Game Theory: FNAF, This is the End (FNAF Ultimate Custom Night)

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Did you know Theory Merch can have the same kind of mystery as FNAF? Get your Back To School Theory Wear and solve our puzzle! Today Theorists, we are finishing the FNAF timeline! What you've been WAITING to know is - how does this story END? Where have all the games been leading? Well Theorists, I am FINALLY going to tell you!
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Spring Boi
Spring Boi Soat oldin
The twisted ones
Gravecoyote 6497
Gravecoyote 6497 Soat oldin
I don't think that it's his robot body in the box. I think it's his actual corpse. Thats why it says some things are best left forgotten. He's reffering to Michael forgetting that he died. But HEY... tgats JUST a theory... A RANDOM UZvid COMMENTER theory! Thanks for reading.
comic sans
comic sans Soat oldin
And all of happned in hurricane, Utah
Gravecoyote 6497
Gravecoyote 6497 Soat oldin
Em s'ti
Itok Itok
Itok Itok 2 soat oldin
Hey matpat i was just browsing youtube and i found a video called fnaf 8 coming out in 2019 when i checked the channel it was scott cawthon i think you need to get prepared for new fnaf theories or maybe he is just trolling
Elvis Johnson
Elvis Johnson 3 soat oldin
please make new theory im dying in my skin
Elvis Johnson
Elvis Johnson 3 soat oldin
But if Jr's has the Bite of 87 then how does freddys fazbears pizza phone guy mesion it plus in silver eyes they revisit freddy fazbears pizza 10 years after it shuts down, then in the fourth closet a few years later babys pizza world opens but babys pizza world has to close before jrs opens but jrs opens at the same time of freddy fazbears pizza being opened meaning your theory is completely wrong... sorry.....
Catty Power!
Catty Power! 3 soat oldin
Exotic- Exotic- Exotic Butt- Butters
Gacha Gamer526
Gacha Gamer526 4 soat oldin
Here’s A seemingly random theory , what is the under tale bullet box
Gacha Gamer526
Gacha Gamer526 4 soat oldin
It can’t be just us dodging the attacks in the area because the shape doesn’t fit AND we have more evidence PAPYRUS his “blue attack” shows us the platforming and GRAVITY and we know gravity exists because of our fall so what is this bullet box
Pickle Mike
Pickle Mike 5 soat oldin
Wait.. Was Spring Bonnie left in animatronic mode? If not when he turned into spring trap how did he move?
Aidan Birdsong
Aidan Birdsong 5 soat oldin
Just thought of something. When Scott said that ‘the pieces put together’ is what is in the box. That is probably very literal, it’s probably one of michale’s robot bodied or his original body.
George Glover
George Glover 6 soat oldin
How could william break the animatronics to make into the funtimes in the game when the spring locks fail and he gets trapped there?
ThatoneguyonYoutube 112!
New Thorisists mike didn’t die
Molly Melon
Molly Melon 11 soat oldin
Can you make more bookbag merch please??!!!
Zhyair Payne
Zhyair Payne 13 soat oldin
Apartment 5B
Zhyair Payne
Zhyair Payne 13 soat oldin
Please give me your merch I live in 1402 Clay ave
Sus Sas
Sus Sas 13 soat oldin
No lol. The FNaF 2 pizzeria has been open only a few weeks, it's written on the newspaper when you end the 6th night
Unknown Gamer
Unknown Gamer 13 soat oldin
Wow matpat a 3 minute ad for your merch
LeeMarie Robinson
LeeMarie Robinson 14 soat oldin
I have a magic trick Press this button and it will turn blue 👇🏼
baggins boe
baggins boe 15 soat oldin
hi mat pat wan to figure out the children who possessed fun time Freddy and fun time foxy can you help plz notice this
Betty The bête noire
Betty The bête noire 18 soat oldin
The mooooovie
Marie Manuel
Marie Manuel 18 soat oldin
Inside the box from fnaf4 its golden freddy he said you cant hide your body dont tell anyone i typed it in youtube *title typed* [fnaf smf] box finnaly opened!
Gamer Boy95
Gamer Boy95 23 soat oldin
Roses are red Violets are purple bloaters are dead and now you are
Kinsey Young
Kinsey Young Kun oldin
I hope that Scott makes another game (sorry matpat) (•›•)/ ‹ ) ) / \
Lurking Shadow
Lurking Shadow Kun oldin
Ephraim Bryant
Ephraim Bryant Kun oldin
Book 2 She got her foot stuck in the wire and somebody started pushing the arcade with her blood coming out she went to her house And started to tell page 3
Lpstigerproductions And pets!
plz dont tell me you made the cover for fnaf 7 this game is my LIFE
EpicToco CatGalixy
It may seem as if this Is the end But of course this is just the beginning This is only chapter 1 This is only the first level
EpicToco CatGalixy
It may not be Scott who will create the next chapter but it will happen The story will continue The story doesn't end just yet
Gray tails fighter
Be patient at 1 year XD
Gray tails fighter
2020 fnaf moove 🎥
Gray tails fighter
You are not done yet XD
Bred Hair
Bred Hair Kun oldin
Where did you get the year 2023 from?
