Game Theory: FNAF, The Theory That Changed EVERYTHING!! (FNAF 6 Ultimate Custom Night)

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In the last Theory I told you how FNAF and Scott had be STUMPED. Except, I can't give up. I've invested so much into this franchise. There are clues littered EVERYWHERE in the games and the books. So many that even now, we know MORE! Today Loyal Theorists, we start to piece together the full story!
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10-Iyn, 2018

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Marius S.G
Marius S.G 5 daqiqa oldin
the tape man and keypad is HENRY!!!!!
Drp 9 daqiqa oldin
*My brain hurts now* Because you gave me more than 2 brain cells
NICCO WOLFF 10 daqiqa oldin
Micheal is henry's son. But I got a question, what does sammy posssed Anwsers, 1.puppet 2.spingbonnie
Penelope Riddell
Penelope Riddell 18 daqiqa oldin
That should be another channel; Game Hypothesis. Where you take things you can't really figure out and try to make it work with real life situations.
elly hasanah
elly hasanah 19 daqiqa oldin
I had enough.........lets just ransack the freaking creator(im lazy to type his name) and end this once and for all
Alexandra aly
Alexandra aly 19 daqiqa oldin
The thumbail phrase ''This changes everything''. 'Dragons: Race to the Edge' phrase reference XD (I wanted do it XD)
Scott Cawthon
Scott Cawthon 26 daqiqa oldin
Here is a clue for you "I HAVE THIS URGE TO KILL" that's what I can give you for now.
Funnypotato Lol
Funnypotato Lol 37 daqiqa oldin
The dancing Golden Freddy in the beginning •~•
Ngọc Lê Lâm Bảo
Ngọc Lê Lâm Bảo 48 daqiqa oldin
Dancing Golden Freddy in the computer screen XD 0:18
Carrington Alm
Carrington Alm 50 daqiqa oldin
A game theory I know you might not see this but I have a theory of my own you're right it is one story about Michael Afton and that his father putting together but maybe his father put them together using parts of the other children legs arms eyes excetera and using the soul to do some magical surgery I guess just a thought I had and that's why they attack you they're trying to get their limbs back
Jason Scaringi
Jason Scaringi 58 daqiqa oldin
My brain just imploded
Rolunda Henderson
Rolunda Henderson 58 daqiqa oldin
He died and Michael he had another child named Michael
Hunter Wilkinsons
Hunter Wilkinsons 59 daqiqa oldin
Dude say spoiler alert! I love the books so far and I only just got my tablet back. I didn't even know there was a third book!
You tube's Stalker
Ok I just can't press "settings" Love UZvid
Gamer Guides
Gamer Guides Soat oldin
Yay more nightmares for me so that i cant sleep at night
Ahmet can Cetin
Ahmet can Cetin Soat oldin
Pls Watch the ending of fnaf 6 it will help you
yo boy elijah gaming and vloging 30
What if freddy's name is scott that is why he sais it's me
Cool Blocks
Cool Blocks Soat oldin
Michael got turned into a cyborg
Purple wolfZ
Purple wolfZ Soat oldin
My head
Snowbit_ Soat oldin
im only watching this to get it out of my feed
cool dude
cool dude Soat oldin
What if the kids are somehow alive in the suits?!?
Christian Gray
Christian Gray Soat oldin
Look at that. Ultimate Custom Night releases on my birthday.
Atomic Giraffe
Atomic Giraffe Soat oldin
When you have only watched two fnaf theory videos revolving around the first 4 games, yet you still understand what's happening after two new games.
Failingpepper 11
Failingpepper 11 Soat oldin
Wait a minute maybe golden Freddy is like a camera and his voice is just William
henry boys
henry boys Soat oldin
Sharlate looks like the fruit girl on fnaf 6
Joe koenig
Joe koenig Soat oldin
After all of this I'm still wondering one thing.... Is the bite of 87 still important? (Probably not)
Wolf Lover
Wolf Lover Soat oldin
Make a theory of who is purple girl please.
ArelDemir 2007
ArelDemir 2007 Soat oldin
Oh man you melt my brain!!!
