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Ghosts (Official Video) - Mike Shinoda

Mike Shinoda
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Download + stream Post Traumatic: mshnd.co/PT
Produced and Directed by Mike Shinoda
Starring Boris & Miss Oatmeal
Ghosts | Lyrics
She said
This is not about a poltergeist
Not about a phantom that glows at night
But there are things we don’t know and I
Don’t have another choice but an open mind / oh
And I know what they’ll say
I’m trying to make sense of what no one can explain
But I’ve been having dreams that after I’m awake
Play out in reality the very next day
So I play along
I nod my head when they say I’m wrong
But each night falls and away I run
On the other side till the daylight comes
And when the lights go down
I see things I can’t explain
Calling out my name
The lights go down
Holding every memory close
Tonight is for our ghosts
This is not about you and me
I can’t bring back how it used to be
And I know what I do believe but
I’ve already seen what I couldn’t see / oh
So I play along
I nod my head when they say I’m wrong
But each night falls and away I run
On the other side till the daylight comes
And when the lights go down
I see things I can’t explain
Calling out my name
The lights go down
Holding every memory close
Tonight is for our ghosts
And when the lights go down
Is there something in the air
There but never there
The lights go down
Holding every memory close
Tonight is for our ghosts




8-Iyn, 2018

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Fikrlar 5 355
Feldmann Adrian
Feldmann Adrian 12 daqiqa oldin
Great Song🙌🙏
Benjamin Touet
Benjamin Touet 3 soat oldin
That's my absolutely favorite song (by the way.. the video also) of the Post Traumatic Album. I love it 😍
J D 3 soat oldin
I need to get new socks, mine don't sing :/
J D 3 soat oldin
Uzumaki Minato
Uzumaki Minato 4 soat oldin
Never thought mike could do this so well. Chester must be so proud boy 👌
MissOxfordx3 4 soat oldin
Crying over every song u put out here! Love them from the start! Thank you! Totally exited for #Posttraumatic ❤👌🏻
Matt Thomson
Matt Thomson 5 soat oldin
6.6 16 daqiqa oldin
He's definitely a workaholic
yaloopi 6 soat oldin
wtf... its shitty
Shinji Yamamoto
Shinji Yamamoto 5 soat oldin
stfu u cunt
Brandon Garza
Brandon Garza 7 soat oldin
Awesome song Mike.
Hari Narayanan
Hari Narayanan 7 soat oldin
Wow, an absolute masterpiece! The energy it brings in when listening to it is incredible.
lil paws
lil paws 9 soat oldin
Awesome, just crazy awesome.
Elizabeth Lascheid
Elizabeth Lascheid 9 soat oldin
I love the entire album.
Diego Arruda
Diego Arruda 9 soat oldin
Definitely a masterpiece. I just can't stop listen to this
Ирина Петренко
Очень классно
Gordie Clark
Gordie Clark 10 soat oldin
Fuckin Dope song Mike, killing it as always.
Jay Kay
Jay Kay 11 soat oldin
Mike, thank you for creating and producing great music. We are here for you.
Максим Куликов
I wanna these wallpapers .... on a background ! This red color is awesome print is amazing! Love it
themusikguySPECIAL 15 soat oldin
What an amazing song, the lyrics are so dark and emotional but the chorus is so uplifting! Definitely my favorite single of the album along with "Over Again". Massive respect for creating such a beautiful, funny and creative puppet socks music video all by himself as well, it's something to be really proud of! Hopefully we wil get some more music videos from "Post Traumatic" :)
Renato Sanchez
Renato Sanchez 15 soat oldin
Thanks Mike great song !!! 🤘🏿💥💥 Greetings from Perú
Aaron Miles
Aaron Miles 15 soat oldin
So im not exactly sure what is the best rap album this year or even if I should really classify this album as rap, in some ways its more experimental pop rap, regardless its amazing: top rap albums overall for me are probably some combination of 1/2) kids see ghosts - kids see ghosts 1/2) post traumatic - mike shinoda 3) book of ryan - royce da 5'9" 4) apologies in advance - sylvan lacue 5) daytona - pusha t also honorable mention to everything is love by jay z and beyonce i just havent listened to it enough to formulate a proper opinion
kolaida 15 soat oldin
Totally amazing! As always!
TheOllowaiin 16 soat oldin
I love the song!
