Getting a Laugh: How to Make Something Funny

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Been wanting to make an ongoing series on comedy writing for a while. Let me know if you're like to see them run along side the regular uploads.
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25-Sen, 2018

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rannierunsfast Kun oldin
He's been laughing a little this video. Never heard him laugh before.
Valerie Grindinger
Valerie Grindinger 2 kun oldin
The most complex thing i have done in my kitchen ... my 10th grade math teacher i guess ... he was really into imaginary numbers
Chet Beasley
Chet Beasley 2 kun oldin
Kareem Hunt could literally kick a drunk woman in the head and I’d still watch the Chiefs
Colin Einfalt
Colin Einfalt 4 kun oldin
Your a master mind at work!
TheBlueLizard Gaming
I guess I'm cancer.
Bobby Tarantino
Bobby Tarantino 6 kun oldin
The font already made me laugh in the first couple of seconds
stan the helper
stan the helper 6 kun oldin
You want to go feed the donkey some beer, and get it all messed up? -Norm Macdonald
JesdaG 7 kun oldin
lol jk
3chrr 7 kun oldin
-rachel -bruh
Maudie Maude
Maudie Maude 8 kun oldin
4:14 Are you sure you want to unsubcribe to Casually Explained x'DDDD I DIEDDD THERE AHAHAH
Abraham Mekonnen
Abraham Mekonnen 8 kun oldin
Honestly really educating and funny. Thanks
my poor life choices
Where do barbers go to get their hair cut
Sum Bahdy
Sum Bahdy 9 kun oldin
My brain is not processing anything you are saying because im extremely tired, but I'm still enjoying it
amiablehacker 10 kun oldin
So, like, is this why it's challenging to make me laugh? I like to joke around so I'm always anticipating the punchline. If another person has the exact same sense of humor as I do, I usually don't laugh because we basically tell the same jokes.😂
Christopher Canady
Christopher Canady 10 kun oldin
can you make a video about how groups of people out there think that jesus and santa came from mushrooms
Imagination Visinity
Yea the red and white shrooms under the pine trees is like the christmas presents.
JasonMillerTV 10 kun oldin
Or you can be the Eric Andre show
Brant Zhang
Brant Zhang 12 kun oldin
Now I start to think how to meet this guy.
Jossy Beth
Jossy Beth 14 kun oldin
omg your laugh at the end was adorable
Austin Z
Austin Z 16 kun oldin
If you liked this video, please share it with all your closest female friends
The Smuggler’s Den
Whens the next video
Katt1N 28 kun oldin
"Argue with my wife" can be funny, just imagine it in the voice of Bill Burr.
Gianni Miranda
Gianni Miranda 29 kun oldin
Of all the people, you'd think he'd know the damage of a misplaced joke
TimTomTicklewagon :D
1:42 my wife
Alex W
Alex W Oy oldin
Really enjoyed this video, would love to see more of this in the future
Mateus Sousa
Mateus Sousa Oy oldin
I think that build a rocket in a kitchen is a very funny, complex and interesting answer
ini the man
ini the man Oy oldin
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- HappenedSafe -
Sadly, my idea of comedy has devolved to the point where I lose my shit to a poorly photoshopped, pixelated picture of a cgi Hagrid submerged to his neck in water with a massive bottom text caption reading: WATER
James Oy oldin
3:49 tell that to drake please
tnt boom
tnt boom Oy oldin
I would've said beat my wife instead of argue with her but...
voxdotcum Oy oldin
Killian Defaoite
DexterDY Oy oldin
1:06 The first thing you would respond with an oof the FACE
zold wolf
zold wolf Oy oldin
You herd it here ladies and gentlemen, comedy=cancer(I'm sure he means this ♋
MrNopeRope The IV
“What is the most complex thing you do in your kitchen” Bust a nut and make peanut butter
Rasmus Mortensen
You know me better than myself
Emilie Daquilante
Haha lol
Jonathan Flores
Imagine watching a video to be FUN NY, as a normal human would do, you could say. Imagine watching this on your iPhone 8 Plus 62 gb style. In your bed. By yourself. Maybe a cousin
Chim Wamo
Chim Wamo Oy oldin
What's the most complex thing that you do in your kitchen? Your mom.
Mouse Trap
Mouse Trap Oy oldin
Or you could just add a laugh track after every sentence and trick your audience into thinking you’re funny. Seems to work for tv shows.
Katsoup98 Oy oldin
"Of all people you'd think he'd know the damage of a misplaced nut." Expectations obliterated. Probably the best joke in the whole video.
levi rahui
levi rahui Oy oldin
Vsauce 4
you forgot to mention quick wits in making something funny. I literally have never told a funny joke in my life, but if I have a quick, sarcastic, smart response to something someone says, they'll start laughing.
Nonce Destroyer
Yes a WILTY fan
Kelvin Bamfo
Kelvin Bamfo Oy oldin
8:39 I burst out laughing 😂🤣
Irakvrsor Oy oldin
What's the most complex thing that I do in my kitchen? I make my own sandwich because my dishwasher fell down the stairs.
K Oy oldin
why am i watching this??
