Gary Clark Jr. Performs 'This Land'

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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Gary Clark Jr. breaks out a track from his album 'This Land.'
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11-Yan, 2019

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Last Greatest
Last Greatest 6 soat oldin
Don't like the song being edited. It takes the soul away.
epic gamer
epic gamer 12 soat oldin
it's just not the same censored
john davies
john davies 12 soat oldin
Wow, that was a disappoint. So a fine musician like Gary Clark, creates a song that has to be one of the most affecting, powerful and angry middle fingers to racist white America recently. Then, when asked to perform it on mainstream late night TV promptly caves to the demands of the predominantly white corporate media to "yeah we'd like to have you on our show...but...um could you please not use the N or F word?" I don't know about anyone else but for me that was one of the most powerful moments in the song. It's the moment you think " boy, this guy means what he says and calls it out for what it is". Judging by his obvious capitulation to shamelessly promote sales of his new album over standing by his art or the possibility of offending the very people the song is aiming for, I have to think maybe he doesn't.
Nipples 14 soat oldin
I didn't realize Robert Downey Jr. played bass.
J Palladino
J Palladino Kun oldin
Ugh... They edited it
Spencer Butts
Spencer Butts Kun oldin
Garbage solo, this is what happens when rock dissapears its return bring mediocre solos which appear good, always compare to hendrix, waste of money gary clarks guitar is
Duan Steven
Duan Steven Kun oldin
Good stuff ✌️
Cesar Alvarado
Cesar Alvarado Kun oldin
Ain't nada like a Texas Guitar Slinger!!!
Robert Bolognese
Huge fan . Great song and great performance
giovanni risatti
i tought this land is mine 😁
Mark J Marra
Mark J Marra Kun oldin
Hell Yeah! Spread the love baby! Love the positivity! . Thanks Stephen again for being part of the problem vs the solution.
Bryzz Lull
Bryzz Lull 3 soat oldin
Keep drinking that Kool Aid pal.
Andrew Mcinnis
Andrew Mcinnis Kun oldin
Sloppy AF
Adam T253
Adam T253 Kun oldin
All negative history aside. Without black people, America's food and music culture would suck. Have you ever been to New Orleans Louisiana!?
Adam T253
Adam T253 Kun oldin
We are ALL children of the STARS. The same iron that is in our blood is the same iron that was in a star that exploded/complete supernova millions and billions of years ago. Think about that for a quick second. Thank you Gary Clark jr. And thank you Carl Sagan. Peace to all. Good music and Good Times cheers!!! 😎🍻🌠❇🌌
Tele Man65
Tele Man65 2 kun oldin
Colbert is a complete useless waste of space skin and blood. Cares more about the Hollywood money than his country. Piece of scrum. But live the music
Swampy Bogard
Swampy Bogard 2 kun oldin
Ofcourse... Mixing rap, wierd techno stuff, and political views all into one to try and get more popular. Think im done with Gary if he keeps on this direction. I thought he was better than that, more down to earth, but he just wants to get popular and push a completed, dead agenda.
222SickBoy 2 kun oldin
Down with censorship!
Sinner Train
Sinner Train 2 kun oldin
Tough and raw to the bone contemporary blues. They "cleaned" this up for TV, obviously, but that makes sense.
Martin Coronado
Martin Coronado 2 kun oldin
Citizen cope seed for sure......
Steve Kutz
Steve Kutz 2 kun oldin
Saw Gary twice in the past 2 years.. Class act Humble Genius ☮️💟✊🏼🎸🎬
Kenn Smith
Kenn Smith 2 kun oldin
I love this tune......
Miguel Gonzalez Bermudez
Amazing solo!! but I think GCJr made a mistake cutting or agreeing to cut the lyrics, I mean that´s the whole idea of a protest song
Thomas Price
Thomas Price 2 kun oldin
Gcj angry capitalist....oxymoron...🤔
Thomas Price
Thomas Price 2 kun oldin
Gcj is cool and all but his liberal cool is not reality to me...its sends the USA IN A POLITICAL TAILSPIN..ROCK ON GCJ...
Edward Yarborough
Edward Yarborough 3 kun oldin
Just hang it up
ChristinaLena Wright
Love his voice, his lyrics and the accompaniment. In fact love everything about. Want his album...Granny from Oz.
