Game Theory: Sonic is Lying...AGAIN! (Sonic Mania)

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Sega may not be the gaming powerhouse it once was, but SONIC will forever be a classic video game hero. But despite the loving nostalgia I hold for Sonic, his games don’t always make the most sense. Chaos Emeralds, for example, are one of the more ridiculous aspects of any gaming franchise. Or are they? The idea behind chaos emeralds is that they’re powerful battery-like rocks. As crazy as that sounds, it’s a lot closer to reality than you might think!
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17-Sen, 2017

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The Game Theorists
Just to clarify... I'm not using the Sonic comics to "prove" the theory by any means. The conclusion that the Emeralds are quartz is based solely on evidence from the games: Color and Behavior. I'm then using the comic lore to draw parallels that I thought were interesting as I researched, like the radiation and compression machine. So the fact that the comic lore isn't canon doesn't have any actual bearing on the conclusion that I reached in the theory...or maybe the radioactive quartz means that lore is more canon than you might think... ;)
zsanaz007 3 oy oldin
Oh, alright
Do the Maths
Do the Maths 3 oy oldin
500th reply (and 1st useless one)
Aiko Atsume
Aiko Atsume 4 oy oldin
The Game Theorists works for me #gemcrazy
Chris Blair
Chris Blair 4 oy oldin
The Game Theorists k
Chris Blair
Chris Blair 4 oy oldin
The Game Theorists j
Chris Freeman
Chris Freeman 9 soat oldin
Liking the video right off the bat for the damn laugh XD
Minegamer 13
Minegamer 13 15 soat oldin
First u called it Cyan then u called it teel
David+Supreme 17 soat oldin
One big error of this theory, you're counting Archie Comics and Fleetways as an Universe canonic, when they're not official anymore
Zayan Shah
Zayan Shah 23 soat oldin
Andrew Bias
Andrew Bias 2 kun oldin
*When youre JUST about to THINK you can prove mattpat wrong, and then his face shows up again all, "blah blah blah sonic 2 1992." ._.* lol.
Rhonda Adams
Rhonda Adams 2 kun oldin
Sonic is from a different universe as well as the gems or emeralds
Squish Squash
Squish Squash 3 kun oldin
*Looks At My Huge Collection Of Quarts* >:3
Justin Coleman
Justin Coleman 4 kun oldin
Make a theory on how eggman outran sonic in sonic two in the death egg zone.
cuphead gaming
cuphead gaming 4 kun oldin
I have a sonic.exe screen saver.
Valentino Farrell
Valentino Farrell 5 kun oldin
At the start was any dbz fans like my life is lie then matpat pulled a syke on us lol
Swegolf 6 kun oldin
Thats me too!!!!! I feel like you are a spy... 1:45
Game.X.Alvin 7 kun oldin
Daniel Freitas
Daniel Freitas 7 kun oldin
Take a shot every time matpat says beryl...don’t you’ll die from alcohol poisoning because he says it so much 😂
Jayden Lopez
Jayden Lopez 7 kun oldin
Or you could spray paint a emerald
Maddie Carney
Maddie Carney 7 kun oldin
8:16 Bless you
BLACK DRAGON5573 10 kun oldin
You s***********
Mr. Midnight
Mr. Midnight 10 kun oldin
Well the mania was in black and white not color
IMDEMNEWBS 11 kun oldin
Oh mat pat you shouldnt use world of warcraft enemys in your sonic video
TwixPaw Games
TwixPaw Games 11 kun oldin
No their minerals!!
The Funny Eevee
The Funny Eevee 11 kun oldin
The chaos not a dragonball
labyrinth ending
labyrinth ending 12 kun oldin
Eggman invented the meme "pingas"
Kenneth Dean
Kenneth Dean 13 kun oldin
and gold
Kenneth Dean
Kenneth Dean 13 kun oldin
I was thinking on some photos with red chaos emeralds hmm looks copper the emeralds could be zanite ruby emerald diamond iron
Chloe Potter
Chloe Potter 18 kun oldin
I’ve been playing for years. I Never knew what they where called...
