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Genius - Gacha Life | Music Video

Lizzy Playz
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3-Yan, 2019



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Alex_story time
Alex_story time 18 daqiqa oldin
Lol ❤
Venus Regala
Venus Regala Soat oldin
I dont speak Spanish
Bella Minchala
Bella Minchala Soat oldin
Me: puts on video (ad plays) Ad: are you unconfortuble on camera? Me: no. Ad: well then get this app! ittl help me: i said no. watch! me: (pulls up camera on laptop and starts recording,) SEE IM NOT AFRAID STUPID AD! ALWAYS ASUMMING STUFF! my life and brain : OH HECK NAH (Song plays) me(singing): DO YOU THINK IM STUPID? my life and brain: ya actually. we left you for 1 sec and you talked to a fricking ad....
Angela IsHereAgain
Angela IsHereAgain 3 soat oldin
I hate how I’m still single........💔
Sophie Lam
Sophie Lam 3 soat oldin
The girl next to her is a boy or a girl
Strawberry Rose
Strawberry Rose 3 soat oldin
This is really good
OMAR COLLINS 5 soat oldin
well nadia im not stupid
Sky Gacha
Sky Gacha 5 soat oldin
Umm What app are you using to edit
gabriel genao/Ambertheunicorn XD
This happend to me one time a girl liked my boyfriend and i put the song on and i was laughing
J_rtex Gacha X
J_rtex Gacha X 6 soat oldin
WHAT IN THE MOTHER OF HELL WHY IS THIS BETTER THAN MINE ;-;-;/;-;-;-;-;-; You can watch mine if you want :/
Dalma Encinas
Dalma Encinas 7 soat oldin
The girl with brown hair does the ge-ge-ge-genius does it better
Olivia Williams
Olivia Williams 9 soat oldin
Genius ship
the Quayle
the Quayle 11 soat oldin
IDK BUT I HATE MY FUCKING FAMILY HOUSEHOLD 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠 and does anyone doesn't know why it quietly says labyrinth at the start
Mixu Pichart
Mixu Pichart 14 soat oldin
0:48 this face is : ION?!Z-WE JUST MET YOU STRANGER
Suicide Shark
Suicide Shark 17 soat oldin
1:10 i'm sorry but isn't it looks like my-
Maddie GachaLife
Maddie GachaLife 18 soat oldin
My favorite😍
21Brewswi2 [][]
21Brewswi2 [][] 19 soat oldin
XxDemon_Of_ DeathxX
XxDemon_Of_ DeathxX 19 soat oldin
2023 anyone? No? Just me then T^T
joliah's ceda's doll world
I love it
mini hanako
mini hanako 21 soat oldin
Marcelo Grilli
Marcelo Grilli Kun oldin
Pies man there smart af
jajaj acosta
jajaj acosta Kun oldin
Como se llama la cancion del inicio?
I'm your sip of tea
Oml.... R e j e c t e d 😂 👀
Valen Techera
Valen Techera Kun oldin
The best Gacha Life Music Video I've seen :3
Kylie Wright
Kylie Wright Kun oldin
Why could i see this like a intro to a movie or TV show
Z4R4X Kun oldin
I heard if I say the gacha tuber's you will get pinned let's see Lizzy Playz Lizzy Playz Lizzy Playz Lizzy Playz Lizzy Playz I hope tthis works Fingers crossed 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞
awesome stuff
awesome stuff Kun oldin
His guns look like they need work mine are better😆
awesome stuff
awesome stuff Kun oldin
If you do shout outs pls add meh im a lonely potato😢
Galaxyhyper Plays
alic766 Kun oldin
intro music?
Jujuh Chan
Jujuh Chan Kun oldin
Do re mi
Cuphead HD234
Cuphead HD234 Kun oldin
Shyku no one
Shyku no one Kun oldin
Jemelle Marie Julian
I love this song
XxKathyxX lel
XxKathyxX lel 2 kun oldin
I'm bisexual And I fell in love with my bestftiend
I am Fine ツ
I am Fine ツ 2 kun oldin
I’m A Ge-ge-ge- I GET IT YOUR A GENIUS, sadly I’m not... I hate math •~•
Cookie gurll1123
Cookie gurll1123 2 kun oldin
Love ur intro
Jake Jones
Jake Jones 2 kun oldin
I thought that was a boy
Alexys Oslin
Alexys Oslin 2 kun oldin
her intro is called sit still look pretty
llama,alpaca gurl
llama,alpaca gurl 2 kun oldin
I don't ship them lol
Gabriel Andres Espinoza Delgado
Im a du-du-du-dumb a du-du-du-du-dumb
Gabriel Andres Espinoza Delgado
Of all the others gacha life this is my fav
Emily Lovey
Emily Lovey 2 kun oldin
She gayyyyyyyyy (no offense to people who is gay)
Lipe Sun
Lipe Sun 2 kun oldin
I am Brazillian and i love this is music
Nightly Yukioレイジー
Good job uwu
Luna Licous
Luna Licous 2 kun oldin
I got distracted when I saw the pies... ehm
Pardeep Singh
Pardeep Singh 2 kun oldin
Why did he fall in love with a stranger -_-
JayD 2 kun oldin
I love it Especially the chorus :p
rainbow cake
rainbow cake 2 kun oldin
