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Thumbs up for a beautiful 2019💙
Hello beauties :) Happy new year!! I hope everyone enjoyed their time off to celebrate the holidays. I know I've been MIA for a little bit now so I wanted to update you on what's been going on in my life. It felt really good to sit down and film for you guys today. I will be filming tomorrow as well :) Please comment below and let me know what you want to see this year! I have lots of fun ideas but I always love hearing your suggestions. Also! If anyone has any amazing books they recommend let me know. I would love to check them out. LOVE YOU MUFFINS! XOXO Carli
*Find out what phase the moon was in when you were born!
Books I’m reading currently:
Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes
Journey to the Heart by Melody Beattie
A new Earth by Eckhart Tolle
Books I’ve read and will reread forever
The four agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz
The untethered soul by Michael Singer
The surrender experiment by Michael Singer
Seay of the soul by Gary Zukav
COVER FX CONCEALER G medium 2 bit.ly/2RsIwMi
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Disclaimer: this video is NOT sponsored. I was not paid in any way shape or form to create this video. All opinions are my own and honest as always. Some links may be affiliate links which means I make a small commission if you purchase the item through my link. Thank you for your support!!! XOXO

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6-Yan, 2019



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Carli Bybel
Carli Bybel 2 oy oldin
Sending so much love your way 🌊💙
Bella Laveaux
Bella Laveaux 4 soat oldin
Carli Bybel hadn't seen ur videos in a very long time and today bam I was drawn to this one and omg did I need it when u said u sage and ur meditation etc I was like it was meant for me to be here bc I been struggling so much with everything been trying to get my UZvid to a certain level after taking so many breaks due to life and it's so hard and I just had a baby ..finances and health issues it's been so tough thank u for being transparent during this video
SJ 8 kun oldin
Book I recommend is the Holy Bible because a lot of what your doing is witchcraft and you need Jesus to save u before it gets out of hand. God bless you Carli!
Nadra. M
Nadra. M 22 kun oldin
Zahra Ali
Zahra Ali Oy oldin
Vanity shall b your downfall
NilP26 Oy oldin
This is probably one of my favourite videos because it's real, you are speaking from the heart which is nice to hear. Smiles and laughs are sometimes makeup for our emotions but it's good to just be true. I came out of a relationship of over 10 years and it was the most liberating feel. I could have completely broke down but I chose not to, I chose to put me first and focus on myself going forward. Never let anyone dull for sparkle. You are your own boss and totally killing it. Sending much love, hugs and support. 😘 😊 🤗
Nadra. M
Nadra. M 22 daqiqa oldin
Trop belle
Bella Laveaux
Bella Laveaux 4 soat oldin
Carli Bybel hadn't seen ur videos in a very long time and today bam I was drawn to this one and omg did I need it when u said u sage and ur meditation etc I was like it was meant for me to be here bc I been struggling so much with everything been trying to get my UZvid to a certain level after taking so many breaks due to life and it's so hard and I just had a baby ..finances and health issues it's been so tough thank u for being transparent during this video
Rosaura Ramirez
Rosaura Ramirez 5 kun oldin
I'm 9 and I love your channel. My mom is obsessed with you and your makeup you are so humble and amazing I just wish you a happy new year and keep up the good work with your UZvid channel can you try to do a Q&A video like if you agree
elohel 5 kun oldin
Your body is nice but you really aren’t that pretty.
Mirella Derungs
Mirella Derungs 6 kun oldin
Carli I know you uploaded this a few months ago but I hope you are feeling better. I had a very toxic relationship which ended in 2017 thankfully. You are a BOSS such a beautiful and strong woman, don't accept anything less than you deserve! I am now dating someone who appreciates me and truly loves me. Get rid of people with bad energy. I admire you so much for how far you've come in life. Wish I could hug you and eat some ice cream. God bless you
Thalia Riquelme
Thalia Riquelme 7 kun oldin
Mz Josi
Mz Josi 8 kun oldin
This color blue is soooo beautiful!!! Love your channel 👍👍♥️
Pioneer7 9 kun oldin
Hi Carli. Give the Bible a try. Read it with an open mind. God is what you are really searching for and only He can fill the emptiness within. The Bible is the word of God. It changed my life.