Tommy Foster
Tommy Foster Soat oldin
Brain herte
Maddyx Mancuso
Maddyx Mancuso 2 soat oldin
I knew it! I did my research and had the exact same answers as you!
Moldovan boi
Moldovan boi 2 soat oldin
Please do a theory on metro
MadeItAllOnMy Phone
MadeItAllOnMy Phone 2 soat oldin
You think you can run over the green guy at juniors and get in? (The Midnight Motorist Minigame)
henry boys
henry boys 2 soat oldin
In fnaf 5 it's purple guy
AntonioClown 1
AntonioClown 1 2 soat oldin
Welp i always knew u would add a jumpscare at the end........ EXPOSED !!!!!
AntonioClown 1
AntonioClown 1 2 soat oldin
kodie corpuz
kodie corpuz 2 soat oldin
Also quick question, why does Michael Afton hate his dad?
MadeItAllOnMy Phone
MadeItAllOnMy Phone 2 soat oldin
Mangle is male. In the fruity maze mini game the text says “ *He’s* not dead ”, speaking of the dog which was the first experiment of remnants. Mangle.
kodie corpuz
kodie corpuz 2 soat oldin
Matpat, check the preview page of the fourth closet it has all of the names. Susie is the one that was lured by spring-trap but wasn't killed as she is telling the other 5 kids. The dog died because it got hit by a car. It also reveals that Cassidy was the 6 gravestone. So its Susie, the one lured by spring trap, Carlton, who could be the gravestone on the hill, Fritz, Cassidy the one hidden by the grass (the gravestone, not her) which might be Golden Freddy and the other whom I forgot.
ThePuppet87 2 soat oldin
when the ultimate custom night comes out, maybe, you don't have to stop doing theories of fnaf. wait for the game. Maybe when we will know this game's story it only be necessarry, if it is to do another theory. TRUST ME 'CUS I'M THE PUPPET. BYE
Micaela Villanueva
Micaela Villanueva 2 soat oldin
Purple guy is the puppet guy orange guy and the grey guy
Bun Wick
Bun Wick 2 soat oldin
Does Joy of Creation is considered in these theories?
pickle fish
pickle fish 3 soat oldin
this is 2018 not 2014
Johnathan Nesbit
Johnathan Nesbit 3 soat oldin
Wait, I’m confused on the part around 11:20. MatPat says that Mike keeps escaping and going back to Freddy’s. Personally, that doesn’t make sense to me because why would a child go back to the same place where he’s always seen crying at?
Jaana EnKerro
Jaana EnKerro 3 soat oldin
I am so confused... gonna watch this again.
NRG Mc_Swap78
NRG Mc_Swap78 3 soat oldin
If Golden Freddy was talking to Mike in a faded text, then it makes sense - at least for me - why the unused sections of the word search is fulfilled with the letters of “itsme”. Remove the ones that are creating sensible words and sentences, and leave the rest. It will give “itsme” a crap ton of times. Just a thing to admit. Also at 3:56 there’s some footage of FNAF 4 and i just realized that the crying child’s cabinet is purple, which can further confirm that the crying child is Michael Afton.
Emily Combs
Emily Combs 3 soat oldin
I'm now thinking that the stories Candy Cadet would tell that centers around 5 dead things being stitched into one may now apply to Ennard, but Michael. Yes Ennard is made up of Foxy, Ballora, Freddy, BonBon, and Baby, totalling up to five and being the most obvious thing the 5 to 1 stories, but this is fnaf. Why would it ever apply to the most obvious answer? Since we know Michael is the crying child, and supposedly died once before (at least), and has come back whole up until Sister Location. How in the hell did he come back? William knows how to harness remnant energy, I'm willing to bet that he killed 5 children to muster enough remnant energy to build his son back together. I have no idea how to go about the whole Golden Freddy bit. Maybe Golden Freddy is a manifestation of Michael 5 piece soul? Idk Also man check the fnaf world website, it's just silver eyes. And the scott game website. Apparently "things got worse"
The Dukes
The Dukes 3 soat oldin
Matpat please do a theory about my start i was playing the start then pixelated shadow freddy at the start of fnaf 6 and then multiplied each level then the kid was blocked by a wall of shadow freddys when u throw pizza at the kids!!??
kevin lee
kevin lee 3 soat oldin
I know it wouldn't fit but if the older brother took on the mantle of the purple man from his dad so the end of the story is william jr vs Michael
Sͷɪᴘᴇʀ 3 soat oldin
_enard is the one spat out of mike afton , remember they enard said they need to look like him to escape_
tyrannical 3 soat oldin
fnaf is still relevant?
