Game Theory: Sonic is Lying...AGAIN! (Sonic Mania)

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Sega may not be the gaming powerhouse it once was, but SONIC will forever be a classic video game hero. But despite the loving nostalgia I hold for Sonic, his games don’t always make the most sense. Chaos Emeralds, for example, are one of the more ridiculous aspects of any gaming franchise. Or are they? The idea behind chaos emeralds is that they’re powerful battery-like rocks. As crazy as that sounds, it’s a lot closer to reality than you might think!
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17-Sen, 2017



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The Game Theorists
Just to clarify... I'm not using the Sonic comics to "prove" the theory by any means. The conclusion that the Emeralds are quartz is based solely on evidence from the games: Color and Behavior. I'm then using the comic lore to draw parallels that I thought were interesting as I researched, like the radiation and compression machine. So the fact that the comic lore isn't canon doesn't have any actual bearing on the conclusion that I reached in the theory...or maybe the radioactive quartz means that lore is more canon than you might think... ;)
The robro
The robro 14 kun oldin
this is first game theory I've ever watched
Isaiah lewis
Isaiah lewis 29 kun oldin
Actually the dragon balls grant wishes
Joshua Paul kader
I wish I had your merch for free I have sega mega drive sonic teddies sonic mania and sonic pjs
Lauren A
Lauren A 3 oy oldin
The Game Theorists f
RIZE GARNETT 43 daqiqa oldin
mlgpap 109
mlgpap 109 7 soat oldin
Matpat: when does a aquamarine gemstone become a weapon of mass destruction or a weapon of minor annoyance Me: throws aquamarine gemstone
Jharmain Mortimer
Jharmain Mortimer 15 soat oldin
Theyre Diamonds
Raquel 317
Raquel 317 16 soat oldin
Why are you putting a fictional hedgehog in real life
danial david
danial david Kun oldin
you lied and i hate your video
Goku 2 kun oldin
sonic originaly came out 1981
Kahlo Miller-Morton
don't for get the master emerald
Islanda Avelyte
Islanda Avelyte 4 kun oldin
I always try to hum the first part of the intro like the start of megalovania xD
SUCCESS ful 4 kun oldin
Ok sonic was made before dragon ballz
Vincent Willson
Vincent Willson 5 kun oldin
The "Chaos Emeralds" are actually Choas Gemstone. Emerald= Gemstone. Topaz=Gemstone. Diamond=Gemstone. Ruby=Gemstone. Amythest=Gemstone. Citrine=Gemstone. Garnet=Gemstone. Beryl=Gemstone.
Vincent Willson
Vincent Willson 5 kun oldin
The "Chaos Emeralds" are are Choas Gemstones and the Master Emerald is a Master Gemstone. The real question is how can a gemstone from Sonic get that big??? HOW!?!!!??! Real Chaos Emerald name: Chaos Emerald Chaos Sapphire Chaos Topaz Chaos Diamond Chaos Ruby Choas Amythest
Orlando GAMING
Orlando GAMING 5 kun oldin
Shenron grants wishes
Michael Hayes
Michael Hayes 5 kun oldin
The chaos emeralds have unknown origin, they are from many ancient races, and the posses great power. and the way Shadow explains it, if the user has a 7 Chaos emeralds, they will grant "Unlimited power". with both sides of good and evil able to gain this power.
Johnny Tarpey
Johnny Tarpey 5 kun oldin
At 9:06 has anyone noticed that topaz is a shop
[GD] Vex
[GD] Vex 5 kun oldin
red emerald: ruby blue emerald: sapphire yellow emerald: topaz/amber purple emerald: amethyst cyan emerald: uhm, it might be turquoise. white emerald: diamond green emerald: ITS ALREADY THE EMERALD GODDAMNIT!
Eli Klein
Eli Klein 7 kun oldin
#rethinking life story
Keyten Doland
Keyten Doland 7 kun oldin
Ehh I don’t care I hate anima and dragon z
Michael Petrichenko
Damm that begining intro
G.S. 15
G.S. 15 7 kun oldin
I have a theory the time stones are quartz because of their time applications so mabye that is a factor
Danny Neyman
Danny Neyman 7 kun oldin
All of these gems in one episode and not a single Steven Universe reference... such a waste 😞
Michael Perkins
Michael Perkins 9 kun oldin
What Explaning Power Of a Gem You Explane a Fen Power Of the Moon and a Black hole So you can Not explane a Gem powers
Combat Creepers
Combat Creepers 9 kun oldin
7:26 Uhhh MatPat, might wanna get your vision checked. I don’t see any pink emeralds in Sonic Mania.
Chickadee Chicken
Chickadee Chicken 11 kun oldin
lol bross
lol bross 11 kun oldin
Lol xdxdxs :0
Helix EXE
Helix EXE 11 kun oldin
Remember MatPat: They can still all be emeralds because in the Archie Comics it states that only green emeralds come from Mobius and all of the other emeralds are from different planets. They all have different properties like the green emeralds normally transform sonic into super sonic, but the red emeralds make sonic and super sonic separate entities, with super sonic only wanting power. They can be emeralds but just with different minerals from different planets, thus changing their color. Game Theory Debunked! Thanks for reading.
