Game Theory: We Were Right ALL ALONG! (FNAF Ultimate Custom Night)

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FNAF Ultimate Custom Night confirmed what we've said since the beginning. Today Theorists, it all comes full circle. Who is Golden Freddy? What is the POINT of Ultimate Custom Night? This is what the story has been leading to ALL ALONG and I am here to explain it all!
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22-Iyl, 2018

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YoriTheGod d
YoriTheGod d 3 soat oldin
I'm just gonna say there's going to be a game where we play as golden Freddy. I would buy
DCCV 705
DCCV 705 3 soat oldin
What do you think about treesicle's theory of Cassidy being Michael Afton in his somewhat past life, like Cassidy was the bite victim and got remade into Michael and that's why he can't die.
Kaytlyn Ashley
Kaytlyn Ashley 3 soat oldin
I'm scared to use the bathroom
FuzzyRegirock 3 soat oldin
man i used to follow this franchise until the third one and now its like wtf
Bailor Laa
Bailor Laa 3 soat oldin
Noooooooo a two parter!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ethan 3 soat oldin
Justin Y.
Justin Y. 3 soat oldin
Spegy N Merbles
Spegy N Merbles 3 soat oldin
Jesus Christ Matt, that animation at the beginning was horrifying and not in a good way
Abomination05 3 soat oldin
am i the only one who realised that mangle is chica's dog? and that henry finally has a last name? yeah? ok...
Sailor Centrist
Sailor Centrist 3 soat oldin
..... Ok
MrMister1227 3 soat oldin
No idea whats going on
NessaWyvern 3 soat oldin
So uh... What's in that box? I wonder if it's the kid that can't rest and wants revenge, because he can't be laid to rest, since he's in the box. Or maybe it could be the one Afton started his remnant experiments with?
Cajomik II
Cajomik II 3 soat oldin
#1 on trending??? Way to go man
Jamal Bostock
Jamal Bostock 3 soat oldin
Who created him
Bleached Towel
Bleached Towel 3 soat oldin
james young
james young 3 soat oldin
3:56 sounds like a chaos space Marine
Justin Hughes
Justin Hughes 3 soat oldin
I think that the whole franchise isn't focused around William Afton. Its focused around "That Spirit". Golden Freddy has been around the ENTIRE time, even for spare moments. He's lurking, waiting for you to drop your guard just to spook you. In FNAF 4, GF has his ultimate power: Inside William's head. Why do you think Nightmare looks so similar to Freddy? Because he's Golden Freddy holding nothing back. He KNOWS that he has William vulnerable & exposed, & will stop at NOTHING to get his revenge!
DARK 7 3 soat oldin
can't stop laughing at chica's cutscenes
Игровой канал Кирилла.
Русские есть?
Jamal Bostock
Jamal Bostock 3 soat oldin
In custom night nightmare said “I was created by the one u should not have killed”
DoubleHeadEagle 3 soat oldin
Toy Matpat scares me
Natalie Paige
Natalie Paige 3 soat oldin
Agh, it’s 1 in the morning why am I doing this to myself
FORT MOUSE 3 soat oldin
If we are playing as golden Freddy then who were we in the first 2 games
Aquil Rashid Mandangan Pandapatan
If our character is William Afton, then why is Afton (aka ScrapTrap) in the game?
Eva Garcia
Eva Garcia 3 soat oldin
Funtime Foxy The funtime
HAHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHHAHHAHAHAHA That was the funniest intro ever!!!!!!!.hahahahahahhah.
Noodle Inc
Noodle Inc 3 soat oldin
Every time you say hit subscribe i do even if i subscribed i do what you say
Xai Rosa
Xai Rosa 3 soat oldin
Icecoolnow 3 soat oldin
Congrats on #1 trending
Emmanuel Otsyina
Emmanuel Otsyina 3 soat oldin
number 1 on trending congrats
Caleb Robinson
Caleb Robinson 3 soat oldin
Doesn’t matpat say every fnaf theory is the last one
Cataclysmic 3 soat oldin
You can even hear that vengeful spirit's voice in even the other animatronic voices, I know I definitely heard it in Nightmare Fredboi there.
