Game Theory: Super Mario's BIGGEST Secret.....Literally

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I've talked a LOT about the height of Mario over the years. Game to game, pixel by pixel, I've worked out the FINAL answer...and a few more! Today Theorists, we are looking in to the many SIZES found in the Mushroom Kingdom. Who would win this battle of the builds? Let's find out!
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Fikrlar 23 213
Waluigi 3 oy oldin
Oh well, it doesn’t matter if I am not a playable character in smash, as long as I am the healthiest in the mushroom kingdom because of my sport habits! WAH HA HA HA!
titus37 playz
titus37 playz Kun oldin
I am only commenting here cause i wanted to bee the 500th comment
Waluigi Board
Waluigi Board Oy oldin
Byron Weeks
Byron Weeks Oy oldin
uganda knuckles your jam is my jam we are fam yeet yeet man
Wall luigi I'm high yet I'm not tall HOW
Andrew Bezuk-Greig
Waluigi why are you laughng
William Lavine
William Lavine 3 soat oldin
I am 86 lbs I do not get it
Candy St
Candy St 4 soat oldin
Not clickbait
Candog 17 soat oldin
00:48 boy were you wrong
lel products YT
lel products YT Kun oldin
titus37 playz
titus37 playz Kun oldin
*puts up hand* ✋ 2:37
JoaoG R
JoaoG R Kun oldin
be a giant: if you're not really tall, you must be really fat!
Charles Carter
Charles Carter Kun oldin
Brandon Rivera
Brandon Rivera Kun oldin
What is the name of the genre of the music used at 9:00...i love it
PalBro Fella
PalBro Fella 2 kun oldin
The claim that Waluigi's "official" height is the impediment for him to be in SSB is nonsense for too many reasons I won't list here. You pulled that off your...imaginative mind and you know it. C'mon man. If Ridley isn't too big for Smash, then Waluigi isn't either. They're simply resized to fit. Compare Mario's height with Pauline's in Odyssey. If Mario is 1.55 meters tall, then is Pauline over 3 meters tall? "Official height" doesn't apply too much in these videogames. I know you just have to come up with content, but don't force it like this (Though you've been doing it for years now and make a living off of it). I just came to see this admerch soaked video 'cause you brainwashed my friend to believe Waluigi wasn't in Smash because of his height, thanks, now I have to go reeducate him.
Bendrict Pelletier
Bendrict Pelletier 2 kun oldin
I'm kinda shocked MatPat watches Dunkey
koopa troopa
koopa troopa 2 kun oldin
U forgot warios height and Yoshi's weight
koopa troopa
koopa troopa 2 kun oldin
And Daisy's weight
LUIGISONIC fan 2 kun oldin
My fav. CHARACTERS are Luigi sonic and oilmar.
Emmy Reaper
Emmy Reaper 3 kun oldin
My BMI is 4 and im 10 im underweight
Rose Bygrace
Rose Bygrace 3 kun oldin
Luigi at the beginning:sorry Mario a had taco Bell and... Oh...
it is i 999 im only in ot for the mony
Ok, it says I'm overweight, but does it include muscle?
Flu -Unwiserharp4-
Flu -Unwiserharp4- 5 kun oldin
The beginning is cringey
Sc0ut 5 kun oldin
Am I the only one that didn't know matpat was a dadpat
Aidan Abrahamson
Aidan Abrahamson 5 kun oldin
Good... but it's pronounced Rose-a-lina, not Roz-a-lina. Trust me, I watched a video about it. BUT GREAT VID!
John_McCartney 5 kun oldin
Does anyone else hear Lazaebeam's end song at 12:00
Blow Pop
Blow Pop 6 kun oldin
Is no one addressing the fact that matpat has a small human! That is sooo freaking cute!