Naty Gonzalez
Naty Gonzalez 20 kun oldin
Opening plays* me:dances*
MissingNo. Gamer Bros
well theres another possibility. Maybe they just found the Green and Master Emeralds first, named it, than found the others and called tem "chaos emeralds" because it sounded cool? Maybe Sonic named them to sound cool? but thats just a theory please reply if its possible!
Aaron Cooper
Aaron Cooper 21 kun oldin
they are the sonic version of the infinity stones
Zander English
Zander English 21 kun oldin
Fine with buffer Fine with adds but ads buffer I suffer
Ronald Yancey
Ronald Yancey 22 kun oldin
All these dislikes are people who watched the first 30 seconds and heard mat say DBZ copied sonic then disliked then left
Ronald Yancey
Ronald Yancey 20 kun oldin
+David Andrews explain?
David Andrews
David Andrews 20 kun oldin
Ronald Yancey or it’s because the theory itself isn’t very good and has instances of leaping logic
Lil Yungster
Lil Yungster 22 kun oldin
I hate the way you say “chaos”.
Matapihi Timoko
Matapihi Timoko 22 kun oldin
A well you obviously narcissistic little gem called aquamarine that rules with a n iron fist
Nicholas DJV
Nicholas DJV 22 kun oldin
Sonic.exe theory
Oenone Lori Wistehuff
Do some Sonic unleashed
JEFFREY CIHLAR 22 kun oldin
Jade quartz
dark ninja 87
dark ninja 87 22 kun oldin
But can quartz make sonic go supersan
Muamer Hadžić
Muamer Hadžić 23 kun oldin
You made this Chanel one day after
Hashirama Senju
Hashirama Senju 24 kun oldin
My birthstone is a amethyst
Green SShirt
Green SShirt 24 kun oldin
Funny enough, real crystals can also be recharged by the power the earth and pass on their charge to living bodies
Wilby The Wizard
Wilby The Wizard 25 kun oldin
Hello! Anyone seeing this, I EXTREMELY need your help. I am trying to decode a mystery hidden within The Game Theorists accounts. There are two so far, both born very close together, so I believe that these are both owned by the same person, so unlikely fake. The accounts are: yroeht emag ot emocleW, and No more g. These accounts both have descriptions in them. yroeht emag ot emocleW has binary, No more g has HEX code. I have decoded both of them and emocleW says: Never Trust Mat Pat and Number 13 the key is in the number, No more g says: September 17. I am no expert and finding out these mysteries but I looked up September 17, and this video was apparently made September 17 of 2017, but this is as far as I have gone. It is currently night time for me, and because I am exhausted, I can no longer go any further into this. It would be of great help if you could try and find something that can help us figure this out together. Thanks for reading this, good luck.
xDeadx xRosex
xDeadx xRosex 25 kun oldin
You are my science teacher and math teacher now
Crazy NedyK Narod
Crazy NedyK Narod 26 kun oldin
Aquamarine is my birthstone
Danielle Lucas
Danielle Lucas 26 kun oldin
That means that the human that made tails is a furry so there are 2 tails because furrys have a tail already
Cameron Cook
Cameron Cook 26 kun oldin
But it's just a game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AmazingBurst 27 kun oldin
Nice video BUT Um............not to burst your bubble Game Theory but did research Magenta is a type beryl gemstone that is purple.............so.........um.........you have to probably make a video on this again.
awspen 27 kun oldin
sonic sigh
Retmispar 27 kun oldin
the story of chaos emeralds : Thanos : Oh crap man my gauntlet is off Nick Fury : Oh all mighty Gabe Newell let you nerf thy infinity stones, Gaben : My favorite class is the spy, some spies are blue you know what else is blue? Space stone and sonic. *proceeds to downgrade the stones without stand li's permission* (note i know its stan lee) Sonic : Thanos you're too slow!!
Bridger Hamm
Bridger Hamm 27 kun oldin
You should cover the crystal stars from Paper Mario Thousand Year door.
Serena Gachatuber
Serena Gachatuber 28 kun oldin
This is waht i know Red:Ruby Blue:Sapphire Green:Emerald Purple:Amethyst Yellow:Topaz White:Pearl???
