Gay Olympic Skater Adam Rippon Won't Meet With Pence | The View

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Calvin Williamson
Calvin Williamson 15 soat oldin
Of course we can turn a hetero into a homo. It’s called a 6 pack of beer.
PungiFungi 2 kun oldin
One year later... I do not see gays losing any of their rights. From what I see, this presidency’s alleged sexism and homophobia is created out of the scare mongering Fake Mainstream news media than any actual policies enacted or laws passed. I see the gays feel more comfortable and brave to stand up to a politically correct target...they wouldn’t dare stand up to radical Islam, which would have them tossed off roofs and also shot up that nightclub in Florida. Where was the outrage? Maybe they do deserve to have their rights taken away.
Brian Snelling
Brian Snelling 6 kun oldin
It's interesting that the christian religion abhors gay people, and gay marriage, but follow the author of the most revered version of the bible, King James, who was gay and was known for raping his chamber men. Stupidity must be painful.
Ralpheal Coty
Ralpheal Coty 26 kun oldin
I'm straight and I stand by Adam because Pence is using him for a photo-op and he shouldn't meet with a man who encourages homophobia.
Eloise Gordon
Eloise Gordon Oy oldin
He just doesn't want to sit down with a bully plain and simple
rolando alvarado
Good for you Adam 👍🏼👍🏼 #dumptrump
J Oy oldin
We do that for you:)
T Young
T Young Oy oldin
Meghan, we are not obligated to meet with anyone in the White House.
L.B. Martinez
L.B. Martinez 2 oy oldin
We don’t go by “homosexual” we just go by our names... sometimes we go by Mr. so and so!
marquis atkins
marquis atkins 2 oy oldin
I would NEVER do it!!
Jaffa T
Jaffa T 2 oy oldin
Megamouth McCain needs to be sacked! She brings nothing to the discussion.
Jackie Burns
Jackie Burns 2 oy oldin
Whop is my gal, tell them
Eamon Fegan
Eamon Fegan 2 oy oldin
How can Megan say the House should be respected... it’s a building and an ideology ... RESPECT the human being who has a right to be respectful and doesn’t deserve to be told they’re wrong in any way
JP BLACK 3 oy oldin
I get what Megan is saying but in order to do that the situation needs to be devoid of such obvious publicity. This discussion needs to happen but not in such and artificial disingenuous way.
Tavon Fenwick
Tavon Fenwick 3 oy oldin
Since when do you HAVE to go to the White House simply because they ask you to go? This Megan McCain character is so damned brainwashed...
Tavon Fenwick
Tavon Fenwick 3 oy oldin
Why am I not surprised that I didn’t even have to watch this clip to know that MAGA-n McCain would take the anti-LGTBQ stance?
Kevin Lemond
Kevin Lemond 3 oy oldin
Meghan talked to say she talked to the president he disrespected your father wake up dummy. Stop helping yourself and focus on others spoiled rich white privilege
Tai Infante
Tai Infante 3 oy oldin
Meghan is a homophobe, nothing new there.
Prince Albert
Prince Albert 6 oy oldin
Megan is always sucking the rights sides nut
Equilibrium 6 oy oldin
lol, sometimes whoopi looks like she's talking to voices in her head during these segments
suvariboy 6 oy oldin
Shut up Meghan!!
Lilli Mango
Lilli Mango 6 oy oldin
Hmm, i think speaking to people who disagree with you can be one of the strongest weapon in a democracy, talk to people who do not already agree with you, if you only even make them think twice about your case, You can make a strong impact on society. So probably he could have met Pence, and drop sidenotes about his issues with Pence`s politics
TheMari119 7 oy oldin
I’m so over this “be the bigger person “ bs. If you speak ill of someone because of who they are as a person, don’t think they need to respect you or your position.
Fabian Garica
Fabian Garica 7 oy oldin
Meghan, the difference is that they didn't attack you directly, he attacked your father. He also didn't attack your father's existence or tried to make him pass as a mentally sick person so no you cannot equate what happened with your father to a homophobe trying to get a picture with a famous gay ice skater. At the end of the day, your father still gets to have his family and his house and his life while the gay skater get to have half the country hate him for being who he is.
