Game Theory: FNAF, This is the End (FNAF Ultimate Custom Night)

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Did you know Theory Merch can have the same kind of mystery as FNAF? Get your Back To School Theory Wear and solve our puzzle! Today Theorists, we are finishing the FNAF timeline! What you've been WAITING to know is - how does this story END? Where have all the games been leading? Well Theorists, I am FINALLY going to tell you!
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Skyeler 4 soat oldin
hello everybidt y markelkiarer here📕📕📕 merch 3;54 lol still watching in bite of 87
pparabatai 4 soat oldin
i dont play fnaf but i enjoy these videos
Madness 5 soat oldin
Can we talk about the fact that the bb laugh was used in CSI Miami in ep 21 s3
Lili Speed Builder
Lili Speed Builder 7 soat oldin
imagine the creator of fnaf going "that wasn't the point of anything I just wanted a horror game, but good job for making a backstory."
Dusk Dawn
Dusk Dawn 10 soat oldin
What about the numbers shown when you win the nights in Fnaf4??? I don't remember you explaining anything with that. What do they mean and do they relate to any of this information?????
M X 12 soat oldin
You think you can talk about the Slender games now?
ASTROZOMBIE 12 soat oldin
C0M3T Animations
C0M3T Animations 12 soat oldin
Here's a question I KNOW you will never answer is Cassidy's sprit seat free
e Mr Hyde
e Mr Hyde 12 soat oldin
the next games will probably be someone else's perspective on a different line of restaurants
karfek 13 soat oldin
Miguel Pena
Miguel Pena 15 soat oldin
Just read on a news sitie that there a new AAA game in the making for FNAF
Abby Hernandezfilms 2.0
At 15:20 did anyone else hear sveaming of some sort???...CREEPY
Ella Kristinehamn
Ella Kristinehamn 18 soat oldin
Soo Henry's daughter is Charlie. But does that mean that the spirit of Charlie is the puppet? Then who is Sammy from the book. Charlie and her friends think that Golden Freddy is Sammy. But is Golden Freddy Cassidy? I am so confused.
Crying Baby
Crying Baby 18 soat oldin
I swear to God, few months from now, there'll be another Fnaf video and that THIS IS NOT THE END OF FNAF
ZJG_Love Juliana
ZJG_Love Juliana 20 soat oldin
*FNaf 7 Coming Soon*
Figo Lau
Figo Lau 20 soat oldin
Rip fnaf
Charlotte Goring
It’s amazing because I remember the first couple coming out and now that we finally have a conclusion (hopefully) it’s just so weird thinking of it all and having connections to each and every theory
Sufyan Hadi
Sufyan Hadi Kun oldin
DrewCrafter What abt Phantom Chica? I didnt see her being burnt in Henry's Animatronic Holocaust.
Sufyan Hadi
Sufyan Hadi Kun oldin
+Lucas Freele ?
Lucas Freele
Lucas Freele Kun oldin
Gacha Brooklynn
Gacha Brooklynn Kun oldin
Err... I think Scott is making a new game... If so, GoOd LuCk Ma FrAnD. :>
Elatezak Kun oldin
That doesn't explain why the earth is flat...
Jonny Kun oldin
So who's phone guy?
Lucas Freele
Lucas Freele Kun oldin
The worker before you, maybe?
ToxicFurry Kun oldin
The fittnessgram pacer test is-
superior rhyperior
if this is true then fnaf is one of the best and most messed up stories ever
did anyone realize that the time for the video is 23:32 XD
The Teddybear Thief
Matt, your not done yet. If your theory about how purple guy is going throw a living hell, then how did purple soul get free from springtrap. We know he didn't die in the fire in fnaf3. And Michel talk to him at the end of sister. So we need a answer, Matt.
Lucas Freele
Lucas Freele Kun oldin
The Teddybear Thief
+MLWL64 oh thanks
The Teddybear Thief
Oh, thanks. Lol
MLWL64 Kun oldin
alright, i'll clear it up, well, some of it. He died at the end of Fnaf 6 ( william ) And micheal is talking to him, just not at him.
Nikki Rodrigues
Nikki Rodrigues Kun oldin
No fnaf😭😡😭😤😭😭😭😭
ToxicFurry Kun oldin
The fittnessgram pacer test is-
Spider Dude
Spider Dude Kun oldin
but who caused the bite of 87
Versid Cat
Versid Cat Kun oldin
Golden freddy isn't a spring lock He only has 4 fingers and springs locks have 5 like spring trap
ToxicFurry Kun oldin
The fittnessgram pacer test is-
Chem Valenzuela
Chem Valenzuela Kun oldin
MATPAT I have read all 3 FNAF novels and found out you're suffering is not yet done
Skyblock923 2 kun oldin
This is way better then my theories
magicdog2013 Games
magicdog2013 Games 2 kun oldin
3:50 actual video begins here
Vampike 2 kun oldin
3:48 for anyone who don't care about the merch promotion and just want to see the theory.
