George W. Bush cries delivering eulogy for his father, George H.W. Bush (Full Eulogy)

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Former President George W. Bush tears up while eulogizing his father, George H.W. Bush, at a state funeral in Washington.
The 43rd president said his father, the 41st president, taught him how to lead.
"He showed me what it means to be a president who serves with integrity, leads with courage and acts with love in his heart for the citizens of our country," Bush said. "When the history books are written, they will say that George H.W. Bush was a great president of the United States."
Bush's eulogy ended on an emotional note. Concluding his remarks, he added through tears: "Your decency, sincerity and kind soul will stay with us forever. So through our tears, let us know the blessings of knowing and loving you, a great and noble man. The best father a son or daughter could have."
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5-Dek, 2018



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Mohamed Xoogsade
11:41.......lol no worry your father is In Hell!
Sebastián Villanueva
I just say that he is reading everything probably wrote by someone else since it has a too many jokes you people stop pretending you are that affected by his lost.
Kho Dam
Kho Dam Kun oldin
🤣🤣🤣😂 حق با شماست هیچی خنده و شوخی نمیشه
elspeth 2 kun oldin
They are setting us up for pure evil !! The worst evil the world has ever seen !! Repent to the Lord he is the only one who can save you!! Look up I pet goat 2 they have all evil events in it they have carried out up till notre dame cathedral burning and as it burns Christ's crown of thorns dissapears!!
elspeth 2 kun oldin
Pure evil !!
darryl runnels
darryl runnels 2 kun oldin
He cries because he knows his dad is burning in hell.
Torba 2 kun oldin
poor Bush didn't know what he was doing as president, i think he had mental issues. Same issue with a lot of US presidents, he's a decent person.
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali 2 kun oldin
You dumb ass killed millions of innocents in iraq and afganistan.... Killer... U should be charged for your crimes u liar
The AsH 1998
The AsH 1998 3 kun oldin
Padan muka tulah banyak bunuh org islam ludah amerika
johnasap777 3 kun oldin
Bush/Cheney gang brought United States demise, down to its knee and got away with taking Treasury money to companies they owned.
Mushtak Al-Obaidi
Mushtak Al-Obaidi 3 kun oldin
Down USA 🇺🇸 fuck USA 🇺🇸
Maura N
Maura N 3 kun oldin
Why would someone film a funeral? Those are very personal. It doesn’t matter if you’re a former president or a celebrity.
Jack Shields
Jack Shields 3 kun oldin
I hate CNN Trump 2020
Ttucks 4 kun oldin
is it just me or is bill clinton for sure stoned?
Phoenix Swanson
Phoenix Swanson 6 kun oldin
Yo they straight roasted him.
Paradigm _sh1ft
Paradigm _sh1ft 6 kun oldin
Love the people bleating about how inappropriate it is to have ads on this video. All the while, turning a blind eye to the millions of dead these Bush cunts are responsible for. Hell awaits them both.
Gary Callitsis
Gary Callitsis 6 kun oldin
How much pain and sadness have they brought upon others? How easily we forget............
صدامي وأفتخر بصداميتي
To hell bush, son of the bitch.. R.I.P Saddam Hussein 💔
Sam Wasee
Sam Wasee 6 kun oldin
fucking bastards all of em
Kevin Cody
Kevin Cody 6 kun oldin
Very touching. Now tell the world more about the millions of people you and your father are responsible for killing.
Karl MACH 6 kun oldin
George Whitehead
George Whitehead 7 kun oldin
Whatever you think of George Bush - this broke my heart 💔
MrAmir2121 7 kun oldin
George Bush murdered his own father and mother to conceal the fact that he murdered a woman in the 70's, raping her, sawing her dead corpse into pieces, putting her remains in the trunk of his car and dumping the car in the lake...with his watch his dad gave to him still in the car....The FBI should be informed and this psychopath should be arrested and thrown into jail..he is also the mastermind behind 9/11 terrorist attacks...
Ozy G
Ozy G 7 kun oldin
MrBoomTastic 7 kun oldin
Dont worry he is in Hell :)
Skulldetta 7 kun oldin
Unlikely, since Hell is a manmade concept for which no one could ever bring a single piece of verifiable proof forward.
JIsha Vadakke Veedu
Both father and son have killed hundreds of thousands.
