Game Theory: Sonic is Lying...AGAIN! (Sonic Mania)

The Game Theorists
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Sega may not be the gaming powerhouse it once was, but SONIC will forever be a classic video game hero. But despite the loving nostalgia I hold for Sonic, his games don’t always make the most sense. Chaos Emeralds, for example, are one of the more ridiculous aspects of any gaming franchise. Or are they? The idea behind chaos emeralds is that they’re powerful battery-like rocks. As crazy as that sounds, it’s a lot closer to reality than you might think!
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17-Sen, 2017

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The Game Theorists
Just to clarify... I'm not using the Sonic comics to "prove" the theory by any means. The conclusion that the Emeralds are quartz is based solely on evidence from the games: Color and Behavior. I'm then using the comic lore to draw parallels that I thought were interesting as I researched, like the radiation and compression machine. So the fact that the comic lore isn't canon doesn't have any actual bearing on the conclusion that I reached in the theory...or maybe the radioactive quartz means that lore is more canon than you might think... ;)
Lauren A
Lauren A 28 kun oldin
The Game Theorists f
Jane Tirado
Jane Tirado Oy oldin
The Game Theorists is the best
Dj Lydon
Dj Lydon Oy oldin
Also to add on the super saiyan thing, the first UNofficial appearance of ssj was in the Lord slug film, they just weren't sure about it. (May be wrong, going on memory here)
roger baby
roger baby Oy oldin
Oh snap
kayla Wimberley
kayla Wimberley Soat oldin
The red and blue could be Sapphire and Ruby
C H S 8 soat oldin
there not rocks there minerals
Rithvik Raju
Rithvik Raju 10 soat oldin
It is just a game man
Damon Marks
Damon Marks 14 soat oldin
Dark Shadow
Dark Shadow 18 soat oldin
Ya got me 0:38
The King Of Whyte
Why are chaos emeralds called what they are called instead of Chaos Quartz
piesel_ sport
piesel_ sport 3 kun oldin
Yeah but look what it looks like "sonic got all the (random crystals) diamonds, crystals, rubys, emeralds, irons, coals, golds
Seth Lim
Seth Lim 3 kun oldin
The new chaos emeralds are ya know from forces and mania are more like diamonds
Alexandra Delliou
Alexandra Delliou 3 kun oldin
T-Rexgaming 2456
T-Rexgaming 2456 3 kun oldin
Kintobor is robotnik spelled backwards lol
VioletJazz 35
VioletJazz 35 4 kun oldin
I love the JTV channel
HUNTER - Gaming
HUNTER - Gaming 4 kun oldin
Adam Melksham
Adam Melksham 4 kun oldin
The knuckles tribe called all gemstones "Emeralds" because they didn't know better P.S. THE ECLIPSE CANNON IS GERALD ROBOTNIK
Logan Johnson
Logan Johnson 5 kun oldin
Pokemon references. Pokemon references everywhere.
Kaleb Faulkner
Kaleb Faulkner 6 kun oldin
Good times
Kaleb Faulkner
Kaleb Faulkner 6 kun oldin
Remember when the chaos emeralds were drained and sonic turned into the werehog
Kaleb Faulkner
Kaleb Faulkner 6 kun oldin
In LEGO dimensions sonic needs enough studs to go super saien so it was quick to get gold and be invincible and if enemies touch you they die
Goku Uzumaki21
Goku Uzumaki21 6 kun oldin
Im just going to call them choas diamonds because they are shaped like diamonds
Peridot 6 kun oldin
TVG28 6 kun oldin
michael klosinski
michael klosinski 6 kun oldin
2 isn’t several...
Alli Swatsenbarg
Alli Swatsenbarg 7 kun oldin
You may be worth your weight in gold but are you worth your weight in red Beryl?
Sonic. ExE
Sonic. ExE 7 kun oldin
Sonic. ExE
Sonic. ExE 7 kun oldin
Can decrypt dis
Springtrap's Trap
Springtrap's Trap 7 kun oldin
I think they should be called the chaos Crystal's
Sonic. ExE
Sonic. ExE 7 kun oldin
Sonic.exe I said plz
Phillip The quiet ninja
Soooo... Chaos Quartz? BUM BUM BUMMMMMMMM!!!
I saw a reference to this in an OFFICIAL (crossover to mega man) comic where a robot was like Actually it's quartz
MasterMunipulator Wild
Mandrasics 99
Mandrasics 99 9 kun oldin
You are AMAZING!!! Thanks for everything
Teodora Cristina
Teodora Cristina 10 kun oldin
Well some steven universe fans must be around here...
King bear47
King bear47 10 kun oldin
The life of an Enderman
Not to be rude matpat but just leave the Chaos Emeralds alone and make sure that well just that Sonic is my Sonic Hood (childhood) so yeah piece
Garrett Johnson
Garrett Johnson 11 kun oldin
What about the master emerald please reply
Infinite Octopaw
Infinite Octopaw 11 kun oldin
video was sooooooo painful. After a 14 minute long video that felt like 40. it ended with you saying “Quartz Crystal are used in radios as a battery, therefore magic. So that’s what turns a hedgehog into goku. But heeey that’s just a theory... A GAME THEORY” Oof, this was bad. Like reeeeelly bad.
King Qazi bibstet5771- Beatboxer Brilliance,
sweeet pink
sweeet pink 12 kun oldin
You make me smarter
Barrett Taylor
Barrett Taylor 13 kun oldin
Ayarsız_Abi 14 kun oldin
Ayarsız_Abi 14 kun oldin
İts just a game -_-
Ayarsız_Abi 14 kun oldin
İts not important for me i love super sonic
Cindy Lam
Cindy Lam 14 kun oldin
Game theory: What are they? Me: They're rocks. Case solve
Crackshot Gaming
Crackshot Gaming 14 kun oldin
The short answer they all are emerald but somebody painted it
Guirlene Francois
Guirlene Francois 15 kun oldin
Give me those gem
EHAS :D 15 kun oldin
5:21 purple
ninja of fire 11
ninja of fire 11 15 kun oldin
Its Just a theorie a game theorie 😎
Megaloodon 15 kun oldin
// AzakiPlayz \\
// AzakiPlayz \\ 15 kun oldin
This just means quartz in the future will be rare
Cesar santiago.!
Cesar santiago.! 16 kun oldin
The chaos emeralds get their color from power and they are actually grey and clear and if a blue hedgehog is as fast as sound and a fox can fly then why can't emeralds be different colors also in a sonic x episode people find the purple chaos emerald and they clearly classify it as a emerald and diamonds can be shaped as emeralds so in the sonic universe emeralds are.commonly shaped as diamonds.sonics world is way different from our world so yeah maybe in our world that can't be real but in Sonics world it is so they are emeralds.
Diarminator Fallon
Diarminator Fallon 16 kun oldin
Quarts is common
Peridot 6 kun oldin
Yeah I agree