Gender Reveal Goes Wrong When Explosives Cause Arizona Forest Fire

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Boy or girl? Either way, an Arizona couple sure wasn’t expecting a fire. Newly released video from the U.S. Forest Service shows the moment a gender reveal party went horribly wrong. Border Patrol Agent Dennis Dickey and his wife, Rita, gathered friends and family in April 2017 to find out if they were having a boy or a girl. But when they fired a rifle at explosive powder in a target, it ended in a fire that burned nearly 47,000 acres.



27-Noy, 2018



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Fikrlar 4 421
SirCommoner 5 kun oldin
That's a hell of an origin story
Adofo 5 kun oldin
This is why humans shouldn’t reproduce
Extra Chromie Homie
Extra Chromie Homie 24 kun oldin
bad video quality bad decisions and a retarded as guy and women
liquidalloy 24 kun oldin
So it's a redhead? what's the gender?
sad vibes nigga
poor baby to be raised by such a retarded family, what did they even think would happen? windy day, dry bush, and basically a Molotov on top of it
Maria Svard
Maria Svard Oy oldin
These baby gender reaveals gettin outta hand now LOL
borzoi boy
borzoi boy Oy oldin
How did the father not think this through
three Musketeers
What a dumbass
Gas Mask Man/Discord Dude
he is no gender
Malas na bata
VictoriaAnne 2 oy oldin
Why...WHY do this in the midst of the dry, dry, DRY brush...oh my goodness.
Aesthetic Thoughts
Looks like their son isnt getting anything for his birthday
j.r.d.l 2 oy oldin
That child should be taken from them
Cychon 2 oy oldin
Master Drawer
Master Drawer 2 oy oldin
Why can't they just do gender reveal balloon surprise instead?
PinoyPride0825 2 oy oldin
Moral of the story: Don’t be stupid like these parents.
Axel 2 oy oldin
Michael 2 oy oldin
million dollar baby
Ramsay Bolton
Ramsay Bolton 2 oy oldin
There goes your college funds kid
Anna Claire Belin
What if the baby’s name is ‘Whoops’
RootedHat 2 oy oldin
"went terribly wrong"? It was always gonna go wrong.
MetalCanyon 2 oy oldin
Wow, next up: gender reveal with the same setup but in a hydrogen factory.
Ethan Bradberry
Ethan Bradberry 2 oy oldin
*It's a boy!!!!!!*
Forrest_h06 2 oy oldin
Who's here from H3H3
Fortnite is fun
Fortnite is fun 2 oy oldin
The rangers worst day of his life is the day they said his gender
Travis TWP
Travis TWP 2 oy oldin
Gun control....lol
Akamo 2 oy oldin
"The accident"... Right. He should go to jail for causing this much damage.
OliQCPRO RotMG 2 oy oldin
Man you shoud've been at this event it was fire af
splean75 2 oy oldin
Bad idea.
Marshal Meeks
Marshal Meeks 2 oy oldin
at least we know its a boy now
Fernando Rodriguez
Baby wasn't even born yet and the parents already ruined it's life.
blossombiscuits ÚwÙ
*[Bruh Sound Effect]*
SirBanana 2 oy oldin
It's a Spider-Man!
Daniel 2 oy oldin
Well what'd you expect to happen
A Z 2 oy oldin
"Let's light off explosives in grassland in a drought so I know my kids gender" this guy probably shouldnt be on border patrol
Allisson Diego
Allisson Diego 2 oy oldin
How dumb a person has to be in order to do this? Unbelievable
cartoon caramel
cartoon caramel 2 oy oldin
cmon guys it just means the baby is a fire bender
Hailee Steinfeld - Topic
Who’s here after H3H3’s video?
Megan Ziggler
Megan Ziggler 2 oy oldin
Edwin Berumen
Edwin Berumen 2 oy oldin
"Dad what was i like to know that I was a boy" -"The worst day of my life"
La melma zero uno
Welp guess who's kid not going to college
lucy 2 oy oldin
it’s a boy *jazz hands*
Megan Ziggler
Megan Ziggler 2 oy oldin
Ashton Foster
Ashton Foster 2 oy oldin
They should call the kid blaze
G G 2 oy oldin
This is a very expensive *highschool dropout*
ParkSIP 2 oy oldin
As soon as Ethan from h3h3 said a baby reveal started a forest fire I came to find this video.
Megan Ziggler
Megan Ziggler 2 oy oldin
Same, It definetly is a shocker.
thedeafgenius 2 oy oldin
I liked how they didn't even clear out or find a glade.
Tforce Sims
Tforce Sims 2 oy oldin
Sure put a bomb in the obvious dry grass; its not like dry dehydrated grass burns or anything
SirOleMayo 2 oy oldin
congrats on the baby i guess
aka nobodyy
aka nobodyy 2 oy oldin
H3H3 brought me here
Citto 2 oy oldin
That was quite smart of them to do that around a bunch of dry and highly flammable plants on a hot ass day.
Traxxattaxx 2 oy oldin
Wow I didn’t know bad luck Brian had a kid...
ethan willier
ethan willier 2 oy oldin
Anyone here from H3H3s video?
MeGaDroiDx 2 oy oldin
The kid isn't even born and is already in debt for the rest of his life.
Kamkwamba 2 oy oldin