M.F Nizamuddin
M.F Nizamuddin 8 kun oldin
Criminal bastard
Jason Roberts
Jason Roberts 8 kun oldin
Great man and Great President!
Carlton King
Carlton King 8 kun oldin
tyler hill
tyler hill 9 kun oldin
should have stayed out of Iraq
Sam 7
Sam 7 8 kun oldin
tyler hill I am an iraqi. I thank him of getting rid of Sadaam h Yes usa made huge mistakes in iraq. But i really like the man
Honey Badger
Honey Badger 9 kun oldin
Notice that orange narcissistic piece of shit didn't care to be there because it wasn't about him???? Even though W. Bush wasn't perfect, he was far more Presidential and a statesman than Trump will ever be.
Mr. K
Mr. K 10 kun oldin
Great speech by a son in grief for his late father! I am very sorry for his loss to this day!
Luke C
Luke C 10 kun oldin
takes a big man to cry for a satanic pedophile and president murderer (JFK). and i'm not even being snarky, you really would have to have a lot of heart to do that!
URIAHRAYlll 8 kun oldin
You are an a## hole idiot you dont have a clue.
BestBathTub Finish
BestBathTub Finish 10 kun oldin
I'd cry to, you sorry bastard. - earlychurchunderground.com
Unimaginable Troll
Unimaginable Troll 10 kun oldin
Isn’t the bush family part of the elite groups with Rothschild, Rockefeller’s , etc....?
Vasamard 10 kun oldin
2:46 what the actual fuck??
Mark Olander
Mark Olander 11 kun oldin
At 11:41 Dubya recalled all those people his dad forced to jump out of the WTC towers to escape burning to death!
URIAHRAYlll 8 kun oldin
Jakethedog3275 12 kun oldin
I hated his polices. But he’s still human, so it breaks my heart when I see him break down like that. Losing a dad ain’t lit
NJDevils IsMyTeam2112535
Anyone that thinks donald trump and his family and associates sincerely wanted to pay their respects to President George H. W. Bush because they genuinely respected him is clearly mentally handicapped in the brain. donald trump is a narcissistic selfish horses ass that only went just to protect his fragile ego. I gotta say too that mr pence embarrassed himself when he spoke, he knows not a thing about President Bush LOL, this happened because again donald trump and his associates ([family too] are all narcissistic selfish racist people that only do these things because they need to protect their fragile egos.
Vic Alexander
Vic Alexander 13 kun oldin
President George W. Bush gave a moving eulogy for his father. He is still not the same. Sometimes a man who saw his father serving as CIA Director for two years, then as Vice President for Ronald Reagan for two terms and then another term as President -- it still seems to George W. that the Bush family didn't achieve its full stature in American leadership. To see a two term Black President and a flunky FBI psychopath-director destroy the image of the Presidency forever by cheating the American people by giving them not a Black President but a Muslim President!! The American people in the leadership of both parties, and President 'Apprentice' Trump doesn''t seem to understand that cheating Chief of the US Supreme Court by Obama making him swear him in, in a private ceremony in the White House -- which he was not supposed to enter before he was sworn in -- Obama cheated John Roberts into swearing him on the Qur'an, the Islamic holy book. The disaster that followed can still not be understood: Obama assassinated his father in Kenya -- Patricide against a Kenyan Party leader -- the US did not extradite when Kenya demanded extradition. It got much worse than this, but it isn't the Republican two-term President George W. Bush's fault; but then look what happened to the US economy when the Muslim Obama became President? How can the son of Nimrod, the man who created the CIA, built the United Nations, passed the 1947 Resolution to make Israel a State -- why is the US Government trying to kill me? Am I paranoid? Vic Alexander
Luke C
Luke C 10 kun oldin
{Hussein Obama, that is} not the innocent, stable dictator of Iraq whom he invaded after selling Kuwait a horizontal drill bit capable of pillaging Iraq's oil by going under the border without being seen, then having Madeline Albright tell {Saddam} Hussein the US would not react if he were to invade Kuwait over the oil they were stealing. 41. Thanks for the memories papy.