Bartosz Sikora
Bartosz Sikora 12 kun oldin
The Purple Chaos Emerald Is Amethyst
Branden Armellino
Branden Armellino 13 kun oldin
I just call red barrel an ruby
markoson nineteen
markoson nineteen 13 kun oldin
Was​ that​ tom​ hardy?
RayBay 13 kun oldin
Video needs more dislikes
Corry B.
Corry B. 14 kun oldin
Sega was planning to do super sonic in sonic1 i talked to sega
Hotslime 14 kun oldin
Barrett Birks
Barrett Birks 14 kun oldin
ok, let's do this first, you are not funny with that opening, your just being a dick second, there IS NOT a pick Chaos Emerald in Mina, it's white third, this is the big one, if you really did do deep lore research of the comics, you would know Beryl is already a thing in the Sonic world, in Anti Mobius, it's called Anarchy Beryl, I'm so surprised you did not find that out, I didn't even know about the whole nuke thing, but you don't know about Anti Mobius? HOW!?
Stella Anderson
Stella Anderson 14 kun oldin
since u know about all these types of gems, u should make a film theroy about what types of gems would go on the infenety gotlant from marver infinity wars.
AquaticChaos 14 kun oldin
Not gonna lie, the end of the intro where you syke us out was funny. At least if I know how to correctly spell “syke, sike, whatever”
Alonso Rodriguez
Alonso Rodriguez 15 kun oldin
No it takes time to make a game
N00b1Sh G0dZ
N00b1Sh G0dZ 15 kun oldin
no no you didnt have me going there for a second
Dennis Rodriguez
Dennis Rodriguez 15 kun oldin
I am taking physics 2, I approve at least half of what was said here 😂😂😂
Rageelixir's#1 Fan
Rageelixir's#1 Fan 15 kun oldin
The diet temples are from Sonic Unleashed I love that game not diet Gia Gia not dying or Diet or dying I hate autocorrect is stupidest thing ever one of the stupidest things ever first stupidest thing ever is math class
madi self
madi self 15 kun oldin
it over9000!
Shahrul Le
Shahrul Le 16 kun oldin
This is like the infinity stones
agnieszka poterek
agnieszka poterek 16 kun oldin
You hat sonic
Hairy Octopus
Hairy Octopus 16 kun oldin
7:03 Isnt that violet?
Angela Arredondo
Angela Arredondo 17 kun oldin
I love your videos ples make more videos ples
MUISSB4 Brandon
MUISSB4 Brandon 18 kun oldin
I always called them chaos gems, but they could just be called emeralds because I'm pretty sure the master emerald is green, and they all come from it, I think Also they also give people superpowers, and can control space-time, can quarts?
Steele Doge
Steele Doge 18 kun oldin
SonicZ hedgehog
The Ink Splat
The Ink Splat 19 kun oldin
Yes matpat Emerald will be and always be green
Sword Master N.S.M
Sword Master N.S.M 19 kun oldin
Matpat Sonic is lying again can you give him a spanking for me
protizemo s
protizemo s 20 kun oldin
Hint: sonic wears shoes made by robotnik. What does robotnik use to power his machines? The emeralds.
WaterFlame The Fox/BluecoolSonic
They are Chaos Diamonds but are made from Emerald Diamond Ruby Quartz Crystal and Topaz and Amethyst Do you agree? Of course not. 😡
LEGO Maker
LEGO Maker 20 kun oldin
That’s why shadow uses the green one
Tavibabby pops
Tavibabby pops 21 kun oldin
Bec its a game nothings really real🤨😕
ThePacific 21 kun oldin
Nope They are Chaos Potatoes
Brennan Biermann
Brennan Biermann 21 kun oldin
so chaos quartz i guess?
Zarek Belt
Zarek Belt 21 kun oldin
Like the cake
JR MCGRIFSTER 21 kun oldin
I think the next sonic game should be about dr.robotnic trying to find all the chaos emeralds so he can put them all in a glove, and get rid of half the universe! Wait, is that already a thing?
Spike Ghost1000
Spike Ghost1000 21 kun oldin
So instead of "The Chaos Emeralds" it is really "The Chaos Quartz".
Erdi Roblox & More!
Erdi Roblox & More! 21 kun oldin
Watch this in 0.5 speed and it sounds like he is sleepy
stupid chan
stupid chan 21 kun oldin
But they live on Mobius....a lot of stuff is different there. But great theory!
Katsuki Bakugou
Katsuki Bakugou 22 kun oldin
Shiny things always get my attention Anything shiny gets my attention really...
