Game Theory: Super Mario's BIGGEST Secret.....Literally

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I've talked a LOT about the height of Mario over the years. Game to game, pixel by pixel, I've worked out the FINAL answer...and a few more! Today Theorists, we are looking in to the many SIZES found in the Mushroom Kingdom. Who would win this battle of the builds? Let's find out!
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Fikrlar 23 799
Waluigi 8 oy oldin
Oh well, it doesn’t matter if I am not a playable character in smash, as long as I am the healthiest in the mushroom kingdom because of my sport habits! WAH HA HA HA!
Gr8est Funnygum
Gr8est Funnygum 25 kun oldin
Ray Ray Beam dip
Ray Ray Beam dip 26 kun oldin
BIaze God
BIaze God 27 kun oldin
You are my favorite Mario character!
John Ezekiel Eaton
I think you must say waaluwigi than whahaha! I'm I right
Water Bottle
Water Bottle Oy oldin
Waluigi you’re a support character
Emerald KingYT
Emerald KingYT 8 soat oldin
Waliugi Is number wah Y'all get the joke One and Wah Nevermind
Emerald KingYT
Emerald KingYT 8 soat oldin
Did they name Yoshi after Yoshiaki
Slotho !
Slotho ! Kun oldin
In the bmi part he used the lazerbeams old outro music
SonikJay Kun oldin
who else noticed that part of the video is lazarbeams outro
ShadowMask God/dess of LGBT, Leader of ShadowRealm
“I’m hanging out in the closet” ~MatPat/Mathew Patrick “Me too, Mat, me too, It’s called being LGBT+.”
Catalina Lira
Catalina Lira 3 kun oldin
11:53 What music is that?
Chemical Yoshi63
Chemical Yoshi63 3 kun oldin
Before anyone starts asking about Yoshi I have figured it out that he is just about normal. Because he as a weight of 60kg and a height of 1.75m which is just about in the green.
Tadhg Mccabe
Tadhg Mccabe 4 kun oldin
I always feel bad for waluigi . Hes never in any mario games apart from mario kart and mario tennis
Operated Doodles
Operated Doodles 5 kun oldin
Undertake Puzzle XD
Rotton Apple Queen 1234
TopHatMax 82
TopHatMax 82 6 kun oldin
Mat now that you have done the Mario heights can you do the overwatch heights?
Kianna 7 kun oldin
Draogon 7 kun oldin
Bridget Asterisk
Bridget Asterisk 8 kun oldin
I've been repeating the 1st 10 seconds cause it's so funny help I need to see the actual video, not luigi's weight god damn it
Bomb Boom
Bomb Boom 8 kun oldin
How heavy is yoshi though?
Alex Davis
Alex Davis 8 kun oldin
i play nintendocraft now instead of minecraft Edit: can i use robux to pay?
DARknight 8 kun oldin
Anyone else watching this intro after the announcement of FNAF VR?
Dark Ice
Dark Ice 9 kun oldin
6:44 ultimate t-pose
Morx Official
Morx Official 9 kun oldin
Shame, matpat. No reference to 10ft wario.
Maxime Lafrenière
Maxime Lafrenière 10 kun oldin
6:31 Mario Kart Wii bring them all, into one place... LET'S BURN THEM LIKE IN FNAFPS!
ConnorConnor 10 kun oldin
so i'm obese
DerpyDoip 10 kun oldin
Lazarbeam intro 11:35
Zoran 10 kun oldin
Haha now we're paying for updates.