Flavio Llanque
Flavio Llanque 16 soat oldin
magusta y mejamo alex megustatiscansiones
Timothy Kozlof
Timothy Kozlof 17 soat oldin
Keep up the great work brother!!!! This probably one of my most relatable songs. Deja Vu is fucken confusing, especially when you know the prior was just a dream
Makro Bricks
Makro Bricks 17 soat oldin
damn good! helps me more than anyone can know
Elizangela Simoes
Elizangela Simoes 17 soat oldin
Acompanho o seu trabalho no linkin park e adorooooooooooo
Eric Jorgensen
Eric Jorgensen 18 soat oldin
how about a guitar cameo with charles caswell? he can do your style super well i bet, look at how varied his music is
Xenokai 18 soat oldin
Mike you knocked this album out of the park! Amazing!!!
MS8 Studios
MS8 Studios 18 soat oldin
Keep it coming mike! Stay strong!
Battery Volt Series
Battery Volt Series 19 soat oldin
Best album i heard ever! Keep it up Mike! Keep Making Chester Proud even the Linkin Park family like all of us! And we should make a dance of Ghost so that way children, teens and adults can dance to it as well and it will last forever!
no brainer
no brainer 19 soat oldin
shouldn´t feel guilty about about having fun. Oh yes!
Totally 18plus
Totally 18plus 20 soat oldin
Who else is gonna celebrate this Día de muertos in honor of Chester???
sathya nair
sathya nair 20 soat oldin
who else is gonna celebrate this Día de Muertos in honor of chester???
STALKER ssan 22 soat oldin
This is top
Aicha Aicha
Aicha Aicha 22 soat oldin
So emotional 😭 I wish that the ghost was chester's soul
Michaela Machů
Michaela Machů 22 soat oldin
So emotional, definitely the best piece from the album!
xXSon-PattyXx Kun oldin
What does not kill you makes you stronger. Motto from Poland - Linkin Park 4 Ever
Abdulkader Alawi
This is so Good, We Lookup to You Mike? You Are Not Alone.
Waseem Saleem
Waseem Saleem Kun oldin
You are genius
Lourdhu Praveen
Lourdhu Praveen Kun oldin
wish the ghost be chester soul
*Why does this make me laugh every time I watch it* This is gonna be in head for weeks, I'm gonna be detained from class cuz I kept hysterically laughing to myself thinking about this song. 😂😂👌
Harder Louder
Harder Louder Kun oldin
I love you Mike!
parabolicpawn Kun oldin
Maja Pasaric
Maja Pasaric Kun oldin
That green puppet at the end - it's the drummer from Barrack your world! WHITE PEGACORN, MOTHER FUCKERS!
Patrick McKenna
Patrick McKenna Kun oldin
Have you dreamt with me... I think you have. I also have had my dreams play out in reality the next day... One way or another. I also have had it play out with years in between. Did you get the sock puppet named boris from someone in a dream... Because i might have suggested that and more in a dream and that dream might have been with you. I'm sorry about your friend and the sadness brought on. I am constantly saddened by suicide. It's almost odd that i still contemplate it myself at times. Deep sadness is an mother f*cker... I hope non of us ever kill ourselves again. Might not be that easy or understandable though. I wish all well.
Ivan Potapchuk
Ivan Potapchuk Kun oldin
Очень не плохо, для носков...)
Seiko Wolfe
Seiko Wolfe Kun oldin
I like this song... and the video... entertaining. Looking forward to the release.
Adela Abascal
Adela Abascal Kun oldin
1 million! ❤️😎
Adela Abascal
Adela Abascal Kun oldin
Super Mike❤️
Adela Abascal
Adela Abascal Kun oldin
1 million😍❤️
Spicy Koi
Spicy Koi Kun oldin
I’m very scared of puppets, but this is amazing
celina zapana
celina zapana Kun oldin
Es triste saber que ya no cantaras junto a Chester, hacían buena dupla cada uno con sus voces únicas y en fusion extraordinarias, ahora Chester canta arriba y tú Mike sigues aquí con nosotros, la vida sigue para ti y solo te deseo muchos éxitos para adelante 😊
Xavier Medina
Xavier Medina Kun oldin
Didn'tt think a song could get me to be in my feels while nodding my head like this!
T C Kun oldin
Rubayet Ahmed Rubu
very nice tune and sweet voice
Jill Valentona
Jill Valentona Kun oldin
We just love you.
mega man
mega man Kun oldin
Replay for days this is helping me so much at the moment 💚
Maria Clara Leal
666??? Sun??? Eye??? Simbol Devil??? Illuminati??? Mike shinoda??? Or logo linkin park triangle???
