Gary Payton weighs in on LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan comparison | First Take | ESPN

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Gary Payton joins First Take and weighs in on the LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan comparison.
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4-Iyn, 2018



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Ben Ocampo
Ben Ocampo 2 kun oldin
Basketball today soft
3aryk 2 kun oldin
Michael Jeffery Jordan 6x NBA Champion 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 6x Finals MVP 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 5x League MVP 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 10x scoring leader🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀 4x led the NBA in steals🏀🏀🏀🏀 1985 Rookie of the year 🏆 1988 Defensive player of the year 🏆(200+ blocks & 200+ steals in the 87/88 season) 10x All-Defensive team selection 63 points in a playoff game vs.the 1986 Boston Celtics 🍀 (Single game Record) 2x Olympic🥇🥇(Team 🇺🇸) 1982 NCAA championship with the University of North Carolina Tar Heels 2x NCAA basketball player of the year ⛹️ 2x ACC Player of the year ⛹️ 2x All-ACC 2x Concensus All-America 1st Ballot HOF 🏀 Number one all time among NBA SG in career blocks and career steals And he did it, in a big man era, without a dominant big man/ or a dominant center on his championship teams This is what makes him the greatest player in NBA history No disrespect to those who came before him, but Jordan’s the goat 🐐🏀
Jay Lucot
Jay Lucot 2 kun oldin
If America doesn't have sports what do you think will happen??
prazey 4 kun oldin
what the heck is this guy talking about Lebron is deep into career? Lebron is 34 and Jordan came back from retirement at 34 and won three straight NBAs. Lebron is not even as good as a 37 year old Jordan. Nuff said.
Johnny Bandz
Johnny Bandz 4 kun oldin
LeBron has to do so much, LeBron has to do so much.blah blah that nigga get paid millions to do that job
Connor Macloud
Connor Macloud 4 kun oldin
Hahahah don t switch
300ml 6 kun oldin
is that morpheus in the back?
Coonhunter #1
Coonhunter #1 7 kun oldin
MJ was the best ever
Final Destination
Final Destination 7 kun oldin
I feel sorry for the young kids who never got the opportunity to watch Jordan play. Lebron is a great player. I grew up watching Jordan, Bird, Magic, Isiah Thomas, and other guys but everybody fails to realize how much of an assassin Michael Jordan really was. I agree with Steven...Jordan never would have gave Lebron the opportunity to flourish against him. Jordan was the type of player that took everybody’s doubt against him and turned it into a challenge. Jordan would’ve worked and worked and worked until his level of game play would respond to any doubts that anyone had. One quote that Jordan said about 25yrs ago and I’ll never forget it as I watching an ESPN interview. Jordan was asked what is his routine before basketball season. Jordan replied, “I kill myself in the off season so nobody can kill me during basketball season.” Does Lebron have that kind of killer competitiveness within him??? I don’t think so.
mark anthony
mark anthony 9 kun oldin
the only argument here is what does the female reporter do there?
Dough21Insane Stay Dangerous III
I love MJ but he is not the best its people out there with more rings I mean damn whose name is for the trophy for the MVP of the finals
Jullian Michael
Jullian Michael 9 kun oldin
Me hasn’t play in over 20 years who gives af his shoes are even getting old
Mike Duncan
Mike Duncan 10 kun oldin
That white boy on the vid here needs to go back to boxing reps. Boi ain never played in the NBA.
Freddie Montes
Freddie Montes 10 kun oldin
He had it in Miami! Yet he never did it!
frank ingram
frank ingram 11 kun oldin
Why is there even a debate between the greatest EVER to arguably the best player currently playing? Jordan (and to some extent Kobe) would tear your heart out if that's what it took for him to beat you. LeBron wants to beat you without hurting your feelings.
Ry Ddh
Ry Ddh 12 kun oldin
So I simulated a 2k game on hof and Jordan beat lebron 21 to 12
Mike Studmuffin
Mike Studmuffin 12 kun oldin
1:46 Something wrong with that duck. Looks like it got caught in a fishing line. I hope someone caught him and released him from bondage.