R Comedy
R Comedy Kun oldin
Only me or are his theories more scary than the actual games
Ftr44 Rules
Ftr44 Rules Kun oldin
3:51 seconds is how long that intro took
Rycan Omega
Rycan Omega Kun oldin
2:47 is this some peasant joke I’m too rich to understand I GOT AIR PODS
Abdi SSJ6
Abdi SSJ6 Kun oldin
I lovet🐎
MoonCookie Kun oldin
I've always had a theory about Nightmare from FNAF 4. What if he was slightly see-through because he was a training suit for new employees? He could have been used to show the insides of the suits so employees know how to operate them. Anyone else agree?
McCormick Opper
McCormick Opper Kun oldin
Thanks for no spoiler alert. I was reading those books!
Michael Haflich
Michael Haflich Kun oldin
He’s here, he’s there, he’s everywhere! Who ya gonna call? Physic Friend, Fredbear!
Emily Higgins
Emily Higgins 2 kun oldin
Plssss can you make a glow-in-the-dark merch also who thinks that this is the last fnaf theory
sky force
sky force Kun oldin
Not me
Bob Snyder
Bob Snyder 2 kun oldin
Mike always comes back
chaos gaming
chaos gaming 2 kun oldin
The fan in the beginning spooped me
Angel Marrero
Angel Marrero 2 kun oldin
also william never got a famly of his own so he killed the 5 kids to make them his famly
twin trouble
twin trouble 2 kun oldin
Wait till the movie, more books, and the next game >:)
Gilberto Garza
Gilberto Garza 2 kun oldin
la impotencia que siento ya que schott cawthom vive a una ciudad que esta de 6 a 8 horas de la ciudad donde yo vivo.
dead inside
dead inside 2 kun oldin
this all started because of a pedophile killing 5 children.
Wallyian Massò
Wallyian Massò 2 kun oldin
If Scott comes outta nowhere and just simply tells the story..... Imma flip out
Wallyian Massò
Wallyian Massò 2 kun oldin
I got lost around the time 6:43
calista w
calista w 2 kun oldin
put this in the fnaf playlist i had to scroll all the way through ur uploads
Rikuo gaming
Rikuo gaming 2 kun oldin
So in the 16 minutes you said he’s in every body doesn’t that make ennder his own person along with the five souls by his side
Scrunchi 2 kun oldin
The songs point out some hints too. “We’ve been all alone, stuck in our little zone, since 1987/ “Maybe you’ve been in this place before, we remember a face like yours. You seem acquainted with those doors.” (Five Nights at Freddy’s) “I’m always watching, because somebody purple murdered me.” (Join us for a bite)
The Intro Skeleton Sans
What about the character RedBear it's a red freddy
Jayden Rountree
Jayden Rountree 2 kun oldin
This is sad that fnaf is ending😟
Itslizmydudes 2 kun oldin
Video starts at 3:52 . Thank me later :)
mom Johnson and the Johnson Boyz
Was going to get notebook it's sold out I am unsubscribing
Abchu Kawaii
Abchu Kawaii 2 kun oldin
Ok... When did this turn out to be spongebob... What if hes a ROBOT.!?
DaBoss 123
DaBoss 123 2 kun oldin
MatPat please make more of the note/sketchbooks I know there are many people wanting one
Raine Hollins
Raine Hollins 2 kun oldin
So puppet is a girl?
WarframeProPro 2 kun oldin
I think the first fredbear is there because It is best lost forgotten.
WarframeProPro 2 kun oldin
and mayb the og spring bonnie?
La la ba ba 22 :3
La la ba ba 22 :3 2 kun oldin
I have a question...why did william kill the children?!
MLgamings Kun oldin
He was insane... Really, really insane...
McDolanDuck 12
McDolanDuck 12 2 kun oldin
Wait wait wait wait, if William aka Purple Guy put his son back together, then how did he grow up to become a man? Edit:Nvm, it was just like *SPOILER* Charlie.
Crazyladyme 30
Crazyladyme 30 2 kun oldin
Wnen you said genocide run and pacifist run it reminds me of undertale
Crazyladyme 30
Crazyladyme 30 Kun oldin
First reply
Jackal Reviews
Jackal Reviews 2 kun oldin
Reminds me of nerd3's dishonoured playthroughs.
Logan AllTheLoveforLogan
There making the FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDYS movie in 2020 based off the book plum house products and Scott are working to gether!
Spiderman Pro
Spiderman Pro 3 kun oldin
But, Fazbear's fright occurs before Freddy fazbear's pizzeria simulator
Jaffasours Games
Jaffasours Games 3 kun oldin
Ok now that the timeline is finished, someone edit together all the cut scenes in full and all the bits of the games together in one long video so you can watch it all in order. This story is explained the way Pulp Fiction plays out.
