Gary Payton weighs in on LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan comparison | First Take | ESPN

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Gary Payton joins First Take and weighs in on the LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan comparison.
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4-Iyn, 2018

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Antonio Gonzalez
Antonio Gonzalez Soat oldin
bullshit Gary trying to back up LeBron stop it that's bullshit
Raymond Johnson
Raymond Johnson 2 soat oldin
There's Michael Jordan and then there's everyone else excluding the center position. All time great centers are in a totally different category. Not a true comparison. It's like comparing a regular field player with a pitcher. Jordan could never be the physical dominating force that Wilt, Kareem, or Shaq were and they could never be the all around complete player that he was.
Paul Jordan
Paul Jordan 22 soat oldin
Payton was waaaaayyyy off when he said the 90s era was better. The 90s was an expansion league where the talent was watered down. In the 00s is when we started to see international talent really come on to improve the league again.
C Leverett
C Leverett Kun oldin
MJ 14th season was really his 12th. He took off 2 years and the came back just to win 3 in a row. Also Lebron would have never beat the Detroit Pistons back then he too soft. MJ went at them, he had to admit that the Pistons was the team he could not beat until he hit the gym.
lex luther
lex luther Kun oldin
Fun Fact Real GOAT never Got Sweep Never Got Eaten By Snake Only Crying On Winning Championship Not Losing. MJ is A Certified GOAT
DAYZ Kun oldin
MJ by a 100mile
Roderick Aspiras
Roderick Aspiras 2 kun oldin
Even now Payton doesn't like Jordan and defends Pussy LeBron! Le Bron is a hack
Rare Breed
Rare Breed 3 kun oldin
Finally an old school NBA legend tells the truth. These players today arent as good.
I Q 3 kun oldin
When Gary talks, it's STFU time. The man knows him some hoops. I might be a Celt's fan for life being from New England, but I always respected guys like Gary, Michael, Magic, Kareem, etc. from THE era. For me LeBron isn't even top 5 - top 10 perhaps, but no top 5.
Brad B
Brad B 3 kun oldin
The whole debate is a product of media manipulation. LBJ is the cash cow for now so obv the media and NBA are gonna push this GOAT narrative. They do it with EVERY generational talent. It was Kobe before him
Dave Repole
Dave Repole 3 kun oldin
I lost total respect for LBJ. Conceited arrogant baby...
jaytok7 4 kun oldin
and you guys still sleeping on John Rogers.. "ohh no"
jaytok7 4 kun oldin
and MJ once trashed talked JOHN ROGERS.....haha now let that sink in
Antonio Ridah
Antonio Ridah 5 kun oldin
Royal Priest
Royal Priest 5 kun oldin
Lebron's basketball IQ to me is a fancy excuse to get the ball out of his hands at the end of games.
Elvize Bautista
Elvize Bautista 6 kun oldin
Lebron guarded 2011 MVP Rose, Michael guarded John STockton. lol
Josh M
Josh M 6 kun oldin
The only thing you need to know about Lebron james, is that he got outplayed by Jason Terry in the finals. End of discussion.
Nomadic Vagrant
Nomadic Vagrant 6 kun oldin
Why is this even a debate? MJ is literally head and shoulders above, Leb... LeBr.... WHO?
Unknown Person
Unknown Person 6 kun oldin
i think part of the reason why jordan will always be the greatest ever in most of people's eyes because he dont have a goal to surpass... bird is the best alongside magic but media back then is not as popular as today.... back when lebron was drafted media overhyped lebron... so evryone will always pick jordan as the greatest ever... evryone is saying jordan is the GOAT..
Sherwin Tandingan
Sherwin Tandingan 6 kun oldin
.. The cause of this debate should blame to jordan, because he retire a season MVP and a final MVP..
chally man
chally man 7 kun oldin
Not salty. Speaking facts to yall Lebron fanboys
Nova Man
Nova Man 7 kun oldin
Jordan didn't cover Barkley! Pippen and Rodman tried. Jordan knew he'd get schooled and be gassed by covering the round mound!
Phil Haynes
Phil Haynes 7 kun oldin
The game of basketball has come so far. You can tell by one of the greatest defenders ever saying don’t switch like it’s bad to do it. It’s an evolution of the game
Freddie Wooten
Freddie Wooten 7 kun oldin
I knew the basketball players back in the day! Now I can't remember any of these cats.
mansonlamps 7 kun oldin
Lebron never been a great defender
Edwin Yap
Edwin Yap 8 kun oldin
Ask anyone on the street... no. 23 which basketball player is that? Top of the mind.... Will always be MJ. Nuff said
AntLBee 8 kun oldin
🤔NOBODY brings up Jordan losing YEARS of potential stats due to 1. College Career and 2.Two Early Retirements .. LeBron had a Headstart in NBA🤔
Cesar Alejandro Romero Ochoa
Si MJ ser a el mejor de la Historia Pero en mi opinión personal era muy egoísta y casi nunca pasaba la bola. Solo los últimos años empezó a dar los pases . si el equipo tiraba 100 tiros 80 eran del MJ. Le valía madre los demás jugadores
Rob R
Rob R 8 kun oldin
Kellerman makes Bayless look like a genius.