Nikolaj Blytmann
Nikolaj Blytmann 3 soat oldin
Nikolaj Blytmann
Nikolaj Blytmann 4 soat oldin
What Is Paragraph 4?
Larry, Angel Guerreo
I have a feeling either Jermey or Fritz is Mike's brother. Because it would connect him to FNAF 2 about that ride. and it would be the right age for the brother to have gotten a summer jpob or just a job. I Say either Jermey or Fritz because Jermey is who you play as but Fritz has Smitchs like Michael had in FNAF 1.
Larry, Angel Guerreo
And i felt more like Jr's was a bar more then a pizzaria. and if it was under investigation.......why were there so many cars? and if they were investigating why weren't there any cop cars? I know it's just a theory and it could be just Scott was lazy but I'm just pointing things out.
YevthekidGS !!
YevthekidGS !! 4 soat oldin
But Mat pat u said it started with The puppet The puppet was the first victim and it was later that night how could they not let him in if he never killed any of the other kids yet he has only just killed the puppet
RJ Zaxcell
RJ Zaxcell 4 soat oldin
But but what if its not that deep
Aqua Waves
Aqua Waves 4 soat oldin
Woaaah there Mat, banging your head on the wall will probobly lead you to become a animateonic or lose all your knowledge on this stuff!
jay rex
jay rex 4 soat oldin
michael Afton is golden freddy tge hidden gravestone name
ماينكرافت dz
You forget puppet maybe ther is answer in FNAC
Krishna Murthy Kuruvada
Sorry I'm late . Isn't Mike Williams son??? He said that he was a son and he could be sending a flashback before dying by the bite of 87'.
ماينكرافت dz
0:49 marko hhhh
YasiDraws 5 soat oldin
When he talked about Charlotte being a robot, did anyone else notice that the cover of the new book looks like a circuit board of a micro chip?
Yupengsaurus 5 soat oldin
@matpat the real name is nick instead Michael because in one of the videos from markiplier (joy of creation), at the back of a paper it said “come back to us nick” which think is link to this survival logbook thing. :D idk if it’s true or not but just putting it out there.
JJ !
JJ ! 5 soat oldin
My theory on this is that Michael Afton's real name obviously isn't Michael, it's Cassidy. I believe Cassidy is Michael's lost soul, talking to himself through the survival log book. After Cassidy died from the bite, his soul went into Golden Freddy and his body was built as an android or cyborg, in desperation to "put him back together" by his father, William. However, Cassidy is no longer himself and doesn't remember anything, so he simply went by Michael. Michael doesn't remember his real name, which would make sense why he goes by Mike Schmidt in FNAF 1. Michael doesn't remember he has the body of Cassidy, and Cassidy's soul, aka GF's spirit, tries to help Michael recover his memories that he use to be Cassidy, also known as himself. In the survival logbook, I believe Cassidy, the spirit of the book, is sort of talking to himself. Cassidy is trying to help Michael recover his memories and who he once was: Cassidy. I guess Cassidy's lost soul is trying to help Michael, an android with amnesia that used to be Cassidy, is guiding Michael into freeing the dead spirits. I could be wrong, though. I randomly thought of this theory and thought it made some sense.