Wow ı think only genius People can fall in love..... I dont hate u ı just say this to this song not u so ı dont hate ur Channel ı still love ur Channel
Lemon_ Husky
Lemon_ Husky 2 kun oldin
Gacha Fan
Gacha Fan 2 kun oldin
*1:30** Alvin and the chipmunks joined the chat*
FNAF COLLECTZ 2 kun oldin
FNAF COLLECTZ 2 kun oldin
Boy:i only did this fr money im not a genius
FNAF COLLECTZ 2 kun oldin
i like les ship better
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya 2 kun oldin
Cute_Girl10067 and Cut3_G1rl10067
Cookie _girl
Cookie _girl 3 kun oldin
Why u ruined mai shippppp
Isabella Lara Gutierrez
I love this vídeo :3
Ivy Mlp
Ivy Mlp 3 kun oldin
PrincessLuna xX
PrincessLuna xX 3 kun oldin
PrincessLuna xX
PrincessLuna xX 3 kun oldin
You fall in love with a stranger who walked by that you just met,thats how you get a bf/gf True love❤
PrincessLuna xX
PrincessLuna xX 3 kun oldin
You cant fall in love with a stranger who walk by you just met
Venia Adelouise Sipalay
i wish he was gay :c
jalyn Johnson
jalyn Johnson 3 kun oldin
I hate you so much
Kuro Playz
Kuro Playz 3 kun oldin
This is originaller then many others 👍🏼👌🏼
Sly Therin
Sly Therin 3 kun oldin
I love it when the guy sings the “Oh my god, baby baby dont you see-e-e.” Part.. Iz *-hawt-*
ღItzSebaღ 3 kun oldin
Cual es la cancion de la intro? ;-;
BINYOS LU Kun oldin
Tampoco se ;^;
Melody chan
Melody chan 3 kun oldin
Where did you find this song in songly cause I love this song! And I love this video!
*Stogle Girls*
*Stogle Girls* 3 kun oldin
When I heard the intro I whistled because I can whistle I’m Not Her.
Giovanna Melo
Giovanna Melo 3 kun oldin
Você tem demência
ItzElla 3 kun oldin
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my gacha storys
my gacha storys 3 kun oldin
im a -ge ge ge ge ge ge genius- ki ki ki ki ki ki killer -not- really though ehehehehehhe -sorry-
Gacha- donut
Gacha- donut 3 kun oldin
I love your intro ❣️💞
GamingZero12 3 kun oldin
HAH thats for being gayyyy
Tyler's Ukulele
Tyler's Ukulele 3 kun oldin
1:37 this boi with headphones is gurl :3
Gachalover #1
Gachalover #1 3 kun oldin
Christabell Playz
Christabell Playz 3 kun oldin
Its not sia its CYa i think
IciclePasta Unicorns
Genius is very popular right now. I wonder why? Anyway I like it.
Twilight Sparkles
Twilight Sparkles 4 kun oldin
Iiiii Love tihs SONG
Makayla Gacha
Makayla Gacha 4 kun oldin
FINALLY👏🏽 one where they’re not murdering people. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love a good partners-in-crime story, but not when it’s completely overdone. This GLMV was absolutely amazing!! Keep up the awesome work!💖
xx_Kawaii -POP_xx
xx_Kawaii -POP_xx 4 kun oldin
Diana.G 4 kun oldin
Si era lesbiana porque quería seguir siendo su novia?? :v
Gamer kitty fox Gacha
You did good love it
1:19 is that a girl from meet the plastics music vid
gacha cutie101 I LOVE GACHA
Llllllllloooooooovvvvveeee ur vvviiiiddd ur are da ge ge genius
Danielle Vlogs
Danielle Vlogs 4 kun oldin
Carolina Ocanas
Carolina Ocanas 4 kun oldin
Do you think I'm stupid oh omg god baby baby don't you see only a genius will love a women like me 🤑👌
Sihana A
Sihana A 4 kun oldin
How do pies and knifes relate??
Emelie Stross
Emelie Stross 4 kun oldin
I love that she has pie
Apafish Smily
Apafish Smily 4 kun oldin
I LOVE THIS SONG (like if you love this song too)
Elisa  Agustina
Elisa Agustina 4 kun oldin
A genius is a killer?
Dana Gacha :3
Dana Gacha :3 4 kun oldin
Cuál es la cancion de la intro?
Million dollar girl
i love the intro
Gacha Candice
Gacha Candice 4 kun oldin
I luvvvvuuuuuu ittt
Sia Mitarius
Sia Mitarius 4 kun oldin
1:35 Lol he call my name xD
nana aina
nana aina 4 kun oldin
2019?Anyone?Guess im a lonely puppy☹️🐶
{MinxieFox} 4 kun oldin
Maria Laranjeiro
Maria Laranjeiro 5 kun oldin
Como e que se chama a musica que ta logo no inicio ???? Alguém sabe ???
Lyonnah Mangrum
Lyonnah Mangrum 5 kun oldin
heres my theory so the reson the blonde girl and black haired are blushing is because they both cheated with same genderthe blonde id blush at the girl but is mad that she took her man same the boy and they other boy and girl got mad and they have been friends for long time all of them and they decied to date bc there bi but them 2 are not
29 kun oldin
10 kun oldin
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