Moxie Music
Moxie Music 3 kun oldin
Wow that SG is so dope, that butterscotch color on the back of the neck and headstock oooooeeee
Dingdongits DaNigga
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to knock the guy, but I just don’t get what all the buzz is about with GC Jr. His guitar playing is really nothing special. Run of the mill sloppy basic blues licks. Any novice guitar player could do what he’s doing. Boring.
Darrien Day
Darrien Day 3 kun oldin
king zapata tho
Tone Loc
Tone Loc 3 kun oldin
Didn't know Randy Moss could jam .
Pedro Romero
Pedro Romero 3 kun oldin
Censor the Nigga? Isn't that what the song is about?
Brian Little
Brian Little 3 kun oldin
AUSTIN, TX representing on Colbert. I hate that you had to change lyrics for the FCC. I was wondering how that was going to go. Keep spreading the word Stephen & Gary!
Kari Havoth
Kari Havoth 3 kun oldin
It's about time more artists get on the stick with protest anthems. 60s artists that changed the attitudes of 100s of millions (and are still touring!) can't be wrong.
Dude Basset Bill
Dude Basset Bill 4 kun oldin
Holy smokes! It's the reincarnation of Jimi Hendrix!! I normally skip the music act, but I'm sure glad I didn't skip this one.
Juslike EyeCit2
Juslike EyeCit2 4 kun oldin
I love his music and performance. ATX loves you Gary!
mxt mxt
mxt mxt 4 kun oldin
This won't age well.
Flo Ryan
Flo Ryan 4 kun oldin
The censoring and "not saying a bad word" thing on American TV is ridiculous
Mario Godoy
Mario Godoy 4 kun oldin
WOW!!! That had me bobbin' my head at work!! Nice!
Free The Press
Free The Press 4 kun oldin
Gary Clark's backing band is without energy. They have been for a long time. The bass player has no groove and the drummer plays without energy. This effects the live show and the fans feel it live. I've seen Gary live 6 times over the previous 6 years and each show seems to be getting worse than the last. I blame this on the lack of energy and strong playing by the drummer and bassist because it gives nothing for GC to feed off of. I know those two are his friends but please get rid of those 2. I'm not trying to troll or be rude but stronger and more outside of the box players mixed with GC will ultimately create a much better live, songwriting, creative, and studio performance. For those of you who disagree go listen to the difference between a Jimi Hendrix Experience record and compare that with the Hendrix Band of Gypsies record. You will the see the difference in how those two sets of musicians play.
GCJ is an incredible artist, always enjoy watching his lives. Him and Eric Gales been banging in my head on repeat for days now.
рокенрол 4 kun oldin
hmmm, he says "run run", but who should runing?
"your kind", obviously. the kind we "can't wait to call the police on". i realize the song is censored, but it's still abundantly clear what it's about.
American 92
American 92 5 kun oldin
Gary Clark JR is great.
mike boultinghouse
mike boultinghouse 5 kun oldin
compelling enough, but his guitar work is unimpressive. sorry. its sloppy
John Ruthinoski
John Ruthinoski 5 kun oldin
This song doesn’t make sense unless you can hear all the words. I am so glad I checked out the official video after I saw this. I hope everyone else does.
Jeff Petti
Jeff Petti 5 kun oldin
Censorship, is a infringement. Song lost it’s vib
Do My Nails
Do My Nails 5 kun oldin
Love this man. More, please, more
Charles Karepa
Charles Karepa 5 kun oldin
Bryzz Lull
Bryzz Lull 3 soat oldin
You think Trump bashing on late night tv takes balls?
Raymond Lawson
Raymond Lawson 5 kun oldin
Peter Huisman
Peter Huisman 5 kun oldin
Ow man!!! How great is this! I hear blues, I hear rock, I hear reggae, I hear Jimmy Hendrix and of course I hear Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger and I hear American TV censorship. Nevertheless, kudos from Holland I am totally flattened after hearing this. The best I have heard in a long long time.
sticks4drums 5 kun oldin
More political garbage. No wonder your country won't heal.
Scotty don't
Scotty don't 5 kun oldin
49 racists disliked this video.
