Game Theory: FNAF, The Theory That Changed EVERYTHING!! (FNAF 6 Ultimate Custom Night)

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In the last Theory I told you how FNAF and Scott had be STUMPED. Except, I can't give up. I've invested so much into this franchise. There are clues littered EVERYWHERE in the games and the books. So many that even now, we know MORE! Today Loyal Theorists, we start to piece together the full story!
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10-Iyn, 2018

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vannilla_gacha_ 14
vannilla_gacha_ 14 55 daqiqa oldin
1.who else is watching in 2019 2.why is there a children's book based off of a horror game that's messed up
Carlos Contreras
Carlos Contreras 2 soat oldin
hi 05
hi 05 3 soat oldin
His name is sammy
hi 05
hi 05 3 soat oldin
Maria Palacios
Maria Palacios 3 soat oldin
What if Charlie and Sammy are psychicaly connected and can change minds and bodies
420 Daddy
420 Daddy 4 soat oldin
Squid Brooks
Squid Brooks 5 soat oldin
10:06 on the top right of the screen by the three garbage cans you see chariot body flipped over and dead
Graham McKenzie
Graham McKenzie 5 soat oldin
*go full screen and scroll*'
BanEEsko 5 soat oldin
The prints of the car!!!
Rubeus Hagrid
Rubeus Hagrid 6 soat oldin
1:41 mr afton, I don't feel so good...
Gareth Condon
Gareth Condon 7 soat oldin
Gareth Condon
Gareth Condon 7 soat oldin
2.30 check the lines
Gareth Condon
Gareth Condon 7 soat oldin
1.34 check the lines
Anonymous 10010110011010101010 101001010
I feel like your theories or not theories but facts
Jyoson Thapa
Jyoson Thapa 17 soat oldin
iS 2-+++x+-+5=9?
Aaron Raynor
Aaron Raynor Kun oldin
(14:16)by the way ,he was a character fro an older Scott Cawthon game
Aaron Raynor
Aaron Raynor Kun oldin
(5:38)This franchise has been setting you back many times ,hasn't it?
z Lynx
z Lynx Kun oldin
ghuststone It's a glitch he turned me into a robot ai save me Pleas i am me Josh It's me. golden skin doesn't count" Clue is in this comment
LYT Kun oldin
So... Lemme explain thing real quick I had the exact same theory (didn't upload it on YT coz I never upload theories) but I filled the gaps in the story with the most logic things... I'm a bit confused now.
Caitlin Parkinson
At 7:03 is that a gravestone behind all the other gravestones?
Funtime Bonnie
Funtime Bonnie Kun oldin
*dab* edit: Bonnie's real name is Jeremy? I like Bonnie he's my favorite character
Poliin Furry
Poliin Furry Kun oldin
Sooooo... as I understand, all of the locations coexist at the same time?
Poliin Furry
Poliin Furry Kun oldin
Scott: (Watches these videos) OMG... I did a really good job with these secrets! MatPat: (Solves secrets) Scott: Welp, time for another game!
PuRpLE ShEp FaN Kun oldin
That intro tho😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👍👍👍👍
Mr DATC Kun oldin
Кто от винди ставь лайк
AnthonyXD Kun oldin
for a crying child he seems to be very brave
Abd.Karim Ramli
Abd.Karim Ramli 2 kun oldin
best vid keep it up
Ahmad Loves San Sonic
Cool book but if he is fredbear and cryingchild how he victom himself
Mathilde Follestad
Mathilde Follestad 2 kun oldin
What if the bigbrother is the 📞🧔🏻
Mathilde Follestad
Mathilde Follestad 2 kun oldin
The 📞🧔🏻 loves foxy and the bigbrother has a foxy mask!!!!!
Julian Jadav
Julian Jadav 3 kun oldin
How was henry in fnaf 6 if he killed himself after burying the twisted ones???? Plz someone help me
Coby Lam
Coby Lam 4 kun oldin
hold it mr matpat how can the second freddys be the first and i got some evidence in the parts and service room is told that the old models has been used for the toys animatronic then how did they get created or whats there origins
Harold Barnhill
Harold Barnhill 4 kun oldin
What anout FNAF 7?
Just Little Annoying Agatha :3
Okay, thank you for this episode. Seriously, finally this make sense ⭐
drxduca 4 kun oldin
first name of is sucurity book see but releses survival security book!!!!!!!!!
