Game Theory: Super Mario's BIGGEST Secret.....Literally

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I've talked a LOT about the height of Mario over the years. Game to game, pixel by pixel, I've worked out the FINAL answer...and a few more! Today Theorists, we are looking in to the many SIZES found in the Mushroom Kingdom. Who would win this battle of the builds? Let's find out!
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Waluigi 23 soat oldin
Oh well, it doesn’t matter if I am not a playable character in smash, as long as I am the healthiest in the mushroom kingdom because of my sport habits! WAH HA HA HA!
UltraDoesMC 15 soat oldin
Waluigi you're pretty neat
Hypno 15 soat oldin
Yeah "Sports Habits"
Drake Caudill
Drake Caudill 15 soat oldin
If waluigi was a playable character in Smash, he'd be my favorite
Xavier Smith
Xavier Smith 15 soat oldin
Zeke Chan
Zeke Chan 15 soat oldin
Daddy is that you
Miles Donahue
Miles Donahue Soat oldin
Wah! Waluigi is the best!
Imbadatnames 2
Imbadatnames 2 Soat oldin
Us nerds have won we are trending #1
Regular Scrub
Regular Scrub Soat oldin
NICE #1 on trending
Bleach Soat oldin
Regular Scrub NICE NOBODY CAR3S!
Carlos De Leon
Carlos De Leon Soat oldin
Row-salina not Raw-salina 😕
Querez Soat oldin
"Waluigi is #1"? Is that some kind of Lazytown reference?
Henri Mckeowm
Henri Mckeowm Soat oldin
You didn’t account for shoes
Sweet Kandi
Sweet Kandi Soat oldin
the princess are underweight oof oh dear
wildly supreme
wildly supreme Soat oldin
Add me on PS4: CurryKingXi_V2 for free games and dlc!
Bananaman 3014YT
Bananaman 3014YT Soat oldin
Nice job matpat u got #1 on trending
CKR Soat oldin
So whatever happened to that guy who killed himself??????? Was that just a prank?!
godlygoldzi Soat oldin
7:41 he allso died at age 22
Bob The Gamer
Bob The Gamer Soat oldin
The intro tho
Rob Leffler
Rob Leffler Soat oldin
MatPat.. Great video! Glad you finally figured out the heights, the weights though, shouldn't they be in a range since it's apparent rounding was used? And while we are at it.. I have to call shame on you for using the very unscientific health standard of BMI. You see, BMI assumes that all all people are built similarly and have similar fat to muscle ratios.. But consider this UFC fighter and WWE superstar Brock Lesnar is 6'3" 286 lbs, for a severely obese BMI of 35.75. It's safe to say that by just looking at the guy, he is probably below the 11-22% body fat range that is deemed as healthy for a 41 yo male, and definitely below the 22% and 28% thresholds for overweight and obese respectively. Also, body types matter. I am 6'1" but have short legs and a long torso, therefore I am naturally heavier than other men my height (which means greater BMI) even though my body fat % is actually lower. TL;DR please stop using the unscientific BMI as a measure of health.
Vanessa Rose
Vanessa Rose Soat oldin
Please restock the journal :((
JoeSloppyJoe Soat oldin
how about a new channel, Product Theory where you try to determine the flavors of products, like Cool Blue Gatorade is Mandarin Oranges?
Charlie Lucas
Charlie Lucas Soat oldin
Hose_ 10
Hose_ 10 Soat oldin
Wario is 10 feet tall lol.
Can I get some subs I cut my leg open
DCFgv Ghggb
DCFgv Ghggb Soat oldin
Sorry I have to say this at around about 11:56 lazarbeams theme goes on in the background I know it’s not is song and there’s nothing bad about matpad using the song there both great youtubers with enough brain cells to start UZvid beef i just wanted to say that ( sorry for rambling one, have a good day)
ddoogg88 tdog
ddoogg88 tdog Soat oldin
Make Mario rulers
Do you really have a kid?1
caitlyn s
caitlyn s Soat oldin
ThePopularExplodingMineCart yeah, the baby was born in early july
Enzo Ciolfi
Enzo Ciolfi Soat oldin
ABA Shortfilms
ABA Shortfilms Soat oldin
Great vid
Joe Puthenveetil
Joe Puthenveetil Soat oldin
make another petscop video Matpat
Dreamer_101 Soat oldin
*can you imagine walugi just walking into your room that tall*
AnimeKahu '-'
AnimeKahu '-' Soat oldin
Number One Trending Let's Go!!!!!