Big Rock
Big Rock 2 kun oldin
pat comerford
pat comerford 6 kun oldin
It is a time for the 'protest song' - roll back the 60s!
Arvo Korsman
Arvo Korsman 6 kun oldin
Why the censorship?
Miguel Mones
Miguel Mones 6 kun oldin
Gary is a f*ucking king, the best.
Critic4ACritic 6 kun oldin
That guitar solo, yes💯
ParisLondonRoma 6 kun oldin
Goofy song/video. Looks like a marketing move to look more edgy and get on the radical bandwagon. Career wasn't going anywhere just covering the Beatles
Baby Pudge
Baby Pudge 6 kun oldin
Rob Byrd
Rob Byrd 6 kun oldin
So proud just so proud ... I think for the musicians up today afraid to speak any truth have one standout and think for his own makes me very proud, I will now stop watching late-night and hopes to keep an eye on more entertainment being allowed to be real and true starting with this late night TV show. I've always enjoyed Gary Clark jr. Music, I think is instruments breathe positivity and clarity, the words that he write a simple and straight to the point I love the song Numb ...
difranchise 6 kun oldin
You are fake music.
Debra Fiedler
Debra Fiedler 6 kun oldin
Awesome Song, Love Gary Clark Jr. xoxox
Donald Kent
Donald Kent 6 kun oldin
Little of Jimi sneaking in there!
Donald Kent
Donald Kent 8 soat oldin
If you grew up in the 60's and 70's as I did, you would know that that Jimi Hendrix played with anybody who wanted to play guitar with him, even those who were truly not even a capable of playing during their meeting. So I don't think he would have had any second thoughts of playing with this guy. Maybe Jimi see things the same way you do, and certainly wasn't an ass about himself.
mike boultinghouse
mike boultinghouse 5 kun oldin
that would make Jimi twist in the grave. this guy has NONE of Hendrix' chops. How DARE you?
Malaysia Muda
Malaysia Muda 6 kun oldin
Why isnt he singing the most important part of the lyrics here? How can the Colbert Report be political if Gary Clark Jr can't address the way people of his race are called, and treated in America? Will censoring him make the bigots and the racist government any less violent, demeaning and biased towards the people they still call 'niggers' until today? 'This Land' is necessary and relevant right now - ALL of IT, every last word!
George B. Wolffsohn
ROCKIN' ! ! !👍
James m
James m 6 kun oldin
This grooves out of sight, catchy little tune. Bring it on gaz
Sam Ellenby
Sam Ellenby 7 kun oldin
Wonder if the strong Kanye influence is a nod towards Ye's current political stance?
Ela Lamblin
Ela Lamblin 7 kun oldin
Dedicated to Trump, the fool.
Aaron Cantu
Aaron Cantu 7 kun oldin
Joe Joe
Joe Joe 7 kun oldin
I don’t understand the hype. Nothing special.
Woody Green
Woody Green 7 kun oldin
Powerful. Too bad network TV wouldn't permit the lyrics that he has on his official video of this song.
Jayme Ann
Jayme Ann 7 kun oldin
Absolutely awesome! Colbert gets the best acts to come play for him!!
Jayme Ann
Jayme Ann 5 kun oldin
+Elaine Ferry I could take or leave Baptiste, he annoys the heck out of me. He's such a talented musician, it's a shame he's a subpar hype man
Elaine Ferry
Elaine Ferry 5 kun oldin
AND, having Jon Baptiste play with your band is ALWAYS a plus!
Alex Anderson
Alex Anderson 7 kun oldin
its actually your parents ethnicity that dictates yours so if his parents are American he unfortunately is. So, from the lack of info regarding his upbringing on wikipedia I would say hes not. Well, that and hes not native American so.......This land is not yours "Americans got nothing better to do why dont you kick yourself out, youre an immigrant too"
Tony S.
Tony S. 7 kun oldin
Gary could be driving his new Model A down the road of LOVE, but no. Pity.
The Jack0fHearts
The Jack0fHearts 6 kun oldin
Tony S. You obviously slept through history class. That wasn’t meant to be taken literally. It’s a reference to the “5 acres and a mule” programs that were offered to black farmers after the Civil War...
cheyenne wilber
cheyenne wilber 7 kun oldin
Love this.
steven gardiner
steven gardiner 7 kun oldin
Love it. Shame he had to change the lyrics though.
