Gary Payton weighs in on LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan comparison | First Take | ESPN

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Gary Payton joins First Take and weighs in on the LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan comparison.
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4-Iyn, 2018

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majid abbad rizqallah khan
gary payton eats KD and all these young soft ass niggas for lunch
majid abbad rizqallah khan
gary payton could shut down lebron i said yall deal with it.
Charles Phillips
Wow. It's tiring listening to Gary Payton try to mumble out an English syllable
Ronald M
Ronald M 3 kun oldin
Payton played in that era..so he knows..any ovjective historian of the NBA knows..the deniers are the young jocksnffers and bandwagon fans that dont bother looking beyond the present
Miguel  Rodriguez
Miguel Rodriguez 5 kun oldin
What excuse does LeBron have for losing two finals in Miami, when he had two all-star starters HELPING him?
Hello122061 5 kun oldin
Gary being the typical old guy. "In our era league had better players". Stop it.
mike brown
mike brown 6 kun oldin
Don't sleep on Rodmans defense also. He sometimes guarded the best also. People give Jordan to much credit and not enough to his teammates. Pippen and Rodman are HOFAMERS. Jordan isn't invincible if LeBron played him 10 times Jordan would lose some games. I don't think Jordan could stop him prime vs prime. Everyone wants to discredit LeBron He can score on anyone with a head of steam. I think LeBron is to strong and as explosive as Jordan. One on one is definitely a different game. You have to also give LeBron an edge on Jordan rebounding against each other.
christopher davies
christopher davies 6 kun oldin
What f Kobe left the Lakers for a better team two times like Labron did, instead of wait out bad tens in LA?? And...what if labron stayed in Cleveland and rebuilt like Kobe did?? And what if the lakers would have gotten Chris Paul. I think the Kobe labron debate would definitely look different!
Alex Kendz
Alex Kendz 7 kun oldin
Wooooooh Pippen scoring avg 18pts! Jordan didn’t have teammates who score more than 22pts. Jordan is the scorer basically who carried the team. Lebron had Dwayne Wade, Irving, Kevin love who can score 26-28pts. 🤷🏽‍♂️ Also, Jordan may not be a good passer. Because he’s kinda guy who dont easily trust anybody. So basically, If Jordan dont trust you, that you can drop the ball in? He’ll rather do it by himself and drop the ball instead of passing it. ( more efficient/ no wasted time ) get the buckets
SURFER X BLOOD 7 kun oldin
LeBron is a straight up quitter...and he always runs to a new team or better situation when anything gets rough. He was with Miami...all star team...he likes to play half the time. He a straight up vagina.
Reggie Black
Reggie Black 10 kun oldin
And Max on that dumb shit too
Reggie Black
Reggie Black 10 kun oldin
Payton with that bullshit
edward lyons
edward lyons 11 kun oldin
Bro these guys are morons. The reason there are more switches in today's NBA is because the style of playing in this era has turned into a perimeter game. You cant just not do switches otherwise motherfuckers like steph and clay are gonna make 100% of their shots coming off of pick and rolls if you try to stay on the same guy. Also, GP....YOU ARE TRIPPING. He said NBA players were better in the 90's. Are you fucking joking? Athletes are bigger, stronger, faster, and more competitive now that you can make millions of dollars from playing basketball (shout out to Nike and Gatorade for that). Not only that but with freedom of movement you cant just slap the damn ball out of someone's hands or hard foul somebody just to get them off their rhythm so you can't just lock somebody down like you used to be able to in MJ's day. Bro he said each team had 4-5 guys who could be all-stars? Are you joking? the 90's was so fucking deluded after league expansion bruh im gonna stop here im so sick and tired of sports media being like 90% over the age of 40 spewing about their damn near religious worship of MJ. Leave your jordan lunch boxes and fucking bobble heads at home can I hear just one segment from this show that isn't full of delusional nostalgia? I got Kareem, Wilt, AND Lebron over MJ. MJ is so overrated. He beat 5 teams in 6 years because he never had to face a team better than his, in fact by the time he came back the bulls had the deepest roster and were stacked beyond belief. Lebron meanwhile has to play dynastic superteams every time he steps foot in the finals. Lets see MJ's record against the spurs 3 times and the gsw 4 times....DOUBT HE'S 7-0
jovaniohk ditori
jovaniohk ditori 13 kun oldin
LeBron can't guard all 5. This nigga can't play defense at all.