Marjory Castillo
Marjory Castillo 7 oy oldin
I would've went to the White House wearing rainbows
Marc Wyant
Marc Wyant 7 oy oldin
He is not a gay olympic skater, he's an olympic skater who HAPPENS to be gay. The same way I'm not a gay teacher, I'm a teacher who just so happens to be gay !!!
abbagil 7 oy oldin
God Whitney looks like she's 45!
HerSupreme 7 oy oldin
No Megan. Shut up!!! People don’t have to engage with people if they don’t want to. It is his CHOICE. End of the story.
Peter Dragon
Peter Dragon 7 oy oldin
Pence is really losing sleep over that
N S 7 oy oldin
Lying, treasonous Trump should go to jail for corruption, kidnapping, and child abuse.
Felony Strutter
Felony Strutter 7 oy oldin
I am Transgender and I view Mike Pence as a potential Hitler to myself and mew fellow Trans people. I am really fed up with the ignorance that is Miss McCain. I wish I could be on the show and confront her. I would embarrass her and expose her for the tue hypocrite liar that she is. Whenever she talks kindly about LGBT I can see her fakeness as a human being. I have as much right to be on the View than Miss McCain what is her claim to fame other than her last name???Miss McCain HATES people like me. Pence is OUR Hitler.
Cloudblue0 7 oy oldin
Shut up, whopi.oh woopi, oh wuppi, ahh forget it!🤔🤣🤓🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
kaya sawyer
kaya sawyer 7 oy oldin
So Adam should respect Mike Pence but Mike Pence shouldn’t respect Adam? Straight male privilege at its finest.
monkeynkl 8 oy oldin
Good, we have to stand up to spanky and the gang. What's to like about that puppet, doing everything he can to suck @ spanky's member. F... him.
Gerry Cruz
Gerry Cruz 8 oy oldin
The Leviathans
Lilly M
Lilly M 8 oy oldin
conversion therapy at its most extreme is abusive. I can't believe that in 2018 our vice president is choosing to put money towards this.
cassie earle
cassie earle 8 oy oldin
what happened to whoopi that made her upset someone said something to her and i couldn't catch it.
iJonel 9 oy oldin
Whoopie and the girl next to her made sense.
Genghis Khan
Genghis Khan 9 oy oldin
Well, his wish came true and didnt have to meet Trump. Enjoy that participation trophy.
meat money milk monogamy equal madness
HATE IT! The term..."leader of the free world." Really? THE US is not the leader on anything to do with social welfare and or the standard of living within the Western Block of countrires. What is does the "free world" mean? I would never use such a term.
Sebastien Navarro
According to Meghan, Adam should have met Pence to try and make him understand what are the struggles that LGBTQ+ folks go through ? Pence knows what these struggles are cause he literally is one of them
Chemist Deco
Chemist Deco 9 oy oldin
Meghan eww
Claire Lally
Claire Lally 9 oy oldin
Liberals: When we have no argument, just compare them to Nazis.
GrahamCrackerz23 10 oy oldin
Go away Meghan.
Christine Oriol
Christine Oriol 10 oy oldin
There is a difference between having a conversation with someone with different views and having a conversation with someone who views you as less.
Mattie 11 oy oldin
Meghan- Respect the house?? The house doesn't respect people and certainly not Adam. He has the right to refuse Pence.
Matthew James
Matthew James 11 oy oldin
I keep tryin to turn straight guys but it doesn't work.. Money is money though
Patricia L
Patricia L 11 oy oldin
If Pence doesn't understand the issue of equality by now, I don't think a meeting with a gay staker will make him understand.
Nawal Ait El Cadi
Nawal Ait El Cadi 11 oy oldin
As an Arabic born and raised in Belgium, I prefer a good discussion with a racist, I have done it a zillion times but often I got "I am racist but not with you, you're a nice person" why? Because I do speak the two main languages of the country? I use nice words, I don't curse? I don't have a "hood" accent? The only thing I can say is that Belgium had the first immigrant (second generation) openly gay Prime Minister, meaning a bunch of racists, homophobics failed in politics elections, to us the gay issue is obsolete, but racism in all camps does exist, so what is the problem? An Arabic disliking a non Arabic, or a Jew disliking a non Jew, a black disliking a non black?.....,
BM 11 oy oldin
I support homophobia
BM 11 oy oldin
Please Adam. Fall into an ice river and die
I K 11 oy oldin
Why does hollywood and American media like hillary clinton so much? Why do they hate Trump and Pence? Why dont they give them a chance? They are already elected so give them a chance. Did obama do a great job? My friends in America said Obama didnt do a good job but he was very popular with the hollywood elite? I tot what matters is the country not the popularity. I dont understand the hate. Anyway im just confused, everytime i watched youtube and the news, all hate.