Ashley Gabrielle
Ashley Gabrielle 4 kun oldin
I fear no man. But that *thing* (points at dabbing Chica)...it scares me.
Miss Slytherin
Miss Slytherin 5 kun oldin
But I still don't get how the toy animatronics come into play. Are they also possessed? And if yes by who? Did someone get that?
Flower The Flowey
Suprisingly enough, the toy animatronics are actually nothing more than what Phone Guy says they are. The toy robots are some sort of security system, they are made to identify a guilty person. The company decided it was needed after the missing children incident. They kinda suck at their job, but they are nothing more than robots. They are not possesed by anything.
I figured it out it’s Sammy who is Michael before the bite
mommy's King gamer
mommy's King gamer 5 kun oldin
MATLAB matpat
Billy Johansen
Billy Johansen 5 kun oldin
So what ur saying mat is that Charlie AND Michael ARE ANDROIDS 😱! well that beats MY fan fiction!
daniel pontillo
daniel pontillo 5 kun oldin
Golden Freddy is the crying child
Kort prpl13
Kort prpl13 5 kun oldin
who ya gonna call? psychic friend freadbear
Mayra Mendoza
Mayra Mendoza 5 kun oldin
in part 11:34 of the video, doesn't the rope the crying child is climbing down, look like a p-e-n-i-s? GAME THEORY THEORIST
Špøøkž 6 kun oldin
Mr.MatPat....I dont feel so good... *first fnaf episode fades away into dust*
Lava gaming402
Lava gaming402 6 kun oldin
At the time stamp 11:58 I thought the crying child saw his brother like the nightmare animatronics including his friends
Lil Tem
Lil Tem 6 kun oldin
Watch out for nightmare dabbing Chica in fnaf 7
John Rockett
John Rockett 6 kun oldin
About the gravestones... If you think about FNAF I, you'll actually notice that Bonnie AND FREDDY like to play red light, greenlight! That may be the reason that they have the same font on the gravestones.
Šonjo Show
Šonjo Show 6 kun oldin
can someone explain to me how mike schmidt if crying child is purple guy's son and his surname should be afton
Ellie Jake
Ellie Jake 6 kun oldin
Matpat I thought u said Michael Afton was the crying child already???
Cody Coleman
Cody Coleman 7 kun oldin
I know the name of golden Freddy
Wiltron The fan
Wiltron The fan 7 kun oldin
Orange man is William Afton/Purple guy when he wasn’t immortal
Funtime Foxy
Funtime Foxy 7 kun oldin
Springtrap in fnaf six is called snaptrap and snap trap is Mike/Eggs Benedict/crying child.he could have been in the hospital with almost a 1% chance of survival but recovered from it then your theory crying child was the kid who was in fnaf 4 then again my theory grew up and was sent by ??? to go find his sister Elizabeth but died because of ennard and came back as a walking purple corps and then coughed up his soul along with circus baby/Elizabeth and then Mike comes back as snaptrap
Ruairi Hubberstey
Ruairi Hubberstey 7 kun oldin
arent you suposse to be a kids show and you said b*censored*s
Lilia Carter
Lilia Carter 7 kun oldin
"...sometimes a story is just a story..." -Mr.Hippo
papaya unicorn
papaya unicorn 7 kun oldin
Wow ..... Dabbing chica is stumping you Scott cothin u need help man
Raegan Weston
Raegan Weston 7 kun oldin
get your soul juice for only 25.99! only 25.99 so get your childrens soul juice today
No head shot hit box Ash
The numbers could correlate to the periodic table and the numbers are elements, also if the gravestones represents the name of the animatronics why don't use those names in the grid
funtime idiots
funtime idiots 7 kun oldin
Micheal is the name of golden freddy cuz in the silver eyes micheal........? nothing but its his name!
Brown Marnell
Brown Marnell 7 kun oldin
Mya Forbes
Mya Forbes 7 kun oldin
You know if you go on wattpadd plenty people found this out lel. His frontal lobe was bitten off. Explaining all the drawings of him with bandages.
Mya Forbes
Mya Forbes 7 kun oldin
Causing memory loss
Niamh Wisdom
Niamh Wisdom 7 kun oldin
what about the twisted animatronics
DaBest Kookie
DaBest Kookie 7 kun oldin
“that dabbing Chica”XD
Webbn Nit
Webbn Nit 7 kun oldin
Wait a minute... Codes? Are the codes one of those were you have to turn numbers into letters to spell a word?