Determination Club
Determination Club 2 kun oldin
"William is saying 'I will put you back together.'" Me: * has flash back of Mat's FNaF 4 what's in the box theory*
Determination Club
Determination Club 2 kun oldin
"It comes in genocide run or pacifist run." GOD DAMN IT AND I WAS ABOUT TO BE CURED FROM UNDERTALE!!
Lucas Freele
Lucas Freele Kun oldin
A multi step-
ToxicFurry Kun oldin
The fittnessgram pacer test is-
Shxhis 2 kun oldin
Am I the only one who noticed that in FNAF world, the gift boxes that can be given by numerous characters which give you a second life. They give lives ie. give gifts give life
Paulo Calinao
Paulo Calinao 2 kun oldin
Fun fact: fnaf was born from Scott's nightmare
TRENTON DAVIS 2 kun oldin
why does it have to end
CatsLoveHam 2 kun oldin
Skyblock923 2 kun oldin
same its sad
PAPER FOXY 2 kun oldin
Cuponoodles Noodles
I love this
ToxicFurry Kun oldin
The fittnessgram pacer test is-
Sonic Gamer101
Sonic Gamer101 2 kun oldin
Matpat: this is it Scott:hold my beer Matpat:why Scott:I should make fnaf into maddnes Matpat: dang it
Sonic Gamer101
Sonic Gamer101 2 kun oldin
Matpat u know scott is not done right
ToxicFurry Kun oldin
Galaxywing2488 Szarejko
Scott: (realizes it’s MatPat’s birthday) Scott: (Throws Fnaf 7 at his face) Scott: Happy Birthday 😉
rain rigoz
rain rigoz 2 kun oldin
think in this "there is little of me in every body" He is not dismantle them for "reasons" or experiments he is looking for all of his parts.
HorrorUniverse 2 kun oldin
@ 3:51 the video starts
The Keel
The Keel 2 kun oldin
I'm probably wrong but.... If funtime Chica is made the same way as the rest, does that mean the original 5 are still (kind of) around?
Jac French
Jac French 2 kun oldin
SCOTT : Hold my beer
Nikola Hajdukovic
Nikola Hajdukovic 2 kun oldin
I was here for the fanf theories back in 2015 and now I’m a regular viewer
Isaak's Fun World
Isaak's Fun World 2 kun oldin
Isaak's Fun World
Isaak's Fun World 2 kun oldin
Shitpost Central HC
So...Fnaf 2 is a sequel. Wow
Sarah Al-Nahar 5A Ejerslykkeskolen
*Quietly waits for Scott to comment..*
Kegnative Gaming
Kegnative Gaming 2 kun oldin
Holy sh*t a 4 minite intro wtf
Natsuki 2 kun oldin
Every was caused by the fan From the first game Oh what do I know I’m natsuki
Sankha Bhattacharya
Then who is shadow freedy ,bonnieand Chica Many youtuber tell that shadow Freedy is mickal in the bite of 87 his soul is in shadow freedy . And shadow Bonnie is henry that Willam Afton kill him.Is it is true pls commet me I want the answere
cristina Talastas
cristina Talastas 2 kun oldin
*hey i have a question, do you know popgoes weaselware? that game is an fnaf fan game but do you think theres more clearer hints in that game showing purple guy had a brother which is supposedly henry based on your theory?*
Darius Sabulis
Darius Sabulis 2 kun oldin
Do you try to reverse the fnaf 2 trailers song
Ipadian TLG
Ipadian TLG 2 kun oldin
and golden Freddy remains just to be a ----(ad) Johnson and Johnson protecting people with his and aids BRUH GET OUT OF MY FACE IM BUSY WATCHING THE MOST INTERESTING THEORY IN. THE WORLD
Caught Trap
Caught Trap 3 kun oldin
Who's William, who's Henry, and who's Micheal?
Rubix Games
Rubix Games 3 kun oldin
I swear i am so timid. that fan jumpscare made me jump.
Elemental Collapse
Elemental Collapse 3 kun oldin
There is still something you need. An answer for .... why is there no phantom Bonnie in fnaf 3
Braxson Cole Braxson cole
Try spelling out “it’s me” in Morse code to open the box
laggy shaggy
laggy shaggy 3 kun oldin
Trapped in purgatory all that life is a lie. Slayer raining blood
Jen Marie
Jen Marie 3 kun oldin
sorry if you answered this allready but when the bite of 83 happen and afton died where did his soul go??
Jen Marie
Jen Marie 3 kun oldin
what did his soul stay in while he waited?