Lokari Asenku
Lokari Asenku Kun oldin
yay!! shinoda ftw, huge super xero fan, n i love the reanimated and fort minor( they may make you "commit suicide" next, stay safe n 6e careful )
Squire Simpson
Squire Simpson Kun oldin
Doesn’t it just feel when you know the lyrics?😄
anasianperson Kun oldin
Watching as I fall part 2. I'm blown.
J K Kun oldin
You deserve to have happiness. Your friends want you to be happy!
Chez Pig
Chez Pig Kun oldin
The new muppets But seriously great song and music video
Marouane Mehdi
Marouane Mehdi Kun oldin
Mike you are the best.. no more words
Joey Garcia
Joey Garcia Kun oldin
I hope Boris will help out on the tour
Dh Ker
Dh Ker Kun oldin
Please put chester's voice in some of these songs, just fix it on the computer
Nene Nene
Nene Nene Kun oldin
Mighty Mexican
Mighty Mexican Kun oldin
The sock seems out of place it would look better animated but who cares about the video when the lyrics are awesome
Sohaib Khan
Sohaib Khan Kun oldin
You're a fucking magician Shinoda
Shadow 666
Shadow 666 Kun oldin
This music video is so creative 💖💗💖💗
lfcsilvio Kun oldin
fantastic song... but somehow left a sock...
Gaby Kun oldin
Alejo Curay
Alejo Curay Kun oldin
This is the best song of the album c':
STALKER ssan Kun oldin
таких песен побольше лутше де спусито
STALKER ssan Kun oldin
ваще топ
Simon Robinson
Simon Robinson Kun oldin
This is the best from the album to me Mike. It deserves more attention
WAKE UP Kun oldin
Bunch of luciferians making videos
Idleglance Kun oldin
Thura Sunny
Thura Sunny Kun oldin
Man , ., , , I love the beat
Autobotprimo Kun oldin
Creepy-ass vid
Ben Dunn
Ben Dunn Kun oldin
It's been on repeat ❤️❤️❤️❤️
ifuwantpeace prepare4war
your art shouldnt be reduced to a finite process of pleasing everyone in your world..or a pay cheque. fukn righteous how you put on that huge gathering for chester and live broadcast it Mike..thats what I think most of us are TALKN ABOUT! chester said..we need each other.
Andreas Rolf Zuber
Very Fun 😂😁
Filip Škarčák
This is already more than perfect, but imagine if choruses were sung by Chester...
Martha Hudec
Martha Hudec Kun oldin
This reminds me of Paramore´s Still into you lyric video...Love it by the way !! It´s very artistic and interesting.
Leanne Birch
Leanne Birch Kun oldin
I'm in love with this song 😍
Gunnutt Kun oldin
this music socks
Jose Cruz
Jose Cruz Kun oldin
Why the hell this has 1k dislikes? Doesn't deserve it at all.
hey i'm becca
hey i'm becca Kun oldin
We are so proud of you, Mike. No matter what you go through, things will get better. Chester is looking down from Heaven proud of you. It's great you wanted to make us smile, it was a great puppet show, you made me smile. We're here for you, Mike. You deserve to smile and have fun We all love you
Daniel Meneghel
Daniel Meneghel Kun oldin
Fera essa música!
Adrian Urdiales
Adrian Urdiales Kun oldin
LightPink Clover
There is an interview with Chris Cornell talking about Layne Staley that has the same exact feeling as this song does. It's so crazy to see so many legends talk about each other after they've passed away.
Daniel Nariño
Daniel Nariño 2 kun oldin
Nice to see the new fashions make the music vids so cheap to do, so profitable. Stills a great song
Jai Tatia
Jai Tatia 2 kun oldin
When you end up looping over the album, crying but still happy and hopeful ! Happy to see Mike Shinoda back, and hoping for a Linkin Park comeback .
Pawornprat Srisawangwong
Arts and crafters from Baldi's basics?
NM Park
NM Park 2 kun oldin
Those Who Disliked Are Going To Hell
Ales Vavrusa
Ales Vavrusa 2 kun oldin
Best video clip :D
Vojtěch Cuc
Vojtěch Cuc 2 kun oldin
I likes this music... keep it up Mike and I look forward to other album!
F1JunGT 2 kun oldin
This song is dope. I love listening to it all the time