good ol Goldie is keeping all the children captive so they can keep torture Willy against they’re will and, seeing you trying to get out, thinks you’re another kid and tries to stop you with the animatronics. Boom mind blown. Also can I just say this is like a layers dream. Every time you think you get out, Scott’s like NOPE
ShadowWolf77577 :\/
ClauTGM Soat oldin
Remember the two men who got hanged in the Sister Location almost at the end where you out on the light and Ballora is not showing but the shadow of the co workers.....
Samuel Polverento
I love how on the list he mentions that there is going to be a FNAF battle royale
Alyssa Grey
Alyssa Grey Soat oldin
If you are reading this... I love you to Saturn and back and you are the best human being alive, never give up on yourself or your dreams ❤️❤️❤️
Kitty Soat oldin
How is FNaF still alive?
BrainFolds Soat oldin
Oh no, More ad revenue
colorful kenzie
colorful kenzie Soat oldin
#1 on trending
movies Soat oldin
Add me as a friend on UZvid! youtu.be/addme/jgifloX-i2g9-dkq03Z71atfsHvnBw
Sokka, the 9th Immortal of Wisdom
It took MatPat 5 years to solve FNAF
Omar Larhrini
Omar Larhrini Soat oldin
Mattpatt: FNAF is solved Scott: hmmmmmmmmmmmm
Bi Gacha
Bi Gacha Soat oldin
Hey enjoy mah tweet to ya @krazy kookie
Būruberī Soat oldin
Purple Man may have gotten sent to Hell, but it seems you've met with an even worse fate, hmmm, Matthew Patrick?
Pale Rose
Pale Rose Soat oldin
*Someone got together their little summoning circle of Funno plushies and recycled Chucky Cheese pizza*
Isimsiz Soat oldin
I knew something was gonna happen when you did not listen to some details (throwing out some phone guy phrases).
I'm Bored
I'm Bored Soat oldin
Matpat: Heya, just wanted to let you know I'm done with FNAF Scott: ......... Matpat: Scott? *Scott walks to his computer. He sits down, breaths. He clicks steam and plays megalovania and he spammed his keyboard with 100000 more updates.* Matpat: NO! SCOTT STOP! I kNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING! NOOOOOOOO!
Your Lord And Saviour
At this point it's a game. If you stop making theories, Scott wins. And he knows it.
Burger Tree
Burger Tree Soat oldin
I bet u play as William in the VR game.
darkfire1202 Soat oldin
MapPat: "I'm done with FNaF. This is my final theory." Also MatPat:
the mad-dutchman 69
Wow mat that opening scene was amazing go to an acting class
Lindsey Moeller
Lindsey Moeller Soat oldin
I'M SO GLAD YOUR DOING THESE AGAIN!!! This is the only thing i would watch when you still made FNaF theories and now your making them again! Thank you Mat!
Vittaminn Soat oldin
The shitstorm never ends
Nexx Prime
Nexx Prime Soat oldin
The new fnaf battle royal looks great
blare dinki
blare dinki Soat oldin
How Many Fricken More.
Sir Blinkton
Sir Blinkton Soat oldin
What if the technicians killed themselves? What if they knew the animatronic "issues" that led to Jeremy's death, which they in turn blamed themselves for allowing to continue through so many locations and remodels?
Axel García
Axel García Soat oldin
Where is chica
Newar dragon
Newar dragon Soat oldin
Spring trap: why cant you just let me die Scott Scott: no Spring trap: please Scott: *no*
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the invincibility glitch..
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