Duckrockerz4life 12 kun oldin
I love gp played with the most heart of his era like vernon maxwell but your era wasnt tougher, players get better they evolve, in this era lbj is the best in the world but 2nd best is highly debatable because all these players have mastered almost every skill they can 🔥🔥
Zan Chen
Zan Chen 13 kun oldin
Leborn James does not have a HALL of Fame coach Phil Jackson !
Han Kim
Han Kim 14 kun oldin
No he didn't have a Pippen but he had Irving.
Master Zhao
Master Zhao 14 kun oldin
Of every video, podcast, interview or article I have read/seen/heard the overwhelming consensus is that MJ is BY FAR the GOAT. Makes me wonder who is keeping this nonsensical "non-debate" alive. LeBron WILL NEVER be better than MJ, period. Mike wanted to rip your heart out, eat it in front of you, then tell you he's had better. He never flopped, never whined about getting better players, never backed down from a challenge, he just competed. LeBron is none of that.
Edgar Bahena
Edgar Bahena 15 kun oldin
lol when I hear ppl say “Lebron has to do so much “ really shits on all the all stars he played with lol shit on all those role players who did the dirty work for him . That’s another reason why I don’t like Lebron , he has the media to defend him .
Locked In
Locked In 15 kun oldin
Gary was great but Kemp was the best on that team...
david lopez
david lopez 16 kun oldin
The older generation forgets how great Jordon was. We know he was the greatest but allow the hype of today sway our minds to think we have found the next jordon. This brainwashing started by the media is total garbage!!
Luis Moncayo
Luis Moncayo 16 kun oldin
Payton words have no sense ,his is not worth it.
Joseph Johnroe
Joseph Johnroe 17 kun oldin
"I don't want to talk about MJ in Washington, that's not MJ". Really? Did we count those points in Washington? Did we not celebrate Jordan passing Wilt while he was on a Washington team that missed the playoffs those two years? We already give him a pass for those 3 straight first round losses (1-9) because his "team" wasn't any good. We celebrate the 6 times he won the title, which was amazing, but never want to talk about the other 9 when he didn't even make the finals, 3 times didn't make it out of the first round, and 2 other times when he missed the playoffs all together. As great as Jordan was, there are too many excuses made in his name. That is a main contributor as to why some people simply have Jordan fatigue.
Ron Silvia
Ron Silvia 17 kun oldin
Lebron James shouldn't even be allowed to have his jersey number 23 hes not worthy
Martin Macalinao
Martin Macalinao 18 kun oldin
Kyle kuzma just pushed lebron to play D and it ended this debate
too black paul
too black paul 18 kun oldin
Shut up labron the Man
Roast Masters
Roast Masters 18 kun oldin
The glove making excuses.
Issac Frye
Issac Frye 20 kun oldin
LeBron can't guard all 5 position's... can't even guard KD...gthouttahere!!!! He had Kevin Love, Kyrie, D Wade, and Chris Bosh. Stop it...he has to do too much. Bull crap... he can only play in a system where he dominates the ball.
Glenn Valencia
Glenn Valencia 21 kun oldin
Isn't 6 rings enough to explain how Jordan was, is and will be the greatest (at least in the foreseeable future)?
23Dataminer 21 kun oldin
MJ was in one year the best scoring player and the best defender of the entire league. Best shooter and best defender of the entire NBA !! As the only one in the history of the NBA. (note: D. Robinson also received both titles, but not in the same year). Who else would you like to call the best basketball player of all time than someone who was the best in attack and defense?
Gain Olavera
Gain Olavera 21 kun oldin
Kids these days need to google and do some thorough research. If you're a real nba fan and you follow the game. You should know the history coz this era is soft in defense, Jordan's time was a boxing lesson of different weight class coz defense was a must especially in the eastern conference. #M.JordanisG.O.AT
Josiah Wise
Josiah Wise 22 kun oldin
Mj never took the best player
MR D 24 kun oldin
The NBA is known in the world because of who? michael jordan.
kent Ell
kent Ell 25 kun oldin
Tell it bro
The Observer Melanin
La Onda
La Onda Oy oldin
Efil4zaggin era Dr. Dre on Gary Payton's right back there.
Justin Brown
Justin Brown Oy oldin
Tony Allen?????
darius sims
darius sims Oy oldin
Lebron pussy....
