Game Theory: FNAF, The Theory That Changed EVERYTHING!! (FNAF 6 Ultimate Custom Night)

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In the last Theory I told you how FNAF and Scott had be STUMPED. Except, I can't give up. I've invested so much into this franchise. There are clues littered EVERYWHERE in the games and the books. So many that even now, we know MORE! Today Loyal Theorists, we start to piece together the full story!
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10-Iyn, 2018

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C3laire Stevens
C3laire Stevens 7 soat oldin
unm the puityhaaaaaa
11:13 oh god thats just wrong
millennials4trump millennials4AlexJones
Has anyone ever told that you’re obsessed with the color purple
Bodrick Hubbard Jr
Bodrick Hubbard Jr 18 soat oldin
He's here He's there He's everywhere who you gonna call psychic friend fredbear
circe bailey
circe bailey Kun oldin
True Dat.
TheIronWolf45 Kun oldin
Im not sure which is lore is hard to understand and theorize: one video game series where its about a bunch of ghost robots jumpscaring a kid with PTSD and a serial killer father, or a video game series where 4 WWII soldiers take on zombies across time and space while giant German robots, Russian drones, undead wardens, mutated city creatures and dragons reign down while protecting their younger selves?
ENNARD 2.O& MF Kun oldin
The purple telephone is blue
Ah Mat
Ah Mat Kun oldin
Fnaf is crap!
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia Kun oldin
His name is kyel
Janis McAlorum
Janis McAlorum Kun oldin
Janis McAlorum
Janis McAlorum Kun oldin
Mat pat sister location when you get scooped that is William afton,
Lucarrie 2 kun oldin
It's kinda like Kiibo from Danganronpa v3! >:0
TheCandyCat Gaming
TheCandyCat Gaming 2 kun oldin
MrSammy 2 kun oldin
Dribin 2 kun oldin
So.... robots?? Lol FNAF is really making MatPat go crazy.
KKWARRIOR 3 kun oldin
What do you use for photoshop? Please respond!
Umbreon Foxy
Umbreon Foxy 3 kun oldin
Where’s a foxy mask
Umbreon Foxy
Umbreon Foxy 3 kun oldin
Because of one thing he was a foxy mask in the phone guy likes foxy
Umbreon Foxy
Umbreon Foxy 3 kun oldin
Umbreon Foxy
Umbreon Foxy 3 kun oldin
I think he is the phone
Umbreon Foxy
Umbreon Foxy 3 kun oldin
Umbreon Foxy
Umbreon Foxy 3 kun oldin
Who is the brother
Lindsey Peet
Lindsey Peet 3 kun oldin
I thought that the animatronics were just the kids mind because in one of your FNAF theories u said that they are AND Scott said that they were *i think* But i have my own Theories i think that his dad made if believe that because remember in FNAF 4 he saw the animatronics and saw a person get in one and saw some one put him in there. So he got scared and the foot steps could be his brother. But idk.
Lindsey Peet
Lindsey Peet 3 kun oldin
and his brother is trying to scar him.
Alyssa Bentley
Alyssa Bentley 3 kun oldin
Matt Sure Seems Very Angry … Scotty C Is Only Making These Games To P*ss U Off X3 Edit:) Matpat Is Actually Phone Guy And Purple Guy X3
Eowyn Hartz
Eowyn Hartz 4 kun oldin
FNAF the most complicated timeline Matpat has EVER CREATED
Anna Moskona
Anna Moskona 4 kun oldin
9:39 hear that? SHE. Not he. Marionette is a girl.
xd_xtreme_ 4 kun oldin
are u sure its thanos guy and not purple guy
Q Squid
Q Squid 4 kun oldin
In the black and white immage of the puppet it looked like there where... letters and numbers inside?
Lex Collingsworth/Fan Therost /Poke Fan
MatPat, The fonts of Gabriel A.K.A. Freddy & Jeremy A.K.A. Bonnie could be brothers. But hey that's just a theory, a game theory! Thanks for listening!
Hannahloves Todraw
Hannahloves Todraw 4 kun oldin
•Credit to Erica liu for the idea• Which is scarier.... The fan... Or matpats obsession with Diet Coke....
Dakotah Saulsbury
Dakotah Saulsbury 4 kun oldin
golden freddy is scott cawthonn? like or tell me if u think this is correct or close enough
Dakotah Saulsbury
Dakotah Saulsbury 4 kun oldin
night guard? no mike guard? yee
Marissa HV
Marissa HV 5 kun oldin
Hey those crotch punches are from Scrubs!!
Jackson Cherry
Jackson Cherry 5 kun oldin
Ok too complicated
Curtis Taylor
Curtis Taylor 5 kun oldin
and you are just a no minded jerk bitch
Kyle Rait
Kyle Rait 5 kun oldin
Golden Freddy is Cassidy
Mario  lemus
Mario lemus 5 kun oldin
I’m creeped out cause I saw eyes in the puppet
Graham Lego Tube
Graham Lego Tube 5 kun oldin
Also i think FNAF 4 and FNAF 5 happen at the same time
lilkat13 5 kun oldin
Super Rico
Super Rico 5 kun oldin
You need to a Game Theory on "Just Cause 3".