Rachael Martin
Rachael Martin 9 kun oldin
Thank you so much. Everything you said was exactly what I needed to hear ❤
ashley lynch
ashley lynch 10 kun oldin
You found the Fiona stiles foundation?!! I’ve been SEARCHING! Ugh. It’s a Walmart link is it genuine Fiona stiles ?
Petra Magic
Petra Magic 10 kun oldin
I hope you'll good now.
Elisabeth Hunter
Elisabeth Hunter 13 kun oldin
Bright pink
kominam Hajar
kominam Hajar 14 kun oldin
How could someone break up with such a beautiful human with a beautiful soul 😢
Perla Fernandez
Perla Fernandez 14 kun oldin
Finally the carli we know is coming back 💕💕
Perla Fernandez
Perla Fernandez 14 kun oldin
You look happier
Saraniya Parthipan
Saraniya Parthipan 17 kun oldin
Hugs babe 🤗🤗🤗🤗😘❤️
Erica Hajek
Erica Hajek 18 kun oldin
And if you don’t have time to read there an ongoing podcast on Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations! It’s a life changer right up your alley!
Erica Hajek
Erica Hajek 18 kun oldin
Eckhart Tolle’s books are amazing!
Kayla Wing
Kayla Wing 21 kun oldin
So happy to see get ready with me’s coming back! I miss them! ❤️ you
loretta howe
loretta howe 22 kun oldin
Wait she doesn’t use concealer under the brows? Not being judgy or anything I just am trying to switch up my makeup routine and I really like hers
Keshawna Thompson
Keshawna Thompson 22 kun oldin
The Four agreements by Miguel Ruiz
Mariem Elhadji
Mariem Elhadji 23 kun oldin
She sound like Ariana
RB. Cooks
RB. Cooks 23 kun oldin
Do you have a tutorial for the hair you have here? Carlibybel? 😍
Melissa Salas
Melissa Salas 24 kun oldin
What's up with all the bible thumpers! 🤮
Nuren Wahid
Nuren Wahid 25 kun oldin
you should read "the power of now "-by Eckhart Tolle
Zahrah Begum
Zahrah Begum 26 kun oldin
I know I’m late but just wanted to let you know that you are one of the most strongest woman I know and you can get through anything. We are all here for you when ever you need us. Love you loads Beauty Queen xxx
Jomayra Mendez
Jomayra Mendez 26 kun oldin
I’ve been following you since 2010. He’s out there. You’re awesome. Do your thing Carli, he will come when it’s right. Don’t worry you don’t want him to come too early and trust that he won’t be too late.
amani Ibrahim
amani Ibrahim 26 kun oldin
where did you get the shirt.. ugh love it
Skylah Graham
Skylah Graham Oy oldin
This gives me Pocahontas vibes ♥️
Querina Duan
Querina Duan Oy oldin
Carli, I love and adore you. A vacation for the refresher and the perspective is always great. Joel Osteen says, "Your greatest accomplishments and blessings are always yet to come." And it reminds me that God (or whatever higher power you believe in) always has a plan for us beyond our wildest dreams. I think one of my favorite books is The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer if you haven't read that yet. Basically, it's about learning to harness and focus your intention and willpower and using affirmations as a tool. Extremely transformative in resetting or building inner dialogue. I absolutely agree, 2019 better watch out for the both of us. I have arrived in many ways this year!
Stephanie LipstickStoner
Josselin Rodriguez
not to be negative but thats karma
Sofie Sofia
Sofie Sofia Oy oldin
U deserve to be happy Carli ^^ wish you all the best
Sofie Sofia
Sofie Sofia Oy oldin
Such things happens we love and we break up and life goes on ... but the important is to don't let as such things to kill the vibes in our life
Yana's World
Yana's World Oy oldin
I understood one thing! My career won’t wake up one day and won’t say I don’t love you anymore.