Kostas Kotidis
Kostas Kotidis 11 oy oldin
meghan should thank god i wasn't sitting at the table when she said all that crap about her beloved White -male, heterosexual- House. Since when must a gay guy respect a homophobe??? #IwouldHaveMurderedThatBitchLiveOnFreakingTV
BurglaaR Tv
BurglaaR Tv 11 oy oldin
who cares if he wont meet pence, he politicized the olympics and then the media crucified pence for politicizing the olympics with the NK
Margaret Womacque
Margaret Womacque 11 oy oldin
Rippon is a coward and lier -- that's why he will not sit down with Pence. Rippon started all this crap for attention and don't give Pence a chance to end all this / have to make Pence the bad guy / he will not go!
Sam 11 oy oldin
When the Pence (Administration) excludes you, you of course exclude that person! This is called LOGIC!
Schlomo Weissbergman-Goldsteinwitz, Ph.D.
Pence is correct.
vreed lak72
vreed lak72 11 oy oldin
How about Pence, as a politician, meet with gay people before taking public stances and pushing legislation that effects their lives? All politicians should do this with all other groups as well. And, do some research while they're at it.
michaelswifty13 11 oy oldin
the official offer was never given to little Adam to officially deny.
Pedro Melo
Pedro Melo 11 oy oldin
Whoopi Goldberg lindíssima falou tudo.
Lulu R
Lulu R 11 oy oldin
Whoopi could be so rude sometimes
Ryan Lauer
Ryan Lauer 11 oy oldin
The brunette next to Whoopi was slaying.
luke 11 oy oldin
What happened at the 04:10 mark?
Simon Ghofrani
Simon Ghofrani 11 oy oldin
4:10 OMG did a producer really just tell Whoopi to wrap it up through their earpieces?
Mark Ippolito
Mark Ippolito 11 oy oldin
So many dumb people in one place - please make it stop.....
Stijn Slim
Stijn Slim 11 oy oldin
Meghan please go away ...... shame of you asking respect for two idiots who are destroying the country
Eva do Couto
Eva do Couto 11 oy oldin
Meghan really lacks the ability to see things from anyone’s perspective but her own. She’s so immature it’s astounding
Jane Cosmo
Jane Cosmo 11 oy oldin
Meghan, nooo. This situation is completely different than just “discussing different views”. Why should he meet with someone who has no respect for who he is as a person and wishes to deny his right to be happy ? You have no experience with that, please don’t try to “relate” as you do everything . Believe it or not , not everything has to do with you.
Eric Kalolo
Eric Kalolo 11 oy oldin
Paige Mangubat
Paige Mangubat 11 oy oldin
I'm with Whoopi on this.
Steve Winter
Steve Winter 11 oy oldin
I bet the VP did watch him skate and was thinking.. "If he wasn't gay, he'd be such a great guy"
Finn Tran
Finn Tran Yil oldin
A personal attack or a family member attack is NOT the same as an attack on a COMMUNITY. I will leave it at that.
gatorred789 Yil oldin
That blonde is annoying me. Yes whoopie and whitney. Those ladies have it right 👏
gatorred789 Yil oldin
No, the person in the oval office does not respect what the white house stands for. So no, I don't think the president and vice president deserves respect. I'm gay, and I would not sit down with pence or Trump.
cam purdum
cam purdum Yil oldin
I completely disagree with what McCain said on the show. This isn't even no no no.
Ishieka Morris
Ishieka Morris Yil oldin
Science says that being gay is not a choice?
tom my
tom my Yil oldin
I think I'd rather be gay than base my entire life on the belief that some dead Arab kid, up in the sky, is my Lord and Savior.
