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She's arrived. The legend herself lol. Nicole & I had so much fun filming this for HER channel 😂😂 (Watch the video to know what I'm talking' about)
What better way to film a getting ready video than to add wine to the mix? And to really take it somewhere even more extra, we added a new product too 💁🏽 I hope you love this video tbh I couldn't stop laughing. It was nothing but good times. Let me know what you thought of the video in the comments down below!!

Love you 🐥❤️
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Naked Petite Heat | Urban Decay Cosmetics
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17-Fev, 2018

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Yesenia Avalos
Yesenia Avalos 9 oy oldin
Desi did you forget you were taking wine and not tequila, you supposed to take a sip of the wine 🍷 not shot! 🤣
Diana Kankanyan
Diana Kankanyan 9 oy oldin
Desi Perkins HAPPY B-DAY MY QUEEN😍🎂🎉🎁I want to wish u all the best in the world, the best is still ahead. I love u with all my heart❤️You’re the best
AnDers CoopErS
AnDers CoopErS 9 oy oldin
Yesenia Avalos how bout let her do what she wants....
Cherisse Thibaut
Cherisse Thibaut 18 kun oldin
Love you both Nicole is so cute
Jay Santiago
Jay Santiago Oy oldin
“I’ve known since I was a BB” 😂😂😂
Melissa Williams
I see allot have commented about how they don't like Nicole..... Do these people even know who she is lol
Holly Johnson
Holly Johnson Oy oldin
just rewatched this, when is Nicole coming back??
Brielle Gray
Brielle Gray Oy oldin
Omg you both look alike !!!
Diana Muniz
Diana Muniz 2 oy oldin
janiah 2 oy oldin
Love Nicole so much! Miss her and Paris together!
RocciGirl 2 oy oldin
You guys are too adorable!
Melissa Galvez
Melissa Galvez 3 oy oldin
A 3 oy oldin
nicole is literally my favourite person. i need to watch the simple life now.
Emily A
Emily A 3 oy oldin
What lipstick did Nicole use?
Emily A
Emily A 3 oy oldin
Wine glass brand/name of them please? 😍🍷🍷
Daisies and Lillies
How did you get so lucky? I’m confused
Love Hate
Love Hate 3 oy oldin
Sold out for that cheque
Lauren Scallen
Lauren Scallen 3 oy oldin
lmfao I just want you two to be friends in real life she is hilarious
Richie Quintero
Richie Quintero 3 oy oldin
LOVED EVERY MINUTE of this video ! Nicole is hilarious!!!! Loves it xo
Rosalea Bruce
Rosalea Bruce 3 oy oldin
I actually LOVE Nicole what the hell she's so cool
Yarelys Cruz
Yarelys Cruz 3 oy oldin
Why do u have red lids ? U we’re just born that way ? Lol 😂
Gabriel Jaykle
Gabriel Jaykle 3 oy oldin
I love Necole.
Princess 4 oy oldin
Nicole should have her own channel she's so funny!! 😄
Faith Cree
Faith Cree 4 oy oldin
Chirp chirp ? Here I am! Lol Nicole is so fun haha I love her boom boom boom
Beauty Biebz
Beauty Biebz 4 oy oldin
She has lid space for daysss
Roxy R.
Roxy R. 4 oy oldin
Clearly people didn’t watch the simple life :))
Lilouvo 4 oy oldin
I’m so confused at what this video is supposed to be
Taylor Morgan
Taylor Morgan 4 oy oldin
So happy I finally got to watch this.. Love you two together. So good😂😂
Charelle Segura
Charelle Segura 4 oy oldin
Nicole is a recovering addict. Proud of her for not drinking.. her humor.. 😂! I get it!! I am nearly 40 yrs old, and while I LOVE watching foundation, highlight and contour routines, my daily is literally a couple of “booms” strategically placed.. I totally get the boom, boom routine! 😂😂
I love her sense of humor. Desi you do these celeb collabs perfectly!
Emma 5 oy oldin
I swear Desi looks like Jlo
Jenn Truong
Jenn Truong 5 oy oldin
I love Nicole Richie's Style!
