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iPhone X will be unique amongst iPhones. It will be the only iPhone to feature a "notch" at the top of it's display. The iPhone X notch is used to house components necessary for various phone features. The iPhone X notch allows for the advanced facial recognition capabilities Apple described in it's keynote. In this video I try out an app capable of overlaying the iPhone X "notch" onto any Android smartphone. In this video I tested the software based notch on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Essential phone. The app is called XOutOf10 and it's available for free in the Google Play store. Go try it out and see how your phone looks with an iPhone X notch at the top.
The question to you is this... Does the notched out design of the iPhone X bother you. Are you more likely to purchase an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus because of the notch. Or, are you likely to make the switch to Android, to one of the devices featured here?
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20-Sen, 2017

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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy Yil oldin
iPhone X or iPhone 8 or Something Else?
Alfie Gamer
Alfie Gamer 6 oy oldin
Definite IPhone X
tadexbeats 6 oy oldin
IPhone 6S
Αθανάσιος Σκαρμούτσος
Unbox Therapy One plus 6 forever!in terns if overall performance,it clearly has an advantage over i/phone.
Shiv Gori
Shiv Gori 6 oy oldin
Unbox Therapy give me 1+ y
Mickado 4 kun oldin
*puts notch on iPhone 5* *iLLuSiON 100*
Mirik Kla
Mirik Kla 5 kun oldin
fk iphone! is for idiots!
MadTurboGamer 7 kun oldin
0:00 To Mojang or not to Mojang
King Spade [Deltarune]
Samsung sucks other Android phones rule end of story samsung is poop
Kat Galactic
Kat Galactic 10 kun oldin
To notch! Oh....wrong place..... Ima just play minecraft
Prince Wafi
Prince Wafi 10 kun oldin
Noch / Nose 😂😂
scuttle06 11 kun oldin
in the year 2024 apple will finally have 18:9 aspect ratio on the iphone 9
Godswill Umukoro
Godswill Umukoro 11 kun oldin
i actually like the notch
Jolombo 12 kun oldin
i am an android user and i like the notch FITE ME!
Magic Mike
Magic Mike 12 kun oldin
I do notch like the Not oops reverse that.
Alil Balt
Alil Balt 16 kun oldin
Le Volpe
Le Volpe 16 kun oldin
Notches are ugly i dont want one
Thomas the DANK engine
I don’t mind the notch why do some people hate it
Tyonne Cobb
Tyonne Cobb 19 kun oldin
My phone, the lg g7 has a good notch, not too good and not too small
JizamHD 22 kun oldin
Apple don't know there numbers it sounds like a baby skipped iPhone 2 and now skipped 9
Skeleton Games
Skeleton Games 22 kun oldin
Why do big American companies skip numbers for their products?
xNinjasInPyjamas 23 kun oldin
Why would you want a notch it's hella ugly 😒
Tron280 26 kun oldin
i already have an xs max i dont need it
Ryan Coleman
Ryan Coleman Oy oldin
Arva_A Oy oldin
Hey, atleast they didn't put a huge pimple
Horrorfav Oy oldin
Watching this with notch and annoying
Jared Champagne
Wait I didn’t know the s8s notch was this big, the Samsung’s notch at the time was literally 3 times bigger and nobody batted an eye? The iPhones notch was absolutely tiny compared to that thing lmao!!!
Chad Suggs
Chad Suggs Oy oldin
I know this video is over a year old but I wanted to put my two cents in... I think the notch as it is today is useless from what I've seen. Granted I haven't messed with a notch phone in a while but I just don't care for them. What's the point of that tiny, useless, miniscule amout of screen space? If it was specifically used for the clock or signal bars, then it could be a little useful. Maybe make it for tiny notification numbers for users apps of choice or something. To actually try and stretch the status bar around it just seems pointless and in the way. Trying to render videos or web pages around the notch is just asinine in my opinion.
