Game Theory: The END of Princess Peach! (New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe Peachette / Bowsette)

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Nintendo has given the world something... magical. The Super Crown. While the internet explodes with Bowsette memes, we are going to focus on the REAL result of this new item - Peachette. Toadette has gotten a magical girl transformation and Peach better WATCH OUT! Except maybe not for the reasons you think...
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6-Okt, 2018

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Nickolaus Cantor
Nickolaus Cantor 14 kun oldin
Waluigi doesn't need the super crown! He is already perfect!
MiniMinti 2 soat oldin
LUIGISONIC fan 4 soat oldin
THAT is a fact.but luigi is still better...
The surfing Pikachu
The surfing Pikachu 17 soat oldin
Nickolaus Cantor yeah with his exposed weeny
BLA5T3R Productions
Y’know with the Princess getting kidnapped every millisecond, how come the Toads haven’t started a revolution?
Andrew Green Jr
Andrew Green Jr Soat oldin
I was watching this as backcrown noise while i was drawing. get it back crown!
Captain Cluckington
Whats that intro about?
cantstandzya 2 soat oldin
so are toads still humans controlled by mushrooms or are they now be mushrooms?
Alexi Aguilar
Alexi Aguilar 2 soat oldin
But what if peach's fathers and their head were just a second crown i mean they look normal like a human and shuldnt they be short? Im confused
Melissa B
Melissa B 2 soat oldin
Is the main machine from please don't touch anything connected to the super weapon and Gates holding back monsters is this real!
Lisa Jarrell
Lisa Jarrell 2 soat oldin
That moment when you realize luigi and peach got married and had a child
12duzhina12 2 soat oldin
What about MattPette
Donuttheturtle 2.0
Donuttheturtle 2.0 3 soat oldin
The intro sucks I didn’t like it
Jonathan Collins
Jonathan Collins 3 soat oldin
What is Toadette is an inside agent? Helping bower kidnap Peach over and over again so that she may ascend the throne with Peach now gone. I know that probably isn't the case but I would be interesting to see.
gman124309 harris
gman124309 harris 3 soat oldin
Please explain how peaches mom and or dad were killed by peach. Wouldn’t peach have to kill them, plus they both ruled together.
fauzan abdillah
fauzan abdillah 3 soat oldin
what is bowsette i think its a meme
LUIGISONIC fan 4 soat oldin
KUZER2 4 soat oldin
Did no one at Nintendo think about what they were doing when they created Peachette? Did they *know?* Did they _plan this?_
josefina enne
josefina enne 4 soat oldin
You do actually see the king in one of the games, when you are supposed to bring a wand back to him. Two very short cutscenes. Super Mario Bros. 1985. NES
LosingLuke 4 soat oldin
I highly doubt toads can harm anything, nevermind kill it
sassytorchic47 4 soat oldin
That is the scariest theory i have heard from you 😨😵😱
Nightshady Starly Wish
Omg lol xD
Keith R
Keith R 4 soat oldin
That noise at 0:45 tho
BooM Pow
BooM Pow 5 soat oldin
But how does baby peach work then And rosalina and daisy
wksers serks
wksers serks 5 soat oldin
Toadette is really Cute.
Imsoong Rai
Imsoong Rai 5 soat oldin
Wauluigiet is my first wiafu 😍
Shanta Carlyon
Shanta Carlyon 5 soat oldin
I watch the video put Bon sweets transformance between browser and Peach it was scary
GameNerd607 5 soat oldin
wait if peach is a toad then this makes it so peach is actually dead from mario galaxy and peach has doppelganger replacing her, if you don't understand watch the rosalina unmasked theory(s)
Cookie is cool
Cookie is cool 6 soat oldin
Wtf this is so funny. It makes me wanna play mario again!
burnt f1ames
burnt f1ames 6 soat oldin
Now the real question is Does the Mario franchises even have a proper lore
Ty Cross
Ty Cross 7 soat oldin
She did not sprout crap
Ty Cross
Ty Cross 7 soat oldin
Dude when peach was a baby she was just a miniature version of her current self. Like baby mario
Hermione Hamilton
Hermione Hamilton 7 soat oldin
Airex001 7 soat oldin
this is so freaking stupid....