Luke C
Luke C 10 kun oldin
you forgot the part about HW being in Dallas to see to it that JFK's head got blown off on national TV. he was just as crooked as 42, 43 and 44. add his affinity for pedophilia and satanic ritual abuse in there and some might consider him worse than Hussein.
supercharged820 13 kun oldin
RIP George H.W. Bush
Kim Nghi
Kim Nghi 14 kun oldin
God bless United State of AMERICA
hanh hong
hanh hong 15 kun oldin
One Advocate
One Advocate 15 kun oldin
Jimmy Carter has the longest life outside of his Presidency, out of all the President's with 38 years. It used to be Herbert Hoover with 31
triple og
triple og 15 kun oldin
his daddy probally molested him also😲😲😲
Liane Cornils
Liane Cornils 15 kun oldin
I love healthy men.
Sanhedrin Venus
Sanhedrin Venus 16 kun oldin
i miss the days they arrived in orbs of fire..
Ju M
Ju M 16 kun oldin
El próximo eres tú pedazo de escoria muérete ya puto vuelo psicópata
Aden Noah Dayton Kirk-Crothers
Give me an reasonable explantion of 8.6 dislikes. PLEASE TELL Me
Jaakko Huovio
Jaakko Huovio 15 kun oldin
both bushes are satanist. bush jr is the grand son of aleister crowley. both bushes are members of the skull and bones secret society and happily attend the bohemian grove. they both are ushering in the new world order. they have killed so many people that its impossible to count. and in this video he is speaking about "the good lord" and his "promise" as if he was a christian. truly disgusting individuals, but now i'm meant to feel sorry for him when his satanist father dies? after everything he has done? it does not please me to see another human being die and i would of wished for him to turn away from his righteousness before he died, but i'm not going to pretend that these are good men or that this is just a good son giving a speech about his father. is this a good enough reason?
ali ismail
ali ismail 18 kun oldin
One of the world's biggest terrorists is now gone. Terrorists mourn Iike terrorist Obama and trump all terrorist states are in solidarity missing h w bush's wise ways of lying about other countries to start wars and kill children for profit. The terrorist nations of the United snakes of jewmerica Israel Saudi Arabia Qatar the united Kingdom France Norway the Netherlands the United Arab emirates all mourn the terrorists death missing his wisdom but pledge to continue to terrorise other nations for profit based off lies
Abdul Razak
Abdul Razak 18 kun oldin
You and your father responsible for many death, many blood, many tears.It’s the result of yours bad works.
sofian 06614
sofian 06614 18 kun oldin
ha ha ha fuck you assesins
EVS Santiago
EVS Santiago 19 kun oldin
Why I’m watching this shit fuck this hunky 🇵🇷 all day
al meknassi
al meknassi 20 kun oldin
even tho i hate George bush,i kinda cried when he cried
Omer Yurttaş
Omer Yurttaş 20 kun oldin
I hope the whole family will burn in hell, for millions of death children and women in the unlegal invaded countries
Shivam Bansal
Shivam Bansal 21 kun oldin
Bush: cries when dad dies Also Bush: Kills thousands of people's dads in Afghanistan
Abdul Warrad
Abdul Warrad 21 kun oldin
He did 911
Jake Wawrzyniak
Jake Wawrzyniak 23 kun oldin
People who put thumbs down are Democrats
ali ismail
ali ismail 18 kun oldin
Nope they just don't like terrorists. People who like are retardicans
JackieDJ 23 kun oldin
Jose Borjas
Jose Borjas 23 kun oldin
Finalmente ese asesino. Se enfrentara a su creador. .. Falta su malvado hijo.
Hakan Ali
Hakan Ali 23 kun oldin
This man has hundreds of thousands on the conscience and you appreciate him on the basis of a read piece of text. Have you lost your mind? Through his lies and warmongering, he has destroyed a whole country. His whole clan has blood of women and children on his hands !!
Tommy Merrill
Tommy Merrill 23 kun oldin
What a class act. Integrity and courage.
srbija srbima
srbija srbima 24 kun oldin
Why you didnt cry like that when you and your father bombed the hell out of inocient people of SERBIA in 1999 just for dollars
Giorgi Mikeladze
Giorgi Mikeladze 24 kun oldin
Lets see if my comment will get 911 likes
Jseed61 Dude
Jseed61 Dude 24 kun oldin
I cried
Albert Kundrat
Albert Kundrat 24 kun oldin
'FATHER Knows Best!' GOD The FATHER knows BEST concerning every human Father trying to know BEST concerning any son He has or may have yet, and On and ON, til all be FULFILLED! And The FATHER of our Country too knows BEST concerning any and all of His Patriot Sons! And perhaps, NOSTRADAMUS, the Father of Seers and Prophets, knows BEST for ALBERT!
