Game Theory: How to BREAK Mario! (Mario Tennis Aces)

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Step aside bob omb. Keep on flying Bullet Bill. There is a new weapon causing damage in the mushroom kingdom, and this one is fuzzy, round, and squishy. One of Mario Tennis Aces coolest features is allowing you to break a players racket. But just how fast would you have to hit the ball in order to do so? And what other consequences would arise from that much force? Well that is what we're about to find out.
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8-Sen, 2018

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Dark Megumin
Dark Megumin 10 kun oldin
Its confirmed! balls are the strongest weapon in Mario tennis aces, including... Some other type of balls...
Ami - Gacha Studios
Ami - Gacha Studios 7 soat oldin
Oh WTH you really needed to... -_-
꧁༺sleepq Cata༻꧂
Dark Megumin balls ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Angel H
Angel H Kun oldin
pee is stored in the balls thats why its so strong
Anime and Games Fan
Dark Megumin Mario lands super balls right
Mykkiavelli Bryant
Mykkiavelli Bryant 2 kun oldin
"Inhales"why just......just WHY 😑😑
Drew Dukart
Drew Dukart 52 daqiqa oldin
Have you ever thought about doing a Fire Emblem episode?
A Random Person
A Random Person 4 soat oldin
Matpat you are a legend! Like if you agree
Zihan Zia
Zihan Zia 6 soat oldin
I am legit doing physics homework while watching this. Matpat get out of my closet!
Mary Rachel
Mary Rachel 7 soat oldin
As an actual tennis player AND math/physics buff I’m shocked...
Nicholas Yarhouse
Nicholas Yarhouse 8 soat oldin
I will do you one better I have a TI 82
AikaPlays 9 soat oldin
So what would the numbers be if said mario racquets were hollow instead of solid?
Lesty D
Lesty D 10 soat oldin
well i see SOMEONE aced PHYSICS
TytyJK Nightcore
TytyJK Nightcore 10 soat oldin
Thx MatPat, now I can laugh at my teacher for saying I’m a idiot
Hey There
Hey There 11 soat oldin
WAAAA!!!! My too favourite characters are healthy!
Luke Hodes
Luke Hodes 11 soat oldin
Discord server for ARG discord.gg/mPWASU
Riley Gaming 3446
Riley Gaming 3446 12 soat oldin
Sassy Eavalin
Sassy Eavalin 13 soat oldin
Omg love the intro song
Chrisis Gaming
Chrisis Gaming 14 soat oldin
,___, [O.o] /)__) -"--"-
Grace Paisley
Grace Paisley 16 soat oldin
Considering im actually doing physics this year, these videos make so much more sense to me lol
Error The Internet Glitch
now its our turn mat to give you a cold lucid undermined elphant.
silverdragon0000120 18 soat oldin
Make a clash of clans theory. I saw the miner lol
Chi Hai Ha
Chi Hai Ha 19 soat oldin
Myat Aung
Myat Aung 22 soat oldin
Find mat pat in 11:04
BAM BAM 22 soat oldin
*Who else keeps watching game theories and hears MatPat's computation and doesn't understand a single thing and doesn't care about the numbers but still enjoys watching and is always waiting for the conclusion of his theories? Only me? Oh. Okay..*
Feanix Vixen
Feanix Vixen Kun oldin
Holup. I gonna have to pause and come back later cuz I just woke up and I can’t do math rn TwT (I can’t do math. At all.)
potato_llama 101
honey is so sweet that it gives us money but cant download it though I dont waste money on consolse or whatever
Calvin Parker
Calvin Parker Kun oldin
Hey fellow Theorists! I have a theory of my own. In November, if you decide to get the new merch make sure to use Honey. If a coupon pops up, it probably contains a clue.
Blurry Face
Blurry Face Kun oldin
Why does Mario need a lot more money for the house and then she will get it started and I can get her to do it.
Machinegun 6997
Machinegun 6997 Kun oldin
The beginning hahahaha “oh nooooo....”
Arlette Moreno
Arlette Moreno Kun oldin
Aaaaaa q video tan horribleeeee
Angel H
Angel H Kun oldin
pee is stored in the balls
MWSK_ Cobra
MWSK_ Cobra Kun oldin
-Quick maths- *Slow* Maths
Asphalt 8
Asphalt 8 Kun oldin
*Ligma Ballz*
Noah Lanning
Noah Lanning Kun oldin
I'm taking high school physics
Just Yoshe
Just Yoshe Kun oldin
Peaches “OH NOOO” at the beginning is me being sarcastic
Kick Starter
Kick Starter Kun oldin
do a chain chomp biology video
Epic NoobSlayer
Epic NoobSlayer Kun oldin
Can you do an episode were you find out how many gates Bill Gates could buy?
midnight Kun oldin
XD the teacher who would put this on would be the best teacher ever!!
