Game Theory: FNAF, The Theory That Changed EVERYTHING!! (FNAF 6 Ultimate Custom Night)

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In the last Theory I told you how FNAF and Scott had be STUMPED. Except, I can't give up. I've invested so much into this franchise. There are clues littered EVERYWHERE in the games and the books. So many that even now, we know MORE! Today Loyal Theorists, we start to piece together the full story!
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10-Iyn, 2018

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Rae Soat oldin
So everyone is just gonna ignore Marco Diaz? oK
Gun259 Updated
Gun259 Updated 2 soat oldin
frits was a night guard
Huy Pham Duc
Huy Pham Duc 9 soat oldin
Short theory: Micheal Afton real name is Mike Schimthz .
Tom Apted
Tom Apted 14 soat oldin
If he is a robot how do you explain the blood effect to the scooping
galacticAtlas 17 soat oldin
Thanos was the Purple Guy and he killed the five kids because there were currently 10 kids in the restaurant and there wasn't enough pizza.
Proxima 17 soat oldin
I hope that when the whole storyline is made and all the story is fit into place that there will be a video putting the whole story into one long video about everything that happened.
LegoMaster 18 soat oldin
I thought fnaf 2 takes place before fnaf 1
zac mitchell
zac mitchell Kun oldin
YO SO I JUST HAD A CRAZY IDEA. At 8:05 range when mat patt is talking about the graves and how two of them are Jeremy and Fritz, the two other known night guards in the series. What if Jeremy and fritz... we're BOTH Michael Afton. Hear me out, we know that Scott now seemed to base his story more around him with the release of the last games and the log book, what if Michael was those night guards under a fake name? His FRIENDS names. TL;DR Mike Afton was Jeremy and Fritz using his dead friends names as an alias If this has been proposed before, let me know to give credit where it is due, but I don't remember this being a topic
DividesXZero Kun oldin
I love his angry bird eyes
GameknightMike Kun oldin
Wait IM the crying child? I hav brown hair and u can read my name Don't stalk me
paopa Kun oldin
mike junier
8:35 I think I’ve got I theory. I think Gabriel and Jeremy were brothers. Think about it, they go on to posses Freddy and Bonnie. And what 2 animatronics are the only to that share a golden/spring lock suit and a shadow suit. Also Funtime Freddy has a Bonnie puppet which could suggest that Gabriel is the older brother. But that’s just a Theory..... A GAME THEORY thanks to anyone who read this 😉
Anna Rieve
Anna Rieve Kun oldin
i cant BEAR it {ba dum tss}
Alexander Masiello
what if henry is golden Freddy? like if you agree
Brony ????????
Brony ???????? Kun oldin
Book theory is needed
Happy Pawz
Happy Pawz Kun oldin
Doesn't Midnight Motorist debunk the fact that Micheal is FNaF 4 Child?
Ragnarok Gamer
Ragnarok Gamer Kun oldin
This video had me crying DABBING CHIKA!!!😂😂😂
Selenia Morris
Selenia Morris Kun oldin
When MatPat said that the crying child was MICHEAL!! HE SNATCHED MY WIG!!!!!!😂😂😂
Brittany Montalvo
Omg when I was nine I got all dang books ...how did I not notice 🤬
Maya Fenton
Maya Fenton 2 kun oldin
I've got this book
Josemanuel99 Gomez
Josemanuel99 Gomez 2 kun oldin
Subtitulos pls
DarkNightmare432 2 kun oldin
I always thought it was golden Freddy because, if you think about it, everyone says (in fnaf 4) "was it me ?" and golden Freddy always says "its me"
Anthony Rangel
Anthony Rangel 2 kun oldin
What happened to his brother?
Foxy the Pirate fox
Matthew Velasquez
Matthew Velasquez 2 kun oldin
Wtf is goin on why all of this ugh my mind I don’t understand
Adrian Rook
Adrian Rook 2 kun oldin
Robotic necromancy. Does that make the purple guy one of the C'tan?
Avathecoolkid08 Avathecoolkid08
OMG your giving me spoilers from the BOOKS
Chell kl
Chell kl 2 kun oldin
When I saw the intro I was like HELL NAW! Why am I doing this -.-
T Gaming
T Gaming 2 kun oldin
Keeping up with the Aftons Sorry not sorry
alyssa claire
alyssa claire 2 kun oldin
shouldddd i watch this at 5 in the morning no ammmmmm i watching this at 5 in the morning yes
George Butterfield
George Butterfield 2 kun oldin
Kim Taehyungie
Kim Taehyungie 3 kun oldin
I'm kinda confused right now..
Laron Dormeuse
Laron Dormeuse 3 kun oldin
But how is he a robot and a rooting corps. It is said he starts to smell and well he turns purple. If he was already a robot why would he turn purple. Sounds more like his soul/remenent possed his own body. If it works with machines, why not with a corps. Especially if you get scooped and die painfully from a machine in you ( which is the reverse to how the kids turn into Freddy and crew). But let me watch your other two videos maybe you address that
James Wynn
James Wynn 3 kun oldin
11:55 what’s up with nightmare bonnie?