Gracie Ramirez
Gracie Ramirez 7 soat oldin
is Daisy a baby shroom to then?
Tachanka 7 soat oldin
If the Mushroom Kingdom is hive like, why did they have a male ruler before Peach?
Cheese Stringz
Cheese Stringz 7 soat oldin
You should try and connect all your Mario theorys together
Pekaboo Pikachu_16
Pekaboo Pikachu_16 7 soat oldin
Matpat Peach's dad ( the mushroom king) dose apere in the games Mario and Luigi back in time, and Mario and Luigi Bowser's inside story.
MR. KID MAD 7 soat oldin
I didn't understand nothing
Arrun Rashidi
Arrun Rashidi 7 soat oldin
in the intro it says 74 68 65 20 66 69 72 73 74 20 21 i have no clue what that could mean
Sofia Braz
Sofia Braz 7 soat oldin
wow yeah long life the new queen
Jinny MincraftMaster
Yup sneak Barry bee in there
Howling Din
Howling Din 8 soat oldin
Fans of Nintendo properties put 8 squintillion times the amount of thought into it than Nintendo themselves.
LightBulbKing83 8 soat oldin
But if Toadette needs a super crown or whatever it is(which is a power up)to become the next princess... THEN WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF SHE GOT HIT BY AN ENEMY!? AND WE ALL KNOW WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU GET HIT BY AN ENEMY WHEN YOU HAVE A POWER UP IN MARIO GAMES
Paul Master Gaming
Paul Master Gaming 8 soat oldin
What about peacheach
Bangcat 8 soat oldin
If Bowzette would look like a dinosaur why does toadette not look like a midget danny davido queen? Game Theory instantly busted.
Otaku Vs. Weeb
Otaku Vs. Weeb 8 soat oldin
Oh oh no....
Carter Boots
Carter Boots 8 soat oldin
the intro has a text on it with the weird symbols i don't know what they are can someone help because there could be a puzzle they are trying to get us to solve like with the merch they released way back.
Dan & Shannon Thomas
What about MARIO what is he
Luc & MC Galarneau
Luc & MC Galarneau 8 soat oldin
yay... a criptic message to start the video...
Miles Pollick
Miles Pollick 9 soat oldin
I'm scared now
thomas 9 soat oldin
Ow my ears:()
Mass Crisis
Mass Crisis 9 soat oldin
Cringe central
Totone Reed Smith
Totone Reed Smith 9 soat oldin
if we follow you, Mario may be just male bees who is trying to make out with the queen for reproduction,they produc red mushroom for toad to become Mario when the queen is ready :D
Dancin Penguin
Dancin Penguin 9 soat oldin
Wait what would happen if Peach could put the crown on? Would she turn into her a Toadette?
raymond mansisidor
raymond mansisidor 9 soat oldin
I hate that theory
Joynel Bonet Delgado
Great another girl that will friendzone Mario
Box For The Odd XD
Box For The Odd XD 9 soat oldin
*Can You Do A Theory Of The Mother of Bowser Jr? **-Wink wink-** I mean Peach DOES spend a lot of time There...*
cmon200 9 soat oldin
if toadette grabbing the super crown makes her peachette ( peach +toadette) wouldn't bowser grabbing the crown make him peacher (peach + bowser)?
ThunderZar Chaosser
ThunderZar Chaosser 9 soat oldin
Stop talking in matoren
Anjnoot 9 soat oldin
If all of the toads are working for their queen ruler, how would there be a Mushroom King?
1withthelion 9 soat oldin
Sorry Mario but the Princess is in another casket, CASTLE, I meant castle
OhBunnies 10 soat oldin
never liked peach anyways
Ferrol Busby
Ferrol Busby 10 soat oldin
welp im scared for life
Woozy the Clown
Woozy the Clown 10 soat oldin
Peach has a sister/twin CONFIRMED
lego lucas 124
lego lucas 124 10 soat oldin
1:27 is that GASTER
annika tigason
annika tigason 10 soat oldin
Wait so bowsette shouldn't be called bowsette it should be peacher it would make sense
annika tigason
annika tigason 10 soat oldin
Has anybody noticed that the code thing is a face like has this to do somethig about halloween?