Lahelle Raib
Lahelle Raib Oy oldin
i like blue 😍💙💙💙💙💙💙
Lahelle Raib
Lahelle Raib Oy oldin
L S Oy oldin
It was so obvious that guy was not genuine or into YOU. It was so obvious you need to be in a relationship. I dont think you are a romantic tbh. I think you are emotionally dependent. Please be alone for a while. I ended a engsgement (i was with him for 4 years.) I have been enjoying my single life sooooo much. I want to be single for a year before i ever get into a relationship
Jasmine Jugmohan
I will be checking out that pallet and book soon.
Jasmine Jugmohan
Thank you Carli this is exactly what i needed to see right now.
S R Oy oldin
BEAUTIFUL as always! Keep on smiling ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Samii 786
Samii 786 Oy oldin
Love those little quotes at the beginning 💕
madam lyné
madam lyné Oy oldin
I have been single fr a year n 3 months i dont even want to start dating cause my last one was a serial cheater...n we dated fr 4 years and wats worse he knew i came frm a bad break up with my ex fiance cause he hurt me but i said this time im focusing on me first...cause im tired of heartbreak so you not the only one..i even lost my mum after we broke up so fr me im calling this my healing stage. ☺☺😚😚😚much love.
Chastity Montanez
So awesome I’ve been watching you for years so Godbless oxoxo 💙💙
Alyson Turner
Alyson Turner Oy oldin
From the bottom of my heart Thank you sooo much Carli for everything you do for us! Your book recommendations especially. You're sweet 😘❤️ very much a genuine caring thoughtful woman who shares creative process of getting ready for date, work, fun, party, vacation and giving more depth into your personal life! Make up is Life! Hugely totally but life isn't all makeup... Behind or under the foundation is charming big hearted authenticity! Definition of the realness babe love you lots
Marilyn Johnson
Carli, as a momma and grandma, I have seen a lot in my lifetime, experienced much, and above all LEARNED! Unfortunately wisdom only comes with age and as the old story goes, if I knew then what I know now.........Well..........I probably wouldn’t change very much because everything in life has brought me to today and I’m blessed. So continue to pick yourself up and walk forward. Believe me when I say, from what I see, you’re doing a wonderful job!
iris valles
iris valles Oy oldin
We adore you ! And I can see how much you heart is hurting I’m sorry ! Thing didn’t work out but you are a talented beautiful soul ! I promise it will get better ! I was crying my eyes out!
Cristal M
Cristal M Oy oldin
The power of now by Eckhart Tolle is a wonderful book, as well as Ask and it is given by Abraham/Esther Hicks. 🙏 you’re wonderful, beautiful spirit!
Marbella lopez
Hi girl i know exactly what your going through right now! I have been in your situation before , but really believe me pain hurts but it will Not last forever one day you will wake up and realize how happy you are being single but being just you! You are a great women with a great heart! And so beautiful! Focus on the things that make you happy! And just focus on the positive things in life! And go out girl go out a lot! Keep it up girly you can do it! God will be there with you! He always will! 😍😘😘😘
Writing down to let the universe know about ur wishes is a good thing. I heard this somewhere but forgot about it completely. Thank you for reminding! I need to do that, very badly
Miss Jacklyne
Miss Jacklyne Oy oldin
Wow this was the exact same thing I went through exactly how you explained it and 2019 I feel so good about it
Maria Schoenecker
u are def. my fav!!!! sending u great vibes!!
Rachel Thomas
Rachel Thomas Oy oldin
You are such a beautiful person inside and out 💗💗
Tara Sloan
Tara Sloan Oy oldin
I have been alone for about 7 months. My husband left me for another woman. I understand where you are coming from. Learning to be alone after a breakup is really hard. I think I paced the house for the first few months. I lost 30 lbs in like 3 months.
