Gender Reveal Goes Wrong When Explosives Cause Arizona Forest Fire

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Boy or girl? Either way, an Arizona couple sure wasn’t expecting a fire. Newly released video from the U.S. Forest Service shows the moment a gender reveal party went horribly wrong. Border Patrol Agent Dennis Dickey and his wife, Rita, gathered friends and family in April 2017 to find out if they were having a boy or a girl. But when they fired a rifle at explosive powder in a target, it ended in a fire that burned nearly 47,000 acres.



27-Noy, 2018

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Space Jesters
Space Jesters 8 soat oldin
Well at least they know what gender it is
Imvictius 2 kun oldin
People who do stupid stuff like this don’t deserve to be parents
Margaret Long
Margaret Long 3 kun oldin
Sorry baby we didn't mean to destroy property.
Mimiphase Gacha
Mimiphase Gacha 6 kun oldin
As bob McCoy would say, *Lisa Guerrero would confront the forest fire*
TheArtGamer_ 11
TheArtGamer_ 11 7 kun oldin
I just wouldn’t have a baby after that. 😂
Truth Honestly
Truth Honestly 7 kun oldin
Lmao 😂 the only thing that a baby destroys is a woman vagina not a forest
feeduxl K
feeduxl K 7 kun oldin
It's a boy and we're bankrupt
Canon Kingsley
Canon Kingsley 8 kun oldin
Could have just bought some balloons or something.
thedudeguy121 10 kun oldin
I guess you could that that gender reveal party was lit af
aluisious 10 kun oldin
Accident my ass. You put explosives in a dry field and start a fire, that’s incomprehensible stupidity, not an accident. This idiot should be fired and charged criminally.
Pat McNamara
Pat McNamara 10 kun oldin
Congratulations! It’s a forest fire?
Scott T
Scott T 10 kun oldin
most ingenious way to back out of parenthood... jail!
Yash Patel
Yash Patel 10 kun oldin
Now you just have to throw the whole Baby away
이복자 10 kun oldin
fightergirl 10 kun oldin
is it a boy or a girl? it's angry.
Jake N
Jake N 10 kun oldin
Dumbass. Couldn’t just put balloons in a box and open it?
Gay Lesbain
Gay Lesbain 10 kun oldin
It’s a mistake
S Boy
S Boy 10 kun oldin
All cause they was tryna be cute for the gram, stupid dumb ass cringe lames
Seavpav Iv
Seavpav Iv 10 kun oldin
Prevent forest fire, wear condom.
Caleb Tyink
Caleb Tyink 10 kun oldin
That was to powerful for a bomb...
John Southern
John Southern 10 kun oldin
You'd have to be a bit retarded to not see ALL THAT DRY GRASS out there. I'm betting they don't tell their boy about this. It neeeevvveeerrr happened.
Tami Pe
Tami Pe 10 kun oldin
What idiots. Anyone who lives in Arizona knows that fires can be started and hard to control because of the weather. Stop trying to be special and creative.
Life of A’myah
Life of A’myah 10 kun oldin
Oh my god I read the description and they said this happened in *_2017!!_* I want a refund like at tanacon -_-
Life of A’myah
Life of A’myah 10 kun oldin
Well I guess you can say that gender reveal was.... *_LiT_*
Joel Jackson
Joel Jackson 10 kun oldin
Now we wait for Earth, Wind, Water and Heart to be born. Can Captain Planet be summoned in time!?
euga 10 kun oldin
They definitely don't have IQ or common sense for people getting explosives? Doing anything with fire or explosives in dry bush is brain dead stupid
Leveck Family
Leveck Family 10 kun oldin
Boy o boy o boy o boy!!!!!!!!
Mr. Person Humanson
Mr. Person Humanson 11 kun oldin
That baby is gonna grow up to be a genius just like his parents
Seppi Boio
Seppi Boio 11 kun oldin
This Boy is gunna be *LIT*
Boardcard 11 kun oldin
Ryan Bishop
Ryan Bishop 11 kun oldin
From this day forward, they will always hate their son!😂 What idiots man, jesus christ!