Maxine Schuldt
Maxine Schuldt 5 oy oldin
Hahahah Nicole is hilarious
Liz Torres
Liz Torres 5 oy oldin
Well Nicole has prominent eyes with a defined crease and theres like no easier eye to put makeup on.
Charlotte Watson
Charlotte Watson 5 oy oldin
Loved this! You both came across so genuine 💜
Kassandra OB
Kassandra OB 5 oy oldin
I keep wishing Nicole would quit making Desi stop and look at her. Lol, no wonder Desi couldn’t keep up with her make up!
Kylie Benson
Kylie Benson 5 oy oldin
What nude lipstick did Nicole use?
Mel Bibz
Mel Bibz 6 oy oldin
Love nicole
Karen Dea
Karen Dea 6 oy oldin
These gals really do have very similar personalities and sense of humor They vibe really well together
Blue Posie
Blue Posie 6 oy oldin
Wow sorry sweet Desi... Nicole turned out not to be a gracious , respectful guest... Marge turned large & in charge. Painful to watch. We’re here for YOU lady! You’re ROCKSTAR for calling her out on air .
Alex T
Alex T 6 oy oldin
Say boom one more time, go on
NOSH H 6 oy oldin
actually love this, nicoles humour is on point
Angela Da Costa
Angela Da Costa 7 oy oldin
Desi could you do another tutorial with this pallet so I can really follow along. Lol
emily healy
emily healy 7 oy oldin
Such a hilarious video love nicolexxx
Jenny V
Jenny V 7 oy oldin
Nicole Richie is great! Loved this!
Fatima Djelmane Rodriguez
So hilarious!
Misha Marx
Misha Marx 7 oy oldin
I freaking love Nicole Richie!!!! Omg!!!!
Babbs Fangirl
Babbs Fangirl 7 oy oldin
Love your vids. Can you list the brushes Nicole used?
melessa lou
melessa lou 7 oy oldin
Nicole is the best
Courtney Richwine
You both are hilarious 😂💕
JustMeee 7 oy oldin
Omgawd Nicole Richie is my type of celebrity.
Maravanh Phothichack
Love Nicole and Desi together
Kat Ann
Kat Ann 7 oy oldin
Loved this video! You guys seemed like longtime friends. I really enjoy Nicole’s sense of humor!
Laura Lolita
Laura Lolita 7 oy oldin
My gosh I love Nicole Richie. She's hilarious.
Julie Izh
Julie Izh 8 oy oldin
Omg I have chickens too!Lol cheeek cheeek🤣😻Also sidenote:They sound alike.
Duh Bros
Duh Bros 8 oy oldin
new subscriber here!!!!!!!
Gisela Vargas
Gisela Vargas 8 oy oldin
haha funny! loved this.
Stacie Markham
Stacie Markham 8 oy oldin
I love her silly sense of humor. She's hilarious.
Stacie Markham
Stacie Markham 8 oy oldin
she would look great with just the clean skinned bronzy no makeup look
SGYS 8 oy oldin
this video made me love nicole richie.. lol she's hilarious
Patsy Hooker
Patsy Hooker 8 oy oldin
Ok. Nicole is hilarious. Should definitely have a show.
Tess Palmer
Tess Palmer 8 oy oldin
".. I've known since I was a BB" DEAD
Raeleene Berlanga
I love this video BRING HER BACK !!!!!!!
Ramona A.
Ramona A. 8 oy oldin
I love your hair in this video!
Vampire Vogue
Vampire Vogue 8 oy oldin
I love you two together!!! Sooo funny!!!
christabella201 8 oy oldin
When a celebrity is crushing on you and wants to take over your UZvid channel and wants to genuinely be your friend because they can tell that u are super cool just by looking at you....really. Epic! This what I mean Desi.....you are a brand....already! I got my eyes on you girl. All the way to the top.
Full of Grace
Full of Grace 8 oy oldin
lol she is too cute and funny
Brittany H
Brittany H 8 oy oldin
I can't believe the people saying this was akward and cringy!? I felt their charisma was great together and OMG I didn't realize how funny nicole is. Do another video together please!!