HixVix HizViz
HixVix HizViz 5 kun oldin
Wait MatPat Back To fnaf 4 and sister location when your at the bite of 1987 lights on the roof the I recognize and the lights circus babys room the are the same lights from fnaf 4 on the bite of 87''.so how does this make sense was the resurant reused or remade unground Matpat if you see help me figure this out.'
Gamingtimewith allen
Witherd chica: I have seen him. The one you should not have killed. The one you should have not killed is ... Golden Freddy. Chica was with g-Freddy because all the fnaf 1 guys died together.
Flora Kapesa
Flora Kapesa 6 kun oldin
Flora Kapesa
Flora Kapesa 6 kun oldin
chica ever dabs
Flora Kapesa
Flora Kapesa 6 kun oldin
Flora Kapesa
Flora Kapesa 6 kun oldin
(◔◡◔) (◔◡◔)(◔◡◔)(◔◡◔)(◔◡◔)(◔◡◔)(◔◡◔)
Kittin Melon
Kittin Melon 6 kun oldin
There are actually 6 grave stones..... Why? And how?
Crazy Turky
Crazy Turky 6 kun oldin
In the midnight motoristeaster egg theres a grey blob sitting in the couch eating popcorn like mike in sis location but if the crying child is mike from sis location than whos the grey blob? Since in the motorist easter egg mike left his house to "see that place again"
Vladan Milosavljevic
Some real some ollusins I figured it
Funtimelayla Funtimelayla
Inard and enard sound alike you know
Funtimelayla Funtimelayla
Or maybe it is all a dream and we are Mike and that's how we live
Funtimelayla Funtimelayla
But maybe the logbook wasn't asking Mike maybe it was asking us maybe we are who the party was for and that's why Mike was the computer and we were the runaway child. That's why Mike is able to be dead and we arent.
The Southeast Asian Union
A dabbing chica. Im going to ponder the intelligence of Humanity.
Sonya Clarke
Sonya Clarke 6 kun oldin
when your parents walk in on a meme video
Kookii -
Kookii - 6 kun oldin
1:49 “I don’t wanna die” flash backs
dat "Robot Spagetii" is enard
Jesse Watson
Jesse Watson 6 kun oldin
Katie ng
Katie ng 7 kun oldin
But I saw another UZvidrs vid and it said that Fnaf 4 and Fnaf 5 took place at the same time?
Just another Plebby Potato
Matt: YES I HAVE FINALY FIGURED OUT FNAF! Scott: Almost forgot to add one more animatronic. Matt: OH HELL NO!!!!!!!!
MLGGreninja Reports
Did anyone notice that when matpat brightened up the screen the puppet had human eyes?. Take a closer look by that i mean stare at it
Skeleton Gaming
Skeleton Gaming 7 kun oldin
A few things... 1. Nightmare Freddy says, "I am given flesh to be your tormentor," meaning Nightmare Fred-Boy did not have flesh before, thus William didn't use his discs or build special animatronics to keep Michael away from Freddy's. 2. If Michael is a robot, how does he get scooped and *rot away*. Wouldn't him being a robot lead to him not rotting because only organic material can rot. Just a few complaints that you should address in another video.
Victoria Whitcomb
Victoria Whitcomb 7 kun oldin
Could the names Fritz and Jeremy be the same as the nightguards because in a previous theory it was just Mike using an alias. So why can't it be the same thing here? It's hinted that he knew the children before they died
Danny vs ViDEO GAMES
2:56 mike wanted money but got exotic butters sigh 😂 😆 😝 LOL
Danny vs ViDEO GAMES
Priscilla Rodriguez
The foxy guy is kyel
Clank 1022
Clank 1022 7 kun oldin
I thought there was a reference in one of the FNAF books about the carousel. I'm pretty sure the sliver eyes? Yeah, I thought it mentioned it in that book, since they found the pizzeria and adventured around.
OctoFlower YT
OctoFlower YT 7 kun oldin
matpat:puppet blablablah "SHE" me:finally somebody knows puppet is a girl
OctoFlower YT
OctoFlower YT 7 kun oldin
DanTDM:chica has betrayed me and dabbed...
Noah James
Noah James 7 kun oldin
golden fredys name is mike
Zoe Collins
Zoe Collins 8 kun oldin
�when I see you, I can�t take my eyes away from you.� *( Pdfdownload2015*com )* 5545
Potato Hell
Potato Hell 8 kun oldin
Problem is, all these theories are so cool. Then the next one everything changes. Sigh...
Andrea Ponce
Andrea Ponce 8 kun oldin
The crying child/crime child dies then his father makes him an android who grows up!!! That's how he survives almost EVERYTHING!!!