Natix Oy oldin
I love the look of the notch but I love the Android software
Guilherme Gabriel
is that the bass of The Chain from Fletwood Mac playing on the background? 0:29
olean boyd
olean boyd Oy oldin
I want the notch on my iPhone 7
Lil Melly
Lil Melly Oy oldin
Se gang
Lisa Deakin
Lisa Deakin Oy oldin
The honour magic 2 is better
Anon Oy oldin
complete cancer.
MidnightAssasin T
A notch with a notch
86Drifter 2 oy oldin
Dun dun dunnnnnn
DirtyDirtsGT 2 oy oldin
I already have notch but I still watching this
John Cena
John Cena 2 oy oldin
Why is this notch such an issue??? Honestly
allyoop 2 oy oldin
i didn’t even know some of this notch stuff and i’m on my xs
Dartz Huynh
Dartz Huynh 2 oy oldin
I'm notch liking this idea
Vamsi Krishna
Vamsi Krishna 2 oy oldin
7 really did 8 9
2manyblueberries 2 oy oldin
Did I keep hearing the bassline from fleetwood mac's "the chain".
Bernd Radzwill
Bernd Radzwill 2 oy oldin
No Notch!
luckysoupBowl :3
luckysoupBowl :3 2 oy oldin
What is the notch for??
Surajkumar Waghmode
I have iPhone 6s, I want to upgrade but confused - Samsung Great Screen :) but OS Updates are Crappy :( for $849 - iPhone XR Greate Hardware :) but NOTCH:( , Crapy resolution :( for $749 - iPhone XS Expensive:(, NOTCH :( for $999 - Google Pixel 3 :)OLED :)Good Camera but OLD Hardware:( + Less RAM :( for $799 - Google Pixel 3XL NOTCH :( for $899
Droid 2 oy oldin
Dumb as always, who the f😠😠k want to intentionally put a notch on their phone, you idiot
Angel Playz
Angel Playz 2 oy oldin
I have my A3's notch
S T A M 2 oy oldin
Why the fuck would you want a notch?
wow apple wow u have millions of dollors and u cloudent make that notch dissperier WOW
RelaX Motovlog
RelaX Motovlog 3 oy oldin
Why would you do that? 🤔
black Mercury
black Mercury 3 oy oldin
The new Google pixel 3's is worse
Francais Lover
Francais Lover 3 oy oldin
Hu Ggu
Hu Ggu 3 oy oldin
Stop trying making jokes They are baaaaad 😂😂
Joel Morán
Joel Morán 3 oy oldin
It's fun to come here after a year and knowing almost all phones have that notch nowadays.
prismstudios001 3 oy oldin
It`s a freaking notch! Hell, I never even really notice it. Actually I sort of like the design, it`s different.
pokemon en12
pokemon en12 3 oy oldin
I am from the future and notch is the future... iPhone really makes future.......
Grand Theft Auto channel
Notch used to drop red apple when be kill in Minecraft
HeyItsJenna 3 oy oldin
I love iphone x
Djaroud 3 oy oldin
Google make better notch (winner)
Abdul Barr Ibn Zaker
6:21 (Minecraft owner) Notch2:22 (Minecraft owner) ~No Notch~ Microsoft
Abdul Barr Ibn Zaker
0:54 Oh My GÕD!!! That's what used to come in my mind when I heard "That notch on the iPhone X" or something like that but now whenever I hear "Notch", the phone notch comes to my mind!!!!
DustDaRapper 3 oy oldin
I just want a iphone. My S7 has had it!
Spartan Studios
Spartan Studios 3 oy oldin
Why dont we just bring bezels?
Darren Griffiths
Darren Griffiths 3 oy oldin
lew 116 min left
Sergei Suvorov
Sergei Suvorov 3 oy oldin
Default 3 oy oldin
I think that notches just take screen away..
Arek Jos
Arek Jos 4 oy oldin
Kebanyakan intro goblok
ShadowARTS™影 ᵍʳᵃᵖʰᶤᶜ ᵈᵉˢᶤᵍᶰᵉʳ
Why would i ruin my phone with a piece of shit on the top of the screen just to make my non-apple phone look like an overpriced shit called iPhone x?