How to make your baby poor
Insert Redletter Media Meme Here
And they thought that was a good idea in tall dry grass, good job idiot
Elitedevil 2 oy oldin
biggest oof
3monsters014 3 oy oldin
MOM and DAD will need two jobs for the rest of their life. Baby boy better work hard he will need a full scholarship.
Linzy Sandoval
Linzy Sandoval 3 oy oldin
How stupid do you have to be...
Hi Bye
Hi Bye 3 oy oldin
So why aren’t they popping the black balloon instead !!??
Snatched Sis
Snatched Sis 3 oy oldin
Happy to announce the birth of a baby arsene
beans 3 oy oldin
Did they not think twice before planning this?
The Eggman
The Eggman 4 oy oldin
Did they not stop it or care? I'm confused why the video is so quiet
Roberto Dal Porto
Whatever happened to just telling everyone what gender the baby is gonna be? Cost a hell of lot less
josh7120 4 oy oldin
Lol everyone in J6 and Mascal side Arizona close to Benson had to be evacuated to Tucson or Benson and other areas.. every one was so scared even pple thought Benson was next. I knew benson wouldn't be hit.. Benson always loses out in adrenaline rush stuff like that haha!
Space Jesters
Space Jesters 4 oy oldin
Well at least they know what gender it is
Imvictius 4 oy oldin
People who do stupid stuff like this don’t deserve to be parents
Margaret Long
Margaret Long 4 oy oldin
Sorry baby we didn't mean to destroy property.
Yogigigigigivifxigxj Going ooh if if ixktsgk
As bob McCoy would say, *Lisa Guerrero would confront the forest fire*
ArtCountry 101
ArtCountry 101 4 oy oldin
I just wouldn’t have a baby after that. 😂
Truth Honestly
Truth Honestly 4 oy oldin
Lmao 😂 the only thing that a baby destroys is a woman vagina not a forest
feeduxl K
feeduxl K 4 oy oldin
It's a boy and we're bankrupt
Canon Kingsley
Canon Kingsley 4 oy oldin
Could have just bought some balloons or something.
thedudeguy121 4 oy oldin
I guess you could that that gender reveal party was lit af
aluisious 4 oy oldin
Accident my ass. You put explosives in a dry field and start a fire, that’s incomprehensible stupidity, not an accident. This idiot should be fired and charged criminally.
Pat McNamara
Pat McNamara 4 oy oldin
Congratulations! It’s a forest fire?
Scott T
Scott T 4 oy oldin
most ingenious way to back out of parenthood... jail!
Yash Patel
Yash Patel 4 oy oldin
Now you just have to throw the whole Baby away
이복자 4 oy oldin
fightergirl 4 oy oldin
is it a boy or a girl? it's angry.
Jake N
Jake N 4 oy oldin
Dumbass. Couldn’t just put balloons in a box and open it?
Gay Lesbain
Gay Lesbain 4 oy oldin
It’s a mistake
S Boy
S Boy 4 oy oldin
All cause they was tryna be cute for the gram, stupid dumb ass cringe lames
Caleb Tyink
Caleb Tyink 4 oy oldin
That was to powerful for a bomb...
John Southern
John Southern 4 oy oldin
You'd have to be a bit retarded to not see ALL THAT DRY GRASS out there. I'm betting they don't tell their boy about this. It neeeevvveeerrr happened.
Tami Pe
Tami Pe 4 oy oldin
What idiots. Anyone who lives in Arizona knows that fires can be started and hard to control because of the weather. Stop trying to be special and creative.
Just A’myah
Just A’myah 4 oy oldin
Oh my god I read the description and they said this happened in *_2017!!_* I want a refund like at tanacon -_-
Just A’myah
Just A’myah 4 oy oldin
Well I guess you can say that gender reveal was.... *_LiT_*
Joel Jackson
Joel Jackson 4 oy oldin
Now we wait for Earth, Wind, Water and Heart to be born. Can Captain Planet be summoned in time!?
euga 4 oy oldin
They definitely don't have IQ or common sense for people getting explosives? Doing anything with fire or explosives in dry bush is brain dead stupid
Leveck Family
Leveck Family 4 oy oldin
Boy o boy o boy o boy!!!!!!!!
Mr. Person Humanson
That baby is gonna grow up to be a genius just like his parents
Natsu Or Whatever
This Boy is gunna be *LIT*
MaxTheRetard 4 oy oldin
Ryan Bishop
Ryan Bishop 4 oy oldin
From this day forward, they will always hate their son!😂 What idiots man, jesus christ!
Fusion33 3
Fusion33 3 4 oy oldin
Blue stands for boy, fire stands for no college fund.
Skipper 4 oy oldin
I think I’ve been watching UZvid for long enough
Creeperface 4 oy oldin
When you’re smart
Juan Dominguez
Juan Dominguez 4 oy oldin
So how much do they owe now 8mil?
Sef A
Sef A 4 oy oldin
The worst part is the rest of the party attendees were also too stupid to stop him. Was there not ONE PERSON that thought this was not a good idea?
Queen Pendragon
Queen Pendragon 4 oy oldin
......Well, all jokes aside, congratulations
MulaGraphics 4 oy oldin
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