Game Theory: What is Ash Ketchum's REAL Age? (Pokemon)

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Have you ever noticed how in Pokemon, Ash Ketchum has been 10 years old for a LONG TIME? Does this kid EVER AGE? If he did, how old would he REALLY be? Well Loyal Theorists, I watched EVERY EPISODE of this series to figure out how OLD Ash Ketchum is in real time!
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1-Iyl, 2018

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dollove 4 oy oldin
Me: everyone! This is not a drill! I repeat! ITS NOT A DRILL *Turns off music and TV* Me: New Episode Of Game Theory!!!! *I SWEAR* This is me literaly everytime I get the notification😂 its actually pretty fun to do. My guess is.......23? 20? Something around there.😒 pretty sure its going to be something with no sense that will blow our minds o.O BTW matpat I really want to know spongebob's age since he goes to work, is in a driving school but he acts like an 8 year old or something 😕
Omit Kun oldin
Who is ronnie
Straight Busta
Straight Busta 8 kun oldin
Alpha Bangoura
Alpha Bangoura 29 kun oldin
Spongebob is 32 years old. He was born in 1986. It says it on his drivers licensence. Spelled wrong. Oof
David Smith
David Smith 29 kun oldin
Saint Sinner
Saint Sinner Oy oldin
Exactly what happens when my phone's battery is depleting...
Mihir Bhagatwala
Mihir Bhagatwala 9 soat oldin
2:19 *hello there.*
Supreme Spark
Supreme Spark 10 soat oldin
Ooo drumroll sound effect Finally
Kaleb Mozota
Kaleb Mozota 10 soat oldin
But he doesn’t age at all because he saw a ho-oh in the first season So he’s gonna be 10
Kristalyn Hazel
Kristalyn Hazel 16 soat oldin
I'm here because of the Pokemon Movie: Power of Us. I'm not that updated with the series anymore, just wondered why he hasn't aged a bit! Your research is sooooo well-done! Here I am thinking that Ash is old enough to be married or something but I think the creators made him ageless in a way??? 😶 dunno...
Lillwaman _111
Lillwaman _111 23 soat oldin
Nelson Animation's
I would say at least 30
Allison Brown
Allison Brown Kun oldin
Alesio Suarez
Alesio Suarez Kun oldin
Why does everyone in Pokemon pronounce Pokemon pokamon
Captain Ultra 1097
Diplex 89
Diplex 89 Kun oldin
I can disprove this by saying that anime has peaple looking 12 and are 300 year old
Ninja jack 64
Ninja jack 64 Kun oldin
We will only be looking at the show A few moments later If you look at the novel...
nigel gorman
nigel gorman 2 kun oldin
The Pyro Guys
The Pyro Guys 4 kun oldin
Chris Kelly
Chris Kelly 4 kun oldin
Now THIS is the quality content I watch for!
Sofi Animates
Sofi Animates 4 kun oldin
1 he will be 1
littleboy23 5 kun oldin
Nguyen Xuanloc
Nguyen Xuanloc 6 kun oldin
No 20
Lee Len2
Lee Len2 6 kun oldin
Ash's age = Anime Logic *shrugs*
Charmander 222
Charmander 222 6 kun oldin
I don't ship ash with misty I ship him with Seruna
Aaron Conn
Aaron Conn 6 kun oldin
800,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 X 800,000,000,000
Clement From Pokémon
He will be 20 and I have never watched this
Emmanuel Herrera
Emmanuel Herrera 9 kun oldin
I love your intros game
Nguyen Xuanloc
Nguyen Xuanloc 9 kun oldin
Josh Wood
Josh Wood 9 kun oldin
Heart Of A Hero [Lewie Cinco] YT
My Guess Is.... Ash Is Around 15-26 Years Old
septic sans
septic sans 10 kun oldin
Nate Bass
Nate Bass 11 kun oldin
Ashes her Journey was in entire joke April 1st!!!!
YaBoiCYT!! 11 kun oldin
Ash leave pallet town at April 1st which mean April fools so his journey is all just a joke maybe that why he always 10 year old
jello note
jello note 12 kun oldin
AND REMEMBER THAT’S JUST A THEORY, A GAME THEORY...-that’s gonna-take-fourty-hours-and-a-piece-of-my-soullllllll
TNT Titus TNT 12 kun oldin
TNT Titus TNT 12 kun oldin
Amber Canedo
Amber Canedo 13 kun oldin
Hmmmmm im going to say like 19 since so much is packed in. Late to the party but enjoying the outbursts.
Ana Torres
Ana Torres 13 kun oldin
Douglas Morgan
Douglas Morgan 14 kun oldin
Ash is either 18 to 21.
TheKatToy 14 kun oldin
25? Maybe 🤗
HoeCraft 13
HoeCraft 13 14 kun oldin
about 3 years
Nathan April
Nathan April 14 kun oldin
Matpat doing math u wrong there only 12 mounthles so it is feb 17 or 18
Gravity Control
Gravity Control 14 kun oldin
continue please
Virginia Rdz De La Garza
My Brday is May 22
Gholmiraz Tv
Gholmiraz Tv 15 kun oldin
Ash birthday May 22 1988 He should be 30 bye now
Gholmiraz Tv
Gholmiraz Tv 15 kun oldin
Pokémon has more episodes than the simpsons.
Albie CF
Albie CF 15 kun oldin
golden osvaldo
golden osvaldo 16 kun oldin
by lap
by lap 17 kun oldin
Pikachu shock... it's not very effective... well SHOCK HARDER!