Unpolished Artist
Unpolished Artist 13 kun oldin
commercials before the video: we'll show you that you'll die if you text! Now here's a happy ad about something that makes it easier to fill water balloons! .....I just wanted to watch a game theory Q_Q
GoodGachaGamer37 13 kun oldin
Mario is taller then my mom 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Silva Animations
Silva Animations 14 kun oldin
BUt RoBbIe RoTtEn Is NuMBeR OnE
Eagle Tamer
Eagle Tamer 14 kun oldin
he said he finished FNAF. i don’t think so. he can never stop making FNAF theories
Adeline Sexton
Adeline Sexton 14 kun oldin
Hey Angel
Hey Angel 15 kun oldin
With Rosalina being so high I think the true father should be waliugi
Awsome Connie
Awsome Connie 15 kun oldin
Raymond Flores
Raymond Flores 16 kun oldin
What happen to Yoshi
Boom 16 kun oldin
Hell yeah
Raz Razerr
Raz Razerr 17 kun oldin
They all weigh more than me
Cyan Dreams
Cyan Dreams 18 kun oldin
Be nice to Rosalina!
Apoxiosis 19 kun oldin
sorry, the unit in the game is measured in distance m, marios, not meters. good try though matpat
Abcppp Seem
Abcppp Seem 19 kun oldin
Wah and *WAH* again
The Cat Bros 932
The Cat Bros 932 19 kun oldin
*wah noises*
The World Is A Dream
Spencer McClure
Spencer McClure 19 kun oldin
You're assuming that the weight of the characters is entirely fat. Most of the characters, especially Luigi, don't remotely look like they're 'obese'. Except for Wario, who legitimately does look obese...but you gotta consider that he does show an impressive sized muscle as part of his arm whenever he flexes and is seen working out quite a bit, most notably in the boss fights in his WarioLand games. Considering their continuous displays of athletic abilities, it makes far more sense that their great weight has more to do with muscle than with fat, something that health experts openly admit the BMI scale doesn't take into account.
MLP-Hot-Rod 20 kun oldin
Is that actually Baby Ollie at 8:04? Mat, he's gorgeous!
Mobile Daily
Mobile Daily 21 kun oldin
Here’s one for u mat pat If our eyes see light and light is made from colours and everything is made from colours and so is the LGBTQ’s flag that means everything is gay but hey that’s just a theory a gay theory
Beth Davidson
Beth Davidson 21 kun oldin
Did I hear right or did you say YOU HAVE A NEW CHILD TO DEAL WITH!!!! CONGRATS ( I know it's late and let's get that over with before society kills me 😂)
Dalila Kalaba
Dalila Kalaba 22 kun oldin
Fnaf is back 0:49
Alonso Benitez
Alonso Benitez 22 kun oldin
4:56 MatPat is a sell out!!!
Stevie Seaton
Stevie Seaton 23 kun oldin
Colin Martel
Colin Martel 23 kun oldin
Even though the King of Wa isn't in smash he somehow is the most fit
Daniel Stevenson
Daniel Stevenson 23 kun oldin
I weigh the same as wario but I am 6'8".... what does that mean? Am I morbidly obese? Why am I learning about the US public health system from a game theory video? We may never know. BUT THATS JUST A THEORY A GAAAAAAAAAAME THEEEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOORRRRRRY THANKS FOR READING seriosuly worried about my health. I am 13 and I think I have Gigantisism.
Madison Hill
Madison Hill 24 kun oldin
MatPat: Im finally done with fnaf Me, an intellectual: *laughs hysterically* oh MatPat, how wrong you are. I have a feeling your going to have many, many more headaches ahead
Will Brady
Will Brady 24 kun oldin
Who remember the wario is 15 feet tall episode.....
The Lak Soldiers
The Lak Soldiers 25 kun oldin
gabby Elim
gabby Elim 25 kun oldin
damn y’know waluigi taller than lEbROn jAmES
GaLLaS the SaNic FaNBOy
I did some math using his model from Mario Strikers and found out Waluigi has an 8-10 in pp
Gaming Vegan
Gaming Vegan 26 kun oldin
a BMI is not reliable. My mom has been put as underweight when she isn't.
Ray Ray Beam dip
Ray Ray Beam dip 26 kun oldin
Yup that's why walauigi is my favorite.