Jeffrey Vanarsdale
Jeffrey Vanarsdale 16 kun oldin
MJ guarded the best player on the opposing team thus giving him the advantage over the amount of points the opposing team could score on the bulls jordan didnt avoid defensive assignments he requested them. Lebron loses in the finals for this very reason he refuses to play D if he could put up 35 and keep KD down to like 23ppg hef have a better chance of winning but when your putting up 40 and allowing the other guy to also put up 40 cause you dont wanna guard him well you increase your chances of losing. It ain't really that hard to figure out if he played harder D and kept the opposing teams start points to a minimum he'd have better chances at winning titles. Jordan was stengy he wanted the rock and he also wanted to steal yours every chance he got.
Wook 87
Wook 87 15 kun oldin
Does Bron have a Pippen along with him in this scenario? I recall Phil taking Mike off Barkely and Pippen giving Barkley hell....So you expect Bron to Guard KD all game, meanwhile literally having to play the whole game just so his team has a chance?
Chris Williams
Chris Williams 17 kun oldin
Stop with the excuses, name relavent categories that LeBron got Kobe and Jordan in n get back with me. Oops, playoff points on way more games, losses, and maybe rebounds and blocks. LeBron never won scoring title and MJ and Kobe are better on the offensive and defensive end. Lol LeBron a coward and a crybaby. The end. Show me some numbers instead of dick riding Queen James, lol. Pitiful....
MadMax 2k
MadMax 2k 18 kun oldin
He still didn’t answer the question tho
these guys make no sense, teams now play 5 guys that can all shoot from three point range.. Back in the 80's you were lucky if you had two guys that could shoot threes.. The game is played from 25 ft out now. In the 80's and 90'S the game was played around 10-17 ft away from the basket..
Francisco Pizarro
Francisco Pizarro 19 kun oldin
WOWOWOWOWOWOOWWOWOWO Lebron shoots 70% of his shots within 6ft lmfao. He’s a horrible mid range shooter, a below average free throw shooter and a below average 3pt shooter
Francisco Pizarro
Francisco Pizarro 19 kun oldin
WOWOWOWOWOWOOWWOWOWO against 90’s players Lebron never won shit lol. Kobe, pierce, tmac, Nash, Allen, kg, Duncan, etc all drafted in the 90’s lol. Lebron didn’t win his first ring till all those players were past their primes LOLOL. Kobe was an average player in the 90’s. When handchecking was removed, he exploded offensively as a scorer lol.
Ijjah Llab
Ijjah Llab 21 kun oldin
if only LBJ play the bad boy piston Rick mahorn Leimber rodman and score 30pt. so easy he is better than Jordan
Mark Laylay
Mark Laylay 21 kun oldin
Gary Payton you know mj the goat
Chong Neng Lee
Chong Neng Lee 23 kun oldin
I don't see how LeBron could be doing so much on his team when they don't even play defense these days. So how is doing half as much doing more.
Mike Brown
Mike Brown 24 kun oldin
People forget that Michael took all the shots but he also caused alot of teams resorting to double teams opening up shots for a lot of those other players ...lebron is my #2 or 3 but he needs to be more aggressive..I'm taking mike all day even though i never like Kobe hell be my next pic... ijs
MRFANCYPANTS777 24 kun oldin
This is really about younger people not knowing the truth and believing their generation is dominant and more popular. In this case not true. James i$ the best player today but NOT ever. MJ forever! I was there and seen it every night with my own eyes because I was a Jordan/Bulls fan. I've seen them both. I've lived through them both and I know. You haven't! That's the point. Most Lebron fans have never lived through Jordan.
Victor Valero
Victor Valero Oy oldin
Gary can beat labroo Reggie Miller can beat labroo Kobe can to even the cast of wizard of oz
andre zigonk
andre zigonk Oy oldin
this is one of criteria become goat ,Only four players have scored 60 or more points on more than one occasion: Wilt Chamberlain (32 times), Kobe Bryant (6 times), Michael Jordan (5 times), and Elgin Baylor (4 times). Lebron even didn't make it.
Ten Thirty
Ten Thirty Oy oldin
Lebron has had so much DAMN help!!!
Kleanthis Mouratidis
Gary was a High iq Player and a wordclass defensive Player. Also Metall Very strong but he give teh Props to MJ. Also ja agree in 80s and 90s we hat the greatest Era of NBA. We can say that we lived the times of MJ Drexler Payton Isaiah Bird Barkley Shaq Wilkins Malone Pippen Alonzo Magic etc etc.... ! It will ne never again a Dreamteam destroying a European Team in the Finals with 50 Points. The Difference isnt so big anymore.
James Lucas
James Lucas Oy oldin
Lebron is trash. Stupid gay fool
Christopher Hitchens
Shave the goatees please. They are ugly. and you guys need all the help you can get.