David Andrews
David Andrews 20 kun oldin
Serena Gachatuber so what is Sonic? By that logic, how is Sonic or Amy a hedgehog? How is Knuckles an Echidna if their naturally brown, not red? The moment you bring colour into the question, the more you have to answer stuff outside of it, so that the theory and conclusion stay relevant
friend guest
friend guest 28 kun oldin
I think sonic was dreamin XD
Sedail 28 kun oldin
Thanos’s Car
Dulce Nogueron
Dulce Nogueron 28 kun oldin
Sonics better than dragonball z sonic coped dtagon ball z but sonic is a better
Ultra Luther
Ultra Luther 28 kun oldin
there was no pink chaos emerald in sonic mania, that was the phantom ruby.
Constantin Bredenbach
Well shirt
Constantin Bredenbach
In 1:46 the kid has a spot on his pants (boner)
Jared Hall
Jared Hall Oy oldin
you used the biohazard symbol, the radioactive symbol
Sapientae Productions
The chaos emeralds are not emeralds, and they don't have to be just because "emeralds" is in there title. Sega even mentioned it in sonic x, which I am not all together sure is cannon. It is merely a title. All it means is that they are minerals of power like the time stones.
David Andrews
David Andrews 20 kun oldin
Sapientae Productions SEGA has repeatedly stated that they are emeralds, and a video on UZvid will never change that. Only the creators can confirm what is canon
Sapientae Productions
Dr. Kintobar is Robotnik backwards.
Enderjora Oy oldin
What do you get when you combine an Emerald and Parkour? A Beryl Roll.
xXAlexJaja Oy oldin
Beam uThrow
Beam uThrow Oy oldin
These are wahat i think the chaos gems are emerald amythist white diamond aqua marine red ruby topaz and sapphire
Le Super Doggo
He spent 5 minutes of Tue video talking about gemstones and then said it's wrong
BigBoyVlogger Oy oldin
They’re the chaos now.
Gaming Rascals Studios
NO!! Chaos BARRELS 😆 k I'll stop....
Gaming Rascals Studios
Steven Universe Fans anyone? Emerald = Power --> A physical being = A gem powered life force = Steven Universe --> Emerald = 1 Chaos Emerald = Gold Sonic --> Power of a gemstone = Steven Universe Basics!!!! Just a side note :P
SP33DFR34K 26 kun oldin
That show sucks, and it's basically pro LGBT/Tumblr propaganda.
Keiran Harroun
well in this case i have about 2 pounds of chaos "emeralds"
Originalness By Paige
They mention in the mobile sonic games that tails real name is miles
It’s an idiot With a computer!
Si need mez some BLAZEEEEE
banana bear
banana bear Oy oldin
in the archie comics, scourge uses Anarchy beryl to transform into super scourge, to which sonic says "Ohno the chaos emeralds".(195)
Non-Ugandan Knuckles
Everything approved by Sonic Team can be considered canon, with the possible exception of the pre-reboot Archie Comics. Contradictions in the Sonic universe don't mean anything, as the Sonic games barely have any consistency at all. Having said that, in the games, the Chaos Emeralds are shown to naturally be a grayish/clear color, but they are changed to the seven different colors when they are filled with Chaos Energy. The Archie Comics originally portrayed all the Chaos Emeralds as green, and even specifically said the emeralds are made of beryl. Sonic the Comics also originally portrayed the Chaos Emeralds as green, and seems to indicate that emeralds are naturally green, but are changed different colors because of Chaos Energy. Adventures of Sonic and Sonic Underground also portray all the Chaos Emeralds as being green. The Sonic X comics, oddly enough, also portray all the Chaos Emeralds as green. The Sonic X anime has the Chaos Emeralds different colors, even when drained of Chaos Energy, but still states the emeralds are emeralds, despite not being green. The Chaos Emeralds are 100% emeralds. Not Quartz.
Yeah, yeah you did
Jennifer Baldridge
What's the mario power-up that makes mario the fastest?😏
Juan Barajas
Juan Barajas Oy oldin
Flykope Oy oldin
I love rocks as well, that’s why these types of episodes need to be done more Edit: quartz can store electricity, because of course it can
MD ISLAM Oy oldin
i have green quartz.... (touches it) (ded) IT FEELS.....NORMAL
Bwacha HD
Bwacha HD Oy oldin
Clock: It's 10:18 Quartz: It's actually 6:30 AM
DVerdux Oy oldin
i need a mind condom because i'm being mind-fucked right now
wendy white
wendy white Oy oldin
Ya sure quarts are common buuut it can charge other gems meaning you can he a gem charger
Princess Rana
Princess Rana Oy oldin
NO The red chaos emeralds is called red ruby!