Fusion33 3
Fusion33 3 11 kun oldin
Blue stands for boy, fire stands for no college fund.
Skipper 11 kun oldin
I think I’ve been watching UZvid for long enough
Creeperface 11 kun oldin
When you’re smart
Juan Dominguez
Juan Dominguez 11 kun oldin
So how much do they owe now 8mil?
Sef A
Sef A 11 kun oldin
The worst part is the rest of the party attendees were also too stupid to stop him. Was there not ONE PERSON that thought this was not a good idea?
Queen Pendragon
Queen Pendragon 11 kun oldin
......Well, all jokes aside, congratulations
MulaGraphics 11 kun oldin
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Yo Soy
Yo Soy 11 kun oldin
The solution is to *_-topple the oppressive systems of gender and toxic masculinity to assert dominance over the heteropatriarchy and abolish capitalism-_* just do a coloured cake
Lime Rari
Lime Rari 11 kun oldin
When you get Fs in school, you become a border patrol fool
Krooked Detroit
Krooked Detroit 11 kun oldin
It's an omen, their son will be an arsonist😂.
Jason DeCristoforo
Jason DeCristoforo 11 kun oldin
She should have swallowed that load. Would have saved them a lot of money.
marim0y 11 kun oldin
So were they tried for arson?
AngryPear Entertainment
Explosives in dry brush.. Huh
another420day 11 kun oldin
Taga Way
Taga Way 11 kun oldin
So .... it's this a sign he will be the antichrist?
Thomas Anderson
Thomas Anderson 11 kun oldin
So the govt cause a wildfire...what else is new...
Denise Brown
Denise Brown 11 kun oldin
The might have to sell the kid to pay off a portion of their 8 million dollar debt.
LucioOh5 11 kun oldin
I guess that baby is non-binary.
Scot Fretwell
Scot Fretwell 11 kun oldin
Hot Tamale
Hot Tamale 11 kun oldin
Well It’s A Baby Boy, A Baby Boy That Will Have To See His Parents In Jail Or Struggle With Economic Problems That They Will Struggle So Much That They Will Put Him Up For Adoption *BRAVO* Well Imma Go Back To Eating Spicy Tamales With My Beautiful Hispanic Family :)
LucaBrasi Inspired
LucaBrasi Inspired 11 kun oldin
Only in America. SMH
Queen Alice Kingsley
batman1524 11 kun oldin
Great now arizona is gonna end up like california
Megajay 300
Megajay 300 11 kun oldin
That's tuff
C L 11 kun oldin
This wouldn’t have happened if the target had a gun.
JB 11 kun oldin
They're gonna be fine parents?
Great first California now Arizona is on fire!
Master Hazard
Master Hazard 11 kun oldin
That's already an expensive kid, maybe this is a sign of only good things to come?
Operation Trolling
Operation Trolling 11 kun oldin
So that grave looking thing has dust inside of it and it shows what type of gender baby you have? Please explain.
axe-tech newegg
axe-tech newegg 11 kun oldin
Alex Torres
Alex Torres 11 kun oldin
Inside Edition, dont you know there is no such thing as gender ! 😂
Goddess Love
Goddess Love 11 kun oldin
Boy, everything’s going out with a bang on that side of the nation...
Pauly Kim
Pauly Kim 11 kun oldin
Oh boy
zackAttacks69 11 kun oldin
Why did they post this
johnny Bgood
johnny Bgood 11 kun oldin
Don't reproduce...too late
FullBlown 11 kun oldin
lol..thats funny a border agent and in dry grass and at a gender party...all the thing the left hates,cant find any public record of charges...so um fake news?