AltaVega 3 soat oldin
The cliff hangers tho
Papyrus16918 3 soat oldin
that kid face tho....creepy af
omar barrios
omar barrios 3 soat oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-bGwuq0h1N4M.html check out my UZvid channel at 100 subs I'll giveaway
SAVAGE EDITS 3 soat oldin
#1 on trending nice keep up the good theorys
Monkey Chief
Monkey Chief 3 soat oldin
Was anyone else expecting a Chica-pat jumpscare at the end
Pickle Rick
Pickle Rick 3 soat oldin
#1 on trending
Burnin Rubber
Burnin Rubber 3 soat oldin
People still play fnaf?
Flare Gold
Flare Gold 3 soat oldin
I’ve been playing the intro for like an hour without even watching the rest of the video... Even my friend, who hates fnaf, has been on the ground laughing for like 20 minutes. I thank you for that.
Amber The Wilde Child
But matpat! How can mangle speak English if he is a dog (well not a dog but, you know, possessed by one).
Nicolaus Burkham
Nicolaus Burkham 3 soat oldin
I have another theory what if you are Michael and Golden freddy and Afton was the one that killed you with the funtimes but babay michael's sister didn't let you die
exotic porgs
exotic porgs 3 soat oldin
1 trending good job mat
TheLighten Warrior
TheLighten Warrior 3 soat oldin
Matpats acting should have an oscar
Jamal Bostock
Jamal Bostock 3 soat oldin
Guys think of this what if golden Freddy isn’t the revenge spirit the only characters I’ve seen with white still in there eyes r the weird new animatronics
danielson 3 soat oldin
sparky 135
sparky 135 3 soat oldin
It's gonna fall in my but whole
FaizaLKuntz 3 soat oldin
You telling me scout Want us to stop playing FNAF over and over again? ....ok
MrNyayers 3 soat oldin
since Scott said that the book and the games are not connected maybe they're two separate timelines in this series and this could be the result of the good ending from.the game where William suffers for eternity being the good ending and bad ending being the books end (I never read the books so you know)
TheSecret Crystal
TheSecret Crystal 3 soat oldin
u know where sometimes in movies the person looks in the mirror and sees themselves as something they believe they aren't?
Tenisha Dieujuste
Tenisha Dieujuste 3 soat oldin
i swear I love this youtuber I swear(jk) if he was a teacher he'll actually make learning's interesting.
Creativity Plus Stupidity
Finally..., that surprise fnaf release really made us wait for a new video
Chaz McGutter
Chaz McGutter 3 soat oldin
Yeah Mat, just keep milking that shitty dead franchise just make it secrete that juice for them sweet sweet views.
Alatreon 3 soat oldin
I have a question: why does withered Chica’s voice sound like a spirit box?
Ashes2Ashes 3 soat oldin
NooOOO! Not the fan!
Just Another Ginger
Just Another Ginger 3 soat oldin
Alex P
Alex P 3 soat oldin
How high are you mat
Isaac CHEUNG 3 soat oldin
Goddammit you even had the change the colour of your eyes.
Tio Goku
Tio Goku 3 soat oldin
Guatafak esto en tendencias xd
LONLY POTATO 3 soat oldin
Hey matpat just so you know this is the first video of yours that i was on time for love you, your theory, and your vids.❤❤❤❤❤
YEET da FLEET 3 soat oldin
AstralFox 73
AstralFox 73 3 soat oldin
Within the hour woo
FoxyFuntime1 -Bowmanium Mapping-
Congrats on #1 Trending
Jordy the meme man
Jordy the meme man 3 soat oldin
just let it die jesus
Cabecool10 / Skelemaster767
When the video thumbnails were put in a circle the nostalgia tingled.
DerpyTrain WithATurtleOnTop
Number one on trending whoooooooo!!!
super turtle
super turtle 3 soat oldin
0:08 lol XD that face though
Angels_Demons :3
Angels_Demons :3 3 soat oldin
Congratulations! Your number 1 on trending! You as toy chica I would pay $100 for a musical. Good job on the random encounter's musical a long while back
Jordy the meme man
Jordy the meme man 3 soat oldin
he is just trying to get as much money as can huh
Jasmine Patino
Jasmine Patino 3 soat oldin
I've been waiting for so long and I love this theory
emrald gamer
emrald gamer 3 soat oldin
Shouldn't have watched this at 12
Curly comics!