Miko Galang
Miko Galang 8 oy oldin
Grace Tango
Grace Tango 8 oy oldin
I’m really seeing the present desi and future desi 😂😂😂❤️ y’all have the same crazy humor 💕
Dr Bear
Dr Bear 8 oy oldin
Again I love Nicole
nikiastoria 8 oy oldin
Lipstick shade?
aruytpadyugf 8 oy oldin
They look like they could be related!!!
Melanin Monr0e
Melanin Monr0e 8 oy oldin
Just out here tryna function 🤣 💓💓
Gabrielle DuVall
Gabrielle DuVall 8 oy oldin
Desi this was amazing. lol I just started my day with "Nicole's channel" and you were on.. hahaha you guys were hysterical. i love this.
aliszja 8 oy oldin
„it’s getting all of my five lashes” 😂😂😂
Kenny Chang
Kenny Chang 9 oy oldin
Whats the entry song?
Cindy James
Cindy James 9 oy oldin
I love the whole vibe between you two. I am a Desi fan and I have always loved Nicole's humor. ❤❤❤❤💖💖💖💖
Nicole Richie is such a sex bomb xxx
RealSisters 9 oy oldin
Nicole Richie is forever the queen 👑
Denise K
Denise K 9 oy oldin
Hilarious....I think you should have Nicole Richie more often. The two of you are fun to watch. xo
V S 9 oy oldin
loll I love them together
shayna mcarthur
shayna mcarthur 9 oy oldin
I’ve always loved Nicole Ritchie since the early 2000s with Paris. She is so beautiful and witty and hilarious. U can see her naughtiness peeking through during this tutorial. I love it. She is so entertaining to watch.
Mervat Rose
Mervat Rose 9 oy oldin
Hi i am going too give a som up but this is just funny not watt i want to watch love you anyway i don’t want too hert any one is feeling but i can’t take this any longer boom boom boom i will not whsh not funny 😂 any more boom boom
Sandra 90210
Sandra 90210 9 oy oldin
M.A 9 oy oldin
Boerm is my new word clearly 😂
Jackie Clowe
Jackie Clowe 9 oy oldin
You should do Nicole’s makeup next time! Make it bold and seductive
Payton Bright
Payton Bright 9 oy oldin
Nicole is literally so down to earth. Can I be her best friend? Thanks.
xiaojie chen
xiaojie chen 9 oy oldin
Taylor Berry
Taylor Berry 9 oy oldin
This was so fun and cute! LOVE Nicole!
amy mclaughlin
amy mclaughlin 9 oy oldin
Who knew she was so funny 😂
mrsprs1375 9 oy oldin
LeLuxeLe 9 oy oldin
Love Nicole! Great video!
Elizabeth Oliver
Elizabeth Oliver 9 oy oldin
Can you add the other products you used like the spray
Valorie Vloggs
Valorie Vloggs 9 oy oldin
Angelica Rivera
Angelica Rivera 9 oy oldin
Happy bday to the most inspirational and influential public figures in my life. You are a true artist, you put so much of yourself into every single project and just wanted you to know we appreciate it. You keep it all real, from your love for your fans, your friends and your love for your family, you make it so easy to identify with you. Being a latina and embracing it is also something I love about you. Aun si no lees este post, quiero que sepas que te quiero y le pido a Dios que te bendiga cada vez más! Abrazote!!!
I think I am your youngest viewer I am 9! Desi I love you! NICOLE NEEDS A CHANNEL
Lincoln 9 oy oldin
So good !
Sarah Green
Sarah Green 9 oy oldin
I cannot take the number of booms in this video
KIIKA one jessicA
Wish this was more serious,wish we were actually learning something here.
KIIKA one jessicA
Wow ,nicole is annoyingly inaccurate.
Stacey Tejada
Stacey Tejada 9 oy oldin
2 of my faves. Been a Nicole Richie can forever. Loved watching you two 🐥🐥🐥