MoonMan Oy oldin
Jordan had pippen+role players. Lebron had wade/bosh then kyrie/love. To say lebron has to do so much for the cavs to win is nonsense. Jordan did more with less. Jordan was the best 2 way player ever. These clowns in the media do nothing but make excuses for lebrons bad defense. Remember, jason terry lit lebron up in the 2011 finals. Jason fucking terry. And max is a moron with his lebron can guard all 5 positions. What center in today's game is outstanding? Anthony davis? When does lebron guard him and shut him down? Olajuwon, ewing, robison, shaq, and mourning would have lit lebron up if he was guarding them. This nonsense that lebron can guard centers needs to stop. And lebron media fanbois can eat a dick.
Bayo Lewis
Bayo Lewis Oy oldin
It's like if he out weigh you he we will guard you
Bayo Lewis
Bayo Lewis Oy oldin
You not gonna see it because he doesn't want to get exposed
Jeremy James
Jeremy James Oy oldin
Payton was a poor mans John Stockton
musicluv80 Oy oldin
You can compare it as a parenting. Michael Jordan's parenting style on the court is you follow me, watch what I do and you do it, no matter what. That is how he made his team great. Whereas Lebron's style is you guys need do this and that but wait "let me do it for you" which he ends up playing their positions so his team are often lost whenever he is not there to play with them. If you are parents you will know if you keep doing things for your kids they will never get better. Lebron needs to let his teammates do their job and let them get better and let them pass the ball to him and make shots.
chris mas
chris mas Oy oldin
Of MJ's 15 seasons 2 of them he played less than 20 games, broken foot and comeback from retirement. 2 seasons he was 39 and 40 years old. Jordan entered league at 21. JORDAN'S PRIME YEARS 11 seasons, 10 scoring titles while also being named all nba first team defense 9x, 6-0 finals record, 6x finals and regular season mvp, defensive POY, ROY, 3x steals leader. GOAT
David Tucker
David Tucker Oy oldin
Why ruin a good story with some facts. The fact is Lebron had more game winning shots than MJ.in the playoffs over his career. Someone asked who would I rather take the game winning shot. Based on those stats I’ll take Lebron.
Master Yi
Master Yi Oy oldin
edjae david
edjae david Oy oldin
Well... lebron has more on his plate because he chose to play his own way.. he wants to shine more, thus, he makes bad players good, but also makes great players good.. just good.. look at what happened to bosh, wade, and Allen in heat.. those were great players but they were turned into role players only.. and Wade and allen had to be clutch for him many times and never get the credits.. in cavs, kyrie was the one who was so clutch so many times to win the games, but it was lebron who got the recognition.. just can't understand that... I don't hate him though.. he is a great player, but not anywhere near mj..
trever davis
trever davis Oy oldin
Gary is telling truth. Im so glad i got to see it all when it happened. It was better !
Tez Mania
Tez Mania Oy oldin
So lebron didn’t have, Dwayne wade in his prime with bosh and ray allen, Kyrie and his prime with Kevin love, don’t forget he played with shaq
Marc Aldrin
Marc Aldrin Oy oldin
Kwentutero Oy oldin
To me lebron james is just a glorified magic with better athleticism.
Aladeen Oy oldin
Max Kellerman is a hoax basketball analyst.
Steve-o Oy oldin
Steph Curry = GOAT
Rowell Mason
Rowell Mason Oy oldin
Gary is sour at MJ for beating him lol
Its funny how everyone makes Pippen out to become type of a magical player......he was a great defender and averaged ~20pts PG is his prime. Lebron needed WADE, BOSH, ALLEN, KYRIE, KEVIN to win championships and he was not even the most clutch player when they won. JORDAN was a fuckin defensive and offensive guru. Jordan won DPOTY award and was on the all defensive team. He guarded the best players and STILL dropped points like no one else. Look at what he did to Malone before the shot over Russell. Pippen was definitely a great player, but Jordan was the MAN every time a clutch shot or play was required.
hereand now
hereand now Oy oldin
What people are not mentioning here is that the average basketball player today can jump higher and is stronger than the average player even 20 years ago. The athletes are actually better today.
danny bermudez
It's hard to say, but Jordan is 6 for 6 and it was a lot more physical. Lebron is a better rounded and more dominant. He had to do it alone m.j had amazing help
ns671fr Oy oldin
Max - you have to understand, eventhough MJ played less, he played less and won more. thats straight up the man.