Nicola Bingham
Nicola Bingham Soat oldin
u must like earthbound
My name is not Coupe
I tricked myself into thinking Ronnie edited this :(
Laneybug Lindh
Laneybug Lindh Soat oldin
Dear The Game Theorists, I have a couple FNAF pictures I would like to show you, but how do I contact?
focustap Soat oldin
#1 on trendinggggg favorite YT channel lol
BaggiBoi Soat oldin
dare i say it...... _mood_
Sharp Chivers
Sharp Chivers Soat oldin
Saw it coming for Peach and Daisy because I too am close to their height and weight (I'm 1m84 for 62kg) and I'm underweight according to the BMI. Maybe I should cosplay one of them.
Ardheshwar Singh
Ardheshwar Singh Soat oldin
Do a theory on THE LAST MAN ON EARTH
Tyler Martin
Tyler Martin Soat oldin
Sarah P1330
Sarah P1330 Soat oldin
This is my last video till my school starts
Owen Loughlin
Owen Loughlin Soat oldin
0:57 Nice one, MatttPattttt
Hunter GoodSmith
Hunter GoodSmith Soat oldin
You know how, for the first FNaF episode, MatPat did a poll between that and Slenderman? I think it's safe to say you can do that Slender theory now. Heaven knows you've done enough FNaF...
Derail07 Soat oldin
Pointless bullshit video...
Gandorf The gamer
6:45 t-pose evolution
pegasBaO23 Soat oldin
Except BMI doesn't distinguish between muscle and fat.
evilgirl 54
evilgirl 54 Soat oldin
Come on coke, you gotta sponsor this guy, he's desperate!
Brittany Ha
Brittany Ha Soat oldin
Congrats on #1 on trending!
TheCreepypro Soat oldin
this episode was going so well and then you brought the bmi into it without any disclaimers you were super worried about baby weights but the bmi? no need to worry about that right? even though it is not an exact science or accurate remember according to the bmi both Tom Cruise and Will Smith or not healthy and I think everyone can plainly see without the bmi how healthy they are so sorry gonna take that last part of the video with a couple of pounds of salt if you know what I am saying...
Summer_Fox04 Soat oldin
MatPat is coming out of the closet after being in for so long. Kill me now Note: That was a joke. Please do not.
Jocelyn Florez
Jocelyn Florez Soat oldin
If I see anyone over 10 wearing “Theorist wear”, I will immediately kill myself.
Maria Ryann
Maria Ryann Soat oldin
I'm sorry to say this Mat, but you're wrong about Mario's height and weight. Mario is approximately 6'6" and he weighs approximately 250 pounds. I can say this because I actually WAS Mario for a local Nintendo event yesterday. Seriously, each shoe was the size of my torso, and weighs somewhere between 20 or 30 pounds per shoe...
Ramxenoc Soat oldin
I'd love to buy a shirt and hoodie but having no job is killer
David Junius
David Junius Soat oldin
"let's make a game where a turtle dragon is the main villain and the protagonists are friendly looking cute mushroom men and some humans to fit in with child players" "no, let's make a game where almost every character is fighting their unhealthy lifestyle and unfit body sizes. in secret. make it in secret." "what for?" "why ask?" this video is so god damn important
Lord Garfield
Lord Garfield Soat oldin
Waluigi may have been rejected for smash but at least he is healthy 👍
HeroG9000 Soat oldin
That merch placement was kinda gross
Ashton Sadler
Ashton Sadler Soat oldin
Does Mat Pat hate Mario or no
super saiyan god
super saiyan god Soat oldin
Mudshrooze Soat oldin
Remember guys it's a joke and by the by being over wieght/chubby is much different than just being obese.