Aleksandar be together not the same
I wonder when dumb 🐑 will use brain and stop fucked by apple 😂😂🖕🖕
Elijah Theurer
Elijah Theurer 4 oy oldin
this is so stupid
Yousef Alhanafi
Yousef Alhanafi 4 oy oldin
iPhone 10 is known for it's notch
Hamsterification 4 oy oldin
Song name at the start of the video?
All-Tech 21
All-Tech 21 4 oy oldin
NekoSatouYandere 4 oy oldin
Note 8 without notch with a notch
Andrew Freund
Andrew Freund 4 oy oldin
I like the notch
NBD- ɛʍɛʄɨƈ
Would've been awesome if you do it on the Find X or whatever it's called lol
Fuzzy Duo
Fuzzy Duo 4 oy oldin
In short, the notch fucking sucks.
Jacob Tully
Jacob Tully 4 oy oldin
They called it the X not the 10 because they only released it for apples 10th anniversary
mr. every thing
mr. every thing 5 oy oldin
BEST TECH LUCKY 5 oy oldin
*_Title : Get the iPhone X notch on any device_* *Me : Why???*
Charlotte Dashwood
An app that gives you the iphone notch. Stop the madness lol.
Black Panda
Black Panda 5 oy oldin
Why would u want the notch? For real? WHY?
Jack Nehoff
Jack Nehoff 5 oy oldin
Seems like all these tech devices skipped numbers. Microsoft skipped Windows 9 and went straight to 10 to "keep as far away from Windows 1995 as possible", Samsung skipped the Note 6 and released the Note 7 to match with the Galaxy S series, and Apple skipped the iPhone 9 for...whatever reason lol
elizabeth greene
elizabeth greene 5 oy oldin
Google pixel 3 is going to have the notch.
pytiguys 1000
pytiguys 1000 5 oy oldin
Yeah cool but why tho?
Brandon Harry
Brandon Harry 5 oy oldin
The notch is a terrible idea and companies need to stop doing it.
Under whelming
Under whelming 5 oy oldin
Is this for real
Protomorph 5 oy oldin
This is the dumbest shit I've ever heard of.
Jeff Kennedy
Jeff Kennedy 5 oy oldin
Who gives a crap
Alex K
Alex K 5 oy oldin
You do know windows hello on the Nokia 950 had face ID in 2015 right?
Shaun Mulsay
Shaun Mulsay 5 oy oldin
The Motorola Droid Razr M already had the facial recognition years before iPhone thought of it
UncommonGaming 5 oy oldin
Notch sux. Useless crap.
Devonte Timmerman
Stocke 5 oy oldin
Whats the wallpaper?
Sem Rasin
Sem Rasin 5 oy oldin
can I have 10$ ? please help me. i want use I phone x. please help send .thank your.
Zaosh Damania
Zaosh Damania 6 oy oldin
Notch is pointless, a thin bezel (like iPhone 8) is better.
Chad Suggs
Chad Suggs Oy oldin
Totally agreed
animatorsglory 4 oy oldin
That is not thin the Samsung s8-s9 is much slimmer
ClosetNinja504 6 oy oldin
Didnt even watch it cuz I read the title of the video and I'm just like "why?"
Edwin Varner
Edwin Varner 6 oy oldin
Do you like family guy
Ancient Mew
Ancient Mew 6 oy oldin
Download it with a phone that has its front camara on the left or right
Uniquely Qualified
People who is not chill and firing at people who say it is a stupid design which is,watching videos?You own a iPhone product~.~Im not saying this is all bad because this is a pathway to a higher screen to body ratio.
Uniquely Qualified
IDK about the notch since I haven't have a first hand experience.I heard Pixel 3 is gonna have a notch?A lot of people is sticking to 2 xl???What's going on is it good or not.Or wait let me watch the video
Uniquely Qualified
Well I think for all I know developers are gonna have a hard time trying to make app for a 'notch' device.Its gonna be tedious
Jacob Jordin
Jacob Jordin 6 oy oldin
Who would want that?? Lol
mry ab
mry ab 6 oy oldin
5 oy oldin