Paul Clary
Paul Clary Oy oldin
lebron will never be a Jordan !! That's funny !! LOL
GP trying to bail LeBum out
김진세 Oy oldin
plz. beat kobe first. then we can talk about goat.
Jerry Hill
Jerry Hill Oy oldin
Nba today is all easy lay ups you run in you're open. Its soft as fuck. Idk man I still watch but its ridiculous now
Erik Plessner
Erik Plessner Oy oldin
Jordan is far better than LeBron
Melchior AO
Melchior AO Oy oldin
It was a different league thats for sure. If Lebron faced the double and triple teams that MJ had to as a result of 'Jordan rules' from teams like Pistons and the Knicks, he wouldnt put up anywhere near the numbers MJ did under those conditions.
BaahBen Oy oldin
And in Gary Payton's era, they allowed hand checking!
Rate35 Oy oldin
All I wanna know is how many ball players, since Michael Jordan laced up..can handle him AIR JORDAN 1-on-1,.. defense & offense. That moment when he walks up to an NBA All-Star and says " I'm shutting your shit down tonight, don't try and hide"..in front of everyone on the court both teams ...
Let's not make excuses for LeBron. He's not in the class of defender that Kobe or Jordan were. Period.
Cedric Relford
Can we stop comparing Lebron to everybody? Lebron is not the goat. Gtfohwtbs.
D' La Vega T
D' La Vega T Oy oldin
Pippen always guarded the best player on the other team. And you idiots rate Jordan as a defense hero. Shit the f up
D' La Vega T
D' La Vega T Oy oldin
Jordan carried the bulls without pippen and he didn't do anything. Never got past the 1st round. After Jordan left bulls won 55 games and made the playoffs Lebron took bums to the finals . When lebron left the cavs were a lottery team. Get the f out of here you retards
Lizi Saravoke
Lizi Saravoke Oy oldin
MJ is like a prehistoric apex predator, like a saber tooth tiger. Lebron is a Siberian tiger. They were both the alpha in their respective eras. But I think MJ would dispatch Lebron.
Maurice Humphrey
Kareem is the Greatest of all-time.
dreamtimej Oy oldin
GP and Shawn Kemp were remarkable year after year. In fact, Kemp should be in the Hall of Fame. Off the subject but I had to say it.
Lorenzo Bontorin
"Don't switch". GP has a point there
Larry Burke
Larry Burke Oy oldin
Gary... MJ did it every night because then it is what you do EVERY TIME.
Freddie J
Freddie J Oy oldin
Watch "30 day pushup challenge workout day 4" on UZvid uzvid.com/video/video-P0SHasHnSFg.html
FSU DirtyBirdzzz
What is Gary talking about? He played till 07... he was in the league with lebron so we only talking about the teams he played in the 90s... Gary acts like he played in the 80s and he didnt. That's why Jordan couldnt rule in the 80s because the teams were better and stacked then 90s alot of those teams fell off a bit while Jordan got Scottie and Phil rolling into the 90s. Why do we suddenly act like we stopped playing defense in the 90s and that's the best teams. No it wasn't and his statement is flawed and biased. So what did he stop playing defense after the 90s too? Like dude is trying to act like Jordan full court pressed people entire games. He had the best defensive player on his team to help him and he doesnt have near the minutes played. Gary cant just say oh well he was 41 the amount of minutes on the court does matter. We play all this double standard for Jordan it's a bit annoying. Like we can give slack to him for not making it to the finals because the teams were better but hate on lebron for making it to 9 finals and not winning them all because the team is better. That double standard is hilarious.
Charles Green
Charles Green Oy oldin
The question is, who's skills are the best? a general practioner or a specialist? When your skills put you into a billion dollar status because people love what you have accomplished. If you want to make a comment....say I GOT IT!!!
Andrew Buss
Andrew Buss Oy oldin
How do you think LeBron would handle hand checking from Derek Harper and John Starks? Let alone the Bad Boys' "Jordan Rules." Could you imagine LeBron having to face the "LeBron Rules?" Laughable.
Bernie Earthstein
I been watching NBA as an avid fan since 1958. Bill Russel is the GOAT. If he wanted to, he could have out scored MJ. MJ could not defend like BR. 9 rings for BR; only 6 for MJ.