Tanner McCoy
Tanner McCoy 27 kun oldin
How tall is browser and how much to kill the moon
Tanner McCoy
Tanner McCoy 27 kun oldin
How much is Mario burn fat
Hectonite 967
Hectonite 967 27 kun oldin
Ummmmm.... This is Mario higher with a HAT
Lyra Saruman
Lyra Saruman 27 kun oldin
BIaze God
BIaze God 27 kun oldin
Have you heard of Mr lemoncello's library?
Ruth Bibeau
Ruth Bibeau 28 kun oldin
i took it to far sorry...
Ruth Bibeau
Ruth Bibeau 28 kun oldin
and waahhh is not a victory waahh
Ruth Bibeau
Ruth Bibeau 28 kun oldin
it goes like this the waahhhh the waahhhh
Caramel Bear
Caramel Bear 28 kun oldin
HEJWJDIWIFJWIE you forgot about Daisy ;-;
Shadowwin 72
Shadowwin 72 28 kun oldin
WolfGirlWild 28 kun oldin
I have an idea! I'm gonna get a black/green collar for one of my cats (probably the male one, mocha) and put the game theory pin on it so it matches :3
Mekachi Shika
Mekachi Shika 29 kun oldin
Did you find the height of the heels the 2 princesses have? Might change it..
lazer gamer
lazer gamer 29 kun oldin
matpat's in the closet
Luking Lex
Luking Lex 29 kun oldin
Who actually snaps to the intro song?
Luking Lex
Luking Lex 29 kun oldin
I do!
Landon Reinsmith
Pls make a book bag
Hey Ryan! YT
Hey Ryan! YT Oy oldin
U FORGOT THE ONE AND ONLY...... Toad. 1 like equals =1pray for toad
Hey Ryan! YT
Hey Ryan! YT Oy oldin
Oveja Chachi
Oveja Chachi Oy oldin
it's a cold and it's a broken wallelujaaaahhhh
Emmy Havener
Emmy Havener Oy oldin
I figured out my BMI and it’s 17.6. If you wanna check my math I’m 1.6 meters y’all and 45 kg.
Jack 51
Jack 51 Oy oldin
Yep cringey intro and cringey voice this is definitely a game theory video.
Roosco Studios
Is yoshi healthy? We know that at least we know that yoshi is 107.25 pounds
Frostuis Celus
What about the Mushroom Kingdoms gravidy
Do a call of duty treyarch zombies aether story line theoy
DatFortniteKid _XD
why is lazarbeams music in this?????
DatFortniteKid _XD
me waluigi i will rule the wah verse
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez Oy oldin
Lazarbeam theme
Noah Oy oldin
Mario is about as tall as me lol
Noah Oy oldin
Waluigi IS #1.
Noah Oy oldin
PinkPixel Productions
Wow, guess Rosalina has a tall man. Wah ha ha! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
shakez 101
shakez 101 Oy oldin
Wouldn't it problem mean waluigia is the dad of rosealina
Zain thePoopStain
Guess what........mat pats cringe level is -10000000000 and don't touch read more You sneaky bitch
Joseph Buck
Joseph Buck Oy oldin
Can anyone else tell a video game from a movie just by a screen shot?
Nathan .s
Nathan .s Oy oldin
Tail-end of summer 😂😂😂😂😂
Oof Anchorman
Oof Anchorman Oy oldin
Waluigi is a skinny legend ❤️
Team OP
Team OP Oy oldin
In Super Mario Galaxy 1, Rosalina’s story stated her father wore a red hat, thus confirming what Nintendo has lead us to believe for the entire history of Mario’s main love interest. Mario and Peach are the official parents of Rosalina.
J y J viramontes
Mario can pick up a castle easy
lars beem
lars beem Oy oldin
What is that song at 1:00
Kode_2005 Oy oldin
ranger red
ranger red Oy oldin
Who els read the fan wiki
Study Guide
Study Guide Oy oldin
In the Wario Waft video: Wario measured 10 feet In this video: Wario measured 5’9 feet
Thomie Oy oldin
Im 155cm too
Thomie Oy oldin
1:00 roblox tail! XD
Ggman2002 Goudeos
Git gud Nintendo
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