Froakie roleplays
orange under the sea
"Come, come. Coming at you now." BUY ME DINNER FIRST
Plot twist Infinity stones
Hero of Kush
Hero of Kush Oy oldin
Dragon balls don’t give you super powers they grant wishes
WarriorFire97 Oy oldin
yes, but you can wish super powers
Anti Fell Nickname : Blue Raspberry {Star Sanes}
That’s the manga may I remind you the Mangas Have diffirent Things happen and diffirent Enemies and Stuff and diffirent release date than the original stuff like in the DBZ and DBS Series
Galaxy Kay
Galaxy Kay Oy oldin
Sean Robinson
Sean Robinson Oy oldin
The 7 infinity stones of sonic
Sean Robinson
Sean Robinson 20 kun oldin
+David Andrews sorry
David Andrews
David Andrews 20 kun oldin
Sean Robinson apart from colour, the chaos emeralds are quite different, not to mention that in the comics the Infinity Stones are called the “Infinity Gems.”
Syngamerpro YT
Chaos Freak
Chaos Freak Oy oldin
Man if Sega called them Emeralds these Gems are Emeralds, you think you know more about the Sonic Franchise than actual Cteators of the Franchise? I dont think so
filipeflower Oy oldin
+Non-Ugandan Knuckles Like I said.
Non-Ugandan Knuckles
The Chaos Emeralds are only different colors because of Chaos Energy. Naturally, they are a grayish color, which Matpat says Emeralds can be. They are also portrayed as being green in a lot of early Western media, including the Archie Comics and Sonic the Comic, which Matpat tries to reference as evidence that they aren't emeralds, despite these comics contradicting his claim that they aren't emeralds because they aren't green. It's clear that they *are* emeralds.
filipeflower Oy oldin
He's a bullshit theorist. What do you expect?
Turbo Pros
Turbo Pros Oy oldin
Crystals could be weapons because you can throw them!!!🤣🤣🤣
Brandon Kohler
The chaos "'emeralds'" come in GRAY color, though. NOT CLEAR. So, like, WWHHHAAAAT?
Lana Fails
Lana Fails Oy oldin
Pink and purple PINK and purple 7:07
Jason Parsons
Jason Parsons Oy oldin
What about the super emeralds in sonic 3 and knuckles the super emeralds are always Bing forgotten
David Andrews
David Andrews Oy oldin
Jason Parsons they’re spelled “chaos,” and the super emeralds, along with Sonic 3, are non canon. SEGA didn’t want the Superman problem by having gems that literally made Sonic a God.
Jason Parsons
Jason Parsons Oy oldin
Super emeralds are more powerful then kaos emeralds
MaxZaps Gaming
I can understand why they're called emerald, "Chaos Quarts" doesn't have a.....wait it has a much better ring to it. Somebody should be told Sega back then
Debbie Witt
Debbie Witt Oy oldin
Water TIGER Oy oldin
I'm getting serious Marvel Infinity Stone vibes from this, you feel?
Water TIGER Oy oldin
cool bro
David Andrews
David Andrews Oy oldin
Water TIGER the six infinity stones carry the abilities of their respective names, while all seven chaos emeralds turn thoughts into power, and are able to manipulate time, space, and reality by living beings using what’s known as “chaos control.” There’s a very clear difference between the two.
spider will
spider will Oy oldin
It seem to be the infinity stones
gregory yauman
not lying chaos emeralds just a trade name which dosnt have to be scientifically accurate
Goldepopface Oy oldin
Wait MatPat if gems have species and the stones mentioned at in a species are the Infinety Stones the same species
NintendoBoy37 Oy oldin
That's right they are Chaos DIAMONDS >:D
David Andrews
David Andrews Oy oldin
NintendoBoy37 emeralds can have diamond cute you dumbass