michael manalili
michael manalili 5 soat oldin
hey mat pat youre wrong about who gaster is hes the father of sans and papyrus when he fell in the machine in the secret laboratory and also that sans know more then papyrus cause he works with alphys to get free but they forget him with each reset that answer the dont forget phrase in the blue print if you dont believe watch every animations about sans papyrus and GASTER
Ozzy Morris
Ozzy Morris 5 soat oldin
mat i hate to be a buzz kill but is any any! of this canon
☹️ 5 soat oldin
I actually hate it at the end of the video you its just a theory it really ruins the mood 😂
Jonathan Tantoco
Jonathan Tantoco 5 soat oldin
p op
p op 6 soat oldin
game theroy look i dont know how you let mivhel the crying child im not donkey i well show u just wait fna kings are out
ashley medenilla
ashley medenilla 6 soat oldin
Gabriel Robinson
Gabriel Robinson 6 soat oldin
do u guys remember dead by daylight...... no i do
P Guerra
P Guerra 6 soat oldin
This just occurred to me, what if you are just thinking way to much into it that the "Its me!" Could be Mike thinking to him self that He is just Hallucinating. Remember since you said that He was the first to suffer the bite he is suffering trauma but he succumbs to his hallucinations if the player docent look away from the Golden Freddy sitting in Mike Shcmid's office. Since Mike is the crying child we play and he suffered the bite from Freddy and we play as his younger self the 4th instalment maybe as an adult he still suffers that one hallucination of Golden Freddy and the "Its me" could be Golden Freddy Haunting him or just himself thinking that its all in head but not really thus succumbing to a fetal terror that haunts him to this day...thats just my theory.
Alexander Casaneanu
Alexander Casaneanu 6 soat oldin
16:50 it's the bite of eighty-SEVEN. ding
TVandGaming 6 soat oldin
Nver Surrender matpat
Soulless Fox09
Soulless Fox09 6 soat oldin
Hey Mat, but if you ever read this I'll be holding up your plea for help, which I'll be doing some intense researching myself! Within Silver Eyes, and I'm not sure if you noticed it (you probs did) but there was two main quotes Charlotte said that hint intense foreshadowing of Charlotte being this weird hyper-futuristic robot that William made: " 'That's the worse thing, isnt it?' Charlie said. 'Things that act alive but aren't.' 'What?' Jessica said. 'I mean things that look alive but aren't.' Charlie said quickly. " (pg. 46) " Charlie spoke slowly, and when she did everyone turned to her, as though they had been waiting. 'Sometimes I feel like I remember every inch of it, like Carlton,' she said. 'But sometimes it's like I hardly remember it at all. It's all in pieces. Like, I remember the carousel, and that time it got stuck. I remember drawing on the placemats. I remember little things: eating that greasy pizza, hugging Freddy in the summer and his yellow fur getting stuck all over my clothes. But a lot of it is like pictures, like it happened to someone else.' They were all looking at her oddly. 'Freddy was brown, right?' Jessica looked to the others for confirmation. 'I guess you don't really remember it that well after all,' Charlton teased Charlie, and she laughed briefly. 'Right. I meant brown,' she said. Brown, Freddy was brown. Of course he was; she could see him in her mind now. But somewhere in the depths of her recall, there was a flash of something else. Carlton broke into another story, and Charlie tried to turn her attention to him, but there was something disturbing, worrisome, about that laspse in memory. It was ten years ago; it's not like you got dementia at seventeen, she told herself, but it was such a basic detail to have misremembered. Out of the corner of her eye, she caught John looking at her, a pensive expression on his face, as though she had said something important. " (pg. 22-23) Personally, the second quote is probs the better one as evidence. At this point, it's like Scott was telling us directly that Charlie isn't normal!
Awesome W Plays
Awesome W Plays 6 soat oldin
Maybe you're supposed to use the codes on the crossword puzzle?
Wombats070911 6 soat oldin
Do you guys think that Charlotte could be sister of Michael and the sister location means that puppet trapped Charlotte memories into the computer and that’s the voice you hear when the power goes out on the 2nd night. It could also mean that Sammy is Micheal’s real name and that when he died he became the computer with Charlotte as his sister. Well that’s just my therory of what’s going on
Tyskykidtp 6 soat oldin
Oh I have an idea...I am currently watching this for my second time. You see the logbook has secret messages. I was thinking you should run the logbook under a UV light
Jamie 7860
Jamie 7860 6 soat oldin
I hate my life, you just spoiled the entire book for me :|
derick chow
derick chow 6 soat oldin
I feel like GT spoiled my novel I'm reading
Cristina Cruz
Cristina Cruz 7 soat oldin
Mike is the grave on the right with grass
Alexander Arriola
Alexander Arriola 7 soat oldin
hmm... a franchise built on stuffing children in animatronics, immortal purple dudes, nightmare animatronics, and yet a book version is for kids....