Kevin Odom
Kevin Odom 8 kun oldin
Rene D
Rene D 9 kun oldin
Lebron can block you in the back but MJ will block u in front, who is better
Greg Gentile
Greg Gentile 9 kun oldin
Lebron doesn't play defense unless it's a chase down block once every 3 games. Watch guys go around him all game long then he'll call out a teammate for not helping out fast enough.
Mario Blalock
Mario Blalock 9 kun oldin
this nonsense about lebron being able to guard all positions, thats ridiculous. thats only true in 2019, because there are no real centers anymore. could lebron actually guard shaq, hakeem, patrick ewing, hell no. lebron gets all his defensive accolades from these great help defense/weak side blocks, etc. show me when he shuts down anyone great with his on the ball defense... change my mind
Sam King
Sam King 9 kun oldin
Kareem >>>>>>>>> Lebron
Objective Perspective
Um Byrd and Scottie were both better all around players than mj. My is not even the best shooter, Byrd or curry might have that. Byrd even have a better killer instinct than mj. So mj is not even the goat. I never seen LeBron take the best player. And I never seen mj be the facilitator so what's the point. What's better. Well since its a team sport than a facilitator is better. Mj is overrated. Byrd was better. Scottie is better all around. So how is mj even the goat
gabriel hernandez
gabriel hernandez 10 kun oldin
Lebron James Quits under preasure and you cam see it in his face....... THE GOAT Michael Jordan enjoyed and thrived under preasure!!
Jeff B
Jeff B 10 kun oldin
GP speaks the truef
Ray Williams
Ray Williams 10 kun oldin
maybe LeBron should consider retiring before he tarnished his legacy! with his faults, failures, & excuses....it seems as though he’s retrogressing!
Gary Kennedy
Gary Kennedy 10 kun oldin
Thank you GP aka the Glove. The league was different, required better, more skilled, tougher players back in the day. Just my opinion, but the league today is just not comparable to the era of MJ, GP, Scottie, Dominique, Barkley and so on..
Richard Navasca
Richard Navasca 11 kun oldin
People still talking about who is the GOAT? It is simple, Brian Scalabrine is the real GOAT. Air Ginger!
Bradley Parks
Bradley Parks 11 kun oldin
GP you can't touch an dude today it's all offense they it's so much easier he couldn't fuck with Rodman guarding him
joseph taylor
joseph taylor 11 kun oldin
I think Jordans will to win is what sets him apart as GOAT
Esaiah Watts
Esaiah Watts 12 kun oldin
Jordan couldn't guard A.I. though...
Ricky La
Ricky La 12 kun oldin
Just ask which players you prefer for your team if you were the owner. It would be LJ for me. You need no special coach or teams to the Fi nal
Thomas Thomas
Thomas Thomas 12 kun oldin
and for got to mention he was so skilled he would beat you with his mind when he got older that shows how good he really was
Thomas Thomas
Thomas Thomas 12 kun oldin
he was still. great. player when he play for the. Washington wizards he was better than half the player in the league at 40 years. old
Cygnus Prime
Cygnus Prime 12 kun oldin
Lebron is terrified of being exposed in a 1v1 situation. Look at his body language when he's being guarded by elite guys like durant or pierce or Kobe, he wants to get out of there.
Shawn Carter
Shawn Carter 12 kun oldin
The difference between LeBron and Jordan, Bird and Magic is those three didn't just want to win the game. They wanted to destroy you. They wanted to watch you cry. They wanted to make you seek counseling. They weren't satisfied with just winning. They also were always clutch. They didn't learn to be clutch over 5-7 seasons of their careers. They came into the league snatching victory in the last moments. LeBron has a history of excepting defeat before the game was over. Jordan never excepted defeat until the clock said 00:00.
MrHeepspo 12 kun oldin
Hilarious... Lebron = soft
ferdinand quintos
ferdinand quintos 12 kun oldin
Lebron is muscular and bull strong. We live in an era where strong, big and dominant is praised. MJ is simply on another level. He simply has superior championship smarts and leadership. Most important Jordan NEVER choked. While Lebron, time and time again chokes.