Kicks1981 35
Kicks1981 35 Oy oldin
What about when he was in miami? U cant say he didnt have help in miami. So y didnt he shut down the other team best player then?
J.M. Adams
J.M. Adams Oy oldin
GP claims his era was the best, just like everyone else! He's not a good analyst, totally biased. MJ did NOT always guard the best opposing player, and NEVER guarded 4s or 5s. LeBron guarded centers and (earlier in his career) guards too. And if they don't switch on D now, they get lit up because everyone can make threes on you. Not switching is not possible in the current 30-40% 3-pt era. In GP's era, no one made even 30% on threes!
Shawn M.
Shawn M. Oy oldin
Jordan > Lebron
Jada Smith
Jada Smith Oy oldin
Lmfao😭😭😭😭😭 running from a defensive assignment I love Steven a smith
Pepper Revolver
23 is the best
Παναγια Ιεροσολυμιτισσα
the best car in the world is probably the new bugatti divo and its stats are trully magnificent but how would your heart feel if you flew with an F-22 Raptor????
Keon Morris
Keon Morris Oy oldin
Mj ran away from Magic and Iverson
Macario Sentenciador
Gary payton is pure guy!
Mike1 TC
Mike1 TC Oy oldin
Tell em glove🧤🔥🔥🔥
Judge nikos
Judge nikos Oy oldin
if you want to be like mike forget it...if you want to be like lebron forget it...there is ONE man to be like...he is between gp and steve smith..the man with the glasses....my friend...i salute you
TrustNone35 Oy oldin
All you kids need to zip it. LeBron is an amazing talent but he will never be Jordan. He isn't chasing anything because he is a total different kind of player playing in a weak era.
Kerry Lucier
Kerry Lucier Oy oldin
MJ all the way! I never witnessed MJ choke, get swept nor give up in the finals ever!! LJ wears #23 because he knows who the G.O.A.T. is.
Stinky Pinky
Stinky Pinky Oy oldin
1:43 No one is going to talk about what's going on with that goose outside the window? Look out the window behind Gary's head, what's going on there?!?!
Legokid IsMyName
Pary Gayton.
lasslass Oy oldin
JOrdAn the Best
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach Oy oldin
I can't beat Michael Jordan he too good for me. I can't even beat Jason Terry in 11s playoffs. 😭😭😢
chuchuchuchia 2 oy oldin
Dude in the purple hat behind Gary looks like Gary lmao
chuchuchuchia 2 oy oldin
LeBron stopped playing D after he reached a certain age, and also had wack defenders usually
Michael Murrin
Michael Murrin 2 oy oldin
Always listen to the Hall Of Famer. Gary Payton is a badass
Julius Manigault
Julius Manigault 2 oy oldin
Gary Holloman
Gary Holloman 2 oy oldin
Any NBA player that says L.J. is even close to M.J.is under M.K. ULTRA
Jonathan Simpson
Jonathan Simpson 2 oy oldin
Put Lebron on any of Jordans Bulls team amd its a wrap!! He's undefeated in the finals as well, LBJ has never jad a squad even close to any of those!! That's right not even the Heat were that good!!
Eric Watler
Eric Watler 2 oy oldin
I disagree everybody needs to get off I love Brian nuts he had three or four people that could’ve helped him love Kyrie and Smith so let’s get off that shit please...
solarisdreams 2 oy oldin
If u end up at the Lakers (without starting your career there) you automatically don't qualify is the GOAT. The greatest of all time doesn't need to run to the Lakers to finish off his career. END OF STORY.
tristannolan85 2 oy oldin
lets debate like this staight up, lebron vs jordan 1 on 1. in my opinion jordan would beat him. even with lebron being bigger. many people have said trying to guard jordan is like guarding a center because hes so strong. no way hed get pushed around and jordans defense is on another level.
Mj is the goat....ever
bripeee 2 oy oldin
Pippen locked Magic when MJ was being schooled...
natalie gayle
natalie gayle 2 oy oldin
We all know that LeBron James is not Michael Jordan because they do not have the same name
Carloray Dadinirt
debating mj to lecry hahaha lefloop is nothing a huge COWARD.. ALWAYS BUILDING SUPERTEAM TO WIN A RING WHAT A SHAME.. MORON
Tony Fjdkdj
Tony Fjdkdj 2 oy oldin
Lebron the GOAT 🐐
Fonzo Glover
Fonzo Glover 2 oy oldin
Ppl forget Jordan won a defensive player of the year
David Tucker
David Tucker 2 oy oldin
To say Jordan would have won more than three consecutive chips has he not missed Time from injury nor retired after the death of his father is pure speculation. One could just as easily argue had he not had that respite I. Between the two three-peats maybe he doesn’t get the second group. Who knows maybe he loses after 3rd 4th or 5th ring. We will never know.