Christian Perez
Christian Perez Soat oldin
How tf is Rosalina not a heavy weight is SM4ASH
Pasta Animeboy
Pasta Animeboy Soat oldin
You should count body fat instead
ChrisEvan Tapman
ChrisEvan Tapman Soat oldin
Pasta Animeboy
Pasta Animeboy Soat oldin
BMI is inaccurate.
Me Do
Me Do Soat oldin
#ForeverAgainstAnimalTesting #TheBodyShop @thebodyshop @crueltyfreeintl
Isaiah Mackie
Isaiah Mackie Soat oldin
#1 on trending again! Keep up the good work👍👍👍😢
Evan Does Youtube
GG UZvid GameTheory is the trending God!!! #1 Bois
The Yatagarasu
The Yatagarasu Soat oldin
#1 on trending :D
Wanted Beast Gamer
1 on trending
Kaela Mariani
Kaela Mariani Soat oldin
Omg I love Rosalina’s theories
stormy fox
stormy fox Soat oldin
The backpack is sold out...😖😭😭
KingBeatsOPS Soat oldin
At 12:41 That green smug in the bottom left corner is so annoying!!! Unsubscribe for terrible editing.🤬
Gabe Boi
Gabe Boi Soat oldin
Why do undertale fans want sans in smash?! EWWWWW! no wonder people say the fanbase is poop
David Wiese
David Wiese Soat oldin
Isn't this something that Austin should be covering?
ToxiCringe Soat oldin
t 👏 pose 👏
slikipy Soat oldin
Nintendo the jacksfilms of gaming
Flipaclipmaster Ithink
I was drinking coke while watching this .... Close enough to Diet Coke 😐
Super Gaming Bro.
Super Gaming Bro. 2 soat oldin
I cannot believe you said LINK in the description with LINK next to the darm thing
CoolPlayersVic 2 soat oldin
Why am i still subscribed to you again?
Enoch Posada
Enoch Posada 2 soat oldin
What about daisys weight? She a bit fuller and stronger than peach soo.
Clever Pervert
Clever Pervert 2 soat oldin
Dark White
Dark White 2 soat oldin
Does MatPat have a reddit account I can follow, bc I can’t find the u/MatPat account at 11:12
Blerim Mezini
Blerim Mezini 2 soat oldin
#1 trending boys
Papimaster 2 soat oldin
Well BMI is not the best measurement when it comes to sport athletes, as muscles are heavy and a really fit person can weight the same as a fatter one because of the bigger muscle mass, thus be also labeled as overweight
Jonah Osborne
Jonah Osborne 2 soat oldin
Wario is 10 feet tall
stateofhibernation 2 soat oldin
Waluigi is ideal male body.
Farenhite 2 soat oldin
Joke I found somewhere - Pineapple pizza is good. *Several people are typing*
Relentless 2 soat oldin
#1 on trending congrats dad pat!
Magdalena Ndeshitila
Seth Johnston
Seth Johnston 2 soat oldin
#1 on trending, bravo
xonet raiehan
xonet raiehan 2 soat oldin
Mage Nicho
Mage Nicho 2 soat oldin
Matpat, thank you, this is one of my favorite episodes you’ve ever done!
The Bronze Eagle
The Bronze Eagle 2 soat oldin
so Mario's height is your Emma Jean?
Cello Le
Cello Le 2 soat oldin
Doing this you can figure out how fit the ARMS fighters are.
Kit Karma
Kit Karma 2 soat oldin
I don't know what to do with this information
Rhett Burk
Rhett Burk 2 soat oldin
So game theory, what did you think of your intro becoming a meme?
Cory Trevorson
Cory Trevorson 2 soat oldin
What a god damn waste of time
Farenhite 2 soat oldin
When someone likes my comment, I like my own comment too so I get more likes without people finding me out.
Valentina Vujicic
Valentina Vujicic 2 soat oldin
DO UNDERTALE THEORYS! And btw the merch is way to cheep I THINK YOU SHOULD SELL IT FOR 100'S ( but plz don't I don't have that much money)
Geometry Dash Voltus
Why else is Nintendo putting him in smash
KingtoaGod 2 soat oldin
Oh no blender!!! Getting some PLTW flashblacks
Lord Shockwave
Lord Shockwave 2 soat oldin
I would like to buy the merchandise but The thigh i can bring to school are sold out