Curly comics! 3 soat oldin
Oh my god its all coming together
Wan Muhammad Raziq
Wan Muhammad Raziq 3 soat oldin
Pat to the back to Mat Pat for solving this and handling with his newborn...
Wan Muhammad Raziq
Wan Muhammad Raziq 3 soat oldin
I just realized that Austin also has a child that he handles way way before Mat Pat so, Mat go ask Austin for some tips on handling child while theorising on games in the future
Randi L
Randi L 3 soat oldin
Number 1 on trending page!!!
Henry Quillan
Henry Quillan 3 soat oldin
matpat lowkey gae tho
Yo Grit
Yo Grit 3 soat oldin
Haven’t played this game since freshman year . Where did time go
HeroFTT 3 soat oldin
Mat pat is goku, cawthon is frieza, this was the spirit bomb, next episode is super saiyan.
Butterfly 3 soat oldin
If I remember correctly golden Freddy's eyes in the second game had no light in them when he was sitting on the ground in your office. So where was the vengeful spirit at that time?
Bleach Drainer
Bleach Drainer 3 soat oldin
Heyyy number 1 trending
Josie the Yoshi
Josie the Yoshi 3 soat oldin
#1 on trending! Good job MatPat!
Marlissa Cunningham
Marlissa Cunningham 3 soat oldin
Wait, wouldn't that make golden freddy the murdered child outside the pizzaria? Or did we decide that was the puppet? Because I thought Charlotte / henry's daughter (the puppet) died outside the pizzaria but not because of a gunshot. Because of like...exposure from being shut out, and the puppet laid with her and they "died" together. hence she became it. Was she shot? Or would that actually be the original death?
Pizza 4 life
Pizza 4 life 3 soat oldin
Block 3 soat oldin
I'm gonna need one of those neck ropes
Ashberdiny 3 soat oldin
holy #1 on trending, nice job matt, nice job
Logic Mark
Logic Mark 3 soat oldin
Isn’t five nights at Freddy’s a dead game like Minecraft???
Samuel Katz
Samuel Katz 3 soat oldin
Great theory 1 question. 1. Orville said that he tried to release you so it couldn't have been the puppet.
missvampiresweet 3 soat oldin
It's me...
YoMuM 3 soat oldin
Matpat i don’t see your videos in my subscriptions
DrewWillCole 3 soat oldin
if you liked the theory like the comment
Alex AshBurn
Alex AshBurn 3 soat oldin
You too matpat, its time for you to let this theory go.. :D
Ivan Lin
Ivan Lin 3 soat oldin
I’m trying to come up with a theory to fit but I’m too stupid 😰
Mini You
Mini You 3 soat oldin
#1 trending wow For the love of fnaf This theory finally closed All the fnaf theories Custom FNAF Quote by me It is you nightmare but our home
Freddy Fazbear
Freddy Fazbear 3 soat oldin
I subscribed
Rsquare 21
Rsquare 21 3 soat oldin
Number one on trending bois
Cakie Craft
Cakie Craft 3 soat oldin
I’ve been here sense mat paT talked about peach’s and Rosalina’s boobs
Crescent Storm
Crescent Storm 3 soat oldin
the events are going to fall in a huge cheesy pizza :3
Justin Hughes
Justin Hughes 3 soat oldin
I feel like Scott Cawthon releases new information JUST to contradict your theories, because he's curious to see how his fans will adapt to new information. What parallels they'll draw, who they mark as who. He wants to see people use their brains, & solve an ever-evolving story.
Sour Fnaf
Sour Fnaf 3 soat oldin
Just a theory though. A GAME THEORY!!!!! Sorry
PHOTONIC 3 soat oldin
Michael Afton
Michael Afton 3 soat oldin
If he is stuck in hell, then why are the chilrens spirits there too?
17 soat oldin