Extinct_Ultra 7 kun oldin
SimsRour 7 kun oldin
Omg this channel should be on TV I swear I’d watch it everyday😂😂💓
The Silver River
The Silver River 8 kun oldin
I’m scared to scroll through the comments because I know there are at least 20,000 gay comments in here when he talked about hiding in the closet. So please- take my comment as a warning. RUN
Lizzabell 72
Lizzabell 72 8 kun oldin
So wario is not 10 feet tall?
GGGaming Espinoza
GGGaming Espinoza 9 kun oldin
I ship it Rosalina and Waluigi
Rain Mabon
Rain Mabon 9 kun oldin
HeLL YEAH videogamedunkey SHOUT OUT!!!
Sam's Channel531
Sam's Channel531 9 kun oldin
I call Waluigi Mr. G. Try and figure out why.
the l33t hamm3rbro
the l33t hamm3rbro 10 kun oldin
Me when i heard the conclusion for this video.... Waah???
anyone know where i can find the background song that starts playing at 8:40 ? Great video
Doge Jose
Doge Jose 10 kun oldin
11:06 oh look it’s lazarbeams outro
weegingercooper 10 kun oldin
11:53 Lazarbeam outro
animator/meme boi
animator/meme boi 10 kun oldin
Cory joins the house
Nathan Luce
Nathan Luce 11 kun oldin
DespacitoGamer420 11 kun oldin
Victoria Hall
Victoria Hall 11 kun oldin
It's 5 foot 11 inches
Diamond sword rabbits
I feel old I still play Mario cart WII lol it still good 👌👌👌👌👍👍
Alexander Cuneo
Alexander Cuneo 11 kun oldin
and toad
Alexander Cuneo
Alexander Cuneo 11 kun oldin
what about yoshi
rainbowpenguin72 11 kun oldin
Nice tpose
rainbowpenguin72 11 kun oldin
Puns.... So..... Many....
Joshops 12 kun oldin
Should be noted that the BMI scale is flawed. For example, my dad almost couldn’t join the marines due to his BMI saying he was overweight. He was a weight lifter and wrestler for a while. BMI doesn’t account for muscles. But ya know this was still funny.
abraham lincoln
abraham lincoln 12 kun oldin
One word........... Knack
Bryce Cain
Bryce Cain 13 kun oldin
jacob g
jacob g 13 kun oldin
He stole lazarbeam theme song
Mr. Swank Dad
Mr. Swank Dad 13 kun oldin
Wtf? I thought wario was 10ft? Wow mat pat why you lie to us?
Sufyan Ahmad
Sufyan Ahmad 13 kun oldin
music at 11:53???
Hammad Ali
Hammad Ali 2 kun oldin
Shake Down - Jules Gaia or Gavin Luke
Juanita B
Juanita B 13 kun oldin
Super Mario 64 2: Waluigi’s throne confirmed (look at the weight)
Chaoshotfire 13 kun oldin
William Bryant
William Bryant 13 kun oldin
Sufyan Ahmad
Sufyan Ahmad 14 kun oldin
does anyone have the music MatPat uses in his videos?
Bianca Blanco
Bianca Blanco 14 kun oldin
*WAlUigI iS DaDDy*
Ben drowned
Ben drowned 14 kun oldin
I mean seriously, they put in a freaking plant but not Waluigi.
LukeW 14 kun oldin
How can you get this wrong MatPat?!?! Wario is 10 feet tall.
Erick Arreola
Erick Arreola 14 kun oldin
I have much frinds
Erick Arreola
Erick Arreola 14 kun oldin
#luigi is fat
Niko Wells
Niko Wells 14 kun oldin
It baby pat is not careful he will be getting a snack and a half
Bryan Chun
Bryan Chun 15 kun oldin
Matpat is wrong we are the best Delis. -This post was made by the Italian Deli Gang
jadaiah arrigo
jadaiah arrigo 15 kun oldin
what about YOHSI?
Biddybap A.K.A.BradyTEM
How could Mario Odyssey be picked apart by the end of last October when it WAS RELEASED at the end of last October?