Cristopher Bernal
Can your next vid be how to make something funny for dummies I'm not joking
James Papanagiwtou
Misplacing a nut.... 😂☠️
C H O P P E R Oy oldin
Wanna hear something funny: 🗿
Logan King
Logan King Oy oldin
Omgomgomg its bo burnham in the thumbnail omgomgomg thats so crazy
Norris Dority
Norris Dority Oy oldin
Not funny video, not even funny.
edor 2 oy oldin
**sees bo** **clicks**
thonagan 2 oy oldin
make moar
Xeviant 2 oy oldin
Thank you
Emile van der Merwe
Not sure if it's true, but i once read that comedy or rather laughter is so important to us, because it's a way of establishing like-mindedness
H. Anthony Ribadeneira
I love CE bc it’s so funny however this is the only episode I never even cracked a smile....irony
Rachel McKeeman
Rachel McKeeman 2 oy oldin
I'm a club thumb girl who loves pistachios. Unsubscribed ;((((
Comrade Curio
Comrade Curio 2 oy oldin
Cheese 2 oy oldin
Would I lie to you?
Matthew Doan
Matthew Doan 2 oy oldin
Arguably cancer is preferable to bad comedy, because if you give up on cancer at least you won't have to live with never getting laid. I speak from experience.
Nils R.K.
Nils R.K. 2 oy oldin
I just love David Mitchell
zetina 2 oy oldin
i was surprised to hear him laugh... really liked that one, did you 😂
Kayla M
Kayla M 2 oy oldin
The laugh in the end >>>
save the snails
save the snails 2 oy oldin
Muhammad mamdani
Muhammad mamdani 2 oy oldin
This is a comeback if anyone ever tell u ur jokes are dry "If I wanted to make a joke I'd ask your parents how they made u, susan"
Russel Kennedy
Russel Kennedy 2 oy oldin
Longest set up for a groaner I've ever seen. Well done good sir!
a random person on the internet
hey, i wonder what was going on through the persons head while making this meme?
Dylan Gimpelj
Dylan Gimpelj 2 oy oldin
Your inclusion of Norm's joke was way too out of context. It was so funny because he was making fun of Conan and the actress being expected not to laugh at their colleague Carrot Top on national television. But all it would take is a stupid joke that even slightly gratifies their disdain for the shitty movie Courtney Thorne-Smith was in with Carrot Top to get them breaking up over the social pressure not to.
NB 2 oy oldin
After hearing you read the pickle juice one, I couldn't laugh at the real joke
NB 2 oy oldin
Cyano 098
Cyano 098 2 oy oldin
Medj CHARLOTIN 2 oy oldin
5:38 “UZvid’s got talent (it’s just very hard to find)” 😂😂😂
mark agutter
mark agutter 2 oy oldin
I have been recently watching Grouch Marx on You Tube.The man was years ahead of his time.The recent movie I Thought you were Sick is perfect to watch and study.Try to jump in on twitter and see how to interject in and out and practice with do and not do might work or put you out of work.
Jon Won
Jon Won 2 oy oldin
Omg he laughed at the end!! I think that's the first time I heard him do that!
Justin Fent
Justin Fent 2 oy oldin
I didnt laugh at all. Whats wrong with me?
Erick John
Erick John 2 oy oldin
“Or Pepsi doesn’t pay your bills” Dave Chapelle flashbacks
Saizmatters 2 oy oldin
Saizmatters 2 oy oldin
More lessons please
Rock Aodika
Rock Aodika 2 oy oldin
This thing is not casual.
josiah moreng
josiah moreng 2 oy oldin
Ny last upload to reddit is currently on 0 upvotes.
Will The Sheep
Will The Sheep 2 oy oldin
I find random stuff funny, like someone shouting YEET. basically a swaggersoul video
Nate 2 oy oldin
Dark Humor is like food. Not everyone gets it.
Saco 3 oy oldin
Wow is this an actual educational video? Seems you would love Stewart Lee. His comedy is basically these concepts ixed with a metropolitan elite frame
Swedguy220 3 oy oldin
1.5 speed
Terracraft 3 oy oldin
Nice and early
Alice in Overwatch
that dig at Lewis ck; 10/10
Jason PM
Jason PM 3 oy oldin
Teaching youtubers how to be funny
Eksnoverse 3 oy oldin
Matthew Jourard
Matthew Jourard 3 oy oldin
wtf was that ending lol
Emily K
Emily K 3 oy oldin
I came for the thumbnail. I’m slightly disappointed. 😕
Brandon Frost
Brandon Frost 3 oy oldin
Im not proud of the pistachio joke but it killed me
spooky 3 oy oldin
The jokes at my school are “headass” “neckass” “disabledass” “bitchass” “pussass” “boy” “apache helicopter” “pistol grip chin neckass” “47” “stoopid”
meikäpoika tv
meikäpoika tv 3 oy oldin
Brian Pinto
Brian Pinto 3 oy oldin
whats the most complex thing you've done in ur kitchen...... search for tissue paper XD
Jasmine McKay
Jasmine McKay 3 oy oldin
love how he went from totally deadpan at the start of the channel to the odd lil laugh getting in there....#development? it's adorable
Muhammad Hafidh
Muhammad Hafidh 3 oy oldin
The most complex thing I did in my kitchen was figuring how many Fahrenheit is 100° Celcius
Elliot Holman
Elliot Holman 3 oy oldin
For 1 month I resisted clicking on this cause I didn't realize it was casually explained! Keep to the tried and tested, truly artful thumbnails man!!!
Hannes Neutze
Hannes Neutze 3 oy oldin
Wow, in the end you had a slightly interesting tone of speaking instead of the same bland and booring way you always do
Christer2222 3 oy oldin
Speaking of bad delivery; miscarriage
zacao Kun oldin
lolol good one, nice bro
Logan Smith
Logan Smith 21 kun oldin
Stillborn, more like. Miscarriage isn’t carried to term, stillborns are. They’re dead on arrival, but still get delivered normally.
Electric Goldfish
Electric Goldfish 21 kun oldin
I'm offended but I'm laughing.
Don't let this distract you from the fact that we still can't figure out if she's into you.