Mariana :3
Mariana :3 3 kun oldin
I'm gonna miss FNAF 😢 But this explains a lot Great Theory!!! 😄❤❤❤
celia castellon
celia castellon 3 kun oldin
scott leave the holes as a secret
Kai’s Messiah Baby
One of the most convoluted plots ever. I thought the bite of ‘87 was a little girl?
Ecey888 - Tu canal Favorito
how you can give explication to the creation of Scrap Baby? (i'm part for the purple guy fans club)
XxFire FoxxX
XxFire FoxxX 3 kun oldin
Matpat: Finally! It's over! Scott: *makes new game* Danywood: *makes a fan-made game* Matpat: *inhales* Matpat: *AAAAAAAAAA*
It’s not over. it’s never gonna end.
Geisa Ramos
Geisa Ramos 3 kun oldin
Aw man, and I thought fnaf was over...
marte VT
marte VT 3 kun oldin
after fnaf 4 ended, i always had a feeling that the kid's corpse was in the box
pun princess
pun princess 3 kun oldin
Mat I hate to stress you out more but I want you to look up health inspector visits, the smell of decaying flesh and how long it takes for bodies to decompose, there are so many ways William could have gotten caught yet he never was, try and explain that for me please!
AdrinX:D 3 kun oldin
This is not in the FNAF playlist :(
Rick Wills
Rick Wills 3 kun oldin
Is it possible that Golden Freddy is a ghost because Michael Aften’s body was removed from the suit
Shadow Girl777
Shadow Girl777 3 kun oldin
When you get jumpscared by nightmare fredbear in ultimate costume night, sometimes he says “I will put you back together, then take you apart all over again.” Just a thought
Charmander Spirit
Charmander Spirit 3 kun oldin
I kinda hope that scott makes remastered versions of some of these games.
Hyo-Sonn Jeon
Hyo-Sonn Jeon 3 kun oldin
Poor Cassidy :(
Alex Sky-World
Alex Sky-World 3 kun oldin
he is not done yet
Saber 113
Saber 113 3 kun oldin
Yo Matt ive got a little question (or rinkle if u will) how does a mekanikal body rott and look like a courpse?(Mikel)
Amanda Lane
Amanda Lane 3 kun oldin
what are you talking about i’m not crying i just have a tear in my eye
NerdBean 3 kun oldin
If fnaf ultimate custom night is a eternal hell, and he was springtrap at a point, why is springtrap a animictronic you can face, same with fnaf 6 afton
Dave Clough
Dave Clough 3 kun oldin
whats in the box I said whats in the box I said whats in the booooooox!
I AM A BANANA 3 kun oldin
The end was sad then he said hey thats just a theory
The AButton
The AButton 3 kun oldin
Best. Intro. Ever.
Harry Dowling
Harry Dowling 3 kun oldin
As I say, "Most of the best games (and game companies) start with or have 8-bit graphics." Take Nintendo. They have the longest (I believe) history of video games. Then there's Undertale, FNAF abd Delta rune. All games which have 8-bit graphics and stick with people for a while.
Lauren Zayd
Lauren Zayd 3 kun oldin
I’m a writer artist and a theorist 😏
Wenddy Wazzbear
Wenddy Wazzbear 3 kun oldin
tbh somehow I feel like Mr.Hippo is the same as Old Man Consenquences, because they're voice and name is a bit adunnu the same? Plus Mr.Hippo I have a feeling he is not just a troll but an important character =3=
IamRidley 3 kun oldin
WHEN WILL there be a not limited merch
Dee Nitchie
Dee Nitchie 3 kun oldin
Was Ballora possessed by Afton’s wife? If so, how and when?
Noah Barrett
Noah Barrett 4 kun oldin
*S U C C*
Noah Barrett
Noah Barrett 4 kun oldin
*ill kill myself if scot makes a game*
randy djajaseputra
randy djajaseputra 4 kun oldin
Scoot is making fnar five night at roxys aka fnaf7 pyro illution
KMALiamizer 4 kun oldin
I don't think Chica was the first one William killed, you gotta remember that Golden Freddy is the only murdered soul there, everything that these animatronics are saying is being said by him and only him.
Jérémie Gagnon
Jérémie Gagnon 4 kun oldin
If chica was the first child killed, how is freddy moving while chica is inactive
Thomas Mitchell-Fuller
Hey mat pat I like your videos.
Mad Gaming Cudd
Mad Gaming Cudd 4 kun oldin
kenny sisterman
kenny sisterman 4 kun oldin
Not to be annoying but why would the spirit of Baby talk as if they are Baby when she talks about the little girl which is technically her?
Danielle is the best :D
We want more...More...More...More...*MORE*
Loony Blue
Loony Blue 4 kun oldin
What about the twisted animatronics?