TMBouncing Oy oldin
Thats a lie! I remember when Lebron shut down MVP Derrick rose back in 2011 uzvid.com/video/video-HMXEPPKdGVA.html. He was guarding him in crunch moments in this series. There's plenty other moments when he did guard the opposition best player. He's older now so he obviusly cant do it as much anymore.
Kevo Starks
Kevo Starks Oy oldin
Jordan was a beast with killer instinct and he was a definsive juggernaut
Alan 2 oy oldin
SAS knows the mentality of NBA Players of both past and present, both in court and off the court. He not one of Lebron butt kisser analyst. in the past, NBA tickets is worth every penny. every game is a warzone, contesting one another. now a days, its soft. if peppin exist, he can outdone Lebron. Peppin is agile, has endurance, can do 3's and command a team of this softer generation. softer generation because, when lebron ram and somebody would try to contest, theres a high probability of a foul be called by ref.
Alan 2 oy oldin
SAS and Payton has a great point. SAS isnt being salty, He's stating the facts. Proof: uzvid.com/video/video-s8-ZDksSYBw.html
Sean Wright
Sean Wright 2 oy oldin
He can't do that he some garbage to me and that's one of the reasons why.
Jay Man
Jay Man 2 oy oldin
This debate boors me! I’m over it! Look greatest shooter of all time... Stephen Curry! Greatest center of all time... Shaq! Greatest driver to the Rim of all time... Lebron James! Greatest dunker Jordan!
Alpha Pala-igitcom
You know guys whats the Problem here? if you think LJ is done enough things to teams then dont used or compare to it Micheal Jordan. Jordan dont afraid to face seven footers underneath. He aint afraid any of those guys thats why I appreciate MJORDAN once and for all. now on Lebron if you guys think that he is good on what is he doing then just put it on that way. stop comparing people. Uniqueness of every players is good. but to compare nah... forget about it.
Dan Lyons
Dan Lyons 2 oy oldin
Lebron has lasted this long in the NBA because of the millions he spends on PEDs every season. That's why Lebron has hair from his ass on top of his head. EVEN WITH THE PEDS, Lebron has been swept in the finals LOL.
daniel david
daniel david 2 oy oldin
Mike that ball😀😀😀😀😀
N Kel
N Kel 2 oy oldin
Talking clear English.....payton is so superior a communicator...this smith guy should thank the NBA for having to hire a token. Same thing for this Hebrew, this shit-in-mouth token. both have annunciation problems.
Alexander Flores
Alexander Flores 2 oy oldin
"Look here! . . .gotta check ya Trevel. The only GOAT in ''my book'' isn't MJ or LeBron or Kobie and he's no longer with us! HE'S THE GOAT for a whole 'nother reason and it isn't Basketball. His name is WILT(The Stilt) CHAMBERLAIN(RIP). :D I'll just leave it at that.
Antonio Gonzalez
Antonio Gonzalez 2 oy oldin
bullshit Gary trying to back up LeBron stop it that's bullshit
Raymond Johnson
Raymond Johnson 2 oy oldin
There's Michael Jordan and then there's everyone else excluding the center position. All time great centers are in a totally different category. Not a true comparison. It's like comparing a regular field player with a pitcher. Jordan could never be the physical dominating force that Wilt, Kareem, or Shaq were and they could never be the all around complete player that he was.
Paul Jordan
Paul Jordan 2 oy oldin
Payton was waaaaayyyy off when he said the 90s era was better. The 90s was an expansion league where the talent was watered down. In the 00s is when we started to see international talent really come on to improve the league again.
C Leverett
C Leverett 2 oy oldin
MJ 14th season was really his 12th. He took off 2 years and the came back just to win 3 in a row. Also Lebron would have never beat the Detroit Pistons back then he too soft. MJ went at them, he had to admit that the Pistons was the team he could not beat until he hit the gym.
lex luther
lex luther 2 oy oldin
Fun Fact Real GOAT never Got Sweep Never Got Eaten By Snake Only Crying On Winning Championship Not Losing. MJ is A Certified GOAT
DAYZ 2 oy oldin
MJ by a 100mile
Your house after it's cleaned
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