Gary Clark Jr. Performs 'This Land'

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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Gary Clark Jr. breaks out a track from his album 'This Land.'
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11-Yan, 2019



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PDR LCS 13 kun oldin
Sonzera da pega!!
Billy Joe Chambers
Billy Joe Chambers 16 kun oldin
Solid rock with a message
Tuck3r 21 kun oldin
Gibson SG's are life.
Michael Cobbs
Michael Cobbs 23 kun oldin
Good performance.
Live From Planet Earth
+100 where can you live comfortably in tune with nature though 12 months a year in this land?
Michael H
Michael H 24 kun oldin
My favorite band!! Awesome show
Black Star
Black Star 25 kun oldin
There's countless guitar player in this world yet he still manage to find a distinctive character!
Reezer83 27 kun oldin
Run Gary, Run. 😍
Daniel Isaac Roberts
Gary Clark Jr. is the new Jimi Hendrix! His electrified style of blues and potent lyrics proves it all.
AltMzk 29 kun oldin
Amazing. Rock is still kicking and alive
J Barksdale
J Barksdale 29 kun oldin
Waaaaaaaaah Trump is mean waaaaaaaaaah.
Tronikk Oy oldin
I remember when you used to tell me ---- Run ------ Run!
Candice Hamilton
Reminds me of Bob Marley 🥰
Michael H
Michael H Oy oldin
This land is mine, Love it! Talking about equality. sing the bluesy
Papa Bugg
Papa Bugg Oy oldin
God it sucks that this has to be censored, the Nword is so important for this song
behindzewheel Oy oldin
Bravo, Mr Clark ce message est tellement d'actualité chez vous aux USA. Bravo, Mr Clark , the message through this song is so currently what's happening in your country. Salem from France
Rita Lagunas
Rita Lagunas Oy oldin
Gary is "OURS!" From Austin, TX
Joshua Ott
Joshua Ott Oy oldin
Lol no n word. I hope they let it go on snl. Very powerful in context of the message/songs meaning
Elizabeth Joseph
This song doesn't have near the same impact when it's stripped down like this. I'm bummed. Thank the tech gods for UZvid and no FCC for the interwebs.
Ivone de Figueiredo
Loved this! Never heard of them/ him. Great guitar and base.
WardenJune Oy oldin
Who is mr. Williams?
WardenJune 25 kun oldin
+dee ?? Who is Mr. Charley then?
dee 25 kun oldin
Mr Charley's brother.
Neal Oy oldin
yo the bass player needs an outfit change, he really takes away from the coolness of this live performance
kaimbois Oy oldin
Words are words...
Healing Through Inspiration
He's right as an original inhabitant of the American continent this land is his! He is American son so telling him to go back where he came from and he's already there and been there, foreigner.
Calcifer Boheme
I found this video days after I was saying it had been a while since a blues guitarist had gotten mainstream success. I hope it continues to grow for Mr. Clark. :)
IL Scrapple
IL Scrapple Oy oldin
Colbert doesn’t deserve GCj.
Deborah Whittington
Speechless. This. is. so. good.
James Peers
James Peers Oy oldin
Oprah before Trump was elected had him on and talked to him like he was just as normal as the rest of us. After the election results, he is racist! This is the same cognitive dissonance that has caused rampant division, if you knew the truth about both parties this song would have never been written or pandered to an agenda. It is and being a huge fan of the blues, this is outside of GCJR's comfort zone. Artist's always need to come from a place of constant creativity and I respect that, the blues is one form of music where pain is expressed no matter what the circumstances might be. I thought he would follow in the foot steps of being more like Joe Bonamassa and BB King instead of making a race baiting garbage song like this. This song is still good but the context and the media spin on it is all off, people have their parties mixed up and the lineage of history is more off base than it ever has been. I am just glad Joe stays away from this kind of subject matter because the blues is best enjoyed apolitical. Oh and #MAGA.
Tyrese Hemingway
The blues and all Black music is political in DNA
Adam Fawcett
Adam Fawcett Oy oldin
Is a shame that this is the clean version, if you liked it you should listen to the actual song.