FNAFsucker Gaming 3 Gaming
But hey,it's not a theory a *HYPOTHESIS* theory
Gaming Xzlave
Gaming Xzlave 8 kun oldin
Wait is there another thing in the background in 7:04
Γιωργος Παυλις
Greak peapole ar prabobly not peakin on de end of de vidios bet it and don't see de greak leters on de outro
SilentStorm 8 kun oldin
8:53 grave stone in the background!!!
Miley Yueill
Miley Yueill 8 kun oldin
Ok I know this is late but I don't get how Michael, he's the crying child but he's the same person as the brother but they're together so I just didn't understand
Chomperboy456 8 kun oldin
Wolfie Wolf
Wolfie Wolf 8 kun oldin
Uh the immortal and the restless is a real tv show
Tallmonen 8 kun oldin
Do that same intro in every horror games just take the animatronics out
Max Schuster
Max Schuster 8 kun oldin
Can someone make it german?!? XD
Doge Gotfamus
Doge Gotfamus 8 kun oldin
Whats scary is how fredbear is scarier than nightmare fredbear, and how cassidy's voice is clear in nightmare fredbear, unlike the mediocore melodies.
Demon Bendy
Demon Bendy 9 kun oldin
Simple answer: Willam put Michal back together like he promised.
It'z_Galaxy Girl
It'z_Galaxy Girl 9 kun oldin
3:33 What's ur favorite childhood toy a plastic -pUrpLe- Telephone?.. Ahem. IT'S CLEARLY BLUE!!! Blue:💙 Purple:💜 uhuh yeah it's BLUE! THE FRIKIN' TELEPHONE IS BLUE!
It'z_Galaxy Girl
It'z_Galaxy Girl 9 kun oldin
3:21 : dO yOu HaVe DReAms!?i!!? xD
It'z_Galaxy Girl
It'z_Galaxy Girl 9 kun oldin
(Pause ur vid before you press this): 1:34 . If you look close enough it says: "dose he still talk to you?"
¡ Lili9000 !
¡ Lili9000 ! 9 kun oldin
"Robot spaghetti"
Lil Potato
Lil Potato 9 kun oldin
*I Will Put You Back Together* *With Flex Tape*
Teony 9 kun oldin
(0:18) Shame, poor MatPat😂
Connor Bronnes
Connor Bronnes 10 kun oldin
But wasn't crying child golden freddy
William_ Afton .official
gabi Raffai
gabi Raffai 10 kun oldin
My name is Gabriel 0🤤
Ben H
Ben H 10 kun oldin
Charlotte is golden Freddy
keep calm and game on
Use the ceasure cifer and then add five letters up
Ty Jay
Ty Jay 11 kun oldin
I'm sticking with the Afton family theory, this makes no sense to me..
tanner cole
tanner cole 11 kun oldin
favorite word in this video is outright
TekinMore 11 kun oldin
If Michael was a child, how can he be the FNaF 1 protagonist
balloonboyisannoying :]
wait but if you die you can be Bring back to life sooo maybe that happens?
I N C O M I N G 11 kun oldin
gligor adrian
gligor adrian 11 kun oldin
How can I contact you? I have 2 theories that you might be shocked about ( !! with proof !! ).
funtime foxy
funtime foxy 12 kun oldin
I'm not stupid I know that Michael is the crying child
Ruth Uriostegui
Ruth Uriostegui 12 kun oldin
What if everything is all a dream
Olivier Mccue
Olivier Mccue 12 kun oldin
The older brother is Foxy# Fritz
This game play nur
This game play nur 12 kun oldin
It cissdy
letsylin 12 kun oldin
The phone is blue
Darker Fun
Darker Fun 12 kun oldin
The dabbing chica and fan should be animatronic for matpat
Adis BLG/Blue Lightning Gaming
Why did you animate crying child climbing down a white d*ck
Sugoi San
Sugoi San 12 kun oldin
Please make another theory video about petscope
Tassie_Gam3r 13 kun oldin
_im fine_
_im fine_ 13 kun oldin
Wait wait wait wait wait I just realized something... does that mean the dead children are furries?
7 oy oldin