Dustin Rabine
Dustin Rabine 7 kun oldin
Curtis Mayfield looks great for his age
Thomas Ellis
Thomas Ellis 7 kun oldin
Dustin Rabine I think Gary Clark, Jr. would appreciate the comparison.
Christian Johannes Piraino
Is the lyrics banned?? The word Nigger its in the verses but not in the live version
Adam Weinberg
Adam Weinberg 7 kun oldin
Damn that guitar tho
Greg Mccoy
Greg Mccoy 8 kun oldin
Any idea what the references to The governor and The Judge mean??
Stacey Young
Stacey Young Kun oldin
Greg Mccoy guns I think
abraham jaime
abraham jaime 8 kun oldin
Gibson sg with p90s. Nice 👍
D D 8 kun oldin
leslie rusinko
leslie rusinko 8 kun oldin
What an incredible performance, I'm a new fan for sure!
Jonssyy Jons
Jonssyy Jons 5 kun oldin
Me too. He is very unique.
Crushi! Official Music and Video Channel
Always wonderful. GCJ!
Elaine Ferry
Elaine Ferry 5 kun oldin
Gary Clark Jr. is a guitar God and cares about his neighbors and the next generation, fitting for a god.
john duran
john duran 8 kun oldin
I love victim music
mike boultinghouse
mike boultinghouse 5 kun oldin
Like Lennon, one of the wealthiest rockers, singing "Imagine no possessions"
The Jack0fHearts
The Jack0fHearts 6 kun oldin
john duran You must be a punk/grunge fan.
Logan White
Logan White 8 kun oldin
GARY! Nice :)
Natalie Brown
Natalie Brown 8 kun oldin
Strange Wayfaring Stranger
This song is already causing huge controversy lately. I say good. This is the truth that needs to be told.
Richard Crowther
Richard Crowther 7 kun oldin
The problem here is it's a truth that has been told over and over and more artfully and powerfully on a number of occasions. I hope the rest of the album's better.
supererik man
supererik man 8 kun oldin
finally, a hip hop artist that restores my faith, it has been going down hill since the snap and trap stuff started coming out, i just stuck to rock and metal music since hopefully Gary Clarke brings a new era of hip hop without trap garbage
ET 7 kun oldin
He does blues, blues rock, r&b and rock.
supererik man
supererik man 8 kun oldin
+Reid Smith i hope we start seeing more artists like him.
supererik man
supererik man 8 kun oldin
+Reid Smith yeah, thats why i like him. breath of fresh air compared to all the trap garbage coming out now
Reid Smith
Reid Smith 8 kun oldin
Whatever Gary is..it isn't a Hip Hop artist,his roots are in the blues,growing up in Austin,TX..his music is all of his influences,Soul,Blues,Gospel,Hip Hop and Rap.Jazz,Rock.Not many Hip Hop artist bringing all that to the table if any are.
pfreddyp 8 kun oldin
Not sure what genre of music this falls into; hip hop, rap, or rock & roll. Let the test be: Would it satisfy ya, would it slide on by ya Would you think the boy is strange? Ain't he strange? Check, uncheck and check, check. I say, now I know it's only rock'n roll but I like it, like it, yes, I do Oh, well, I like it, yeah, I like it, I like it
Tyrese Hemingway
Tyrese Hemingway 5 kun oldin
A mixture of black music
aaron gibson
aaron gibson 8 kun oldin
All the snowflakes are coming out of the woodwork on this comment section
Kevin Kibble
Kevin Kibble 8 kun oldin
Message of the song aside, it's just good to see the the guitar solo still alive and well in 2019.
Bald & Bearded
Bald & Bearded Kun oldin
Brent Funkhouser Cool! I didn't know that! 👍
Brent Funkhouser
+Bald & Bearded A 61 Les Paul was the SG body before it was called an SG.
Bald & Bearded
Bald & Bearded 2 kun oldin
bricin1982 He plays a Gibson SG.
bricin1982 6 kun oldin
Three words: Greta Van Fleet. If you haven't yet heard Jake wail on his '61 Gibson Les Paul Standard, then you're missing out.
todd shaw
todd shaw 8 kun oldin
A message America needs to hear.