Nky.k Oy oldin
I hope you will feel better ❤❤
Sarahhh5407 Oy oldin
You should make a tutorial of tips when doing someone else’s make up. You may have one but I haven’t seen it. I’m doing my future sister in law’s make up for her wedding. I’ve done other people make up plenty of times but Im feeling the added pressure of making her look “perfect” for her big day. Thanks, xoxo
Ginger Jordan
Ginger Jordan Oy oldin
You should do a collab with James Charles
Taylor Yasmine
This is why I love you so much cause you’re so real and honest I’m grateful for you love you😘❤️
AYA Oy oldin
This was so beautiful, its funny how I started going back to your old videos and almost felt bad because I wasn't seeing the vibrant Carli, I thought you may have just changed/lost yourself, but you're strong. Also this is the time when Ive become very independent, working on building my career (while hiding it from my family, trying to make peace with them), trying to find my peace, trying to understand that I cant save everyone (also my grandmother who raised me is terminally ill) and the guy I love I had to let go of, it's a lot of letting go and things I'm going through and you mentioning going through it to is almost a calming force and just shows life really does just happen and theres always going to be a brighter time. Im sending you love and I pray you find the peace in your thoughts,life and solitude and that this low makes the highs that are coming your way so well cherished and show you undeniably the reason as to why you were put in this planet.
Julie Regine
Julie Regine Oy oldin
where did you move to?? do a new house tour!!
On Cloud Nahrin
I have been where you are right now and trust me when I say that you are actually in an amazing place now. This is exactly what you should be doing after these past two relationships: focusing on you. I was in a five year relationship throughout all of college, didn't learn to be on my own at all. That breakup was definitely hard and led me to rushing into a relationship with the next boyfriend, which ended badly after one year. Then I finally took time for myself, traveled the world with friends, continued dating, but didn't rush into anything at all. I started new hobbies and didn't settle for any relationship less than what I deserved. Two years of being single and then one day, it happened so effortlessly. I found the man that was literally made for me and I get to marry him in 6 months. You're a strong, beautiful, and smart girl, Carli. Don't settle for anyone who doesn't treat you like the queen that you are. Also, I love how you make contouring your nose look so easy with that Tarte slenderizer. I just bought it and can't wait to try it! Thanks for sharing the link
Yana Chetri
Yana Chetri Oy oldin
Missed you so much. You look amazin as always 😘
Anusha Hodizoda
Thanks for your video. Heave a break. Have you heard of working holiday visa for Australia and New Zealand? Your have 22 +/- months to apply for that visa. Go away, you'll meet a lot of nice people. I went trough the same period of my life. It was terrible but travelling has cleared my head and I've met the love of my life.
ayame 吹雪
ayame 吹雪 Oy oldin
Happy New Year, Carli. I'm looking forward to your growth and happiness this 2019.
Markeima Oy oldin
You’re such s Libra ♎️ I love it & you! Sending positive vibes babe ❤️❤️❤️
Andrea Villanueva
Tiny beautiful things and wild by Cheryl strayed! 💕
Kelsey Pak
Kelsey Pak Oy oldin
this reminds me of like pocahontas glam lol
Adrian Paul
Adrian Paul Oy oldin
Love you babes
Karen Dixon
Karen Dixon Oy oldin
I wondered if that had happened.. Well so sorry..it is difficult.😞 I'm also wondering about your sister.. she has not been on her channel for 5 months and she said she was having mouth surgery? Can you say anything like she is recovering? 💗💗💗
Kiana Dorce
Kiana Dorce Oy oldin
Love you carli
Anna Sulca
Anna Sulca Oy oldin
I love you carli you so cute you the best I here from you I your big fam I wish the best I love your cAt 🐱🐱🐱🐱
Aamna javed
Aamna javed Oy oldin
your advices made my day :) Thankyou so much
suma mat
suma mat Oy oldin
Hey carli no matter what we do in hard tyms we still feel a bit of void. Im a muslim woman and i would like you to take a look into the holy quran and read a chapter of it. "Verily in the remembrance of God do the hearts find rest"-Quraan...This world is temporary and hard for us all...thats y paradise exists...life is a test..."We(God) have created life and death to see who is good in deeds".."their reward will be paradise underneath which rivers flow"...please read the Holy quran and listen to the true unaltered words of our Creator..Allah
Ammara Akhtar
Ammara Akhtar Oy oldin
oh it was so sad gloomy inspirational video
Sahar Saifee
Sahar Saifee Oy oldin
You seem like such a sweet and genuine person carli, wish you all the best this year 💙
Lois James
Lois James Oy oldin
He was a slimeball. please watch out for any man who wants to appear on your channel. take care. choose wisely. dont panic into a relationship. you will regret it.