Ronni Ron
Ronni Ron 17 kun oldin
Age 69
Snicker- Roblox Challenges
Ash adventures take 2 days. So it makes sense he would turn 11 after 1000 episodes.
Crazy Blader64
Crazy Blader64 18 kun oldin
Ash used acne! It wasn’t very effective
Gogeta vegitto blue Perfect
So team rocket blasted off 1019 times excluding the first episode Team Rocket Blasted off again
BrenTDEurie Gaming Adventures
wait where did matpat watch pokemon? cause copyright
Sophocles gameing
Sophocles gameing 18 kun oldin
This is how old ash 100000000000000000000000000000000000000
Fabian Velazquez
Fabian Velazquez 19 kun oldin
Fabian Velazquez
Fabian Velazquez 19 kun oldin
Sky High Skyler
Sky High Skyler 19 kun oldin
So, Ash is a Gemini. According to the horoscope, he's addicted to social media! I can just imagine his Twitter page: "Just found a legendary Pokemon! Apparently it can create life or something! # JustAnotherOdrinaryDay!" *the picture includes Ash making a derp face and peace sign next to Xygard*
StoryFell Gaster
StoryFell Gaster 19 kun oldin
I think..... *insert jeopardy game music here* OVER 9000!!!!
StoryFell Gaster
StoryFell Gaster 19 kun oldin
Is ash a god?
Stephanie Denn
Stephanie Denn 19 kun oldin
ASH is 21
Michael Myers
Michael Myers 19 kun oldin
Who the hell is ronnie?
Lyla Stiles
Lyla Stiles 20 kun oldin
Maybe, like with Natsuki in the Buffsuki episode of GT, he is malnourished, which is why he hasn't hit puberty yet.
Logan Oliver
Logan Oliver 20 kun oldin
His age 27
Phoenix Losey
Phoenix Losey 20 kun oldin
He will be way older than 30
aaron da noob
aaron da noob 20 kun oldin
I dont ship him with misty i ship him with serena or greninja
Mikail Oickle
Mikail Oickle 21 kun oldin
Manin Tubbie
Manin Tubbie 21 kun oldin
21? I think!
Bob Tom
Bob Tom 21 kun oldin
Ash might be about 27 years old. Or is he still is a kid?🤔
Marvin Difonzo
Marvin Difonzo 22 kun oldin
Paper Animations
Paper Animations 22 kun oldin
A Flame Theory
ilya dinavari
ilya dinavari 22 kun oldin
I think Ash is not friends with under aged people. When Ash meat Serena it shows a flash back of Ash helping her and it looks like there the same age.
That Cool Torchic
That Cool Torchic 22 kun oldin
Idk 22
Caleb C
Caleb C 22 kun oldin
In real life u can defeat a league in like 5 hours lol and May's Dad in the manga is Prof Birch
Mustard 24 kun oldin
I am Developing a Theory that The Anime Season follow a Different Chronological Line: Kanto - Alola - ... - ... - ... - Kalos -
Jack McBoydy123
Jack McBoydy123 24 kun oldin
Michael Coon
Michael Coon 25 kun oldin
Oak is his father.
Dejay Page
Dejay Page 25 kun oldin
Inigo Guevara
Inigo Guevara 26 kun oldin
Matpat got to guess them all
Mattilda Gotell
Mattilda Gotell 26 kun oldin
37ish i think
akshit zred
akshit zred 27 kun oldin
You love a hot nikind girl!!!!and you Kiss's!!!
Deena Thapa Magar
Deena Thapa Magar 28 kun oldin
Maybe he will cross 20.
Bent Preacher
Bent Preacher 28 kun oldin
Yo am i the only one here who thinks the sun and moon animation. is weird
Pikachu 28 kun oldin
He is just a kid forever
Pikachu 28 kun oldin
Yea it is
Isabella Morley
Isabella Morley 28 kun oldin
jamea nelson
jamea nelson 28 kun oldin
Dracowen’ s Racing network
If he started his journey at age ten in 1997, that means that he’s 31 in 2018!!!!!!!!!!
Nope 28 kun oldin
9:03 I understand that reference That’s all I was commenting about... *awkward silence* GO AWAY THAT IS ALL I WAS COMMENTING ON NOW GOOOOOOO!
Sammy 12376
Sammy 12376 29 kun oldin
miraculousladybug demilovato
Headphones Fan2952015
Gotta "KETCHUM" all. Get it?!?!
Amy D
Amy D Oy oldin
Personally I always shipped him with Gary
Yafet Baderga
Yafet Baderga Oy oldin
I think he is around 22 years old
Terra Anber
Terra Anber Oy oldin
my guess is the answer is 20 I posted it after you told me to post what I think the result will be at the end of the video
Noviya Zheng
Noviya Zheng Oy oldin
My b-day is May 21 and Ash’s b-day is one day before mine.
Saint Sinner
Saint Sinner Oy oldin
Did u remember all the Pokémon happenings from u're childhood? or did u actually used all your time and effort to do all those research? coz I can't seem to find the will to do my own... nor to continue listening 'till the end of this video....
Emmy A
Emmy A Oy oldin
21 years
Christian Johansen
Woah! Back off, guys! He is Matpanting!
ไอแอม TugspTH
He is holding everstone.
Monica Ford
Monica Ford Oy oldin
I tried to figure out his age a couple years back before the release of Alola but I can't remember how I calculated it. About 21 sounds right but that's like literally almost how old pokemon is
Terry Reichback
I don't ship him with misty but serena
Glitter force gacha!! Girl!! Angelia
But wasn't serina he's boyfriend
Caiden Magill
Caiden Magill Oy oldin
You can tell ash has aged on hoen because his voice is cinda diffrent.