Paper Strife
Paper Strife Oy oldin
Lil' Dicky on the drums.
david moran
david moran Oy oldin
Terrible, politics and music never work. Just let the music speak. The words of this song was the only reason he was a guest. I clicked on this cause I heard the song on Spotify. It sounded good. The guitar solos were in their, had a hip hop beat. Now I see him as a uninformed libtard, not a good guitar player ripping of Hendrix.
Marcus Austin
Marcus Austin Oy oldin
He actually strongly supports the 2nd Amendment! I actually have absolutely have no problem with any American peacefully exercising their Constitutional rights! I personally dont refer to Americans as liberatards snowflakes trumpflakes Democrats or Republicans I call them Americans! The Marines taught me that
j b
j b Oy oldin
He's telling a story pretending that he has been discriminated against in his millionaire neighborhood.
dee 25 kun oldin
He will never have to pretend to be discriminated against, in this country as long as he is Black.
Dogtag jg24421
Fucking brilliant, Hendrix and Prince are smiling from Heaven. Hendrix for both the message and the guitar, Prince for the guitar
Dave Beerman
Dave Beerman 19 kun oldin
prince would like the message too
The New Timers
Gary Clark Jr. for pres
jimihd1 Oy oldin
Run NIGGA run
Scott Gibson
Scott Gibson Oy oldin
This is the mellow version, check out the official version if you want to know how he is really feeling.
Kevin Callo
Kevin Callo Oy oldin
Another DOPE video that addresses race relations is "A Star is Born" by Dangerflow. Peep that one too.
Adam Wood
Adam Wood Oy oldin
This geezers real man ,he a man with soul intact and some
Savanah Jett
Savanah Jett Oy oldin
I have never heard of this guy, but this song gave me all the feels. Now a huge fan.
urban structure
Our Modern Jimi Hendrix!!
Gooje Dooje
Gooje Dooje 19 kun oldin
fantastic but not as fluent as jimi
cyberian2007 Oy oldin
Will Gary house and feed and clothe a caravan of ILLEGAL INVADERS on his property ? HELL NO !! He just killed half his fan base by letting his politics invade his head and music.
Marcus Austin
Marcus Austin Oy oldin
This song actually will add to his base ! Fusing blues hip hop & reggae will add new fans
Joe Freeman
Joe Freeman Oy oldin
I can’t lie this was good
I think this is cool)
jar Dingle
jar Dingle Oy oldin
Censoring this song makes me sick.
Sam Quitkin
Sam Quitkin Oy oldin
This wins best song of 2019
raw dawgit
raw dawgit 2 oy oldin
Orange man bad.
AH Davis
AH Davis 2 oy oldin
Fair warning: If you keep calling people racists and they keep trying to tell you that they aren't, don't be surprised if *you* instill anger in them. And when you do, and you blame it on racism, just remember that you are the one responsible for rampant "racism" in 2019. In short, quit being the problem.
Matt Fisher
Matt Fisher 2 oy oldin
Message was great. Song sucked bad. Hope the rest of the album is betfer.
VoodooApex 2 oy oldin
Bit on the nose but, that might be what we need now. I would love to get on this solo, would destroy it.
Jeffrey Powell
Jeffrey Powell 2 oy oldin
What happened to the REAL words?!?!
Jeffrey Powell
+Nathaniel Adams anyone who would call someone a "moron" here, especially for my comment, IS EXACTLY what they refer to me as!!
Nathaniel Adams
Do you not realize that the FCC controls what can and can't be said on network television? Wake up moron!
TheLonesomeChef 2 oy oldin
bit on the nose.
ZeroKool7140 2 oy oldin
Damn that bass line got me pregnant.
Indi Haze
Indi Haze 2 oy oldin
Just wait till white people sing along to the non censored version, race baiting at its finest.
Marcus Austin
Marcus Austin Oy oldin
Wont be the first time ! David Alan Cole would be proud
Jose Ignacio Carria
♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🤟🏻🤟🏻 Go Gary, Go!