Emily Hill
Emily Hill Oy oldin
I just broke up with my fiancé after being together for 5 years. He struggled inside because he’s infertile which led to him cheating. This video helped a lot along with all of the positive comments ❤️
Jasmin Solis
Jasmin Solis Oy oldin
Hi carli none of us know how you relationship ended because we dont really knw you or your ex. We all make mistakes in this world life is hard life is sometimes easy. You look sad talking about your relationship it will take time for you to stand up but dont let yourself down because your Not alone even if you think you are you're not gods always with us an trust him an yourself to be strong 💚 An I like this makeup tutorial pretty 💙
Dokata H
Dokata H Oy oldin
yea I break up almost 3 months ago and our relationship lasts for 3 yrs. It’s hard and I don’t know how to live my life for couple weeks.
Jenni Montalvan
You should read “The Secret”
빛나 Oy oldin
윤쨔미 영상보고 온 사람~
Emely De La Rosa
You look bomb woww
만슬민슬 manslminsl
혹시 한국분들 계시나요??
aka Prin
aka Prin Oy oldin
도희 Oy oldin
너무 예쁘세요❤
Melissa Ndip
Melissa Ndip Oy oldin
So glad I watched this one finally. Thanks for sharing and trying to comfort others going through the different things life throws. Much love to you
Jennifer Hedman
You're so caring ❤
Shekinah Davis
I recommend the King James Version Bible, psalms, proverbs, Job. It will help your spirit tremendously ❤️💕💕
Sheila Perez
Sheila Perez Oy oldin
Hey babe, how are you? I just wanted to pick your brain about microblading. I know you got it done in 2017. Looking back now, is there anything you would of done differently? Would you still suggest the place where you recorded your second session? Did you ever go back for a third session? I just wanted to take my mother & I, and I trust your honest opinion! Thank you for your time!
Sara Carmen
Sara Carmen Oy oldin
Maybe let’s not encourage people to litter into the ocean.
maria Carbono
maria Carbono Oy oldin
Thank you so much for making this video. I am going through a breakup right now. I was in a relationship for 4 years and it also came out of nowhere.
Carli the BIBLE will take you to path that you have NEVER seen before; the BIBLE is a alive ! Try it and your life will never be the same. The BIBLE will seth you free !
Beth Hirst
Beth Hirst Oy oldin
You look so beautiful Carli 💙 Send lots of love, success, good health & happiness your way too 😘✨
Chantelle Spence
Can you please upload a video of a night time routine. Love your videos, very inspiring :)
annxxivilla Oy oldin
i needed to hear all that advice carli. thank u so much. huuugs
Mélissa Gleyze
This is exactly what I need to hear right now. Thank you.
Smacck Oy oldin
I've been through hard breakups, it feels at that time like you will never recover, but you do... and you grow... and you live.... and you begin to trust in your journey. I'm a warrior now. It's part of life. Good things will happen for you Carli in the romantic department . You will realise it's all part of a bigger plan. :)
Barbiriss Oy oldin
keep bold keep strong keep slay- loads of love carli
Jewell Wooten
Jewell Wooten Oy oldin
im so glad i watched this! we're going through the same thing relationship wise and im so glad i have someone to relate to. Things do get better, everything happens for a reason. love you and this video
Elizabeth S.
Elizabeth S. Oy oldin
I highly recommend Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh
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