Siao Lai
Siao Lai 2 oy oldin
MJ always the GOAT. No doubt about it.
(Playoff highs.)Who do you want on your team in the finals? M. jordan 63 L. james 51 M. jordan 56 L. james 49 M. jordan 55 L. james 49 M. jordan 55 L. james 48 M. jordan 55 L. james 47 M. jordan 54 L. james 46 M. jordan 50 L. james 46 M. jordan 49 L. james 45 M. jordan 49 L. james 45 M. jordan 48 L. james 45 M. jordan 48 L. james 45 M. jordan 47 L. james 45 M. jordan 47 L. james 45 M. jordan 46 L. james 45 M. jordan 46 M. jordan 46 M. jordan 46 M. jordan 46 M. jordan 45 M. jordan 45 M. jordan 45 M. jordan 45 M. jordan 45
Anthoney Murphy
Anthoney Murphy 2 oy oldin
MJ rarely guarded the best player. Pippen did that. I'm guessing they forgot how Lebron shut down D. Rose in Roses MVP season.
SpicyHotTv Sports Network
How can u jus omit the washington yrs for MJ??? Debating is stupid now
The Interesting Carrot
Lebron is the goat - you old heads and bandwagons that didnt watch jordan play need to nize it
SadaEKE 2 oy oldin
Individually LeBron is a great player. BUT! His play style and strengths also lead to his demise. He's not a shooter. He's not a closer. He has to rely on shooters and closers whom more often than not he makes worse. Everybody gets better after LBJ except Wade and Bosh because of health issues. Most shooters aren't athletic enough to be good defenders but LeBron can't be bothered with defense unless it's a chase down block. So in the end, LeBron ends up being a loser. None of his championships are actually belong to him. Kyrie, Wade, Ray... I know why media always hypes him. They have to make it for the ratings. Not just their networks' ratings but NBA's ratings in general. I can name at least ten players in the NBA history who are better than LBJ let alone comparing him with the GOAT! Kobe, Shaq, Duncan, Garnett (you want to see a weak ass team, look Timberwolves squads in his prime), Legend, Magic, Kareem, Wilt, Bill, Oscar. Those are all better than LBJ.
SadaEKE 2 oy oldin
I would even take Payton himself, along with John Stockton who is in my eye the epitome of play makers, over LBJ.
JTD472 2 oy oldin
So tired of SAS and his ridiculous word choice of words he can barely pronounce and only kind of has an idea of the definition... and all his little sayings that don’t mean anything like “my whole thing is this,” or “don’t get me started on...” and then proceeds to go off on the topic, and “I don’t want to use the word (blank)...” when he just chose and uses that very word. He’s a shitty professional debater. You’d think these guys would invest in studying the art of debating since he’s much more of a debater than anything resembling a journalist now.
Johnny Umo
Johnny Umo 2 oy oldin
javier delosreyes
Jasmine Jones
Jasmine Jones 3 oy oldin
tom clancy
tom clancy 3 oy oldin
Let's see bos, toro, okc, gold st, clev, sas, new orleans, and Houston. All teams with 3 or more superstars on a team. Wtf is this guy talking about. Not too mention the warriors who have a starting 5 with all future hall of famers. Competition is way tougher now whether u old timers what to admit it or not.
darenturner24 3 oy oldin
Yes he did have help. Miami!
nixsalam 3 oy oldin
@@@ well said Gary P. Well said 😊
Dusty Roads
Dusty Roads 3 oy oldin
Yes you can compare of that era versus this are you dumb fucks... All they can do is compare LeBron James and Jordan in basketball. For 1 Jordan was basketball. or two he was not only the greatest basketball player ever he's also one of the greatest athletes ever, if not the greatest professional athlete ever.
user2176 3 oy oldin
GP the guest but he always takes over the show, true Leader
DangerousUrNot 3 oy oldin
Yo Gary looks WAY different!!!!!
* Mighty Matt *
* Mighty Matt * 3 oy oldin
Is no-one going to acknowledge the guy in the back with the hat and "First Take" glasses who had the same facial expressions the ENTIRE segment 😂
Yeshua Dean
Yeshua Dean 3 oy oldin
The only reason this debate is around is because people dont understand how different this era of basketball is to the era mj played in, ask yourself do you really think not switching and taking unfavorable defense matchups will win you the game?? No thats why everyone in the league uses switches if you dont you will lose badly, its amazing to me that an x nba player doesnt understand that concept, that todays offensive and defensive setups are just more complicated then they ever used to be, i dont care what anyone says, mj in his prime on chicago would have never beaten a 70 plus win golden state team period.