MistakingManx Kun oldin
*CLICK 3:* Accept Download, I got it after the first time I saw it in your channel, I'd trust Game Theory with my computer. (and no one sees it.)
WhatTheFridge 1o1
God damn terrifying!
EpicBrony L
EpicBrony L Kun oldin
Maybe the zone shot increases the ball's mass.
Logan Shirley
Logan Shirley Kun oldin
Or maybe, just here me out, the part of those rackets that breaks off each time, is made to break kind of easy so you could re-use it. I mean, those were abnormally clean break so i don't know about all of this.
TheBlueLink3 Kun oldin
I don't know why, but that end part of everybody dying had me cracking up. The absurdity was just too funny.
Kraton Wolf
Kraton Wolf Kun oldin
Yanno, this whole thing woulda made perfect sense, except for the fact that their design team clearly took the laze/easy route for designing the "broken racket" models. They thought about realism for everything else but for that they shrugged and said "meh, who cares?" Really, the most likely explanation is "it's not broken, the two magnets simply came apart." What magnets you ask? Well think about costs involved in making rackets. ESPECIALLY if the handles aren't hollow like in real life rackets. It would be more expensive to make them filled in like that than hollow (assuming they even aren't hollow at all. could just be capped on the top. you jumped to conclusion about that part and just glided past it as if it was 100% accurate with no chance of being incorrect, but with no proof you've literally proven nothing). More than likely, in the Mario world, tennis rackets are made with interchangeable racket heads, held on by really strong magnets, strong enough to hold the head in place in most normal situations, but not strong enough to hold it in place during those "final smash" tennis ball hits. Not only would this make replacing broken racket heads (if/when they break) as the handles could be interchangeable, BUT it would also make it easier for players to swap tensile strength of their racket by simply swapping heads, keeping the same racket handle firmly in their grip. It would make swapping heads easier than swapping clips in a common handgun. Pop off one magnetic head and place on the other, no screwing no snapping, quick and easy so they can continue their game.
Aesthetic Animations
Guess what.....I WATCHED THIS IN SCHOOL. I guess someone got to it before me.
Paul Müller
Paul Müller Kun oldin
Who else is searching for clues :d
Noah Borromeo
Noah Borromeo Kun oldin
Can you do a theory on Rusty Lake Paradise? It’s a weird game that really needs explaining.
RoExpo Gaming
RoExpo Gaming Kun oldin
I actually got my physics teacher to watch it in class XD
Guy ultimatecyberdog
Welcome to the circus of values!
Guy ultimatecyberdog
I'm disappointed in you Matpat. You never mentioned that if you were hitting the ball with enough force to break the opponent's racket, then it would break yours as well, when you hit it.
KingPapa Kun oldin
WAIT if tennis balls in mario are deadly then wut about the impulse grenade in fortnite? :D
sailormewmewinuluver 123
I'm curious when is the second part of the final fnafrimeline coming out?
MatrixMushroom 2 kun oldin
The ball is obviously filled with some kind of energy or explosive device that detonates when it does this, which would easily destroy the racket.
Ocean Santa
Ocean Santa 2 kun oldin
what if instead of going faster the balls have more mass
AM GAMEZ 2 kun oldin
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SplashCity46 2 kun oldin
Wish he had also done the numbers for the hollow racket
Jaunus Ender
Jaunus Ender 2 kun oldin
What if the racket was made of something weaker, like a wood?
Help Me Get 100,000 Subs With No Vids
In Soviet Russia Mario breaks you
Chiiva 2 kun oldin
Wario, with gaping hole through him: ... Peach: *OH NOOOOOOOOOO*
Alex Macnab-Stark
Alex Macnab-Stark 2 kun oldin
I’m not event gonna pretend that I was fully listening when you started talking physics
Itz Kepper
Itz Kepper 2 kun oldin
Those rackets aren’t the only thing that’s Solid..
Itz Kepper
Itz Kepper 2 kun oldin
Sure Pat I’ll show my math teacher and friends the part where waluigi dances really good with the audio u put🤣
afia Akhlaq
afia Akhlaq 2 kun oldin
hello mr.matpat whut are we learning to day yay we love leaning 0~0
afia Akhlaq
afia Akhlaq 2 kun oldin
oh oh oh oh god expose me i have securuts
Candice Rizzo
Candice Rizzo 2 kun oldin
I've been waiting for you to do something with honey again just so I could download the app and put matpat in there!
jevan king
jevan king 2 kun oldin
Excuse you Matpat, did you just body shame chain chomp ?!?
sansation creater
sansation creater 2 kun oldin
i'm early in science class then
Killer_Kenny 2 kun oldin
Any tennis players out there?