Nesti Konini
Nesti Konini 26 kun oldin
Both Father and Son greatest president ever
NR 26 kun oldin
the Bush are criminals
michael glucksman
michael glucksman 26 kun oldin
I don't know why I cannot restrain from shedding a tear every time I get to the ending of the eulogy. ...
Misty Edwards
Misty Edwards 26 kun oldin
Nectical 27 kun oldin
Allah kontol
adam Trevino
adam Trevino 27 kun oldin
If i were to do a eulogy for my dad id probably be crying the first minute while im talking about my dad
maria maravilla
maria maravilla 27 kun oldin
I love the bush family from the father and to son. Rip. My president.
00BuckOperator 28 kun oldin
Kristion Taylor
Kristion Taylor 28 kun oldin
How can 8.6k people dislike this??
Mukhtaar saiid
Mukhtaar saiid 29 kun oldin
I am talking to every one and my self, do remeber that one day all of us will die and every will be counted what he or she did(if you do not bleive that)one exampale wiil be given to you.every thing like clothes, shoes, computers, laoptops have been by human, yes? .so who has created us???? Think i do not mind which religion you have. Think of that think of that, think of that .
Indigo Child
Indigo Child 29 kun oldin
Rip President George H. W. Bush!
Arjan Nijhof
Arjan Nijhof 29 kun oldin
This is great
Classic Light
Classic Light 29 kun oldin
i legit cried like a baby watching this.
Yerzhan Issayev
Yerzhan Issayev 29 kun oldin
Great President !Greatest Country
ForestGWolfy Productions
I'm generally fine about the 41st. I thought he was trying hard as president.
Mario Coria Cervantes
Mario Coria Cervantes
R.I .P gorge h.w bush Last words: I love you son
محمد ال عارم
what is anybody gonna say to God when he meet him and being asked about people that killed on hand of him ? Iraqis for example .....
Jason Jason
Jason Jason 29 kun oldin
God doesn’t exist
When he said what his last words were I actually think I had a mental breakdown crying.
Anarchist Tiger
Rest in piss war criminal
dave d
dave d Oy oldin
The Mainstream Media so mercilessly *CRUCIFIED* this man, that he left Office with an approval rating of *29 percent* .
Jaakko Huovio
Jaakko Huovio 15 kun oldin
watch the video of the skull and bones secret society (which both bushes admit they have been members of) initiation ritual where they ejaculate on the initiate when he is lying in a glass coffin and kiss skulls and tell me if you still think this is a good man.
Martin S
Martin S Oy oldin
Fuck Trump
Avenger Oy oldin
You know why W was a boss ? He threw the folder like the baus at the end
UnfriendlyYT Gaming
Who saw bill and Hillary ,Obama and Michelle ,AND trump and his wife there?
UnfriendlyYT Gaming
Who remembered when George was president?
The Jason Station
Now there's a room I'd love to set on fire.
Nancy Thomas
Nancy Thomas Oy oldin
George h w bush was one of the most evil people who ever lived.
Eighties Joe
Eighties Joe Oy oldin
I have a secret desire for a time travel machine to make the days of Reagan and Bush to come back again. W was right on and honestly his stock goes up every day. Can you even imagine Gore on that bullhorn after 9/11 uniting the country? RIP GHWB SIR and THANK YOU for your service to and for leading this great country.
Beb Hopkins
Beb Hopkins Oy oldin
Why in the hell trump was there me I would have kick his ass right out
farozia sheikha
But he never cried for9/11....strange....???
Miickc - Divis
Starting to look old owl Georgey boy Lol you’ll be going to hell soon aswell to meet your war criminal parents Lol everyone in these comments need a punch in the throat “what a lovely human being” etc etc lovely human my fucking arse he had Kennedy killed n his son was in on 9/11 yas fucking idiots
SycheRyder Oy oldin
Man what an incredible speech.
John Johnson
John Johnson Oy oldin
God Bless the Bush Family.
Nicolas Shane
Nicolas Shane Oy oldin
Your dad is in a better place !! RIP #41 !! A True American Hero !!
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