YiFang Wooh
YiFang Wooh 3 oy oldin
why was that woman doing at the anchor table ?
LEX 3 oy oldin
Bullshit! Jordan didnt cover the best player on the other team all the time. Pippen usually covered the best Perimeter player. Jordan got to rest on defense a lot of times. Lebron covers power forwards and sometimes centers. Jordan could never cover them, to small. Max is trying to diminish a triple double in the modern era which is bullshit. Jordan scoring stats were inflated because he didn't have to rebound and pass, facilitate. MJ didnt cover a power forward or center in a physical style of play down low. Jordan had plenty of energy to Jack up shot after shot.
Michael Mcardle
Michael Mcardle 3 oy oldin
WTF didn't have the help like scottie WTF he is like a taveling team making super teams
turnupthesun81 3 oy oldin
Matthew Cook
Matthew Cook 3 oy oldin
These guys love to forget that LeBron was teammates with D Wade (1st Ballot HOF) Chris Bosh (1st Ballot HOF) Kyrie Irving (HOFer) Kevin Love (Multiple time all star)
Eric Hall
Eric Hall 3 oy oldin
You hit it on the nail GP
zee magtira
zee magtira 3 oy oldin
i was actually surprised the first time i heard they compared lebron to jordan. respect to lebron he is good. but to compare to jordan, honestly i did not see any reason to compare. mismatched. i think they only compared and matched lebron to jordan so the lebron merchandise will have value. thats all i see. hahaz
d board
d board 3 oy oldin
the hand check... period
d board
d board 3 oy oldin
the jordan had pippen arguement is old. wade, kyrie, love, bosh, allen.
Juan Romero
Juan Romero 3 oy oldin
If drama queen James played in the 80s n 90s this idiots wouldn't be disrespecting MJ comparing queen James to MJ!!!! Far more better players to play against Malone Barkley Olajuwon Ewing Duncan Magic Bird Payton shaq etc etc just to name a few just look how weak the east is 3 or 4 teams below 500 make the playoffs if MJ played today in his prime he would destroy every team with average team mates!!! What makes queen James so good is his opposition playing against mediocre players game is so boring I hardly watch it!!
marek mareczek
marek mareczek 3 oy oldin
so many homeless on this video hahah
James Spirit
James Spirit 3 oy oldin
Lebron is better off the court were it all counts
T Johnson
T Johnson 3 oy oldin
You are disrespecting L.J. Stephen and G.P. wasnt no tough defensive assignment Lmao !!!!!
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan 3 oy oldin
All these niggas thinking lebrons better than me, compare the stats fool. And if you think otherwise fuck my wife. I’ll see you soon!
Matthew Hohenbery
Everybody has a day off work, just chillin’. 😎😆
CRUMB SNATCHA 3 oy oldin
Absolutely.... LeBron didn’t have a Scottie Pippen because lebron had all star teams ... and he going to have another one in LA ..... Gary isn’t going to say anything good about Jordon because he got burned by Jordan over and over again
Jason Keith
Jason Keith 3 oy oldin
R we still fucking comparing MJ and LeBron? Get a life guys!!!
Jason Keith
Jason Keith 3 oy oldin
Gary Payton telling the truth!!!
Eddie Rivera
Eddie Rivera 3 oy oldin
MJ nough said!
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 3 oy oldin
MJ mastered the midrange and post which allowed him to conserve energy for defense. 1 or 2 dribbles and shoot. Lebron still gets the ball and backs up and dribbles around like Harden. He takes 4 to 5 dribbles and takes it to the basket. Kobe followed the MJ blueprint and thats why he was able to win rings after Shaq left. Crying that Lebron doesnt have help is no excuse because its his own fault for leaving teams and putting uncertainty into his teammates. Kyrie stated he didnt like not knowing if Lebron was going to stay or go so Kyrie just left the ship before it sinks.
Night's King
Night's King 3 oy oldin
And MJ doesn't do anything?
Black Dave
Black Dave 3 oy oldin
LeBron is not as great as Jordan. But SAS is painting with broad strokes...I remember when LeBron took Derrick Rose as an assignment in the fourth quarter of their playoff series when Rose was an MVP. And he literally shut him down. Just stuck him and made him completely ineffective. In the fourth quarter. Playoffs. LeBron can guard anyone. Not Jordan though. Jordan was a murderer out there, and he would take whatever opportunity, over and over again, and punish defenders with L’s. Both great, but to say LeBron won’t guard he best? Dead wrong. He did it, and shut an MVP Drose down in several fourth quarters.