That Asian Dude A.K.A Nathan Pintal
11 yr olds watching this: *SH00KEtH*
Donald Larrimore
Donald Larrimore 2 kun oldin
Theory about High Stakes in Fortnite!!!
Jaydon Rodrigues
Jaydon Rodrigues 2 kun oldin
When my dad asks me what Im watching I tell him. "Im watching game theory they make math look cool B)".
jazminguy 2 kun oldin
DavisOffTheRocks 124
is it weird I got a honey ad before this video
im shorter than mario
Eden Rom
Eden Rom 2 kun oldin
Now I want to know the numbers if you would have calculated it would break on normal places and hollow bats but Im too lazy to calculate it myself
unknown unknown
unknown unknown 2 kun oldin
Jesus Christ loves you.
ChiaroRiero 2 kun oldin
is there a discord server????
Squilliam Fancyson
Squilliam Fancyson 2 kun oldin
There's a cat sitting in my lamp while watching this... So meta MatPat.
John_ 5716
John_ 5716 2 kun oldin
Honey? Sounds like communist propaganda but ok
Alex R
Alex R 2 kun oldin
12:35 shoutout to xkcd
Eterna Phoenix
Eterna Phoenix 2 kun oldin
"Muscle is heavier than fat"....sure, if you're saying 2 pounds of muscle to one pound of fat. I think what you meant to say was "muscle is *denser* than fat". A pound of muscle and a pound of fat is the exact same, because they are both 1 pound. It's exactly like that trick question "what weighs more: a pound of feathers or a pound of rocks". Of course the first thought is rocks because...they're rocks. And feathers are light and fluffy and help most species of birds fly. Anyway, this has always been a personal pet peeve of mine.
nikki46922 2 kun oldin
matpat dhmis released a trailer called wakey wakey plz do a theory
Cypher NX
Cypher NX 2 kun oldin
You ended video with everyone dies again? coincidence? I think not!
Evan Schulte
Evan Schulte 2 kun oldin
Wakey wakey. Yes!!
Taglio Lorenzo
Taglio Lorenzo 2 kun oldin
Wakey wakeeey
Gala Polic
Gala Polic 2 kun oldin
All I really want to say is THANKS MAT FOR SAVING ME (soon hopefully) $300 DOLLARS ON MY NEW COMPUTER
BirdiWolf Studios
BirdiWolf Studios 2 kun oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-tkFpNVxzhTs.html. DHMIS just made a new vid, maybe you should see it...
Dofus Guy
Dofus Guy 2 kun oldin
hey game theorists can you do a theory about how hoopa is summoning legendaries from their timelines in oras
N/ A
N/ A 2 kun oldin
New theme song cool
Taniya Flanagan
Taniya Flanagan 2 kun oldin
do a theory on granny
Yo mat don't hug me I'm scared released a new video
Lucha Gonzales
Lucha Gonzales 2 kun oldin
And first to say new name
Ebony Aurius
Ebony Aurius 2 kun oldin
three minutes of advertisement.
Lucha Gonzales
Lucha Gonzales 2 kun oldin
New name
The Randomness!!
The Randomness!! 2 kun oldin
Mat Pat Don't hug me I'm scared has a new upload
Shane Peters
Shane Peters 2 kun oldin
Please make a new video< your my favourite UZvidr EVER!!!!!!
Fusion _foxy
Fusion _foxy 2 kun oldin
Do wake wakey theory by don’t hug me I’m scared
Azelia Malene Christensen
CAN YOU GUYS DO A THEORY ON "THE ARCANA - MYSTICAL ROMANCE" ? :) We might have started a few for you already x3 instagram.com/p/Bnyie0Vnemu/?taken-by=arcana_azelia instagram.com/p/Bm1oYTXHo6c/?taken-by=arcana_azelia
That a boy then GM down my guard 626
You need to make a Siri about the egg donor County game because you would do the Siri on the whole the whole because Wynot would be a good theory as reasons and can you ask leave wing yourself out of a hole
Alex Mojica
Alex Mojica 2 kun oldin
Racquets break all the time, just not for pros that get free raquets every match.
Stick Nodes Animator
Do a granny episode
Nailed It Nail art
Nailed It Nail art 2 kun oldin
Just wanted to let you know( you could of seen it already) that “don’t hug me I’m scared is coming out with another season.
Rowan Edwards
Rowan Edwards 2 kun oldin
Wakey wakey MatPat ,the guys are back in town and that town is Clayhill. Don't hug me im scared.