Thetreeboy 11 soat oldin
Time to decipher
Aly Thill
Aly Thill 11 soat oldin
Yay she not the end yay!!!
Alex Moonstone
Alex Moonstone 11 soat oldin
y'know theres plenty of ppl whod PREFER the "shed look like this" bowsette, just sayin
SA/AS Productions
SA/AS Productions 12 soat oldin
that got dark.
Wirlog 12 soat oldin
You forgot to mention that on MArio and Luigi Super Star SAga a guy form another kingdom says that mushroom kingdom coins worth less that his coins.
GreyLoyd M1
GreyLoyd M1 12 soat oldin
1:20 is that windings?.... is that webings?.... is that... is that... wat the f is that
Maggie Mcleod
Maggie Mcleod 12 soat oldin
The intro? I thought my internet was acting up then it was just your intro. Oh snap you putting out a thing for us to solve
Alexander Robinson
Alexander Robinson 13 soat oldin
Ok fine with this. The mushroom kingdom needs a militaristic rule
Bob Bob
Bob Bob 13 soat oldin
Good theory but what about yo shoes island u see baby peach in there that kinda changes your theory
skull kid
skull kid 13 soat oldin
Play Viva piñata
d d
d d 13 soat oldin
Bowsette should be peacher cause the ette part is the end of toadettes name
Alexander Robinson
Alexander Robinson 13 soat oldin
So what you're saying is peach is a toad. That makes sense actually
Captain Ultra 1097
Captain Ultra 1097 13 soat oldin
So the mushrooms kingdom is a bunch of bees
Ethan Dahlberg
Ethan Dahlberg 13 soat oldin
Tidal Rose
Tidal Rose 13 soat oldin
That intro... WHAT I have never seen such a glitch, even if it was a fake one.
Red Pand Lover
Red Pand Lover 13 soat oldin
Yeah we are
DRAMA QUEEN 13 soat oldin
please don't forget this isn't a bee kingdom
Cesar V
Cesar V 13 soat oldin
Uhh... Does ANYONE know what that intro text is trying to say? Also... Is there a evil Mat pat (Or as I like to call it, Matty Stabby... Yeaaahhh.....
AbigBlackcat 13 soat oldin
so is peach genderless?
GamingMaster17 G
GamingMaster17 G 14 soat oldin
Thats probrably why rosolinas princess peach is dead
Mineanimelife Boi
Mineanimelife Boi 14 soat oldin
That was a dark end
Mineanimelife Boi
Mineanimelife Boi 14 soat oldin
OML Toadette is my age
Mineanimelife Boi
Mineanimelife Boi 14 soat oldin
Maybe she was the first of the evolved form of toad people; ( similar to human beings from apes)
RY/VRA B8master
RY/VRA B8master 14 soat oldin
Speaking if baby peach... If Peach is a final form of Mushroom kingdom ruler... Then why does *baby peach* exist?
Cynthia Babbage
Cynthia Babbage 14 soat oldin
So... nobody gonna ask about that theme song?
ShadowGamerHD 15 soat oldin
Pretty sure they accidentally switched the hex color on her eyes, no? just me...
Destroyer2000 15 soat oldin
I hope a showdown will happen...
Ultimate Space Dad
Ultimate Space Dad 16 soat oldin
I was so confused at the beginning with that intro tho
Mimiku ChanPlays
Mimiku ChanPlays 16 soat oldin
What happened to the intro? Is it because its spooktober?
USERCAST 16 soat oldin
It’s a new clue
Anna Cark
Anna Cark 17 soat oldin
The surfing Pikachu
The surfing Pikachu 17 soat oldin
I bet Nintendo would be shocked after the last scene
Elizabeth Maddern
Elizabeth Maddern 17 soat oldin
Has anyone found anything to do with the code? Or maybe put the sound in a spectograph?
Smile Nick
Smile Nick 17 soat oldin
Jeez the intro gives me the chills brrrr
Mari-chan mariliis põder
#bowsette4ever..peach sucks!..but Daisy doesn't..
Mari-chan mariliis põder
But..bowsette is still the best!^^
M is Bad!
10 yil oldin