AxDxM 2 oy oldin
Gary has gotten worse and worse. If you want a real savior of the blues, check Kingfish Ingram. Gary is an overproduced poseur.
Emmett Young
Emmett Young 2 oy oldin
Shame he had to censor himself for the show, the song loses a lot of power
Silver 2 oy oldin
Next write a song about black on black crime and how they are killing one another at sinful rates.
Last Greatest
Last Greatest 2 oy oldin
Don't like the song being edited. It takes the soul away.
epic gamer
epic gamer 2 oy oldin
it's just not the same censored
john davies
john davies 2 oy oldin
Wow, that was a disappoint. So a fine musician like Gary Clark, creates a song that has to be one of the most affecting, powerful and angry middle fingers to racist white America recently. Then, when asked to perform it on mainstream late night TV promptly caves to the demands of the predominantly white corporate media to "yeah we'd like to have you on our show...but...um could you please not use the N or F word?" I don't know about anyone else but for me that was one of the most powerful moments in the song. It's the moment you think " boy, this guy means what he says and calls it out for what it is". Judging by his obvious capitulation to shamelessly promote sales of his new album over standing by his art or the possibility of offending the very people the song is aiming for, I have to think maybe he doesn't.
Nathaniel Adams
Do you not realize that the FCC controls what can and can't be said on network television? Wake up moron!
DrNickRiveria Oy oldin
he doesnt mean it. its all about album sales. Im from where gary grew up in south austin. No racism here. He got his break because of a white man named Clifford Antone who saw something in him and gave him a residency at "Antones" which pretty much launched his career. he acting like he grew up on a plantation picking cotton or some shit.
Nipples 2 oy oldin
I didn't realize Robert Downey Jr. played bass.
J Palladino
J Palladino 2 oy oldin
Ugh... They edited it
Nathaniel Adams
Do you not realize that the FCC controls what can and can't be said on network television? Wake up moron!
Spencer Butts
Spencer Butts 2 oy oldin
Garbage solo, this is what happens when rock dissapears its return bring mediocre solos which appear good, always compare to hendrix, waste of money gary clarks guitar is
Duan Steven
Duan Steven 2 oy oldin
Good stuff ✌️
Cesar Alvarado
Cesar Alvarado 2 oy oldin
Ain't nada like a Texas Guitar Slinger!!!
Robert Bolognese
Robert Bolognese 2 oy oldin
Huge fan . Great song and great performance
giovanni risatti
giovanni risatti 2 oy oldin
i tought this land is mine 😁
Mark J Marra
Mark J Marra 2 oy oldin
Hell Yeah! Spread the love baby! Love the positivity! . Thanks Stephen again for being part of the problem vs the solution.
Bryzz Lull
Bryzz Lull 2 oy oldin
Keep drinking that Kool Aid pal.
Andrew Mcinnis
Andrew Mcinnis 2 oy oldin
Sloppy AF
Adam T253
Adam T253 2 oy oldin
All negative history aside. Without black people, America's food and music culture would suck. Have you ever been to New Orleans Louisiana!?
Adam T253
Adam T253 2 oy oldin
We are ALL children of the STARS. The same iron that is in our blood is the same iron that was in a star that exploded/complete supernova millions and billions of years ago. Think about that for a quick second. Thank you Gary Clark jr. And thank you Carl Sagan. Peace to all. Good music and Good Times cheers!!! 😎🍻🌠❇🌌
Tele Man65
Tele Man65 2 oy oldin
Colbert is a complete useless waste of space skin and blood. Cares more about the Hollywood money than his country. Piece of scrum. But live the music
Swampy Bogard
Swampy Bogard 2 oy oldin
Ofcourse... Mixing rap, wierd techno stuff, and political views all into one to try and get more popular. Think im done with Gary if he keeps on this direction. I thought he was better than that, more down to earth, but he just wants to get popular and push a completed, dead agenda.
222SickBoy 2 oy oldin
Down with censorship!