Roeger1024 22 soat oldin
FU !!!
cmz8706 Kun oldin
a message they won't hear because we censor late night TV as if fucking children are watching
Trey Owen
Trey Owen 2 kun oldin
Larry Paul yeah there were a lot of racists back when slaves were actually a thing (btw there were black slave owners just pointing that out) so yeah you’re right there USED to be. I’m not saying there are no racists today because there are some but let’s not forget racism is not one sided and white people can experience racism from other races too
Larry Paul
Larry Paul 2 kun oldin
Trey Owen Nah! It's just facts. Read some history
Trey Owen
Trey Owen 2 kun oldin
Larry Paul that’s a very broad generalization
Khan 8 kun oldin
Amazing stuff
Zoran Horvat
Zoran Horvat 8 kun oldin
I was such a fan!!...never thought he'd be such a eff'n weak minded lemming!!!...you'll never see my dollars douche-bag!!! I despise racists, and now I realized YOU ARE ONE!!!
ET 7 kun oldin
+Luke Hill don't worry. Only racists get upset when keen eyed and minded individuals expose racism or divulge their personal experiences with it.
Luke Hill
Luke Hill 8 kun oldin
Zoran Horvat how is he a racist?
Cynthia David
Cynthia David 8 kun oldin
one of my favorites Rock on
michael craig trotter
Prince would have dug him!
michael craig trotter
+mike boultinghouse Oh i know it...but he always appreciated unique talent...I've been listening to Prince for almost 39 years (since 11 yrs old)...i know exactly what u mean...
mike boultinghouse
mike boultinghouse 5 kun oldin
Prince would and did play circles around this guy...Ever hear Sign o' the times>?
Justin Stritzke
Justin Stritzke 8 kun oldin
Prince actually does dig him.
Phil Dale
Phil Dale 8 kun oldin
The power of the song is lost when it gets edited. So much for freedom of speech.
Chris Lawton
Chris Lawton Soat oldin
His freedom of speech wasn't impaired. He self censored.
Jab Jones
Jab Jones 3 soat oldin
Can't hurt delicate ears.
Eduardo Velázquez
Eduardo Velázquez 2 kun oldin
Exactly what I was thinking... he even sounds a bit like he is chained by not going full out like in the song....
eyescandeceive 8 kun oldin
it will just make people go find the video
rd8music onyoutube
rd8music onyoutube 8 kun oldin
this track is fly as fugg.... its a banger and it shows real content always comes through... never heard him, but he got my attention
maxim menage
maxim menage 8 kun oldin
He is so good! I love hit song , New York (?)
ET 7 kun oldin
Bright lights
m. mck
m. mck 8 kun oldin
DAMN- this is an American Son..bravo!
Inglorious Basterd
Inglorious Basterd 8 kun oldin
Let me guess...his hero is Jimmy Hendrix...just spit ballin' here but I gots me a hunch;).Now all he has to do is learn to play the lead guitar left handed and about 100 times better.HEY BUDDY!, you can't just show up with a guitar and expect to be another Jimmy just because yer black and you dress kinda like him...there ain't no replacin' a legend you low stridin' wanabe.
Reid Smith
Reid Smith 8 kun oldin
Inglorious BasTARD..at least the last name seems to fit you!..You sound completely clueless..Gary was born in Austin,TX played in the great blues club there Antone's when he was a teenager.He learned from all the great blues players in Austin.His first self released CD in 2005 was a live in the studio tribute to all his blues heroes..BB and Albert,Muddy,Jimmy Reed,Hound Dog Taylor..but sadly no Hendrix to hold up your clueless comment.He released 2 more independent CD's of his own music and was invited to play at Eric Clapton's first Crossroads show in 2010,he wasn't trying to be Hendrix there either,but he did get a major label to sign him because of that appearance. If you want to do the Hendrix comparison do it with SRV who was clearly influenced by Hendrix. Its funny when clueless dumb asses like you make comments and don't know shit about what they're talking about..lol
hawkfan912 8 kun oldin
Inglorious Basterd Hey, buddy, you gone talk about Jimi, you gone spell his name right first and foremost. And you obviously don’t know anything about the living, walking legend that is Gary Clark, Jr. You need to go check out some more tracks before you step in here with that low stridin’ bullshit.