PulsereaperX 15 kun oldin
Cool theory. However, bmi doesn't include lean body mass or percent body fat meaning muscles aren't being calculated, making it a little innacurate but seeing as though getting muscle mass from a video game character is impossible, it'll do for now. At least until we know how much each character can bench.
Paolo Productions
Paolo Productions 15 kun oldin
6:50 why is everyone T posing
Michael Schini
Michael Schini 15 kun oldin
*TheWallBehindYou* 16 kun oldin
Katie Pollin
Katie Pollin 16 kun oldin
•Bunny- Chii•
•Bunny- Chii• 16 kun oldin
He got legs for days
•Bunny- Chii•
•Bunny- Chii• 16 kun oldin
My plan become a head person at Diet Coke and sponsor mat pat
#Kitty Meow-Meow
#Kitty Meow-Meow 16 kun oldin
How much monkeys are on your back, MatPat!...TELL ME
Galaxy X
Galaxy X 17 kun oldin
lynda rogers
lynda rogers 17 kun oldin
Who has noticed on super Mario bros u there is super Luigi bros
DILLTAMA cipher 17 kun oldin
Franco Zamora
Franco Zamora 17 kun oldin
Thats why he's so great at tennis
97mrmarioman 17 kun oldin
But what about the mushroom kingdoms gravity? The fact mario and friends jump so high indicate low gravity which means you would evolve to be heavier
James Plays
James Plays 18 kun oldin
Oh shoot
Max Tube
Max Tube 18 kun oldin
I died at the intro
Mgibbygibson24 Gibson
Love the dunky shoutout
luna gacha
luna gacha 18 kun oldin
zx19 18 kun oldin
puggaming#1 19 kun oldin
Wario to no ones surprise is 330 lbs Much surprise
fizy tuberk
fizy tuberk 19 kun oldin
Lol ♪♪mama me yaaaaaaaaa♪♪♪♪♪ XD
Christopher suazo
Christopher suazo 20 kun oldin
Why ist DK here he is 8ft tall an weight is 800 pounds
Cupcake 007 'Animates'
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Kirby Z
Kirby Z 20 kun oldin
But MatPat! These ratings are incorrect! bb Peach & bb Rosalina are listed with a w8 value of 0! Clearly they have MASS! THIS SHOULD NOT BE POSSIBLE!!!
Nikolas Guilherme
Nikolas Guilherme 20 kun oldin
I know why Waluigi and Magikarp don't is playable in smash
Nikolas Guilherme
Nikolas Guilherme 20 kun oldin
Because you can't defeat gods
Alysa Gerber
Alysa Gerber 20 kun oldin
Mario: What!!!! I’m Obese!!!!!!!!! Noooooooooo!!!!!!!! 😭 😩
Hans Aavatsmark
Hans Aavatsmark 20 kun oldin
BMI is also a small bug that lives at the bottom of a river.
Bobi Arci
Bobi Arci 21 kun oldin
Waluigi is roselina dad that's the real secret reveal
Sweet Smiggles
Sweet Smiggles 21 kun oldin
Kris and Bat
Kris and Bat 21 kun oldin
What was that dr. Mario intro
ur father andy
ur father andy 20 kun oldin
i know right that was so weird
Sceptile_Bro 360
Sceptile_Bro 360 21 kun oldin
Am I the only one who measured my own bmi score? I actually got 16.25 dear god I'm in need of nutrition
goodthunder Playz
goodthunder Playz 21 kun oldin
1:11 213 i must say nice thumbnail/click bait
Enzo Devil
Enzo Devil 21 kun oldin
Waluigi is number one
Puppy Lover17
Puppy Lover17 22 kun oldin
I got a mario kart ad on this video
Jack8055 22 kun oldin
Did anyone else not know he had a kid (baby pat)
Antimatterstudios 22 kun oldin
What Mario is shorter than my 13 year old self
TheHolton95 22 kun oldin
Ya when is mass effect part 2 happening? TF
John Cena
John Cena 22 kun oldin
What's the music at 12:00?