He shouldn't have to meet with him pence has supported and condones conversion camps Pence is a hateful person
Orca Yil oldin
Let’s just ignore the fact that divorce is against the Bible. Gays? In our country??? No hate this is just a joke.
BM Yil oldin
Why are we shooting them ? Kill Adam Rippon
My Cherie Amor
My Cherie Amor Yil oldin
I can’t take anymore horse face, big mouth lying woman!
Rush Limpball
Rush Limpball Yil oldin
It's Adam's loss because Mike Pence actually wanted to meet up with Adam so he could propose marriage!
Bonani Mathambo
Bonani Mathambo Yil oldin
Once again, Meghan takes the correct/adult position. If somebody disagrees with you then sit down and talk so that you can both clearly understand each other's positions rather than hearing some story in the media which may or may not be true then using that to throw stones from a distance. To refuse to have the conversation means you don't actually want to understand. You don't want more information. You just want to believe what you want to believe.
B. Colwell
B. Colwell Yil oldin
wait what happened?? 5:40 did she get cut off for commercial? she acted offended and i heard audience react, like someone off camara was rude. but didnt sound that controversial ... freaking illuminati trying to control media lol
Kashandra Cambria
The bible tells you not to judge. These hypocrites are not true Christians. You are supposed to care about everyone regardless of their lifestyles.
a c
a c Yil oldin
It’s one thing if you want to sit down any day of the year, but he’s at the olympics and needs to be able to focus on that. Because the olympics are an event they train they’re whole life for. He can meet with him another time
Trev S
Trev S Yil oldin
Why should Adam have to sit down with someone who has spent most of his political career trying to make him a second class person?
booshday Yil oldin
You ladies are all gossiping filth. I'm sure Pence is so devastated because a queer figure skater won't meet with him. Rippon is a disgrace to America just like this tv program.
Marchant2 Yil oldin
In about 50 years, when all these Right Wing old farts are long gone, the whole gay phenomenon isn't even going to be an issue, and people will look back at the Pence's of the world and wonder what their mental malfunctions is all about.
Ayelen Maldonado
That blonde woman is an idiot...
Gustavo Galicia
Gustavo Galicia Yil oldin
Ugh Meghan
str8cndian Yil oldin
who cares what this fudge packing sodomite does? he's a homosexual..lol obviuosly he likes dinks in his arss.. so he must be fked up in his head.. ya know what i mean ?
Sombrero Cate
Sombrero Cate 11 oy oldin
Zeyna Nd
Zeyna Nd Yil oldin
Shut up meghan. Stupid ignorant girl. Why should everyone respect the WH when they disrespect so many people. Who has tea or coffee with someone that insulted them and is actively trying to make their lives as hard as possible just because they are different or were born somewhere else.
Tyre Smith
Tyre Smith Yil oldin
Meghan needs to go hide under a rock.
hecticcskepticc Yil oldin
I would’ve gone
Candiani Photography
this sow is so gay 0 tolerance for the ones that disagree
MAGOO Yil oldin
Meghan is the only voice of reason...and a lot of hetrosexual men have homosexual loves, I saw it in the Village all the time..
sean oreilly
sean oreilly Yil oldin
I think they downplay the severity of what Mike Pence stands for completely. They compare it to Jewish people sitting down with Nazi’s, it’d be like a Jewish person being forced to sit down with Hitler. This man who actively supports conversion therapy camps shouldn’t be that surprised Adam Rippon doesn’t want to sit down with him. And with all due respect Meghan and Sunny should check their Hetero privilege (in Meghan’s case - white hetero privilege) and read/listen to one interview Adam Rippon has had because he addresses it so eloquently. Just because you’re an elected official does not mean you automatically garner respect. You can respect the office without respecting who holds it.
Ann Chovey
Ann Chovey Yil oldin
Pence will meet with him but he won't meet with Pence. So much for the party of tolerance.
cover in the blood Robinson
Megan always talking about respect the president, respect, vice president when they show every day that they don't respect the majority of people in this country. How about you respect the wish of millions of people and resign your position on the view. Just leave we don't want to hear your annoying voice . please!! Thanks you.
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