Eric Bendy
Eric Bendy 3 kun oldin
Could you do a theory about bendy
Jackal Reviews
Jackal Reviews 2 kun oldin
He has, he's done more than a few.
carl jones
carl jones 3 kun oldin
But I did some research and I thought foxy was a good
Mari Stogner
Mari Stogner 3 kun oldin
That fan jumpscare was everything
Mythical Beast
Mythical Beast 3 kun oldin
Well just got to wait on that Fnaf movie, maybe that'd help with the lore just maybe it'd paint the whole damn picture clearly so everyone can understand and thats all I had to say really. My device is on 14% goodnight
Im A Cat Borf
Im A Cat Borf 3 kun oldin
These poor children. They can never die 😔
leopeps l
leopeps l 3 kun oldin
Thank you Scott for forming my child hood.
Shaylynn's Bookshelf
14:35 I'd like to point out that Bambi wasn't an orphan, he still had a Dad just not a Mom.
Qam05 3 kun oldin
hey imagine if cawthon makes a new fnaf game this year
NightTime Serenity
NightTime Serenity 3 kun oldin
Ah RIP... The journey.. The memories... The Best Game Of All Times...
Francis Banares
Francis Banares 3 kun oldin
what if we see the childrens (fnaf char) again?? or will their parents know thats them..?
Patricia Moore
Patricia Moore 3 kun oldin
I promise that Scott will do anything get more theory’s going
Reesseb Ovaerius
Reesseb Ovaerius 3 kun oldin
5:40 Detroit Become Human be like.
Huhuri San
Huhuri San 3 kun oldin
0:52 When My Mom Tells Me I Can’t Have A Twinkie
Mega Tree
Mega Tree 3 kun oldin
Dudu I think you mist something and something to do with rockstar foxy in ultimate custom night just saying he’s a bit weard
Nabstblook games
Nabstblook games 3 kun oldin
Scott:(Drops FNAF movie) Me: is matpat like the main makerting for fnaf at that point
Newspaper 3 kun oldin
this is just amazing 3 Mins Merge Ind
doki doki fan boy
doki doki fan boy 3 kun oldin
Let's start seince slender
lamma love
lamma love 4 kun oldin
Amd yassss then this all means that the 5 kids or 5 kittens or the other thing all becomes ennard and thats what that bot was talking abt and thats what it means by "theres a lil of me in everybody"idk
lamma love
lamma love 4 kun oldin
Or maybe golden freddy is who ever we play as son/daughter that was killed or went missing and is trying to tell us hes still here in front of us and or maybe he was charlies twin brother and we r henry before he died but then again thats just a theory... A GAME THEORY
lamma love
lamma love 4 kun oldin
Wut if when golden freddy says "its me" hes talking abt the box and alot of people would problably be really upset about that so scott was right people really wouldnt want to find out there was a body just a dead body in the box idk just came to mind.. And what if you liked this comment?who knows wut would happen...
Xander Lance
Xander Lance 4 kun oldin
I was in the middle of the video then out of nowhere a Walmart ad came on 😂
Lol Koi
Lol Koi 4 kun oldin
Put in the playlist
Anjanette Fulcher
Anjanette Fulcher 4 kun oldin
When I first found out about fnaf: Me: what you guys playin'? Boy: Fnaf roleplay. We need a Bonnie... You wanna be em? Me: Sure Boy: Ok *turns around* Me: *random guitar solo * rock that... Girl: *jumpscare boy* The end of this dumb story
Creepy Cat
Creepy Cat 4 kun oldin
There's a movie AND a new game. Looks like you were right about game theory being the William Afton of UZvid. You both even have eternal hell!
coopvs smith  shelf
coopvs smith shelf 4 kun oldin
not bad but the books is extrACANON but not CANON
BeastWolfGamer 02
BeastWolfGamer 02 4 kun oldin
MATPAT PLZ LISTEN!.... So in the FNAF 3 good ending where all the kids wearing masks attend the birthday party, all the other kids at the tables are alos wearing masks. But those masks replicate the seemingly out-of-place animations in custom night, like the purple hippo and the orange giraffe. That seems like a specific detail for Scott to put in and add to both FNAF 3 and Custom Night. EDIT: Might not look clear but i thought the masks look similar.
Jonah Kenneth
Jonah Kenneth 4 kun oldin
Geez. And I thought that children's souls were important in Undertale.
lightning Flash
lightning Flash 4 kun oldin
Mat did you think about the fnaf world mingame where you put "balloon boy" in a box? You play as Freddy (as it seems) but like you said "I will put you back together" is really purple guy well that "freddy" is purple guy and balloon boy is mikel purple guy is putting him in a box!
Just Reading
Just Reading 4 kun oldin
I got a dominoes ad....
MaseysWorld 4 kun oldin
I AM FINALLY FINISHED MY MARATHON... It... was... *AWESOME* Thank you so much MatPat! I need to binge watch the rest of your videos now
Infiniite 4 kun oldin
3:36 Damn Matt’s peeping them cheeks
Jake Gover
Jake Gover 4 kun oldin
What about the fire in Fnaf 3?? Michael can still be alive
Ruby Robertson
Ruby Robertson 4 kun oldin
If Michael Afton is a robot, then why does his body rot and turn purple?
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