Cedric Strong
Cedric Strong 11 kun oldin
A message from God?
rebecarmor 11 kun oldin
Congratulations, it’s a mistake! 🥳
Awaken D
Awaken D 11 kun oldin
Fake news fake news fake news inside edition should be ban !! This never happen due to gender reveal.
mwm48 11 kun oldin
Couldn't get a goddamn cake?
E A 11 kun oldin
Israel Sixtos
Israel Sixtos 11 kun oldin
Blue means boy. A raging red fire comes next...it’s either gay or a feminazi.
not pequod
not pequod 11 kun oldin
And its an Arizona fire
Snake 11 kun oldin
Hector Sirit
Hector Sirit 11 kun oldin
Damn they STOOPID
Ronald Rump
Ronald Rump 11 kun oldin
tHeN... tHIs HApPenNEd!
Shawn Z Savage
Shawn Z Savage 11 kun oldin
Best gender reveal ever
Money guy
Money guy 12 kun oldin
Idiots shouldn't breed
FoxCatMeow 12 kun oldin
It’s a boy!
Christopher Bisinais
They shouldve at least try and put it out i know i would have to me it looked like a slow burn that might have been contained while waiting for the fire department to get there . I think there were at least 2 people there if not more and the circumference area wasnt that big only the edges were burning not the inside of the circle of fire .I may have looked like an idiot and got a few third degree burns but at least i would have tried my best and hope even though my stupidity caused it my actions would show how much i tried to correct it and then maybe someone would set up a gofundme page and people would see my regret . Instead they just watched it burn and i think this is why people dont feel bad for them because they had that attitude of let the tax payers pay for this "were having a baby"
Christopher Bisinais
You can see the powder come down on the flames and quickly it puts out the majority of the blast since the blue powder was already on the ground using your feet to kick it over the rest of the fire may have made this controllable . In a control setting where it cant get out of hand someone do this and if i am able to put out the fire i win $8 million dollars if i cant then i end up catching partly on fire and made a fool of .
Michael James
Michael James 12 kun oldin
Now we know dry vegetation is flammable.
Paul Legge
Paul Legge 12 kun oldin
Soo...the baby identifies as a pyro?
CabooseCubsFan 1744
CabooseCubsFan 1744 12 kun oldin
Anonymous 1
Anonymous 1 12 kun oldin
Yet another example of an idiot with a gun.
•Pastel Galaxy•
•Pastel Galaxy• 12 kun oldin
Child in the future: “Mom we’re doing a research on this fire that happened here before I was born. Do you know how it happened?” Mom: “Uh, you see *Erm* it’s um, you know, unknown..” *child searches on computer and sees the result* Child: “WTF?”
Hashen Hussien
Hashen Hussien 12 kun oldin
Isn't there anywhere else they could go? This is why I wonder why there's so many fires... 🔥🔥
JAIR JACOME 12 kun oldin
it's a boy!
MR. PanCake
MR. PanCake 12 kun oldin
They crazy man
Robofox the God of technology
At least it's a boy and damn
Richard T
Richard T 12 kun oldin
A Border Patrol agent...…………………………………......
JoJo JoJo
JoJo JoJo 12 kun oldin
Yo this reveal is lit
Ryan Lawrence
Ryan Lawrence 12 kun oldin
Wet Fluid
Wet Fluid 12 kun oldin
Give em both the death penalty
MAG / Minecraft Awesome gamer
Yay!! It’s a boy! Wait, No its flames! Everybody run
AD NYC 12 kun oldin
That's going to be one hell of a Boy
J M 12 kun oldin
These things will likely be allowed to keep their kid too. At least they're in debt now. Maybe they'll give him up for adoption so he'll have a change to be raised be competent people.
Jadon Williams
Jadon Williams 12 kun oldin
I hope they have to pay that $8M
Retarded Spirit A320
Whoopsie that’s gonna cost ya
ARFOR DeTWENTI 12 kun oldin
Stupid people breeding, ladies and gentlemen