Sinner Train
Sinner Train 2 oy oldin
Tough and raw to the bone contemporary blues. They "cleaned" this up for TV, obviously, but that makes sense.
Martin Coronado
Martin Coronado 2 oy oldin
Citizen cope seed for sure......
Steve Kutz
Steve Kutz 2 oy oldin
Saw Gary twice in the past 2 years.. Class act Humble Genius ☮️💟✊🏼🎸🎬
Kenn Smith
Kenn Smith 2 oy oldin
I love this tune......
Miguel Gonzalez Bermudez
Amazing solo!! but I think GCJr made a mistake cutting or agreeing to cut the lyrics, I mean that´s the whole idea of a protest song
Thomas Price
Thomas Price 2 oy oldin
Gcj angry capitalist....oxymoron...🤔
Thomas Price
Thomas Price 2 oy oldin
Gcj is cool and all but his liberal cool is not reality to me...its sends the USA IN A POLITICAL TAILSPIN..ROCK ON GCJ...
Edward Yarborough
Just hang it up
ChristinaLena Wright
Love his voice, his lyrics and the accompaniment. In fact love everything about. Want his album...Granny from Oz.
Moxie Music
Moxie Music 2 oy oldin
Wow that SG is so dope, that butterscotch color on the back of the neck and headstock oooooeeee
Darrien Day
Darrien Day 2 oy oldin
king zapata tho
Tone Loc
Tone Loc 2 oy oldin
Didn't know Randy Moss could jam .
Pedro Romero
Pedro Romero 2 oy oldin
Censor the Nigga? Isn't that what the song is about?
Brian Little
Brian Little 2 oy oldin
AUSTIN, TX representing on Colbert. I hate that you had to change lyrics for the FCC. I was wondering how that was going to go. Keep spreading the word Stephen & Gary!
Kari Havoth
Kari Havoth 2 oy oldin
It's about time more artists get on the stick with protest anthems. 60s artists that changed the attitudes of 100s of millions (and are still touring!) can't be wrong.
doG -the backward goD
Holy smokes! It's the reincarnation of Jimi Hendrix!! I normally skip the music act, but I'm sure glad I didn't skip this one.
Juslike EyeCit2
Juslike EyeCit2 2 oy oldin
I love his music and performance. ATX loves you Gary!
mxt mxt
mxt mxt 2 oy oldin
This won't age well.
Flo Ryan
Flo Ryan 2 oy oldin
The censoring and "not saying a bad word" thing on American TV is ridiculous
Mario Godoy
Mario Godoy 2 oy oldin
WOW!!! That had me bobbin' my head at work!! Nice!
Free The Press
Free The Press 2 oy oldin
Gary Clark's backing band is without energy. They have been for a long time. The bass player has no groove and the drummer plays without energy. This effects the live show and the fans feel it live. I've seen Gary live 6 times over the previous 6 years and each show seems to be getting worse than the last. I blame this on the lack of energy and strong playing by the drummer and bassist because it gives nothing for GC to feed off of. I know those two are his friends but please get rid of those 2. I'm not trying to troll or be rude but stronger and more outside of the box players mixed with GC will ultimately create a much better live, songwriting, creative, and studio performance. For those of you who disagree go listen to the difference between a Jimi Hendrix Experience record and compare that with the Hendrix Band of Gypsies record. You will the see the difference in how those two sets of musicians play.
Free The Press
+DrNickRiveria Agreed. Please contact him and tell him so.
DrNickRiveria Oy oldin
yeah i agree. his band is terrible. i dont like the guitarist either. he needs J J Johnson on drums.
GCJ is an incredible artist, always enjoy watching his lives. Him and Eric Gales been banging in my head on repeat for days now.
рокенрол 2 oy oldin
hmmm, he says "run run", but who should runing?
"your kind", obviously. the kind we "can't wait to call the police on". i realize the song is censored, but it's still abundantly clear what it's about.
American 92
American 92 2 oy oldin
Gary Clark JR is great.
mike boultinghouse
compelling enough, but his guitar work is unimpressive. sorry. its sloppy
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