Mylane Chan
Mylane Chan 7 soat oldin
HI! Actually, I think Michael Afton is the person we play in ALL games, and he changes his name and identity to be hired again (because, you know, he was fired for tampering with animatronics, odor, ...) and he uses the name of his friends, the ones who died by his father's hand. And Golden Freddy is HIM, when he died as a child some of his soul went into the animatronic that killed him, when the rest was in his "new" body his father created for him. That's why, when we see Golden Freddy it says : it's me. Maybe it's Golden Freddy talking, or Michael thinking that. And that's why he wouldn't remember his real name, or speak like a robot, he's missing a part of his soul. Sorry for the misspells I'm French, I hope that helps!
Alexander Arriola
Alexander Arriola 7 soat oldin
treesicle had a theory on the name
Madison Dragon
Madison Dragon 7 soat oldin
This just came to mine minded so I think it help I don't know: so you told us that Mike was the crying child so that means he had or has a brother that scars him with the foxy mask in fnaf 4 so maybe Mike's brother is golden Freddy in fnaf 1 and so on. when golden Freddy shows up he says it's me so maybe it's Mike's brother trying to talk to Mike. It came up in my mind so sorry if it dose not help
prakhar nagpal
prakhar nagpal 7 soat oldin
Watches the thumbnail: ok here we go
Miles Collier
Miles Collier 7 soat oldin
Wow, that custom night release is on my birthday. Coincidence?! I think you know the answer to that!
OstrichGaming Gaming&more
You used the numbers wrong, you need to use them in the word search as co-ordinates!
Monther 27
Monther 27 7 soat oldin
What if and hear me out on this, mike is the older brother but is the one you play in fnaf 4 nights but the minigames you play as his younger brother crying child, and after seeing his brother die to them he is understandibly scared and terrified from the animatronics, hence the nightmare animatronics. And for the favorite toy as i said he is the one you play as in the nights so it is still his.
Alexis vasquez
Alexis vasquez 7 soat oldin
Can I ask this question ? how come no one said anything about Scott Cawthons weird little teasers on his scottgames page ? I have been checking his page for a while and currently on scottgames page it shows this two boxes with question marks in them with writing under them, it says "Things get worse". if I'm just overthinking things please let me know !
Storm Hildebrand
Storm Hildebrand 7 soat oldin
What If the phone in fnaf4 is Phone Guy?
420 Blazeit
420 Blazeit 7 soat oldin
FNAF is still a thing ......wow
jessi raju
jessi raju 7 soat oldin
Actually fnaf 4 has happened in 1987(when the kids had died)where he faced his father's animatronics,and then his father use to work in fnaf 1 restaurant and killed the children and Michael came as Guard boy to check the room and survive the night,and later the restaurant has got developed and brought plastic animatronic which also given work to Michael, and this is the story I thought I knew still now,WELL I'M JUST SAYING THE TIME
David Cullis
David Cullis 7 soat oldin
Dennis Soriano
Dennis Soriano 7 soat oldin
Did you check the other books
Jeremy Keays
Jeremy Keays 7 soat oldin
Of what if the 3 is a page number
Johnbenedict Delpilar
MATPAT what if you put the information in the other three books with the survival logbook
Florencio Marquina
Florencio Marquina 7 soat oldin
18:15 what video is that? Just asking
Dillon Thomas
Dillon Thomas 7 soat oldin
Bosconian is a game about space genocide change my mind
Angel Strong
Angel Strong 7 soat oldin
I had a bit of a thought? Idk how much merit there is-feel free to disprove it-but could Michael’s older brother have taken his identity? Like, Michael (original) is golden Freddy, and HE is the one who drew the nightmare Freddy stuff, but older brother doesn’t KNOW it is Michael, so he’s trying to pretend he IS Michael, but Michael is trying to disprove him? IDK
thebabysphee132 7 soat oldin
ok so am the most foolish boi or does the phone look blue?
Fruit Juice
Fruit Juice 8 soat oldin
Cringy intro