Manifest x
Manifest x 22 kun oldin
A better name for chaos emeralds are the Quartz of Chaos
reporter142 games
reporter142 games 22 kun oldin
O no the aliens are terrorist for de world OMG SAVE DE WORLD AND SHADOW HAS A GUN EVERYONE GET DOWN!?!?!?!?!
chara19x and friends
Just call it the Anarchy beryl like in the comics
Aidan Marquez
Aidan Marquez 22 kun oldin
0:13 dragon balls grant wishes
Jennifer Maloy
Jennifer Maloy 23 kun oldin
Awsome Connie
Awsome Connie 23 kun oldin
ArayDark 24 kun oldin
No Dragon ball ripped it off sonic
Butch 24 kun oldin
11:12 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏
Butch 24 kun oldin
Theory idea: how did sonic become brown.....to blue? Dumb idea? Mkay
Moonowl gaming
Moonowl gaming 24 kun oldin
dbz ripped off sonic first
Ronna Strandlof
Ronna Strandlof 24 kun oldin
Even though they are called Chaos Emeralds, I always thought they were diamonds
Bratans LV
Bratans LV 24 kun oldin
Those chaos emeralds are like the 7 souls from Undertale
Butch 24 kun oldin
Bratans LV you mean the souls are like the chaos emeralds? Cuz undertale came out in 2015 and the chaos emeralds where in sonic 2 for the first time in 1992 so you said it backwards......sorry I’m a nerd 😂
scotty stevenson
scotty stevenson 24 kun oldin
I like the idea of the Thelma song
snop dogg fort night 634
Why are you talkin about Sonic and making me mad
Jack Attack
Jack Attack 25 kun oldin
Rose emeralds
AI Gaming
AI Gaming 25 kun oldin
Don't you think that the Sonic Universe might be a parallel universe from DBZ?
Aidan Roberts
Aidan Roberts 25 kun oldin
JackFlap PatMat
Aidan Roberts
Aidan Roberts 25 kun oldin
brandon buendia
brandon buendia 25 kun oldin
What are infinity stones?
Trae Tichy Yurick
Trae Tichy Yurick 26 kun oldin
By the way super sonic was in sonic 1
Enderman Slayer
Enderman Slayer 26 kun oldin
Wait I thought Sonic’s world is a parallel world to earth
Enderman Slayer
Enderman Slayer 26 kun oldin
So I have to admit you are pretty smart
Enderman Slayer
Enderman Slayer 26 kun oldin
Good you notice where I got my information from unlike most people
SSJR Dude 26 kun oldin
That's in Sonic X
Shadow Playz
Shadow Playz 26 kun oldin
11:12 that reminds me of something
The666Cipher 26 kun oldin
matt pat for once your WRONG your thinking of emeralds theise are CHAOS emeralds
MechaGodzilla Studios
MatPat, you are both right and wrong, the Chaos Emeralds debuted in Sonic the Hedgehog (Master System) before the Dragon Balls, but you are correct about Super Sonic’s form
Tanner McCoy
Tanner McCoy 27 kun oldin
Ggg man leg are broke
Jakk Hobbins
Jakk Hobbins 27 kun oldin
Gems 💎 aren’t a threat Yet. Maybe in the future technology will advance to the point where piezoelectric properties are no longer needed
TsundereDev 27 kun oldin
Original: Chaos Emeralds Subtitles: Kasimir
firestone rapid
firestone rapid 27 kun oldin
WAIT A MINUTE *Looks at **1:56* HOLY GOD... you keep a furry named crystal in your crystal collection XD... im fine with that
Lucy Mansur
Lucy Mansur 27 kun oldin
Fu sonic not ripinof
Chase Bragdon
Chase Bragdon 27 kun oldin
Uum it's the sonic universe so the emrololds can be any color
Chase Bragdon
Chase Bragdon 25 kun oldin
+xD Banana man oof
xD Banana man
xD Banana man 25 kun oldin
Chase Bragdon can you spell right lol emeralds is how you say it
Improv Plus
Improv Plus 27 kun oldin
Am I the only one who searched the song “Genie in a Bottle” and listened to the entire song after this episode? Only me? Oh. To make it up: I will tell a joke. What’s an Emerald’s favorite plane maneuver? A beryl roll! I’ll go now.
Sister 4 life Blogs
Improv Plus thank you
Zack Powell
Zack Powell 28 kun oldin
I think they look like infinity stones
ProductBasement 28 kun oldin
11:12 why does it have to be phallic
Doruk Özyörük
Doruk Özyörük 29 kun oldin
Hey game teory Soni exe sonic exe teory
Robin Rem
Robin Rem Oy oldin
Is coal the same species as diamond?
Alex Bester
Alex Bester Oy oldin
The emerelds are cristels
Cole Evans
Cole Evans Oy oldin
I like super sonic better then super sayin goku
Cutiepie Knight
I learned something about Pokémon To be honest I still have 5 or less Pokémon games
59 Master
59 Master Oy oldin
Some crystals are formed with heat, and other are with coldness, those cold ones are found in caves, but all need water and compression to form
April Eck
April Eck Oy oldin
Everyone I’m sry I love the game theorists but his theory is wrong don’t believe me go to Dillion Tomas he explains the whole thing Sonics world is different then ours so things can be different pls just go to Dillion Tomas(sry I meant go on yt on look up matpat lied about sonic then click the one that says Dillin Thomas made it
Pokeham YT
Pokeham YT Oy oldin
Why is this important lol I love this
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