MrPiggleGaming 3 kun oldin
Lain Blair
Lain Blair 3 kun oldin
Listen to Fredbear's voice, in the background it sounds like Ennard or something.
Lain Blair
Lain Blair 3 kun oldin
Mike's robot spaghetti is touched = : Man touchs robot spaghetti - Mike teleport sout of nowhere and yells : DID U TOUCHA MY SPAGHETT!?!?!?!
Quirky Engineer
Quirky Engineer 4 kun oldin
but charlie died at the end of the twisted ones
Dan Ross
Dan Ross 4 kun oldin
Who is Michael the crying child a.k.a Cassidy?
Ennard TV
Ennard TV 4 kun oldin
you may not believe this but i played fnaf 6 after letting scrap trap in i heard him saying "interesting what they turned out to be" or something like that. not after death, but maybe he was talking to himself since he was experimenting on reminent
Ennard TV
Ennard TV 4 kun oldin
he meant molten freddy btw
Alexander White
Alexander White 4 kun oldin
Maybe when Michael worked as a security guard at the FNaF locations he went by Jeremy and Fritz as an homage to the dead children further reinforcing the idea that he was out to avenge them and set them free.
Owen McCall
Owen McCall 4 kun oldin
No change is possible
TheLionKingBoiDude123 Wi
I am bruised from the kicks in these story’s 😐
Ashey BEAR
Ashey BEAR 4 kun oldin
The book belongs to mike there is 4 letters in mike amd there is 4 masks in The good ending I have no idea what do now
____________ 4 kun oldin
wait so charlotte was an ai and got killed and replaced, but then how did she posses the marrionette?
Justine Lighthouse
Justine Lighthouse 4 kun oldin
2020 20 games 1 tv show 3 movies 10 books 1 story
Death Singer
Death Singer 5 kun oldin
Wait... What? Now the crying child is Mike? I don't understand anything... HELP T-T
Tommy Murrell
Tommy Murrell 5 kun oldin
The best fnaf 6 intro award goes to game theorist
Thelostgamer146 5 kun oldin
Mangled gender isssss: yes
Dragon Angel74
Dragon Angel74 5 kun oldin
Man.... michal has a bad lofe
Yin Yang
Yin Yang 5 kun oldin
Some random boi Lol
Hospital bed... hmmmm surgery? Life surgery!? Hmm
Dragon Army
Dragon Army 5 kun oldin
What if the game had no lore when the first game came out. Then MatPat started making theories and then Scott was like 'Challenge Accepted' and made an entire franchise on it all???
Alysha - Zaku 101
Alysha - Zaku 101 5 kun oldin
You and your scary intros thats nice Matpat
Dom Smxth
Dom Smxth 5 kun oldin
Never knew that the puppet had human eyes
Masonic abyss
Masonic abyss 5 kun oldin
Exotic butters people, exotic butters
Josip Španjic
Josip Španjic 6 kun oldin
No wiliam afton is killer, but michel is the killer of chariolet. Fnaf 6 is aftrer the fnaf sl and you are a michel in sister location. Then that guy is fnaf sl is good guy then enard hit him wit that big hamer then he becom a prple guy who is the killer of chariolet . He try to destroy the animatronics in fnaf 3, but the souls of kids are thinking he is a wiliam afton then he bocome a springtrap. So in fnaf 6 Hennry take control of sprintrap and that is why he got that creppy voice in fnaf 6. Then when fnaf 6 get burn springtrap screm (I HATE HENRRY, ARRR!!) End !!☠☠
Mr kitten Larry
Mr kitten Larry 6 kun oldin
Awesome video
kimosabeh solajes
kimosabeh solajes 6 kun oldin
Magle is a girl
Osiris 64
Osiris 64 6 kun oldin
It was this video that I saw trending on UZvid, that introduced me to fnaf (yes I know I late to the party). Ever since this video, I've been completely addicted and obsessed with fnaf lore and theories. Thanks Mat
Coolkiller 7522
Coolkiller 7522 6 kun oldin
Actually, CONFIRMED by the twisted ones there was a caresol in the underground sister location.
Top 1's
Top 1's 6 kun oldin
Mike is the robot hahaha
Flower fell Frisk øøø
I’ve been watching MatPat’s newest theories I’ve seen that he really likes to use thanos jokes........
allen headgepath
allen headgepath 6 kun oldin
cute wolfgirl
cute wolfgirl 6 kun oldin
Umm I have no many questions!! I don't get this!! There are so many freaking elephant!!!! 😤🤗😔😞
Yo Baby Guuurrrlll
Yo Baby Guuurrrlll 6 kun oldin
okay this may be stupid, but couldn’t mike still be the older brother, cause like, the sound causing the nightmares things? Or whatever. Idk.