XxGaming CreeperxX
XxGaming CreeperxX 8 kun oldin
Did anyone see Chica’s eyes moving to face mat pat
The character on the front of the twisted ones novel is not a twisted animatronic its nightmare!!!DUN DUN DU
If you survive fnaf 4 you live
Gen DoesGacha
Gen DoesGacha 8 kun oldin
Goku The best sayin
What I have no idea to what your saying
Sabahat Sarfaraz
Sabahat Sarfaraz 8 kun oldin
Five Nights at Freddy's is a family affair William afton's Family Affair
Sabahat Sarfaraz
Sabahat Sarfaraz 8 kun oldin
Get the Freddy files
Sabahat Sarfaraz
Sabahat Sarfaraz 8 kun oldin
Michael Afton try to fix Thomas Afton by putting his brain inside nightmare as you can notice there's a brain in nightmare at the end when Thomas afton dies
Sabahat Sarfaraz
Sabahat Sarfaraz 8 kun oldin
Baby Nightmare fredbear and Nightmare and ballora and spring-trap are all the Afton family misses afton's ballora babies Elizabeth Nightmare and Nightmare fredbear Thomas Afton Michael Afton is the second purple guy and the first purple guy William Afton the father is spring-trap and mr. Afton from 6
Sabahat Sarfaraz
Sabahat Sarfaraz 8 kun oldin
The place that you're in in Sister location is Under The Afton House as you can tell you're you're going down and you can hear vent sounds
Sabahat Sarfaraz
Sabahat Sarfaraz 8 kun oldin
Michael Afton was able to survive because a nerd switch bodies with Michael Afton
Sabahat Sarfaraz
Sabahat Sarfaraz 8 kun oldin
The bite was a dream
Sabahat Sarfaraz
Sabahat Sarfaraz 8 kun oldin
Michael Afton is not the bite victim Thomas Afton is Michael Afton is Thomas after and older brother
Sabahat Sarfaraz
Sabahat Sarfaraz 8 kun oldin
Michael Afton knows the appearance of nightmare fredbear because Thomas that's Michael afton's little brother Drew him because Thomas Afton was the one that had all the nightmares
Sabahat Sarfaraz
Sabahat Sarfaraz 8 kun oldin
Mangles soul is a dog 🦊🙆🚫👻🐶
Ian Oliver
Ian Oliver 8 kun oldin
So the FNaF 2 location is basically Mini Weeny Hut Jr’s.
Brunette Devil
Brunette Devil 9 kun oldin
If Mike doesn’t remember his name, then that would explain, why the check is for ‘’Mike Smith” instead of “Michael Afton”...
Thecooldude 227
Thecooldude 227 9 kun oldin
idk who u ppl r who disliked the video. I will find you... and i will kill you
Thecooldude 227
Thecooldude 227 9 kun oldin
i can't take on 8.1k ppl by myself however
demilung 9 kun oldin
One thing that ticks me off about Mike being a custom robo is that a robot probably won't be able to be scooped - machine parts and all that.
Parker Nelson
Parker Nelson 9 kun oldin
Mike is like fractions FNAF 5 Mike = Dead/dying bite victim no one understands why or how except for Scott 1/2 = 2/4 = 4/8 no one understands why or how but it does except for you math teacher
Mario Gomez
Mario Gomez 9 kun oldin
Did you know purple guy killed kids to help Michael survive the bite
Oats Corn
Oats Corn 9 kun oldin
Attention to detail: The creepy music box in the intro is playing the Game Theory intro melody.
Emily Law
Emily Law 9 kun oldin
We made a new game called Matpat banging head on table sim 0:18
mauricio lizarbe
mauricio lizarbe 10 kun oldin
No is not kenny afton = crying child
serhan corbaci
serhan corbaci 10 kun oldin
If the the night that puppet got killed was the first event in the timeline how is Micheal sitting and watching TV after he comes back from sister location.Sister location is not even set up yet and if Micheal is the fnaf 4 kid how could the kid Micheal escapes and the older Micheal is sitting?
bearded meme dragon
bearded meme dragon 10 kun oldin
the halloween pumkin cake is spoopyest
D. Stars
D. Stars 10 kun oldin
I realised that whenever William is around anything to do with the Freddy franchise we see him coloured as purple. What if his colours are represented by his persona, if the orange guy is purple guy then midnight motorist is the only time we see him not murdering and at his home. We all know colours and font of text is important to Scott so the colours of William could be showing different personas or he may be schizophrenic with one attitude being murder crazy. I dunno, it’s just a theory.
sweet pea778
sweet pea778 10 kun oldin
you are soooooooooooo coool
projeto de youtuber
projeto de youtuber 11 kun oldin
the location of the restaurant in fnaf 6 and washington according to the papers the files of the game when you received a fine
projeto de youtuber
projeto de youtuber 11 kun oldin
is in washintong i want to say sorry for the mistake
Kaleb Mozota
Kaleb Mozota 11 kun oldin
MatPat, please consider the following what if Mike isn’t the victim but he is having nightmares because he saw what a animatronic can do to a person