Mohammad Khowaja
Mohammad Khowaja 6 kun oldin
0:51 angsty teen.
Mohammad Khowaja
Mohammad Khowaja 6 kun oldin
0:49 angsty teen
samiplier l
samiplier l 6 kun oldin
Remember the first episode of fnaf. Ahhhh jesus christ we've gone farrrrr
MrMcMaster12 6 kun oldin
If midnight motorist is William driving home from murdering Charlotte who goes on to possess the puppet, who we see try save her which confirms that it’s the FNAF 2 location where she is murdered, then how is it possible for us to end up at Jr.’s, which is also the FNAF 2 location???? Does this mean the puppet used to be in a different location but was relocated to Jr.’s? This would also mean that the FNAF 2 location was under investigation twice
Emm Bee Sea
Emm Bee Sea 6 kun oldin
Philip Johnson
Philip Johnson 6 kun oldin
4:35 😦
Erica Liu
Erica Liu 6 kun oldin
Wait... Witch one is scarier? Dabbing Chica Or... The fan...
SFMAUB !!!? 6 kun oldin
i'm so confused in every single thing
Megan Buigas
Megan Buigas 6 kun oldin
I have a theory: The first location with the puppet is the same building as fnaf 6. Think about it. Why would they both have back allies? And we all know SCOTT DOES NOT DO COINCIDENCES!!!
Joanne Wright
Joanne Wright 6 kun oldin
McKinlea Poland
McKinlea Poland 6 kun oldin
this is my theory. What if jr.s is something like freddy fazbears and they dont let him in for precautions. That is why his son goes there. eh its prob not right but its a thought. love your theories tho
Footy Genius 123
Footy Genius 123 6 kun oldin
It's a game about Michael escaping from William afton
Bendy the Little Devil Darlin
I have a classmate called Gabriel
Matthew Turner
Matthew Turner 7 kun oldin
I love it I'm mind blown it was a great video matt
maria paula pala bolanos
what if michael is sammy
Count Creeper
Count Creeper 7 kun oldin
No grounded evidence that the crying child was flatlined. Some said there was a "flatlined sound" in the ending of FNAF4 night 6 but actually there wasn't. Only normal background music was there, even if the volume has turned to maximum. Clearly the crying child should be Michael Afton, only two children bedrooms in Afton's house, CC's Fredbear plush found next to the camera in SL, and bedroom in FNAF4 spotted in camera. Anyway, you made a best theory I've ever heard of.
Kaleb Reth
Kaleb Reth 7 kun oldin
I will say now, I L00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000VE FNAF! It's my life! It changed me! I will never be the same again! I will always feel anger, fear and soro! I fell lots of happiness from FNAF! (I'm using my brothers phone) I LLLLLLLLLLLL000000000000000000VVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEE! FNAF!
Kaleb Reth
Kaleb Reth 7 kun oldin
Kaleb Reth
Kaleb Reth 7 kun oldin
Alyssa Chauncey
Alyssa Chauncey 7 kun oldin
0:19 is my mood when I realize school starts tomorrow
MLG Gaming
MLG Gaming 7 kun oldin
*seven games one story
Alex Fraser
Alex Fraser 7 kun oldin
And people say kingdom hearts has a complicated lore... Trust me it does NOT hold a candle to this.
Hollyn Coon
Hollyn Coon 7 kun oldin
At the bottom of the survival logbooks word search it says what is your name
Skullkidgamer 1
Skullkidgamer 1 7 kun oldin
That intro was epic
Alexjireh Enca
Alexjireh Enca 7 kun oldin
Henry is the puppet
Flux Pan
Flux Pan 8 kun oldin
This is a mest up family!
Alyssa Bentley
Alyssa Bentley 8 kun oldin
I Like The Intro Were Mat Part Was Smacking His Head I’ve Got The Survival Night Book … I Made It Into A Pot Of Balderdash Of Your Theories I Keep Slamming My Head Agianst The Wall Aswell Matt Pat
Mew2Man 8 kun oldin
Rewatching old theories and realized- Not sure if this was said anywhere (probably has, because it seems obvious when I put words on it), but rather than it being exceptionally weird that two of the gravestones have the same name as the names used in FNAF 2, it's probably just Michael using the names of his friends as pseudonyms.
NeonBeasts 8 kun oldin
15:45 soo... shes Jesus
Sylvii Wolfu
Sylvii Wolfu 8 kun oldin
Detroit Become Human anyone? Hyper realistic robots? CHARLIE IS AN ANDROID.
Kristy 8 kun oldin
You just have to scare us in the intro
LaUrEn Beanball57
LaUrEn Beanball57 8 kun oldin
Matpat explains the theroy when purple guy and Charlie is a robot Me:PFFFFFFF what the-
Steven Petrie
Steven Petrie 8 kun oldin
Now I get it
Taylor Animates
Taylor Animates 8 kun oldin
Ahh dabbing Chica help me plz